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4le Kills His Victim Imma-
iiateiy on Arrival from
& i, 4 -ifcP Firm of Brefcort Ms tor
I $300,000, Without Mawriol
V* Ji&mts
Wlnone* Great Flouring- Milt* and
Eiovators Burned, with Heavy
Loss—Crimp and fi iiuiill^.
Teem. May M.
A terrible tragedy nrt«rrml ui VV nil
flirtfi, N«w York, when a vindiotive young
#*u, Alphuuso Mepheufe, shot and
Sortttliy wounded Law?** t'liu
leu J. Reynolds. the merderer
hkd been iiut s fee liouri. in the city, hav
tag put wriTotl th» W tiite Stsr ateauter
M^esii. from I.ir«rjKMil The csus* of
tragedy «M as folio**
jSI«plMa« father came# Ml it*. hrt
Hhsinesa in New York IIV tiled two Tears
g£o leaving bit* wife NolcfiMuirit. Alpbonao
»r.*Wil ou ttw husiceet, but converted
•uch of it into c*»h, dspwiitug $60,000
With ti of* deposit company ii« quar
teled tilti aad aeaaalted hi» mother, and
tiro MunUio ago «««l to Europe. Dartug
Me »b*#nc« bin mother consulted
l#»wyei Keynolde, who advised an at
IC'broeid ftgitinet htm mi«* tbe mMy
4tpo«it ompany. lie probaiiy heard of
this on his arrival and at once went to
fctooldi office, vlwn be held in tutor
»4e* with kirn in tbe inner office, Heer
talK a sbot tired the ot'cU|Mul« of tbe outer
eOW rushed in an.! found Stephens
eSeudmg over Keyuolds with smoking
l»v oJ*«r in the baud end Reynolds prob
ably faulty wounded, with a bullet wound
beloe tti« brart 8te plums wan M
tasted sad Keyuolds «u removed to abos
ri^IN» N»M THI FLAM sen.
Wli*"v« Mtai.
Fira c^arle^l
»t Mill at WlwnCiijptifly
Utv Si.
ii. tbe fire room of the Wi-
Mua Mill comptaT'i imoMaee Son ring
•til and the eattre plant, including the
a^U *i«fttor and wttrrottudiiag halldinga
jgf a- .l*fltX£v.fejL E*fcrv efHixt. aam u*ad*s^tv.
fO«*aut th« spread ot the ttrr to Ue msoo
tottaris^: intereat« «MMtward. The
Aiaiee shaped bttndre!« of f«*t mto
%bts air, wbilr the heet »aa aiuoat anboor
•bte Tb^ t«Ul Ions on the property ie
estimated at manred for 9200,-
There were about fe'j.UOU tmsbele of
*iMt in the elevator, and l. J«( ba^r*U nf
flear ttt the mill. I'be company employed
I»«n. fbv mil! bad a upnntj of ijUM
ktrreia, and waa about the ftneet equipped
iHiddmi of tie kind in the world,
BiarafmlaWw* Mbaet deao SMM*
Wis.. Key IS,
iuatraetiona he*e been gieen tbe chief
af j»oliee tn AablHr d, Wig., ti» order all
Humbler*, ptugKerv' and worthies* people
te leave the city in ahort order. Aehleitd
hfc» alwayH been infeet«Ml with a laiye imm
ker of Hum '|aMH. and at present their ate
Ho 1«M than wetl-dreeaed «jortK wbo
dertve tbetr «ap|ort fron. .ju«»Htionable
ai»uree«. Theae vulturee swoop down ttpon
Hie Horde of woodamen who oeme from the
tatmbei mnifMi -sery taring, entn iug them
lit low re»ort«, au.i aoiauv of thevkHinn are
fteeeed in a Mingle ui^bi of a wbole wm
%tr eerni&Ka. Thia atate of affairs haa
||ng been a diagiace to the city. and the
will be a aoatoe el ftftBgr»tala
to every honeat ritUea.
Chlvaff* Whoat
crop ret^rte tad the eAarte el
^ithorta" to cover bad the effect of tnakine I At Mw
4 stronger opeoiuK is wheat thia morning
f'lie ,lnlf option atartetl at
yearly a oant atx'Ve tbe laat prtee of yee
|etday» and advanced to SWigc. when a re
|ton, oeaeed by heavy offeynga of
»ver«i prominent houaee eot ID u»d by
4f the prw^e waa bid down to iriii v"«Bt*.
tav and June were nominal, all interest
j-nutcnu^ in Jaly. uder beavy celling by
liutchin»ojLi, wboee ofturnNf* wheat ap
lock wer«
,tiOtMHNi bnaheia.
lime to cunts
5 I 4~ and stood at
eMtBiated an high a«
the pno» Urake at
for July, bet rallied at
Wife ami !«u(ht«r As»fc SlelSj|»
.IWoneBMTKK. Maea. May
The wife and daughter of President (1.
