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*:,*r -,*4? ^rv5^^
lun's Review for the Ending
of the First Quarter of
the Year. ».
Jk.. I
4PMP "i IMllHIMl k.
Without the Predicted Finar.
yial Fail urea—-Money Markets
If tha Intarter.
t« iow."T rade Still Depres
News of the Day from aii O-iar-'
m» rf tiw 8tob»ri
•wTi'M Apt! 3.
o u n & o w e e k y e v e a
trade *.»v« t'b* first qaftstor of
||a# |»a*«ed wttboat ths financial
•nee which miny aaw reaaon bo
§?m*t Uiltir«*« than in ths mmm*
tpai veer end mailer liability
with it target milroa)
l|i Itw watnt* i|H»rtpr of nay
®nd with larger paymentetb* i
banker* and clearing Houat
ew Y t»rk. Foreign ttM# h»'
•»an »*«r (or the KMtMi, mill
tjbnsumpf »u while nine
tt*a:i usuai eoai, in
avy wiMilca ftekvi goode
wait mum is nearly »H
new quarter Nwnus iti
ikon of Btoaetary difficulty
gtni level ol piifi'ii recovering
Mre«eton of Pebruary and
Jgeprovemeut in many qtti
•H' imeuoe of failure# of
#iu and manufacturing c*«rtwMH9B
attention to th« *vi! »ti
f«diU Hi that depart in«ad an*
%aual xtndn to whieh u ha
wOCCIMMMOH of -M s»||,i «r
Tb« iM JUI^ ran 2 IX AO HJl!
«f a|»pr*hetk«ie0. h-dnra* of
loat* a roiaWi eice«e
ver import* to iUn-h, auM tha#
filer untie# Apfwar* tf (a«t» r^t
outgo of
j|uu«y m»rkwln in (he tnt*»V
W"-.tou noting r«r
Uttk- p«-saurtf, tbCM^tb r*U.-.-i at
r«|ortH R.oe»y eauiwr,
Inhuiim if iu»n
111 souttorn cut. rprta*«. Fitt«V
tm.i •ti-nwuiil at U» 7 |*i i'mii
flrttmewt. »tb ^ooi xupph
fnm tbf to "i |«r
l]r|.- 4f.ji» an #Mjr Miktl
ll'swtrm mttf"? Ck^tlaM
ru»g«*34'jf. i
9t R. wodlf a*
(•en autl a B»amiift
f« vtraaia
jl"-' IfeeMH^irttrr sniirkf
ksu*{ |«4Wa driiMiii it
Half rials by tht- cl.-ttn
ai|HMMi tit is entire tlepart
ta etaepttonal disad**i
MMt|4ton« ts front au
at'coiuu ul Uu to lid
Hejorta of ImmA,
Alutt v are uearlv all favorafcl*
Kttelisb and Prwoch stocks
W$^io twu, affnuMt W"»,lW to»e
a»i i 24,H«r. tons a year •yfo-
list, tbe south
atete«, but mi
41* and weeterii «tat
HabiHttes was
la«t year.
Hp-rt was ats ine
th-- ttuddle statin
—wtth an iftrre»#e
The hnatueae fatinr
th« ««onutr? 'tiifin
ilmber aa« r^aifNM
:Vf$ taee
T*K honee oa
Horaan *»^#iey
^d oe»«ape*i bj
ii«tr^-«d by tire.
In bar
ftid the
even at
March 1,
Uin MI doll aid weak *&l tha dtilleet
week for It Iocr Hum t& l«wt closed at
afct'Ut K.H6.
]iM|H» ta of trada from teteari&i .aitia* »Hsf
(aittraU favorable. New «rtoae« note*
thf aeuaationai rxaggsi at
iotas of ittqtury by
the ov^rftow, hnt tlte aotaa! inten nptiou
te aaffK'o-nt to
a oat
ess and
to or ia
el distribution at the
he felt at St. I
ctttee report a
eatioofc. dealinitK ge
es**af of laat yeax's t.
leet ton* rarely nati
fair. tho«ib u-r«rlaidl
ott to that rewjxMt
itade nontiuiien eno
for the week being
afplnfit ,iiaah
haef showtuK ®|fc» t'tucf meats
a hii-g#- iftoreaae, 4| ^i|ixU »«I«h gain
ail»r laat yeaflf 10 jijha|at. Ihvts far.
^t l'htl»d«l} biu theiMNfeier b,nh is ail.
all tied, the drag trnAft fhir aii tobweeo
awn tfeet|ta
yeai, dreaaed
Mire active, t«. Hrtmafcra,
heeattae of the proponed dtitlea, t»ut ho ltd
|«i( in Mateh Mi Car h»i»« laat y«er'a roe
The nuuiliei of failarea 4erin« the Int
ot Ifhfci wt® 1,2311, s^Hiiast 9,311
hMtt year, with a dMUied decff„«e at th#
tbe »n*d
T«|f»t.« 0f
•t tu,.
th at«f ia
I sroutrboet
ihs «.«*»» days
I *iiL 44J last
ikm weak el .leal
fear the tigatee were fS&
the «it| h.)ui«tea4 of
s i-,*si^usa^na. X. T.»
