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•'.'. *•,
**4* *«•*.*• 1
i'iW, \i
Discovery of Another
Diabolical Plot
Sufficient Charge In the
Bomb to Destroy Wkob
if tha Sabame Had Baen SuoaaaaM
Tarrible Loss of Life Would
Have Resulted.
A Polioaman Diaoovars EvidMioM thai
Anarchy is Still Alive in tit*
Garden City.
f*«CAiM, May 87.
Tbs night ef
the anarchistic not, wae
lis CIueago with atartliag
4.18H. the date «f
rae mrikd to ai»l
vividness by the
tdiaeovery aaawatakebie HUM of an at
tempt to Mow ftp the iitfnaiM aaoaa
|M8t «&d surrounding (mildiagi «ttk gi
ft aa tie Him» ol dynamite. A p^ownn
pesamg til* SUMIMMttt fo«nd at iii t»Bae
What appeared te he a
of Weak ototfe,
Imk with ta«U rape. Be pitted it ap
and the eappoaed rope erwiM in Ul
layfi aa though rharred by Art. Tied up
la a piaee of Meek eMh wee a tie can
ahoet twelve tushes loon UH) four iaeitea
to diaaaeter, The veesel wee evidently
fail of soaie subataace a»u weighed a bo
leev ef life vwaU, have
Tbe oee with it« eooiaale and the pieeee
bnraad feaed wee* teraed over to «ee-
tml oOeer* who took It to
the Aetna Powder eempeoy'e efltoe,
Vhere au expert mad* au axeminetifm.
Ike oee eoetftintd e eoaapoeition. per
east, of wbieb wae nitro-giyoariua, aod
whteh wotOd hav# made e terrible es
led %e Are feeehed H. The
raa of the kind enii
aanly eeed. Notbiag bet a timely
chowajr of nua pre*»atad the plot being
eenoaeafally realired. Detaetivea be»e
hi»a iieteUed to femt oettba pexpetvetete,
biaf of Fottee Murab waa ww aad
tgHwtioeed by a repo«t«r In regard to the
Metier, aod although tbe ebief woold Melee
deftnita atetemeut to waa learned th»t
ther« bea been deekled MOTOaae&t oe tbe
past of the lede of iete te r«e«ieei.
the eU feeiiug of urolutke
te MReiiis* Me aorkiug
gwwt meatwfa have been beid
If tbe old greepe. Herr Moat, wboat tbe
•hi foiiowera of ttpie* end Fareona now
reeogoioa ae a leedar, bea been aerretly
eeadtag to CMea«o oireoiaie arging hi*
fettow*r« to orgeatea aed piwpeia ta atriiw
aaetber blow.
ttm *UMH«
An Attempt to Blow Up
the Hay market
Only a Timely Rain Prevented
an Awful Explosion of
I 'i Djnamite.
JȤ JEOfflf!: IwiiiL-gMM- af barat -Sl^S-iot'
jftm war# found tying Ml* it, The fee*
•as In a doaen pieuas aad had evidently
.|mb io*k«d with keroeana. On the step
gjpproanhlng the baae of the eWoe wee
flbuad as a alighted pleee of faae, to one
-gM ef wtloh wee attached a email #•».
aMa ea§». Thia, whan tri«d wiib i».
Abated readily. The ebeqpi of dfaemlU,
jKwdiiN* to the pottee, wea enowgb
i» blow «p aofwrel block*. Tba Meoblo«
Haa tfidatfl} pteeed tbeie eerly in Mm
•oraiag, and tee nut extUMtatebed the
toreiog feee. The axpUmoa woeid b«va
iMeda terrible kevw. Witb etrart eera
paMiM. too,
11» guunmmia Mr
Fifty KtHtMlt tn Baa FtaicMa
|n tbe flgbt iaet night batwaen 4aoB7
Boatouo. and
Mav M,
Tbe weekly t.eok
taaarve momaead
of Lou Aogfiea, iuiiidte«e«gbti. at the
(tat« Atbieti «iat. for |iuni of
ft/Mw, kidlikti «m kuiioked uu.
tai It.
tbe London »a**W#«
vpondent »ay« the ratr Inw that
in tbe vent of a Franco-brrmau war b*
wdl not on any account interfere by f«.»«*
at arm*, and that ha will neither attest
Oecmany nor eater into as ailuMtce with
Is eseeaa of
bold $a»*?*,aiM
VaTt Wta«.
Mew Navbm. 'o*Mi May •«,
ffew Vale-Allan te (oet laaa
thla *fl«moan. and
laaftb efter an ejtciting iat»|b
Hw nwayt*Ha«« Wtlt atteh fcy ThieB^ ta
Hpita «r Kvarytame
auu«OBA. N ¥., May M.
