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MADISON. SOl.'TH l»lKt)i A
Ufkl Ttwe T*»»le»
le*cu, Milwaukee nod lit. I'anl
k tf«l ah 1, 1MU
«n*»r inig going«MA
w.r tnigkt *oi»c 5
Way fr.l*t»t
F»»int«r train *oln* rank*
rill Wi-
A. *.
Jt»r. B.
r. M.
«Ma. m.

K:00 ».
7 rO!i p. V,
folng wset, St WixHiwftiri for *11 totni» north,
pMHMiig«r going eorth
fM««B(irurtv»i from tfeeasrts Wfm T. N.
SlpNrtfaahe has a preit* wsjr
Of *#1)102 bor kities
f«lt well, I Sod, I h«T« to pay
Pw thf»e epbem*r» lI!••••
Par aamlvr irhed in between ««ch SSSSflC i
Ifud bill fef bftt or aack.
(Maawji'i WwrtUSM
Ii B«gitreier of ion*, Mian., ipwt
Hand#)' in Madison.
Theo's David and WaL MoGrath
turned from Sioux Falls.
QW C. Bearnan vu a passenger east
to-day on a hnntinaaa visit to point* io
There will b# a urttf af the K. P.
lodge to morrow evening. The Rank
of Knight degree will be conferred.
H. Ht. Clair, who has been visiting his
on and daughter in this city, departed
to-day for his home at Vinton, Iowa.
Mrs. M. Brennaa and the baby depart
ed to-day for Madison, Wis., in response
,o a telegram announcing the illness of
tlrw. Brennan's sinter.
The Mad won Fire Department will
liold a meeting to night to diiqioae of
important business. All members are
requested to be present.
Wm. Linter of Cedar Bapida, Iowa, is
visiting bin nephew, John Driaeoll, of
thisrity. H« will return homo to-mor
row accompanied by Mrs. Orwooll.
The Qun club's practice shoot Batur
»Jay evening resulted an follow® out of a
Kisr.ible 18: 8. 0"Gar, 11 O. B. Jonea,
John Oallinan, D. EL Kilroy 9 J.
Kuniert,9 J. Fleming, F. Ohaadler,
I B. B. Fitagerahi, 3.
Mrs. EL Hager, M*SH Anuie Davison
itnd Nn E. W. Hart departed for White
*fae. S. to attend ft sewnion of th»»
lint net conference of the W. C. Y. U.
'i«»\ Mr. liager accompanied them and
trill visit a wwk with ins fathaf wfctt
idee near WhiU Lake.
An election for police juatioe to All
a*nry was held in this city to-day.
The candidates were J. H. Williamson
itnd L. It Curran. As we go to press
the counts have been completed in the
Segjjnd aad Third wards with tlte fotlow
tlf*te«ttK: WiHismaon, *27 Currnn. 6.
The Firat ward will pnbably not change
the figure* suflkmwiUy to idteat Mr.
A fair-sized audience nsscmbfpd at the
M. L. church last Haturdav evening to
listen to th' expounding of equal suf
frsge doctrines by Mias Matilda Hind
oan of California. Miss Hindman,
hough not an orator in the true sense of
be word, is a very smooth and agreea
i4e «{»eaker, and handled her subject in a
manner at onoe plea»in*r and forcible. At
the close of the loeture n local organiza
tion was effecte«i and oflhvrs electotl.
Mim Hindman lclt»erei a second leotur*
fit tLs opera house Sunday afternoou to
much larger a|id^noe, and made a
strong plea for tbe emisi to wbioh the la
devoting her life.
At the opera house to morrow eve
ning a somewhat unusual entertainment
will lie given, being the presentation of
flag to the public school of thia city
by the G. A. and tb® W. A
cordial invitation is extended to the
citizens of Madison to attend, the fol
lowing program will be rendered:
Grand march, uohool prayer, Eev. Dr.
Gwynne music, choir address, Mrs.
Bullard music, red, white and£biue,
wohool addreai and presentation ot flag,
W. V. Nelsoo reception of the flag,
Walter JJurray recitatMl of the pat
riots' creed, school music, trio, Messrs.
