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Local Talent Assists Rby«lfM
Holland BeU Ringers
With the splendid ,entertainment of
the Six Royal Holland Bell Ringers
the Ideal Chautauqua came to a close
on Tuesday evening. That the Chau
tauqua was a success has been agreed
by all who were in -attendance. Of
course there were some programs
which by no means were as good as*
others, but this is only natural in
any entertainment course of this
7 The lecturers were all very good
and each brought: a message before
the people which was of vital and
up-to-the-minute interest to every
Paul B. Naylor of the Agricultural
Extension Division of the University
of Missouri, gave his listeners a
splendid message regarding the vital
part the farmer is playing in the
economic and political life and show
ed what a great responsibility lay be
fore him. He stated that the farmer
was not well enough educated and
that their one hope of keeping the
young people on the farm was to give
them as good an education and as at
tractive a life as that of the city
young folk. He explained how it was
through organization that the farmer
could continue to compete with or
ganized capital and labor and made
a plea for every farmer to join the
Farm Bureau and thereby, through
organization, regain the rights which
he has lost.
r''Xl I Dr. G. Herbert, who has studied
national and world affairs, gave the
best lecture of the course. His theme
was "What Next?" In developing it
he lead his listeners through past his
tory of Europe and America, then into
the present and to some extent out
lined a course for the future. He at
tacked congress for not doing its
duty and severely opposed the immi
gration of undesirable* foreigners into
America. His plea was for the com
mon people who are not having a
voice in political operations.
Of the musical numbers theft is no
doubt but that the Royal Holland Bell
Ringers led all the others. Their
program was unique, full of humor,
as well as good music and all that
goes to comprise a good, interesting
The Holland Bell Ringers were as
sisted in two numbers by„the famous
Parkston Male Glee Club, hardly
known, oyer the world yet b]
ing strides in that direction.
"Tb'e- Runaway Match" was cer
Mainly a hilarious comedy and al
though not of a serious type was a
good play of its type.
Union" church services were held in
Z3' the chautauqua tent on Sunday
morning.' Singing was leqd by a com
munity choir and the message of the
morning was delivered by Stewart
Long, formerly a chaplin of the 89th
division, A. E. F.*.
Mrs. B. A. Meisenholder and chil
dren, who have been here to attend
the Nelson-Meisenbolder wedding re
turned to their home at Vermillion
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Krause. daugh
ter, Louise, and son, Albert, of Ple
vina, Mon^., visited at the home of
Mrs. Emma Kayser Thursday. They
are making the trip with a car.
E. J. Mueller and Walter Fergen
were in Tripp Monday evening. jf
Frank Wingfleld,. of Mitchell, de
parted for his home Monday after
having spent several weeks with bis
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Welch of this city, and other rela
tives in this community.
Is 'hereby given tint B. J.
Groenemeyer, Whose present
whereabouts is unknown and^
has left accounts charged with
me, will have his furniture and
household goods, now held in thy
possession, sold at public auction
on July-9 unless the said B. J.
Groenemeyer shall make his ap
pearance and settle for the said
accounts before that date.
S 3 Herman J. Blaseg
Shaw arrived Saturday
front Boston and will spend a short
time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Shaw of this city.
Leo Foerster came down from, Ree
Heights for a Bhort visit with his par
ehts, Mr, and Mrs. Frank FOerster
Ho stated that drops up thero are
hot quite as farahead as they are
here and thai they are bad!y. fjn need
of rain there as here.
The talk of the day is whether or
not the ball team will win the
Fourth, and where the Fourth will be
The Susquehanna ball team crossed
bats with Emanuel Creek and' drew
the long end of a 4-6"' score. The
game, although the first of the season,
was well played, both teams being
well balanced.
Mr. and Mrs. August Herr of Tripp,
visited at the O. G. Winter an3 A G.
Leischner homes... Sunday afternoon
and evening '-ifl
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Serr, of Del
mont, called at the Gus Leischner
home Sunday. •'.
The county Tecently finished the
grading of the road between sections
22 and 23. The grade is a bit rough
at present but will be a splendid road
after it has settled.
John Gross, the Delmont well drill
er, finished drilling a well for Daniel
Tiede on Monday. .•.*v, Q^
M. Thury returned from his motor
trip to California last week and re
ports that he was satisfied with the
California climate.