Tt»« Viaabytenan ^anentl aeaembiy tbi*
B»nroinK adopted, wttbont a itiea^oting
w»t*, a ptau {in tba a|*t*t*itaeeBt of a nrie
Ids coauuitiea.
After a report ItOM tbe eoamittee am
WU« au«i overture*, lr M.'C'ook. ei-|4«a
ident of PriinNitou college, waa iBtrodtneed
Mid r^ewived by tbe aaeen) la^e rieing. He
•eid be aaw uiauv of bia fhtUiren IU tbe
eadianoe many wbo bav» tbat
tbi« ueetiOK would a aort of a baar
aeriieu and it wan
ratifying tbat ao far
tb« v ar*» ili«a|ipointad.
Eav. Ueorge Mattbewa, general aee*
iwtary of tbe Reformed alliance, forawriy
of tbia country, fiat mow of England, gave
SB aceouitt of tb* pro«rreek in Ureal Brit
ain. Ir F^raktoe, chairman of tbe eam
mitte on BMtbud of reviaton, tbeu reed
tbe report of bta committee, be com nit
tee rwoBimerutw that a committee OQJ
poetd of on# ui»m lier of each synod, to-wit,
nineteen mini*terN Ad ten fKit-r* b» mp-'
pointed by tbe moderator to notaiuet* to
tbta aaearabiv a oommtttee cona«ttn|{ of
fifteeu toioiateni and ten aiders wbieb
ahell be cailad "Tbe aftaeruhij committee
on reriatoe of tbi ooofeewion of faith,
which committee, wbeu cou«titnt4Hi the
general maeembiv aball couauifi the
tiop ruatie by tbe prvabylaria*and formalate
to tbe general aaeembiy of 1M91 anch alter
atia«iM and amen tni^ntc to the oeufAMion
of faith aa in tbeir jadgment
may km diaagreeabie and tbat tbta
committee abalt not propoae any
alteration* or an«udiaente tbat wiii t& any
wey linpare the integrity of the reformed
at oelTaoiHtic «TMtana of tfoctnoe tangbt is
tbe «x»f«»K»ior» faith
Tbe report waa Mdo iei by e rieing rota,
Tbe mcKlerator af^ahctad a a—lBBtlBg
H»mitt«E of oiaetsejE mhifstew AU! ten
elector** at onw, nammg Dr. William 0.
Robert*, member from Ithnoiw, cbairmah.
Tbi committee waa called by ita cbair
man to meet at BOOB to nominate a per*
mauent committee. Tbeir report will
probably be given Monday.
ir. Roberta laiil tbe overturn of (waa
tv-aii praabTtariaa in laror of new oou
aeueittt abotiLd be refer mi to a oom
uiittae of uiut* wbo abai) beve tbe
oo-opwretuwi of the reformed bodies tn
preparing e ebort, clear, comprehensive
ftatemetit of tbe |ioiuti in which ail re
aaa a
»«»i»trtutr for, but auppienenlary
to tbe Waetnunater veraion. It
BQit contain tbe eeeeatlale of the re
formed faitb end le th* haai* of no ion and
co-operatioo liv all th affiliated betliea,
rapeciaUy in tbeir work in foreign iatii)».
Dr. Herrtck Jobneon Made iftBM remark*
tn opfH«nuon to, and It. C*. L»wb
•trfjoj^i^ iavored tbe eenetsuetlee of
Mn ia i aoblya.
Mew YOBS. May *i
Joiw W. Koloaao, ehenipton
graptier of America, di*si UJ Brooklyn from
lupine* received to baring i»en thrown
fruui a bicycle. The deoeaaed wae
of age. He waa kuown all over
the eotuitryee beiBg the fastest telegrapher,
and not only tbe faateat bnt tbe
moat accurate. A few yeara ago be won
apieudul gold medal for (tending
off a citppmg of 500 worda in the abort
time of tan mtnwtea and thirtytwo aec
ond6. which tiiu# btM r»a*er been beaten
i be priitf tfotten op by the
taiagrapbera themaeiveii to de^de which
waa tbe faateet. A few weeka ago there
waa another oontaat among the tele
graph era, and thoagh the firat prijt*- waa
awrded to a Mr. I'oilock, of Hartford,
i una., it was contended by Koloaon'c
frieotlM tbat be should have bad it. Be
waa uot only an .expert telegrapher, bat
tiitiHaeut us, all mattera elect rioaL
Xtt Ml itDKltftD.
Aa OM i
ar Uflag Niar Halt)
tlaifcaawa l*araaaa.
