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„l *T r**N«t» ». MUT»
Aabv i»a««a «|Mk u« itif U|M|
How tr«ntiil U#r rr»!
H* tiuv IiukIi l*el MP
I'lion iww »SX«M1 tinwm
ltd wb#n tw hkwu l»rolk«* mIm ktl
tad w*» tl«*«p«ir
W# gat*! upon twr 1mi- whll*
ASA »wt»l MtiOr itMT*
HM a»»uruil« OliltlMH
A* stee twr hn 1
I'lllig •rtiimil,
And wbti* »*•'ti b«el tti «omw li
Httm withiii It lull
A tlM» rt»«»«luJ fr«»*h and
Wkicli iiMind •.* i*r(»iui« »be«l
•nti tki«." »if i»
Few my «!••*, i- d#»d
K«ct dav wtafi* iua n*«gbtian »t«o4
HoitHug rf.-«rr
'fllf Hi V M«*l»litl **1 i 'tiM"!
tlk)»«xJ .1*11»
Alwi rl tbe funeral rii«« w«r« tb'
Karh uiouraer iu tbf t.«»*a
1brtll«t with Mtoni»bin«M»t t#Tl«
"lit* bu4 Uur»t iu full lk»*A,
lb* et«f*Ui*n with 'rtnnbttWf
Akil iiM)i *B»«t IJIl %a»«t
•JUjoi n*% Mrrwtim meed*.
I1m Uaiw- i» »»t
iu Hi* t*ua«rn«*a.
Tki »k*u *»«»t li*« «!»•€».
TAaf ibr i»u«Me«l iu 'liatVM*
ia kiouMiut now in Hnnaf
-Mm 1
li j. h. wunux
"It*! af ao oonseqnenoa at all,
JSlford not in the least."
They had Wen whirling around in
ihe w.aze" of a |olktt-redowa. and Major
Iford was just conducting Mi** Har
ftnyton to a chair behind the velvet
lrap*d column of the doorway, »liwi
An uulucky footstep sent the toe of hia
Uxi directly through wn of
0uuacei of her ilre**.
N« »u«? but ah acute student of
human lace divine" could have
tected the sj.a*m thAt eroA*e«l
#f me to fttep on vonr dreAA,"
In the next
young iAtlv rnnt«nAtic**.
tuiuut« «he wam all amilM.
I'rAT, Mmjor Elford, don't mind it
Itid ibt. "So atupid xue to *«W
bm long, tnuiiHg drmeR onlr
no* we |K»r women an inch »Iavm to
"AH the *AO»e. it
TAty awkwArd
IfAjor. ApologetirAllv.
"If roil wav auother word Ab«nt it, I
lhAll l»e «ieri*Mi«lY mngTy," MAid Ksther
tli«- mAlter pe«*e«l off. And j»r»b
the imroDnciotM Amy oftoer won Id
Aever IIAVC gtvvn Auotber thought to
fhe Aivuleut. if, returning from the
inppe roonj, with
of gold-
j|pArkhug chAmpAi^n And plAti of
4tr»wherr\ ire rreAui. he hAd not heard
|kf fur Eat her vou*e, ju-*t inmde
•jlrAAaiHg riHiui door. NAturAllv.
^topped. He iuui eipected to tind
flb the re*e*« of
wtudow in
rior eb« hed iliMijysaed
h«*r a «tight refresh meat:
«a it chaiif»-d he couldn very
iroid hearing the aound of hi«
IMM. apu^eu brn*{iielv enough.
"Ho ciuuiaT of MAjor El ford!" crtedi
-F.IWie lh M^matA of heartV e«Atkw
look A grent hale thnmgh
.^unt M&tiidA'a pAiat lA*e flounce, tliAt
#st eighty doll Am a yard. And what
ever she will mat I don't eren dare
"Pwir, dear'" kai'l Muw» CheA*fort,
pity! Hut )m niuat wAke
•A»te iiark to the 4nwia| rooa, deae,
#r Ue U return."
MA or Eltord Uid all tbeae chance re
j^iAikh to keArt, And went home to t«ke
fouucil With liw Atint, a little bright
who »1WAV« iwetned to
the delightful |UAlity of kaov
wliAt to do in each and erery eroer
it to the lAce-men»t«fA," wud
AW»y. "TWy mAka new
ounctj of U."
Bnt bov mi to Ml ptaNHioft
"Bribe the aervAHtA."
Hhe wilt find u oat—Miaa
Ion. 1 mean
"No, nh« won't! Eeaie HarrinflMl
kaa gone to Philadelphia for
Ho MAJOT Elford went to the HArring
|oo*' faoaae, according to bin Aunt'n
"The lace flonnee, air!" aaid Ara-1
JballA, the maid. "The one a* got torn,
on mean*' Oh. nir certainly,
»he heard tiu uatJe of lAnk-
ill in the geutlemen a hAnd. A
tlreAdfnl crowawaya taer it «u. And I
uat «tAh you could A-heered Miaa Ea
i4iold. hi*e haa
dreadful tacupar,
lSatbar haa, whea it'a the le**t Ml
Major Elford with the pncWIeaa
**oid point* rap|eil in ailver |»aper And
laid in a tlAt box went oa his way to,
No Reservoir atreat, the direction
given him by hia a ant.
