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fhe Ashley If in* Entered and
nineteen Dead Bodies
at Whaaton. Ill, of the.Vanara-
Wa Circuit Court Judft
in Exeitad Whaal Markat at Chtaafo
—*Ji*ny Parsons Owmrtiili In
Germany. Eu*
VlUMUlM, I'e.. Mm *. -jr-
At tft
this isirtHNIff
Al i o'clock two more bodies bail Inmb
m** oat, aad m«Mi for the oilers ia
gOSng nu. The body of Mi. hfc. «nry is
kte-'wn lo be under ttn immen-o pi'e of
deferi* a»f saav wot b* found for
days Anthony Frovne atnl Kofcert W.
IcUm. the mfB reamed last night. are in
arttteai condition. It w» believed they will
•Ian die. General Superintendent Pbillipe,
fin iDterrww with the Aseoctated Press
reporter, said the men lost their lives
thtoogh the negligent of th« assistant
nunc boss, Ailru. who instated opon re
lighting hi* lamp in (ha preeenee of a large
volume of gw. Hail he not dona ao tbe
mr now dead oonht all have beta »acued
Hons Alien, who »m reacaei alive last
Hid this morniag.
Ptiaa mt Wheal al
dakmm* Omm Op
»iMMrtt ar yraaf "HnaajliaiiH Wm
Whaat van |ai«« «t the opaaiug, tb«
•rat prtoa twuitf yi^c for
i ui,
th« ax
tW i loMiog of Taatacday. ithiu tan mtw
HUM, hoa«vaar. it haraw# auctt^ti. and
•tvooRar tui r«!ort« af front thronghout
tlM n»»rlhw«at, anl ntl**u««d to '.».tJc. It
aaattum I tua«ivftnc« nntti «t II IS Jrtljr va|
Xham ^xai. aomcL atcitft
want in (*M«, Joly atlvaitciBg ala*Hkt 1
MMt aKva tka opeaiug u .haavy nU»p
flWMiia MMfle y«d*nU?.
M»i« TtMH**«M4bi ta J» watit.
WaAvukt.\ la, May
1. W. Robtanou, wbsUevala for B. F.
H(»»ria Jk i'o «fcota«ai* |#«r«te9a ttf fifei
ctgo. imtmi iu «»#rly «»u th«' i hw««o,
Ml. I'aul
kftit«a* t'Uy tr«t«i from tha
a«Mt la th*« abdaaria of it r»
aragea J«*ft )a« tfOtk* in tha
ilayot tnth taitrncliooi that I
hay t«a
aaat to hta hniai iu tho mormug. lnrtag
tha ni^ht bnrKlar** nu «o|ratK« to
tha ttai»( anil i m.-.i tiotti of the irunka,
wbirli iontaua«Ht worth of watt hea,
javalry atitf (IUHUOQ|m ()a» ol thf
trmka aa* OAiried iato a H^ld Adjoin
ing the dftfvot, whare it was toawMoffathrt
tttli tha l«*«a *altutla i¥rtioni» of
ita coatauta At! of tha «tiaiuon«la,
about goi«l aad litrar watobaa, hund
rada of chains, pin a aa) chartiia art onaa
lag, aatiaialaii in »aJtta at fl.,(**).
ttaarrUiag |«rtiaa in woflfiat tha country
ia alt iitr#utiou«, a»«l aHhongh M^athl
tnupifMi who Uav« iatalr ba»i aaaB uboat
tha dajMit ban baan awWwl, aoihiDK haa
haan fottaA to todteate that tbay arr roh-
rannart. AilteNaa af «k*
Mat* id *ar*a«a VaaaMa. ^.
Aavrtw Ta* May m.
After fha dt*patch hail haan aant out
ftraln Anatia a few dofa ago announcing
a auit agaiuMt th' Fariu»T HHisn uiioi
Hp** at Taiia« It wa«t »*ija»ii«ut by
pratuioeul alUanci) men that matter* he
kafit quiet a ahort ti«a. Walarday all
fart bar aaeracy andad whau
tha atiorii«y aanottu^id a »wii
fln)otniQg tho pauUcatiaa) of tha
and aot
that pert mm had poii'tr*Wti tbc »a«ne
at Ashley and found nineteen imuKi* leinl.
Hit tu»ti ere «ti11 missing, aud it MAN
than UkeU that tb«n, twi, are all dead. Ai
thi uuitlMii dead and charted bodies were
being bruo|ht it was heartrending.
Men, VttMtu m4 -fUMnn, ^riiu% end,
gvnaafutf, fell hjmid (Mr knees. lifted thetr
hand and their «f« towards heaven, aad
for III# dead.
at agatart
Ha praaant masa|r#ra, Taro other aatta
^Ul U matitntiMl a^ainrt tha old alltaaoe
Tb* AU#mitinnH aat forth grat«
charg#», aiui »how a woafui atat* »f affftira
MM! 4«plorabi0 otsatiaa and waat« of fuu«ta.