Brriv, if oat. May u.
The deed boJy of
fo«n%l tn bia cal4a
tton, Monti^ aboet
from Btttta, When
John Dempeey
Pee ley a ate
twe&ty milee
fonnd ha had
dea1 ea^eral
honra and bia fat -J and body were one iuaK«
Of brmaea and cute, indieatuig tbat be bad
been foully dealt with. Tbe old man bad
been living alone for aotne time on bia
piacer clattu, and ee be h«d neither
money -nor enemiea, no motive can be
found for tbe terrible crime. Haa pic ion baa
been directed toward aome of tbi* neigh
bortoK ranobeia beeauae of cooftteting
atorieit told by them and becaeae of their
leluctanee to have tbe Matter in reatigated.
Dempaey, though poor and unfortunate,
had plenty of frt mle in thia city, and bia
A»ath wtU be lookout into aa thoroughly aa
•ten and money *au do it. The coroner ta
already working on the eaee, and will ef«u»
Bo petna tn aiding it to tbe bottom.
Tba Mtata JaBbera. \,
ia Mey
Tbe lowe Jobberw ^eaoeiattoir o^utlf lithf
late laat ntgbt. Tbe aeaaiooa were aecret
ead the jobbere were reticent ahont
Vbat wa« done, tbourb tb« anti-truet
law waa tbe chief tople eooajderetl.
Tbe following ofioera were ehonen foy
the enau«ng year Vreaidout. Maj. Bamne)
Mabona, Ottemwa, ft rat vic«-preatdent. 0,
I*. Birge, Keoknk aceond vk* preauleBt,
C. Pronty, lea Moinea third rire
preatdeul. John Thaucreek. Dubn^ag,
1, Marks, I»ave«jert.
aiatac BarklMt} INwtmywa.
Tb* Chruiy eo«| aitaa. Bear
QraastVa premier aaya a royal
tor wtlt rtfl the aaBBtlaN eboat
Moin^i, bad a If* etmttf 1ft o'clock
this morning. «Tbe engine bouae,
boiler bouae wad blaokamith shop, with
the wiaohiuery, were entirely destroyed.
Tbe ft re raxKbt from the boiler. Loaa,
fullj coeeted ty inettrauee. Mr.
Gbriety will rebuild at once.
Western Pennsylvania VlBiie^
a Damaging Rain &(ii
Eleetrio&l Storm.
A lilgt Numbar of Pertoiw Sttghtly
Injured, but No Fatal it it*
Striata ftevarted Into RH%rs
liwara and Koads Washed Out
—Haavy LaMta
Pmmmm, Key M.
A aevere rata
and Bed electricel norar
panned over a large eectton of et^tem
Pennaylvania. doing great damage to
property and reaaltiue In tbe loet of
eral livee. lu tbe cant end of Fittubarg
bouaea were blown down, tree* Bprooted
and Kinali baitdiusra demoitabed. A Imuae
on Black florae hill, occupied by iobB
Milter. waa lifted bodily from ii« foau.ia
tion and Mowa to aooamderable dtetanoe,
Tbe family eecaped witb aHubf brawe \t
laaat a aoo re of other honae* tn the vicinity
Were ouroofed. A larg" oQuiber of per
aon« received alight mjnriee, bnt aa Ibr aa
known there were no fatalitiea.
At Mciveeaport baitatooea as !«rpr &£
walnuts fell, while tb# rata poure down
in abeets for a half honr. Lightmng
struck aeeeral butldinga and eonaiderable
da mag* WIN done. Tbe greatest injury
W&* tton# by water, which oatne down
White's hollow in streama eaveuty-Hve
feet wide. Tbe water waa five feet deep
on Fifth avenue and a number of houatM
below tbe grade were submerged.
At irv^enaburg, Wiliintii Frye. a gardener
at Kt. Joseph a academy, waa killed by
lightning. The heavy rains ceased great
damage in tbe low landa in the vicinity.
LAghtmng at rack a uutiiiwrjof fiin- bnild
iaga. doing great damage ia every matatic*.
Near Waabingtou. Fa., lightning annek
a derrick on tbe Miller farm, a batten eg it
aal ktiling WOluun FWMMI, eenuaely in
jormg William Galea and etaaniag two
Iu Fayetie county tba rainfall was ex.
taasive and did much damage to railroads.