Mr. and Mrs. John" Kayser, Jr.,
and Miss Helen Schweigert mot
ored to Mitchell Wednesday after
i^p mm• '.
Crop Prospects Good
At present, prospects for a bumper
small grain crop are, good. The
corn is also doing well but it is the
general verdict of the farmers that it
is at a standstill and not growing at
present, and is badly in need of
rain. Farmers stated that the smal}
grain might do well without rain but
that a shower would not injure it at
Paul B. Naylor, an agricultural ex
pert, who has been touring the state
says that crop prospects are good:
nearly everywhere he has been, and
are patricularly good in Yankton and
Turner counties.
News reached here the fore part of
the week that a severe hail storm
had ravaged a large strip of country
extending from Howard to Humbolt.
The losses from it were very heavy*
mounting up into large sums of
On the average, however, ali looiyy
well at present and with a little rain
the farmers will be safe.
^Russell Good, a farmer living
northeast of this city was taken
before Justice court Wednesday
morning on a charge of wife de
sertion. He was bound over to
the fall term of the Circuit court.
As he has not yet been able to
raise a $500 bail he is still held
in jail. States Attorney John C.
Graber was present at the trial.
A number of young men of this
city began to display a little pep
not unlike that of college, when
they serenaded the Nelson home
on Monday evening. The prank
was-continued for several hours
and was concluded at the" depot
when the bride and groom board
ed the southbound train.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kiehl
bauch ,of Tyndall, visited with
their daughter Mrs. Emma Kay
ser, in this city Thursday. Mr.
and Mrs. Kiehlbauch have beenl
visiting in Montana and. were
on their home.
Miss Frances Braunschmidt
and Gearge Jungwirth. were un
ited in marriage early Tuesday
morning. fH
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Mettler, of
Wessington Springs visited with
Mrs. Emma Kayser in this city
.on Saturday.
Frank Zehnphenning arrived from
Texas Tuesday.
City Policeman Reuland made a
business trip to Mitchell Tuesday.
Miss Roth, Unable to Speak
English, Makes Trip
After a long journey lasting f've
weeks. Miss Anna Rath arrived in
this city from Russia on Sunday aft
ernoon and will make her home in
this country. She is a half-sister of
Mrs. Samuel Doering who lives about
8 miles west of this city.
Although less than 20 years old and,
unable to speak the English language,
Miss Rath made the long trip all
alone and arrived here safely.
Some months ago Mrs. Doering sent
some money to Russia for her sister's
passage. Miss Rath started on her
trip early in May and sent a telegram
from Bucharest to her sister. The
telegram was received h?re but as it
was1 sent in the Roumanian language
no one in Parkston was able to trans
late it so the translation of the
message was secured through the
telegraph company. It requested that
Mrs. Doering should meet her sister
in New York,
rt "ift. Tjr'i! a
Unwilling to make the long and ex
pensive trip, Mrs. Doering appealed
to the services of a local bank. The
Hanover National banking concern
was asked to meet the lady as she
arrived and arrange for the continu
ance of her journey.
The representative of the Hanover
National bank met Miss Rath at the
ship and through their efforts she did
not have to go through a lot of red
tape, and was quickly admitted into
this country.
Lutheran ministers, delegates
and visitors began to arrive at
this city early this week to at
tend the Synod conference of the
South Dafe&a. district of the Iowa
Synod which is nov/ holding a
five-day session in this.city.
The regular conference meet
ing was formally opened this
morning at the Lutheran church.
About 60 ministers, representing
120 congregations of South Da
kota, southwest Minnesota and
northwest Iowa were in attend
The conference of the ministers
doing work in the American lan
guage was held yesterday, which
was concluded with a service in
the evening in the American lan
guage, at which Rev. E. Senst of
Bancroft delivered the sermon
The English conference
cussed matters concerning the
progress of their work. It was
decided to promote young peo
ples' societies and a committee
was appointed to stimulate the
organization of such clubs thru
out the entire state. Rev. O.
Behretis of Reafield was elected
chairman, Rev. P. Bunge of Ar
mour, yice-chairman, and Rev^ E.
Mueller of Hartford, sec'y-treas.