Handra)» of thouaaiida of dollar* aant ap
to laliai«, it mi allag«tt. have frttt*rail
mW§$, m*i Umi alk^oe mm aanuxt Uu. ,«tuu
ttt raaeh o*ar $
K* t.thet With***! Matter
aniFAVi.. Mtnn May iu
fha libel suit tot $IU,000, bro^ht by
Attorney Albert Knettle, ot Minneapolis
agaiuat the St. Paul Pitmen Prr*w, was
th*u*u oat of couit by Judge Hick at St.
Psal. TIm lib I allied waa the piihliaa
Hm of some remark* by Attorney laa
Lawler, of Ht, Paul, asale before the board
of4irecommissioner*, a waM queatinuad
whether a newspaper haa the right to puh
Hafe statament or a •jueetion whan that
•aataiuaot ia libatous in itself, even though
tha pohiieation of it be »-l uatad by no
iaahc« -ludgs Hieks de»*»dt^ that it
has *«ch right, aad that th# fvt of tha
natter being privileged exempts the newa
paper from auit, or that tbe ps{ter cannot
ba compaliad to ita mm an tfe* law**
alt he privileged publicatiou.
.liute* l"iw«w«ait lleat.
QUicaao,, k*
limmmond, tha yanrfiia as*
laiM« »f tha otted Htatas circuit coart,
^l^i ai bia hosse in Wheatoa, 111., at II
0*a«:*dk iaat night of old age.
ludge lrommond *s* one of the tottg
«0| iu active aervine upon tha baaeh of all
the eireait juUgaa i» ba country. H*
wnw appoiatel
in i8&0 and o®ciatad can
Htu.n*h tiH 1884, trbf-n hia growing to
ftr»«»l¥ «f body induoad htm to retire.
Pivaideut Arthur ap(ointed .lodge iraa
aa'his socosaaor. Tha Jndga Wm
age si tha itasa of death
•»a,«MMMMI Waa«a4
W*aniK)Toi«^M»r Ifc
Tha baaxiiiK of tha Fanaar*' aUiaoea
wpraaeotatiaa wm coiitinuad Itv tbp w*v4
ami nmuou* »«oiHaaUt»'t\ Mi.
irnr "7fT,r
thr luoioual l«K"tur»-r of the oryau!/'i.
tion, took np tha argamant Ha
not ad fmddntt UmoIBI projihwy thai
th«- c.»r}or?\ttotjK would he enthron. lt
that tit** property of th«» eooatry WOQUI Im*
foucmitrMtted and th«* repnhlu- itarlf orar
thrown Thank (tod the laat predictiou
not fuiiliad. hot the otharn had hmti
(n« t«#ntiath of tha p#opt«* cmiiad thrw
Itftii* of tha pmpariy. If eongroaa rofu*».,if
to approva th^ *nh trvaaury plan, th«n
oth**r, that
thare would uot a hoekat «hop i«ft in
th« ijital Htat«»fi. "fbto day .f upecnla
turn in would e dn#away a ith and
tb«- pro«lavr and (Mltian wmM ha
••rouxht to^athar.
Htxt^au million 4ottara *o«M tmUd ill
tha varalioiuaa the alltancr wanted.
What good worn «»«r and harbor im*
|»rov**iMiit« to tha debt-rvhhni, epprtaiid
In roncluatoo ha Mkt that if tha aoaa
mittaa thooght a lacdad baaia |««at if thay
could not aecwpt a crop baahi, lat tham pat
it in lb« lull. "Io «Miiuetbiiig to ralit-va
tb»- farmar« loii't make it a qoaatioo of
tariff or pohtfoa, bnt let tha hill stand no
ita Biarita."
**ra|ia aal at tha at. baala Caiiiaraaw *9 iMrii
atywirt P*r«a« mm iaaUgiM*.
•T Lorf«. May t«,
I'kttf fratamal dalagatioaa ware artfa*
to the gamral -onfer»-Bc« of the
Hethixijtl Kpia«M|ai '•hurrh Hoatb.
Aiuoug thaui WUN F. hnatol, of ('hi
aago, r^preaontative of the nottbarn charch
Jbiabop Handru praaided at tha confetaooa.
froiith ('an»lina (Wiegataa- aa^gaxtfd that
thf Saw of th«- t*bnr -h lw -o 'battled
a ieTaraga.
au tha grouoU that wRcfa lawn piovlda for
ttie eootmnanra of a traAb antl ftiruiah no
protactiou agaumt it« ravagaa. The pr »p«r
attitn4 of ('hnctunn toward the drink
ttAfltt. h«ki io b« oaa of aneftiffNro
miaiBg opjM«Htob. Thaaa will a^jrea^t
dab«t» when the rejKirt aomaa np for
«otiMidaratiou. Hnndry chwigea in the
di-t.ipiin»" wara reconiuminU?.! for tha
benefit of iIih Himitotli xpeaking Meth
ixh*l« of Mexico, Tha article requiring
atibniiKMion to the government of the
I rutcl Htataa ia to be takum oot of the
Hpauuh diaatpime and foot not* added
ai|daotiug that the Methodiat church dc
•iren It* nMHuiiara to be good and loyal
•ati)6cta of whatever governauent thay are
IIVIOK tinder 1 h. diuaion of the mcni
tiarabip of th® Anarch into wbita, black
mhI lodiau ia to ba onittad, and inataad of
"iriving aatltfactory »vida»ee of the poa
ae«Htoii of
OEinioti Kugliah mlucation
oaodulatea for ordination in Mexico will
ba raqmrad to giva aatiafaatory avidanea of
tb« }K»«aa«aton of a common 8|*niah adu
oatwHi'. __
May H.