JjMtaaiey Hall, of Oiark anivenity at Wor
estrr. Main were found dead iu IMHI, ac
Tf- .dental) *.«f!Wat«*| by g»w. which -»cape.l
tilling the night from a ilefective burner,
t'raeident Hall i« oat of the to
we. Medi
•Val aid, which was promptly eaamoned.
..iiWHWi *d M0 avail. ,' ,4 ,^*-1
Jhattie mm WMkmm
At Nfeutitechem the men employed in
the uarriea, who mm en ebrike, sWwesI
the houses of lh« elftcials of the quarries
aad tried to taurder tb« director of one of
them The gensdanruae final I v qiwlled the
disturt«noe *fter a conflict with tbe strik
ers, during which a number of the farmer
J*i"imwiiwiTlaiW IMflttfatMPtHA aoamk.
Maaa'ox- f* May l.^
PreehytwisB MtniMetiel
tfay i.»
society was
opened at Saratoga, N Y., hy Dr. Herrick
•lohnsob. of i hioago, with between 1,« tto i visions of
tiU.it V 'f*" in attendan^L
its war
announced a
^rata from 8t Paal
railroad etill
on paesanger
cat to
to IK, Louis.
an-epeaoeil ImStSiise lonrss
nmruw. May w.
An order hi*
the reeent
t»een issued suspfiiduH"
A mmAVY XJ»XL «I'1T.
A UoDiimSCI rs
WIU yfc— »IIW.
litter* rave. Mai iS.
('harlew W. Stancell of »v,
•Ml «ur|.H.r*tioiiK b#*»ng i«rg«
*otlHnbnrK bt» *U«HI l*eorg« UM,
wtti! known oapit«it« of MUw»uk«v. claim
tog dftroagM for ai!«K«d Miaodet.
Bath parti#»« cone«rn«l are iarg**l* mt«r^aU*4
iu I be corp«»r.»t ion* known an th»' otb«*ti»
borg i aod inv»»Htnjfnt cMiij»anv, tbf
t»th«t)burg ('m«1 rompauy, and th« NV»
bm*ha Laud and Improve meat eompfto.T,
the nffiOt'H of wbicb at* locntrti at liotben.
burg. Neb, Tb« ^otuplaiut ti#|,N forth that
Lnriot{ tb«- month of April «i*f*ui*ut did
im nine (HMaaioiia, to p«"»«u)n re«ihng u|
different part* of X«br**kn at^d MilwunktH
aitiiaii plaijutirts character, oil li
htm a "thief and robbtr" that »n*h
Mtatsmenta »n the part of the defendant
were for, and with the pur|KMN' of
making u iui|M«mb|t* for Htancel! to t'on
duct Ui« bn"siri«eH. The pttttiea to »botu
thee# atatotueat* were nade »r«* utoekhol
era and imf^itaiiaiR a ore or Itna intetMt«d
ui thu orporatiou« lu^ntionad. and rtmun^
tbeci are O W (irwenc. of Oothe ii.Hr',
Uoev iiaotlde, M. K. Haul, (. 8, Harden
»od W Elliott, of Kearney, and A. 11.
HaJfleid, of Miiwattkee. Tbi caw pron
ip+.-L# **m» »ary racy t—fm)i,)»l
I'Mpwitow «*Ml Hm (N4
tttrwmrttNf Gar tka Maat*rjr.
May 15.
The tight at hioafto between the
hoe•«*, or their nou- anion employee sad
the brotherhood earpeatwe ie approaching
it crista.
Ticket* have IHWI aeni out liv the strike
'omaitte« of tbe cartenterN council for
the purpose of loonting all the non-union
gaaira employed by tbe old boaeea in the
eitv. Keporta have ooae in from saoh
picket detaita to tbe committee showing
that aiready the old boaaes have tunugxled
into tbf city and othen»me *ecar»»d »ud
placed at work 31)0 Joiuert, on varioaa
jobs Theae men ate workup ta gang«
of from eifrbt to twelve end »r«
movinK from one plaoe U another, work'an
a few boura here and a few hoara there in
order to help tbe old organization contrac
tor* nt of troQbie« brought on tv tbe
stoppage of work during the.itrike. Tbes
workmen are very nervoun and are work
ing nnder the eoni,tant guard of look
-m-«4- m-h -Hrt+- poatvd
the btiUdingK tipon which tL«*y are engaged
The wtrtke committee of tbe carpetitei
council haa within the peat few boat* ap
pointed a perau&ding" committee about
W Ntrong, conMwting of trusted men wb'
represent all of tbe twenty-three union* at
tbe city Thin committee wit) be rimded
u»d there to Llerview tbe non-anion
workmen. Thev will explain the ettaation
arf try to peratiade the a»en te qait we*.