"UMns MArkhairi at home
Now Major HI for. i tiad expocted to
•a a yellow ncuff tAking old French
tw«iua», with apectAclen, And A red ailk
luAiHttaivhiet pmnel Around her neck
liut rLe iacw mender
quite a differ-
aat sort of peraoti TAII And «ieiid*r,
*widi blue liquid eyee,
|«le and Sear
and a pleading
•xprewh of iace, ahe looked like a
'•te* engraving ju*t .it of
ite fraaaa.
I Mm Markhaaa," aka aaid
Perhapt vo« aannot mand a piece
of torn lace lor me V" aaid oar hero,
leeliug vary much like "(if* who Auk*
iducbeaa to darr. hia ato^king*.
It i* my buaineea." Will J9tt Allow
na to look at it?
Jnat ah ahe WA* aatolding tb ereamy
'IAyer* of scented goaaAmar. a ftHpnhod
htiiir mAid, with living hAir Aud gown
inakew, canir dArtiii^ «ut of a door tx"
Oh, mem, if ve« pleaae," ahe atam*
,mere4 breathleeelj, meeter'a AWAke,
^AJiS bee uwrryiti' oa dreadful for hi*
and throw in' boot about quite
Mra Markhaiti'a Iteeutifulfy arehed
'nvebrows ('ontrActad alightlv,
Tell Mi Markhain I will b« with
jtiiA immediAie! »aid ahe. "Are you
pieoa of work, air
a harr)' hw ttu«
turniiw to Elford.
no I tnffom mr v«^ra«|y
laaawerwi he»«. who WAS a1aorb««tI
\^r :r^
He WAt« -miotuAi U ht« wiird.
alifwlitxl ni Ul Atltnitt«d him,
Oh, ff %ou |if»A«e, Mr, 1 don't think
ronr orlei i huiahetl yet," aaid »h«.
MAater he'# been hiiviu*
turn of d«-
lenuni treuiender*, and mixuaa ah*:'s.
the back room a oiyin" her eye« oat."
brute," criwl out the Major,
"You likAr well my that, sir," faltered
the maide'i with her Apron to her eye*.
And Iwirn And bred 1A«Ij t'K!
And wly dliven to lA**emendin'through
master'* loaing every thing At th«e
gAinbliti' table' Oh, Fd like to give
ins w indpiim a good «njoee/.e that 1
And the daniK«l bouncwl «H of Um
roooi to inform h«c mi^tre^.
Mm MArkhem's eye* those blue,
dov© like orba were red And awollen
when she entered, but her manner wa*
as c«lin and imperial a* ever, A" »he
Apolngix«*d for not )eing able to ke«]t
heir Apponitntent.
A few gentle and arm pathetic word*
from the M*jur broke down her guard
of aAHumad eoapoMit aiuoat im
"I ougVit not to bore *trang«»r* wltti
my trouble**he murmured, through
bar-tear. lint you Are «o kiud. ami
it in no hard to bear everything by
I Somehow, when Karl El ford went
AWAT. lie felt |uite wall acquainted
with Mrs. MarkltAm.
I He brought xotue more old IAOB for
her to mend, the next dAy laee thAt
he )iAd legg*Ml from Aunt Abby'.n nan
dal-wr.0,1 acented bureau drawer* and
two or three daya afterward he called
for Mi** HArrington'K Floveaets l»ea.
Mr-. MArkham prtnlnced itt( bat not
without ctn««'i»ui triumph.
It wa* like magic. No lireak, no rif
/Ag aeitm* all one smooth MirfAce of
i mowv leaf and bloMiom.
"Its worth the money,* aaid Major
El ford, aa he |aid the ten dollar*.
Helen MArkltAm'* tutneaque faee
lighted up it wa» pUn-mit to hAre
her Heilnlou"* lAl»or* Appreciated.
&o uiAtterH went on, until *btne month
or twtt afterward. KAII Elford went
home. And took himself to tA^k ne
"Old fellow," aaid be, Aldrea«iog hsa
reflection in tlie glAws, "tbi* wont do!
Thi- munt Vie put
atop to! It ian't
your style to fall iu lovt* vtilii Another
mAU Hwife' Hhe i* a* beautiful ai an
Anorel, And ahe'* aa goo»i aa nhe is beau
tiful -bnt yon'va jn*t to keepuway !v
He kept away a wwk, and at the end
of that time he califel. "juat to aee how
aha wa* getting
Hhe litoked piteoutly at him.
