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I^ftl Tl«e T»lle,
tUui«, MUwoalw* »nl 81. PmI JUl!f©»d,
i£k?tt*ct u* t. im
Trnmntr- u*ic guimg «a*t *£^5,''
ftWW»t«r ml* w«t
Way fwifw goiat ssst 15kX£"....
*«T freight «ol»tw«t ^*r»
P*Mona«r twin srrttieM«t
«s4at WS'I
Pe®M«irar sS«ae»tS
IS** A.
1 IP I"
r. v
6 a
al for »il poiui« •~ulb. And train
tt Woootocket for *11 polltl north.
NAlll»-* utll,
Beadle ret u rood to-day-
-^hto'i David went to Slow* FA.
g. Baldwin of Huron is in the city
John Fleming waa in the city today
B. Mr Martin, Esq., of 8km* Falls
arrived to-day.
Mr. and Mr* E. P. Hanm woet to
Lake Preston.
Mr and Mrs W. H. DMptor lefcun
ad from Huron to day.
Mrs Morbeck departed tor St.
UhAay to remain permanently.
S, Kumpf, father of the Kumpf
Asparted today for Kansas City
James Malonsy of Orland township re
turned to-day froan Oiappewa Polls,
Wtn MeOrath departed to-day *w
Steux Falls and Canton on bfil baai
Bishop Hare and Rrr. Mc Bride and
wife posoed through the oily today, an
nato to Kioux Falla
State Treasurer W. W, BiHMi "returned
home Saturday evening, and will reosnin
in the city a jortion of this weak
liisa Collier of Weasmgton Springs
arrived to-day. and will visit with bar
CHna Collier, near Badna.
B. Braead departed by l»4«jr'i
bound train, having been the Sun
day gneat of hia water, Mrs. J. Stahi
I* Kan of Yankton, ia in the city for
tfc+jMirpoae of closing the contract to
•Infc Madison's prospective arteaian well.
Ohaa. B. Kennedy arrived to-day from
a hestness viait in the Black Hills coun
try. Du ring hia absence he waa placed
in aominateoa for the yoati*m of ateyw
Of Matisnon.
Mrs. A W Hnrtr ant! Mlso Antrie
Dertson departed to day for Brookings
to attend the Presbytery to be held in
that city. Mra. Clark goea aa a dele
gate from the Busy Bee society ami
Mlaa Daviooa wUl represent tho Miosto*
ary aooiety.
*f *. K«M»an« atoMiB.
IMealy furnished for family purpose*.
owrSmitfe A QodJk's drug store. Apply
to J. B. Krhier.
U. A. WL
*1" iUXlsr meeting of !•«*. Shields
I^Jat, O. A. It, oecura an aw«t Monday
evening. Qomrad«s are aarneaiiy re
queated to be on duU
W. V. NBL«o«,
A. W Bo^mom Com.
Moraeback riding is popular wiMl Hie
youtg foika of the city.
Bjpecia! meeting of Iba Baal era Star
at Maaooio hall this erenhtg,
Dr N. Palmer received a MV mt
riaga Saturday for family uae.
Bee change in Clark 4 McKin&oa'a Ntd
Itn Laanon,« odvertieemeota.
Win. N. Koohe turna out wttli a aobkqr,
mmiy painted delivery wagon.
Ohaa. Davol haa accepted Umi poaMio»i
of eierk at the Madoiou houaa.
A aocial dancing partv waa givm at
tho Madtaon uae Saturday avantfly.
ladtaa of the M. BL church are
perfecting ptena tor Um merchant*'
The yon«ff gPHtlewan of tin oitjr «ae
diaouming th^ ndviaab^ily of oqpnUrimg
a oavalry brigade.
The Buay Bee aociety of the Praaby
tenon church ia preparing to gire a ao
oial at an eariy date.
The regular monthly BMOtiag of Bf»r
green lodge, A. F. and A. will be
held Wednoaday evening thia week.
Work In the first degrao,
A. W. Eoidridge reporto a Mr MPtt
ment in real eatate with flattering proa
pacta ef a boom in that line of buaineaa
oath* •eaaon progreeaaa.