Martlett, Stacy aad (Gilbert, reoiUtion,
Barbara Fritche, Merle Nelson rent
ation, the American flag, Mias Alma
Barton music, choir declamation,
patriotic hymn, Willis Jenk* addreai,
ilf. XL l« Clark mu«ic, Ameruoa.
J. N. Hartbauer, who has bean suffer
ig from la grippe and its oompli mtiona
ince last January, and who recently de
l»arted fnm this city for Broken Bow,
Neb., writes as follows tinder date of
May Ztb^ "1 arrived O. K., but oaught
fad oold on the road. I find Broken
Bow to be a mc* city of about 2,800 in
habitants. There are a good may brick
blocks here. One block of twelve stores
completed thus week, and the rooms
are all occupied with large stocks of dry
goods, clothing, etc. I expect to stay
here about four weeks and then go to
Ueover, Halt Lake City, Odgen, Califor
nia, Oregou and Mexioo. Mr. llorstiuan,
formerly of Madison, is keeping a hotel
here, jyfd doing gooti bu»lne«a. He
has a large two story brick hotel, and is
day. He expects to baild
a hotel this season which will lie three
atones high and oover four iols.''
-Book Stow*'
Frsparsd Floor Paint
At Kundert A Fitztferalds',
atom snd lee Oreawi freeasys.
l'h tttUnutnl
.MB stludentfe
-Awtfcodiat ohuroh i»»t evening fxpreas i way dtiwn, at Clark & McHumon's
themselves favorably in regard to Hi#
sermon as it waa erf a practical nature.
Heveral students attended the meeting
at the opera houae,* yesterday afternoon,
in the interest of the Equal Suffragist*.
Saturday evening thare wan a party at
Miss Frankie Shaw's home wktoh aev^r
al HIIIlents attended. They report a
good time.
(.'halloa! Just come and kjok at our
line of & oent challas. Tbev will sur^rioe
you -afi. !Nt colon. Caw* A MoKin
Patroniw HUSH* Billiard HalL
PURE Mixed Paint -Lowoat prioM in
the city—Book Btore.
Our line of dreen trimminga it
pleto in gimpa, braida,
at Clark A McKinnon'a
Work on the motor line, to connect
the city with Morena Beach, is progress
ing rapidly. In addition to the mile of
track laid last fall, the balance .of the
grading in nearly completed. Two ThF
loa«ls of iron arrived last Friday, and an
other carload will arrive to-day. The
libe will be completed and in running
order ib time to accommodate the dele
gates and visitor»to the Masonic grand
lodge which meets in Madison June 10.
Tho motor line cars will le used to-mor
row for tho first time this season to
transport, passengers from Egan* avenue
to Base Bail park to witness the ball
game b«tws«« the Madisonc tad tfat
The steamer "City of Madison," at
Lake Madison, has been plaoed in first
ciass repair for the season's business,
and will be placed at the disposal of
pleaaure-seekers as soon as the motor
line is completed to Morena Beach.
The steamer ib capable of carrying 1(M
passengers, and a round trip of the lake,
frvm Morena Beach and return, em
braces a distance of fifteen miles.
Extensive improvements at different
points on the lake are designed to be
mad* this season, and with the e*
cellent facilities for reaching the lake
from Madison, will make Lake Madison
one of the most popular summer re
sorts in the west The scenery round
about the lake is magnificent—
such as
shady groves, grassy banks and pebbly
beaches—and more prolific Ashing
grounds cannot be found anywhere.
Game of all kinds is also abundant in
season. To the citizens of currounding
towns not blessed with summer resort
facilities, the city of Madison extends
a cordml invitation to come sad share
our pleasure* at Lake Madimn,
Try stock yeast, at the Star r—fur
Buy y««r drug* ami eigarsot Ed Hiaa.
Look, and be convinced that we have
as fine a line of Torchon laces as
the parket. Clark A
¥&«, -f,"»
TlM lietel at Horrna Brai-h- Tlie
Meter l»lae-Wtewheat, Kte.
