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Capital" of "Jarvis County"
(Continued from Page One.)
towns of Raleigh and Fayetteville.
But the whole county is making: roads
that are as good as the Washington
and Atlanta road, and some of them
much better than most of the Capital
The big cotton factory at Duke atjtnincr thut
tnrps nt travel '..-. .. i
" ' 1 ( i .t , .1
marks that tell of the ,1L ,
nations have don', i,. .
tablets and monuments xylnl
achievements of men .,V
sought by strangers u h?, ,
field of action whether n
otherwise. The monurr.t iV
tysburg, at Chattanoi pa , t
leias, on tee little field ...
the written page of hisier-
Doro deserves to be marked i
tvtv uifi n t- i , 1 1.
me present is driven o eain. out travelerg who come h V '
out on the river a few miles away is f xvuillL
the possible power of Smiley's falls, fm ihlnst,,n T" r
one of the promising rapids of the V? ...l'r:uU
Fear river. Here is not only a 7-1" i.
i t-
fine and valuable water power, but
one of the most ldcturesniie snots on
(Atlanta Constitution, May a.) tne Cane Fear river. The falls extend
The congregation filled the Second Baptist church last night to hear Dr. about three miles up and down the
v ivHit'c ron on th. nresent situation of Germany and tne unueuiriver having a fall in that distance
c?. me cvit t "Our fount rv: Our President: Our Duty." I of 27 feet, an exceedingly rugged bot-
He took three texts which he stated would exactly fit the subject of his torn, and a rocky channel most of the
aermon distance. The road from Duke to
"Our Country" "He hath not dealt so with any nation." Lillington "crosses the river at the
"Our President" "A man shall be as an hiding place from the wind and falls, a new and substantial iron
bridge spanning the stream high
rcwuuiis vi our cour.i
in the little cemetery ;;t n,
ground are bivouacked u. .
A. and V. liriiigv
.lust now Harnett iv
fact that the Atlami ;., v
road, which runs from s.i t, .
lington, is about to i. :.,,
ward to the coast. K: v
been put on the line fr. i, i ,
Mt. Olive, and as soon
ert irom tne tempt-st. r , ,.r. , , . . iu. unve, ana as soon av ,v,
Our Du.r-"What do., the Ird ralre of h but o to .ove abovewater, , one t h al . u. ,.t
struction a iorce win M;,n
pected that within the
four weeks this will le ut:
soon as the line is huiii i: r
to Mt. Olive the loop
mercy unu iu wa.v , siggh up and down the riyer fQr a long
Patriotism DeeiienuiK. distance. Several thousand horse-
"The wave of true patriotism," Dr. White said, "is not sweeping, but the power is available at the Smiley falls.
WaAfo f ti-no rntriotiKm nrp deeneninc in this country. The people of the and it would seem that the Duke nro-
W fcJ V . l-' "-'-- - . . jl ... . . - 1 III I I
United States nave begun to realize meir nanon m ,m.v..v .v,.. a .uca. a unuugu. linton and i$enM,n .Vll,
nrHorctanincr r.f it vast imnort to the world. On the screen Here is raw cotton without anv limit. it ,
ii nun v n uiun i .uuiiuif, .vw - tlx . . , , - ; i ciim jnarneii win ie ii i
or vision America ior monins ua ucch pu iunrw m v r.. i.x.o, other east and vet In
against the background or tne European nations, ine wui nt ' I I VI11'"1 , . 1 ufr,tluvcs' Vuau nections with the st ;i ;,!
ica in moral geography. The words 61 1'resident v uson in w x . k, i m 1C 'V"? ",:.lu Southern at Sanford. Ti
America,' defined the movement going on in tne nearts 01 tne peopie. a.,. lacmurs, mrm com- and Western is a r.a n
watchword of the hour is 'We Ixve America.
munities that will supply all manner frk ito tiffin .,,, ... .
vfv . , 1 P e q it1xi- I v-' VII iinr ur
I speak for this representative audience when, as the son of a L'onteoerate ;ru1"11;: neaiul conmuons are tne countrv it travnwv
soldier and a Confederate mother. I say that no sentiment rings truer in my
heart than this. I Love America.' The people of the South are loving Amer-
ica. are feeling the passion of it and are the truest, purest blood ea Americans V"--
ound on this continent. Our fathers loved America wnen - b'""l,v'
tne rvest. tn watpr sunnlv i no to I - .
T iT- 7 j i 1 1 to Dring out a
Ui farming countrv
rt.ii me coasi region is wnere it nas tne
Harnett Favored In Power.
Harnett is highly favored when it
OOd 1 1 I : ' I ,
building the extension ,i ? rr. .
tr3r it serves will profit i n.,
struction of the railroad.
