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regnlatad by law.
'r A Choice SalaetiM «f Inter-
••ting ItiBt.
Jo** Rrw., a negro, plowed up fib,
tsM in gold near Nashville, Ark., and
lalked ao much about it tbtt MM*
wieteh itol# the money from him.
It cutimtted that getting born «*U
the }*"pie of the Fnited Htot# W86.
urn. two annual IT GETTING nirrwd,
isUM.itiNl.OOO. getting burial, $75,•**).
Ti»i»r*rN prominent bneine— tam of
Mont., have Wn indicted for
M*a?iag NHii from the Northern Faciftc
Kail road (\mpaiiy. Xha vxuupany
claim* to have lout 310 carloads therein
^u*t month.
THCRK are ia IudkuM a «rr«at many
womM wh» farm extenwhrwly and are a^
kt tlifd in tli* bukituM ax any of the
ii.ru. Tb»«»e wouieu have umm.1** money
ont of the bnaine«^. and would Mt giTa
it up for any o|h»*r calling,
Th« Laipra^i ber*elf (ir»Mt, Md
dair«d in nearly ev«*ry ilamv.
T«mr U a goo»l Methmln4 in Con
he^«K»»it aecviding to a r^ligimu pari*
-di*al. wliii U'te«t tbe oompaaa a*ary
nnie h« write* In* fnll name and ad
•IrmuD. He in rand ail 4. North. New
Ytwk jwt Coulerene**. 90

Hnvth Sorwalk Conn.
A (raioi rharacMr fai Park ia#
ma^ who uiaken bin luring by •trolling
along tbe bonierarda and making
w.tger* with nen 4 tbe eafen that be
can aitHwer eorreetly any »jne«tion that
relate! to the history of ianrr kkm]
alaavn wiaa tbe bet, it is MHI.
in relate*! of Binhop Potter that he
wan taken to tank bv a few of hi* de
nominational brethren «m the charge
exhibiting a conceit of himnelf at
variance with tbe xpirit of humility,
"ft ix not aotteett," naid the Hiahop
with tl»at pondaroitit bearing that
i'etea«i Yp(M«itiim **it i* not conceit,
brethra.i it i* tha ormnekmimeaa of
»III eriui itr.**
Tit naming of va— 1m si
paeTKjrr your giaan jan from
craeking whan patting in k*t luinid
Ntand a tables
«KID upon them. There
to a pre\ ailing idea that thin proc***
lta «i'imetliirig ti do with electricity,
but tin* true *»Intion i* that th*« *poon
alLMutba »uaie oj the heat, and ahto car
Hat MM of it oat into tbe open air.
norjr la
of tlia ft rat
cia»« are repaired to be aamal after
Ktatex, thoae of the xeeond after rivern,
thoa^uf the third alter the prinHfial
cifie-t and town*, aud th'me of the fourth
a- tl»e President may direct. The law
i« not alaavn observed a« cluaely aa il
oiitfht to i»c hut in the main it gwirua
naval noiuanclatnre UHkt.
Mna. Wau.trK, tbe motbor of Oon.
T^er Waflaee declarer that when Adam
aud Kve fell thev fell upward, an ii wan
MR*. A. F, WOOB, .of JLonnoBUnk,
Me., a la«ly who han been laute for sev
eral vearn, went to the barn loft to
gather nome eggs. Mid in aiidilig down
upon the hay with her lame leg, hear
iu« «ii»metniBg crack, nhe felt »he liad
broken some bono. Hba called to her
htmliood for help, aad wlien be eame
and hel|ed her np sbe hnwid alie oould
walk lietjer than liafore Tbe liga
mentn ahurh had adhered io each other
by non-n*e were broken ajArt. improv
ing ber latueneM.
H«or girls and eoloawoa^» «co Off*
ing out sgsiuat overwork antt uiuleffOiy.
bousekeoiern are IsmeutinK thst money
wrH i**#t bite neat and oom^eteat do
me-itirw. ttverwurk and underpay
mean, ia luany ease*, dem|ra!t%atiou
and min. Oirla work ta the factory
mid the store for w hat a dotirable do
mentie eonbl earn, bat they mast pay
for their lodging mid board, while those
are nu|plied to bar. Why should tfua
be so when it is qnite a* r«s|ectal«lo to
bread as it is to sell ribbwa
AT Mnmbles Head. Walea, a
awaited at a ehnreh the arrival of a
bridal j»ariy. After a long delay the
bridegroom** friend went to the bonse
4 tbe bride to see a hy nbe did not
come. They were warned off, and i
found that the brideV parenta, being I
opja»sed to tbe match, bad. aft** «be
w«a dressed for the eerecaony, locked I
bar in ber room whiit "«e of tha fam
ily m^inted gnard at the door and
threatened to she*it any ose who ap
|KOached. The we«lding wan p»st|KMieil
And bit wit'. left him, going with her
I fluid to the hou»e of the Johnson*. Mr,
Ungat has brought ^uit again *t the
Johnsons. placing damaga* p*
claiming that they had hypnotised hin
wife nod indtidkl her to leav# U».
ease i* an interesting on*.
the beat thing that could happen to who ban been walking exactly in
them to Mine tbom to labor tor their «top»
bread: and I l»elieve it would be a fall
upward if many a woman who now bam
ample time to ®omplain to and about
iter nervanta should bo obliged to take
hold earnestly of Mime real work, and
f* kewp at A.
