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tWiU Ui I'M
A Cfc®te« $€!&*tfcm
*stmg Item*.
according to Ik* «W
direct*17 just issued. t.%H newsjapera
|mbliahed ID the United Kingdom, of
trhieh 1H6 are daiiies.
of work% fall keenly hy tha
lal»rmg. flasee* of Italy that tbe gov
ernment calling upon property owners
to devise soma empioymaat for tbl w»
As Englishman hai invented a deek
|or tbf dm of persons tr»wliig, the
table of which is fixed n anch a w^y
thai it rMBliM steady in efHt« of the
awaying of tlie bout or train.
HxiiKmii miner* and iMOnhflte^
•in in Kentucky wfll be required to pay
their men twice a month and in legal
UOMT -not in time card* or store «*r
der*. The last pro visum in a particn
Itrir just one and should be universal.
A Btcr-KTLY deviaed Frwrh method
of testing the purity of drinking water
is to pot a drop of a solution of- per
lut&gtnait1 of potash in a (jiamol water,
it the latter leeoraes yellow, it 1* not
potable, ii U remaius
IT MMU that the African aWqphant
is in danger of being as thoroughly ex
terminated as ha» been the A mertean
bison ElephaoU not mauv yeMrn ago
roamed the dark continent in countless
Wd» but the demaml for ivory has
4aus#d them to be relentless! y hnntetl
luid tliey have become so marce that tbe
supply of ivory has greatly decreased.
and its price ha*advan-*d in proportion.
0ft3, and Africa, 12,77.1. These are the
l«nd lines. There are, beanie*. #50
sub marine cables of a total langth of
I ia, 701 nautical miles.
Mui India rubber are the sane or very
awniar gums. Thia, however, is a ma»
imke India rubber is the solidified sap
of a4kmth American tree. It i* of a
aoft gummy nature: not tenac^ms, but
verv elastic is easily d»«c*mpo»etl bv
oily sulMtaBeea, and doe 4 not stand
a&dn wall, dntta perclis whieh ia
found only in the Bast ludlea, is ob
tained from th*gntta tree. It is a brown
lah gtun. which solidiftae by expoaure
to tkm air.
OOTUUIOM and Corgreaaaaae rafra
saoUng the thirteen original Htatee. met
at Philsdelphia the other day. and took
initial step* (oward the
turned for her to ait
want of eve»ybody
democratic baais.
oct to% very body."
ITALIA* EDITORS have triad ha»d to
translate tbe words BnlW" Bill. On®
of them make* it "Campagnia An»ari- larly in the foreits .bout
ema Ji (ioglifln)» Hnlfilo (kvHrotiif
heUaggio" '"the American trotlie of
William Buffalo Savage We»t."i
clew, it may be
I-r ta arid that a rather pomjiaw wia
fr»ter once met I* Barntim. the circus
manager, ami Mad him-. "Mr. Bar
Hum. yon and I have met on tbe tem
|eraitce platform, and 1 hope wa ahall
tueet in Heaven "We shall," replied
Bsmum, confidently, "if you ra there.
A TRAMP Kent to jail for six mouth*
in an interior town warmly thanked the
justice for hi* kiudueaa. It n better
than *100 cash to him He oan eat,
smoke. chew, drink, sleep, hd play
card*. and will gain twenty |*rands of
fat, all at the expense of the taxpayera,
TWK Countess Carlotty, wko died of
utarvfttioQ in London the other day,
buggiaf a bag containing $Hi,000 in
gold too stingy to spend a cent of it
ior the food she needed—did just the
right thing That ia, she died Her
heir* will pay tribute to her memory by
proving that a full purse and an empty
stomach are moom patible prma—ions.
THK late Edwin Owle*. editor of
AOCOSDIVO to a recent oftieial return Christians, prrfe^»Ml their religion and
tlie length of the telegraph line* mi the had partially recovered his vast empire
globe is at proaent alxut »«',(MX» nnles, when Stanley was marching along the
twentv-su times its circumfereuce at ictoria Nyanxa on his way home from
lihe equator. Enrope has telegraph Kmin's province. Mwanga sent to
linea measuring 'iW.JTn miles America. I tan lev and mvitad him to Lead an ex
Aaaa, 50,875 Anatralia, 20,-
people think that gutta pareha
memorial to perpetuate the memorv of
event* leading to the formation of the
United States government. The gath
ering wa* a notable one, and there was
nearly a full representation from the
thirteen Btal*» It is quite likely that
a BMHuoriat worthy of the nation witi lie
ereeted at Philadelphia at the outcome
of lAw movement.