V' --lii
«(«r* *IMU KMltt W*tl»ippl
Ikna^wr tw R«i«n«* »4«»
Ml K*v». Aptil 4.
netif**^ from Balling Fotk*.
•it a )»t hf»ur ift»( m#t»t «*•#. "Th«
in Dwwf *n»k li&« rw«i 4 fwH within
hoars »dI t* m»* rnn
•««r ita tiok*. »«d ia otfll mioK *t
dt ti*lf an tnrlj j*r honr. Ev«t\
df dry iaad n» Itottlni? Fork*
b* nndw wiUi b«for« morutuf{.
|A train from
itat' b«w night. dui uut arrtv« till
tbi- iitoroing, and eon Id go no fnrth«r.
Aft" mmamiog haro for n«v*ral hour* It
)va» t«un»U aronud and «rdeml back to L«
jtaixi The tr*m mm t»«v it in itnpoMibb
to |ct but'k there, because the track baa
ffct U 1 off ita bed. A *p«ci^! from How
4rU Miat.. M?a: The ntm lev«e at Catftah
•ff0k hfok# thin murain^ and the water ia
fto« ro«hit)K tbroagii a gap (eft
*iJ« Hy addiuff to tht# the Tulnaie of
rwuiv nor« or lam tlooded by bre«k« tower
down Maoy of the be«t «att»te« in tba j^oj,
k«t|»roprMttng tm *k additional
vr I iibltM for the nritiooal ma-
In Mm UodVhk
On aMknt of Heudersen, 6# Qifooh.
re»olntiou wan adopted taiiliuK ot the
secretary of war for information a* to
ahetbtir tbe projoeet tu u(«u tbe channel
iMw |»*O-
nut^i ea«t sawA.
stroiiK opjM»sitiou i« opail^
PNnhI duty on bblee
he coal trade haa m4 itaMl
tH* varion* m+rttaK* attti (a«RMIIattiMI«
Mid atjtbt.^it« ctovf i» U50,
vitb iiitnnunij(s «|H.»tt»d at (KSk
itu the iron bii*tne»* th«re ts aaotbtft of.
fart at Philadelphia to create mow#mottr.
i®pre»*ion»!, but it te oo» admitted
IhHi tu Hfit» of the Uojmjs tb^re entertu ued
thr tlemaud for the |a*t ha» !#e»
"JBBW Suit al prloen. SotthMtt
tmu t» stUl jrefitted for iwle u#re
aatns little tnpiovement in
aNMHet for etrnetaral trou
tat, !t$i raiU »r«- not h«Hi»§
tbf r«t« |noted, ami i|
kMwe orders can place.! i
opjor has been weaker
we*«o l^ake Ontario aaA lrondejotat t»ay
will U of ftdvantatfe to tbe eomuer«c of
tbe lakes.
The bill was passed amending the *tti
rte« of war, so aa to provide that ia tim*a
of peaee general coarts martial for trtal of
eomnttaatoned officer* shall be appointed
ftnly l»? tbe president. Kenem! coroiBatiding
officer or gen( ra! oftiwt onnnaudiug the
Uiilitury dtwaion, and that judge advocates
mast not he present at any delibewtiwt ef
roarU martial in close aeesiou
The Nil pwraed granting right «f w*y
through Fort l*i mbini» military reserva
tion to tbe Iulutti .t Mauitoba railroad
Aleo the bill providing that ta time of
pence all enltated m*n. oharged
with offenses now cognisable by
germon or regimental -eourt-martial, ahall
wittjtii twr»iity fiMir hourw nfte) tbetr arrest
be brought i«efore a suitiiuar court, which
shall mnstMt of the line ofhc**t second it»
sank at the po«d, or station, or in com
aiaud of tbe alleged offending soldier, who
•h%H bear nod determine th« cam, and
when satisfied of th«* guilt of the licensed
may object to the bearing of «umuiary
eonrts apd ii-tnand trial by court-martial,
hicb demand «baiI be granted hy right.
By voir of 7 io 3 tbe hoaee committoe
on elections of president Mil vice pewai
dent and repreeentativew in oongretut. to
day iiathoriwd a favorable report with
amendment* on the ftttct onia» biH. to pre
veut gerry tnmlartng of congressional dis
tru-ts. The bill also provide* that repre
sentatives to the Fifty-second congresH shall
l« eS^-ttnJ from dirtti«t« i%)iuj»M»»«d of tbe
•ante terrttoi y «nd n«mg tbe sarue
Iw-uudarj as ttio«» from which repreeenU
Hves in the fifty first coupes* wereejeetad.