A rroj MAS ca*e Itm bemn tiiwl in the
Ht, Louis coaitn. Mr- Mary 4. i'ngar
*hea a ebild was rowed to the home of
a Mrs Johnson and wa* alway* treated they will all voncii tot tlm truth mi tlio
aa art adoptet daughter, Engbt,*H-u| Atlanta Constitution.
monthn ag», mau»#d I W.\ *(fZlnTh aants to be sailed
ugar a^l until ™»„tb l.v«l wttb Ln you uaU her
Than I tityai ltcame uuor
tr 'T^ *n
i Sfoicy, ia a r»»cant latter to Break
fare*, the Oerman publinher. saya. "It
IB not the entertainment* that keep me
from work, it i* roy visitors ami letter*
they are innumerable A* JOB know.
1 wast to the Albert Lake to rescue
Kiitin Pa*ha, the valiant defender of
hia province. Of my otrn free will,
undertook to go to his ssdntauce and
hoj* yon do not l»elong to those who
Wlieve 1 dragged away the I'asha
against hi* will. All I aaked fp»m him
was a statement of bin intention*, ray
only desire being to be of uae to bin*
but yon will read all thia in my hook."
A*f liacaat grent ball at tbe Rna- ^raph meaaage, in #»rh eaeaa, the forre
fltfl all th«* ladia* appeared ia formal written order. In thin oa"«
u h,t« u ali nt an ..tber oruamcat than
diamond*, t»«*arli and their own I want*.
ia Spain a mm wan exe­
cuted for murder twenty-four hour*
after a reprieve bad been actually
signed by the QncMi and forwarded.
The affair ha* occasioned MO much e*
citament in Bpaiu that tbe Oovammeat
ha* drawn np a bill to |iw to a tele-
the aMtliontia^ chargtnl with the ctra
tion «er« uotitiuii bv teicgtapii that tlic
reprieve bad been tagniHt and waa then
on itn way. hnt tl*ey iimiMted that they
wera powerlea* to delay tha atoeution
in the abaenee of the formal document.
OR*KIUL BOOTH, tha KngltAh com
mander of tbe 8alration Army, i« a
practical old aoui. ami whit** may
not all of n« emlorae bin radical hostility
to the game of foot hail,"there i« noon
thing in hix adrica to tbe Salratioui*tft
with t*farence to tbe mat tor which
(t THii»r of the Porta StaAriaM
Pom|ieii. ia a atratum of cindem. haw
jnat ieeu fonad the impreanionn of three
lKKl»e« and a trea. Ckata taken of them
«bow the bodies to have been thone of
two men and a woman. One of the
men vat in a kneeling poaitiou and the
other «t retched flat on bis back. The
woman lay iaca downward with her
arm* -dretelied »«t. The tree, of which
cawU of foliage and froit, an well an of
the trnnk, were obtaiiei, wan of the
»teeie» laama uobilix. known to lia*t
|irtdumd a rmind-xhapaii fruit that
ri|ieoed toward the end of antumn, and,
from the form and »ixe of the Iruit, it
wan evidently ripe when the tree wan
buried, which goe** to confirm the theory
that the great catastrophe took place in
November of the year 71*, B, and
not in Augn»t a* baa boon supposed.
Hf.w 40Vtoa for ataal^ng poekatbookk
xn& hsnd b^g* hi tha street in rathet
ingeuioua The actual thief arranges
matter* »o thai he (aiMe*« the intended
*k*tim jn«t a« his female confederate
sndilenly. and allows the
owner of tbe object to be stolen to ran
against her. The victim i» either s«»rry
for her own carelessness or indignant at
tbe confederate'- apparent stupidity. In
the former ca*e -die ap logi/e«. in the
language that sbe ha%tonn
ened aud anhamed. aad in either case
she in too much occupied to notice wbeu
her purse is snatched from bar fingers
or her bag ia cat from her arm. Be
ware of tbe women who are nnddeni v
•tmck with admiration of something in a
shop wmd"« arid patine abrupt!y toad
nur« it, cveatmg more or leu (^mfusioo
by the Movement
A Watrfcfal a«i Beoeveteot Zander.