JJunn is a prettv i:ooi
1 ?
Gloom Marks Vom I '
H. Addington Bruce, amli..?
Riddle of Personality." ") -and
The modern scientiti hs
familiar with the changes
appearance caused :-.,
tinued state of mind, has r
detecting the chronic i.essini -?
Even" when in ahsolut- im,v
face of the hahitual
betrays unfailing indicate i - .
depressing mental state Y ;.u
ries with him.
It is important that all si. .'
these indications as a n.eai . I
improvement. There aie n.a i
handicapped by .ulooin. who a
estly unaware that ihe n .i i.
them lies in a faulty n,H.i;.!
- v
l r
' In
. r.
to the core to be fou
they were doing so much in its foundation.
"The terrible strain of our unhappy war never soured the blood in our
veins. But we love America alongside of all Americans now in a new and comes to power. Bescides Smiley's I other towns to take a lo.
deep spirit of understanding, we see wnat America means to ooa ana man rails, near uuke, rarther up the river IlcU3 utT 11 u.ue n-r s;ne
We arp becrinninc: to see that our country is sanctified, set apart, and pur- comes the Battle Falls and Buckhorn. when the engineers made il.
nosed. We realize the strange things in our history the struggles of the both of considerable magnitude, be- of tne site- and if il "evu i . , ,t
mlnnists the nerils of the revolution, the strain of the civil war: all these sides a succession of smaller ranids county seat of Jarvis m
now appear in the light of a divine will which was and is working toward a J between. The whole descent of the county, it is bound to k . m
vast design to make our country an instrument of humanity. We believe river from Buckhorn to the foot of cvumj u m.i i
God is guiding America for His glory in mankind, and that mankind is in Smiley's Falls is about ninety feet in active members of the siai
iv.t in nu Wo lnvo Amrion for- food's sjik anri h ii - 1 twentv-four mHpc or tiparlv four fet ineru. Aim rtarneu is L- !!
mnnitv's nkv VW arp Knhored hv patriotism lik this. to the mite. This fall is conspicuous along With the crowd w h
... at noint5? ATo AiiiQtr'c tdan is doing, whether thi
, .-wt, u;Jand Douglas Falls. In the oW days county or not
r ur juu 1 tivuw ine irtini uii uuu nci t;ic-n on!iuun i jimui iw u" when the caDe Fear River iv fitted
country aim 10 me wuiiu nn uci a nine mis. ne save up. vvMmif;iuii. I with dams and locks in the hone of
T A 1 Y T 1 1 1 Ii .1 1 . . 1 : ; A- I . ' ltClUJJJTCWJA
ue gave us Aoranam iincoin. ia)oruis uaciv we see n ami oeneve n. making it a navigable stream dams
"Neither of these men more truly incarnated an epoch of American history were in existence at these three points
than Woodrow Wilson does. No president carried the national fate through as well as a three places on Smiley's
u greuier crisis inuii ims wnicn ne is ourueneu wim louay. Falls and at Battle Falls and Buck
it is not because wooorow vvnson is a soutnern man, tnougn 1 am tnann- J horn. The reconstruction of dams at
rui tnat a soutnern man is canea to suner tms great sunering oi tne nation s an these place&would provide from
anxiety; nor because ne is a uemocrat. ior 1 care notning ror parties as j 10,000 to 20,000 horse power in Har-
sucn; out as an American, 1 say anu you say, ror wooarow wnson inann nett county alone. Buckhorn is the
Gol . . m . . . only one of the power sites that has
lie is as tne hiding place irom the wind and a covert from the tempest, been utilized, but it is doing its share
Irrespective of partisan party considerations T venture to believe that 90 per of the work of the community its
cent of all the men and women of this country are glad that he is our Presi- power and light service going out to
dent at this serious hour. He fairly enthralls the confidence of thoughtful all the territory round about, provid
Americans in every section. ing the towns in the neiehhorhnod
"From every region this sense of security in his capacity, his sense, and with electric current for all purposes
his moral righteousness is finding expression. We dare not call him a happy and giving them strictly modern airs
man so m nom our power in nis nanus, nor even io wisn mat ne may De and convenience.
happy in the people's trust, but we want Woodrow Wilson to know- that he There is always a possibility that
is a beloved man and that we are ready to follow- him in agection wherever the iron industry of the Cape Fear
he may lead us. valley may come back. Years ago
tjur uuiy. oeiore tne enormous deposits of tude
"The days now passing are the gravest days you and I will see in this coun- nemantite iron was discovered in the if they could understand ih.
try in our lifetime. From the beginning it was clear that the European war oupmor country irom Jtsuckborn told by their faces they w. ..l.