A minority of the eommittee will snbmit
a tipil us «|)(Meitio(i to the b«t|,.
A MUatnir Will. *V'
Krw Vita*. April r.
Near relations of the late Andrew 1.
Ihtvis, tbe wealthy
tb»» city and are ioier#«t#ti in the divlwow
of the estate. Bince Davte* deatb, wioeh
twurred a boot three w eefc# ago. the rela
tive* tu i'hicago, Calrivera# n-uuty. t'ali
fortn.i New York and liutte, Montana,
have bee® engaged in an active search let
a will, bat so far none ha«i»eeu found.
A gentleman who is well acquainted
with tbe ei*nation and t« one of the claim
antis, »a* seen by a reporter. "1 uuder
stasid," said he, "that search has leei»
made «t Hatte for the will which wee made
l.-T tb» l%t« Ia"rts ten yeans sgp. I know
tha%"Wl^ wt» execntad. bnt what has he
come of it i* something I do not know.
lavi« btujueathed bis entir.- estate t«B
ye»r«-agt. to hH brother «r*H!i I'avis, ef
eatntyited at $llh®WMMX.
tt1# Awrti :1.
The weekly bank statement shows
the reaervs km d^creaee*! Hie
bankn now hold la eHNfli ef 'lie
legal requirements.
**C ••:.
ftli-I ^itfri -A
wc*Vr,- .." -.f
The Wtyority of them Ascrltie
Remarkable Comhuct to Piq tie
•«t#r from breaks lower down, the baek reaiailtabte conduct to piqti# and jt-aioasy
eoantry will l»e iaandat^ and the dH»~
(«antry will, hawevar, be flooded to I than h@ formerly go¥-raed at an ueleiodbti
tojiniderable depth. It i* befteTerf ehifftain, and it is oonti
that trwafttion« have be*Q tahen to ptt tt«K»rt«d that tho i*«l»rf of year,
tect utofk. auti that human life i wfajfa ife .utmi tu be hu *al»ry. (f bnt
AllanHfMH» -4. ,• s, Hoiail part of the ^atoluuteotn of hi« uf
K*|ir*««iUittT«» Nt IB
t«tHKtfa|[ or IS«rtte«|
»«»i'xw*oii. Aprtl
AtuObK tbe petitioas |ue«OBtel to the
Vttat4* was one from the preaident of the
fl'-thodixt !!pls*rt|al cburrh mie^ioti, pro
jp»tt !»k aKato^t fhr pttw«ii4{» of t» bill pn»
nt for tbt deports! nntl imprieon
tieof Chinese found thia ©onotry
ritliont certifloatra. Also veoolationa«f
th1 b^ard of cortiwrrr ~.f f*art Frsnrt'ir^
%H uust tne r»p»nf if th
ami f»: minnmm'i M«t«hitto« *$mt
proThii $m k*a *m
tit*, 00
n. ktslw»aia «a»
Mi* m4 mmmUM by
the |8-0too thart tW
a Hot»ed ttetwiR irhaii not »e tahe^
*ac*- tii fav»t of ao\ |i«*re«u ••laiaatnK
»t rth :.i IVt tiivll) ill *10UtltHi .f tt»f
44utaud of the preaideat** yrpdai—lt»a,
«i lit wait paaeed.
'tfionir th« weuate bill* paawrd were the
'ppropnatinit fSt),t00 for an Imiiaa ia
ik III*' -I'luK'i iti 1 t'iilj, i'
Various Conjectures as to th4
Cause of Emin's Joining
the Germam.
noeiBt*marek'i List of Pi-jwpnis
Amusing One—Has Di^covpred
Th. »tioo of Kaio I'aaha ut MM« iadu^!
HtanUv. Othmr theori^ are
will probably I incwstttl, Tba 1 tbe wlief that M»j. Wi«4mtn he* Whi an.
.»f the pltrntfttioD* i«u»d itf .1 *re »1- tj1()r,/e{i
noffieient fo»«« to it ut anbjw
0f a
o.arh j(iyAt»«r «*vi»ao»M» olljaritorVj
pMltion. As to Uaj Wiaaaaan'n au^^
tn«nted aettvity. it is .issnuied he i*- itt^
afiircu by Koaper»r MTilium, whose *ag«t.
to «*\tfnd (iertuan? coloutid
•tou« aod'influeuee iu all diretttons w w^|g
kaowu. In tbi» belief it i»t predu ti-.i that
l^ermsoy will alutoat imiticdiutaljf uu.ugu
rate au polkqr ta iOttth. eaatom'
and central Africa.
%A*ai*Aa, A prli
Bam»^, April s, ^.y,^
The list of PrlbM) ftis titarok's hTmBwy
gifts i* tin amnsiiig otu«, foul provide con
clusively ho* dear the diplotuiitst t* to
the popular heart. Tbe gift* include t«o
luaatiiTs, forty.three drinking megs, over
N*t lonr pijNiw. meerschaum am! w«i^d,
three hunt tug gttus, many poandt* of to
hacco, a large arm chair made of hornn.
