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l««al Tin* TtMr,
n|H«r Mllwuk.e« a»dN U FmI ltBDfesi,wMS*
moll iffir' II*.' _n
ftSSf«**r Uftia goi&f MM
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§:M) 1-.
.1:00 4
itoiBK««I 5Jx**
v«t iotas wa»t ^,rr,-*r^
hM*a«*r tnhi cotuc eaat makna e»n«"»etio»a
«t Ihb for nil uotot* #«iith, ao«l pwuftgwf train
folng w#*t, W.nuiKxk'-i for *i- north.
•ADKUK liki,
MliU"gataie»o*tte •••...*• JffS''*'
hmtpr arrive* from ih« Monk si*•
tH E^ClTY. ..
MCAI, i*K* ITI«a»
flNiiiiliKl medal contest at the OpM
boose thin evening.
KM. Booth of Rich HO.
o* m* J. a M**
A large number of passenger?* change
oaf* at Madison station to take passage
on the Madison and Bristol tine.
Q8heriff Leo retu met
1 from Sioux Palis,
whither he had been to deliver a horse
(htef to the sheriff of Minnehaha county.
The corn nwn «ni on eseroiee* of the
State Normal school will be held in thia
«1| m* week Ifwut aatl Tuesday, June
N. SmWi & €»#a**d
ing their storebuilding from a site on
lower Egan avenue to the mill grounds,
where it will be used as a warehouse.
Aak a farmer "What's the news?'1 and
he replies. "Oh, the crops in my neigh
borhood aw bootping the beat proe
pecta I hmiMailM I
(J, W N» hol« of Sioux Falla haa ac
espied the position of (ratter In John
Drisooli's merchant tailoring establish
ment. 8am Ron mag, who ha* had
charge of thia line of work, will tail© a
vacation, not having fully recovered
from hit) late serious illness.
Jn the case of Novee A. Pox vs. Lind
murm tiros and E. A. Bohna], on one 2d
Jitdge ATkens granted an order appoint
ing W K Packard receiver of all the per
sonal property conveyed by the Lind
wurms to the defendant, BciiaaL The
court held that the tnortgnge and bill of
aale given by Lind worms to defendant
Bchaal uooeUWUki a pmtMmalud WBMgu
Urn of
Uarr Ibchey, oontractors to aink the
Madison arieeiitn well, arrived to-day
from Vilas. The machinery for the
work in Madison will arrive thia evening
I)|M. Mr Tiaunina
confirm* the report that granite waa
struck tn the Vilaa well. Work on the
artesian well will be commenced iti Mad
ison to--morrow if nothing intervenes.
Mr. Tmnmns gives it as his opinion that
granite underlies Mauiaou, but Mjfs it is
poeaible a tkw of w«ta* mmj be aaoared
betyev reaching it-
Through the kindness of F. H. Hag
erty, The Daji,yLkadrk haa been pla-red
in possession of a 60 page pamphlet en
titled "Facta About Dakota: An official
Encyclopedia containing useful infor
maUon in bandy form for settlers, home
seekers and igvastora, in regard to soil,
climate, productions, advantages and
development egrioultaral, ataaufact
urtng. commercial and mineral." Copies
of the pfiiiiylilet. will be sent free un
application to Mr. F. H. Hafsrty, Ab«r
deen, K. I).
Owing to the fact that it is reported
that granite waa struck at a depth of
about 600 feet in the artesian well at
Vtlaa. there ia some discussion in this
city of the inadvusability of attempting
to aeoure an artesian wall in Madison,
city Ixmds to the amount of §10,000 hav
jng recently been voted for the purpose.
The pt»n suggested lata dhfert the bomis
to securing a water system by some
other method. Th* Pail* JLjuoku is
decidedly in favor of following the origi
nal plan of securing an artesian well if
poasibh. We habere it would be money
well expended to bore for ao arteaiau
well even if the oity waa not fortunate
enough to aecere a apouter. It would
be worth something to know what un
derlies th»« city, and nolxxiy ta batter
abla to make tlie iaat than the oity.