AtMwba Indiana along the border ba
||reau old llaiioo ami AriMM hava eoa
Jlittrd «e*cral miirdera lately l.ait Pri
day a pro«|MH-tor, (iaorga Adatna. waa
kilitNl ami four Mexican minera flrad on,
two of tbam tteiug fatally woundatl, at a
point ju»t over tha hoc in Honors. Tha
Indiana aaeap*d to thia aide of the line.
A party of miner* paaaad tbrottgh the
White lioaqtain reaarvatto^i a few day a
mHo. When naar lUa^k river thay found a
ruinad (amp that bore evident of baung
htt't' deaoiatei b* a revengeful foe. Urokeu
cooking utanaila. tool*, empty amiridga
halts, and ranoanta of oiotbtng wan at
tared aUmt The moat convincing avi
dan«. however, wan tha dabm of a larga
lira, amung th# aahaa of which ware hu
man bonaa, a aack of oorn |»arttally hurnad,
and the ramatoa of thraa
Alphoaaa J. Rtephani. «IM dial Lavyar
lleytiolds yesterday, was maigneJ in eourt
thi* morning »n«l reauuntad. Th# phyai
cianw «-ut won! that then opinion w:y.
that Karuoids cannot rscovar.
KiUeit l»| it r«wt!e*
Me. May
Infornation haa haa* rtasivad that twa
river driver* near Mooae riear were kttlad
and tbree others were temnly injured by
the explosion of a keg of, powder in an old
low* Fun la., May I®.
Christian Croota foundry snd aia
enme shop** were burned. Tha loas ob Vha
buildings snd oontsot* is total and aalt*
mated at $6,000 insurance, tl»900.
a PWINt day
Krw Toaa. May If-.
Foot lads, iwaging ia aga from 4 la
8 years, were burtel by a faltiag Ml
bt ftoath Hvooklyn yeatarday
V a«x If a* a Wai
jk, Mav M.
Tl»* rapnblicani* of Randall's eohgrss
•tonal district will aujfcs no nomination to
th# vte.iiit |)aee.
f)a«attiai Law
oaaawa. Oat, May id.
U rwrnot# the r^atMctiona h*4giti« io thw
utitionai iMOkiiiK ayatc«». The farutrra
wotii.) srj uotluug about truatk
•aid conhinatioBM aad tha
oaatration of tpoitay if thaj c«*nld
bolil thr -mp« in aoli trrnauriaa ai-tl wir«
not rtiu«|M*Iled, a^ at preaeut. to «m*I| tb«*m
at atatai ItinaM. It wonlti hr a goiktud
to tb« roaatrr to paaa tha aub traaanry
hill for tha raaaoa, if for
prohibit the waning*' of .ii»cihy^ fieraon*
axaapt thai the iuamag of the innocent
partT to tb divorce i« not to ba prohibitad,
BOI ih tha marritM# of n pamon who ha*
aacurvrt divoroa on Mcnpttiral groandw.
Tha coaamittae on t^caparanoe &tttu*tiad ita
"a)»}'rtv»Tii- rt*^dirai.-i33 af,r«7STn» git tkw*
tocwnaiag or }x i mttting th» niannfaoture 01
aiii« of iatokic^tiug Injaori
Thmjr Wm
Haw Yons, May H«
Lawyer Uaynolda, ahot fef
ani. in New York, will die.
eamp bora avtdanc* kaavuig a*iy
racantly oc^apiad.
Opinions that the Recent De­
cision Affects States Mj®v- 1
jng^ High License,
Railroad MM Protest Again*! A Bill
fttatal VapMhar far UlMMl
kt**r mhI Uarka» A||n apa'tnltaan.
WiMH*«T'\ Mai Ml.
Conatdrrahia oppoattnm w batng devai
oped to the river and harhor hill, but thara
uȤo j^fobabilit^ that it itt|
$m, |Wtt off
Hi ix-xt nn mwifiTf «*»v 'inui*
rajnort ir»t will fafctt up
aoon as thr larift bill ia out of the way.
i'b«' delegation from Washington ia not al
togathct Mati*tia«t with tbc bill and will
inaka a atrong tight to amend it in tha
senate, even at tha axpana* af Oragott
The WaKhmgtoii are at ready pre
{tared to make a tight for theft *tatc and
have iiitrodncwl and bad referred to th#
eoniMarce comrnittoe anieudaMota to the
bill covering the point* needing untnadiata
uttantion. The (tregou )N»o|ic are wllliug
that Waahlngton -hall get ail that ta (kw
albia. but will obK*ct to any change* at tha
•'ipanac of their atata. Iu tin* Intter
atatf inipmvamoeta have rteen going on
{mrtiallv for year*, and in the praaaut hdl
proviaion ih made for tte aspaiitiiturc
Tbe Aaaaiaiaa partiaaieat was praiogaad
ItOI Nl) T» COMF nr.