«evera) do/en canes, innumerable ih« ksg*
of prewrve#, i-ake aud candies i*eui by
farmers' wives, barrt-U of eggs, *ide»
haeou ketUtr egfts from plnttdeulcblaod,
half u sheep, a medicine eh»st ooutatuing a
dosen b«»ttles of soiue wonderful core for
rheum aiKui. hair potuade, brushes, cu«h
iotjf, rmjn sod »u eiior«*t»us •ni uoii
The caar aas ataii«ioned tki prfepoeed
hunting trip in t'oiawl on accon it of a
plot to tbrow the iui^riai train off the
track. A decoy train, supposed to eoit»in
the esa? and suite, vie 'Weotod hy teefce
plaeed on the rails.
Jttm Ti^rtlk tM M»e Ws jie^t*
LoMetMy^Csnil i ,f
lr Arhind, a Weet eadtH»yeic«w, iBftifea
that tnere is any truth in the report
Mr. Khan lion, th Dublin solicitor
Timm who condacted the negotiation* witfe
Pigott. has fled from the oouutry. He "aa
the wholes story u a hoax. A trieud of Dr.
Acland left Bhannon in Canada early in
March and is no w on his way to rejoin bim
Hbuunots faintly, aeeordin^ to the same
^utboritv. axv aware of hit- addfea*. aud
t|l«»i tias uflVt:t been auj
•Mwt nc I ad mg among itx hmr.
U-r* Jbf »iup*ror. rhnti(H»llor mu ('apfivi
ami (*?!», do rtici». th«« ituniM^T of w*r.
to twoticil# tbf dpiiiorrnttc p«r
ties altcua »d lv iiittmnrek, and that
emperor haa adopted tbe noeialtst tbtoritfi
ot Luttli* a«il T»ui«. It savs ha haa
taken tin'd#*1 atrial d« «trut* i»t«» hu owa
baed" to n**e the tolt«mig throuan of
U* bolt Kacttab .«! *mm ofcr., «4|
bio*-*** «idtaWMt j. npbmm «f mt!urn'e fleariy.. d»-ti««d,
WtwtwwHMi 'Hudy»«nterpri«iB|( G«r»ait« 4r«
eutu-iuy wMhtif thatr right in av
thea»»'4»e* at cF-ry «H«istauce. Aajf traon
Aajr t?ai
&r tt« i
MMth^4itber the En^litib or ttte er
tw matter for diplomacy. If
I th. Arabs bt: will iidt! to bl|
repatatuxi aud not liait Ku(|it»b i»t«r*j»tn
Milt the 'Wiuiaue ranuot tou ratitu.oa
in thvir uatar*i desire to tmwym Ua4e
routes. Emma |*roclaaaattou tevealaaor*
ueaa and was «oue*»«nary.
Wan MUt.
'c MH.
UtUutJu mmm **i aim
lei w wsai
i a of Uvmu
nor has
T*i fN»»i»Wet haa *»m4 m*-
Tltr. steamer Hcaudu,
amiel at Maubnrv
Tltr reftort of a rmdure Hnl
g«tia and Ifervia i« ofleially kcUrei at
Hofla to In- untme.
As tH« r««ult of id^au bi iea.
t«ti»*Rt «t Debreetti. !('tngitr. f«ftjr rhnl-
an •geuwut with (iertuaiiY to return te- MK Bra/.iiWui )i«bo|M will t»*oe
central Afrtea hae girea ri»e to uiuitm-ra.^. r»fn»liig to eoo»«»t te the tep
bk" ttieorww to acconnt for bin change of
front, the ».ijorit i.f whieh ascrtt«» hrt«[
bav,. Ix»ei i*««ed
off^i b„„ tu« ahMolntR iiitrol
ehurrh and atate.
v gtHtbtojn*". i«Hit«Hnf
i ii«nnt mid h*vi» row to
confer witfi ten. HuaUu^er.
f-H* rtatf 4«wasnrrr of th«» aotiiti of
Tn-iuo, Switmrlaud ha« br«« arreatMl on
Mhi ehatf*) of emlv-r/Uaft l,t*»t»,O,)0 frauce'
1'ttiiir.R, th'* rfnanriul n Wiser of
tho khedive of KjfT|it. and fgrnue Pasha
start for Parts by the aext mail to
ium*«tiie ooe«er»t.m of tbe Efypthw
•am Lxi, ohavge laffimi of the
Hed Btiite* ta Btitil, h»M peeaeoted
fu u. lf«xtora IHi Fonseca with the con
t/r ttolator\ i not ton adopted by the 1'nited
Hr*itts cuugri iw aod a^|»ove4 by l'reahlent
Tir PaeUb Ma^t- eoaip«9'a at«4aMMr
iiina nrrtffd iu houg Houg, March 31.