*1 -aw," said *ei»eral Philip Cook,
yesti-rday, "abatement in The Con*ti
lul 'utn abut winnKiw carrying water
aliout gourds That nt
Jiitb- tart lh*ttn. '!»*«¥,
i n
worthy of general admiration. Hi« in
utrnctions to his foilowers in tlii»
country ara ill anlmtanc*** that if thev
want muienlar recreation ther might
better nerub thetr neighlior'n hon%en
"instead of kicking a bloated leather
npliere abont to no Mafnl end." Th»
beginning of tbe aernb gama directed
by tb« General wilt be awaite«l with
nndiogtiiaed intcreat. It iua result in
a wbitewanh for «omeb«Mlv.
latte tue confederate ualiitt# her in sneh botlv goin out hi* way? A bow -lag
awav fright- 'ellow nay- that h«- will be going oat
tbat way day after to-morrow, and yon
let him take tbe letter Vou keep tip
thin thing uotirnearly eight o clock, aitd
then nit down to read a newspaper that
has been sent to nrtme other man. Yea,
air," the judge con tinned "1 am glad
to have yon here for 1 shall now punidi
von for some of your nmuerotih crimes,
i will make your visit to thin city la^
d*y»."-- Arkmutatr Trustier.
ry IN
but 1 can Wat it."
-The re li veil in Macon OtmaUv" cua
tinneil the tianeral. "wi years a§o a
gentleman who is dead aow. But
years liefore ho~died he bad a gander
that wa a wonderful bird The gen
tleman lived in Monte/.uma wa« rich
and of great lnteilectual force bat
before be died he lost bin monev and
then took to taking a drop too mnoh.
About tbat time a great ing white gan
der attached himself to the jndge, and
they were never tt#en apart. The gan
der would follow tbe judgr about like a
dog when be entered a hotme the gan
der would nit on the front ntej- HU.I a nit
until be came out.
"When the gentlmnil, aa it
times happened
toddy, the big bird would
he recovered, and if anybody came near
he bad the gander to fight He'd blow
and puff wtr-»e than a (Kg aad nobody
wuted i tackle uin.
"The gentleman wan devoted hta
aoaipauion, imd fed lum jost a* regular
i« lie ate hin*self When be went from
Mimte/um* to Oglethrop*» a long trestle
had to Inu crossed, ami that binl would
follow the ftntiemaa aoroos «wj
"Tl»#re wo bnndiwdb people in
Maoou County who remember tbe gen
tleman and his gander perfectly, aud
r&ysrr&i**: «,? "r, r,\T%
""w "H '^.'
Mfc AMt At Lm.
A CNNMW-JKMMI* CMiMtiir ^laalty
In Cmmri
*"Your itot»'»r." «aid a tall, gating,
aloop'aliouidertxi mait that had
arrented oo a ebarge of axeewaiva
vivirttity, "it would forever ruin ma to
he tint rioted in thit court, ami 1 tlkwce
fore Iieg of yon to let roe go houte MHI
atteml ttiy uumeroiiH dntien
What are votir naaaaroai dutie«T*
the Hugo aiked
I keej» a grt»eary aad dry good*
•tore at Biilingx Statimi, and. bo*
*jdi, 1 am {x^tmastei at tkat plaoo,**
"Oh. ton are a ei««-*-r. ad. wtman
tor, aie you?" thejndge e'-laii'el "All,
von afford ma an optiortntmv tliat 1
liive long been seeking. I have iaeo
in your ntore and anked if there were a
letter for ue. I am delighted tu ba^
yon ao|f«ar before me, air. I Had hoped
a id praved b» have von arraiuged hert,
and {in day after day I me" with tiut*f»
|Miutme.it. I hud beg-un to f«ar tbirt
thi- lino- would never come.**
"Ton iNUKt lie miiMkM, y«*wr honor,
for I am jmmtive tbat yon were ujevwr
in my l»ouw
"Oh. probably not in yi»nr pnrtionlnr
hottae. »ir, lint yon are all alikn. Lot
me give yon a little picture Four
o'clock in the afternoon. Tbe mail
eontc-. A U»v brings in the l*ag and
throw* it on the oonnter. Tbe |«eoplo
ntand abont. waiting for their mail, cir
culara trout ateut tuedunne men, aiwt
package of needs from ('ongron^ntmi,
•ml *o on. JiHt an you are aloitt to
o|e.-i the mail, ami after von have
di »ved a lot of uld i^j|N id the t:re ami
have baiteil your mnu*e-trap, a fellow
ei»me« along with a spring-wagon lo«d
Von haggle with him for
awhile, then agree take the eggs.