Et-ttrKAKKK Carlisle anaaa t» kit
man of real Qourtasy of feeling. A cor
reepcmdent wriWia: "I rode dowi with
him from tbe Capitol one day in a
street *r and hen we
the avenue arming negro girl entrrel
the car There W»JI 110 «e*t for her aiul
& she gras|«d for the strao as she looked
up and down the benchesboth sides.
I mm surprised to see Mr Carli^e half
fiat* to give her his place A moment
fa* saw that he could make room
jw her be«id« biui awl he^ crowded the
Met of n« up against the cud and \mo-
Inwn. Hw treat
|K 011 the SUM
Hi* late hst ring
RKKIT A. Wickatoad* 1 Ganadiaa tap
gineer, find* that railways can not carry
freight for less than one-third of a cent
per ton per mile, at a speed of flfw-ea
mile* an hour, while ships can
carry it at ten milt** an hour foi one
twentieth of a cent, and *0 he proposes
that the (.'aniulutH canals I* enlarged
so that ooeac gtiing Te^wle^ mm re.v-h
the lakm and receive oargoea of graia
for Enro|»e. To enlarge them wt*t1d
coat tTO (MK),000, but it would give them
Bin*-teeth* of the grain carrying.
WIIXUM ATKINS, of Masardis. ayovaf
hunter anl guide of the uppav^Arooe
took region io Maine, get* hit living
wholly in the foraih*- In the summer
he acta as guide tor certain New. York
sportsmen who Hpend the summer regn
the headws
ters of the Aroostook. lJurmg the
Winter he carries 011 all alone through
out the season the Imame** of trapping.
He most of the time fifty to seventy
five miles from the neareit settlement.
His traps, al»out two hundred in num
ber, are stretched from the headwaters
of Ht. John to the headwaters of tfca
Penobaoot southward.
IN the north of China the climate is
quite cld, and there are no stovea or
fireplace? ic the wayside inn*. In some
of the general rooms are small char
coal braziers. t»nt the bedrooms, which
are very acantiiy furnished, contain
nor bed. lu their place
in a brick platform lng enough for a
man to stretch himself at full length
upon and raised a foot or two from the
floor, with an opening in the ride. Into
this aperture the servant pushes a |an
of but ning coals, and when the bricks
are thorough!v heated the traveler
spreads out upon them the bedding he
has brought with kuu, and 'iff
rest on his store.
Cleveland Leader, had a f*culiar da
feet of hmriug thai was not discovered
Until he was 2H years old. Thin was
that he cx^nki not hear the himmtg sound
tf the human voice nor tonee like the
Bungs of bitd« or certain musical tones.
Be con Id hear low-toned conversation,
but ha never heard a note of a bird's
TH* Hervite Fatlier» are atwut to
build a new Catholic church in Chioag*
which will be the largest church build
ing ever erected 111 that city or the West.
The edifice will cost $5i(0,(MK). Two
towers will rise to a height of 210 feet,
while over the transept will be an im
mense dome 75 feet in diameter, 360
feet high and on the inside 180 feet in
the clear. The interior will have IT
altars sad the entire seating capacity
will be about 2.500. The projectors of
this structure the Servite Fathers
compose an Italian Catholic order,
whoHe churches, schools and mi«tsioii
arie* are known throughout North
^merioa. They intend that this shall
he the home of the order in this country
Tha ordet already baa aaverad great
Htructures, the largest of whieh is a
school building in Chicago.
MWAMOA haa recovered hla ihlOM
without Mr. Htanley's aid. The mis
sionaries whom he so foully peraecuted
with acta of banishment, spoliation and
murder have forgiven him and restored
him to his old supremacy in I ganda
The history of this uuscrupulous savage
is exceedingly interesting He aue
ceeded the noble Mteaa. but soon
showed himself to be a graceleaa tyrant.