EL Hhendan ia (xmftoad to yoboaMbr
Illneaa, aonwthing akin to the grip. Laot
week hia buainew partner, D. Scott,
araatled wtlh Uit« «aui« diaeaae.
X* T. Crow hoH le^aed hta tarn «od
wBl beootne a reaident of MadiaoB. Bo
will oecnpy the MoOeady reaidonoa
near the public school building.
John DriaeoTl to day received a letter
fa, i P. Bartb Mr Harth is *M«b
liahad in the clothing buaineaa, and
write* that he ia meeting with excellent
ehiidrane' eervtae at the Baptiat church
t!.« flrat Sunday evening in May, to be
participated in 1^ the oiiihliaai at 4km
Baptiat Sunday school
ThLr.vdku Is
p?o»e(! to iram-
bar among t« awbauriljem quite a num
ber of the young men of the oily. They
iitelttde eekwwttan, bank clerk *, telegraph
ojwratorM. N rm ti ech*»l aiudenta. eto.
& li oaofcl wying that
tution ia fairly anchored when it oom
mantis the attention and reaped* of the
|Wung people, of the community.
Bmith & Cook will during the preeent
week HX*npy their own attm building,
now occupied by F. R. VanSlyke & Co.
Messrs Van Hlvke k (kf. wil! x!cupy the
ato» roomtoto •ooatad gknith A
A jewelry store w«a robbed at Gwrth
age laat Thursday avr Ing, and from a
deaoription of the robber, received Satur
day, Deputy Sheriff Preaton ia of the
opinion that he ppaaed through
Friday by the eaatbound train.
Guy Wilaon made a dandy catch cm
the grain market grounds to day. On
the arrival of the train from the Mat, hia
team started to run away, Guy being in
Billy Blake's elevator at the time. Ony
did not atop to Bay good-bye, but made a
daah after the team, and jumping into
the wagon, caught the' reina and auc
ceeded in atopping the horaee before
they reached the find quarter poet.
A traveling man remarked to the re
porter ywterday that he always felt sure
of getting good meate at the hotels when
he viaited Madiaon. He aaul, "1 always
inapect the meat niarketa of a town
when 1 first riait it, becauoe I live by
eating, and I like good tneate. You
have three of the neateat-looking mar
keta on the road, ami 1 always got flrat
elaaa meat* at the Madiaon hotel!.1"
A. H. Palmer, manager of the atate
bindery at Pierre, arrived in tho city
Saturday evening, and ia today engaged
packing hia furniture for removal to
Pierre. Mr Palmer ia meeting with ex
oellent auoe««, the tvmpany now em
ploying eighteen men. Wrn. B. Cam
eron, formerly a reaident erf thia city,
haa diapoeed of hia stot^k in tha bindery
and ia now giving hie entire attention to
real eatate, and ia building up a lucra
tive buaineaa.
The annual oaoriflB flt Ute Gwnd
Chapter, A. M., will be held in Mad
iaon, beginning Monday, June 9. The
Grand Ixlge. A. F. and A. M., will also
be held in Madiaon, beginning Tueeday,
June 10. They will be the flrat Maaonic
(Jrand Lodges held in the state of South
Dakota, which will be something credit
abjpr to our city, to be recorded in the
Masonic history of the state. R. C. Mc
Calliater, delegate to last year's Grand
Lodge, turned the trick by which the
session was secured to Madiaon.
The Daily Lkadkr will bo kmaed
every evening promptly at o'clock,
making it a particularly valuable med
ium in which to make evening announce
ments aitooae church socials, church
society meetings, civic society meetings,
and in fact meeting* of ail kinda. We
will be pleased to make announcement*
of tRte kind free of ooot if the infor
mation ia furnished us. It ia our deeire
to thoroughly oovei the local nowa field
in Madiaon, and we earnestly request
our eitiwmH to assist us in the way of
furnishing the reporter whatever items
of information they may poeeees.
The horse stolen from T. L. Byrnes of
Wentworth laat Monday night haa been
eoptured and restored. The thief pro
ooeded in a northwesterly direction, and
the first day out camped in the viomity
erf Peter Hardy's farm in Kingsbury
county, wnoealing tho horse in a tim
ber claim grove. During the day Mr.
Byrnee* horae eeca|el and teing uaable
to retmpture bar, she waa abandoned by
the thief and in the evening one of Mr.