Jlt-r time from Kiui Fratreiaeo was tweaty
s. tiirludtnKa atap ai Vakuhattta. Tla«
n r* l«ee« th.- time two Aafa, brtng fact-
Monotb. iW lk««M Ik4 .••"•w n»b.M. Kjit to »ct
tb, "ilhll»'l,,J"
eratnu oentMM |arty, and to yield to the
fforerniuHut ou no point withont see tiring a
ailiuff |!'WH^ airil aiie^oate eoaeeaaioa.
WMSmmtj Mas M*e N« A»ss»ist
awee »rtth a Bsgwi Vtssok a*ni«l,
New oaa April i.
Danlap s Cable Neew Barrtee eablad an
untrue auil aeaaationul nloiy from Ioadon
on Mar'ti to th^ «»ttVct that the
)auglii-r. .* vx-Uov Mc.F.uery. of liOnhi
wa. had nwt a avnrtoiiH freech marquta
tbe French liner, l^a 4 ampagne, on one of
rr^Kt fnr~ H~.v to New York,
.jnk* st«rf slie^s« rfcet am» of tbe -young
\w# imi th-*- *e«rge of becoming m-
Kf llrenrnhMKa, who ealied
*»•?*,m i-^'woci,. U
Ou the arriv«t *»f ^he st*»aui«! at New
%o»k »hf eovem«r met hi* dnugbtent at tba
aud a a iiiU a tki marquiK
The governor gave hial a tsoat enrdial te
oeptiou, invited biui to a special henqoet
and was #o weli pleaioul that be inlnxiuced
h|m to many .Sew York friends. Suddenly
tbe oiarquix «iiK called to Jeiasto look
after his ranches, and not Wanting to wait
for a reuatttsnce, drew through
the obliging k,'ov« rnor on a
i»aftines* firm at Hston Ilogue for f2,ti|M)
aud a second draft ou some other place iu
Texae for He bade a most affec
tiooaie fsiewell. with promise to vchange
hrtters, hot was never heard from again,
and ttie draft* remain unpaid. Tin
iweeaesrsa '*ftrth€t,
St. I'ktbi mo, April
The indice at Gatz^-biuui dtaeoverod et
plw^tirfw «n frroocd* of the tmpertui
palace. The imperial famtlv has in conso
•iuenee renoat)ce\l the idea of going there
to hnteb ent. The rat for two day* has
suffered from a reiapee of ictiurtt?.*. which
has compelled him to poet[»oii£ aiulieu^es.
His conditien ia not seriooa.
maws.- ticyi
tbeir fat)
I the!
rt The
»lrHai JUis
Imnoii April
(lea. Bonlangee, faleaat flerljonde, La
gonrn*. Kochefort, and thWy other eaem
I hers of tb.« }ioalaugi»t committee. held a
conference at residence of tb« general
i on the island of -tereey yeaterday fp'»B
the coneluaiou of ti«a conference tb« com
mittee s»re a heaakfaat to Om Hyulinger.
The nomauttee will letan Wnmm le
l»wm f'wlro "li HcHss* IttssM,
(kmiKt April
Hie illnees from whieh Dow Pe«ftHh Iba
depo»ei emperor of Br*/il, ia aetfenng,
hu aeenmed a critical phaee. 9ft was in a
couiataw state during the greater part ef
.v«tte(d».. and hi# coodttion sertons
that it «ii* coiiMiderni nec^Kfciwv «o altiini
iatet the laat saens&ieut* ef the church.
The prince of Wateu, who has jna*-*rm«d
at tjannsw, haa pabi, a **atf t^
Vns Atwfi a.
A telegram froaa Be^ttii, vbiab mm de
layed by the prr»* nan worship, aitttmmee*
the pnUicatiou of a pamphlet entitled.
"He C»o#* "W had Now*
that HaifWfM' Willu»i»i
aethor of the pampbl«t.
discovered that thr mar(nia
ia a i reuch bef and is now l»»ls»*v*-«l to he
tm Pari* working in a restaurant.
The whole vtory is.a creel hoax, wrthoot
a word of truth in lit. lbe Missee ktc.
Baery travele4 tn Europe isst Mummer
antler ihe ig of Mr*. Wileon,
wife of ttM- planter, of Lou
iont^ uion« ou tbe La
n the steamer arrived
««Orleans. Et Gov.
to proprietor Cran-
York Hotei, to have
lis i.tughters at
sent a trusted
ladies to the
the ptdT Mr t'ranaton
employs, who escorted the
hotel. In a fe» days they went to Kea
(irleans in company with »ome old friends
they had met in the hotel. Neither ex
Oov. McFnery nor hw daughters ever met
or heard of any Manjui* de I^enuout or
anyone representing himself to be a mar
quis. The whole story as cabled and pob
Halted ui tbe New York and nonthern
newspapers is utterly false and maltctons.
