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The Daily Leader.
uv SUIMCMtl*Ti09.
iM -ft»
Mail, yaar
all, mofltb
_»»t. *»outb»
y, by carrier, per WPelt
lun.i featar* 1
fMStabtajt iaforM»ttoii ormc«r»lKC tlx- m!»»n
tOS** and rv*Hirrr« of Of dl' «f nl wxi
iUt at itifr, It to Itw {nmwiiiff
•falwHttm n«r «IM»
•I T. »TA II I., PtvpfMor.
Rff«kllru Mlalr vrallM.
A* rvpabltran* of Soolh Dakota will nM tti
4dS(»ir r*)ii Triil :nii 111 ItrhHIj l).t at tll«
t^trt kniii'. n» rctiln, Oic filh 1»y of An
gm»t INSft, at S nVloefc n tor ihr |nrp««e of
plat i as I', nomination candidal** aa fit!low*
F©? I wo repr^eentaiiVf* *n gr,.^
F»t (tiYtnior
watenailt r»WI»«r.
aecr«Ury of
Ptr ir***orer
|r attorney ftrntral.
For »n{Hr in Wadset lumilw,
for ronusmioiict of Kltwh ifid p.
tiff tinli.
Tit* i«»rtl cnntitlM will bo tsUtM to the lol
towing r*pre»*nt«»lou
Aan»r» ....
Brown .,.
Brook inf*
Charts* Hit.
I mm glass
II affess ...
Lincoln ,1?'
M« I
...... Mi Cbw»e».
N •rxbstl....
......... a
i* M.a.U ... ...... i
..n Mnur
.... M-iiiH-haha
M(NK1 S ...i
14 ff utiingloe. *..«.«•%l^
is "inb(n..,. „w
4 Huij'ey^... 1
A new p«j**r the is to be
tabhshsd at Brooking*
Tftve grand of th*»
wili meet at Mitchell June 17.
The steamer Chaska passed Pierre on
the Hd, bonnd up river, loaded with beer
and flour.
l%e State Dental
aaaaton at Yankton,
bers being present.
Bkmx Fall* J: The ^int
ooaBBiiasion for ?,- of unpaid
claims between North and South Da
kota was to have met in Bioux Falls to
day, but last evening C. EL McKinney,
chairman of the South Dakota dele
gation, received a telegram from At
torney-General Goodwin, of' Grand
Forks, X. D., in which that gentleman
stated that his health would not per
mit of his attendance. The ffewwion haw
been mdsflnitely postponed
Huron di«p»tch, 4 The meeting
oalied to organiiie an association of the
officers of the Utw for South Dakota was
attended by probably fifty alieriffs,
marshals and other oflioem. Tito tur
soctataon was formed by the elation of
these officers: President, C. H. Dawson
of St. Lawrenoei rice presidents, H. D.
Bennett of Wfitertown, li A. Kenu®y of
Brooking*. W. D. Craig of Red Held,
Alex Mcintosh of Haron secretary, W
D. Hamilton of Huron treasurer, £1
Huffman of Huron. The next meeting
will be heki in Watertown on Septem
ber 30. All daily papers in the state
will be considered as official organs of
Bttsan B. Anthony write#
to the WomanV Column, a Boston equal
suffrage publication: "Sixteen states
now have school suffrage for women.
Kansas has municipal suffrage. Wy
omiag is the first state whoee daughters
are politically free. It is our hope that
South Dakota will be the second. This
year, for the first time, the judiciary
committee of the U. S. house of repre
sen tat tves lias reported in favor of a
sixteenth amendment enfranching
wosaen. Aa these results crown the
labor* of many years, it will be appropn
ate for the suffragists of the United
States to hold meeting* an the coming
fourth of July, for the doable purpose
of rejoicing over these victories and
helping the Dakota caniMtign. Let
such meet togs be held on the Fourth
wherever it is practicable and at every
Ms*tmg let a collection be taken up
lor Dakota. Hold literary exercises
appropriate to the occasion, and secure
good speakers and tine musin. £»t the
women who believe in representative
government, enlist the mo who also
believe in it, and together let then n*fee
thw a Fourth of July worthy of a re
Ai"WH'iui dispatch, 4 The -pnoftte liere
wert greatly surprised this forenoon by
being asked u jan in a search for Mrs.