"I teared yon had forgotten me,"dlt
aaid, in that aad, little minor roiee of
him h«»m. "I ha\e l»een very lonely. Mr.
and Markbam Karl noticed that ahe never
called him niv husband. did other
*ivpv bu been very trying, and
Here she broke into A tlood *»J team.
"Helen!" cri«»d ont Major Elford. do
not weep like thAt! It breaka mv verv
hcArt Tou now wTiv 1 di
now whv do not come
It ia because I dare not bring
my«#!f within the charmed Atmosphere
of voureve* your voio«! Helen, it in
)ecAU»e I Am fAlling iu love vrtth an
other mAn's wife!"
She looked at him with oyaa of
termg, t|U*HiioniBg light.
"But 1 am not another maa% wife!*
"You are r*. Mark ham
"I am Mra. Mark ham, bnt my Tiutt
liaud Iiam Iain in hi«« grave the»e flv«
long, wearv yeant. While I»•* liv*m1 I
wanted for nothing," ahe addad, with a
quiver in her voiue
"And thi* man here
"I* Leonaid Mark ham. hia poor, in
temperate lath.-1, and my father-in
Karl Elford ntertad to Mi laal «Ml
eager, Nperkliug e^aa.
"Then, Helen, joa ara fraa to lova
and wed again
I am free
"Helen, will yon be my wife? 1
would have aaked the question long
ago, had I dared. 1 aak it now, deeply
conwiou* of my unworthme*«, and your
peerlea* value! Will von be my **ife'y"
And Helen Markham confessed, With
teara, that her heart
long Ago given
in the keeping of the tall voting officer.
When i-*« HArringtoM returnixl fnim
l'tillalclphia. two thiugM a*t'Mii-licl
her \ery much. One wa* that the hole
in her lace flounce hed di*Appear*d Aa
entirely a* if it never had anv bain*
the other the newa of Majot E|
ford'* engAgement to
voung widow.
"Heleri Markham? I never heArd of
her'" *»ni Mild HArnngton, scornfully.
cAii b# society I But tliAt
MAjor Elford AlwAya
People did talk, at on# time, about hia
»a\ ing me particular attention but of
course I never ahould have ae«ept«d
i him
And when Mim l.sthar diaconraed
thiiM, }»*oiile thought instinctively of the
fable of the iour gra|*e».
i Why 1IM WW Sat Ba a Laap fear.
The .|ti«Hition oft«n a*ked: "Will
the year 1W0 \w leap year?" It will
not. Wh«*n .Inluiw C«*»ar re©eive*l the
calendar he appointed an extra day
every four year*, and hia calendar
1 Anted until A P. 158*2. Now the or
'lniAry yeer u 11 minute* And 11 ae«'
••nda *hort of l»eing day* in length,
»o thAt there isn't really a fully *i/ed
xtra day to be adibnl to I ebruary every
four uAr*. Cu*aat didn't know thw, or
didn't cAre alxut it, and for 1 yeara
we kept lxrrowing from tH^ future, un
til in IW2 we'd borrowed ten dav*.
indignauou that ao pretty a woman
^W^'iahoiiM ha« nu a bruta of a husband
'I .-aanot proouuHr it n leea than
Jthree devo Mud Mr* MArkUAUj. It in
-1m, intruwU pattan*, and
Poj»e Gregory Mil. started to porre'
thi*. He ordcrwl Odolier f», 1582, to
be called Ocftofar la, and, to aqnare
i tUiugn, ordered thAt centuriAl year*
ahwtiid n«H, a* a rule, be leap year*.
But if leap year ia omitted regularly
eAch hur'dr»*fltii yaar, we pay back
i ueArly a day too much ao J'ope Greg
I ory further »rderc«l It At evety cent nriAl
yt»arwhirli cuiiki l»e divide^l by 4M)
should be A leAp yeAr After
bad raat
111 «all at tha aad of thiaa dava,"
HO we
borrow aleveu minuto* each year from
the future more than pay «mr borrow
I inga back by omittoig thr«« leAp yeara
in thrn# centime*, and finally atpiare
matter* by having a leap v*«ar in the
fourth oeuturia' year Tin* Arrange
meat is ao exact thAt we borrow more
thAn we |iay back to the extent of only
one dAv in :s.86ti years. Huteen hun
dred was a leAp vear. 2»)00 will Im». but
liMMi will not be. Any centunAl rear
thai cAt W divided bv 44» will l»e A
TtflS OF ittyiCL
ItfltaliM* la ('bwreA Mrvl«»~t|« K»n
a way's «»»arw—Tlw t!n«irt*«4 hwbsrm
ml tttiMirw—Vha awrew Wiaiia Hipaiii ii
mt l»«wtlK.