W. W. Kill* and Edmund Falloa of
Bamona Urare in the city to day Mr.
Hilk gives a glowing report of the con
dttion of the crojps in his neighl*whood.
Everybody is happy, and exerting them
selves to seed every nook and corner of
their forms with fifes. Mr. HiMs ts well
posted in regnrd to the condition of
crops in other states,' as wsll as the
prices of grain, and Hails that in many
other Iocaiitiee the promts* of good
crops this year are not equal to the
prospects this section He notes an
upward tendency in tiic pri*» of grain,
and gives it as his opinion that the
fanners will receive good prices for their
produce thia year. Mr. Hills will de
part next Monthly for the home of hia
boyhood in Maine, and during his visit
will hunt up the good halting holes he
frequented the early time*, and de
vote about two mouths to roaftntilift.il Hgtj
•ajoymenU _____
craggy, room.
J. McOotxrtK.
A J1IM* Uvrr,
T**n» dispatelw^'JPDVt^
yearw ago Muses Evans, a teacher in Hon
roe county, Tennessee, was |$iMd by a
youfty imifr. Me forsaiwora cornin«iten
Uon .witte file {«UowoMMai and burtad him-
self in the mountains. He baa become
celebrated throughout thia whole aecuon
aa "The Wild Man of the Chilhowte." He
has maintained an unbroken silence
through all these years, keeping away
from the haunts at men and hying in the
almoet impenetrable fastnesses of the
mountains. Occasionally he would ac
cept offers of clothing to his naked
ness. Several men of At hens, Tenn.. em
ployed negroes to capture him, and he
waa brought to Cfealtanooga yesterday
for sxhihition. The police, learning of
the affair, arrested the entire party, and
Evans will be returned to his hermitage.
His forty years of unbroken silence has
made bint forget tbe use of his organs of
specch. He sesma to understand eome
thing* spoken to him, but very little. He
is of pleasant countenance, though his
gray hair ia unkempt and his scragged
beard matted and dirty. His feet arc
bare and the skin as tough as leather.
He is large of frame and as strong aa a
lion. With nothing but an oaken staff
he haa battled with th© wild beasta of
the mountains and hunted the htuu And
deer tor his winter supply of foo4»
Te Be Mr
14 at the I*#*™ Mow* tilts
Rvpslsg I'alsf DM Jka«ple«« «f tlw
W. C.T.I'.
Elalwrate preparations have been
mndc for the JDcmnrcst medal contest to
be held at the opera house this evening
under the auspieee of the W. C. T. U.
An excellent programme has been pre
pared and our citizens may depend upon
being delightfully entertained. Tickets
to the contest have been placed on aale
at Bmith A Cook's drug store Admission
35 cents Normal students, and children,
10 cents. The following items concern
ing medal contests have been furnished
Tar, Daji,y LuAHjkK by the oommlttee
having the entertainment in charge.
We clip from an exchange the follow
ing: All honor ia due to the W. C. T.
U. for tbeir efforts and labors in carry
ing to a success these highly beneficial
entertainments. The oontest given a
few weeks ago so pleased those w|k at
tended. that the announcement of this
one brought scores of people, lrreapao
of party,from all sections of the country,
and the hall was packed to its ntmost
capacity long before the hoar of open
ing, and many returned home for want
of room. Over tbe artistic deooratioos
of the stage hung the (nod notto,
'From Oontest to Conquest.*
The Pemorest medal contest hat* be
dome a national instiution. The prime
object ofthc work u» the education of the
young in the principles of the prohibi
tion of the Uquor trafHa Becondary
objects are the training of tile contest
ants in the graces of oratory, and the
cultivation of a prohibition sentiment
by the public interest winch the contests
As the contestant* for Mivsr modal
must be under twenty-one yearn of age,
"A Hour Grape Club" was organized in
one town, composed of fourteen voters
and one young lady, ahe being the only
one who had the courage to say she waa
out of her "teens." To the wonder and
amaaement of the boys, thia yonng lady
carried off the honors of th* oostsot, and
the bunch of sour grapeu.