was going to challenge American nerve and heart to the utmost. Now, sud- r, "e rver was in site or consider- ciate the importance of ) :.' i
denly, wc race a culminating situation that puts the test straight at us. . ",UVi"S irn producing state of mind
im r .- a i .-i a i . i i i ii n ii nil m q ntoo ti" - - -v n ... . t
wrrmi is our auiv your auiv as citizens ai mis moment or anxietv ana i ric av. ua.ni 'ine. next. Time anv niii.
suspense? Duty is the word: nothing less than what you ouehin the sight at Buckhorn falls wheh furnished a seriouslv deDresses von. tak
of God, to think and feel and do meets the case. It is no time for flashy pas- 1 steady and dependable power. From your face in the mirror.
sions, no time to listen to men who have a grouch against Germany or whoP ,.IC . tu icKvme ana aroonton You will find that oui
are temperamentally afflicted. Conscience and wisdom are the voices now. v l' prevauea. j? orty years ago have assumed an oHiqu
"First, our duty is neutrality as between the war groups of .Europe. This
Is the only statesmanship worth the name for the present condition. It is
our strong position our free-handed, unentangled advantage. Neutrality as
defined by the American attitude does not mean indifference, or self-seeking,
or dread of trouble. It is the really aggressive policy the policy that thinks
l (TArnn c:l f n r 1 rvrni roo iru f d-iir tifhot moi Ainn
"Second, our duty is protest. Just now we are challenging Germany's soul. lu v, 1 iron nas no
The sinking of the Lusitana and the events of similar issue leading to it re- jnance nere other things have, and
quire nothing short of the challenge the President has issued. ine om. lTf romances are left as a
"It is our duty to humanity and to ourselves as human beings our dutv ilE", ?. ln th-e nteresting history and
to God over all to orochiim our shudderine horror of Germanv's deed. It iraaiuons of what is destined before
was assassination, murder, a horrible barbarism that waylaid a passenger
ship of non-combatants, mostly women and children, and with stealth and
without warning and with no chance of life and sent her to the bottom.
This Ih The Question.
"No nation can be a decent nation now or hereafter which can approve
and direct deeds of this character without revulsion or compunction. The
nuestion whether Great Britain or France or Russia wrould not have don
the same thins: under the same circumstances is of no importance to ns. Wp Dlue's mountain, in Moore countv I lines and wrinkles.
1.. innt V,n tmnrim rvlil1 r rt V - -- Anr 5 1 . , I C 1 I 11 STfl PP .! OA TT Tr i T r TFfrs-r V. , a.1 I T'Vlia-vnil r-O ft A It I V reSillll ' '
nnun uiai -v i in v . v u i iiui nair uuiir u iiiuic infill jint-. j.1 ctliy f;eilt;rai --..--....v. . x i uiu iiiclc iney j.iiitj.jvu . . v. ... -
staff of this country had schemed and executed such a deed we would rise in Pressed forward on the Fayetteville niining to look only on the I mj. '
this country and march to Washington and tear them from their places. Be- and Goldsboro road until at the little of things, to seek diversion . f '
cause God damns that sort of thing. Our soul would be at stake. German's settlement or Averasboro Joe E. John- and to cultivate habits of so.
eoul is at stake, too. son confronted them with his armv instead of the aloofness wlno,
Tll It Id iliiOr 4 V, , . . ...a 4 1,., ..1 ii . l - . land the skirmieVl tho V. l finil Viae- ViitVvor-to lin cl.r;i(! ' i
-" - " ' ' ' - v. j ... j tnu t . v .iinii ii vi iiar nun . ...vu i v ii lull - -
German. There is every reason for not coiner to war. ning along the line of march for kpv- of you.
"But if we do have this bitter cup thrust to our libs, let us have one er.a .miles culminated in a battle in Think less of your own f
thing understood on the skies we will not go to war with Germanv to help w tI?1 h consilerable number fell on banish all gloomy thoughts:
England or France or Russia, but to save the world from diabolism and Ul" biaes- b ederal dead were within yourself an attitude
moral ruin. icmoveu to tajeign. The Confeder
: .i.. .ti , . . ates lie. in th little t. ..