4ha jwyxslMUty lakaay CMmaiew Oat#
11M altai Rtai»%
WasanaoTOM Mav
Tha secretary of tha traasurf Ms traa»
aiittad to the senate a report from Datun E.
Coon, Chinese inspector at Ban l'tego.
Cal., with reap*.»ct to evaaioni of Uie bi
nese »•*«*!usion iw-t. Mr Coon t»ay* it is
traethnt tbe Chinese are coming into the
I'nited Mates despite the effort* of tha
custom* de{iart moot to keep them oat.
Commenting npon charges that tb"
excluaion »ci ia failure. Mr. Coon aay* thirt
this practimlly true Mr, oon HUgK'^ta
treaty with the Uritiab go*
srnmcut an«t Mexico kK»k*ng to the iu«
uf th® Chinese, ami suya Chinea
cIiimiou lagisiation would than l»e ve*f
simple. Without each treatias the at
cluMiou of Cbni«*« by aieanw i- an
undertaking of great magnitude, owing tH
tbe prtwuioal im|*oaaihilUy -f policing tha
thousands of miles of boaadhrv line. The
Morrow and other bills, Mr. Coon declares,
are defective that t.h®y provide to- the
return of the Cbine«* to the country
whence they came. Kven the chilirwa
langh whan told of thin law, for thev know
that th# Chinaman retoracd to Mexic will
he aating his breakfast mi ihr i-aiisd
the next day.
Apyeeftrtasfta** law
Mav M.
The vHJa- preanient baa laid bafaca the
senate a staten»*ut from Secretary Nolik?
tn whu-h that ftlcisl oiy» tbe ne^aaily of
hirgei appioprarons to be expended it*
the surveyor-ge&etal's oft«e in Hooth Da*
kola. The aecjretary »ails attention to tha
fsct that tbe o(wuing of the Ki»«v reser
vation will nee, asitate an nnusnally t*ef»*y
expan«e. *nd t^-Sev»a thst the appropn*.
tuae calle.1 for in the legiMiatiaa,
aad judicial bill are too amali,
Apprahanjkion that tha S»m« Will iH' «i«»r' frowht ear* with
Barora u^Mgrw. Otn**
_. powar hraktHi and antonmti. eoetdan.
oWSiy AllNt tna WorKIBf They proiented agiitnat the a.loptioa of
Of tha aw aa\ lagiwlatiou apou tha
If th« opinktiiH nf k.hm» finmenl tofn
ara correct, the recent ort^tual jteckaga"
IImUou by the anpraitie court t* of an
n»nch tntereet ui a high Ih auaa atata aa in
Iowa or any othar (trohtbiiioo at ale. Tka
opinion is eipremwd fraely that it appflM
to high lioena# well a» prohibiti«n lawa.
Senator Hoar bi» taken o« r»«ioii io »m«
preea hittiaelf to that »f««t. Kt tloy
lmgley, who repreaantw a dial
riot of
Main# in th# tower hoitae, and who ML
counted a d«*r headaii iHwyar, had ek
|raaaed tha opinion thai the daoiaion ap
plic* pwiael) to high tic«-»me aa it doe* la!
prohibition. The position which theaa
man art foicad to take i« that if the paa
•age of a law ptohibiting tka ania af
itqoar. in original packages* ia noooift
atittrfiona! mt«rfer«nra in iotar-ctata
commerce, tha paaaaga af a I
requiring payment of a high
lioanaa for aelling 'original parkagaa" W
Mi interlerenc of preeiaaiy the aama na-
thai under the daciaion th« powar of the
•tate to regulate the vala by local op
tion, prohibition or h« pnae were alike nu
lawful If an ongitmi (wckaga inav be a
pint tiaak oi a aaaled iuuiature demijohn
containing a aingla drink, th« effaoi on th*
aala in high license ataiaa won hi prac
tical IT exempt "utatde ahip era. who conlul
do an alinoat retail taiaiueaa under tbr op
eration of the atate law A new hill haa
b*« tntroduoad by Mr. Wiiaon, of Iowa,
conferring on the atataa tha power to tag
nlate the handling of import ad Injnors, to
hich th Mine oi]cct.toii wa* uiadr on tha
ground tb*t tbi« |tow« o«hl not Im» dela.
gatetf to tha utaten. A good daal of appr**
htiiMion i« expraaaad from nan from lagh
hm&m «UAaa that the deotaiou wiji
oaaljr tfaot tha w»rltittg of tha law.
*•"!. .*K'
Ha h.
W. (I Hrown, ganaral au|*erintendent of
in I twa and lliaa«mri«
engine on that ro«d »a«
a|tnp»Hwl with poaer hrakea, and "i.tam
frnpM i'»ri. I'be cout|au approprialad
l\0fl,UK,n Un#*
tb»t every a
IWfi.W*) to eitand that 40tpncat thia
yaar, aliinh anm wontd pnt brakaa and
coupl. rx on ft.tWVft cmra. Ha opt»o«*ed any
ie^ialMtion on the auhje.t aa oMeiaiia.
