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HHtge aatri he was aattt here by a ron
ftitaenuy who wished bun to hear both
aides of tbe prohibitory vjtteetiou and oast
?at# 011 the sid« of true temperance.
talked at soiu- length in snpjort of tbe
4«wocrstic position, backing tt up by call-
H( attention to tbe condition jf atfaira
bat eitated in Coaneil Bluff* and other
*ani i-iaiBiiag that tba aural ai4t of
'^h« questiou was in favor of tbe da«o
.•aytk T^-
rnltbJkmjtm lAu wiitm
Tfee Action of the Iowa House
the Democrat!#
Caucus Bill.
BflnriOCrjfttic Members Smile and l5ay
It Is Just What They Wanted
io See Done
ftepubltc&rfi wi the
Uther Hand, Believe There Is
Sill! Hope fbr Htpatl-
BWltonrKH. April 7
Saturday's legislative debate ou probibi
tkm practicallv Milled the question as to
the |»oU the republican* will adhere to in
the preuusea. The bill under discussion
*M foi the ie|«*al of tb« prohibitory Saw
which bM been in effect in Iowa fine*
1HH4. Ita fate w«v sealed wheo a rote was
taken on Luke's motion to indefinitely
poet pone which was carried by a vote of
61 to 4V. every democrat opposing and all
the tepubltcao* favoring it, al on* with
Ewait the union labor prohibitionist, who
voted wtlh them. A« these proceedings
w«ff bad tu tbe committee of the whole the
MB&iittw than arose aod reported tiic Nil
back to the bome for indefinite poatpon«
Tbe democrats then desired an adjourn
ment. but the republicans opposed and the
motion «M lost by a tie vole. Tbe republic
an* insisted npou immediate action on the
r«|*ort of the committee, but the speaker
rated that it most t*» treated aa reports
of other committees ud it could not b«
taken tip out of it* order without a two
third* vote.
A eorrwqxindent interviewed a naml»er
of member* after tUi showing bad been
made. They oou«t«l#r this rote an indies*
tton that the taw will not this IMMIOS Le
changed. Tbe democratic members ars
smiling. It is just what they want. They
claim tbat if tbe republicans refuse to give
the people looal option that tbe next atute
election will teveal a landslide of vote* for
the democratic ticket. The next legts
tnre wilt be elected 00 tbe issue of high
license as agwiusi prohibition, they i »ia,
and tbe democrat* wtli thereby gat tbv
glory of bringing about tba ntorm fbc
ikeopl# d«mau)
Duriug tbe di*wn«Miu
p«llu. cit«c] tbe xn»"«a*(te
refwratK^e to tba aalo«u*
froor eartaiu cttiaa. He
clin«f! to baliave tbe statement until be aaw
Otmutvn among the ntttnlwr. It s*s tru«»
thai the *4a**(i iicenseii *aloma cf (ttan»
ha«1 l«o b*uittbei, imt nitty oniio«u^l
HaloouM bait taken their pl«oe« and w«r»
.tioioK more to corrupt the people than did
4Im often aaiooQ*. tie did
ilae to de«ire tb« retaru of tbe xsjooii
-where it ha( bean aaearsufttilf l»aai8b»d.
wbeee the oaioou i*maiued it nboaid »e
ontrolied. lie djwlaime.1 th«« rorrartue^a
*^f the go'tprnar'K «tatetueitt« that Uu
tt»niwtr4ee bad be«n turned into oatmeal
fartortaa, ate. Ha torua«J to Blytb«
.-|i«*laraUoa thai when tba law was not
rutorrad dem»cratie oAotali* were
iin- aiecatora of the law
»oi aiatad tbat hie ctty bad beau Movarued
|jy repabixmu ollicial*. aod tbat Ihey b»d
|iad fnll «mtrol, aod yet the saloons bad
^ucieaaad. it «u doe to the fart of the
jm»btt»Uku law failiuK to tfo»eru the use »f
"^lintofieattta that the |iaop)e of Wapeilo
toimtj cast a majostty %MLr for Uoraee
Hmith, of W».
of Larrabee in
being banished
he was iu-
U01®* for governor against fandidat*
froBJ their owe bow. The democratic
fueasure does ait damand a repeal of th»
]».hibitor) law. It doe« not «ak for a
|i-#{j(iied Miami. It simply aaka for a law
|hHt will allow eacii locality to daal with
|h« qaaation in moat practical form.
|ia said that the amount of lujaor eon
futuAd bal wot dUuioi^hed, t»a( the pl«c#»
jff iuanufactnre hati been cloaed and money
ifi|wtui«Hl fur lii|Hor w»* being drttsnmllrou
4ha state into tbe poekata of fet^gn IBWW
|«»afMu hmgatimttm Aet# f»*ss4Ml—'*a Al
t«Ml Um tt. A. It. M*cap«i»«i in a lta*ty~
(Mtkwr Hustaess.