The Arabs obtained control orer him
aud inH|»tred him to *11 the atnx-ities
which have made his name infamous
But he offended them also, and they d«
posed hitn. He sought refuge with the
|iedition into Uganda, but
plied with a curt refusal.
He HeW Hh Teeth.
A fNwth-street pawnlwoke# mm
ama/.el on Saturday when a poorly
dressed man walked in, and putting hia
right hand to hif mouth, drew forth a
nice-looking set of false teeth, which ha
laid on the counter.
Well, what ia Uf gaaped the pawn
What can I jet on em?" Mud the
man, carelesaiy nodding toward the
your teeth?"
"Ye*, on my teeth."
of a
wont #W# to
"I kaow that*
-You do rh**
"Yes perfe-!tly. I oan't get anything
to eat. Cousoqtumtly my teeth are or
no use to me Tis true, I might keep
them for ornamental pnrpoee* but le
inga poor man, I *an't aflord that.
Then, again, when I get angry I might
indicate that such wan the fact by
showing my teeth,' but, alas, that
doesn't pay either
At- the shade# of night began to flail
the two, the jsvubroker and the man,
were still negotiating, the man trying
to argue the superior quality of tha
molar* and the imwnbroker }»er»uaaiveh
proving thrt deetli were really a drug
in tl»e mariuai. Mmm
He'd H» (Jane dni,
Hie frill' waa away but she kept him
under mm eillance, ae far as poaaible,
from a distanc*-. He was oomjelletl in
hu letter* leli how he spent his time.
"Have vou bean out mgl^te since 1
leftsue inquired regularly in a poet
And he, honest husband that he waa,
answered "I have not bean out a single
Relief t'aaae te IMh ef The*.
A young man traveling few a
Vork BiMe eonoeri? «a^
hotel recently sod before
it hix businens went to the bar for a
drink. He had just reached the door
wlion. he was startled au l|fsrition
iti the sombre clotlied penon of hi* em
ployer, wh lisd utoppoa over a day oa
s flyii«K trip to ('hicago. where
lH+ti*e^ tind a large and attractive tieid»
Seeing the employer, the yotniK
unconcernedly walked on into the wa*h(
room and began to lave his hands. Thf
employer tireless!v sauntered d«wn th«
)-ug corridor, round through tha
billiard hall, and just a* he enteredlha
bat again encountered his traveling tdist ur lied.
plve, v» t»oHing |Kilitel.\ walked oil
int« the billiard halt and Immc ab»
sorbel in watching a game of billiard^
But he kept an eye o« his employer,
and, when he disap)»eared, returiMwi tO
the bar after the covets! drink.
Again he fan into the "Id man and
r«'ceeded on tuto the wash r«H»in. wher#
te agiiiii bsthei hh handn The em
pltiver then took a turn witching th%
spiuning ivory globes. Anon the youttf|
man made another effort Tbe em»
plover w as again oncounterml. Theil
they chaug^l pik e* once more, th#
yoiiug man «atcliing the billiards an«|
the old man washing his ha' d-.
The drummer then contrived and exefc
cuted a coup d'etat, or something of thai
sort. He called for las coat sf the coate
room, and told the old man as thef
s^ain passed in the bar, that he gno-^Hl
he'd 1/0 out and call on a minister w hota
he was working np mto a Bible-buying
Then he walked around, eame through
the billiard hall, once more want, into
the bar.
"Well." he said, milingDlaaaantW aa
he encounUred hi* employer »igalnf
forgot to wash mv hstul*." Then h#
stole into the w ash-room, see red aiound
the corner of the wall until he saw th#
old man disappear, then he hastened
back to the bar. The aame uisptratiot
IOMI flred the old man, and they collided
nce more Then thev had to waak
By this time their hands were whit#
sr.d soft, and their fingers I beginning t#
••hrive! up like tlmse of a washerwoman.