Hardy's horaee waa eubetituted. Sheriff
Lee was scouring that section, and piok*
up Mr. Byrn^' horse and brought her
home. Yesterday he located hia man at
Alexandria and went there to arrest
htm. It ia understood that the man is
under bond# in Davieon county for
home stealing, and Sheriff Lee may not
be able to get him. If he Ruoeoada he
will return thia evening.
A meeting ia in progress at W. Y. Mel
»oa crffioe tbi«4 afternoro for the pur
pooe of deaignattog the tim* and place
for holding the annual encampment of
the Lake Madiaon Veterans' association.
Delegates we present aa follows: £. T.
Cook and J. A. Page of Dahlgreo Post,
No. y, of Dell Rapid* A. Arnold, Sed
wick Post, No. 'Ml Kalem Chaa Packard
and Jacob Eenner, Kelogg Post, No. li)7,
Wentworth G. W. Bickford, Astral
Poet No. 75. Arteaian A W. Holdridge,
Gen." Shields Poat No. tU, Madison,
There ia an excellent prospect tor Madi
son securing the locatkm of the encamp
ment if oar citiaeoa take bold of the
matter It will be necessary to furnish
grounds and the use of twnta, anil supply
water. Madiaon ought to secure the an.
campment There will be a Post meet
ing and camp fire at the court house
this evening. ______
Lawn Grass -Book Store,
M.S. *Ca.
will foosive an invoice of late stylo esr-
wmw «eefc.
Volga Tribune 11: South Dakota
oooo more pays oooh on all registered
warrants and will have money left for
the payment of current exjMtssa. Tho
Mile of §100,(XW worth of bonds with ov%r
#*,**i premium and the nuaiev received
from the counties pnte thestat« upon a
good sound fouadation again. Who on
come out and say that eastern capital*
iste ha*o luat all fauth in 4kuth Dakota
When such faeii stare tbein in the face
TtM* P'iai^Mt Meate
1a tim oily oan be purchaaod 4 'It B.
K vhler's market
jNmr tiffin and
oigwtsof Id Biao.
VUHCImf, |sr kiwao—Book
Of lr. LnKO W
NIm Ha leilaa
»l MWI
WtSKKI. MstrJp.i, 1a Madtaoa,
L«k«couuty, South l.tafcoi*. Mo&dlf, JtOtil 14,
lf«0, Mr Lnk« Wp»«»i mnd Mim IdA Mclloa, In.
Ci«*«l®iid ottciatiBg.
I1u ctrenn»ny wax performed at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mra. B. Mellon, the beautiful morriage
ceremony of the Episcopal church being
used to tie the silken cord. The bride*
appeared delightfully handsome
teWwifM «f ItfBW fsnrrisilag
Madiaon Pf»p|« W ht Travel Abraal
•atf People Wk* Vlult HMlMa
Lake Preston Times, 11 Alton Bart
lett went to Watertown to on joy Han
day amid pleasures, sot., you know the
rest, returning in a very happy frame of
mmd on Monday,
Erwin Vidette, Id: W. K. St. Hehsn,
of Bradley, passed thioogh Erwin yes
terday morning en route for Madiaon, to
attend the State Normal school at that
place W m. Lee, sheriff of Lake
oounty, passed through Erwin last eve
ning. He is looking after a hono thot
was stolen from Wentworth, 8. D.
Volga Tribune, XI: Emit Drummey,
who for the post throe years haa been
living with his grandfather at Munroe,
Wis., »h now visiting his mother, Mrs. H.
C. Loom is .. .Why does not Brookings
county follow the example of Lake
oounty and put in two or three good
cells in the basement of the court house.
That would put a stop to the howl for a
oounty jnil
ond ho
Hsnaal Metoak
The following young ladles, from ttle
Norma! will tak« jwirt in the merchants'
carnival, to be held in this city shortly:
Misses Watterman, Bush, Johnston, Aer
stad, Vernum, Harvey, Osaahan, Moray,
Pjns Phetty place, and J. Abbot,
and J. Bolien of the teachers Miseee
Klingensmith, Whalen and C. Hoi ton.