A largo force of men are at work on
the new summer hotel at Morena Beach,
Lake Madison. The building is situa
on the highest point of ground at
Morena Beach, eaat of J. A. Trow's larn.
The main structure will be 26 by 50 feet,
two storien high. Tlie first floor will be
divided into three apartment*—ladies
parlor, office and billiard parlor—all
fronting the lake. The ladies' parlor will
be on the east, provided with a large
corner bay window, and several south
windows, giving an excellent View of the
lake from within. The office and billiard
parlor will be similarly provided with
windows. Two stairways lead to the op
per chambers—from the oflice and from
the ladies' parlor. The sleeping rooms are
delightfully situated in order to give
gueets a view of the lake and surround
ing scenery. The dining room is situated
on the north, and embraces a floor ca
pacity 32 by 00 feet. This room is de
signed to lie used not only for dining
purposes, but for conventions and gath
erings of various descriptions, daucing
parties, etc. The house will becomplet
ed and ready for occupancy during the
early days of June. It will be conduct
ed by C. W. Cole, formerly landlord of
the Madison hopse, and summer resort
visitors may depend upon being royally
entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Cole.
A large invoice of ladies' and ohil
dren's hose reoeivad to-atjr, at Ofcurlt
Xegetlabl* Xe«M.
Falls Artruti-Leader. Attorney
G. Engle has received news from Pierre
of a decision in his favor by the supreme
court. The case is of general interest
to farmers as it affeet** the validity of
thousand** of dollars of worthless not OH.
The Martih Whitney Binder company
borrowed of one Hegeler and
gave as collateral a Iwtch of note* which
though bearing 10 jier cent interest had
the further clause attached that they
should bear only 8 par cent if paid when
due. It was oonoeded that the ma
chines were BO good whatever, bat
Hegwler claimed to be a bona fide holder
of UnNfloteK by reason of his ignorance
of the defects when the notes were
taken as collateral !*fur© duo. The au
pronH* court mm atthms Judge Tripp's
ietrision that a note coutaimng two rates
of interest is noti*negotiable, and that
Hegeler, the plaintiff, consequently took
tlus notes subject to any equities be
tween the original parties. Thto de
cision relieves ail farmers wbo have
given these notes erf the necessity of
j»ayiug for worthless machinea.
i«'fw til.- t„..s
hue ever received in the c.itj
i pit e
ana prices I
A fTvf! Aetisa In Wblrh He IK (iitrg
eti Ith tke XllaspproprfaU«« sf
Paperfi arrived in Madison last Satur
day in which suit is brought against Ed.
L. Brndburv, late president of the La
Belle Ilanche Horse Importing company
and the liank of South Dakota, charging
him with the misappropriation of funds.
An order of arrest accompanicd tln
papers, which we give below, and which
will be something of an explanation of
the case:
State erf South Dakota, Gmaty of
Lake ln the Circuit Court, Second
Judicial Circnit: M. W. Daly, assignee,
for the lHMiefit of the creditors of the
Bank of South Dakota, plaintiff, vs. Ed.
L. Bradbury, defendant. The State of
South Dakota to the sheriff of Lake
oounty: The above named plaintiff hav
ing commenced an action in the circuit
court of the Second judicial circuit of
the state of South Dakota, in and for
Lake county, against the above defend
ant, and it duly appearing to me from
aftidavita-submitted on the part of the
above plaintiff that u sufficient cause of
action exists, and that the oase is one of
those mentioned in section 149, chapter
•MM5, compiled laws of the Code of Civil
Procedure of the state of South Dakota,
that the defendant has been guilty of
embezzlement in taking the moneys and
property of the Bank of South Dakota,
and the necessary undertaking having
been given, I, the undersigned, judge of
the said circuit court, by virtue of the
authority in me vested by law, do order
and require you, the said sheriff of Lake
county, forthwith to arrest said defend
ant, if he be found in your oounty, and
hold him to bail in the said action in the
sum of fl0,5(X), and that you return this
order with your proceedings thereon, to
the attorneys whose names are endorsed,
on or before tho 1st day of July, 1800.