Then vu les(in to count theiu, panning
c%ery uow ami then to ihake Me t.» do
termiiie alietitet or not it i- g»o«i. V
Mint eight huiidrisl rftid Nneiity
and then turn arouml to attend
mail when a lank, tramp-shouldered
boy eonie-i in and *ayn he want* t« bnpr
a air of boot*. Then you begun to
haul out your brogau boot* mid throw
them about in an etfort to get a pair to
tit him and. jnd a* he i* »lKut t» try
them on, he hear* a noine o«t*ide and
makej a bieak for the door, tlmllad
with the fear that hi* hori*e ha» brokt®
He etitnc* lwck after awhile, •tud
y«u Dell iiim j»air of two-dollai lioofei
for three doliaiM and a half Bv tbU
time Hoineb d^ «»av. .liai, when air yo«
goin' Ui 'atribute that mail Put^y
noou. no*.' you reply, aad then
ii ma
out and break up «iue more old
topnt into the ntore.
Hy thin time it in t0« Biian«o*i
five oclock. Ym get behind
counter, take ttj» the mail bag and
dmover that vou have aii«lat«i th«
Son»eb.dv that na* vou have ttw*
junt before you began to e unt tbeegsn,
de«'laie that you dropped it in tin: boi.
l'on Hay von wouldn't be nurpriaed. Mid
the i liegin to take out tbe eggs. Yon
take out th eigM imndred and v#nfy
eggs, and, not finding tbe key. w .ndot
where you could have put it an. I then
proceed to put tbe oggn back again.
"At seven minnt« to nix von tind flte
key laying under a pi«oe of mamtla pi
per on w hu ll you have wi|ed rcmr
grae^y bandit. Tlmu y«n begin to (aw
witli the lock on the mail beg. ami ymi
wonder what can In- the matter with 81
never acted tiefore. MM 1 IW rusty.
Home fellow tells you to warm it and
then yon hold it agaioat the store, du-t
tbeu a girl, wearing a red nhaw i over her
beal, comes in and wants a pound of
candle*. Well, it goen on this way un
tii nearly seve^i o'clock and then you
0|ien the mail and the first letter yon
take up ii addrease*I to John tt Wood
bridge.' Vou read tbe name and aay. *1
don't know w^o he ia. Anybody know
who ban been ntaiidiug with his elbows
on tbe counter, lift* hi* head, apita
through lot tee!It and nay* that it must
l#e intended for that fellow that came
into the netgbl»orbood some time ago to
see oue of the Benson giria. Yon pot
tbe letter aiide after looking at it with
grave •tmpiciou. and then aay 'Here
i« a letter for old Bill Hiekiey. Any-
Ltvia* to WaaMagfta*.
Barrels of terrapin af f*2* |»er iIo/«n,
orates of eanvanbni'k duck» st fxi per
pear, thousard-* of n-# at I |er plate,
these are some of the cttravagancee
that are slipping down some of tha
throats of the capital's visiting popula
tion tin- reason, say* the Cleveland
Leader. Then the flower#. Who u*u
compute the gold that has gone tip io
the odor of orchid* at II
sit bv "until t*ter to 8jaiu. treatei hi* gm^t- to such
a 1-Jtun last year and tlnn winter theee
twenty-five-cent strawlierries mlletl over
the palates and through the larynxeeof
Ser-ator Htanford'" guentn when hedinod
Mug, t»en Orant From all account*
that dinner of Senator Stanford'^ |o
Mrs, Orant wan one to make your eye*
bulge mt and y«iu month to water.
There were only eighteen, gnents
they ate from platen of gold ami *ilvear
The "{«een of plenty" had scattered
roees all over the table, and under each
bit of crvhtal there was a .napkin ol
point docbe^n lace, white tbe long taljle
cover had a iKirdei of the same price*
le»s web. ln*teal of linen, tb» linger
howls i«r»ted on na|»ery of lace, and the
lonllv terrap ii wa- **ri ed^in in«lividnal
sitv»-i turee'ii». Kvery pie*4e wa- of the
him^ No 'me knows him. but a fellow ujward the *on of hw
decca«i«'d friend and ueglecting his own
childte:i. Henry would aisrmra {meify
the old lady, but when recently she
saw that a garment of Lang'* was such
aa ia not worn by a boy the old lady
was terribly angered.
at $10 per dozen, white lilamat rdieettl* cbaiactemtir, of
a Mpike, and lilies of tbe valley at 10 thingn which w*
cents a stem On tbe altar of Blew moat care.
Year week $10,t)t)t) worth of blossona
were saeritlced, for dnriug tha* time
Konweil Flower put #5,0110 into the
Aowers of bis only daughter's wedding,
Tbe fruit* we une arc alwi costmg geld
galore w ice in tbe .-toctal history of
tbe capital opulent boat* have floated
straarberries in thrfr white wine when
it coat 'Jf» cents apieeit b» lx ii.g each
berrv from California to WaMhujgbio.