'flum HMMtiwt rnoM—wd l«tlar* ieat
tk* IWIiira or UMW. ri«kt« Oa.
Nxw Ynna, May I
The Arm of Doreo, Wright a C^., W^l
Htr^et broker*, ban miuounced to itn c«"r
r»»«poudeutK it* iuabiitiv to meet it»« obh
gatiou». t. 1. lliiuma, «eneial mana
ts'er of the booee, said that no atatemest
won id he made for a eoupie of daya The
tuhilitieo, he addod, would be in tho nenrb
borbooii of MH'.iHlO, with only nominal
The lO»N will be diatriboted ail
o*er tbe oonntrv. hot no individual Ums
wtll eiceed flu.DUU. Willmmn aatd that
already the tirui had reoeivetl a number of
sympathetic and e»coaragu*g m*aaaje«
frotii many p^raon* who were among the
loeem. The ftrm ba» no indtebte^ineaa on
any of the e*('hangen New -rk. Tbe
lioaU'U house h^ «l«t noaj '-nib bn^-i-
Ikay Mar K«|Krtta| lk« MeKiMtey
Mil.Witt* Ita AaifMlmmt* tf M»« Huumm.
WaeatsoroN. May i»
In the bouae, McKiniey. of Ohie. trom
the committer on rules, reported a
resolution providing that hereafter the 1
booee shall meet at 11 odock, that
after the reading Of th» journal
and the disposal of conference reporta
tbe houee shall go into committee of the
whole ou the tariff, that the bill ahali De
read throngb, commencing with pt»ragrat*h
111, and shall be open to amendment
on any part it the hill following
paregraph 110, *ad that on Wednesday 1
nexl at noon tbe hill, with the |*iuliag
amendments, aha'I he reported to the
a long deiiate
agreed to yeas,
hooae. After
the reeolotion e
IM aejw. U.
Say re -and floderi
Meeera. MorriB,
v ere appointed coft.
I ferees on the neii%t« depembiut fyei^ien
biii, Tbe house then went into committee
ef the whole on the tariff hilt
Waaui^t^To^, May l."»
Among tbe \illa rejiorted from the com
mittees and placed on the calendar, were
tbe following Hills to amend the lavs
relative to shipping commissioners, aad
the bouse bill granting a peu'iou to Mrs.
lielia I'arnell The «»mate ttien at 1* 4«
reaumed the cows»derattou of tbe silver
bill, and Teller
criticism of it.
STasammnroN. May U.
The president has approved th#
tiding for the .liapoeal of Fort Sedgwick
militarv reeorvation iu i olora«i' aud Ne
braska to actual settlers nnder the ptro
the bom»etead la* act for a
public boikting
la., and the
eite entrtee ta Ofttla-
aew FnaJt' isco. May
doslah Stamfowl, brotfeeTof t'ofte#
Senator Iceland Stanford, sxtd s well ku
plpnee* of i/aiifornit*, diet! at his borne
stadeiitw of the sgocatturai *C«*1«UJ\ at
1 im Tlte order te due
dmoiden among the
usvi* i»ta*.
Stories of Boodlin^ in High
Paid Officials.
Ntmbart tff the Federal Cabinet hn
plleatad—An American Bood-
iar's Fine Hand
it Waiiaoe Robbed If a
Naphew of the Savings af
a lifalima ,.
gtrwar, ll^rli.
O. T!. Murpb\, *Tjo at oii«' "liinr""wa* a
Btetnber of tbe New York state logmiatur#,
and wh.» LB*! lo aaa«)a IOBH- eight y«-arw
ago with belonging to the ofltoe of
the New York Heeiie nonitotealoiier. baa
qtade aooif KtatPDientM wbieb bid fair to
unearth aoiue scandal* which will prove
far-r»a'hing ui then lolitu'al reaulte A
ahort tLK» after hiv flight to ('enede
Murphy joined tbe contract tog firm of
Larkin, (Vmnelly A Co., t.tiring fru«
thai Htm last year with a very Urge fort
une. Another member of the ttrai we*
Itobert MoQrety, brotbei of lb* Hon
Tho* M^Hrevy, M. I', for l^oebn West,
hoi^rt jrevy ooirolxiratee the atat^nent
of Murphy ami their joint revelation* ere
Ibe r« anlt of tbe diepate with other ineai
berH of tbe firm and of a famii) t|»amd t»e
olil tween tbe two MHirfvy* Both Morytby
and Hoiiert McCirevy furnish drtailx of va
riosiH aaaia of money paid by them from
1H83 to 1KWH for the ptirpoee of being
favored n* ptiblim contraotora by the Que
bec harbor cotumiaHionera and the public
work* .iep»irtnjt?nt of the loniinion gov
ernment. of which Hir Hector l^ngeviu ia
the bead Tbe total amonnt |«atd out by
the firm fur official favornt plaoeti at Siiit'.