Couble Leaves for Honeymoon
Tjjp lo Ycllowstojie
:Park f-m
At the
of Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Nelson occurred the marriage of Eva
Dagmar Nelson to Paul E. Meisen
holder on Monday, June 27 at 8
o'clock in the evening. The wedding
ceremony was conducted by Rev. F.
W. Schaffer of the local Baptist
The groom is one of the commun
ity's most popular young men. He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Meisen
holder, formerly of this ci^y, and was
born and raised in this city. For the
past two years, he has been co
manager with his brother of the G.
Meisenholder. clothing store.' They
|bride is the youngest daughter of Mr.
•^ad M*s.- H. J. Nelson of thil city*
She received her education in tihs
city and also grew to womanhood
Short wedding festivities at which
a dinner was served wis held im
mediately after the ceremony. Only
members of the two families and im
mediate relatives were present.
The young couple boarded the mid
night train for a trip to the Nation
al Yellowstone park. Upon the com
pletion of their honeymoon they will
take up their residence in thig city.
Among the out of town guests at
tending the wedding were Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Hall of Bovee, Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Rench of, Dimock, Mr. and
Mrs. G. Meisenhoiaer aiid children,
Eddie, Philo and Meta, Mrs. Leo
Aspiriwall and son, Richard, and Mrs.
B. A. Meisenholder and children, of
As a convention city Parkston is
certainly gaining recognition. Espe
cially is this true among the ecclecias
tical bodies of this state. During the
past months this city has been host
to four different church conventions
and another is in session at present.
On Sunday, May 29, the German Con
gregationalists of southern South Da
kota held their annual Sunday school
convention. On Sunday, June 5, the
K. C.'s held their initiation and on
the following Sunday, June 12, the
Catholic Daughters of America held
their annual initiation. Both of these
orders draw their membership from
a territory which includes several
counties. Then came the German
Baptist convention of the Dakota
Baptists, which was held from June
1 to 19. At present the German Luth
erans of this state and portions of
Iowa and Minnesota are holding their
annual meeting here.
Local Dentist Robbed
Dr. Doering had a visitor, or vis
itors at his office over the First Na
tional bank Sunday night—but not to
eee" him. The visitor or visitors,
whichever the case may be, sometime
between Sunday evening and Monday
morning entered the dental office of
Dr. E. R. Doering through the tran
som and departed quietly with $24.00
in cash and about $500 worth of sil
ver and gold.
No clue as to who was the noc
turnal visitor has been found, no?.,
does there Seem to be any suspicion'
as,4o wha it was,
found that
Mrs. William ^nliteHW
on the sick list this past week
in Milltown SundaV forenoon.4. In the
evening he aud^hta family attended
the Meyer Maag w^d(Jing,
i. f*5L
There was, a gathering pf the Mat-'
theis family Sunday afternoon at the
Henry .MattheiB home' for MrscTam'
men^lip left on the train
Mrs. Jake Wielderich halt­
ed at the August Kayser home Sun
day afternoon.
Announcement has been receiv
ed here of the marriage of Miss
Kilda Tribone, who has been
teaching at the Lakeside ScTioo
during the past winter, to Ernest
Schmidt of Dunkcrton, la., on
Monday, June 20.
Rev. and Mrs. W. Baetke, of
Bowdoin, la., arrived Monday and
are visiting af,t the home of their
daughter, Mrs. Ed Schulz.
Church Announcements
The South Dakota Distriet^of tho.
Io\Va Synod arc holding their, session
in this city thiB week..
On Friday evening services will 1^
held at 8 o'clock. Rev. H. Flentje
of Sheldon, la., will preach on the
subject, "Christian Education." On
Sunday three services will be held.
The venerable Dr. F. Richter, who
has recently returned from the mis
sion fields of Austria, Rev. Guetzlaff
of Welcome, Minn., and others will
deliver the addresses. Extensive prep
arations by the choir of the church
have been made to render a number
of selections,
To accommodate thfe many visitors
the meetings will be held in a tent to
be erected near the church. -Special
invitations have been sent to the con
gregations at Tripp, Hillside, Del
mont, Armour, Scotland and Menno.
Services will be conducted next
Sunday by Dr. Wallace at 11 o'clock.