Ex-Senator Palmer, our present Min-
«auie i'"*tiy nature, and the epn ur«* of ion Ilfpnb'u nu
». -r.W'
%3-!'**- *f
'.'.I-- r.',''il*
I ikfm tikwaenb#
ga#tronomic |Man
UM» Unii»i «a A
Tbt UbiUter fiaf YTxed.
I A Honili »n paj»er narrated tbe
following au nieut w luch came nnder
bin d«aarvatioii in St, John, K B.' Two
people iu middle life nought orft an
agei and weiS-kmiwn eleigvinan to tie
tbe connubial knot. Hi* advanced
vc:»rn iiaii l»maghl bim a tr«achertiu*»
memory, m»d, with tlut uiu .tain |u«o
tity to deal with, he began tliJ^ereuio*
ny. Thc»e we» luckily no/vvituesM«
to the amtiamg «»ene bnt elerjiftr
1 mati'^ iUiughteriQ-law and graiulaon.
Tbe preiiiui'iiu i«.n over, the ring vat
aaked for. The groom wax exceedingly
nervon* aud could not 'find if Me
i«earelied to all hin fioeketa. *ibook hia
Hlceve. rau bis baud down tbe skle of
his right lag in tear of a hole in bis
l«aiitaloon* j»»cket, felt of hi* nock, and
repeated the prr••*»«. increasing uerv
tiibiitm a*» he certainly did in bin-thing
land awkvrarduesM. Finally, the o!d
gentIonian *at down, while b*Hh wit
iie«e anaisted the )martially married
I couple to find the mtsMug nyuibol of
their union. iHiwn on their knees they
got. and tnrued up tlie corner of Uie
rtig. and |.»eeretl under tbe nofa. and al
toaether made a mont ludicrous night,
Meantime 1 lie clergyman"-, mnemorik*
faculty fuiifsl him. He wiiAra
he wan, and eon Id not lie made to un
derstand the mianion of the xtrange lady
and geutiemau. It ought to be added
tbat be *l*o wan very deaf. Fearing
complication*, hia daughter-in-law sent
the gramhwm for tbe regular mm inter
of the parinli. At last the nng wan
found in an olmcure comer whither it
had rolled, and the parties to the MI*
(tended eontraet tried to look resigned
i under the aggravating circnm»taueea.
The miniiterial gentleman wakel out
of hin reverie and naid to the lady of the
"Who is tbis couple?"
The auawor
Hnb*et|ueut evunta joaiified hor ana
pieioiift, and when she u{draide«l Ilenry
for harlMrrirj^ a female he wilted, aud
coufe*.«ed that Joe Lang wm a woman,
and tliat thev were married, in Alle
gheny Cit} 4° the day »n which be
brought the boy home. Tiiere was 9
w-eue. and tbe mother-m-law was rag
ing mal. Henrv and lu« wife remained
another dav in tUe Yoon SchiHinli'-veu
doiiitcile, but on the following night
they dwapjieared. The morning after
the old lady received a letter from
Henry saying that be had taken ifcttM),
•nd that he aud bis wile woro oo their
frav West.
Von Schoonhoreft fa abont 85 years
of age and hi» bride is not much more
than IH. Met name was Fanny Kmith,
•'idter paxtmu reside in Pitto^jrgh
•Hireat laa.**
ttl-ntlirir ftte lawyers of B«rtofr irtift
knew the late Iiuftis Choate there are
many* told of bis wit and his
c!evern«l* which have ©«ca|©d hi*
apiece, roaee biographers, although thev are piite
I the
wan almost a afcont, after
anbeidod a moment, and then
o n a v e v o n i e e n a i e
Thev really didn't know how much
thev were married, but stammered out
a reply that was completely lost on bim,
for in a minute or HO he capped the
conversation bv inquiring:
"How many children have yon got?"
Tbi* was *i much, avid would have
convulsed the ^offering victinm had not
the regular mioi«*ter ari*ive«i and com
pleted the nervices. Hunloi* Hrrnhl.
v. i«e Woa MIk WM».