Bay your drugs and cigars of Bd Hine.
oafrrrarr M(| uitf M—t
tsf »t MmHsmmb laar U N.
The annual conference and oamp
meeting of the Seventh Day Adventist
ditirclv will be Wkt-at l^ake Wef«ia«
two and a half miles west of Madison,
beginning June 14 and continuing un
til the 24th inst. Lake Herman grove is
one of the finest bodies of natural timber
in the state and its general aurroundings
are especially adapted to camping pur
poses. There ia an abundant supply of
pure water, and excellent protection for
tents. The annual aamp meetings of
the church have been held at Lake Her
man the past two years, and it is the
purpose of t.h«' society at the coming
meeting to take action looking to the
permanent location of the annual mset
mga at this paint. A circular issued by
the officer* of tbe society contains tbe
following information:
Prominent speaker* at the dssKxnina
tion will be praaoct to assist la the
There wfH be preaching service* dally
at 2.30 and 7 .'J0 p. m., of a prnot ical
nature, designed to aid those just start
ing in the Christian life those who have
made no profession, aad the professor
who would havf GLgmlmtm in
apiritual life.
There will l« preaching each evening
of the worker'h tueoting. whicli is to be
held the week pradsdiaf the camp eneet
Taams will meet spah tnlfx and oon
vey paiMaimgtw and Ipfigef* ftrae lo tihe
Arrangements will be made so tbat
feed and proruaons may be had on the
The following ptqpvoMB* lw ob
serve! daily duriag the ynigr— of Ihe
Forenoon--5:31(1, social meeHan
breukfMt 8, prayer in divisions 8 hmn*
nesH w«sNn 10 A), instruction.
Afternoon—1, dinner 2:90, preaching
4, btisinees 7 30, prsaching 10, silence.
Var SsJe mar Ti sa*
acres of land one-halt mile
troiu the it limit*, all kapr*»v««1, with
gt*Ml buikiing« C.kii tc Ixmght at a l»ar
^sui of «til trmie same f»»r first
jncumiieretl prtipertj^
or en)uir» of
Id the city \d
tar* MJMXMMw
i^rarM a i ugn or tfcc ~ftj r«iM ta
Hprrial WfMlaa J«*r 4.
Tb« it v •..unoil met pursuant to ad
journment at the city oouncil Wedn^s
day evening, June i. Prwacnt, Mayor
Kennedy, Aldermen Trow, Ketocham,
Hmith, Wadden, Tierney and Janes.
On motion, Alderman Watidso was
elected auditor protein.
The minutae of the nwftlaga of 'May
5, ?, 12,13, IS, and June S wsra read
and approved
A petition remonstrating against th«
pausing of the electric light ordinance
waa presented and, on motion, was laid
on the tabic until the next meeting.
A petition waa presented asking for a
sidewalk on the south side of Mam
street along the north side of block *2H
original town of Madison, whicli w an,
on motion, referred to the cHaoi!ft^
on streets and alleys.
An ordinance for a sidewalk to be
constructed on the west side of Egan
avenue, along the east side of blocks 5,
8,16 and 19, original town of Madison,
waa given a second reading and, on being
put upon ita passage, waa earned by
the following vote Trow aye, Kctchain
aye, Smith aye* W'add&u aye, Ti^cney
aye, Janes aye.
The following bills warn allowed, all
voting aye:
U. N. Luce, man laat lortva
electiobs 8 00
Fifteen judges and olefin for
special election 90 00
L.J. Corooraa, ehisf at pallQVi
Mt^r .* 46 00
Msd'son Electric Liffht Hsat and
Power Company 0t 50
John Qmgor, senricss ss oity engi
neer 50
W m. Matoalf, street commissioner 22 50
It was tuoved and seooned tliat L. H.
Keen* lie employed to write up the
oouncil proceeding* and attend to other
matters by reason of th* illness of
Auditor Sheridan. Carried.
On motion, the council adjourned to
8atarday w^inii Juue ft* M*clouk.
V. E, WaiUK»,
Auditor protean.