Moiaas. AyrU T.
The bonse appropTfirftltB WrtBtTrtTtnr1 ftits
HiUfU reconn»t\5iid«»»t for ptt«tt«gt- the
dls oalling for appropriations of
state institutions. Bills from the san
0m were taken up a# follows' 'to legalise
ai,f,e»tfiiu»iii of curtain taxes in Carroll
to legaliae the aatabliahment
t|f the Mont aanma waterworks to legalise
||te mcor|H„f^tiun of Arcadia, to legalise
MtahiiMinoent of electric light work*
«K Hionuftfiii to.J«galise th** ordinanoas of
-:|l'itchaUvilia trf ~t#gali*e the acts of the
|»ard of #a)f'cfvlw»rs of Madison county,
|p reimbnrse lj^«d Uart«ach for a fin# paid
a*r *be otfeneeji for which he was pardoue*'.
||y the gov»m«r to provide for printing
a.OOM copW or the report of the cororais.
f|ouets of lafxfr «tati*tic«. The nttawaiWf
«f the rafarrad to com
Hoth l^haaa tida noraing daotdad to go
|i' the governor s reception toj tbe G. A. R.
a. a Uxsy The* also voted to eTtasd tba
gpurtesy of the floor to all membrv of the
A. K. and W B. C. The senat# this
gvorning paaaed rM»latiooM providing for a
feaaioij Tlinrwday crening for tbo countd
gr»tioe of tbe world fair bill. The boose
resolution asking '-ougraas ty p«M
ws for the protection of miaert in tba
tbrritotias also asking that thepraaent Mil
Jpr rcfandiog tb«* 1' ntou aeiflc
|lideided»wa» ba wot pasaed. Tha
change tba Jaanner of aaaaaanient
|lill to than*
g|s talaanon^
the aaxmots of taxes would go to counts
tnstaiid of the atnte, w»« coealdemt foil?,
but w*» finally voted down. When the
a^oatr ad)otirnel tbe Nil for tbe abolition
was tinder eonaiileratiMi,
lUI M'o HKI*OltT
Amount of
toad tor Va««uery.
WiwiMmix, Ayrii 7.
In his rafKMrt to Hacratwy NoMs. Pm
«ion riMUjiU«iofit!f llaniu say» he will b«
•bit* by tbe last of Way can*» tbe nasi
bbation of t«v«*ry claim ixfnding 111 the office
011 the 1st day of January last, will have
aeery claim allowed that completed and
call# for the evidauee male in those
'tot completed. This rtienlt hae Iwcn
aecarcd largely by meatiH of orders isttued
in tbe latter part of l)ei*emler re|niring
the examination of claim* then peu^Img*
and that all oases which appeared com
plete be placed npou tbe "completed filea,"
The adjudicating ilivisiou was tlirected to
apand five day* each week exAniiniug the
elai in-, on lb?** flics and 01«' »1
sively to tuakiuv calls for additional evi
dence 011 (tending claims. Aa a rt »t*it, tba
examination of MM7 claims were pat on
the completed file*." A snMeqneutor4er
directing that claims l» placed on
Ale HJHMJ application accompan»e.l by
a atatemant e( fact* showing tha
clainix to ba aotapleted baa ap
to dati) inlded m*m to iboae already
OS tb* eooiplete«l tiles.'* During the peat
three mouths ,vi.2Sb of these rase* bare
baan acted np«u, leaving only 3,11?* etuim
poit the ftlfh. Application* at th«» rate of
4541 i day are l»etng received and hereafter
every claim placed upon tba«e ftlea will be
taken np and acted npon withla a weea
The record o? tf»»' (WHt inotith shows lfi.374
pension oertiflcatas,
Clurscv Cai'psalaes »»rtka.
Caaoaoo. Ayrti 7.
Tba oarpeliters' strike tocAc pUm llMa
uuorniug ac«xrdtug to program. It is es
timated that be ween 6,000 and O.OiHi men
are out. arjeijter work ou nearly ail of
tba large job* baa been brought to a stand
still. The strike ia for eight hours aa a
day'H work. with wage* at cants per
hour N» trouble baa baan recorded from
any quarter yet.
Many of tbe maaons and brieklayers who
have bean employed on building* have beea
00m pel led to lay off on account of the
carpenter work ou the various structures
!x lag at a standstill. Altogether a paatiYtos
of bailding operations hi CtUoago to
day, at leant, complete.
Uww. rask'i
The aalaction of Bt%..Oaa. Krhtg* #.
Miiea to anecaad Maj,-iien. Crook, de
eaaaed, seams to give gauaral satisfaction
in army circle*. t»en. Mik*«, who baa
bean tu Washington aevM ul days, has b««en
tha recipient of hearty congratulation^. In
companv with Maj.-Oes. Hchoftald Oao.