TIm CrsMdc Iprts4) to Kssmm.
Wicbit*. Kan., Ajirll .»
The eruaade agaiaat tbe aalooaa or
"joints" has reached this etate. Some of
the mvtubers of the Woman bristiau
Temiwrauce I num, of Kingman, applied
to the court for warrants to pull
joints" and the bnsineaa of the
courts waa aaeh that the warranU
eonhl not he given at the moment they
«dled. In tbe movement time was an im
portant feature, ami tbey decided to make
i a fatd Three of tbe places where tt was
tnpposed iiiioxtcintsi were being Sold were
visited, and all packages of suspicioaa
flavor were carried out and domped into
tbe eieae*. Wait* a crowd edhr« t«4»
A Btuns ftsn f?»tewrr ..
W»w V'as. April S.
The stone from Cat very, which is to
derm the corner of Dr. Talmage'a new
tabtrn&cle. has arrived at Brooklyn on the
•teamer iitava. is- abont three feet
square and ten inches thick, and weighs
nearSv UMA ponnde. li* color i» dark red
an«i it look* very much lk« a piece of Can
adian ir*anite. The iegsnd is that the
atone is one apon whieh the Kevtor steptied
while on the way to the reeae*
vetto* aeeompanlad tin* {.tone.
tail Afil 1«
ea«Ti»N. April
A Halifax speeia* to tbe tf*rta£rf aagre:
The MewfMiu4taad government had de
cided to rej'»eal the ait act, and hereafter
tba\French, Ameri*au and Canadian ftsh
trmen will t»e 'roaitted to fmelv pmoliase
l« re|M»rtf-il bait in Newfoundland harbom fi{en the
If waa the I payment el
It states that a 1 »e**a faaa.
-iL®- {Mi. jfink:•
The Chamber in Which Con
demned Criminals at
ling Wait Their Doom.
The SoCoy-HatHeld Feud Revived
6 Fresh Murder at JLc^an
Couri Houia.
Clever Capture of a Gang- of Counter
feiters- -Texas Wants Much Room
•I the World s F*iiv
irmt Tfuir l,»rii
l-a*tf H^tiiHflmati haa filed with Clerk
|l|»arkst. of the general sessions, a noriee of
appenl in the ease ef James J. Slew urn,
etiee it arell known |m*4eaeional heae ball
jdayrr who wan rotoi'M of mnrder in
tbe fine digits in iMiatitii' his wife, Kllen
Itloentn, to death with an at, aud sen
fenced hy Jud^e Martine to die by elec
tricity. vii»«-d my elient. Hloeuiu,"*
•tiitl Lawfer ileu„-v-lman, in the axeen«
five ahanibf-r et King Ming, I have
had a iatjge professional asixm
tne« in plitce^ of penal coufinenient,
hut nothing that I have ever »een
approaches tti H« awe inspiriug attributes
this terrible prison. It is a onegatory
granite baiiding. aliont fifty feet Mjuare,
dis-ounectel with all other narts of the
building, except by the deadly wire that
connects it with the dyuannt shed. The
granite walls are five feet thiek, I am told,
aud eertsipiv appear to be. There are
Hirer iron dwor*. one within oue another,
at the and of the dwath chamber, fiicing
the river. The-keepern *eat is within
the third floor At the further
end of the ehaml«er, factag the
keeper's seat, are fo(& oella. The walls
between the oella are of granite,
and two feet thiek. The Inmates of the
cifflK are al*itv» under lbe keeper's eye.
Owing to tht* thickness of tbe walls and of
the three doors not a spnnd of tbe world
•otniie is andibie. It is a veritable living
feranb. When a lawyer or priest or mints
lei aeex one of the condemned men, a
heavv grwen b«i/e curtain in dropped oyer
the doors of the other cells so that the in
ei-ite* cannot see the facn of the visitor or
hew^los voice. It ik a terrible ordeal, and
K Mtuis alutoat ineeadibte to me that the)'
can r.-t nu betr reaaon until the kMr oif
eteeuti ut arrives.
fit»ve"ltegvia Ms*
toormmonn. Mt., ApH*
Hostttitles on the bloody groend ruad#
notorious by the Hatfield-MeCoy feud
have broken out afresh and auotber »t-iiin
vendetta- Information tome* from Logan
court hon*e, W, V«., that Jerry Hattiihi
and 51, C. I^ae, an adherent ot the Mc( y
faction, met to a public houae. Hoth
innne.llately drew revolvers and began
t» bluwajrat each other. The fusiladt
continued until their ammunition was ex
hausted. Hatfield dropped dead on tbe
door. I^ee, nourishing bi* revolver and
threatemut t« kill every luxty »bn trie«l to
stop him, thati went to the nearest stable,
compiled the owner to saddle a horse and
gallop* acroae the state line into Ken
tucky .ferry Hatfield was a cousin of
"Devil Am»e." The tragedv has caused
much ei-iteuient in togan Court It* us«
sad »ere bfaodabed hi feared.
fmrawtsitsn tsplswA
Bi'rrAU. April 4.