Iadka* omaets, 50 cents, at J. W.
Ladies' white a ootored,gau*e vaato, 2
cents, at W DavisonV
VAR1KHM 1% 0(H«Ai
They 0tMeiM the AtvMMItty eC Wm
the rteia an a Third Psrty.
Huron dispjitch, 5: The farmers' alli
ance is »Uli in session and will continue
over until to-morrow. President
Loucka' addrsss adiled fuel to the flame
and the clamor of the organization tpr
a third party and tbe nomination of an
alliance ticket has been kept up the en
tire day. The opposition abandoned
tbe fight at noon and decided to let the
other crowd havo their way. After
roasting the railroad and telegraph com
panies, corporations, banks, etc., he
argued strongly in favor of a third party
saying 1 would suggest that aa there is
in Huron at the present time as fair a
representation of the farmers, mechan
ics, miners and laboring men aa can well
be brought together, and as we hav© in
our various assemblies and aiitanoes
thoroughly discuased this question, that
it would be quite appropriate for all
those who favor an indejenlcnt politi
cal party to meet together and organize
it If suqIi a party should adopt our
platform of principles, then I think all
true alliance men will support it. It
will not be open to the charge of a class
organaatym ftnvl thowft tliff ft)
lianof* who conscientiously oppose in
deieudant action wili not be held re
s]K)naibie. Let us have a new declara
tion of indo}»enilenoe read in every
county of the state next Fourth of July.
This waa mure than the antis oould
bear and submit to gracefully. It ia
evident tonight aa soon aa the alliance
convention adjourns a political conven
tion will organ2xe composed of third
party advocates and a state, legislative
and congressional ticket nom muted.
Many will not jmrticipate in auoh a con
vention mid declare ojx-rdy that they will
not vote any ticket so created Efforts
are t)eing made f» wliip the opixwiUon
iato line, but with little succe**
A resolution has been give* to tbe
committee to the effect that any mem
ber of the alliance who lakes part in any
caucus or primary held by either the re
publicans or denujcrats, will forfeit hi*
privileges in the alliance. Thc^e is little
probability that this will pass. Mueli
speculation is indulged in aa to who will
constitute the ticket. The name of H-
Loucks is freely coupled with ihe of
tice of governor, J. W. Harden for con
grass, and Alonza Wardall4ortbetTtuted
Btetss aenatew Thars ia a
will be chosen.
at the
lstis—ttag I»iawe-eaten ef tfct is^srt
£Jh fewiiafjw K. &C'Blvar, et Vmsll
lien Y mI vrretty.
Pierre Free Press, 3: G. E. Culver,
professor of geology at the state univer
sity at Vermillion, haa best! Iff the city
for a tew days ami departed tins morn
ing He ts geologist for the Dakota* in
the government irrigation survey now
being made. In oon vernation with tbe
professor this morning we attested some
interesting information. Jie had no
doubt of Pierre's ability to secure a pood
artesian supply if she wanted it Arte
man wr'er can be reached here at a
fepth of rnwmI ItlSUacJ Im
pay* artesian water ean be obtained any
where on tbe reservation -one for every
One thing ttat gwr«W| tha tone Sf
**a!«i Tn mi artesian W&Bi ia the texture
of tht sjuidatone where it ia tapped. In
fcertfua UxWlitiee a powerful gusher ia
found snd near by water may be found
®t the same depth but with an inferior
flbw This is becanas the sandstone of
the Stronger well is ©career and more
po*vm*, while the rock of tbe weaker
of finer aand and the rock
jioronri antl the friction greater. Thia
water bearing stratum lica at a uniform
itepUi, hut ita texture varies aa above in
dicated. It crops out ne®r the Ikwkies
and i.hi there a recipient of the great
mountain nine and de|ioaite of now. It
is borne off through this poroua stratum
of aau rock, at lifst ai a rapid decline
Wl4wh gradually laseops as it approaches
tha, upheaval of granite bordering the
eastern j»srt of South inkotnu Here it
is cemented above the granite by iro
niense strata of alate and impervious
blue 1st antl cannot escape -^except as
it is tapped in the form of our artesian
weili*. It ia, as geologists become famil
ial" with it, proving to be the most re
markable artesian basin known on earth.