Miles called on Haoreuwy Proetot and
OuMskad bin for his promotiow.
1 A Rival sf Ita »UUMtoea M,
OWWTRWI, Wyo., Ajwii 7
Tbe Standard (H1 company has a rival
ia the parohase of Wyoming oil taa«le by
an Eiu/lish svndicste. which is offering
options and purchasing outright large
I blocks of oil land* tu the Shoshone hasiu
I An agent of tba company state* tbat the
syndicate he represents has enough motif y
t* igbt the Btsudard if neoeesaiy.
C«sM«rsl« !)»-«rsll«» Qs|-
MifW Owi.r an-s, AjmtH 7
Confederate leeoration day attracted
thousand# of visitors to the oemetertes. At
the Army of Northern Virginia ton^h,
where the bodv of Jefferson tavt« is in
terred, th« tMmfederati veterans placed
a magniflcant presidanttn) ebair of
yellow imowMrteliea, inscribed. "To Oat
OMef. •""t*)!
flair Throe MtMHii
»*. Fawu, Afsril
Uermaxi Btockenatrom, asHtstant seere
ta«y of irfata and eosumissianer of siatts
muoottociiiy th«« he had fallen b«ot
»*MUSM! mU suit
1 of them original,
being thf largest number ever I mi one
Moatb By tbe peaaion bura«l.
rrapfcat fMrtatki Wba Oaata
Rockftorrt sad PsneuNKM Rsfsrtrrt,
•aC'KrttHh. Ill April 7
Georgv Hchweinfurtb preached a renuuril*
able sermon to bis people last night. Ha
maintained that Rock ford was doomed be
cause cf the wn-ksdoesM and bacaaac ita
people reviled aed persecuted him, that
likatbe fatad city of old, there would soma
day come a aaddan retribution and the
whole city would smffwr from a great
calamity He denounced tewt»paper
reporter* aa tiw damnable black
gaud* of ball*" aed said thai tbay
ware constantly T\1ng aboat him I" Beloel,"
mid Hch wein u rth, "the j*-r*ec«
tion which we suffer in this world will b«t
£U to th« glory of oar inheritance in tbe
life eternal. We are reviled and wolfed at
by the ungodly who even by their presence
doflle the sanctuary of tbe Ixrd. Among
tha viirst of thaee are tha raworters, who,
not ex pact any |n ti,»» of humility, intrude fitetr da
taaiabb- presence Iteyond the |ortals of tbe
choeen uixdc of tbe anointed. Tha hoar
of th«ir retribution is at lisnd. At a mo
ment when they wot sot the month of an
everlaatiug perdition will opan. in the
yawning abyss of which tbay will be
plunged to gnash their te*tb and send up
to tbe naheediug ears of an oat
raged Lord their wails af anguish
throughout ail eternity. Eiftirr there »r*
qaite a numiiar o! them talagmphiug their
unholy lies abroatl «boiit the church tri-
UBiphaiit. or there is some one a moat
prolih liar who aaetna to ba making a
buMiness of tradaoing amt maligning tba
Lord and tLe people. 1 here prophesy the
spaady and total daatrnetion of that wicked
littIf city, Hockford. The wrath of tnc
Ixml ia great, and he has aaid that u one
stone shall be left aiwive another of tfee
doomed city. It will ba wiped from the
faae of the earth and its people destroyed.
Ita late will be tbat of tfoloin and Uawoi
rab. 80 aaith the lord."
______ i
Waters Rush Through Nevf
Crevasses and Inundate
New Southern Cities.
Th& Crevasse in the Levas at CatHi
Point 1800 Feet Wide and
Still Widening^'
t^lopl# Drowned
ing From the Fbod—Steamers
$«ni to the R*m%-
fttfes April
The crevasae in the levee which br»»ke at*
('atAab point is now fro» 1,7(W to l.HOflf
fcrt wile and increasing Tbe water
rcacbe«l tlreenville Mutimlay morning and
at night rose one foot in the strerts and 1*
stilt rising rapidly. Washingt on avenue,
the main business street, i« now one sheet
of water from the corner of Poplar straet
to tbe race track and the water is making
it# way over the sidewalk* into tbe »toros.
A great many people had to vanate their
residence* to aeek higher qmtaif on ac
iHunt of tbe sudden rise,
Parties who arriretl from Greenwood, tha
greater patter part of the joaroey being
malc i nkiff. described tbe situation ia
the Snnllower lowlands an terrible. It is
astonishing how tha water is spreading
over that vast tract of improved and culti
vated lands aod forests. In tbe neighbor
hood of skipwith tent* are Iwdly needed
by the colorwi jwople. At every step the
colored lalMtr^Jiis familv and his all ars
found dMtitnte. arraved in gaiiucnts that
have Men their bott days and aflarl them
but little M»B»fort and protection. If no
•«alstanc« corner to these |«Kple many will
dhe from exposure. Food will soon f»e
•e«iled and if not provided great sufferiag
Will ensae. Oovernmeoi officii shave done
a great deal of goad ia that section, bat
other localities mre BOW lowing signs of
approaching distress.