Both were growing des]»erate ami th#
aid man said lu »«releiia, oil-hsmti mmat
"Oh, by the way, Phflltim doywg
ever tlrins s glass of le*'r ?n
I'hillup said Well, ouoe in a great
while." Then a great feeling at relief
tilled them. listrust was metamotfr
phoned into jierfect trust and sweet cone
fidence, and the dark despair of tha
hothat was dying in each longing
suddenly brightened
Ha* How ye talk! If daya scatter
1 reckon yon will watter, too. You jist
•wit right dar as bold as anylxxlv ani
when de feller calls out 'T-a-r-burrei
vou git out an drap off, aa' WUlhui.
Henry will be right dar to meet yon
Better kiss dem chillen."
She kisses the children in roiaiion. IH
hugged and kissed bv all the women
iind a« each 'Man shakes hand* with her
he aays:
"tiood-bjm, Mrs. Yadldfc. Btskot
won't nobody hurt Toti."
"Oh, Lawd -oh, lAwd.'1
"Now, honey, shet dat arjta'f OH)
mands Itetiben. "Iar cums de bullgine
an' kvars, an' jev gwim fnr shore Ki.,«
de ole man an' git dem eyes wiped out
so ye won stumble."
night since yon left" i bails into his l»ody. Mrs Hardwioke
He told the truth. Re bad not "gone mt*rpo*ed her own person between the
out" once He had staid in the game w»unded soldier and hi* would-be mui
every time And this vwtt M-1 and strove hard to save him,
Uw as a snap-babble
Hhe given him a hug and a kiaa, cral*s
up each child for a last eareas t«fi a
new grip on her umbrella and bundle,
ami as the train rolls up she chuibs into
the siuokei, jsikes har head out of the
window and (mils
"Dis leavin you all 1MMdan broke ro»
imart! (*ood bye, Marv Hannali
Mi«. Judson Keubeu all of you 'un«
if I git to Tnrboro', fur shore I'll write
me. tf I doan' nebbat git dar
1 11
The bell ring«, the whistle blowM. a&<l
the train rolls away with all hats wi
ing and bandauax tiuUwruuj a last fare
well to M», Yadkin. —Detroit Ft*?
Hew ft Brave Pefrnded Ber
Mrs. Kllen Hardwicke, who mm
nearly ninety years of age, died at Mi*
Houri Cit rec«utly. SIm- was one
but UM buahwhiokars thmM bar aside
and kept up their brutal work until
they believed htm deal, but he feigned
in a Tob-do death and eventually recovered.
starting out
fifce Prapesetf te lie, hat She Had a
Mental Reservation.
It is ni^ht on a lonely road. A guilty
couple are fleeing from the wrath of »n
injured husband, Their horaea are in
full gallop and the riders are almost
breath lesik
We shalT be «r«rtnkait,* gnapad tlw
"It kali over vHI oa," ri|b the
"11 we Me killed so mash tha bet
yea, 1 long for death."
"But no! he wiu not kill na*
Why not?"
"He knows that life without J0V
"Oh! Agony!"
"Would te more painful to me than
death by your side. Oh! that w^pouid
die together!"
"So your husband will apare on.
"You. lccause h« lovia J*M urn be
cause ho
They are silent for n tiraa, at ill riding
fariouah onward.
"You are quite sura,
denlv, "that there is no hopa?"
"Not the slightest."
"No possible {Saoe of refag#?"
into tb#
gl*d. joyous sparkling aunshiue of ez
l-e. tstions all fulfilled, and hopes fully
Hilwiae te Tarter*."
When Prince Bismarck and Count
flecJubcrg ware Prussian and Austrian
embassador* resj»eetively at the Frank
fort iiet, Bmnarck soon discovered
that the count, though au honorable
man, was hot-tempered and passionate.
Count ltaohburg. in his turn, cordially
disliked Prussia and its representative,
but did all his power to keep on
amicable terms with him.
8till, there were many occasions,
both political aud social, where tbe fric
tion between them l»ecame very ap
parent One day thing« (mme to such
a i*int that the count, losing his temper
ntterlT, exclaimed
'One of my friends shnll wait yon
in the morning!"
Why all this unneoeeaary delay?"