Dated Mii H3.
F. R. AIKSKH, Judge.
The order rf arrest was served on Mr.
Bradbury thia vornias -,i|r^Deputy
Sheriff Preston,
A reporter of
M. W. Daly, aaigBM of tbe bank, waa
aeen by the reporter, and while be re
gretted the necessity of prosecuting Mr.
Bradbury, he regarded the movement in
the line of his dutj to protect the cred
itors of the bank. He had been very
careful in arriving at the conclusion to
prooeed against Mr. Bradbury, and was
of the opinion ti)at the aaaa i^fainat him
was a strong ons.
It will be understood that the oase in
point is a civil procedure in .which the
plan tiff sties to obtain judgment where
in this (tarticular transaction with
JUNraai Poolo appears.
nmrm AID rwvint
Howard Democrat, 24: "Jack" Smith
went to Madison Tuesday to order a
suit of new "togs" from one of Madison's
crack tailors.
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, 23 J. C.
Adams and W. L. Dibble, members of
the senior class of tiw Baptist univer
•ity, went north at aoon. Mr. Adams
goes to Madison and Mr. Dibble to Gale
man for a few .days' viait
Brookings dispatch, 23: The removal
of Profs. I'fKlyke aud Lilley from the
faculty of the airncuiturn! oollt^ge has
uaused ipueh diKHiitisfaction among the
stud«aU» with whom both t&eae gtmiie
men were great favorites.
Sioux Falls Journal, 21 Hargewt &
Crow, architects erf this city, have secur
ed the aee«*iitan» of their plans for a
haw six room school building at Madi»
mm. Tins firm has also snbmitted plant
for the new Presbyterian flfcUfetk M|t
parsonage at that plaoa.
Carthage News, 2S: Dan Kilroy and
a aprtnter by tlte name Clark Elliott^
were here from Madinon last Tuesday
and made-arrangements for a foot, race
t*» lake place here u»»*t Ttw*l«y after
u »oii. The race will t^tweea 'lark
Elliott si Madteoti and Elmer 2ioger« ul
cftlledon Mr. Bradbury thia afternoon
and found him industriously engaged
tacking down carpet*, arranging furni
ture. etc., preparatory to resuming
housekeeping in Jhis elegant home near
the State Normal school building. In
reply to the reporter's interrogation^
Mr. Bradbury said he had no fear of the
final result ef the proceedings. The
particular item on which the ease is
brought is one in which Abram Poole
purchased $6,000 stock in the La Belle
Ilanche, and instead of issuing npw
stock to Mr. Peoie, Mr. Bradbury trans
ferred to him $6,XX! of his own stuck,
and appropriated the #5,(XX) check
which Mr. Poole issued in payment
therefor to his own use. This trans
action Mr. Bradbury considers perfectly
legitimate Mr. Bradbury said it wauT
the boast of stockholders of the bank
and the rancho that they would make
him trouble but as for proving him
guilty of any misdeeds in his busi
ness relations as president of the
bank and the ranche, tie did not fear it.
He could prove beyond a doubt that hi*
transactions were all legitimate. In ro
gard to securing bonds, he had done
nothing. He telegraphed his attorney,
D. F. Morgan of Minneqixjiis, this after
noon and be will arrive tomorrow.
Attorneys Murray & Porter have the
preliminary work in hand, anfl a de
fense is being prepared. Mr. Bradbury
has been doing business in Sioux City
since the Bank of South Dakota was
closed, but he says be will abandon busi
ness there and remain in Madieon per
190 a side. The raee will
as both parties are good
this place,
be exeltin
r« miens,
.Milb«£ i'viawf ft. B«r. W, H.