Tlie first drill wiU be held Tuesday eve
ning and all are requested to be present
at that time, The place will be mention
ed tomorrow.
ProL C. J. Pickert of Melletto, on in
stitute conductor of South Dakota, risi
ted the school this morning and addm**v
ed the teachers' class on the subject uj[
Mish PhottypkMjo. IA, took ehargo of
Prof. Doatpotert OIOSB ia a%sbis thia
It is probable that Prof. Beadle will
not return from Vermillion until Tues
day, In n telegrnm received yesterday
from the IVesidont, he expresaee him
self well satiabed with the wuzk of tho
boewi of Hogoate,te regard
to the
gray Mohair traveling eoetume. The
groom appeared
conventional black.
The happy couple departed on the 2:18
p. m., eaatbound train for Nebraska City,
Neb., where they will visit a couple of
weeks with Mr. Wessel's relative*, after
which they will return to Madison and
settle down to real life, happiness and
housekeeping. The termination of this
particular love affair and courtship is not
surprising to the friends of the young
coupl«, who have watched the progress
of events with no small degree of satis
faction but when the final hour came,
the ceremony was quietly performed,
only the fnmt intimate friends of the
bride's family being present. Th* Daily
Lkaokb, in common with a ltfeig list of
friends, extends congratulations and
wishes lot Jong U£» ot Im&ptamm «&d
rRRHOMAL Plt«-l!n
o cool sowing to tax­
Howard Advance, 11: Miss Myrtle
Walker, of Howard, began school at
MoeeeAon school, Monday... .Mr. and
Mrw R. Farmer returned early in the
week from ?.'adi*on where they spent
Sunday.... M^wlamee McClsn and Jor
dan visited Madison between trains Fri
day... .Andrew Munyan, mail carrier
en mate 3315D, Winfred to Oldham was
in the city Saturday confering with the
contractor Mr. Runyan Ed. Grinager
was np Tu^day from Madiaon. He is
partially recovered from a severe attack
of la grippe ... Mons Grinager who
has been assisting his brother Ed. at
the Big lioeton, Madison, came up to
Howard, Friday We were pleased to
raceive a call Saturday from Hon. H. P.
Smith, Lake county's senator Mr
Bmith waa one of the hard working
members of the legislature and oould
always be depended upon to advance
the interest of his constituents. Ho was
aceompsmod by hi* brother also from
wm&xn Laktr county.
Prof. Dempster will teles ohaayo of hfa
olsasss to-morrow.
Prof. McFarland, at the opening of
Ofihool this morning, made some good
suggestion to thoe*» who have lub^wts
to make up during this term. Take his
advioe don't leave tho wysk UM hot
weather cornea on.
Mrs. Dye gavo hor atom ia otootrtion
their first lessons Of the term at the
Normal, Friday and Saturday after,
Mrs. Dempster wilt talS| obaivs of tho
moaic dt tho eehooi to-ntorrow mornim
R«l» KT*U.
Las4 Withdraws
Wsofcington dispatch, i t: Tho
era men in congress are more or loos
stirred up over an order usmed by Sec
retary Noble, withdrawing fruiii hooao
steail and preemption settlement all
lands in tliSh ao called arid or irrigation v
lands weot of tho i(Mth moridan. This
effOctn landrt in
Montana, Idaho, Waahington and Or
agon though in the latter state tho
arua is small. ThtP withdrawal is made
under the irrigation act of lt*88, which
aay« that the secretary shall withdraw
tlw lands upon the request of the super
intendent of the geohjgical survey when
be states that the Uuids aro not ir
rigable, and there is no need for
voir purposes.
A hirge delegation, including
•fcntativew from tho Dakota men tn
Washington, called on the secretary
ar»l askexl him to rescind the order,
stating that no examination had been
made of moot of the lands withdrawn.
The secretary said he would gfos tho
matter further consideration.
Another order has also boon issued
denying the issue of patents to home
otender» and pre emptors who have
made entry and proof since the pass
kgt of the irrigation law of 1988 in tit*
Martrict covered by the withdrawal.
*la4l««Mi l«ai)M4 Tawa
lake Preston Times, 11: The Mau
BO* D.ui.y Lkadkr, a new move in
newHpaper circles. Madison ia a good
tewn and Bro. Htahl is a live rustler,
and Iwtth have the Times' best wishes
tor success in all their undertakings.