I hare ara roada In ttie north wext which
«•Mild uot poaatbl* comply with the ra~
^lureiuenta of tha iuw, and t||ay would ha
either driven into bankruptcy ar compelled
to miapend o|*eiationa. If any legistntion
t» to be «Mlopte«i, Mr brown aaid. it should
to give effect to the ri'*-oaiiui iidaf wna
»f the Master Car Hotldaia *»ao itiiiov, for
no tody of eiperta could poatolii La aa
well clipped
IW. I*4mss.
thay to farniuli peaeti*a«
hie xn^aHtiona to railroada.
*Uuwk 1 tty TM Wltk at. Laaii «mt raartk^
l*lar#- A Mf lariaaaa for tha ^ar»*r
i'tjo i.s.NAi!. Mav W.
The inoiauaki
PrieB CStrvtmi
anjra: TlM
week a {tanking In th# waat haa bw*ti WT»,
WiObogu, again at tha preceding
week and 2?»tUHM» laat vaar. The total
|*from March 1 U 'i.315 «KM» agonal I,905f
•*0 iaat yaar, an in reaa« of Iti par cant.
i.etKhng potato romparnm follow*
Chiraii -4!k-i,«a
Il Ml ft i 1
•uilmant anm« to make intprovamenta in
Nteal of lart»!v Leaping up the work begun
year« ago. Senator A Hen aava that the new
Htatc aenator- will have nonicthiuK to *ay
upon tbc appropriation for anrveya. an4
that all will atand tc^*athar npou the qiiea*
tion when ft come* tip for o&aideratioii ia
th» wei.ate. Tbe aenator« from North and
Houtb Dakota and Montana have jniue.i uk
and will work tt^ibar io aocnrw aoiuething
like jnat a)»pmpriation. Tha aaoate i-.'W
wittae on coiumarce haa bagau ••OUHI l
eration at the iitll a« reported to the bouxa
ao aa to ba able to make a prompt raport
on it to the anate wi»«n It reacliea tber«.
H|teakitti of the action (»f the couianti^c^
CUaitiuan i rjf aaul ha had m»
hilt paaa tha ho
ft preoadeut, pr«Me«a
tion* nndar tha atate law a similar atnte
of factK itra improbable. I'rohibitiomata
general!v couoade that the fa«leral la
ciaioi) in»k»?s the aaia of UqQOf ui
Mew I
eagws af IH«IIWI«II»
Month «i., Vua Mav 14.
It aaid that a new aaeret I
Hah aaaocia
tion, with a membership of 10,WW, has
beau formed, with ita head centers in Mon
treal and Qnebac, its ohjwct lieing antago
niatic to British rule. M^ny proiuineat
nab citicenn ileny ita existence, tmt one
wall known man, on being interviewed,
Mid that he waa interested in the matter,
and that the saeiaty waa Iteing conducted
on linen aomewhat aimilai !o those ot the
Clan ne-Uael It in thought that the
prmc.ifnal ob|*M ia to obtain money for the
haaeftt of the Irish home rule party, aod
that the Anal object ta the annexation of
Canada to the I'nited States. There are
aa maiiv French ae inab tncmlefs of tbe
Uagne. A Frenchmau, auppoaed to tie a
prautlneni inembei, salt) that the organisa
tion waa founded in Toronto by an Irish
•aspect naaueU McbruJU*, ahe had Uaafrom
hia uatiVf country and was at prraant re
awiing in Buffalo.
tallMai wtMi aa
May it.
The Allan line ateamar 1'ariaian, which
aotivad id Quebec from Liverpool, nar
rowlv escaped disaatar og the V.anks of
NawfouodUii'l A heavy tog prevailed and
the wteamer waa proceeding cautiously
when the lookout sightcti a hnge iceberg
abont forty yards ahead The- engine*
ware immediately r#veraed, but thesteantai
ran oa a portion of the iceberg to a dis
tance of about twelve feet. For a tiN»
the huge ship abiveivd from the abock .ind
great exciteuient prevailed on hoard, a
panic being prevented only by the aolf
peaaaaaion displaved (by the officers. Mhe
lay on her broadside a full utiante fad
Ca(t KiU-hte orderwii all handh on deck,
and the erew to atand bv the ats. The
vesae'j bowevei, gootj Netth b|ck
tbm abater itninjomi,
Nslloaal ValearsMg.
Wane May I«.
Mr. Kdmett«is baa ifttrodwad iathe aaa
«l« a hHMu eatahKsh at Wtahtagtoa a ntii
verMity of the l*»«te»t Htstea, to be c»n
troilej by the Cnited .States. A saai aet
exceeding S.'00,tk*t in to be appropriated
for grounds and buildings, and g6,t*Mt,(*W)
is ta be set asiiic aa a ocrpetuiil fiutX The
iastitatton is to be non -a«otariaiir
in th« ladUiH
Wa*hi*oto?(. May ».
The aeofwtary af tbe tatafiat if te law
of uniting the Indians at th? Fine Hidge
agency. South Oakot*, and those at the
Toegne Ui\er agency, Montans, and lo
cating thsm npou the Crow or some other
reearvatkMi. Tbe president believea sncb
an *rf*ugimetit would proaMde Use heat
iatereats of t-oth ban da.
Hi* i?ia« IMmrtHefa Mia.
Mich May it.