1» the vicinity of Wintervilia a great
aiahv cattle are dying from a dissaae called
hollow born.
At Mound Landtag, seven mites below
('elfish point, tbe river fall two feet Saiar
day, no doubt owing to tbe large break.
The outlook is oof hopeful for the plant
ing of the overflowed region i»eforr May.
Jnst Aa soon the watar aabsides suffi
ciently it is supposed tbe break will t»
temporarily closed, so that tbe crop may
be protected against any farther rises this
Much lMstee** Atrnmm t*o Xosla Majrwa
Vicasaiao. Miss.. Aprti 7.
Nineteen negi'0*'*, nur» 'v or* of a large
party of refugee* which attempted to es
cape from the overflow down Bayou Falaya
on a raft, have arrived at Vioksbam on a
steamer. They rt-port that twelvn women
and children war# drowned. Th« situa
tion is growing daily mote serious iu tba
Steel# bayou country. Earl Sillier, a
prominent phiM i. arrived from there by
tbe steamer Evergreon with his family and
siock. The Millar plauLillou, though
very high, has gone nntler, Tbe Ever
^aen ruported that the water sloag
the bayotu is rising. Cattle
and bog* are offered for sale by the |*oplt
for a song. Much more Mock must yet It®
broaght out or flowed to drown. The
steamer tVeola, from tbe l«ud, reports
that the overflow is teginning to empty
into the Mississippi through Eagle lake,
an«l predicts a gr»-u! tuoreas«) of pressure
all along the Louisiana front from tbat
point southward, for the next two weeks.
There t* most unmistakable distress along
Htaale bayou aad it would ba cruelty to
deny it. Three steamers leave hers to
morrow. and will eu4«avor fo hiiag oat all
tba people in danger.
Trinity Mivri* Svsriswls|.
OAI I-AS, Ts* Aprti 7
Trittity river, like all others, is overflow.
ing its hoiloms and moch damage is re
sulting therefrom by the drowning of
stock. Tbe dam bfoke at the unfinished
city water works »IMV# tbe city and now
tbe $30
,i*W pumping engine is HW feet
atuler water. Tha ontintsbml reservoir will
sustain damages of manv thousand tlollars.
("ulorwi W«uMn lirssrsiil,
itMlKH vtt.i f. Mi*#
While a oolomi man with three
in a akin was tieeiug from tbt» flood in the
Bogae ooantry, his skiff commenced leak
ing and before aratstanca conld le reedered
tbf whole party went down. The man bad
a narrow »*».*a|Wu but the women were
Ass**'***. CITV, Ar4„ April 7.
As soon as the news of tha btaak at Cat
flah Point reached hare tha government
steamers Speed aod (Imhani took several
barges to thai point and took away about
1I0 people and their effects, also li\ »lock,
etc. Capt. Tellioger, of. the govenmeul
serv ice, is on the grout.d doing e'.ervthing
t»«aa la sav« life and property.
(#aa. lv»ok'« HwwuMlws.
April 7.
Awatu th-ss statea^at ia bumto on tke an*
thority of a member of the staff of Oao.
Crook that tba Salter's body will be re
otored from tba cematary at Oaklaad, Md.,
shortly, and placed in tba soldiers' burying
ground at Arlington, and Will replaced i«
eldc the reniaiu* of his i«iivel «*bi©f,
Sbaridan. Mrs. Crook, it is stated, woula
at first have preferre«l that tbe body should
remain at Oakland, but she has yielded to
the urgent w*sh(»« of tbe general'* former
staff ani many of his former couirsdes
It i« added that Mr*. Crook wiij remove to
Washington, hot it is believed that she will
prel«i iu remain at her old horns Oak
land. Bills granting bar a pension of
a year h«ve been introduced in
both boaaam ibil will probably |MM»
promptly v
PaWMBKIVtWM, N. •.. AtHll 7
fbare ia a movement on foot to ftaaloa
to soma kind of sultstasiUal assist
to Ml*. iJhdsa Psroeb, of Bordea
'Old Irotwidaa." tbe bo«* of
|a baav^y anc«a*ber«4,
:L. Vl.1
ftw ttee Hsrthawi th* utwisil I*
Isst I'ssSHIon for Nsalini.