CMHJ. Ifoet of thia money waa paid to tbe
Hon. Thomaa Mc(ire\ y. thoogb Sir Hector
I Angevin ta per«onaliy indicated in the
«tatem**rd of Murphy, and membera of
the fetleml ratmnt are aleo eaid
to be implicated. In 1W,
aoeerding to tbe atorie« of the two bnbera,
was paid to Thomas McGrevy for enabling
their firm to eeeure the contract for u crowa
wall in tftielrec baiitoi. In lx#M, they pant
frtfiUXM) for another contract eeeured from
the Quebec barlior romuiiaaion. in lKtM,
tb^y paid trill a Liiln-rv fund of
W*». in return for wbioh their firm aeenred
a SVjO.IHHt contraot for tbe conatrnction of
a government dock at Kaqnimalt. It. CJ.
lu 1H87. Thomaa Mctirevy was paid £&,•
tKMi for lucrenatng the contract price of
aone dredgtng in Quebec har(or from '£7
to 3.'» cenU per yard. Preliminary xU\-m
atteritfon^of iarfianieut have already been
rnadv Meanwhile, Mnr|by and lioi»ert
Metrrevy ltav« be«u ai reeled aad ait lint led
to bail on a charge of criminal libel made
bv Hon. Tbontaa Mc(«r«ry
Wa)isi*UMM «he Sawtage sf
Naw rnmm May ir,
Another young man turned ingrate aad
another old man cheated oat of the sav
ings of a lifetime, more than SSO.flOd loet
in confident-* displayed by a man of over
(10 iu a boy of le«» tttan 21 a boy whom
he bad come to look upon as a eon and
whom be was to make his heir tbe boy oat
of reach of the officers of the law for the
time Wing, at leant, bat another confiden
tial associate of the old man. soapttsted of
oomphoitv in the robbery, safe in a celt at
police headquarter* in New York, wbeee
Inspector Byrnes, with the utmost attempt
at Kecnnn, has held him for near'y a week.
linetiy put, this i* the story in which the
old man pert is played by John
Hi Wallaos, the veteran editor and
proprietor of Woiltu Monthly, which
is known the eoantry over aa an
authority on natters relating to
trottinK boiHeH. lloWrt I. Wallace, who
called the elder man uncle, and bad re
ceived more favors at bi« bands than moat
nephews, plays the part of youtbfnl ingrate
and thief and Leslie E. Macleod. coaft
dential aamK'iate of John H. Wallace, as
he waM associate iwlilor of WniUter
Monthly, plays the part of the su«|»eeted
acc»mpliee of tb" lad In b."» tleliberate
scheme of plunder. It eeems that Mr.
Wallace had abaolnte couftiienee in bis
nephew and allowed him to carry the keys
to h»s safe deposit !ox and to attend to all
his bank bnatneas. The resnit is the loee
of MMt worth of bonds and ahoat
to cuA.
lhaAVM.iv Ky We* ts._
Miss Ida La«)d wits until laat Haturiev s
Member of the Shaker society id Franklin,
£y. Bhe is a beautiful girl of SO years, s
htonde, witb blue eyes and hair like bur
nished gold. She wemed to he entirely
(s ntent witb her lot until laet week, when
sb* informed the members of the sbakei
einimunity that the bad math' up her aiiml
to leave and that she «ould Is- married l»
fore she left- Sunday night, at the hotel
at South Fnion, Miss fadd was marrietl
to M. A. Fairtraoe. a civil
,w ««—, —,
(ikv»:uN»«ts i*i.*Mii N V May 1.'
Nelson H. I'avt®, !. rig«diei general o#
Ihtt I nited Statee army, ntliai, yree
elrtehen by ea epoptetk At end died,
*»e Awvaant ot Ifta Difcti at{«si •eniiMMl
ntOO.OOO Me Is RssrmM.