On* of the leading ehnrchaa af tiia
eity haa adopted a novel method of in
erea*ing ita attendauov 1 .ach Ka! u
day evening a committee ol geiittefii-ii
vi.*ir the 1m:u1n aud take off a liat of tn«
guetta who Are domiciled thate over
HundAV. A aeaitlr )nut««l infltati -n
Attend "ei vit-e
the church i#t
closed in an uuvelo|e, *«Aled up asxl
re tel
forgotten. The lAd had reAd
F'uwmoxt smoiig them must W iaeei
the question of the nature
Herliert Hpancer. ia tha
definite combination of beteroueooua
chAitgv*. lxth
MiamitAneoua aul
oe»«]v e. in orret{a'ndeuce with external
ctiincidences ami •equences." I iita ia
not clear "Life,*' aayf Arbtoue, i*
the primary reality of an organism."
i'bi* i« true, but inadequate What
im dern acience ha* really eatabii^had
regarding life i» that it always pr oeeda
life. Nex among the unsolved prob
lems muat leplac«Hl the problem of ori
gins. Whence came thi* t'lobe?
Whence came man? What wa« tha
origin of mineral, of plant, of animal?
The Nebular hyi»otbesis and tl Dar
winian theory are xubtie and profound,
bnt even if establj»hel they wouwl utill
leave the problem of origins ol -ure.
In the realm of dwMMe unnolved prob^
lemt al*'ur»d. We cannot acco uit for
the origin of any of that large claaa of
dwAtt"!. which, ao far Aa we aaa,
inviriAbly tAke their beginning it. ado
finite particular virus. We can die
covet and formulate the conditi. na of
their growth and development,bir their
original source remanin a in -tery.
Yet it is in junt this departniet.' that
the outlook ia moat hopeful. The reniuA
Pasteur or a Koch, however rare,
is not without its parAllel,
irtarlea Dickens »ys: Tliera ia
nothing, no nothing, innocoDt oi good,
thai dies and i* forgotten let n hold
'to that faith or none. An infant, a
prattting child, dying in its eradte will
live again in the better thought* of
those who loved it and plays it« f«rt,
through there. in the redeeming e-tkma
of the world, though it*
body IM
to aahe* or drowne«l in the deejN aea.
There ia not All angel atldtnl to tli boat
of Heaven but doe* its blended t'k on
earth in those that ioved it here. For
gotten! oh, if the gtxnl deed* of human
creatures could be trAced to Ibair
source, how tieantiful would e\et l«^th
upjiear' for how• much charity, ,. .-rcy,
and purified affectum would be -«u to
ha e their growth iu dunty ^ravat.
W hen death strikes down the ismocant
AnjJ young, for every frAgile form from
which he lets the pAuttug *ptrit free, A
hundrcyl virtue* rise in ah Ape** of metwy,
charity and love to walk the wori.l and
bless it. Of everv tear that sorr wing
mortals •»lu«d on «nch graves some good
ia lorn. some gentler nature cowics. In
the deatrover step "pring up bright
creation* that defy ht» po««r» »t4u*
dark jiat baoome* a way af light to
at the Hiadou
to each of the*e gue«ta. Theia
Are left with the clerk with diiacti ua
to place Miem in the boias in th# i i
ing. \.* w»ch man come* down to break
fant Sunday morning he finds a letter!
for himnelf.
0 eiimg
it he dfceovcra
the invitation. It excites ia« »«ri* :ty
ani in niauv ca-e* the invitation i-« .»c
cepte«l. The plan hw» l»eeA in opera
tiou a nbort time only, bat thus Air
been found to work well. i/oiiMn/
if 'rtta***
Jk an way's mrnmm,
A lioaton father whoae aon lASt au
tumn tock it into bi» fooliah heal to
from home, tAught the bov
le*^N which i^ not likely to fen
lot of
aei»Atioti tl trA^h and although he had
gtnxl home he was I Away by what
he rea«l. and started *fl to enjoy life."
His fnit.U Aud hia courage gata «ut
together before ha got further than
New York, where he was robbed in one
place. ill-treAted in Another, and fell ill
third *o thAt by the time he had
been Absent from home for About ten
day* he *ent a )»athatic po*tnl-oaid to
hia family, Imgguig for the iuoBey to
oatne home with.
HIH father had already lolfowai him
to Xew York, j»ut detectivea on isia
track, and knew what war* happening
io him but wan leaving him to hi* u
device* in order that the lad might
The poor prodigAl was probably wdl
nigh heart-broken at each
,)rodm.tion ia,
to what hi* course would lead. Leav
ing a friend to aee that the txy w aa
waU-hed and kept from actual hAriu,
the father returned home, and w hen
the eon's Ap)iaAl oan^i he Mimpljr wrote
lai'k: "Don't von think you had better
which, indeed, it coat the father a t?od
deal of resolution to make, but be "et
out to walk from New York to Bo*tu.