WAsrrmorow, Airi(
The wt-ather crop
baUetla far tbe weak
aading Saturday s»y«:
R*«ce,.t rains have placed tbe gTOUnd to
excellent cundition for se« ling au.l farm
work over the «reals: poition of Iow.i, Ne
braaki*. \liuucHota, Mu* m«u and liakota.
although in tin- cnr'iiic iioitb dn ni-aitiar
Throu«hont tlaa winter wheat ltelt from
Ohio to Kaasas nnd south wart) to Tennes
see and Arkausas, farm aork is greatly re*
tarda*! oatng to exo'ssive mii.H. the h»»«mi
(•eing from two to three weeks late, aL
tl:oui!i wheat is reported as having iMN
proved, aud oatsaud grass look letter.
Tbe weather daring the week affected
crops favorably ia Loni«iaua and Texas
where plautiog is proKre*mi.^' rApidty. Iu
the east Kulf stale*, while the w«,ith wa»
geoerslly f»vorabi« sad much progress was
made in planting cotton and corn, work
was greatly delayed in northern and central
klissiitsippi. owing to scas»ive ruiits aud
floods. M|« aie mucn it»prov«Hl JU the
south Atlantic states, wh* r« g«ol growing
w»«athar invvaifed, hot early erops
n«N*it rain. Tbe waatber during
the week was generally injurtow
to crope la New Jer-ey and N«w
Vorl. ta the forwer atate fruit aud vegc
tsbles wt-re injured and little proxies* was
male ut farm aork. The prospect* for the
fruit crop iu New York is g**u rally good,
but peaches have been injnred. Frost i«
uot yet oat of thd groand in noctbern New
ogUnd In tha southern sections of thii
resiou grass and rye were inproved by good
growing weather.
Reportfioin (irSftCrfi1 indicate a late
spring, but seeding is la progress in tbe
uplands, tbe lowlands being yet too wet
for farm work. Winter wheat is progress
lu£?finely, bat more Monsbiio- is nccils.1
flf 90V
jliwlitesa ta Iks Trial of
.lltvmptwl afwrvlar.
iv Ynwr. lprll 7.
A romiwrs of Italian love aod bate, a
faithless wife, a revengeful hnsband aod a
fityhtylocky lover was tolij iu the general
sessions, New York, before Recorded
bmith. The husband made the wife flr«»
at her lover witb bullets stea^»ed ut garlic,
according to a superstition among tbo
It dian oeasaatry that to steep a ballet in
garlic pats its effectiveness beyond all
d-»uU. Tbe tab* mm told in tbe
trial of Coneetts Hosita, a rosy cheeked,
plump yoang Italian wotnan, with a string
f? variegate^ beadn around hei rouudei',
tawny throat and every color of the rain
how her attire. Her shining, ebon-black
hair was confined in a knot u Mn tbe back
»f her beail, aud a gohiea dagger pierced
Jfea k«ot. She was tntkl upon an indict
meat charging h»-r witb assault in (he first
ileirree. in firing a loaded j.istot taicc .it
the head of iutieppe Alianello, a trim
}Oung Italian with the curling hair and
tiin'ntache of an operatic tenor. The de
fondant testified in ber own beValf tbroiiKh
ib« offioial interpretar. "I knew Alianello
111 Italy, she said, "when we were very
young. We grew up, audI loved hiru. and
be U\sd me. But I married IVpMo Hos
ita. Aliaiiello came to live ut our hoiue
when he came from1 Italy three Months
ago My love far him cam* to life agHiu.
My bunban I came home one evening and
fount! us together. He told Alisnello
that be woald kill him. He
went with ma to a shop in the Bowery and
Isxtgbt a piatol. He took out the cart
ndge« aod made me practice in aiming au«l
polling tbe trigger. Then he loaded it,
first rubbing tbe cartridge* with garlic,
after the fashion of our country when we
mean bullet for oar eueaiy'* heart. Tloan
be said: "Yon must go and kill Aliaiaello.
If yoa daa't kill him 1 will kill you. If
you don't kill him by to morrow Morning
jou can count yourself as dead
Tbe woman then told how she bad
tricked bet husband by pretendiaf she
coaid never find Aliomelio. At last
the husband arranged a meet
ing. I want to A'tsinello. and when he
bant down to talk to ut# I put the piatol
sear bis ear and tired. did not aim at
biw. 1 fired again In the air. I did not
wish to kill mm, ueosnse 1 love him vary
Bincb. Then tbe wamau broke down and
Bobbed aad wept. Ilecoidsr Hmyth said it
Was the moat extraordinary case that hal
ooiue htsfore itiia The jury convicted
Concetta of assault it* n»" 'Hgri"*,
Becordar Hmytb sentenced b»r to tbe pan
itentiary for three yaars.
B«wtts| G^rttta UNsebiat ibwpa.
|l«tOAfl Vprtl 7.