«atljeil Herr von Bismarck, ooolly. "In
alf protability vou have a pair of pis
tols handy l*et us settle the matter
immediately While you get the things
ready I will write a report about the
whole transaction, which, in case I am
killed, I request vou to forward to Ber
Each set about hie tnak. Whan Bia
marck hasl finished bis paper, he gave
it to Count I tech berg, and requested
him to examine it.
The count's paasion had, the mean
time. given way to sober reflection Af
ter perusing the report, he naid. "What
yon have written is unite correct, but is
tt real 1 v worth while to fight duel for
inch a reason
"That in ex-*otly what I wish In be
told, sakl Biamarck, and Me JMMHskt
Home time afterward tuis soldier a©-
com earned his omsuiand Ufiori an
exjjeditioii ap the Missouri Hiver on a
steamboat, When the boat reached
Missouri Citv nauib«Mrs of soldiers went
ashore to clean out the town. This
soldier was one of the first to jnzhp
[email protected], and running to Mrs. Hard
wicke's hotel, notified the others that
not a thing about the premises should
le molestexl, and. further, that if any
attempt was made the one doing
would imperil his life. His efforts in
her behalf were of avail, an she was not
,S7 ton (HolrthDepi* rai.
die aska md~
And we almi! usver see
"Then !e«t twtffe*"
"I ask nothing better," he criea.
"Listen At the turn of the rond—"
1 know. There ia n frightful ytaei
"Use TOOT Bpurs!"
"Fsatort Faatert*
"And let us plunge togeUw—^
After one last kiss!"
"Take it!"
Their lips meet.
It's atwrut half an hour to traif
when I'ncle Heiiben and hie old wifa
ami six children and a crowd of twenty
others came down to the depot Ie
ole woman ar gwine up to Tarboro',
sah," and tbe rest have oouie to see lis#
off. She was crying with one eye an
she approached the depot. She oritfP
with both when she reaches it.
den. honey," «avw the old man
as he pats her on the shoulder. "Ir.e
gwiue ter git a ticket."
"Oh, Lewd' lis gwine away di^
gwine away' I wish shore 'nuff I'd dun
stayed home!"
"Shew, Mrs. Yadkin'," aaya on* of
the women, bat doan' I dun wish I war
gwine on dem kivered kyar* up to Tar
"I'd dun give my eye to go," adds an
"Iar's de ticket," aaya Uncle Reuben,
as he returns with it, "an' I reckon yon
can't miss de road. Doaii' you git of!
dem ky^rs 'till you git to Tarboro' 1"
"If yon do you in a loat woman," aatl
one of the females.
"(ht lost in de a warn pa. shore nuff.
add* a second
"Oh, di.i gwine away dis gwine
away!" wails tbe woman. "Reuben. I'ze
dan' feared of my life. 'Hpoee dem
k vars scatter off de track
Welcome, death «4f»» III# Vw§» aa
his horse plunges madly into tlie abyss.
But madam is a akillful horse
woman a graduate of the lest riding
school in l'ari*L With a powerful and
adroit pull of the reins she stop* her
quivering stoed at the very edge of the
precipice and iooks smilingly down
at a man who is falling from rook to
rck snd holding tip his bleeding hands
toward her. When be is lost in the
darkness she carefully guides her home
to the road and canters back to meet
her husband.
Thinking It Orer.
BeMieadetl persons sometimsa
the mildest of citizens, when they can
be persuaded to stop and think. It has
been said that a douche of cold water
will disjterse any mob, and reflection is
certain!v the »alutarv cold bath of the
(taesionate individual.
Hhe Knew Mini Belter.
Among the converts at the present
c#rival in Hichmond is a man whose
Wife left liim recently on account of at
I«ged cruel treatment. Sorrowful and
repentant, as the story goes, he called
on the partner of his bosom, not long
sine* to promise belter fashion* and ask
tor forgiv«m»es». The aggrieved wife
listened to his story, but concluded that
»tt* could not overlook his past offence*.