Ba»dolph, wife of Randolph, a
lumber dealer, who left her home k«e
tween 6 and 7 o'clock thw morning. She
has not been in good health ftw
time and turn, with pregnancy and Wmi
eetM trouble, seeal to hav« been more
this the poor woman oou^ stand
fill amrdti was last^ated tor km. A
a sully .......
Turner..., ....15
nloa 4 ««1 1
a Halwartt...
V•nktda .n
Mr order of tha coeMSlUac.
§. 6. May V, 1W
HARl.ltfl A
Dated it Abnto«i)
M«noT, Cfcalfsua
ri tarf.
note w»s found atMr«weed to hsr
btm) in which ib« tkit sbe
tatu plated something deeper*!*. By 10
O'clock many were wourinjr the prtirW
north of town. she hsviu# bean seen by a
herd boy in lha* direction. Hhe was
found lying in a grove a ru)k and a hadf
from town 8h« waa brought to town
and is now r*«ating comfortably at a
neitfh bor'a. ii«*r e*a«*t, motives ara not
understood. Kli« refuses to return home.
Mrs. Handli»!i i* a highly cultured and
refined lady and hac the sympathy of all.
Her husband, J. M. Randolph, is one of
the beat business men of the place when
himself, tat of
4 rmral
fHkfrwaa sf the
It Hyde 4
..... aa Jrrmuitf ».»*..s«
is Kit)K»aery..
a i.nke .........It
a i.«wreMS.. .•*•
Another dispatch sbtf- Hob. Zaeh T.
Hundley, chairman of the state demo
era tic central committee, was murdered
by his son Fred this ntormng. They
got into a dispute about putting down
a mrpet, when Fred draw a revolver and
shot his father, the ball entering the
right side of the throat, glanood up
ward and lodged in the baae of the
brain, producing almost mutant death.
The boy is in jail. Hundley was
editor and half owner of the Huron
Herald, and waa well known through
out the state. The affair creates in
ten** escii
IB in
.A ..
A Democratic niu* county oonvwation
fffl W he4d tinw city W-morww for
the purpose of choosing five delegates
to rspreeent the county in the Ierao
cratic state oonventkm to l» Md at
Aberdeen June 11.
Woonaocket Uibpatch, 4: The irrigation
conventim waa largely attended. A
ooounitte* of Ave was sent to Huron
to secure the co-operation of the wool
growers and the Farmers' alliance tv a
special doasicm of the legislature.
a tarty af Aawrirai CUrls
te Meet the Or eat Cfcaassleit
A few weeks ag* a company of
yonng ladies from Maine rn
solved that they would not
only see Bismarck but shake
hands with him And they accom
plished their vow in the most easy
and natural manner. occasion
was a bazaar given at Bismarck's
palace in Berlin for the benefit of
the Ten Phenning Society, or society
for the aid o? the poor The Maine
glrle repaired to the jmlace at I IK) p,
m., and found the apartments crowded
with people buying goods, much a* la
done in New England bazaar*
Presently the young ladies saw that,
the worshiper* of Bismarck began to
be aware ol hia presence and half a
dozen bouquets were plao*d 1* kis
"What lovely flowers the Prinoe
has, suid one of the girls in En
Bismarck overheard the remark,
and. turning to the young lady and
shaking her hand said also Knglbh
But do you not think there are
more bestowed on me than 1 deserve5"'
"If I had more I would aid tMm to
youf stock." she retorted,
Bismarck laughed and added: I
am very glad to m*** thai you Ameri
cans tak»3 interest enough in the
bazaar to come hem."
The Maine girls again found It mm
veninent to 8|eak in somewhat enthusi
astic termn in English ol what they
saw and heard.
What a magniflcant man Prince
ttfamarctrte?" remarked one*-
The Prl ace turned and smiled and
extended his band to each of the Maine
girls and said
And you. too, are Americans. And
think the palace magnificent, do yonP
1 am glad it please•» you. I am happy
to welcome you its Americana
The ijp_ way in which the chancel
lor misunderstood the eomplimaat to
himself and appropriated it to his
palace shows that hia intellect i* apt
impaired by years.
fe«wk» «*airt4*.