a iinii lequiie uiucM aim noiiesi cause if iore we abandon nope ior l. f:, v-rmciery on tne
Tv'lfP nnd food will to flron; tVic imerin -.vr-A I Dattleiield, marked bv What i cqII
Relations Strained. ;? De tne nrst monument erected to
u v s..:.i, Lne .memory of the soldiers of thP
n-n.tti .Vr.nlr of the dead are point of both improved look
m. v n. ivum uiiw iviihV niuai uiicuu vi t i mail l l iin . X Oct I W l Ulli Kill L V I 11 TI If nnTPn nnH 4U. , ... I . . i;i..,..r
our dutv to the Germnn npnnlp Fnr nftr 11 t l.oc f v, ni. ."1, J"nKn.?Wn' d.the hole field of ac- greater success in your daih w. r,
w7t L. 1 . Vl- V1C uon is witnout distineruishinc. n,,,. ce.alvi treallveviiatdninj; ill
ill i iif .I I 1 .1 ill. I ,w wim i iiu vi firrnr T ri "j i Tri I. w Aa a rnAri HQ nt' ct m r - -v rx n rT- i. . I mi , r- . . . I
Vio AoaA ,v., ,hj ,v, v. i .., T ,, . , 1,1 . "tttLieiieia or Averasboro is not
.v.v v. ov ..iiu viv v"vu iiixr uauuii .nxi auuiuiiAtu anu uirectea so lone Of the erpnt fioic x. : tru Tai. s rUMuki
foul a thinrr thnt is horrifvin nprmnn r,owp- oit. 77 f ...r "elds of the war, but 1,000 Bales et in Catawiki.
i t V p , ol ore eisewnere that there are transvn i
and the. financial difflonitip tiot 1 , . t . f.
?!rt? cuntry put a stop to and that the corners of j,m
;"Ti """." Vtne CaDe ear are drawn down.
vtriitry, anu it nas not yet revived. At u,.. v.
TirV.V,A- i 1 . . I 1 cvuic wxici vi. ..v.
" .ny. Prospects or not is feeling perfectly tranquil, m ,o
face in the mirror again. Tt ,- i
cular signs of depression sho-.ii
be entirely absent.
If they are not, you can '
x l . ; 4 V . i i i. t,i.ri.ci:.1 1' ;
vaUev & S manufactur- you have developed an outlook .
OU glUUIHV W. Jill .-IV MM .
mai lUittlc of War. appearance of vour face, arm. n
Not far from Dunn was fonrrbt and morally, to make it dirt
of the final battles of the civil war you to lead a really efficient )if
As Sherman's troops moved eastward You should at once ttoh k :
toward Raleigh they were met at business to smooth out the-e
of . ' "
dent hopefulness. J.o.k f-r the -
lining in every cloud that ros-e
horizon of your life.
You will discover that tlm i-a-.
pays extremely well, from th -t;
efneiency cannot atone for murder, and to save the German nation from liar part it had 7' r- . peCU" r?T ,IISC- , . llt niM .
brutalization is the issue emerging from the wreckage of the Lusitania. entitfeVit to ?h eFCe 7ltrule Cotton is nine cents but nor,
"If we are to go to war we must lift the standard very high or we dare of the mernSf the part inf S d n l?ls markel' tT '
not go, and so I repeat to you: If it means war, let it not be war for Ene- -till ! . il w S?V' Whlle men are prise learns from a mill n..xt.
for En?- Utill HV "V "I., men
land or France, but for humanity in the highest and holiest sense of ohlifra- r f 71u w. ine encounter and
ln n unKfn K V,.. 1, ; w 4 u i . . I lul-alc -IJe POintS Of action fho
oiviliiation. "iamty anamorai government should be prevailed on to
"America, the mediating nation, can challenge only in the name of right- ttons that thtf0 . the,various ac
eousness and peace. It is suggested that as a participant in the situation, er of tH ent and tne travel-
America's opportunity to mediate would come almost immediatelv. It is knowledP of k ?me may "ave a
believed that President Wilson has pounded the other neutral governments AverasWn country. From
nd will move toward Germanv in th nrMnt nr.MPst with thsp pnvprrtmorto t-, 7 onerman went eastward
by his side. It is an anxious hour. It is a time for Christians to nrav mnoh Uu"l 7Vu,e yftere Johnston mad
for Germany. Meanwhile our dutv demands that passions and bullv mie-ii. t Ti." "l Je surrendering
" r tn - IK. XXI 1 111 1 rid A m n-m A m "1 - -
ism be least of all thines resDected anion e us. r7: "v.75"uVAa at nana, ana
w i i i iii r n ?j tt v at j .
still around in the country- at
that many are known, and thM
be more. In several lots there ui
many as fifty and IOC bales.
Different Viewpoim.
"But some things are "worth dying for. Let us never forget that.
is one of these things, and mercy is another. This nation cann
with God if it does not do Justly and love mercy even unto the altar
t that. Justice years ha7 1 x. u lour , on u cem- w,tK '
ot walk humblv f,t?ifi v C a rorous hPe was and th rest loRt prop;rti
altr numb,y furled to become henceforth a mem- "Rather a close game."
wry. une or the most interesting fea
From Punch Bowl.
"How did the poker gam
"I won 40 cents, Dick won 10
"I should sayit was."

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