A man employed by the filter's
order* to come along with him. lite
son supposed thAt he was mere I
tramp with whom he hAd fAllen In and
who ehoM» to be kind to him. Tile i un
awav reache«l itoina safely but
ehange«l bov it would not i*» eaay to
find. Hia fAther ha^ never Allnde! U»
hth »idventtrrtv aud th?TP"fr nviwi
-sjxct aud confidence between them
ahtoh ia really charming to Mm.
A acteotiilc writer is tha London
lAkne*U referring to soma of the nn
iolvel problem* of science, remarks
raAt guard, not of
life. ing
Achievements of thaae observer.t Itould
niAke the work of future invest gators
surer And le*n Arduous. Th trua
a«"ientiHc Attitude i« one of legst unata
-iati»faction at ^«ast successes with tha
frank recognition that this is notimefor
calling a halt and sounding pti-aua of
ynemj*' js
Teaetitaaa ef Waalh "W'
Th« *f-*ii«A i
Hn *!ve« Bible* of tlw» nwrM ilea
the Eoran of the Wohamedaus, the Tri*
Pitike* of the ItuddhmU, tb* Five
ilBP «f tha drtaaoa, tha Thvat V
ZeudavaoiA, AOi
the Scrioture of the Christum*,
'J lie Koran ia the moat recent id tha
flre, dating fmm
A!H H)
the -seventh
cantury after fhrist. It if* A xmpound
of !juotati"ii from the Old And New
Te*tAui«nt And from the TAlmml The
Tn l'i*ik«w contAin aublime morAls and
pare aapwalMMi*, Their Author li*ml
ami died iu UM naitlk eantnry bafot*
The *acrel writing of the fhine*e
aw- callel the Five King*, the word
"King*' meaning web of cloth From
this it i» presumed that thav were
originally written on five roll* of cloth.
They contain wise waving* from the
aage* on the duties of life, but thev
can not W 11 acel further back than the
eleventh ceuturv liefore our era.
'I lia Veda* are the moat ancient
book* in the UngUAge of tba Hindoos,
bat they do not. aceordtng to the late
commentators. Antedate the twelfth
oatiturv l«efoie the ('hrintiAii era.
The't.e»»da\ eata of the PerniAn*. next
i worketl
.:m I
r«K'kone«t amug ncholAra
ae lteing the greeiest Ami moat ieArnel
of the iaurred writing*. ZoroAater,
whoee sayings it contains, lived and
the twalfth century before
Chrint: Miw* lived and wrote the
Ptututeuch 1 ,"•« yearn lefore the birth
of Chiiat therefore thAt portion of onr
Bible ia At lea-st vear* older thAn
the moat ABeieat of etkmr aaerad writ-
a wtni-sAcrpd wort «f the
tir*t gieil to the
woril in the fourteenth century,
BaMaa ef the Warld.
ft bas been coitipntel that
and ,tHM),tXK) labie* Are
born iti the world eAch vear. The rata
therefore, about aev
euty per minute, or rather more than
one for every beat of the clock. With
thA one minute calculation avarjr He
reader is familiar, but it not
every one who stops to calculate what
this means when it comes to a year'*
supply. It will, therefore, startle a
good many parson* to find on tha au
thoritv of a'well-known hospital writer
that could the infants of a year be
ranged iu a line in cradle*, the cradle*
would lie overflowing and at the same
time extend around the globe. We have
the ingenious cone] union
that, sup­
posing the little one* grow up And the
ex be About eqtiAllv divided, we
would liAve An Army l« times lArgar
than that of Great Britain, and a wifa
for each soldier lieside*.
The same writer looks at tha aMktter
in a -«till more pictnreAque light He
imagines the l»ahie* teiiig carried pact A
given point in their mother» Attn*, one
by one And the procession being kept
up night And dAy until the last corner
in the twelfth month hAd passed by. A
anfticientiv liberal rate i- allowed, but
aven in ?roinpr pant at the rate of twenty
a minute the reviewer at hi* jx*t would
only have seen the sixth part of thi* in
fantile bo*t after thev had l»efn passing
him at the rate of I 200 an hour during
the entire year! Iu other words, the
babe that had to be carriad whan the
tramp Ikegan would le able to walk
wheu but a mere fraction of its cam
had reached the reviewer j*st,
when the year's
supply of liabiaa
drawing to a close thara would ba
boys Ami girla. St. Loux
Ewt«rgHriM ta tha Xftchea»'
A l«"»k Agent in Defroil who prefers
the back door of the hotine the front
is d' inga lively business selling cook
hook*. He doe* not inquire for tha
i muatress but for the maid Oaee in
aide the kiteben door he ojpena
the liook. tnrn* the leaves bnakly
And talks rapMllv at the aame time.
"You want this book for yourself,"
he aays in persuaan e tones to the girl.
"You'll be in vonr own house aHn. A
pretty girl like you doesn't go a-begging
for a huaband. Bare are seventeen dif
ferent ways of eooking-« eggs, and
twenty-five ways of rooking j"tat»ea.'