Remarkable Boldness Shown by Many
Species When They
Mrs. Clara Helnrich and family, of
Tripp, called at the August Kayser
home SuT$fiy, ..
Messrs Bichard and1 ^Rudolf Mikt-*
theis and sister, Frieda, and" also
their mother attended the wedding of
Arthur Kern and Bertha Bietz Sun-
.Ida Bierwagen, who has 'been' sta-
ing at the Ed. Wudel home several
days, returned home Thursday eve
ning. 'M
*$$$% in Rearing Family.$^^f
Every year some fresh discovery Is
made by naturalists respecting the
curious habits of birds. The boldness
shown by even shy birds when domes
tic duties are concerned is surprising.
Robins are especially noted for their
boldness, and a pair have been known
to build their nest and rear their
family on a beam in a school, entering
by the window which was left open.
Swallows seldom build in odd places,
but a pair have been known to build
their nest against a pane of window
glass. A swallow's nest in a funnel
is an exceptionally queer place for
a bird of this species to choose.
Wrens are very ingenious, and their
dome-shaped nests, which are so
beautifully woven, are often found in
old kettles and tins, and even in the
pockets of old coats which have been
left hanging about.
hedge sparrow's
nest in a kettle was found In a bunch
of nettles close to a public footpath,
where school childnen passed every
day, but the faithful bird, with no
thought of danger, reared a family
ftulte oomolested. gjBjjjMf''"
eral others
meeting, ^erywhet^
ai of the iatgd^auAi
is the fifth
structor, Maxtt
ed a cdncert
as one
Secret of Happy Life.
The secret of the happy life is found
In the direction of our eyes and the
order of our thoughts! Which do we
look for first, complaint or praise?
Which goes first into our ?c«|e
tor e&-
timatlon, trial or mercy? ^re'we look
ing part way up to compare ourselves
ydnd" 'o£ "oar Ul«
and iorl--rExghnge,
U* Tu'a
June 9. the o«jh
itinerary for
lnoliides 26 .jeltla#
Everywhere they
highest commendations
The highly Vi^ied
always pleased the Jjgi'jfa
and at^np time 4s
turbed byonolo4y.Q4o
fact that the -vrcheBtra Is
the glee club makes for Variety,
also the variety of the iiu^1tH»n|
dered by both
the orchestra' numbers ar«^j
waltses, descriptive '2aatasij^..
tures and other seleetloiUB,J^$1|B Ha*
glee club sing songs of 0Mi|#tUis4s,
Ase's Death
No. 4. In the Hail
Mountain King
March from "Tannhaeuser" ..
v'R. Wagner'^
VI. Overture—"Hungarian Fan
tasia" «.t,
Following 1b. the
I. March—"Colunibla'-S Call"
JY' w.
*'.«!/« V,".|
Overture—"Ti^6 hlon^i Bride"
Jolly Fellows.., W.
Southern. JSIedley
®ee 3lub»*
III. Yfilse Suite—"Dream TD
Characteristlc^^TblBp^rins Ploifr^
Il5^|!5ammy's LullabyTars
V. Peer. Gynt Suite .. J&rlc
[, Orchestra
VII. Bass Solo—"King of the
Forest" .F.
"Come Where the Lilies Bloom"..
the 'Clock 'Store55
Overture—"Queen of Autumn"
March—"The- Union Forever" %'?.
..... :......^i-W. H. Scouton 4
Orchestra V:
Program Subject to Change
On next Monday will^bfe^c^Iebrated
the 144th anniversary of the Indepen
dence of the United States of America.
This date has for many years been a
day of' celebrating and a day, of
merrymaking. True,to tradition there
will be celebrations here again this
ye^r—none, however in the city of
Parkston, but one will be held in
Joe Frederich's grove west of town,
and the other at Island Park. The
latter will be by far the most im
portant. Two ball games will be
played, the first between Dimock .and
Milltown at 1 o'clock, and the other
between Freeman and Ethan at 3
The Mitchell band will furnish
the music throughout the day.
received a wire raes-
sage from Colorado this morning,
informing him of the death off
his brother, Henry, who was
held up aSid shot last night.
The incident occurred he^
2\ x"*-*
place of business.
A big pavilion
furnished by gthe Alexandria Orches
tra will compose the entertainment
for the evening.
with' tnusic

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