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|tha Catholic Hospital st Ifev-
«c enportPartially Destroyed
tfcis Morning. .x
llatar Mary Irene Perisho* in tha
Flames The Patients
•., *#q» i« Safirty. v-y
ftumon af Serious Indian Outbreak
i« Montana Multiply' Tm9&,
y, J?. Being Reinfbraad.
fis% V'*-
'Sfltvswvowr. lo„ June li
At S 3othis seoruiitg ©aa af the del—
who was ilMping on the fourth floor of
li# main building of M«roy bo«fit«l, »M
strak«u*1 by smok# ud discovered a fl**
fal th» elowrt of b«r room. Tb« bouiw ttUrn
VHm (h)iii(dNl,
tb«s thirty 8ii-
|ar« of Mercy la ib» bnildio«
Wire e*lled together. eeatrid
ealled th# Arc (}«"t art rnPtJt to the wseoe. end
hf prompt work th« building w*» «»*d.
young wMiiiu Ellen Murray,
oaikd Hiiiter Mmj Irene, wam hurued to
4e«tb. Hohjb forty nick p»t*ant« »u
aijoioioK baildtng were tekon out witboat
i*jurv Ttte baildisg in whiob the Are
Mcnrred le ot brtek, foar storloe ead
l» y tMi f«e{ Witbiu f*w monthn the
Wfct work* bare been extended to the
h*apital, whwh ie o*et two mil** from the
baeineeo pert of town. Had it not been
tbi* many }«r»oD« mttet b®*e periebed.
tM«l lose wilt raeofc il0,90t).
Ov*fc. U»* Ctatar of TtwvM*.
||. Pict. JAM U.
Th«re la greet eeaiaiedea aeoe* the
dmati* Indiana along the Tuu|ae Hfif
la Montana, and ieo. Roger baa tele
gn»pbft) from Ht l'aul to Fort Koogh of
Icrmg a d*t%rhin«tit of Wi» troop of ttM
Eight)) oarairr and three oomp*ut«* of the
X|renty-a«oot),d tufantrr to proceed to
Maeeuey creek, the center of the trouble.
i o* Toole, of Motitaoa, on the raorttiag
of tbe lltii reo«i*e] a dispatch at Helena,
aifraed bv ten prominent citizens of Milea
Otty, requesting that he §#«d !,(«' utanda
af *rm« and 10,030 rounda of ammuuUion
la that pMnt at oo«e In reply arma and
aaftnianitioit were Net is charge of CW.
IS, (). urti#
The he»nnee bate left their Hfplar
eat»|« and arc gathering in aiuail ones of
iM»m fifteen to went 7-five and are firing
at eetUer* boeeee acd atkiag the raoet
tkr^ai* m&K demoiiitratiooi. Kan fib Men
havt- M-«n bruxgio^ their famtite^ utio the
eatii^iaeut nil dav.
I attic ar* l«eing shot down by tbe Indiana
through para malice.aa bo fxuta of tbe eal
M*i» are need for beef. Eighteen eettle
W«r« abot in one boneh on titter creek.
tJ#u. liag«r, otniuatulf of th« depart
aikut of 1 *kta. baa »dvic4Mi from I ougue
l|«er, Csitei »nil Keogh, that tb** Indian*
ap over a abortage of antmieteeoe
•Md that the a. ttlere art alanned, but be
bee no information of an upri»iug and
do««* not in lb nnuibtr of murder*
Iffjorted. '1 fa*' four compare* of cavalry
at Tongnu rtrer will re-enfo^d by
tfcree of mfantry to-iuorrow. U*«n. Uag«r
M|f» the iKihtarr on the gtoend mm aaaily
eap^ with th« indiaM.
Murilar* ICrporiMi lri Hllufl.
9|.I Munt ,lwn6 IV.
Jit is reported tb«t a man naox^i Mnjrer
aM killed by Indiana at Teagne river.
Tbe Indiana are killing oat tie by tbe haa
4l«d«. It ta reported from Eoaebnd
eauniy that tbre« nu*ch«»fH wave btirnod,
aal other tumwM «bot into. A of
aanrbofH ha*i- i«ft Reaelud to drive tbe
Sadtan* im«k oa «ke reeerraMoa muff—
ef the militiiry.
B| tv fmlm awvtowa Ti»aWi In New Veelt
Mrt Mmy ntaaaliealp.
|Mrw Toax Jum lit.