Mjhhv, V Ma% tv
Tkokke«)ier Whitney, of Albany, has
frsen rearrested on a warrant charging
tini »ith making a false entry ui hix
look*. William flottld, of tbe firm of
lew lxok publishers, haa alao beea Mr
tested. fie amonnt taken from the
Sank T« at leant SHNMNMI. and the
of director* will prefer
eharuen of eollusioa to de
Ira u i against the partke iatereeted
With \\hitney ftr far ft* known three
iMy* business bonnes are involved, houses
Wretuforr considered reputable, tine of
Ww i*rti» to draw an a«*eo«nt t# the
femnlti proprietor of a saloon and hotel
whurv Whitney and the ttoulda s(ient their
•Son^v. Caahier Brooks tnalsts that tbe
batik is all right, bnt good financiers here
sa (hat while depoeitorx may not lose a
eent tin tiank i* cripple*! tnd its only hope
hi to rrorg inntr le*s han a month ago
l»"t S14O,!»SI by a similar operation of
the late cashier with Italph W. Tbadher.
the amount or tbe overdraft by 4hw tie aid
ttros. is sstimate«l at S^'i.tMMl,
AV»«#«KI Hi* M«Uttr'» Ptiyreti.
Plwu-iWt in i May
iu a desperate straggle at Portaewelh,
O ^[N»up«r Huston fatall 4ta?hed -Tames
Mault Niault wa« a lH.arderai the home of
Hnxtoii mother *nd preeunifd itpou bit
hhvinK loaned tier money to almost take poe
eeesion of her hoase and to induce her to
live with him. Young Huston bearing of
t|te »caud*l, returned home wdh the
atowed intention of avenging hit- mother's
wrong*. Ha found Mautt in tbe hooae.
drew u revolver and told the latter his
tftBi? bad eotne. Mault. wbo had be
eeme desperate, grabbed a large
curving knife Mad rushed at the
youn* man. The latter dropj«»l hifi
WOn|Hin anil, witb tbe remark Chat be
won la not take advantage of his opiMnent,
««ereeded in securing another oarviog
kai^e from the kitcnen table. Both men
wer* powerful and u desperate ntragglf
begat: The two fought for half an hour,
ewrvltnni! in tbe rootn iMjing l»es|«at»ere«l
with their hlooti. Finally Mutton suc
ceeded in planting the blade between
Menh ribs when be was on the floor
aad. throwing bis entire weight upon the
weapon he drove it ap to tbe hilt into his
body. the steel penetrating tbe victim's
heart. He then tried to find Mrs. Huston
Mil JUri I'jQt *ii£ hAii fkL Hunion, dmi
g^rouslj wounded, was arrested.
A Kelgtt Terror la t'lorMa
J4ich- 'N VH.I.K-. Fla., May 15
Vews has been received fveoi Oedar
Wv,'. ttiat thst city has f»mi In a
tertii'ie eomaonoii *inc« Saturday The
v u i A y a w e e
discharged at him while be was on the
street and warned to keep eff *he street
An inoffensive man, an Epiacopal clergy
nan aad hi* wife, have left the city to
a id horae whipping. The I nited States
collector has baeu held up lv Mayor Cot
tr-1 and his ally, the town marshal, and
threatened with imprisonment if la stepped
out of his othoe. snd H. M. Dorier, Agent
of tbe FlorwiH Central railroad, waa war.
laid and an attempt made to sboot him.
The telegraph operator was terribly
whipped by negro, Mayor Gottrell hold
ing a loaded pistol to the negro bead and
to re tug him to do the whipping. He
grossly insulted ladies of the town, and in
fn*t things arw had lUat many of tbe
oidasl and leading oilmen* have left the
plaoe, including several ministers. It is a
perfect reign of terror, and every person
met oa the »t«eet fut the taat fan diwMMI*.
i«en armed.
Msraiss KMff* nsnsi.
KBJSOM. Kta May t-.
Two Mormon
eldere have been
Mm swamp.
from I ittsbnrg. by Iie\ Mr. Howard, of
Auburn, The io«n§ maa had never seen
Iter until the day previous to the marriage.
Home time ago Mia# Ledd grew timl of
Iter lonely life an«l sent an advertisement
to a Cincinnati p#|»er giving a dee* nption
cif herself and offennj? to correspond with
gsutlemen matrimomaily inclined This
was seen by Mr. Fair-trace, a young busi7
nees to an of Pittsburg, snd a correspond
Vo'* and tbe marrisge readied. The h«|P
young nan and his brt4* meks thetr
home at Pittsburg.