Hnre,Ep*c« U Bishop of South Dakota,
hm purdba*-l through Rev. J. M. Me
Bride from 1: F. Gibson, Jr., tan acres
of lx»autifu lake shore land on Big
Stone lakao aU»ut two milew and a half
above Big St- ne City, adjoining the En
derly plot. The presumption is that the
bishop baa rchased the tract with
view of iaapr ving the same in the course
erf the futon-, but his plans are not suf
fieiently kn «n to sa\ more about the
It waa a pood deal for Mr. Hillborn
to promlae that the eon of his life long,
enemy ahoimi bo received in his house,
but It waa his dying daughter's
sake that he crushed ail hatred from
his heart, ugh It cost him a -great
struggle. Amy had fallen In lov'o
with George Lawson while on a visit
to »ome friends, and she wanted to see
hlni before -he died.
Where he? asked Mr. Hillbora,
after a lo»^ «,nU palm'ul pause.
Heri* in fall uacle's counting
"Hav%*yo •. seen htm since you re
•Many times, but nevar to ooaverae
with him. We meet in shops, la the
streets but that ic all."
And it «as for my aake that you
denied your love?"
"Yes, pupa I would do more than
that to plea-tt you. If I were strong
and well I v, uld fight my love and
conquer it' Hut I shall never be welt,
and 1 have »it idle so much, think
ing all the tnuts that I cannotcan?
not put George out of my heiuH"
"I will see him.M
That wa- all the promiso that Mr.
Hillborn ma ic, but Amy understood,
her fathef would guard her maiden
pride, wotihl see If her lover's heart
had stood th- test of long separation,
and if it hail—oh. the girl's eyes
brightened to think of seoing onoe
again the she loved daring to re
turn the lo\ -light in the true ayes
from which .-ho had turned.
It cost Mi Hillborn a severe strug
gle to enter tho counting house where
the son dead enemy reigned In
hit* place. He had borne but Im
patiently the Injuries against him, and
he id gladly to the lialu "giving |0Wer
that kept enemy (Husive. and it
gave lujao,A .-hock of pain to think of
encountering the son of Jerome Law
But whet a grave, handsome man of
26 or 26 hi* hrat thought was What
a noble fac«
And later hj|i heart acknowledged
the fascination of George Lawson'a
voice and fvannpr.
He gaw 'tiU card to the young man
and noted Qts jailor that gathered
ujKjn the face, an palngmve -Xoc its
"Will vdu bo soatod, Mr. Hillborn?"
George s ad at labU "I—oh, sir, why
are you her?? Amy!"
There as no need of further ques
tion liuaan sjoke ali hia great
love In that ons word.
"My IJ ^ghter tolla DM
morchaii' liegan, formally,
once did her tho honor"
formality ^ave way uodur
Of the ea^tur ayes resting
"You lov.j her,n he faltered.
"Better than my life."
the old
"that JQU
—Then his
the search
upon him.
'Com* to her, tlien. Ska it vary ill
and usk.- fur you."
"111! Not—not—"
"Yes -l«wly, sucaly dying."
There waa a long silence. Then al
most blandly, George Lawson stretch
ed forth iiia hand.
"My father," ha fftiA %ronfad
•*We will forget that" waa the
quick reply.
And tli* outstretched hand waa
taken in a Arm. strong clasp.
"But 1—I would have stolen your
child if 1 could."
"I must krgive that, t^O, Oae
stronger than your lore q* aiu will
claim her soon, tsomor'
8o, w iout further word the two
passed into the street, and before the
noon hour struck Amy had her heart's
desire, fi she saw her father's and hor
lover'K hands OIHSJKXI in friendship.
It was- an hour full of strange joy
and pain but was Mr. Hillborn'*
voice that broke a long silencc to say.
••Will it omfor4 you Amy. to have
George r.-main hetoP"
Tho «j
"D* *^4
the city*
tii »ryinrt
That wo are the only
Umbrellas and Par
aaols rank foremost
in the state.
VN ttti k»w»nt on
Mtili and Wiu1«or Tli in
••rem VHtiety
Ju*t rwwivciL
Have reaeived tbair Now
Spring Stock G-eneral
An elaliorate dinplay of DRESS
GOODS, including the most fash
ionable fabrics.
lifted face answered with­
out words, and George cried, •Qh*
heaven Muse you, »lr."