A heavy landslide «*v.nrr»d at Oakdale,
and as It waa being cleared away a still
heavier one earn# duwu, blocking both
track* he flood to Mooas creek oarrted
aWay"'fiB«»v T»biKirugKr-'"
At Uvton station ae immenee amwaat
of mod, rooka and treea came down on tbe
Baltimore A Ohio traeks. Tbe rainthevs
amounted almost to n
A diapateb from Oil (^ity, Pa., says:
Heaw rains have fallen almost steadily
stoca iaet midnight and are raising tbe
water in the river and creek to tbe highest
point a I nee IH&t. On aoconnt of waahouts
there are no railroad commonicationti witb
Buffalo or Warreu. Tbe groand floors of
the lower portion of the town are Hooded.
At Wheeling. W. Va., two aod one-half
iaehes of min fell ui twenty minutes,
deluging the streets aud flo^xling a numlier
of buaineaii hoaeea. There are apprehea
sioQo of a big liae in the nv«r in I'itta
batg the heavy rata is likely ta aw«ll the
river to tkxxl pro{»ortione.
A special from Eric, Pa., savsr T.oog
oontiuued raina have caused a great deal
of trouble on the ra)lroad« iu thia aection
of the state, and tbeie are many washouts.
A west bound freight on the Nickel Plate i Arnold
went through a bridge near Crayton, Three
trainmen were severely tujnrel. Twenty
five cars went down into the flood.
Another AeeaaM-
CurVRLAKn, May 24
A raltiMorm macb in the MbM ,»
cloudburst swept over uortuweetera Penn
sylvania doing great damage. At Corrv,
the street^ were converted into rivera, in
some places two feet deep, tearing up aew
era and washing out roailn The railroad
yaida were completely laaodated.
Merchants alao sastaiaed heavy
I oases. The rt'ley from
to Irv-
iegton, a disiaaoe of twenty miles,
is a complete lak4 of water from one to
three nnlea in width. The loes wtll prob
ablv reach $l(N(.fKM» or more The pablic
higbwayx in tbe sarronndiug country are
nearly unpaesable.
At Meadviiie ligbtuiag atraek aeveral
bnildtngs. although uoue were severely
daruageti. Hev^rai wtreeta are Hootled and
vteusive damage reaaltel in the lower
portion of the city from tbe rapid rising of
French creek. Three bridges, a slaughter
bottas and BBmeroos a mail bQiidtafa aad
aldewalka were swept away.
»WKIX« A BI ttlKIl TKlAHiraS.
Oaliasmlaw Tsaaai TBetr Bewreb Bar the
a^«*it* OT Iteath A»I«HMHI rtrtiM.
Ban Fbawojim o, MaysW
Tbe schooner Lau ra^Ua aailetl from Ban
Fraacisctj with a party who expect to re
cover a treasure buried more than thirty
year* ago on ocoa Island, one of tb«
Galapagos groap off the Booth Asierteau
coast. Coin and Jewel* were boried en tba
island, it ia popularly believed, by piretea,
who plunderetl the inonasterie-« and
thuicbee of tbe Central American
coast. The pirataa were captarsd by a
rniaer aod all were banged except a
.woman, who is now Mr*. Welch. Mb«
ha« guided several partio* to the ialand,
but after mouths of digging they found
'nothing Horn of tbe parties proposed
hanging the woman, but finally she waa
landed in ber home In Costa Rica. Three
men have gone crazy over tbe trsaaure and
wera taken from tbe ialand to the aiifor
tia insane aaylum. Tbe party tbat ttm,
jnet a'ailed ta *aid to have "barl made h)
tb« Kpaniah woman and ia eonlllettt of a»«
curing the long buried wealth.
,%«N» 1
BasafiK. MayM
Wtttea eoftamltle'l nfe# %j*
ebootii»K UiHMMfrlf while tbe swattartum
'ta WatsbadeB.
-«?iyv-v *W'r
y "$ V
mi lite Maw rty ia Ml
nUaatt n«it.
Hi 'W»*ttfiTnv, TO May «4.
An insect called tbe aaw fit ia reported
to be ruining tbe wheat ia various paits «f
ral fllionaia. notably in Ixtgan eotta^f
^ht-re tbe area of wheat planted te aa«
iiua'ly large and where, nntd the ravage*
of thia insect legan, tb« promiae waa re
uinrkably tine. At Broad we
11 acolbctioa
bunchea of wheat, pulle«l from iao lalrtd
throughout Logan county, baa bee^
tj»df, which indicates tbat tbe devaatatios
i widespread. No Held has yet been found
it'ti ia free from the peat, which attack*
th.» root and bores into and up the ateut,
UIKIUK deeav and deatb. I.-»rge areaK at
iieat Will lie plowed U|) tbe lailA
iUuted hi other erope.