I^alle Mcljeod, aeaodajle wlfec uftHi#
Uter Mtmfhiy was, discittirged from cus
tody to dav MacLeod charged with
Heing implicated with Kobert L. Wallace
rltu stealing money and bonds from John
Wftlln^. proprietor of the monthly
The court field tl»ei«- was not suffh'teni
evidence t,, keep Mat l-eod longer a pri"-
through Warthin^ton and Tied mas counties,
Ha., distributing their religions tracts
1 bey went I the names of Klders James
and Maxwell, hailing from 'tab. Tbey
had proselyted to a considerable extent,
ml eepeeially among vonug unmarried fe
male# A party "tght women were se
i ured to go west laat wettk. Abram King,
living six miles from eruon, bud two
daughters in the partv- Kiag and his son.
v. ith his neighbors, the «ife of one of
whom was with the converts, pursued the
Mormons, and. ou capturing them, tied
hetti to trees and, sfter stripping them
Hogged them. They tbel* loo#e»»ed then.
began tiring on the in. The Mormon*
i *n into tbe evani and have not been seen
Hinre. The voting women were returoetl
xsse anil every one of them was well
witched, their |areuts making each one
whip tbe other. The neighborhood ha*
I I een intensely excited over the event, as
there is no doubt hot what the elders per-
Www. iai aeM*s
i.Rvai.AND, May •.
When tim, tiarfieki's body is placed
under the newly finished ssonumeot. May
10, it will he done secretly. It has le
veioped that the t*-president's hody lies
not iti th«- massive bron/. ranket la Lake
View cemetery, the Mecca of thousands
of pilgrims, but in a safe d*|xen vault
amid musty Iwude and stock certificates
on Undid aveune. t)u this account it
th^t the removal will l»e so qnietlv male.
we iarOehl's reimdns actually iu the
tomb one of the most imposing ceremo
nial of
the iMcurattoo day program would
be their transfer to the piece provided
for them in tbe monument. Even white
^oldieiV guarded the vault on the lake
shore the body
Ouiteaa's victim
TftHU Tlaey OMs'i Oww.
kaJstAK t'lrv May w.
The Cherokee Rtrip 1di*e Stock eeBoeiO
tioa Vrtmght suit against John li Stoller
iweently for payment of ftil.SW, which It
claimed a- rent for **.61*2 acres of grs/iag
land in the «*h»rokee strip- Th# land was
rented at '2 cents aa acre. Stoller has filed
answer in which he chawpes that the a»*«~
ciaHoR had no right to the land, all leasee
The Supreme Court of that
State Decides the El|§*
wood Elevator Case.
Rifht-of-Way Can Be Usad—Power
of the Board of Transport*
lion Affirmed.
The Louisiana Lottery Will Pay $25,-
000,000 for an Extension of Mi
Charter—In Gmisml
eh May 10.
The an pre
TUP rrrrrrt hie itftfutSfftlfs
brate*: Klmwoml elevator cae»- ^omnthtni^
like a year ago tbe Farmers alliance at
Klin wood appealer! to the Missouri Pacific
for tlu- right to ereet an elevator on the
right of way at that place, aud was re
fused. It then carried the oase to the
statr hoard of transportation snd secured
an order n the company U com pi v with
tbe reqaest. The o^ni(au} refased to
obey and Attorney iteuera! Leeee, on
behalf of the board end tbe alliance
applied to tbe rnprease court for a
writ of mandamus to coin pet the rail
road company to inspect tbe orders of the
board. The court grants) tbe writ, thus
sustaining the action of (he board. Thi#
decision is regarded as an important one,,
a* it settles tbe question of th»* pirisdic
tioo of tbe board of trans|«ortation over
thie ciasa of caaes, it also settles the
right of the fwopi» to erect elevator^ at the
company a «tatious aud Ite s-N'ordcd equal
nhippiug facilities witb all others. This
was a test case on which the fate of fully a
doaen other oaees iu various part* of the
The Ualdasa lottery Will f», •«••••,
OOO far Kitss»lss of It* Charter,
New OBLKAR*. May IA.
John A. Morris, speeking ef a» Lonie
isna state l.otterv companv, after consul
tat ion with his lawyers, offerml tbe state
legislature now ui session at Baton Itoiige
il .tMMi.etiO a year for tbe exteneioo of the
charter of the oonipany for twenty-five
years, or S'io.'kNi.fkio for tbe eittir* term,
the anuat I tonus to be divided follows
For puhln schools, S'»4),i00 for tbe entire
term, for the levees. JPoo.utsi, fur the drain
age of New Orlesus, flo.WMl, for the chantv
hospitals st New Orleans and Shreve|Krt,
flix'.'XH), for the insaue asylum st .la« ks»n,
for the deaf ani dumb asylum at
Siaton liougc To enterci tn«
cbarter of tbe compauy an aetendment u»
tbirdn majority by boll. branches
ef the state legislature, end mart
then be Hubmitted to the popular vote at
tbe nevt state election in 189a snd carried
bv majority of voten Gov, Nichols has
declared very emphatically against the
proposed extension of the charter, find in
his message to tbe legislature renewed the
subject at length, more than one-third of
the message leiug devoted to thte ques
tion. It monopolise* poltlteal attention,
and will occupy the ttm«* of the legislature
until disposed of. The tight in that body
promts* s to be long snd bitter, entirely
free of oartv lines, and with the chances
at present in favor of tbe lottery company.