Ti lias l*ec» the ustom of large dca'ers
to post the fluctuations of grain and*pro
line* in their office* for the conveui»uc« of
eustomers.' It was snspacteil that these
postings ware boiug takea advantage of by
the bucket Hlwtpa, ami consequently the
board of trade cat their source of possible
quotations off to-day. As a consequence
MM backet sbo}s are getting quotations
iiss frequently and loss promptly I ban they
IbH*dot*** heretofore.
Mr*, rarweti
fhtc hotnr* committee oa penaitms to
day ordered a fsvetfaUie report on tba
Br«akhtre bill granting-a pension to Mrs.
Ieli« T. H. Parnell, daughter ot tbe late.
Admuai harlee Btewart and mother of
Charles Htewart Varnell. Tbe original
bill, which p-ortded for a pension of #10t»
per month, was amended «a aeto fedaee
the pension to §50.
WUcoti Hfut mmm C»tsn.
DKwvma, April ?,
Vmrioas deteotive arene4es her# fun Arm
tbe report that HUoott has been captured in
Portland, tire. It re|»ort«d, »«ver,
tb«t the womao whose name has been
Mtxet np.with Hiloott# pass*d thnrngh
Dfio'f on her way w#«t about aiipintha^tOr
The prastdent baa approved the act to
aaabla lb# oeefetary of tike t*aaaary,to
father fnli and aatbaniic infotgiallaH iu
Mgard to tba Alaeks sesl fisheries*
Sioux Tribes for Their
Final Blowout, on the
Old Reservation.
Wealthy Englewood Real Estate
Mail and Family Poisoned fey
a Servant Girl.
Suicide of Oneof Chicago! Wealthiest
Residents—News of a day
Awn All Quarter*.
riraaiv ». !., April 7.
Tbe great and final piHr-vo« aad daaee
of the Rionv was held Hmnr»lay night
slxiut five miles from Pterr« over ou the
reniMvatiou. The Kioiu have lieen gather
ing for several days and have been having
a Mg meeting, which was changel to a
great dain^e. Thesn daiicns hsve been held
at regular intervals, but this Is to be the
last one held on the i*s-ivatiou before the
tnUs leave for their new quart era. 1 he
assembly was a maaster one and hi aaid
to have been the largest gathering of tbe
Hiopx that has leen held for many yaars.
All the noted chief* were (here.
A big IKCus«ioii wart held as to whether
tbe Indians had liHter take ap lands in
severalty or all go back to tha laads which
am left tbem. John (irass, tbe noted
Hioat orator, made an earnest aud touch
ing h|m'0 h, in which he argeu tbe Hioax to
le meji and not sqiisws, to take tbe lacd
and make t!.eir living.
Hitting Ball aud the rest of t^e chiefs
took the op|Hsita side of the question
Kitting Bull expressed his hatred of tbe
governmeut sut the whites snd said only
squaw*, should work and he nud his email
band would still take their proviatoas fw«
the governnnut.
The result of tbe meeting was a decision
oot to take np lands, but to go back on the
new reservation and let the government
continne tasning rations. Oaly 'a few
sqnaw men and half breeds will goto farm
Poiaonla hjr ta*
Kattre Kaasily
Karrant tilii
Caioaoo, April 7
Kuglewooil is excited over a potaoning
myatarv which promises to develoft into a
pcr|lexiug s nsatioit. The present iudica
tion« are thut the case is one of murder,
(leorgc P, Noouau, wealthy retired real
estate man, and family consisting of wife,
sou and daughter, residing at Wabash
a wen ne. was taken violently ill shortly
after supper Saturday night. with ali tha
symptoms of arsenical potaooiug. Mr.
Moonan died MatordaT morniu in ttpite of
the b«*st medical assistance, and it Ut
thought \I 1-. Nvjuii.si! wilil die. There
hope expressed that the son aud daughter
will recover. It waa at first thought that the
poison had l»eu pat iu some canned corn
t-hat the fttimly ate freely of, but as yet
there is no proof of it. A seryant girl em
ployed by the fatuity, who ia aaid to have
bought some Hough on lLtls," is missing
and naturally regarded witb suspicion,
thoitgh there in tcaaou known for tba
Mi lielle Noouau also ilixl at 11 o'clock
Saturday morning. The police have as
certained thai tbu suspected servant girl,
Kmras1 Htark, bought a ticket at tirand
Croasing for Lttpurtc, Ind and took the
train for that point. Tbe marshal at Ia
porte his lieeu notified t« arrest uer.
Saturday evt-nut^ a wotuau snswsring
the suspected ««rrant a description was ar
rested at the Park theater. Hhe denied all
knowledge of the poisoning or of the Noo
uau family, though positively identified by
a naniber of persons b« Umg tbe suH|»ecfed
girl. The prisoner said she waa a variety
actreas under the alias of Delia Foster aud
thst her real name is Mrs. Star William
Ray, ber hasband, from whom she wan
living apart, being a billposter at
Fort Wayne, Intl. She tells a rambling
story of having a sister who is an etact
picture of her, both in appearance,
and dress, and who in tha wife of a railroad
man named Ed. Favorite, el Peoria. Tbe
police took litt't sttx'k in the sister tlory.
but* promptly placed the supposed prisoner
Itehtnd the bars, A sad feature of the cats
ia the fact the Noouau family in taking the
servant were doing an act of charity.