Why did Jennie Benson kill
That is a queaitcwi but one person in
IVune City. Iod., can answer, and he ha#
not a word to any. It is the silence of
an honnraVle man to whom an unhappy
girl told a secret. She loved him He
asked her to be hia wife. She refused, but
acknowledged her affection, and in confi
dence gave him the reason for her nsgn
tive to his proposal. From that on no
thought of mairiage occupied the minds
of William Giatte and Jennie Benson,
but the man remained her honoitM! and
trusted friend to the laet Twice did
she try to commit suicide. The first
time she failed. TWn she wset to
Washington Court House, 0.f sought a
secluded street and shot hsrssJf throaglt
the heart. Only by chance was her
identity established. That the corpse
of the beautiful, unhappy girl was well
oared for i« shown by the following let
ter that a*rtornpanied it home:
To the Mother Your poor swast girt
has had all the care and attention that
sympathizing and regardful hands coo Id
give by respectable ladies of this city.
Be assured that she was tenderly and
gently dealt wtlfc. Yotua villi syai
Appended were the names cf nttmer
ous gentle hearted women of Washing
ton Court House The entire fnoptda
tton of Home City attenWl the funeral.
At years at age Jennie Benson sleeps
beneath the daynea. Waa ahe wrmaged?
Did she sin? These are questions to
whioh prohaMy Uwn «fB wmrn i» a
Iwlawt fcjr
Huron dispatch, 5: A terrible honn
oide occurred bare this evening while
Zack Hurullev and his son Frank, aired
HI, were engaged in putting down a car
pet. The father reprimanded the boy
for some account, when the boy turned
upon him, drew a small revolver, and
shot his father dead. Huntley ia editor
and one of the proprietors of the Huron
Herald Democrat and chairman al the
democratic state central commit!**, and
one of the beat knows mm la lb* state
The boy is in jail.
chiub musician.
Us played for Hi* L«ird«hl|'s lev**,
He bad pi ay Ml for tier L*tlr»h!»»'« wfctt*.
Till U*
little JM«I w»o weary.
A ad Ut« poor i Utilewould ftwtafc
And tbe faf* grew pmlMI »m6 eerie.
And U»« l«rti« cyet StMnge and bnitM.
And thry »ald—toolaie—")!^ In wrury,
n« »h»n tm al Isest in-uight'"
But at wh*o the bird* wtn WMklag,
Aa thi»y watched la tke sllrat room.
Willi thf aound of a atrmlaed cord
A seweUiln* wnaived la U»« (tMNH.
"Twaa a «rln« ef kt» rtolonwlkt,
And tb«y Imard htm stir lo h.l* feed
"Make room f»r a tired DtM« frllnw,
Klad Ood waa thue last hr «tald.
Marian Montyou had always called
Guy Charterix her boy lover had al
lowed him to kiss her because he was
so handsome and such a cl*ver lad.
That he exported la marry her had
never entered this pratty flirt's head,
and she wan consaqpsntly surprised,
when she told him of ber engagement
to Col. Brandette, that he should be
come angry (jkqr laft town the nasi
day. and it was yaun before sha heard
of him again.
She did n«H ma»'l| Col Brandette
after all. and conss^wsntlf she never
lived in the tine naw Mansion tm Cali
fornia street in Kaa Frandnoo. The
Colonel UMik exceptlMi w a fancy she
had for perforata* la prlrate thaatri
I cannot have *iy wife an aetrass.^
he htui said, w^h perhaps more
brusqueness than ha litended
•'Hien yon cannot have me for a
wife," Miss Montyou had retorted,
with a mocking coertssy and so the
engagement b«aiB*a.
And at last Marian went aa the
stage in sober earned Not for a
freak or a whim, hut to earn bar
bread. HerruardiannweH-meantng
weak headed man. hmi invested her
pro|ertv unfortunately and she found
herself pennil«MS one cruet day.
But she was a brilliant actress still,
and bated no whit of her queenly
dignity on the stage, until one day a
new beauty, fresher, perhaps and
bearing the stamp of transcontinental
applause, dawned on the scene, aad
Marian found herself supplanted.
It Is perhaps, just well," said
m. Mudge. her laithhi! companion.
You know, mv dear, that your lungs
are not strong this wintw and those
long parts triad them dreadfully.
1 ertiaps yon will b* all tba better tor
the rest."