All tbe csty ]a| ern urge tbe acceptance
tbe lud, but a new (ouruai. the btlta, bas
xt« appearance sup|ortiug the gover
nor «n his opposition to the loSterv.
Twenty-Two aisen imprtsesed ay a ©nvw
In Usststs u» A4jss#si hs einnge.
Wiu i.sa*aK» May 15.
Information has been received
Ashley that an extensive cave ia occurred
In tbe mine operated by the Lehigh A
Wilkesisarre coal company. It was
rumored that Twenty-two miners are
entombed beyond the cave and have as
yet uo way of escape. Many houses u
the vicinity are reported in a toppliag con
There Is great excitement at the eceue ef
tbe cave-in, many thouaaads of people
being congregated them. The eouipany
took prompt action toward -liberating the
lmprteoned men, but things are in
•it*h a ehaotie condition that reeolte
by no means certain. Many
believe that tbe rescue of
theae 'i& men alive is well nigh imj»osaible.
The present cave-in eitends ..ver half a
mile square and include* a thickly settled
part of the village. Maffetts Patch, eon
tuniuK ta.-..
with the surface, but only a few or mm
hmuu heeit badly damaged
stored awa among family plate and lew
eta in the busteet pari of the city. I he
seoiet wae known only to Mrs. Oarfleld
and a ehosoa few of her stanehest fill ads
aad has been guarded jealonaly
Mansy Jsrdss Upssa Vp
Ortrswn la May is
"Stormy Jordan, the eo.eotrk saioua
ka«|)er wbo years ego la beled hie eelooa
"Tli«' Koad to Hell, bae opened up htl
saloou again io full blast at itfumwa and
t# selliug '.nything that i» wanteti
the "original pat»kage," without any at
tempt st conceal client, lie was worth
SSfi.000 more t«efore the prohibitory law
went mt" effect, but lost ti all lighting
prohibition. For the last two year* be haa
not sold any liquor In an interview he
T-iri tbat tbe recant "original package de
cision was a bred Scott decision to pru
bihitioniats and be could sell snythieg that
wa» called for snd pull the cork for the
pttiehaeer with impunity.
rr**est«Hl t», tne Cwnr.
ar. t'»-Triw.a»:iMi. Mat la.
C'harUs Emory HmMh, the new Ameri
can minister to Hnasm, psemmled hie
credentials to the esar on Wednesday.
The cxar snbeeqnently geve aa audieace
la Mr. Mnd Mrs. Smith. N
eatptMng uiissh assnertm^jfeae.
1 1 a i
The fioit growers of Villa Hldge have
h^tin shipping atrawberriee no«th. They
now ship fcv eartonda. the e»^ la l«ve
aud tne.
TWKN I V thousand strikers ei itouhatx,
yyance, have resuawd wurk Hie strike ie
Veep fnwpMto Ttevar Better ot fMs
sea ef the Seals
km Pau-« Mavis.
The farmers of Hontb !ukoia at* )ui|i«
lent over the crop prospects for the pre#
ant reason. Never at any corresponding
ing period in previous years has the ooa
dition been more favorable than at the
present time. One thing more encourag
ing to the farmers than all others is thai
i the further the i^ason advance* the ruoee
propitious are the conditions. For the
peat two weeks rain has eoow just when
wanted, and all seottoae of the stale
have bean visited by oopioue show
ers. The slightly lowering te«*
perature or the past week has beea
very favorable to the (Mooting of
sprouted small grain, but from a few loca
tions comes the report of damage by froil.
The impreesion appears to prevail that the
lats sown grain promises bet tar than the
esrlv. eicept the very earlv ('oin piantiaif
haa besn ver^ general tbron nt tfci
•notbeasteru aud eastern part of tt.- •tale,
but sprouting is retarded by cool weathet.
ana in a few sections it is feared that the
cooJ, damp weatbet has caused the seed Ie
rot, necessitating replanting On a t^eneial
average tbe conditions of tbe oorn orop an
much unproved and tbe outlook is very
promising. fb« above report u gleaned
from crop reports from thirty-sii count a#
of tbe state, representing every sectiou
AR^NN PKOM TRR sf man.
NINK rnotrt4Ni miners of Blii-ao, Spain,
have stroek. Troops ate keeping order
Tkoors are required to prevent strikeva
from destroying maohlnery in cities iu BW»
As ofioial report states that the genaflSl
oondition of winter rye and wheat in 1'um
pea» Hussia is good
J«tHKi'H Si FFKIN, a wealthy -Tewu*
nMrchant of i hicsgo, ie aiyeteriously miSB
ing. Hta friends fiat ke hee met ton I
TUT Southern Ttaptist convention al.