Btl.8ine88 Propert
He8idence Property,
Jttocdc Property,
Acre Property.
hnW dimIftome very choice bar
gains in Farm Lauds.
Honey to loan at Low Rateu of //ffsrstt,
—DSAum is—
PHttb Oooda, Albnmo, Fine Tallol Hoopo
Bruahe*. l'»iid«, Toy a, Fancy Uoocb,
ff'aints. Oils, Varnishes, C'nlsomuie,
Wall Paper, and a full iias of
Patent Metlicines.
Prsscriptlooa carefully com pounded day
or nicht.
•oan aysnus, madison,
Furniture Healer!
1. Chairs
j'linf fine- you ought to see them. The
pnc« Oh my How cheap that is what
sella these goods!
—0O TO—
McCallister Bros.'
Hardware Htore and examine
The New Process
Vapor Stove.
A complete lino of Heavy and Shelf
Hardware and Build
ers' Materials
OTTin Shop ia oooneoUoe with Store.
Garland Cooking
and Heating Stoves,
Glidden Berb Wire, Iron Penps,
Dakota, Ne-
sad Kawaa, aedl slso lewl tat'Block*
Qoodft. kf
H»«e teoeivod
thoif NcNT'
Spring Stock General
k"n elaborate display of 0RISSS
0(KD8, including the most fash
Prank Bxits.
M, J. McGivray I Co.
Can now show the ladies of Madison aad nirroiuiding
a line of
XDarp- C-ood-S.
hucIi as they nefer gazed upon before in this cityr. Hav
ing closed out our grocery slook, we are now so ranch
fx fcter enabled to giv»» our special lines special attention.
We have a nice lint" of Henriettas, Brilliantines in all
the new shades, French Ginghams* Zephyr Giughams,
the fiu«t line of JSatteens in the land. And don't you
forget that we have now in stock a complete line of
BOOTH and SHOES at prices that sell them
If you visit our gtort? you can see what you want, and
ya are sure to bop.
It beat time—our Cash method of business.
Some erive blarney. We give bargains.
We lead. Others set their watches by our
We warrant all our hats to wear over two
ears, or money refunded.
What fit! What style I
Where did you get it
|H —o
Fine Dress Goods,
J. J. Fitzgerald Delights
In gratifying their tao* .hat line of goodaj His now •pring stock
has arrived, and includeo
CVEvorythinff the very Istest style,
and inspect my stock.
Wm. F. KENNEDY, Soo'y Tnao.
in all colors, tignred and all-wool,
Madison, South Dakota.
Makes a specialty of first mortgage and real estate loans. Bny
municipal, oounty and school bonds and other securities.
Philadelphia Finance Co., Philadelphia,
National Bank of Illinois, Chicago, Ills
Sioux Falls National Bank, Hioux Falls, 8. D.
(Succeosois to F. D. Hutchinson^
We carry a complete line of Fresh Fruits, Canned Goods. Vgetables
in scaaon,
Smoker's Articles, etc.
Hf OYSTERS served in every style day or evooing.Jd
riTth, W. A. MACKAY,
Presided. Vlc^Presklool.
FiRST National Bank.
Cnplta! and Surplus, 160,000.
General Banking Business Transaoced,
Foreign and Domestic Exchange Bought s»4 SsM^
CoYYecUons a Speoialty
Cooapotent Oollsctor coostaatly employed tu attend to Collections la WnsisHi'
Money Loaned ect Ileal Estate for Eastern Cbpitaiiets. -v
ol Bank, New York, First National Book, Ohlreen,
n^M« Falls f'lsf'0"*1
Falls* Dflt
Druggists and Jewelers.
—KeA*H*l..U4ifc&s i-Ofh—
Prints, (Hid aad Wall Paper* Fine Gold Sihtr W«tcbe mi
lleweky. Watch and Clock Repairing pft»np^r
and mechanically executed.
TJfv kdiua arc cordially invited to call
n H. OLAPP, Vioa Pns.
J. L» JONES, Aflat Soo'y A Tnm.
Northwestern loan and Banking Co.
Oaov Ooos
a a a a v i n i

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