While Peter Vyn,
OtaiMl, Mkfe.,
was at the hed*tde of 1x1*. 1yin^ lHjghtet,
Mra 1 \aneeuaaui. at Zeeland, h«.
to the floor ami expired of heart in
Vyn was a prowdawM i
agad ahoat to.
A nearer of promtiu ikt railroad oii)
hav# haan Wore the «m«ta oomanttaa
naeimcr«H» h» expraaa thai» vta*« «|wf« tha
a#*eral billa iritoinlod to ftioipal railroad
U|r ,. -.
v v
*•».!* K)

kCit waukea
Cwibi K»||liAi
tiK jjiiiatl,...., ^.#r «*..*#««•*«"
W i..
Nat»raaka Otty
AH other*
i.«iu»r l« MaiAh Uafcata*
AUMiren May W
Tha ft rat original paek^f« «aaa B»talag to
Sonth Ihkkota wa* diamiased at Altai-dean.
Tha hearing aroae npou tbe qaaatiori of
whether the doitri. attorney of Hrown
eooniv Mhonid hit: mti rmatioii agaiuat nt»n
at iareaiout alleged to have received
"ciiaa of *l»«ei Froiu Bt. FauT. W it ueaawi
were examined ami the dietrlet attorney
found no unfBciant evidence iiixin which to
au informatiou. Th# i-ear. in fact,waa
ordera.1 befor» the law went into effect, but
did not irrne nutil May 3, than prevent
ing a clear infraction of tha law. a« tha
gave it aww* The finding of
the dittrtet wttoraay la s^gnafdasl hare a*«a»
innueci of reoognmng the iteci«ion ot
th* I mUti eU*l#* M*ipremr court, and
though in uo
Satisfactory Adjustment of the
iehring Sea Controversy
with Canada Assured
Ellansivft Sohame Afoot to Davakip
Southam States by Northern
Capitalist* and Capital
Motown* Swarming to Amarfea flon
Europa—-Wans Hbing- Had*
to Bar Thatn tel.
M*4W*,aat. May M.
The Brhrtng aea itogfitiationa haa reaetc«l
tha at age of mare technicality and Anal de
tail. and n full and aat la factory adjuat
ment of the coutro^ejm% in ta«ur#d The
t(iis«iiaii goverumant h»» from the begin
mug v lit mil
It agreed lo join in whatever
arrangement Kbotild {rova eatiafactorv to
the American government. If hereafter
the ctti/ena of any other powar than rreat
Hntaiu, Knaaia or the I'nited States
•boul.l engage in the North I'acific N»al
IHhery «n« |Kwer w«ll U jointly in*ited
iy the thrac jntwern named to adhare lo tha
convention It ia aipected that tha govern
went of Japan will tender ita adbeaiou to
the convention an coon a* promul
gated. tbe country Iteiug the owner of eea)
rookeries in the North l'acihc ocean con
•tantiy growing in valoe. Fropoaitlona
madf by both the I'nited State* and Eng
land wore not satisfactory, and it wan
»gie« that further and more reliable in
formation wa* (temrahie, and thia they t*ro
pose to otitain by a joint inveetig.ition of
the real state and charactcriatic« of the fur
ncul fiabery, through the agencv of a mixed
committee of expert*, upon who*e report
with accompanying evtdenoe they mean in
ample time to have the international regu
lation in operation neii aeetuon, to frame
a ou«entxu Meantime there wiill Ite no
seizure of Kritiah veaaela in llehriogaeaex
cept for actual violation of the territorial
jurisdiction ttf the t'nited Btatea Ibe Can
adian aealer* will Ih- advi»««d, however, oot
of regiwd to their immanent intereate, to
liae their aealing prtvilegat in mode
and uot in each a manner aa to give re
newed occasion to tbe Amerioan govern
nietit to repreaeut the |erietnity of the fur
aeal a« endangereil by the i»r«-»enc»* of pre
i- neaiing in Hebring aaa. in that event
'th« Hritiah government haa promised to
i^iyc all r«innmiiiiie weight to the [articiilar
interest of the government of the I tnted
HtateK in tha aaal beniH reaorting to the
AiuiT.t an ia|aui« in Behring xeu, and to
Hto{i at no restriction neceeuary to aave the
female «eal« from attack and alaaghter
hia aaanrance baa paasMMl at W aahington
with tha full concurrence of the Canadian
goi#f«in«nt, whl. H»ciauu« any wiah io
ttartv Ia AMwaaieMHi he aa,,
'•iti. wii' ag.-viimt |bf fur rteaHT
aw Urtaaitwi and Atssaw
Heteeaae at lt»«aay«aiiat.
Ai.aAHv May 10
There have itecn filed to the oAoe of the
jatnireury of state of New York, a namher
of incorporation oertifit-aiea which indicate
that an extensive scheme ia afvtot to de
velo| the southern Mtate* by organized in
cursion of northern capitalists and cawital.