United Htatea Beeiet Bereiii
lUfi!.'. *ssiste«l by the poln-e, maTe a clever
capture of gan« of counterfeiter*.
.Shortly after o clock the po«se uiad« a
Vaid upon a room on the top fioor of No.
HV East Uaneaaee street The door waa
snninheil in, and seated about a counter
feitiuK outfit, with bran new liogus dollar*
scattered around them, were found Kdward
Hvlvestev, Charlie Mann and Harry
Williatea. They were qntckly hand
«ufTed and taken to the police station.
They are a pretty tough trio,
hjhester ia about vears of age, a well
known counterfeiter. Mann is none other
than Charles McCr«n, a well-known des
p«Tsdo. aud a native of Lockport, and haa,
with his brother. Kig Frank." been under
surveillance of ibapolio* in all part# of tbe
rountty. WtllianiH. sW»ut a month ago,
wai« exhibiting »t Wonderland"" i is clev
erness tu cutting design* on cards with a
knife aud selling the product of hi* genina
^to onlookers At the atation-house Kyi
testtf-, who in credited with betng the ring
leader broke doan and cried like a child.
He told tbe police that it was lucky they
came when they did,
fer be
lug town at oaee.
B. It 1'eddock. presuleid of"
Hprmg I'alare Exhibition company. h»e
arttved in Chicago for a conanltatUHi with
the world s fair commission in referenda to
tbe allotment of ten aeres-of-epnee for the jj
erection at tbe fair of a r#|roductton on a
large scale of the spring palace W. H.
Ki wouan, pteneral trattc manager of
tbe Chicago A KeHhwestffM roatt,
faid that tie Te*a* palate
Irai* a fa* more original affair
than anything be bad seen either at tbe
centennial at Pbiiadeiptti® or at laet year s"
1'arin e\|M«itiois. The «tructar« is an im
ntense rwsiutic representation of the prod
ucts and industries of Texan. Meeoee of
cattle ranches, harvests, mining, cctton
picking, etc., are shown, wry ind**trv
betng represented by the axelnrive «ae el
the pro^tnetr of chief importance in each.
A Peesriasr Antaani
KabAMaaoo. Mlete., Apitt 1
Tfc? »triwtr»#rd work at AlJtfgmii tr.it rtP"
fteene of a peettliar accnbsnt. Tin. bottom
rf the stoiebouse gave way and let .'»«m bai
rels of liutw into the tail raee of tbe null,
Tlie lime at onr«« began to slack and rained
an intense beat, tba* «n»dangermg eight
i tons of straw that was stored overhand,
Tbe fire department was called out «nd
after a hMg eVart a
mill i«
ftttrl iMeain
iwaa ^H^aMsr ^aiHidli
tiili- I ijlltnl O- i "O 1,'Sh
DnaHoiN** April-l|ieeial:
fa the honae thia afternoon, aftef M»
atdetabte c.taeuaakMi and parte ifig, h|
whish it wae ahc#n that an favori.
able eetiea conld he hope«l lor on the
democratic eenena Mil, tt was moved an4'
carried th«t It be fidefinitely poete.
Wg le a eeatproaaiee al Uita ssaaion
Tt»er« Is n*l
al g»m». mm
W t^oiim, Aprtt o,
lord Hoyle, whose mystertous dt|ap|
|earaiK'e on the w*#tortt ranches of AlHertf'
teportetl by nablp from London, wae-wtit"*.
known iu the ('luiiuliu nittbwest,
repreaentml the Macl^od district in
legislator* and wae leoke.i iipo
as one of its moat ahintng lights^
At tbe last elections he retireii frtm tb^
bonaa and siuUenly disap)eaml. atncti
whieh time there has been no trace of bH
wherwalKuts. It was at first supposed feH
lordship had gone to mining camp i:mf/
I v bnl all inquiries atuixtg turner* fail«
to give his friends any elue- Hince tbe am
nonnnament of the death of the earl of
Shannon and the aucceaston of younj|
Hoyle to h»»- Nthei s title and euortuoi 4
eKtates in Flnglaud. aearcb hae been r«.