The strit)g0ut ui«tairar»D adopted by the
aauretarv of agitruiture to rtemp
act plearo-pnecm{!)i in eattle
fton tbe eoentiee of Itagu and
Qaeese bee ^ore^ed twmendooa
e*r itfij.«»i»t, anil arons^d tbe dairymen iato
aa attitude of arowl reiwthou. it is tinder
etl»fl that H**'rotary Hunk has reeeotly
•at^ived private inttmatioti that uubsae
tllieee diaeatee be elf«ctivaty exterminated,
a *«'v»r. (]uaratttine will he |»roeiatwed by
la»Umt againat tbe exportation of AaMfi*
eau cattle.
WwtOTii CorktltaiaafihBe
tux* ta.
Th® Pruu t'-urrent aaye The we**k s re
us *verinK the pork packing ofieratieM
ia th® woat iodioate some enlargement in
lib) aggregate, *ou«(Mur«d with the praoed
faik w®ek and moderate gatn o«er a m
iai|KHidmg periiMl of laat var, th« total
bet it bogs agmn^t 5Rl6,tHK) laet
flar. »«d i ^j®r*gai# of 3,«w,UOO niuce
XMob It oomparwl with $,0&(),4MI0 a yaar
ago, Tbe letting ptecea ooaapere ee
j^lean« ,*U6,0W
*1.- ui uuo
,*,f :^l.{iue
i «tty
1st HingMm.
•braake Oty.....
I oon're....r..».
at*, is) i
M," '"K.tjOO
,*•' 174.MM#
i-, *M.ui n«t ritiaw. i
-Dltx arva* Ma#«.. Juim- l"i
A waaien named Monet took bee twa
little ebiidren, one ^ed 4 and tb« other aa
la fact in artuM, to tbe circua at Fall Kiver,
ttaea While oa
grounda ahe waa ap-
proaebed by man who made a propoei*
ft^ou to take the eldeat oytid, a boy, and
Ham him for cireaa life. After wufih
yaririymg the woman gave the child up.
SioeiTiiig aad the of #4 a
Veek long th« child with his
4prti#r. Tbe tmrgata wee re
||prt#d to tbe polkMi, who arrested Dm
ffomau Mid wilt tov##tig»te tae natter.
&s£ -&.<\
e%at*« data IWd af Ha
rilibutrr*r' Mmtm f«paw.
Han 0J *,«*. Cai )u«» iv
llaiteil §tate« Marehal Gard baa arrive4
from Enaenado, Lower California, where!
fi»- b»« hewn making an inveatigatiouof th«r
f)!iiimat*riug movement. A copy ofj
th»» provisional eotiatitntion of the new re#
public, which tbe fllitmetwrem expacteit to
form waa aeear^d and tbia do^nmt'nt haM
forwarded! to Waabington. Tbe con
Mtitution aaaertM political freedom fn im
Moitco, deciarea that the people here! y»
dairgate tb«ir authority to a oonueil of a«l
ministration for tbe pnr|Ma« of a war of
independent**, and that the anthority of,
aaidcoaneil should be eomplet* until peac^t
ahould t« daclarail, when a eonatitutional^
convention of th« j»eopi«« shall lie called.
All le^ialative, )ttd'i'ial aodvx«»ontiv^ fuoc
tionM «r« *«t«te.! in -»*»d couunl and until a
d«eiar»t*on of prace martial law abonhi
prevail on tbe pentnaula. Tbe writ of
habeae corpus ia declared an
ing the war for iod«tt«udenc«.
In Um Very MM—A Trif Waa aet.fll* «be
Uuant Waeb Ine tf.
T. II I^aach, of Vancouver, a aiember
of tbe Waahiogtou atate board of ednea
tiou, auiiouueed to tbr ioari that he had
l«ei offered fo.iMKf aa a bribe lo bring
about a reconsideration of the boaid re
gard to test tiooka. He aieo laid before
the board a rheok for tbe money drawn in
hi« favor by £aw« on the Fuel Na
tional tiauk of Portland. Ore.
Last Thursday tbe board adopted text
hook* for the »tate, the Amerioan Book
compajiy, repreeenting the book truat, re
ceiving only alwat 28 per oent. of
tb« award* Two member* of tbe hoard
voted eouatantly for ail tbe truat hooks.
The trust agtnU. represented by Eaiues,
who is o«mti*ctod with a detective agency
in Portland, moved lor a reoonaideration
so far aa the readers aad arithmetics Were
onoerned, which would give the trust
bouaos per cent, of the awuds. Leach
waa promised $6,(KM) and certain other
cousideratioba. Leach moved to recon
sider Monday. Tbe motion was accepted
and the a,at ter left open. He then re
ceived tt»« cberk aad expjwd the plot.