"But the lord haa forgiven me,"
gorged the saved sinner, "Mad why easl
the princi|alH in an incident that hap
pened during the cival war, which
»howed that she was a very brave wo
When Fernando Hoott's buah whack
nrs, among whom was Frank James,
killed Capt. Banus Heasioue of the
militia in May 1863. near Missouri
City, they rharged mto town and found
a wounded Federal soldier at th# hotel
of Mrs. Hardwioke They tired at him
as he |»y on a lounge ond put several
The woman nhook her bead emphatic
ally. as .she replied "If the Lord knew
one-sixteenth part of your deviito He'd
never forgive you ui this world or tha
otxt HU hmovfit ffae.
Met KtM ia Jeh Late.
*1 fonnd, the other day, a dfWBHM*
who had Iteen on the road three years
and had made only one sad*
he leaned over the cigar
Nobodt believed him.
What'did he sell?" askad thewhiaky
-Hu^moaioa hriijaa Out
Lirr. i« U* short to l»e wasted in
petty worries, fretting*, hatreds and
vexations. Let us liaiush ail tbeae, and
think 11 whatsoevei thoigs ure pure
anil i^v#j| Jmdagriliif X#.
pmi, v
It Is a Marvel la Mwr* Wajr«
Th no pari of civili/.atton »Sve Onli
ftruia does the prino tight find tolera
tion, In Europe it was never known
ontaide of (treat Britain, Mid in this
one spotlit was *oipc years ago abol
ishes by law. Even in the Bortth
wkere personal contests «jtli pistol and
knife have been recognized, or at k»st
tolerate«l, the contests of flats in the
ring have never had a habitat. Cali
fornia Ktan.l- alone in tbe two hemis
pheres as the }atron of the prize fight.
Tha? this state should Ite so excep
tional in
this one
|»rticular is
to be
wonderel at when the origin, history
and com H«ition of the Htate are taken
into consideration It has l«eeri excep
It «ra« discovered
many year* lefore Virginia or New
York, although these provinces were on
a direct line to the ipute of the Spanish
discoveries. I.ving on the cpjhsitf side
of the contin&t, it was au irregularity
in its boing reached long in advance of
other regiouM.
It WHS %r»t inhabited by Indians,
then by Spanish monks, and its first
forms of government were established
ami ad ministeretl by Jesuits. It was
Otic* a Soanish }Kwer, then a Mexican,
«nd after many changes in local gov
•rumeut eame into the jxusseasion of the
nitetl SUtes. To-day there is hardly
a city or county in the State that has a
name of Anglo Saxon origin, Spanish
and Indian name* alsmnd in the no
tterielature of this curious province. It
•%&h settled nearly two centuries be
fore the fact waa discovered that it was
the richest gold-bearing diitriftt in the
world. When the revelations of 184W
acre made, the souls of Cortez and
others of the Hpanish robbers that
scoured the American coasts for gold
must have l«en wrung with agony over
their failure to And the great treasure
box of nature
Exceptional in being almost valueless
for two centuries Mid then in an hour
leaping to tlie .very front, through its
nnneral wealth, it is equally anomalous
In everything else, in lUt canon* its
Hiighty trees, in its varieties of climate,
the diversity of its productions, and its
populations of Chiuese, Indians, and ae
Oessiona from all tbe nations of the
earth, Six times has its principal city
lK*en destroyed by ftre for a long time
ft was the greatest gambling center of
the world it was upturn by violence
without a parallel in ils severity.
During the war it held itself aloof
from the contest, and assumed the pari
Of an indejH'ndeut State, refusing to re
ceive the money of the go% erument or
to contribute anv considerable support
in men in the can*e of the I niou. it is
the *oil in which flourished, Broderick,
Terry, Laura Fair, the Hand-letters,
Kalioch. aud other notables without
limit. It has had more murdera, tlouda,
lynching*, tires und earthquakes tlMsn
anv other State in the Union,
In view of ull theft exceptional de
velopments in the history? of thi- state,
is it at all wonderful that it {perpetrates
the eccentricity of being the sole coun
try in civilization in which scientific
}rui»ntr receive^ recognition? It won
a par with, it is a harmonious portion
of, au existence which is disaitnilM to all
precedents, aud unlike anything eiae in
the growth of other communities.