Then* hsH recontlv become kuown to ge
oUsgtate fonr distinct artesian basins
the K»*l river lasin one in eastern Mon
lana extending into the western end of
North Thikota, and th© Missouri and Jim
river basins although the last two are
practically one and the same. Prof. Cul
ver says the artesian formations of tlve
northVfeat have become an exceedingly
interesting study to geologists eepec
tally «f| they become more familiar with
Th? Red river basin haa abundance of
water, but unfortunately ia saline in
Character aud will not be so good for ir
rigutsin imrposes. In regard to the at
tempt of the government some years ago
in putting down an artesian well at Fort
Sully. U ««ys the enterprise was given
Up in disguwt at a jmjuiI about 15* feet
»love the water I tearing rocks. With
the bole still intact and the knowledge
now assured as to the location of the
water tearing rock* the government
would probably renew the work on their
well ami oiiam a good gusher.
The professor wont from Pierre to,
Ciett\(4urg to-day. From there he goes
to Forest City, where be expects to board
the steamer (. haaka and go to Bismarck.
FarastMs. 20 cents and upwards, at J.
4V. Dav1e n 'a
Iq on|er U) mluue my siM)k, I will
aell all giHHls cheap for the next 30 days.
A wi«a4 of Hanlwarr.
Haaaqh 4 Coffey ymterday received a
carloadhardware which they will aell
at the v^r lowest bottom prices.
You girls know very quickly when
a man means more than ordinary
friendship for you. You hare an In
stinct that tells you that this big.
good-luoking fellow has come sweet
hearting, and that this is the time
for roc to study him a little bit
Think out if his temper and yours
arc certain to agree well together
IhiUK. 'jut if hia t^atca and your# ar-»
alike, or W they can grow to be so for
you know, little women, if you want
to be happy in your married life you
munt learn the great and wonderful
virtue of adaptability.
You must choose your sweetheart as
you do a new gown, so that he will
wear well, says the Ladies' Home
Journal, but you want him for longer
than a winter he must, last through
the long summer days and through the
winter anea, and before you put your
hand in bis and tell him that you are
willing to fight the battle of life to
gether think 4t all over well and re
umtnln -that you are choosing your
sweetheart, net for a day or a year,
but for all through life, and, please
God. if ymi love each other enough,
for after death.
McCallister Bros.'
Sis a id exatiiine
Ths New Process
Vapor Stove.
Itnc of Hiftrrr nfi.ffftwtf
pardware and Build
•ers1 Materials.
W~Tm Hhop in (XMin«ction with Store.
leered to
tin.' city.
Our Umbrellas and Par
rank forei
in the state.
lowest prioea
Mall and Wtadaor Tte« in
0. S.
Atfvtee 6''
Clrla ITIim YasMm
Chooic ydnr sweetheart carefully,
wisely, ami tendorly. my dear girls.
Roraember he is to bo more than evon
thiM U) sou some day -bo is to be your
huabtuia. for suroiy you ar© not one of
the girls who have a sweetheart here,
and una there, and give a little love to
this una and a little love to that one,
until whpn the Ma) one appears the
perfect bloom is gone from the peach,
and she cannot give him what he offers
mnrl C+ilreti0t*4
aP"A ronp«tsotcoll«cioreoBttaGO etuptnytd
to alUMt ui MilaciieM la aurmsndisK (Milif.
loaned en res) watato for *M#r»
OoaaaspoH turner*:
("hrmicajJfeiUoaal JBsiUtv iLs:* Hju
lineal H-ibk, hicaw'o aiooi Fall* National
llauk, iuuiu Kalia, Hooih Iakt».
ta aaATi Airi mm*
Gliddait Barb .Wire, Iroa Pnmpa,
Sporting Gkk18, 4c.
|(jew Elecrant in
riM Kr
fe'sriTXDxo-A.'rE BLOCK:.