TOO Sch-ionhoven hoo 'boon
I rnnniiig a dairy here, says an Adams
bnrg Pa. letter to tbe New York
Sun, but he haa piit the businaea now
JMI well as his home. He was a wid
ower with three chiidreu, aged 14, 10,
and 18 yearn. The two latter aie girls
i and the youngest a boy. With him re
sided hi* former wife*# mother His
months ago Henry came home from
Pittsburgh aooomoaiued by a tine-look
mg iwv whoui he introduced t" his fam
iiv as the son of a deceased frteud The
lad n name, be «aid, wa^ Lang. The
UMAbor-iii-law tiki not take kiadly to
the citv youth, Mid tbe children, too,
«cemel dissatisfied. Joe, however,
soon won tbe affection of tbe whole
family In .Icasmotte, a neighboring
village, the young ladien fell in iov»
with him. and his trunkfnl of letter*
tell how he won their heart*. His
presence waa demanded at every social
i gathering, and Lang was sought af
I ter by many of tbe yonng girls He
was a dear l#oy to Von Hch«wnhoveo,
for whom lie did all the idd job*
I around the piace I'H* and Henrr were
I much of the time together, which dis
ideaaetl tbe mother-in-law, and on more
than one oeoaaion Henry was repri
manded bv her for showing too mnch
with the «t-
Many of these aiwdotes V»#ar upon
i his -personal peculiarities, and not a few*
have reference to that hand-writing
I which w«a MI uiarvebmsiy bad thai it
i neemn ii!iposatblf» that any one nhonld
ever have been able to dooiplm its
oro»kel hieroglyphic*.
It i« 8a»d that nj*»n one oaearioB lb,
fOe-orgH Tktkiior, tbe w ell-lnown an*
I thority ttj.»cti Spaninh literature, bap
i pened to sit le«ide Mr, hoate in the
Murt IXKMB when the latter wan bend
log his brows o,er a bit of hia own
maanneript which he evidently fcmad it
pretty bard to decsipber.
"Mr., Choate," the other said, *1 have
I a manuncript at home of which the
writing ch.»oly resembles onrn
"Ah," Mr. Chate re^mdaii "who
i wr^e it
i -PbiWp II. ol Bpain."
I -A =aid Mr, ffioatr *&ttrr,
man, Phillip H." Then he adde^l with
1 that twinkle is hi* eye which was so ir
I re»iatib)e, "O
of hm time
It wan an irsgeiiic-'Uf.
wh« ex
darned hin muddy clothes
tact l»eeii trying to put a potato patch
by «aytng lie
ou thr ««»af uf hm ironmim—Hin*)hump-
'.V ..'* ,•../ V !'. ,:•"
Bl^lH IS K1 WS1AM %.
Tha capital law« of the C. nnwticut
Colony, just «m reoAd in liil'i, are ex
ceedingly interesting at tliia time when
the presw of tbe country freely dis-
the advinability of al^disbing
the death penaitv Originally the law*
were twelve in numlier. but two others
were Mib*e«|nently addeii With tlie
excepti.-ii of four that deal with the
violation of the Hixth and Ninth pre
empt of the Decalogue they road aa fol
I. If attjr man ^ler legal oOBTWKIOB
•hall have or worahip any other Oodbut
tbe Lord Ood. bee shall bee put to
"leatk lieuL 18, 6 17. 2 Exodus
m, m.
li Mty man or woaiaa bee a witcb,
that i». hath or coniraHeth with a ftanttaar
•pirritt. thev shall bee pnt to dentil.
Fvodun 22. 18 l^evit 30, 27. Dent.
is. io, ii.
3. If any person shall blaspheme tbe
name of (kid the ttather. Bonne or holy
ihost, with direct, express, presumpt
uous or high bit ruled blasphemy,
nhall cur««« in the like manner, he shall
bee put to death. Lev. 24, 16,
4. If any person shall committ ally
willful! niurther, which in manniaughter
Committed uppou maiic». hatr»««l or
crualtv, not in a man's necessary Mid
jn#t defence nor by tnfcre caaoaltv
againnt h^ will, bee aHialt bee pnt to
death. Exixlnn 21, ii. Id, 14 Kamb.
m, si.
5. if any peraoo
slay another through
guile, either bv poisonings or other sttoh
Ievii»nh pra^'tice. bee wall be pot to
death. I'vodus 21. 14.
It). It any mannteaietha manor mao
kinde, hee shall be*» put to death. Kio
dus 21, If.
II, If any man riee op by falae wit
neas, wittingly and of pnrpoee to take
awav anv man's life, hee shall be pat to
3eath Pent, 19, Iti. IB, lit.
12. If »ny man shall conspire or al
tempt auv invasion, inanrrection or re
bell ion againnt tbe Commonwealth, bee
shall hee put to death.