The girl staire open-eved. Sometiraaa
the agent niaata
snag whan it all
seems plain aailing. The girl auny aay
to hini
"I cannot the EngU*h raad al an."
Ha is ready for bar.
"Here you are, then juat the book
to learn from. Everv word aa plain as
he n we on your face all the rest in
pictures, aee
Yes. aiie aaaa. Thara is a handaone
girl with tuHced up skfrta baking
breatl and another «Kkmg eggs, while
a jaunty mi*» with round, white arms
ia rolling jne-crust in a model kitehan.
Aa the picture^ flash paat the girl A»ka:
How m(*cli ^ou aak that book fur?"
"Only 2.50, TIM ptotwaa ooak yon
nothing at
ThAt only" la«ides her She tnys
the lxok. wrap* it up in tiaaue |a|er,
mts her h1IA«1 around it, aud hides it
her trunk. Then she goes on ruining
bread and aoorchiug potAtoe* to the
and of the chapt«r. JMitoU Jt'lt*
Ta Help iaiMlaa HehreM.
The new project for the ameliorating
of the condition (4 the liuasian Jaw*
who have immigrated b' this country
turn" out to IM- another scheme of
Baron Htrsch, the wealthy German He
brew, who has done ao much for the
(eople of his race in ItuaaiA and other
land* The scheme haa
1 formnlAted only iu
yet been
the basis of it ia
general WAy, btit
decision by BAron
Hirsch to send to this countr\ lonOo
monthly for the beu. tit of Haasum .less
in New York Aud in.Phil»lei{'hia The
Baron'a representative in the mat tar
will ba Adolph u* H. Holomon. af p*a»
ent conriwted with the (Vona* Baraaa
in Washington.
The first n*e of the money will ba lo
improve dwellings bv erecting or leas
ing better buildtngH than tlo »K*keriaa
i where thev are now hearded like cattle.
The details of the project are exited
to be arranged And the first raniittaaea
U W reoeive»V within a few month*. It
stAted the other d*v thAt Baron Htrsch
is entirely alone in thia enterpriae, and
tliAt it will be conducted indepeml
antly of the United Hebrew !haritiea
in N,ew York Those chAigw will
endeavor to prevent, rather thia lo en
courage further immigration.
TMK potato is said to lie detarioriat
w«. but it made many a mash in ita
Tht Tea Traie.
The export* of t**A from Chiu hav«
falian off enormonelr, while tbo«e of
othei and newer diatricts have eor
m«iponditi«l" luoraased Between 1861
and I uie export itc« reaped by M,
000 (MX) pounds, while that of IndiA and
Cevlon tea* increased by nearly 85,
Wttand liuce then the di»parity
hai i«««ti ren greater, I'hus it is ob
vious!* uieleas for China Any longer to
reganl herself a* able to eoatml the
tea trade of the world or conduct
herself aa if ahe were the prime pro
ducer Hhe niAy be fortunAte. indeed,
i! IndiA, C!aylon, And JavA leave har
the xweond |»l*c« w the struggia for an
preiuAcy. .lava is not tailing behind
in the race, and all the toll ^"tntriei* of
India Aaaam. Buhra lun, Kuinaun,
Darjiling, Coohar. Kangra Ha%arU&*j|h
fbittagong. the Tarai. and tha Nil
ghirts are extending their oparat^ns
in black tea. NAtal ha" beeu demon
at rated to be a tea-grow mg region and
there Are ground" for believing that
the West Indies, the Southern nited
HtAtaa, BrAXil, Fiji, AustrAliA, And avan
the aouth of Europe can prodttoe fair
marketable leaf.
Bnt there are other elements baaides
qualitt which eutar into th* taa-grow
ittg industry, and the first of them t«
cheap lalKr. We moat remember that
in India and China a laborer capable of
picking and tiriug leaf may be had for
from pence to ti pence per day, and
thAt it is difficult tor Any other coun
trie** to enter into competition with re
gions where a primary margin of profit
ia ao fully iuaarad aa te tiwaa jwrttoee
of the aaat.
It i-» generally sttppowMl that we
our firnt tea from China, but thia ia not
the fact for our first supply cam* from
lava. The price then ranged from
to $5) par pound, and it oonsequeotlv
had a very limited aaie Even during
the reign of Charles II. and his brother
it was dispoaed of at 15 ahiliuiga t* &0
ahillinga. according to quality the lut
l»avable on everv gallon of the beverage
sohl trt the coffee hoti*e« Wing pai|gs.
Haw ta BNIIM a Trwt
1%» following cottveraattao wae kawf
letween two cohegiAua, who ware dia
cutting a olaaa dinner
(f course," aaid one with a couae
quential touch of self compiamnoy and
patrnage which students call "fraAh,"
And which only lengths of dnys can oure
"if a fellow haan't wit enough to
know when to atop, he'd better he car*
fui at first Soma heed* are built weak*
you know."