A treat to ^connoisseur* Underwear Ladiea' Jer
of 1*ine Kid (Hove*. s*n rill«o«l im'r throad
Vesta—15o. to 60ow
AM nice line in black. HHp
my pair warranted Ors«t Bargains
Tbe Days of Humbugs are Gone By
Sfeoddy goola hnvo no value. Higli prices are the ruinatioa 01
any busiiicw house. What this nineWnth century
'{••nmnd" i«« a sqonr*1 ':p-np4-*l«rtwi|
Honest Business!
by akiUed lalxir. Ail of which we offer. Yon
vited to inspt'et whether winhing to buy or not.
Hcbiy do* aU-MneB »h«Nr
bandk«rchlef», ia braullful
V xlraordlBarlljr
low pne*
Oil tnc be*t grutle of gixnlx that can be built
Lsdlea, co«n« aad osr
betmtfiii Rngn
Ourllor of I.aci'OsHaln*
l« very dibortli' aad We
bar* mure cudiink
we are the only house that makes
are cordially
W« hare tpvclal trtns Is
0«ila* Underwear and a ooat
pl«tc li«»' of Haaka,
at t*c«Klin«i/Ueiu'
low flgurM.
and Shoes. That means, of course, that yon can get goods ill
those lines that you cunnot get anywhere else. Our line of Dry Goodi
the most extensive. A big line of Carpota. Our line of Boots ani
8hoes is the most complete. Our line of Ladies' Kid Shoea are mamt*
factum! by the American Shoe Company, of Lynn, Mans,, and theilt
nothing in the west that will at all compare with them for quality
and good fitting, and the prices are so low that you are
First door west
of 1'oHtotiice.
r. 0. rata, W. a. McKar, L. B. S««ss,
Frwaldoiit. Vlrel'rwildast. Cashier.
Cipital iDd Surplus, $60,000.
Is just fine—?ov
Q-arland Cooking
and Heating Stoves, JfcCormick & Howlfitt'«
Hbadeonie Line of liwby Oariisfl—
Express Wajjona
Ajfent for the Binder Sewing Machtisw
atte»ae«l te e« Mkert
Civil Engineer! Surveyor
HA n? v 1
#•€. MITCHELL.I kADii^jN, mvm dahk/sa*
»p«*cialty of Dry Goods ani
to buy.
H. N. luce.
idt S^dCa-lzi. St.
Furnifure Dealer!
Parlor Hulls and Fancy
to sea them, Tbe
price Oh my How cl^sp tbat is what
sells these gutnla! "f
€4 KM fell AI, MKRiRAaiMaC.
& CO..
Have received tbeir New
Spring Stock General
elaborate display
GOODS, including the moat fash
ionable fabrics.
aad freah stoek of
In Odd Fellows'
(.O tx-
Vmi Mali L.lae Willi Va*tlb«J«4 Tralsa ta
twarn lilratTO, HIIwaafcM, H. PMl
Tr«M* nulnrntal Roatr between Cl»
eajfo. I •..»!»« IS liiuflf Omaha aad tie fsciW
Orcai %ntl*M«l Raalr t^tween Cbic*|p|
K«h»»' it) and st Mo.
Mllrit or K»»(1 reacha* all |.rt*elp||
r* 11 ui*. tn W t«c«ala, ataoeaul^J,
int, Mi#»ourt 'ui Uakui*
If or mapH, .inu- rate#
(railki, «lr tpul) to th* uttanMt #iai»o« agewl tm
thai 'vti'iuu. Mn.wAPKa* Ht i*i i. liAii-WAtj
t« an* Hailn»«l A*'"1 auywh«r«
it!*U.l.nH. A. ¥. H.(UltI'E«TK»
Ui tiorui Misai»- i*a*a Tkt. A^k*
0ffur »nf»romli'« In r«fen*ace to La ml* ada
Tow»ii uwiiikI H» THT" Un,*K!*iil A T|J
K\li.w t* *rile i II
t'naiiiwloirr. 1% taciH&sia-
Contractor and Bui

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