The Anchorage Mission, from which they
obtained the servant, has been constantlf
helped by the Noouans financially aul
otherwise. It is a refnge for woaeea te the
disreputable quarter of the ctty.
WsalUir CkKsfMB.
Cwiraoo. A art! 7
Mar.'Uh C. Stearin, oat of Chleage's
residence Saturday He fired foar-ballets
into his head, producing wounds frt»n»
which recovery is impossible, tn« shot
fired iuto tbe mouth si most split tbe
tongue in two. The members of the fam
ily profess absolute ignorance beyond the
fact that for some time Uf. Stearns baa
been iu depressed spirits. The foar shots
were beard in rapid succession, and a mo
went later Mr. Stearns was found stretched
tut his back on the floor in his room, his
head in n pool of blood. It ia aanuiaed
that bis depression was doe to tbe iscent
death of his favorite daughter, the wife of
ex--'Mayor Carter ilariisou. Mr. Stoata*
was one of the leading UKJII of the board of
trade aod has aa- aetata vaftti potfcapa
Kvtcttow* In 1'eiatf jrlvaiQi
WnJt*-««ABaK. Fenn.. April 7.
Tb« Ciiton Improve went co»pa«y
H»aurday iaaaetl nine writs of ejectment
against tenants occupying their prop*»rty at
Ebervale. The writs are based UJKU a caat
lroti iesMc lit which the teiiants xn each esse
agrte to quit tbe premises whenever re
quested to do so by theeompany and
-without farther but ice. Tbis astioa ia
similar to that taken by Went« »t (M., ami
operators, two ye*r« ago, wbi*% action
Ciun-el sweb Mroug iniiij^iatioii thai
.comply was
ut ejectment.
oldest and wealthiest residents, attempted tetters''steers, j-maa.
v I S 3 7 4 i n e i u n o e e e s
suicide at bis handsome Michigan avenue choice mu%uijw P»IIBIS. SFT. luedtaM
to gm'xi, *%i 'i.'*). stockers. clioiev W,7l»
3M Uteilmni W- food, mt ~.u, intertOr,
estJs««a-*5 cows, eatra eitotee. ei.7»-taSlt
uMxliuui to g&ikt i SO •»Tu rotuuioii 1.• lot
lor. el.W eapws. 7Se #l.t,'» vewi
fboie« tH'UJinua
ebotc*. commMi. •I.eftev.-
THF KIOt*K Ot'Tl'l T.
the CsaitltWs l«Hpewva«i Hresr i.ast Waak
€'Nsa»er Kates ta* UM Haeheawl.
II(Nnr.aeot.is AP"1 7-
Tbe floor output, aaye UM JVorfAwwetsm
\fiNrr, «as f!i»/btu iuiproted on m-ti w«Hk.
the average d»)h inwnafactnre teiu« 2-/
c^oo, Ayni 7
a«t —Ifen
f'ifm ewi
irthi, ms
lo Meall the write
i-*rrel«. Th- -iggregitie pro(ucttuii was
i:7,15P barrels, against 1^1,7'io barrels the:
week before, and HO.HTtt barrels for the cor
-,res|toudiug tune iu IHNJ Owiuk (-artlv to
It he improvements tu the watar pow«r anil
^pertly to a shortage of l»arrels. there X«
otiMiderable lees capacity in operation this
week, aud it will probably continue through
peit week, there were eleven unll* In op
eration to-day April 2j, producing at the
fale of |H,fi(Ni barrels per twenty-fonr
hours. Fifteen hundred harrwls of this will
l»e cut off to night ly mill of that capacit)
stopping front a Isck of oiders. The mills
have so far not suffered any speeial laaon
venlence from the coo|«ers' strike, but one
or two were shut down out of apprehension
Of running out of barrels. Most of the
firms bsve conceded the demands uf the
men, and for a while at least will pay J6
cents for barrels, instead of 32 aod 38
cents, aa for soMa tins past. The iaac
tivity of tbe floor market was as pro
nottuoed as ever. There is very tlttls da-
Xuand. etcept for »iu«l! bds for prompt
shipment, and the current oatput. reduced
a-- it is, ext ends carreul sales. Prices ace
rather easier, aitl have a «lowB«ard tea
deucy. Tba opening of navigation via
Chicago makes th« freight rate ceals
per barrel eheajter by lake and rail to
the eahoar!. 1 cean rates are also on
the decline and 11m prices obtaiued for
bakers from abroatl net tba miller more
money than formerly. On this account of
fers for takers' have been accepted rather
more freely, and the majority of mills have
considerable orders ahead. The compara
tively high prices obtaiued for offal also
help* the miller. Home mills have changed
their mode of handling low grades, for
which there is little call, and are running a
larger proportion of them luto shorts on
account of tbe high price prevailing for the
latter. Tticre in scarcely anything doing
in patent* fur foreign shipment. Tba di
reel export shipments for tbe week were
41,Wo barrels, against 3t,67* bwreta Oa
prseeAiug weok-
Bti^iAaiA baa yielded oompiatel yto MM
demands of Hewia, aad apfiointed a new
ageut at Belgrade.