"Careful in wliAtf* interpolated I,
and both laughed.
"W^hy. drinking, of ooarae," *aW tha
flrot speaker "A fallow haa t«. take hi*
seasoning sooner or later. Some can
stand it. Home cannot, at laaat for a
He waa, aa I hAve intimntad, a fraah
man Hia frieud, a bearded senior, tka
only aon of a rich man. slapped him
g¥H|-humoredU the-ahouldei.
"When I wax your age, old fallow,
my father aaid to me, If I had my lite
to live over. 1 would never take a giaae
of wine or smoke a cigar.' 1 answered,
Tt would t«e iiHiliah not lo profit bj
what anch a sensible man *aya' i
have never ta*ta«l wina or touched to
bacco, and I am glad of it gladder
everv day I live I might hAve been
'bnilt' with A strong heatl, and then
agrnn I might not.*
But what do vo« my whm fas an
fdtered a treat
"I aay, 'No, thank yon, I never take
it." Generally that aattlaa the matter
And if tliey poke fan at yavf
I let them poke,' and thao stead
eady to put UMNB to bad whan their
heads give oat.'
There are for th# comfort of mothers
lie it saitl many "fellows* atronp
enough to maintain this stand and aensi
ble enough to see that the risks are not
worth taking. If ia the fool that mad
diea with firearms tha ootuiUi *41%
uarriaa a loaded revolver.
th# Taederbtft rharffSes.
It hae nevei lieen published any
whara, although if
a fact, that thara
is a rule in each of tha Yanderbilt
households thAt. whatever the coat of
rttiHiiug the Louse, the same amount in
enclt instance is given to the j»oor This
rule i« "trictly observed in feet, a book
of ei|ieus4M for this purpose ia kept,
and iu a are recorded ail of the house
hold exiaiae*. including even the hire
of servert» and the coat of boxes at the
opera. Ho that w heoever the expenses
of these familie* im-rcase the donations
to the poor are increaatsd corre*jodiagly.
One can fancy how large ihete dona
tious must be from the statement thAt iu
one of tha fAmilies there Are ao lea*
thAn thirty aervAtit* while
expeuseH will run up to several hundred
thousand a yeAr. W hen this amount ia
given aw*t »t the end of the year there
will be little or no publicity given to the
feet of the magnificent donation. Even
With this doubling of evpenaaa noaa of
the Y anderbilt* ta able to live up to his
tcuoeme without invwataag iwi^a Ma
new eriterpriaee.
Vet in that Reapert,
"What were you alout to remark!"
"Nothing at all, 1 aaatue you,
plied Willie Waahingttau
But ron look ae if yoa
thing to aay."
"Ya-a* I'm verwy (Uceptive that way.
I e often thonght, myeelf. that 1 had
^tomething to aay and diaeovahad aftah
I said it that I hadn't"—From th«
Nbe taaraied Mah£
Txaminiii^ attorney i to
i» your
age, madam?
Witness 'with charming smile)-- -It
would do von no good to know, sir, far
1 am married and out of the market.
Then the court smiled and the bar
smiled, and the exAtniaing Attorney
himself amiled, and the question waa
not nreaaed. Bottton Cotinmr.
ibaadnr hulh
ions the one
COXVI KUT and good hual
enlarge the king's dominions
bv the sword making the aere* more in
number, the other by the plow,
the aame acre# mora in value
have an earthquafea» la Java
a vary two week a Wonder that a cup
of Java ever gets an opportunity to
P0U.T ii IT IKS.
OnwttPrC'oart -Hugging -'"V"'"
Twr profaetnonal A|wrtAinaa::l|ii*4i^^
tlnet Aim in life ^.1
Ta1 n.vr- oftofi anska A aema oa m|-'
alevatfHl car. AS welt Aa in a theater
IT eounda paradoxical, but "a talking
tikeneax" is not »eoe*aarily a f|tur« of
HoBKKruaas la aaid to ba the man#'*» 5
thing in tha world to give 4aople tha
Tti!- neMs s stamp,** arid the
maater ae tbe c*»ckToadhi erawle«l oat of
the mail- bag
IT ia qnite natural that a weepm*.
waaharwoman should Attempt to diy heifi
aye* by wringing her hands.
Poimmai pasaiug store* -Good gra«*
won*! What in the matter with tha
man ieauiug over the counter in thara
B'obaon Got a counterfeit I goes*
•Jones -Economy pays. It paid md
well th» ast week Brown How |4
Jones Tt *w £.*»0 for ba k rent, oi
for team lure to
The Man He Wanted.
Old Biiamonslv advertized for a
irtrry, and whan
't -i
Moved, aa#
thna saved $4f».
A Yni.Fi. Throat. W» tCero««rne|r
my dear, rublied on the neck aud hea^f,
is a poaitive cure for hug choleis* Sh4
Wny—have you tried Ht I doaf
notice any improvamaat.