Vk«n^r «V Mala Makea the
At Kcottdala tbe ntorm wax partlealarly
deatructi« e. The cellars along all tb®
principal atreets are aearly ftlled with
water and gooda ia stores saturated. The
creek w rising stsadiiy aad the aatety of
the bridge#* between Hoottdala and Fair
ehance endangered.
Men JaMlaat.
1 HKHA, k 11, May Sit.
Everybody is happy. The long-IW*e#
for rains have come. Aljoot three-quarters
au inch, solid water, baa fallen, enough
moisten the rartb to tbe depth of the
|J WIUK. The gram sown on August and
j.tom»er plowing wpa all up and grow
iiiK while that sown on spring aad fall
plowing did not have sufficient moistnre
to Hart tbe seed. The heaw winds have
Bo« effected onr wheat ftelda ur farm
!i»»ve leeu breaking nteadily all spring,
fe unug extra teams to do tbe work.
have about the average amount of
%rt»kiog done for tbts season of tbe
As tbe prairie* is now in excel
nt for breaking, fartnera will at
commeiioe to break, and a very large
amount will done until tbe season ia
over The increase tn acreaee of wheat
fowti over last year ia eboat 40 per eent.
|W uver last year, from 76 to ltO per
hrrit Tbe great inereage of flat "own is
to the heavy immigratiou of thia and
laM Hpring. All our oldest aettlera, who
)iMv' tieen here auice IHHo and lftiitt, heve
ted. uown to wheat from 150 to 'JOb aeraa,
Bia! atill continue to break prairie for flex.
1st!migration ta stilt pouting iu from ita*sta,
aa 1 will reach about the xatiif numter as
lawt year.
•hv H. i., May
U. ,,
fuera ia plasty of MuliitlB auft frl'IPtfi
Kb- fitbilant. The drouth is tbe moat thor.
OBgblv broken for two yeara. Two aod
«#i eighth inohes of water has fallen within
•tip" nvrr WWdTTBKt" ""Sll" ^'cTopa are Tooting
Nkal k) ihn Man
to Break Up.
May U.
Tbe trial of I), ft. Arnold for the mat*
der ol A". W, Games** last an nary, cloeed
end resulted in the acqaittai of the dc
faudatil. Tbe case baa (»eeu in progreas
•tore than a week paat, and baa crested
much public interest, Arnold is a promi
nent resident of Colasa oouuty, and
was formerly tbe eberiff there. Last
fall a number of anonymona oiroulars
wrie distributed among the best citirena of
'olu«a coutaimnK vile calnmniea atralnst
member* of Arnold a family, and particu
larly againat Mr». Arnold. Arnold labored
ia ea«antly to dis-over the author of the
circulars, and among tbe persona wbo
claimed to he hiM frieuda, and offered assis
tant* in tracing the authorship of the cir
culars. waa S. W. iarne-4, a young an
of this city. Finally Arnold became eon
vinoed that rarneea waa a falae
friend and was himself tbe author
of tbe circulars. Th« men met on
tbe street here laat January aod went to a
private mom of a store together, whara
barged iternaes with Iteing te
slide for the circular*. The tatter
iBBde a defiant reply aud taocordiug to
Arnold teatimooy made a motion aa if to
draw a revolver. Arnold then drew hie
iwvolver and ftred four times, inflicting
w»anda which resulted tn tiarueea death a
few boors later, it was developed during
the trial tbat (leroesa wae tbe author of
the circular*, and tbat be bad written and
distributed th»*u either for the pnrpoae of
blackmail or with the intention a! hteak*
ia§ np Arnold's homa.
Katee flb Salary.
Kat'oat*. Ka» May H,
An Kmi*oria, Kas.. jury broaght ia a
verdict of guilty in tbe caae of the state
agMnat John Harrison, deputy connty
clffrk, charged with altering tbe census re
tains of Lyon county, Tbe alteration waa
to raise the population to over 'iTi.iNHi. and
thireby increase the (salaries of tbe county
sunt* attorney and other officials.
A new trial haa been asked, and if it ia re
fated the eaee- will probablv be taken to
tbe eopreme eonrt. The penalty is any
tiMe under ten Veer* in the penitentiary.
The oountv sterk ia accused of a ximliar
•flrnse. and him case will nest 1* heAi'J.
O t.. Mat
Tb« Chetenamr, ('omanchM, Araps
and other Indian tribes ar* MBoh
wfBBght upoter tbe u(pe«'ted ap(.»earauce
of an Itniian moMtab The tnlxw camped
in the river bottom near For| Beno are
daily expecting the arrival of their greatest
of medicine men, who will come froip I be
northern Cbeyennes, ne»r the Black Hills.
He ta to jeatore tbe countrv to tbe Indiana
in Its original state, with ita foresta. ita
pnrtrtM, its buffaloes and wild game, and
the white man is never asore to interfere.