't he pei-uliar feature of each is that ita pre
hmtoary certittcatc always bears a capital
stock value of $.',.tMNi or other small aunt,
which i« a)way* mcreaaed in tl.c Ister certi
ficate to fUVt.tkMt or i'i/iti.ouU. A ahort
time ago the Kentucky Hidge Improvement
Company waa incorporated by practically
the aaiue New York capitalist who have just
aant up to Albany the preliminary certificate
of the North Alahuuta 1
anil andlmprovmcat
eoui|auy (limited The proposeJ exia
tcuoe of the company ia twenty years, am)
its initial oapital stock is Its par
l»osc, aa stated at aom* length, ia "to ac
quire mineral, titnlser nod
in the itatc ot Alabama, and to sell, ax
chsngf. mortgage, leaee. nr develop the
same for homestead, manufaciartog ami
ether purpoees to aiannfacturc coke, iron,
iuniber and other materisla io establish or
aid industrial enterprise therein, to erect
tnd build hotels, dwellings, *lioj»a and
other struct urea, sewers, water works,
mill*, electric and water power, aad such
other plants n* may be found necessary or
expedient." Oj*-ratioii« are to l* carried
on in Alhama and Miaaisaippi. The incor
porators are Josiah IS Hloas»ai, Ran
dol|in Heury. Hobert (iillespie, Hugh D.
end Albert (ialiup.
TiaaMi ia e Mtestcaa aiala
giS, A» ri'Mu Tai May t€.
Serious apprehension af bloodshed,
growing out of tbe presegt political dif||.
colty io the stai« of Coehuila, Mexico, hi
felt at Kagle i'aes and other Texaa to waa
along the Uio Orande Col Valder, com
inaudtng the picked Mexican troops at Han
into I Juan Hahmsi* about seventy-five mtlea
aoutbweat of F.agle i'aea, haa received or
4era from President liiax to |»roeee«l to
Juarez, sod be ha* gone there with 100
envslrymeu. The relation* between Gov,
J.6e Maria (1araa fJftlau anal Presi-lcat
Ihar. have not been pleasant for a long
tim*v. snd it in fearwd io* alan is at the
bottom of a revolution in his stats It is
Ixhevcd that Col. Valde* will depoae lialan
on hts arrival at Jnarer. and a military
»verameat ia Oaabuaa wUl ha aa
Dakota'' 8e*f miaaeA Attecaejr.
gir.nar. Max Jt„
Ekl Van Meteie, an e«tacated Wiou* Kg.
dian, after a critioal exaiuiuatMm was ad*
mittei (o practice law lefore fiakota cir
cuit courts. He claims the entire Hionv
aation of |XHplc will lie bin oon
stitueuts A number of important Indian
aasea have Iteen began and Attorney Twa
Meters will handle them for his people.
iifrmaa ftayie Ihs wagi.
mm** May if.
A ferry !«at toade.1 Witt. pBSSSItgeW 1Ta»"
croa.iUK tbc river filler, kn Hile-ia, to day,
Wbfit it smidsnly thirty m* of the
'»mip(e ware drowaad before
touht i#a**h tbam,
Twelra HuiMtrwri Ktpa«t«4, Rat
Matiag MiaAe to Bar TUmm »t,
Maw Tims, M*v l»-
The advance guar i of a little army if
l,^i cou«*rti to MoraMNa. due ham thla
yaa» on steamships of the Gnton line, ha*a
arrived at New Vork oa tha Wf-oming. II
conaiated ttf about I Swede* and Ianaa,
about half of whom are »omen. I hay
ware in the charge of Miaaionary Adolplk
Auderaoii ami four Monuon eldara. I^ahflt
lnepectoi Milholian I {oaatiooe tha nu§*
•louary to tiud out ah«t heir not hi* cog«
verta might not lie {iraventwi from landiiie
nuder th»* contract lator l*w. Tbe out*
hiunary answered warily. He admittad
I that the party IimI laeu aKHtiraA
that thay w«m|.i ftud employmant, iiut that
thia employment wa* not actually waiting
tham. Their ielativc« anil friend*, tha
mtnaionary said, had guarante**.l to giva
them Work. Thev were permitle to iaai
and look a ateamet to Norfolk wheoaa
they will go weat. lna|eetur Miltbollani^
who wa* in I'tali iaat fall lookii^ into taa
aabject of Mormon immigration, thinJfea
that there la little ilouht that nearly all at
the Mormon immigrant* enter Into a vef.
be! contract with the missionary, wiMI
promisaa them employ meat in the nagp
world. The recent decision of Judge 1^.
combe. Mr. Milholland think i4, gives tha
collector power to bar immigrant* wtgi
even under an implied contract.
Oot*Aao'M aaw opera," Daale," wm
d«cad at the Opera Tomique ia Parta, i
met with a go»d reception.
EVIHV state and territory hi vaf
in the national convention of the knightr
of Honor now in session at Detroit, Micifci
A itKPOMT hss been made to the depart,
ment of health that two proi.nuncsl cases
of laprosy e&ist.Ui tht LUuumt colony in
Ft vr of tha pereoas injared by tbe ea
ptoalon of baliatite at Avigliana, Italy,
have sine* died, making the total namber
of victims nineteen.
TBR American plenipotentiary st Brus.
aais contesta the competence of the anti
slaveiy confarenoe to allow the Congo state
to tax imports.
A N frt cotton comer Is being formed i»
Lancashire, Hog. A large qaantity of
American cotton ia already cornered, auft
prices are atlvancing.