Fort Worth I ft. has al)nrned to mailt
at Birmingham in May next
Ftve buildings were completely de
stroyed by die at Ashley, Pa The lose
about Otib.OUO partly covered bf inaup*
UHMAT aaxiety is felt la financial oirol|B
in Milan reepeeting the action whioh
I'sited Htates congreaa will take ou
-srtver {uestion
THK steamship Werra has reached New
York, having $n board Director BtraSH
and his well known oieheetfa. Thecw ete
forty-six in tbe party,
1'hk Louiaiana attorney-genera! has
tiled suit in tbe eivil courts against
ixs i§i ill i ri i 11 ««ew —aesm#wat^W It#
IK New Yovk Andrew Carnegie epoke el
the laying of the ooroer sto«« of Ike
fi.iVMMioo musie lHyi»lo «iaal»'aet wMpk
he go e $6Hi,0tli.
The French chamber u? deputies be*
paessd a bill imposing (tensities on em
ployers for the unlawful disn^eaal «f
members of trades HO ions and for ottMf
breaches of the right* of the ttntooe.
At the Hotel Men s mutual benefit a**e
eiati n meeting in lioston, James Hrt»e
Ho, of New York, was elected prtJidelS.
Tbe date and place of tl»e next moetla|l
were left with the directors.
be fifteenth anniversary of the Woiuai'l
board of foreign missions of the Kef or
church oi America held in New \o*lt.
The old board ef managers were
-frmte api»«Ml MM WPSS« SSS.
Bo KI-OKT, tad.. Mar n
The other night a |arty of' masked
went to the home of Jamee Atwood, in
Lace township, lad., with the intention ef
white capping" hiiu. Atwood beard of
their coining, and when they tried to fo«ee
an «utrance to hi* home he open**! Ore
witb a shotgun, most of the load taking
effect in tbe body of Wm, Miller, a neigh
boring farmer. Two of the others
received a few shots, hot they eacnped.
Cltl Live Meek.

Est imatsil rMelpta, i.1iflO eetotel J**
loa sr isMk
oAslal fee
tarday Mitf. Hlartet weak So Be
inilkii ai •.) hi i tjuoeattoes
Karksr fairly
.i'ti «?UfS dttli
Cattle JCatlmeSstl reestpis. 300
t«day. l.a« Ihlpfnu,
Mttvs ami tut b*tst torn
MXI lovor y« swers. prints
08 medium to good, ti.Sil3 feed
era »bole» sou *o l.Otio |wjoad* fs »M t4S «o.
i dtaas U. sot4, h. .luanwrs. utiole*.
i CD flos* lu iu«diam to giMni tti »f, infarler.
cbotee al 45 iHi
t«i mfet
3c veeriiafs.
iw 3't on oowmoa I# ta*i
i balls, ahtrfc*. e*-a6#*fS:i
UO« 4
**al ealvea, poor ek
t'felsass Uts Slsst,
May 15.
Boge- Hee«ts4s 9C,M
tat. i
a, o'
i.uhf. p.«o#4 is, heavy "ted^salng.
k i e e 1 A S S U K U a k i lttll aal
i* Heevee •S.UIK'J OU *toeke«
Tom* gra*»s»* S'i 'S.«i ..
ane«t Meeetpae.
en*CAOO. May 15.
ai Ut*«' wsstara# $*
-suutli liniki l.lve Wtesa.
|Ml KeUmeied reoetpts. 3^u0 oamial fas
•». it Market opened easter esMnf
i i i i i k a S
W w i 1 0 a
(aiai« Keti«ft*»«d r». «ipts 1'UU »®elai
)»-twrday «h»pm«ite. tjnoars Markvt
Suit and ie»lSc !««»».
i ly. m,—Cloaet
«4e isms, We
^C«ro aieedy eaeh, Jane, Ms Jntf,
maft eeMhSmoj *am,SS*#ejJaip.
Hy* ^Jn^e- s
Haff«r Fnuj.
rrto« Ttn^«*t»r Hssedy, p.Sk
rta* fhrni
Wblshy OtL
t»e*v l'ui: easl
eMLMS Jane SlMTv.
-Ur4 steetty eaeh, 01 &
Hew Vaslt rre^aee.
Nrw Toaa. May 13 ..
VThfi tfceaty to alcrweir War. SfHOWi* nWP
'Steady. S- 2,
i'SWrte iflrui, Westssa,
{••rovtetons KsrkiteedysmljiuhJ T^^:,
9K«. Lasdd.ui, »*Xt2iv
VlUpn "rfr I.SsjiM ,tS

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