NB» toa*. May 44.
At the meeting of the third annual «an
vest ion of tbe Pattern Makers Natkmal
ivague whieh eloaed last evening u waa le.
Mhul to make a formal demand for an
eight-hour day March I, 1«WI rbicago
«aa as tbe place of nest, meeting,
tba flret Monday in February, 18^1. T. J.
MtaCtotirteli, of Pittsburg, wae elected gea
^ral |*£^»ulent tmt the eaautng yearv
t'CiM. Mav r.
fan Btveie pubtiehef a telegram from Ht.
Pa^reburg giving detail* of a eon*piracy,
tb# center of wbieb i" «a»3 t* i« Berlin,
for the orpoumtion of an apriatag agatnat
tfca Baltic proviacas.
Judge Masterson Pledges
Haw Yoaa, May ««.
Tbe tody of Mrs. Florenoa R. Maatar.
aos, who harried from Ne* Wciio to
New York after bearing of her buabead's
attest snd wbo fell dead in tbe Grand On
ion hotel, waa tbe sltar on whieh Judge
Maaterhon swore abstinence from liquor
during the rest of his life.
"I am rained, utterly ruined, he kept
exclaiming, aa be paced up and down tbe
room. That affair over Mrs Hopkmson
was a frightful blow considering that my
reietions with her were perfectly pro par.
But now to-heve my wife die at the time I
need her moat, and in this horrible way!
What use ia money to a man with a broken
heart who baa ioat everything that makes
life worth living and haa ahaolnteiv noth
lag to live for'"
Judge Maotersoa talked thia way all day.
Mrs. Maateraoo, be eatd, had com#1 east not
to make up any past quarrela, but for the
same reaeou that would take any iealoaa
wife to her huaband a side upon bearing
that be and a woman alleged to be bia mis
tress had been shooting pistols at each
other in a mysterious flat. Mra. Hopkm
son, be aaya, bad taken charge of certain
bothies* matter* for him, and be bad l«en
paving bfr a year aalarr. Tbe story
of th« shooting affray ttet ween tbem had
been printed in all the papers of tbe ooua
try and of oonrae had come to Mrs. Mas
teraon'a attention. In all of tbeee
publiabed atones' grounds had lieea
given for inference that improper re
lation* bad elisted between him aad
Mrs. Hopkinaoo. This was not true,
bnt Mra. Maateraon had naturally packed
up her things and oomc to New York She
had been s ouple of days at tbe (trend
I'nion hotel, and hat! written him letierf
TO Id" 'iffii Tu TTaTT wfreet, but be did not
know her presence in town until she came
to him at bis boarding boose yesterday.
Mra. MaatereOn found fault witb btm b«.
caoae he had been drinking, and a few
momenta later ahe left bint abruptly. That
was the Iaet time be saw her alive. Mra.
Hopkmaou, wbo says sfee is Judge Mas
teraon's co«stn. sehl in apeeking of Mra.
Ma«t«rsou'n sudden doath:
"1 did not know it tul the judge oallad
hare and informal me. Then we went
around together, aad there I made him
awear on hi* 1
tended kneea by tbe aide of
his wife*!! corpae that he
towoh another drop of tiqaor
(ll'I'OHKP TO «)Lt'UUIN(i.
Vlrgtslaaa Whu (N^sct to lb# Brntm
vsa rtglM.
kMUHM Ta^ May M.
Tbf atjnontjeement in illapatcliee «ent
out from New York to the effect that John
L. Hullivan hail agreed to come to irginia
Md ftgbt Joe McAuliffe for SlO.tMP in
Julv, and tbe negro. Jsckaon, for f2.r»,witl
iu Anguat, has attracted attention among
offlciala in this state. It waa represented
that J. M, Bailey, one of tbe incorporatora
of the VirginiaBportmg asaociatiou. whoee
charter of incorporation waa ruabed
through tbe legialature in ita closing hours
laat session, had a conference with Hulli
van with the result mentioned. Mr.
Hailey and those interested with btm in
thia aeeocistion claim tbat under their
charter they have a perfect right to have
on tbeir grounds prize ftghts and other
sports in violation of the laws of Virginia.
If any arrangement baa been made with
HullIVan and ©the- prisse lighter* to slug
in thin state it remains to be seen whether
tbev will be permitted to do ao. The
unanimous sentiment of tbe authorities
and the people ia against it. Some
of the best lawyer* hare claim
that a fatal defect in tbe act incorporating
the company upon which grounds it is
pro »o*ed that Hullivan shall fight, ia the
failure to cite tbe law which it claims to
have repealed. Tbia is a constitutional
requirement aad will be shown when tbia
matter come* np before the courts Cu
ller the present law prize tightag
ITaiaa larpewlera Warn TBiMr MfwUuww la
mm A»sr
('KICMO. Mav B.