Marian turned a ghastly face toward
good Mrs. Mudge
•But how are we til lire?" said sha
••You don't meatn to say that you
have no mean* to fall back upon." said
Mr*. Mudge
••We have basa Uylag' bsfoai
income iw Uis last jrsar," said Miss
Montyofc "Where should I get
But surely you
friends f*
•None that I choose t# eal!
said Marian proudly
Mrs, Mudge
Thea,H aak
am we to
"That** Jttet what I shonld Mke
some one to tell me," cried Marian,
with a laugh which was anything but
That night Aa wm tmttom dawa
with brain ferer
Al! those dreary day* aad weeks'
time loft no record on tba tablets of
her consciousness. Oaa breezy, violet
scented April momiag, however, ahe
came back, a« from a long journey,
and found herself supported by pillows
weaker than any baby, all her early
golden treaaes shorn ruthlessly away.
-4 have, been ektk," she ssdd.
have been very asar ths gates af the
By degress Mrs Miidge told her all
—-how she owed her life to the con
stsnt attention and marvellous skill ot
the physician who had attended her
through her illness.
Who sent for himP* said Marian
"The landlady of Hm hotel,'1 ex
claimed Mrs. Mudge. "She said he
wan very skillful and successful. And
ha*! been more than kind. He has
spoken to the people here not to press
for the bill He has supplied fruit,
wine, medicines, as if ha were your
brother But you a*e looking ttrsd,
my dear. I must not talk any more
to you just now."
And no furthsr entreaties could
tempt Mia. Mudge to any more dis
•I should like to tfcaak HUs un
known benefactorH safe! Marfan to
herself, as she lay thinking Though
I do not know why aaybady should
trouble themselves k halp me now.'"
The doctor came in bright and ear*
ly the next morning. Tail dark, im
perially handsome, ha stood at her
bedside and felt of her pulse with an
approving air,
•So. he said, "you mm better. 1
kaew you wouM be better Hi- time
Marian looked at him with a be
wlid»r«d face Where had she semi
him befdaaf What* haft aha drMMp»d
of him?
•Wellf" he said
Then it all came back to her. She
pat out her thin hand. She leffead
pleadingly up into hi« fa**
•it is Guy CharterisF ah* •tfd.
••It it my little lover!*1
They were married as sooa as she
had retained her old biooaa and
•twngth, and was able to travel. She
was si* years older thaa he, bat be
tween 24 and SO the gulf is easily
bridge! over, And Dr. Chartarb had
nevtjr loved any other w#maz hut har,
and, as h» daciarsd ftptaaftly, aarar
I *owi»«! a row oii.« that you %hou!J
my wife, Marian he »«id "but I
did not dream that it was so soon to be i
4 SE-
HlHfll. tf
That waa the name he gave the land
lord of the dingy hotel at Joyner's sta
He wsa a big, good-natured-lookin*
fellow, who stood straight six foot two.
But there was a sad something in his
look« which at once gave the impre*
»iun that Griffin had a history locked
up in his hsart—aad a melancholy his
tory at that.
Well, he went to work on the new
railroad, wielding his pick-ax and
shovel along with the rest of them
toiling faithfully from dawn till dark
saying but little—quiet and reserved
among the rabble.
It wax not long before I saw thatshe
had iw*«*n used to better things than fell
to the lot of aa ordinary day laborer on
a railroad but though, when the road
had progressed a distance of twenty
miles from the station, and we were
forced to camp out, my cot waa next to
his, ha aarer took me into his confi
dence. Only, one night when he
thought I was asleep. I saw him take
a picture from his bosom and shed
tear* over it. It was the face of a
Griffin was a mystery to ua all but
we al! liked him—no one eotifd help
liking him. He was known as "66"
to ail the boys in camp. Sixty-six"
was the name of a railroad station
where he had formerly lived.
But if we liked him, working there
among us day by day, how much more
did we admire him when we learned
his true character aad we had not
long to wait before it was revealed
to us.
On a day which 1 will always re
member with motet syes and thrilling
heart, Griffin and I were riding on
the engine. We ware hauling to thf
camp fifteen cars, heavily freighted
with steel rails and* tisa We were
going down grade at a rapid speed,
when just an we were nearing thf
camp the engineer made an exclama
tion of surprise and horror.
Tnsaa was a lima child opea fee
The shrill whistle screamed des.
perately for the brakes, but the engi
ceer knew they wouid be useless.
••Good God" he cried. "I can't
stop har in time. The child will
Where is GrlBn? Ha was lean
ing forward just now straining hia
eyes at tba littia white toddiar aa the
••He's climbing along the rod* tc
the front!" shouted the engineer.