Y'ou aay that twlrfer |ret4
|a,(HJ0 A veAi AM a laseball plater
Hugga Vaa. Hnagg* Well, what doei
he do all winter? Bngga Keeps him*
self ia practica hy pitching into hit
"Nru.iic," he Hud softly, "thia ring»
which ooetflHO, I ho)*e you will kaefk
as a lasting proof of the depth" of rof
affeetiou." Nellie i |s»^ta*l iu jewelry
Ye*, lthineatoua* are worth a groaf
in the Bowarv, Jack. Good Bight!
tHfc THIBTV-KtOMT fOOyly What
pity it Neems, Mr Somerset, that a mat|
like yon ahould "l»e a laeheloi Mu'
Somerset Yes, Miaa. Thirtv eight, if
does seam a pity, bat I e^An help it.
You know I wae bora so! en
I fear you have bee't-
keepiug yourself too cioeely contlnetU
You should go out more TAke a t^oti"
atitutioual every morning before breaki
fatt Col. Livehigh--! always do^
doctor, two of 'aim, auU aavei iaas thAd
three finger*.
AMKHU AX Boy—Papa, what's aa ab»
solute monarchy? Papa A countrf
ruled by a king whoee authority is nut
limited, lii* word
IAW, And tha paor
pie must do his bidding. Do yoa an*
derstand'' Amenoai^ w»y Oh. yea,
sort of political )***.
How niu .u like the aarmon thiamorn
ingv Perkina It waa too abort to anil
me Jankina lan't that an unusual
objection Parkins It may be, bnt i|
is rather provoking after one haa set
tled iumself for a restful t»Ap to hav
he pieacher suddenly bring his set•
mon to a close.
NOT long Ago a aolad iirsagaliet mada
the l»4U*w4»g aunouncouianf at ane.jul.
his meeting* i'heaemees to morr.nf
will be for women only Paator^ of
churchea will le admitted, but no aiau.''
Tlii'- remark is in line with tha ol|
adage that there are three
woman, and elargymaa.
young man pn aantet
himself, the old fell»w looked At hiu|
sharply and in a gruff voice naked
"Well, air, what CAII yon do"'"
"I^mt know, exactly haven siaatl'
myae.il up in a cumpiate way vet, but
think that I eaa manage to hold^my aad
*"\es VOT! think so. Kow, air, waof
a man to do my writing, and I trant bin|
to be a man of judgment lo you tm»
don't wan# mf aamhy paarty1MP
low about me. I want a man to catctft
my idea* at once, and in expre^^m^
them to my corres)M»fid«nU la *fa aa
few words a* possible."
Think I'm your man, ail*,*
1 don't want any aotdlopa, under*
stand. I want plain words want
tpade to be called a spade
All right, sir, ami if I don't suit yot|
I don't think there is anvbodv thai
"What is four
"Yery good. Mr. Bpiraa, yoa may ga
to work .*
When thr nfrt
twk tip tho flr«|
letter thai Spirew had written he looke|
at it a moment and then uttered tw|
angry exclamation.
the fAmilv
\Vhy. w hat do yon mean here Aftal
signing my name yon have put tha w©«§§^
Sweat#.' What did you do that for?"
W by, to carry out your idea of eall*
iiig sfMule a *|«de, for, instead of *nv*
ing per Spire*, I have simply adde»|
Sweat* which, you know, meaii^ thf
aame thing, satprusuit in a aiaplat
Mr Hp4ree aaid the old matt, and
hia voice trembled, "I shall tAke yoi|
into full co-partnership at once. Mr,
Hpirea, I have a beantifpl daaghter, air,
Con.e with me to my homa.n~ ^IrAans
A A Harry
\i, exceedingly cheeky ttner mail#
his appearance in Boston one day las ft
week. He wa* drested in overall# H»|*
weut into tbe ottoe of a life inaorauc«£
i-ompatiy, and while whiatling one o|
the latest tunes, began to unscrew fr. n|
the walls of a toilet rs»n» on the fonrtl^"
floor a inirri value*! at about twenty
dollars. Full twenty iwui»ant« ol th*
building saw the man at work, am
everv body thought he had been hi ret
either to repair the glass or clean it|
Thev did not nuspect aavthing w«
wrong until ba toft. Yfcaa mt
he waa a thief.
Me Wed W. bftr
to make erf
"Ideal a now what
huabaud," aaid a vcrnng wife tearfnllv^
He begs me not- to cook anything.' bu#
to allow our trained cook topre}w*re tli^..
i ,"My bnalMitd waa .liffersot," said
Ifelv fn deep wmnttow* "He waa ami"
hatic in ht* order* that thefxsd ahonl
always \m prepared by
iv hands,'
And your fen
aW. i* A, iWi\ ItJ'

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