The carpaotani' atrtke etili remaina an
settled as far aa the number of anion
caije*ntera are fonceriied. Tbe old mast
er a aaaocialton utili refuaes to have any
thing to do with the onion aad ia employ
ing nou union MOB. Tbe union ui sending
out a warning to c^rpentera throughout
the country against what they call the mis
vkadiug sdvertiaemeuU of the old master*
te«oeiatton, hich are floodiug the cit\
with f*rpentera from outside points Tbe
Bniou say* tbat there ia no scarcity of
workmen, and tbat it baa bean obliged to
Mend many men beck to 'their homes. If
is estimated that there are at beet 1,000
anion Carpentaria theMtyetUl ©at «f ««.
Vacuity »»«ra«a Bf i4gtitBiag,
AtMUMC*, o May
Thrrtng tbnndc.ratnrtt at Klltwilvtlt*,
O George Patt^ison, together with bis
wife and two children, while taking shelter
under a large tree, were at rack by light
ning and saftaiaed iajariaa whmh will
prove fatal.
the Side of His Wife's Cof-
In to Drink No Mop*.
Con*ul-Genarai William Ounaton
Denounoes George Kan nan as
Virg-inians Objact to the Propoiad
Sullivan Slugging Matoh—
th« Wiras.
Dnew (CaM*t
aaw sltaiMitiaaatlit,
Ural*on*Li), May 4*
Wa. H. Dunston, a rMident at
foi thirty yeara and present American vioa
4'ouaul -general %t Ht. Petersburg, ia in
Hi'riugtt#ld, o. Ha takea decided leaned
with (George Kennau. whom be calls a
aenastionalist, given to exaggeration. Mr.
}uuston *a-. tbe Kuaaiau prisons are as
liumanely conducted at our owu, the prtaon
er» being well treated Ind well fed. The
people of Ht, Petersburg love the c&ar.
The idea which seems to prevail hare that
Iba Jeter never appears in public unless be is
guarded bv troops, is not a correct one Witb
(be empress, he can be seen early every
Hav driving through tbe streets, with only
a sold is on the aeat with tbe driver, and
he does footman a duty. Mr. Dunston
say* some of tbe exiled women wbose cases
are cited by Mr. Kennan lu his lecturea as
examples of Huatiian cruelty are anarchists
of the aaiue atripe aa Spies aid tha other
Chicago plotters Tbe American colony
in Ht. Petersburg, Mr. Danaton says,
deprecate the abuse of the Russians sind
do not approve of Kennan'* lectarea, and
he i Dunston wilt do all in bia power to
oounteract his influence tn thia country.
THC French chamber of depntiea haa re
jected the preea offenae* bill as passed by
tli« senate.
A piitKat ?hrts Mueller's saw mill at
Davenport, la., ^eatroyed #70,000 worth of
lumber, insured.
LA BOB riot
a occurred HI Raveanaf Italy.
Three peaaants were killed aud BBMBMBB
soldiers and |eaeauts woundel.
AT the Longue Folate, Que tnqnest the
nuns produced a list of fifty si* luoiataa
who ^leriahed in tbe inaane aayluui Are.
TitK Bank of Middle Tenneseee haa
made an aaaignment. Liabilities, Itio.OOO
aaeets. Ixttaeen and
THE arrangementa for tbe conversioa'of
the Egyptian deU have been completed by
tbe Freaflh, Torkiah *aal Engliah Mlali.
CHAHfa» K»WT, smee a state seaator
from Nevada oouuty, Cel., committed
suicide by jumping iuto tba bay at Maa
i n KB in Clarion aad Raynalda,
district have decided to atrtke for tha Oot-
is expe tad.
Ahkam BO.. AMi»t a, anperindendent
mails at iiocheeter, N. Y., haa t-een aaai«
taaoed to three yeara ia tbe penitentafy
far embe»ling letters.
Bt HBlH UEh of tbe aMlgaMMit of "Irtm
A Hona of New York abow liabilities of
l,««3h,T i4. nomine! aaaata* fl,7G5.(«0
aetual assets, $4(1,1*11.
THK reports from Han Antonio of a re*
olBlionary movement in Coabmla, Mexiaa,
headed by Gov. (.arra Galea, agaiaat Praa
ideiit Dies are unfouuded.
palace car people tfave begBB
aa equity suit at Boston, baaed on alleged
wrongful use of their pletforms eod butters
by tbe Pullman company.