NRAH Htar l^ake, N. T., Haaiy Vavaey
ahot ami matantly killed WfTTiani Mony.
net! Thev were neighitora and bad a||
angrv dispute, which led to the murder
(ma HUNDRED AND rtPTV Mormoi#
arrived at New Yovfc by tbe steamship
Wyoming roate for Salt Lake City-.
They starts! for tb^r deetioation as sooa
aa |04aible.
lM the election to fill the psrlismenta
»Jk V" «, i ft aa^efe-aa 1 aua tea
w* Jlk
town site land four dsiy« they will plow their heJd* up sn||
put in other crops Three w*eka sk" therg
was maguiuceot wheat j»r«»ipe« t, but tha
alisence of rain haa atoppped its growth,
and it ts now beginning to head out at a
height of leaa tba* a -Amp*. A fee* «Ma
would save it.
cant by tbe «l »tb of Matthew llarn-,
Uocbe, Fsrnellite, «aa ntfataed withoat
Hkihh of Paul S|«»Bord. once tuiilion•
sire shipping merchant in New Vork, mo»e
for the removal of .1, L, Spofford sa ei
ecntor. It ta aaiA SS.uya.0M aaa aaae
counted for.
n Povi Hfhi.y haa iaaueI tuauifaalo
to the Knighia of iabor advocating a on
stltutionat convention to mixlify tbe con
at notion of Pennsylvania so that the Aus
tralian ballot system csa he ado|»te4.
IT waa stated ibsl the minaion of A. F.
(iatilt to England hati leen sncceasful, and
that the absorption by an l.ngliah ayndicaie
of the cotton trade of dicnada at the prtca
of Slii.OtMi.iNMi is likely to itecome an so
complhthed fact.
KatiMa C.'rwfNi
Arcan»o Kan May it
There is grave danggr ia northeaetera
Kaneax that tbe wheat eaaf» will he a fail
ure owing to a lack of rain. Farmer* say
that iiuiesw there is rain within three or
aiMis ctu u«s
Bugs EaiunaWd r«c«l|»*a. ».*, offloiai jr-1
txrdajp. .sr.' Mwint |*road hUw «tow with
pri sa ruling lira at 3 §c totgher than last nhtfct s
oJ»a«« aiel at»-..V lusher Xb*a ye«tsrl«g
iioriiinK K w rvtMiiK- mM »t S •'IV
Cat»i» KaUma*««l reeeipia oSieial -fcf
Indiay. 'am Jthtpimnta, N.
here J«a*ke» dull «i»»i Uiwei on ••tiinmii laf*r
mr ufli riuti* y-nmation* Kat a**»r«, prime,
m.W 4.-J&,
medtam to food, as.«ftg *6. fee.t
era ebuio« w* to l.mio puaaUa.a4 u».
Utam kit good, #'.!:» auiekars. caotc^
a^ m*? 3-10 medium to i
$•/ iB-4hl Ut'
oowa, »*t
ti '*•.* iiil»rio£
tt?m ohtio«. ti V. i *p-
ddwl S'i
lor, §i (5 i Miwert 'ijv '*. iwanlu^S,
tuitcet $ 1 «i c»uitiiu fS «u« taif|«
litgM tiiii j.. nulis. oiioiee.
Cmtc,Aao, May i."» (i «i i*
Wheat steady each.
July ate.
Oats- Finn, sash, Ite}
i^aW-' omM-
HffiSL a-'.(i*!»aai. veal salves, peas to ikdm,
Huwta Ostalia lite Itaasa.
Hogt KaUlualre. «tpt«, i.0 dhotal
•ertlav Metsat opened bmher
aelUng at a» t:s
Cattle Kstliaatal receiyla, "»l, wlB«4ai ysa
•srdar, *,*# Hht})tneats a eara. Marts# stsjMhr
to aanaile St n.niu«
I hlraga utvw ahMiau
Ht«a itooeipt* 17,000. Market eeiiv. and
J.wber heavy packioit aad
abippin*. ai.HMM-J».
CattW *ee«fii»ti, It.um Market at eat*.
H^evea aa.««» 1'. rtoeksra and tee»i«es, »ti.W
aeeeif»U ^OQU. Market atr^aag Na
Uvea, a*..S0#fl.3t, ww»tera«
Jaaa» a««4c
Corn HUady eeah. MHe iaaa. Mfce Jely.
OT|a M|t
Rye- Steady «ftek
Hart»»v rirui
frinte lu.MKhj atearfvrilJattJa
hnax a«ed Klrt.
WhUky k! ou '-/.'.i
Kort 1'utl, eaah. June litl^
iuiy. |tr«.!.
Kotiaiea^ Lar« «aUi saah, U*. Jeaet
Mew VaHt »adaafc
Maw Tow, May V-.
Wheat rairtv a^tt-. fttrft awf-fifufiW11'
•i »,« inn 'si «i-Si»4e,
liat* VMi^l and «tCiller ti'iat
Vro«taii4M Perk aad ataiwtf. urw, fM wf
Hiit tas4 4«dat aad «asr.
sioa aaa
westera. Blgeim. wes«l
era, 4*

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