newetl, and Hon. Henry Boyle left L«ndoi|
yesterday for Canada to assist the detect
ivs« in working ap their case. As the
yonag lord was known to have a large sntii
of money on his ^raoti at the time of hie
disappearanoe, there are fears of foul pla,
and tbe impression prevails that
Hoyle ha» uu-t a similar fate t»
Ben well, the yoang Eugliehman re
cently mardered at Woodatock, Ontario,
A telegram from MacLeo^l laat night savl
Lord Hovl« went weat from there u
British olusnbta He •otddnnh disap
peared and haa never been heard from
«ince. He ia auppooed to have gone to
\iaaka. Home of hU friaodi still beiteve
him alive and perhapa ia aome remote pert
of tbe northwest
Auothei th«H'r\ is that be ant have
started for England by tbe way of India,
And way una Uu «omeeh* re iu the ee*U
ll'AVKI) mmc THE U'lRMh
i s w n
FHIT/ Zinnanon, of New York, kili#.|r
a Ilndson river pilot. William Atmrnatbeyk
with blow which broke hii skull Tbr*
murder ia believed to hare been incited bf
a atenmboat emrtueer, who neted the deal
I'H. IT. It. Britr, ear of theawiet prom*
ineot phvaicuuis in Cleveland. 0..hnabeee
sued by Oeorge Hinclair. a well kkown dry
goods msrebaut, for P2o,IM)H. ttlnoiair
olaiiaa that ts«ith alioaated tbe
ef hte wife.
IHr^lritytMl t»y PlrSt
W aTVRHTow^ N V A|Wil ft.
The bneiness emHion of tbe tttap of
Thereat, about twenty aiilee from here^
burned this morning, forty-two hmldiugp
l^ing destroyed. The losa Is Mw«m|
11 and 'JNW.tWU. Al»ottt twenty of
the building* were dwellings. Tbe otb»-ri
were stores and aho^|.
B*N4kis, Me April V
A epecHia! from flrwo^H^ Wfeji
the ILdui Wead at that place burned early
this Biorntng, The house was full of
pie and there wera many narrow eecapesk.
Five horses, two eara. twenty-two bo^a
and twenty tons of hay vaea hawed u± lU»
stable, hot twenty benee eaead,
ht. Un» April •/.
Tb largeet briek block in I^inettviJlei*
111., bur ued yoaterday tnetaiaf. Ijo»sr
Atl oi Mta Bed Maps.
111., April ft.
Albert Hetnrioh. a farmer of \Y»«hburi%
has loat a drove of 10(V fine hogs, nearly at
Jeteey mm!o» hy ebeiern withiu «b» hu****':—"*"***)
__ ,#4** Uf» III una,
mm n.v, \|ni
Hugs -Eslimatwl r*c»ipts, S8U
yesteveay, .Cu. Market aetivs eal *(rt)*j)
yuitst»oio. i^ht t-flf*
i in. b»a^ v i i
('atU# K»ilinat«a raoaiwia. .**», official ii
terda), utiijisjiwuts t.iftn. Merk*i active i
arm yut«t iot/a |iateli*rs ifaMTi. iiritii* »H
.««.(inalodium iteMi u''s..". t»«.4at4
chote* t«» i.tai |-'uads. exs».'*« i ijh«.I(u*
tt guud, ei. i Wi, storksr*. cboie«
I tM, ut«»iiluiu U s^-Kxi, ewtOMX.Tu, mlM i
ro*i, avtra «-hoiO» #'3
tnwiiuiit to good ea riO«r u coswatow u» int
tor ti Wi il'», eamter*. ?Se *i.Tj.
e.W.H,»M, ««iue, tst 10/' «J«». bail
ctioU'v. gi.:i6eihf.3n cmuimmi, ei.ttl
W I5 t.
Hsulk OsuAa Uf«
Sturm.Omaha. Ajirii j.
Sfeeai* lke'*fi-t« l.atjfi.
i Mvas, iii »*, astern
»#w foek rrudnes,
oak. April
'taetiit at fevw Hh» t«# .*
Ther* *t
..i hew Y^rI:
Eklgs KsUutased racstpM. g^MHi
faster-!*' f,m- Market wfenei ioglMir, satligg
si 91
t'aUts V.«tuuaa«Ml ree»*f*tn. l.iu» Ofkiti
yaatHrdae, ean Maufcet afmumi rtnajsii
rMiiagn live aaeelb .^.y
Ciicmo, Ajped s
Hot Hac«u.t Marine i tin
firm *i ftil. prw#» iigM. ei.iii
1 o w n 4
C«tU« lU«Mipte tj.tNu. Market
ttr%mn besvas anl •'.ssr«. •S.e«IA,0& stacks
and f«a4ers. Tea** c#«la |a e»|
i \«i
"Xartet ttmat,
.-r«-tafi. f.S«a6.*|5 jai?
i WW* M*uhk*« tnivty aettea lwaaa.il
Ma? Mh.
Core M«rk*i. usd tehttw..
nttaeii »*«,.
tat* liul! and steady wsaasrn. #V
Ptuvt*(A»u»« fu*k uwbmMsml. Lard
II M3u tHitasV *k« aati aeaA
th. Htois easy *e»t#rn. l#H«vas.
II e itlMg
at If

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