It wa a quiet wedding the next da
Only the servants and a few old frien.in
of the family being present but U.«
solemn »rds that bound George Law
son and A my together for the brl«f
hour* of life stUl before her ware ti •.
vently "ked, and Mr. Hillborn, ui
giving 'no brkle away, stifled aU
jealously all emnity for the sake of
one he loved. And he had his reward.
No longer need ho. hurry over kit
busim-K- hourw to return to Amy, fear
lng ih-' vas lonely in his absence, foi
George waa with her. No longer
need he fear with sick droad that hii
darling might be neglooted by the
hired nu!-*e. George wa* watching her.
complete and fresh stock of
GROOEFU«g, 1 Odd FeUowa'
ilarawarw ntore and examine
The New Process
Vapor Stove.
if a wonder ar
A oomplete Una of Heavy and Shslf
Hardware and Build
ers' Materials.
IV Tin Shop in connection with Store.
Ward & Vreeland,
City Livery,
house that
aaorjt, mu-.
o. s, JONES, "smasr
makes a specialty of Dry Goods and
lioote and Shoe®. That means, of course, that you can get goods in
those lines that you cannot ^?t anywhere else. Ocr line of Dry Good*
is the most extensive. A
line of Carpeta. Our line of lioots and
Shoes is the most complete. Our lino of Ladies' Kid Shoes are manu
factured by the American Shoe Company, of Lynti, Mass,, and there
is nothing in the west that will at all compare with them for quality
and gcHKl fitting, and the prices are so low that you are sure to buy.
FIXI, FI lt\lNHI\.M ».tr
finrssrsDia-AJX-E BLOCIL
A treat to connoisseurs
of Fine Kid Glovea.
Aa nice line in black. Ev
ery psir warranted.
The Days of Humbugs are Gone By I
Si toddy good# have no value. High prices are the ruination of
any bu»iness house. What thia nineteenth century
'demands i- a square up-and-down
Honest Business!
t.ic best
vited to iusjiect whethe'rfWiMlnn^ t» buy or not.
Eighty rto*. al|.*|acs ih«cr
tifliiilh. rebicf#, IB hrmunfnl
»iyl»», ul au extraordinarily
Trunks I Trunks!
If you are thinking of 11 Trunk or Yali%
and only care to put a little money in
one, come and see oars. new Invoice
Ccrnsr Epa auxxd. St.
UKVRaAl. aLtttllANIMHl 1»K« «.»
O ft I aa«t,BBM»-
McCallister Bros.'
Cnderwear: Ladies' Jer
m} rtblxMl Lisle thread
15c. to 0Oo.
.Great Bargains.
of goinJU
skilled lalx)r. All of which we offer. You
hpmitifui Knir*.
Onr line of L*ce Carlain*
I* very eUborstr. and w«
hnvi rrii»r* rornii,™
that can
be built
arc cordially
Wf tjirfi (Tiortit (Trtvc- In
Wi'UU' 1 niitrneir «[»ti torn
llOP uf i«DlK
nt fxc^edlnniy iow figure*
0. H. WOOD,
Plush Goods, Albuniii, Fine Toilet Soaps
Braahes, Tow, Fancy Oaais.
flhints. Otis, Varniithes, ('alsomioa^^
Wall Pa|er, and a full iins cvf
Patent Medicines.
Preacriptloas carefully cwfio—dad day
or night.
£flAN avcnub.
Bu8ineaa. Property
Residence Property,
Block Property,
Acre Propwtjr.
arwe have also sotue very
bow /ea» at Urn Maim a/
gauis in Farm Landa.
caNTWft frrrrrrr, *ATTSOS. DA*.
oeTa ASI) NMuica
iCcConaick & Eowlett's
Citv Meat Market
ceiricd'iaiRii. "kir
Mrs. Harvey Ston^
(Uonfectiouery, Fruits, 6c.
mmw* eesstsstly |UMI4 II* sHsle»sl
and Cured Meak. Fish,
fc&d Game in seaacul.

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