"God guido him,' He may save |ht
But Griffin?
Poor fellow that brava aot af karo»
ism cost him hh life.
Tenderly we bora his bruised aad
bleeding body to ths camp tenderly
we laid him down, and stood around
him with wet eyes and bowed heads.
•Comrnde he *aid, beckoning
to his side. -kasei down beside bm
and lot ma whisper something tc
I obeyed, aad then he said:
"There la a picture that I waa
my heart it in the likeness of my wife.
I have never been as good to her at?
might have been I loved the bottle,
comrade, and it made us both un
happy. I have been separated from
her for a year. But I have been try
ing to overcome my weakness I tasan!
to be a better man and go back t# bet
again. But take the likeness—you
will sae her, and tell her how
W aa it tm feeling ia Mm awa thai
stood armind, that as the life dfeif mrt
of his face and his limbs straightened
in death, they shouted till the solemn
word* reverberated: "Tbras afaeeri
for Griffin, of '66£*.
No' it wax an outburst af admira
tion for a totd hero.
PftMh Cfooda, Albums, Fine Tollst Saapa
Brushm Cosalw, Toyi. Fancy
a smite.
Pi—Iplli— carsfaliy
or aicht
Pateat Medicines.
Bueineee Property
Residence Property,
Block Propeiii.
Acre Property.
gains in Farsi JUm -b-
Hsssg io tew st Lmtf Motm «f Misrsat
City Moat Market
KMpa eeastasUr ss kca41*. efcetMst
F*«sftl and Cured Meat*. FiA, Powl
and Game in mmmiL
Ward & Vreelaad,
City Livery,,
9mm watcm ciirm.
Ww KENNEDY, Sec'y A^Ppaa^
baw* Bkitb.
Paints Mi-. Ysroiskes.« alsomitM
Wall Psjer, and
Watch Club
Jfhe Book Stoft i
And get a Gold Watch, Lady's
#r dent's, for $1.
Clnli N«*. 2 now forming and nearly half (Mad.
Sttd leave your Aame before it is cloaed. i ,s
Our Pure Mixed Paint ia positively not equaled For Wfy, &t
ami hard wear by any other brand on this market, and ia sold
for fab I4BBS MoifBY. Results tell.
W. F. SMITH, PrsaidkWt* M. W. DALT, T»aa-PwaMaet. H* IWOW.Caahl
Gi|izer]s J^Tqfiori^l
tippital $60,00(1. Surplus $10,000.
A Generat Santthg tusines? Transacted
win to aay part of tfc* (Hd World, aad sail
principal European porta on any of the leading
City and Man lei pal Bonds bought aad sold.
Cbilectioaa made and
First Mstlattal Bank, Ctdcago, Chase Xaik»nat jSaak, Haw Tori
Minnehaha Matiooal Baak, Suux Italia
e tpecialiy of first mortgage and real estate loeae.
a#4 a^hool bopde end other lecnatiti.
fliiladetnhie Finance Co., Philadelphia,
National Bank of Illinois, Chicago, 111.
Sioux Falls National Bank, Bioux Fall a, 8.
rtAxxRi' aafiera
Few who bsvv sot worn them lutve snj idea of the comfort ti
is in a
fn wtmffirr time. And faahion, tew, ha« decrfW that they efe «oMt
tho projier taper, don't you know? We have by all odd*, the 1*1
i^pii liest iyworted stock of thene groods to be found in this city.
•m hi", w ,i^i"" JL.
Oils and Walt fapcr, Fine Ootil mpt Silver Waicliea Sli^
Jewelry. Wattth aud Ckn-k Itepatring promptly
itiMihuiiealljf mmiumL
Bakers, Fruiterers and Confectioners,
of the Celebrated CtttAM JBMJj.Afe,
ICE CUE AM served day or evening.
tiekale to
promptly asmlnad
E. H. CLAPP, Vice Prea
&1*. Asat 8sc*y A Trssa.
Northwestern loan end Banking Co,
Madison, South Dakota.
Flannel .Shirts
Oao. I
Ili llB NAttl., lt iaa. *«.
JOHN HUSS, Proprietor.
•AititaivrtBMrKi-flritasMY. *««.
7 D. a KILBOY, Proprietor^
qti jlmt, Fmovmwtou
Msn, Wholesale
Cigar Stoie
Luneh Counter,
hie p*eiun Parlor,

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