Io If anv Childe or Children abova
Si.tteene yeares old and of sattetent «a
ieratanding, shall curse or amite tbetr
naturall father or mother, bee shall bee
put to death nnle«* it can bt* sufficiently
be«t!tle«l that tbe parent* hav« l**envery
anchrmtianl v negligent in the education
of such children, or so provoke them
bv extreme and cruel I e»ir rectum that
they have been forced thereunto to pre
aorre tbemselvea from death or maiaa
wg. Kxo. 21, 17 I^evit. 90 Ex. 21,
14. It any man have a stnbborae and
re bell lot i
s tonne of sufficient yearen and
understa ldmg. viz Hixteene years of
age, which will not obey the voice oi
his father or the voice ol hia mother,
and that when they have chastened him
will not barken unto them then may
bin father trfld mother, being bin na
turall parents lay hold on him and bring
him to the Magistrates an^eriibled in
Courte. and testifb anto them, that
their MTuine sttibbnrne and rebellious
and will not obey theire voice anil
chastiaement, but live* in sundry no
tonoiiH crimes, such xor.ne ahall lie pot
t» ient. 21, 2d JL
Marv liotlen. for a girl of seventeen,
hat! led an eventful life. The princi
IWIM of two boarding schools to which
tier mother had sent her had quietly re
quete«l Mrt^. lioden to remove her
daughter, alleging that her devotion to
drean and tlirtntion ma*le it ltjifMMunble
to teach her anything and that her in
fluence on the other gi»i* was harmfnl
Mary, at home, followed, unre
striined. har own inclinations. Hhe
was engaged in one winter t»» two Boph*
omoren st college, and to tbe druggist's
In the nnmmer her mother took her
to a watering-place in the neighborhood.
They arrived at night. Earlv in tha
morning Mary rose fnll of delight
coming triumphs Had she not a dozers
|ie». pretty gowns? Was not the hotel
full of yonng men with whom nbe could
To do the girl juatice. her worst fault
was an eager deaire for admiration, and
nbe bad never realised bow Cur this had
led her.
An *he stood at her window thif
fnornmg she saw a dock of sheep on the
green meadow lteloa, among which
were some spotle** lamb*. The purity
and innocence touched ber she leaned
put eagerly to watch tham |«at aa Uwy
ran down to a stream, and jnmpad «M
played in the Bind of the Itank,
Hilly creature* she cried, angrily.
"To make y onraelre* hideonn jwt for a
minute's fmi?"
At that moment a group of young
men came on tbe porch below, talking
loudly 8he beard hm *mm nam*.
"Pretty girl!" said ona, 111 drive
her out to-day."
"She will not go with yon
said another.
yes, she wttL Sbe ia the
girl in It was sbe wh
that lark to town with (ieorge Bngby.
The gtrla in 0~— oouat bet a hMe %MI
*1 will tell agr aiaters not Io soUee
her," said tb«* second sj»eak»»r. *"They
liked h'-r a »pearauce last night, and
meant to take her iuto their sat."
"No, uo! That would never do.*
Mary sank into a seat, burning lawn
of shame starting in ber eye*.
in her heart xhe knew that aha waa
innocent and nnre. Haul liar realty,
her love of '"fan," brought diwgtwp
upon her' Uiegrace that could never
be put asi«)e. for w|»an a airl is kiiowji
to 1m "fast* at "oft «tlor, ao ailar
fort will destroy the bloi
The silly* lambs *»mld plunge fntr, the
stream and remove the filth upon them,
but no water will wash away a girl's
diameter in the ey^fiftbehacehwotM.
Voittft'f Compmuon.
Why It Ca«e« High.
Palient who baa juat
hia ,49a
operates?uponi Doctor, it seem* tome
#00 is a high price to charge for that
job. It didn't take yon ten second*.
Eminent »culist Mv dear frteud. in
learning to iverform thin operation in
t4^i aeconds 1 have spyiled more thm
two bnsbeU of such eyes as your*.
who wo^ld
ahould otvtr strvli tu mroeft roada.
/. if
mm turn
-Hi tried, Jl:
ab^nt-mmded e« ?ple.
Tbe freaks of
are often am using t*» hear o|, but m-.
great i» the inoonr»oience which thoy&
'aus*- ti) their per pet r» torus and to theii
friend* that one never bears of them
without the feeling that abwf-minded
nmui i» to be shisnnetl as a lisoase, and
fought against in every poaaible way
An amusing instance of the plight iatu^f
which tlie uliaenS minded man may con
trive U? fiet lino elf w*ci.irif#i.l at «n or
ibnation in .Mai 'f not long »«irice, wl en
a nntabei of cb-rgymen were gathered to
oniain one ot their brethren. &
Tbe place wm a country town, and a,
the. visitors, instead of emg quartered'
at hotels, were diatribated among that
sriciety at whiee church tbe ordinatiuu
was bi take place
PKn'tor Blank, who was to preeoh tbe*^
wrmori. stayed with an old deacon, and,*
as it chanced, we* quartered ia a room ST*""
upon the door of which waa apriug
Juat as the moment came for driving
to church, Doctor Blank appeared iu
the parlor where the tamily were wait
ing, and announced that when he ha i
come out of bin room he had forgotten^.-^
to put the catch on the look down,
had left on the table within not only the''
kev. but the sertaon he waa about to
For an instant there waa eon plate
couaternation, but fortunately the *on
a duplicate key, which naa produced,
Mid the doctor went plaofciiy ayataira
after the mannscript.