Possibly the love and cncuuragemant
of pugilism, the eagerneas to see two
men maul and bruise each other, are
the outgrowth of the Hpaidsh element
ia the California blood, which enjoy
the bull-fight and thrills with savage
at the sight erf gore. The variou*
athletic clulw of California are the
arenas, the l'laza de torus of Spanish
taste for amusement, and the bull
necked tighter* answer for both the
wild brutes and their antagonist*.
I and others of hig kind art*
sedwtotute- ls»th for the bulls, tin
dors and naatodovaa of the
It Was Fixed far Jete.
"My husband doesn't chew aaJ
fobacco," said a t.ewlv-married wmnau
to a party of friends, "or at least lie
doesn't where I can see him
H«*w did yea stop tritef* th^jr all
The m«i*ing after we wwre war
ned." iiegao the lady, "and he and I
were sitting on the front porch, I no
ticed l»a was ill at
and finally I
asked him what was the matter with
'My darling he aaid, taking my
hands, 'there is something that I should
have told vou l»efore we were married.
"What is it I gasped, as the vjUon
of another woman swept over me,
'Love he answered, 1 am ao in*
veterate tol»acco-chewet. Oanycm, will
you, forgive me?'
"As he finished I slipped my hands
from his and, drawing out a box of snuff
and a brush. 1 said:
'Oh, John. 1 am so glad yon spoke
of it, for I'm nearly crazy for a dip,'
"His face was a picture, 1 can tell
you. and in less than three minutes we
bad entered into a solemn compact to
forever abstain from the *eed.
"And did you really use snuff bafore
von were married aafcad one of ftba
"No," answered tha wife, "but I waa
axed |»r Joka."—AtUmta ConiHtu
Moral: Dent Wink at Pigs*
Tha adage that a cat may look at a
king has been mentioned in this and
other news}apers, and is generally con
sidered .ouud Nevertheless in Ire
land a man may not wink at a pig Ed
ward M'-Uiniey. of Kiult wa* sentenced
to three months* imprisonment for this
crime. The pig with whieh McOinley
took thhi optioal lil»erty was the prop
terty of a iK-yootUsl farmer, and, by a
remarkable coincidence, a H«»mA Rule
butcher was about to pnrchas«« tie ant
zuaJ when McOinley, also a Hom
ltuler. wtuketi at it. The prospective
purchaser thereupon turned his back
upon the pig. aud the owner had Mc
Ginbif arrested The pig, while re
gretting McOinley's misfortune, ex
f^sses »at:sfacti n at the present oondi
ttoi: of affairs, since no butcher has yet
dared to pnrchaaa it lor alfaaartaty pcr»
A st rris rtcuN oalculat«w that the
total tonnage of the world, steau. and
,aatl, & round number* ^11
which SQ^par eaat ia British.
Keen Hrent..
PABTY ware
seated in the of
flee of a hotel in^^'- v*vC*
Illinois ?own* "•«,
oiitt.ev ei.lMg not. J?
long ago. hi 1
wig itwav
time with genial"'-* 'h"*
chat, whona bttf
N ewfouu I a n 1
dog l»elongiugto^f
the night e«t»ikr:.rf
woke up from^^'
his comiorta&le nap naar the stove audtp
yawned dismally "I have got the^T
Hinartest dog in the eoontrv, for
money.* said thelwisd clerk "Hs can
do anvthiug but talk." A well-dressed,Jf
liiiddle agcnl stranger, who was a metu
oeroi the party, said ,JlL
"I wish Hpot was here ha'd show
you something worth seeing. He has^
the. keenest scant of any dog 1"
Being preaaad to tall aboat "Hpot,
xtrangor continued: Bpot'is an
ExgUsh setter. I paid for him 4
and $1,000 wou't buy him I was hnnt
ing prairit* chickens in Iowa last fall,
certain town in that State One even
iug a traveling man from New \ork
dropped into the hotel ottce. He took
a'fancy to 'Spot' and w anted to pur
chase liim immediately. Of eoniwe I
laughed at the
and at lh«»
xanie time took occasion to expatiate
upon the dog'* wonderful sense of
smell. He can tind anything that yrtl
are a mind to hide from him.
'I'll wager twenty-Ave dollars ha
can't find my handkerchief 111 this
houae if you'll let me hide it where
wish to," replied the New Yorker.