WIN I»HTOKWH tlamagej a number ef
buildings at (Catena, Monmouth and Vr
Imhih, 111., but no one wus injare«l.
IT IS rumored that tbe O'Bhea divorce
caaa, la which Mr. Parnsll is co- respoo
dent, has been finally settled.
Tut ial«ir movement ia esteadiag la
Austria tlaily. and fresh strikes are igMl
aeet bt Vtenn* aad t^e provioeaak«»
THE decree o|eniiiK hum- Ki ig has
l»een signed at Pekio»by tbe Britiah muits
•-isr. The :peuiug will large)v devela
British trade.
Trie annas I meet tog of tbe AmerifM
Mociety of Microecopists, 10 be held te.
Aagu^t, will take place la Buffalo la stead
of Louisville.
A At wood, Kan., Oracean t^blsbarad,
who has been on trial charged with pots
ouing his brother, has Issu sentenced 10
fiftv years in the |ieniteutiary.
AT Kingmwn, Kas., aevaral wowaa aft*
tare.I three places where it was snppoeed
latoxicante were being sold, and aij liquids
of sus|icions flavor were dampe«i iuto the
'I HI fifth snnaal bhainees Maatiagof the
Aaiertcan Asaociation for tbe Advance
of Physical Education was held at CaM
baidge, Maaa., l»r. D. A. Hargent, of am*
bridge, ele- ted president.
Titf" Cfiuteron mine, at HhamoltiB, Pai.,
witb itH twenty-five miles of galleries, will
l»/ floodad, the firs having got beyond con
trol. Damage to tbe extent of SMHi.Owe
and tha loss of a year's time is the resale.
IT is reported that the French go tern
asent has ordared thst a censu* lis tak,-i4 of
tbe Oerman resnient- in tae suburb* of
Paris, so that tieriuao resident*, withoat
meant of subsistence May be aant to
JiiMtMKNT hs^*1»een entered In
for #•,**» iu favor of Mrs. Mary F. Will
taMs against her husband, Aaron H. Will
iams, in ber salt for f20,1*10 for alaadev.
The action ts the first of tha kiad in Cook
aoi i Cm Aprd 7.
.Mpas—estimated iwealpts
MSMmtay. 1 i*» Msjrknr opened a *t»ai •bigbaa,
•ellitut fruit) a*.VJ v 4 i.i
Cattle Kutl'tiatetl receipts, AM, ofltoial hiit
u a y s s a a a a k e s e a U w a
1 p. n
EAA%, SB. Wa-tr, aas«'.
Oat* i
Rye V
May. ns
Pti«»e I'ltuul hs auady Sl.«»t.^
W- M*t rirnl ti.ttV*
l*T.v i«
fn.iiv»*»i 1
t^icagw Uwa itetk.
COK aoo, k prtl
mmmmmw HWfe, §IU,St||'}
Lata, taftet eaaaTe».P..
Sega —Ikwstptx 1S.0UB. Macbel
firm, eany i»t«r ril»i I.n
0i,m heavy paeitlaipUMl shipplax.
(^tUe fte^ptut li.oov Marliin ltaa. h^vsa.
S4V»-.- .-a «tHIters sal t»»isee. Si.aQ04.da
jurnie.1 ielAli-. jti.n., t'*j
NM| -.(»*» Msrket in to ifis
liiaJiiM. Mu: u ua. ut
I feJTfA S .V-t.. Texaa*. *5w«4.4ft.
Kewr Vera Pe«wtuatf
I Naw Yoaa, April 1
Wbea* Murk** aetlveoa leasnstl aois dai^»
ladiwea mmm *t aavaacOt
a#lt in IUIiu si.d
Stay. W 1
Oearti M«Jrh«t •riirv.ftnn *»l tilgner *#utM
t»iae»i '-ft
««am tit i.tgfcer, wewhmi. )ff*4«ra.e
vi»ti«ii« Furl flnb, «e» #11 *!iai«t.'i
Muiet ia^ at *a.«7 Ma
westera. »He R|
era. 1 ''a
figi, weak.

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