THK judge in the Manoa county, Fl^
elartiun fraud .Mme baa reaereed dectaiea
until December. This is regal dad aa a
practical victory for tbe defendanta.
Till American Medical aaeociation at
Nashville, 1 enu.. eletde.1 I»r W 1 BriggB,
of tbat city, preaident, and eetected Waa||*
iagton aa the next plaoe of meeting.
A LlMtTKPpeeeenger trai^ on thaAttfef^
was ran into by e freiKbt near K ansae
City. Mra. Mary Morru. of Mitwaukea,
was one of three person* painfully ia
Tu Braaaala aslnera' eoagrsss haa
OatU«- Kaiiutased reeeipt* i
iahabl by imprisonmeut in the state prteon
for not laaa than Ave years aad a Aaa of
*1 ,ooo. If Hullivan or any other urixe
Ightera come to thia at at a for tbe purpose
of iKitindtug each other they are almost
iertain I o be arrested aa aoon aa tbev put
foot on tbe soil, and the valiiitfr at th*
aharter will then^be teetad.
Imoosty adopted a reaolotion iu favor of a
working day of eight hours, inc.tiding
time octMipiel in ascending aud deseendlBfC
the pits.
tbe laveetlgatitti of tka Jaaavp tiag
ady at Hav an nab, Oa.. tbe coroner's jutj
declared the killing of Mra Littlefield to
be murder, and tbe kilting of Mt'Lall jua«
tliahla homicide.
Nluui City Lie* Btoah.
am cm, May M.
Ilnffe—Bstunate^l veeetpM, efliatat r»a
t«nUy •hipmentu, :i ««r» Markrt a ti fa
aad «ie«dy «itt ^eit«rtia\. over hair »«liiag 4t
yuotatloua Light S.7' iti(t4
anti haav*
in, ahlpnunt||
Xinrket an.t Dotiati|{«d litrtnig .if!
mand fur hen .-at 11* waighiuf froui 1)
to 'axi Butel»w* iij g. *«l (ieuian
ntrai. oiKt«t iona F*i prima BS
«.*, tu«nllau. i« (aod. S3.n6jiS.H6, teetler^
ehotoe #0U to l.twu pimnUa.a' n*^»
41am fco 0o*l, li lj "*.*). cboiof^
#».«(# S, iu rno-S I uiu to gotHl Bsi -aK« '«, infez-iofet
•"i.a#*-#*-'. ww», a*ira eholee, a*-7i«3.y||
UteUlaiii to food §X ottUtfu'-ti t.
lor, at 7ft a.s!5, ea«tnara. ?i» il a*, e*rltnaa
«*,», cuffimuB ».*. taip
bulls, ebolee. fc •v.va-.- CM|»
moo, t'i xjdx.M, veal eateea, pees to
M«atB OsasBa tdwm BaswB.
it -''(Wiii*. M*
Hot' Bali mated receipts, 4.S10 offlelai fM
terday Market oeestsd steady
»3 t.ulk at
ve*tarla) 1 Hfcilimeade LI
lower tjualil v f»n
(JiOe«#a t-lva BteeA.
Camuoo, May a*
at yee
Cattle Heeeipta H.0OB. Marfeat atew h«t
stead? f!*ee» and steerx Jp,7il#S Oc «io k
«it an» feeder*, Son3 w, Tetas graa* ste»r«,
&-J M?
Ho^(« K»iMtpt« i'» «OU Market ai«ou stead\.
Mil,,-,! heavy, ntsgiu.'.. bgbti.
a) *«k»4 o
Beeaipta 1.0U0. Market Jail
vMtarua, B«^0S*.w,
tiall NeUves.
Maw TarB riiwBae^
Kaw Vassa- Maf
Wheat Mcwieratoiv aetifeemt lower,
W." Jttli,
t'orn i)all Iteit l«»wer Ha. t, SOSWfcc
oaii Ihiti wesaam, 3'sMce
i°ivi«it)a* t'ork "julet a»4 «lNMiy
l.i I-ard moat and nriw. •».»,
1 nring the Crockntt cae» v»««4t»*r.la»
aftermati^ Attorney Call «l*n»ai»ded
tbat tbe cxiurt quiet a lot of striker?.'
wbo wen* spectators The laaguagc
|,1P objected to bv Attortiey A rg
Tin- amliciir. otitaid* th»- rail a a* mat).
ttp of aeveral banker*, dm'tor*. law vet
and aUa-k uwu, otanv of whuw t«»oi tb«
remark an an HIND it aad ao iiith
ainouat of sharp cwuinMttt waa liaarUiJ^^, !,
titer roiirf

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