"I immediately covered the money
with the proviso that Spot should havo
free access to every n*k aud corner of
the house when in search of the hid*
deli artiehi.
"The Now-Yorker left tbe ofHca, and
was gone tor a "balT hour: Spot re
mained asleep on the office floor near
my chair When the New-Yorker re
turned I called out: Spot, this gen•
tleman haa lost his handkerchief: find
it at once.' Spot jnmjed up. wagg»*(
his tail, and went o\er to the New
Yorker He studied around the man'if
^tilting atul for a maiiumt anJt-—
then started upstairs. We waited
(Mitientlv for ten minutes, aud then
chambermaid came dowu in a hurry
inform the clerk that an awful ra«'ket
was going 011 up in the garret As tha
derk was posted he said 'All right,
Pll «ee about it dust then Spot cani»t
downstairs with a handkerchief in hu
mouth. But I was the maddest man
for a minute you ever saw. The dog'*
beautiful brown coat was inky black
with soot. Didn't I swear? Yon see,
that infernal New-Yorker had hid th#
handkerchief in an old fashioned druin
stove in the garret, and then shut tha
stove dKt lu getting the th*r oi»ei|
'Spot' had overturned the stove, but
he crawled iu just the same and got
the handkerchief, 1 gave a oolored hoy
Ave dollars of thi stake money to waali
'Hpot' off
The party of listeners looked at on#
another in silence and the night cierlt
to himself
Many of the first settlers of lllinoit
were rude in spaech and rough iu man*
ner. Money was scarce with them, and
service was paid for in produce. Cover*
nor B., according to the New* Yorfc
Ledyer, used to illustrate these inci
dents of frontier life by the Mowing
anecdote One lay when he was jusr
tice of the peaee tkere came to hia
offioe a young man, accompanied by a
young woman.
"Be you the s|ttira?" naked tike manly
"Yes, sir."
"Can jm tim tha knot tor right
•Tea, sir."
"How much do yw« chamat"
"One dolkr ia the lagal toe, sir."
"Will you take your Me in baaa
wax T"
"Y'^s, if you ai"» pay cash."
"Well, go ahead aud tie the knot,
and 111 fetch in the wax
"Mo," said the squire, thinking ther#
#as a good charn-e for a little fun
"bring in the bees wax firat, and thea
IU marrv you."
Reluctiaitlv the youth went out ta
where ass hitched the hors« upon
wliich. Dai bv ai.d Joan fashion, tha
pair had ridden. Mid brought the wag
in a sack On being weighed its valuf
I was found to be only about half (1
1 dollar.
at a well known hotel at a
"Wall," said the anxious groom,
the kuot and I'll fetch mora wax nai
"No, sir I don't traat that'a acaina*
tha role* of this office
Slowly the disappoil
turned to go out, saying
"Come. Hal let's go?"
"I say Mister," answered Sal, with
a woman's wit, "can't you marry ua aa
tor a« the wax will go?"
"Yes, I can, and will," replied tha
"a^aian." laughing and hadU.
atcd yoath
He Was Ksael,
*]nvt said a }ortly gentleman ap
heorawled inside the conveveauce, "cat
vou drive urn to the VOJUMI -W jtjlh and
5 streets*^
"Can I drive yon thaw?'*
"That a hat I aaid."
"My dear
I wouldn't be guilty of
aneli an Httenipt, even if 1 had tsr W
pieion that i. would meet with success,
It will, however give me great plea«ur»
to drive the horsaa whatevar point
you may select und stop tha vehicl^.
promptly ujon its arrival.*'
C^nal, bat ta the Paint. '*,
Bftae Bored "Mr Dollcy, yo«aaaa»
to lead an inactive life why lis it thai
you never do^nvthiug
Mr. tolley -"I'm waiting for an iraty
Man Bored (looking at the cinch
"I wish you could have one now
Mr. liullev (eagerly WYhv
Misn T'ored "Beoauao peopla are
usualh carriot) away with tmpulaa."—
Philadeli'h ta Cre**
Xk r"dki»g wtw, always sit on th§
furtheat from the cow *ud naar
aeflk apai ii'lha past«Mk

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