Three minutes later he reai
with an evprenaion of mi
igled oon
et plained tl*at when he got to his room,
he ooyld not rememlier what he hsu
come for. and that -laving down the key.
he ha«i ntarted to ml and had lieeu?
brought to bin .nense,* when the doot
ouce more sw nng to behind him, and
he realized that it bad again *hnt iu hia
There waa no locksmith within call,
and it would have l»een a desperate caaeP''
for the doctor had not the mm once'
more come to the re%cn« by procuring'
a ladder, and climbing in at the wind
of the chamber
He took the double precaution of tak
ing from the table hi* own key, a»A of
setting the door open with a chair
agamat it. and the clergyman who warn
profuse in his thanks, one# nop went
upstair to get hi* sermon.
When he came down, the family
started for church, arid just as they'
reached it the hostess remarked, with
smile, that tbe congregation wouhk
never know bow near they oame to hav
ing no sermon. At the word* a suddeu
paleness came over the face erf Ltoctor
I have left it at home aftar ait!" ha
gasped, holding out tha key Io kbfooa.
I took the kev instead!"
•erarr Wrweler*" faverit* Cat.
Kail, tb# chief aMwuwugsar at tba
Custom Hone, cultivated bis susvt
manner when he waa the bead waiter a$
the Aatoi Honw. He H.nbers intr- CoU
lector F.rbardt'n presence nearly evt»rjit
day men who are known throughout tbA
country But nothing pleaden him nor
than to recall the day when be serv
Horaoe ireeley, who dined f«»r years a
the Asto* Motive. Dinner there at thai
time wan served on the American plan
and was from 12 until .'i p, m.
usel to carve." naid Hall, "and When
bad resehel the twenty-fourth uf
twantv-tiftb cut in a rib of roast beet
knew that it was time for Mr Oteeley
to ootne in. He Jiked the twenty-fourtii
or twentv-fifth cut, liecanse. I aupfX'Me^
I the meat in that )art of the roast
done exactly to *nit bin taste. Whet
had got (i ifr. (ir«*eley« cut. I n*ed
run my knife around thw rim of t|
and remove al I the overdone edge of
fat, which he did not like. e heafMnt
np the plate with potatoes, green pe**t
and beana—Mr. (ireeley wan a great
band for green and »ent it in tt
"Mr. Greeley generally stopped for
few minutes tu the office to chat with
people there before sitting down to din
aer. But at the table he talked vertl
little. He vva not a great eater, but
always wanted plenty of food, neve
knew him to send hi* plate ont t« i
for b«ef, although I hav# known torn
«*oll for a ^ecomi "helping* uf veg«ia»
bias. He &ii* always g,a»d to the |orts
ers and waiters, often stopping to cha^
with them. And be always ti)vfed tia|.f'
ton," --Awe lor* Tnuttnt. a vr
et* B
Tarae* Twe Pagen at
Tb# citizens of a Virginia town no|
long since had beae given due notice,
through the locti! pap«rs, thai ot c.-rs
tain evening Mr. Barnes would giv« a|
illustrate.! lecture at the Haptm|
Church There w as a large atlendam
and at the appointed hour the chnrclf?
d*rkfiie«l and the entertainment
Oi'tuuunii ed. the let^urer fronting thj^
audiottor. wbile hi» assistant, who maf|!
uipttlsiwl the .»j a- i and pn-dti.-etf"
the •iews, »l» staff »-ii the gatlerj
11»» l» i' k it the chcuri^.- The «tai|
was jm^grewiog with
when Use
next view wonht ta^
of Virginia, much to 1 h«
audience, who saw :.•
bridge, natural or unnatu
little village of a Western
when b^ very enthusiastic desc
w^n «it^rr',tptel by hia ccdleagne tha
«#llerv w hone angrv voice «houu4
-pier tlie head*- "f the people:
"For heaven'* ?«ake, Mop.
turneo two pagea at once
It was then tlie people !»artiel thai
tlie lecturer had been reading bis w
derful deju-riptions Irons a hook and
not been careful in tnrniug the !eav
hence the blunder. hm
his fa
Wif time with the heart pains
fat bar's ilinfee. CtiUkiU Htvurdfr

A l^anle far fWyehalegt*ia.r
Water 8itpaih«teiident Piers mil
in his ofticti one day week. Mbortiir
after 10 o'clock liestlddenlv place«l hil
hand on hi* *id« and exclaimed th$A
there- was a strange sensation, a di^treup"
in tlie region of toe heart, -la a few K
menle a mmmmgetr name to him anf
told him that bin father waa dyings
When he fetched home his father wait
lead of hear' failure. The "enSKI*tog
netsced bv the ton wan identical il
n*. -v •,* -.x'/ryr*

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