Tbe boarii promptly reaffirmed tta action
of last Tburadaj and reaolatloUB
oaadhMaatag Uke Amerioaa Book
An* Aypea^MrtsMttwa af
dark* A
seed aw.
WaaatwaroK, .i nu? il.
Tbe ii'Wwtary of
to tbe senate an eetimate of the se«retary
of tbe interior for an additional appropria
tion of needed by that department
for the employment of foroti of dwrkM for
the laud uttice and the rental of additional
quarters for them. The aaatber of addi
tional clerks needed is fifty. In a latter to
Keprreetilative l'ay*oii. a eopy of wbi* is
inclosed with th« M»ur«tari's cominuutea
tton, tb«' eoDiBU»aiou«r of the general
land ofboe eaila attention to tbe fact
that withiia the last six aiontbs
over ftW.tMMi more final entries hare l«en
approvtni thaa have lieeu rtn-t-ived. Thtrw
ai« atili final eatnea in hie oftict*
awaitiug action. To diapoae of tbese
wonltj require tbe moat diligant work on
th» part of tbe whole force for many
tuonthe, providing no furtner entries were
received. But it ie believed the number of
eutriaM received will be mr-r-aael bv th»
e»tatiliatmi nt of several new ofh. oa and
th- arrearages will probably remain for
an indefinite period unless relief is af
forded, thus jaopardixi&g and imperiling
he interest* of settlers aad eauauig tbesa
natch tiardsbip, eipenae and
atrwetc tqr a Cyelaaa*
Ala., fwae is.
A windatorm straok Pmdmeut, Ala., a
email towi*twenty-five milea north of An
»tato?i, and leveled tb« three-story bribk
and stoiM- building of the Bank of 1'iad
tnont. which naarly compiateil. Mr,
Hallivan. a white mait, and a negro, whose
name i* unknown, were working on tbe
roof end were thrown to tb«* ground and
fatally injured- After striking the bank
building the cyclone rose into the air, not
doiuK any more dama^ in tbe town. Tbe
buiidmg cost about $I .,000 News from
thtf surrounding countiy report the bM«
test rainfall of tbe seasou and graat #aai
age to growing cropa will result.
Ceaowo, Jaae is-
rop reports for every section of tbe
foouutry are moat encouraging. Tbe out.
llook in Ontario is generally good, bat
much depends upon tbe weather duriug
tbe next few weeks. Winter wheat ha« anf
fered for wanx of snow and an e tcex* ot rain
and in some places wil! not averag* much
ovrr half a crop. Hpring wh««t io«k» vt ry
well, partialarly on high land. Com i«
iMiokward and the acreage will bjurely be
a lew average. Hay will be a magnifieent
crop ie quantity, though a 1 tile poor in
quality, lu Quebec everything in back
ward. Manitoba takes a cheerful view of
things, and expects an immense wheat crop.
OMitrwM* o»i Mm OshHakss ainllss.
Outiowar*, Juae 19.
Tbe fifty citirent tertted by the mayor
of Coluiutme to meet him in conference
with a view of suggesting sosm plan for
aettling tbe street railway strike met him
tisi* morning and are still tu
at noon. The meeting i*
with (dotted door* aad no move by the
strikers or tbe coa^pany will be made natil
steads. Tla, eo«ap«U) dairnM it ia im
(ossthle to iywralt th» rosa) with tbe pro
t*ot ion afforded tb«». »»d' thf indirationt
aM H*t aa ears will be etarto^ta^ajl
mm Ttmutint ur l^atMft.
Sal' a»j- Fo* AasMCT, Imt T, Juae li,
Papers traaaftrriag »«ree of
to tbe Uaftted Steles by tbe Hae awl fai
ledkos wtU be signed to-dey
AaotMgitMm tat aawiewt' ia la la
4 .•• **'*t* W W
x# -v
tU* -5, .t.4. tr
*ht. .:m
How«the Allianoe Is Now Gor
ing Into Politics in ih« 4
State of Georgia.
WamnraaroM, June &
Col. J. W. Arnar, pviTate a*eaatatf te
Heaator Browr. of Ueorgia, has just rs
tarbed to Washington, aftei a loag visit ta
Atlanta, Speaking of the preseat political
sitnation Georgia, he said "The farm
ers' alliance im a aOHt powerful orgHtiiisa*
tiou in our state. The democrat it- party
numbers about loi'.Otm voters in tleorgia
and tbe alliance baa ltNi.tKii* members.
That taeaua that two-thirds a« many ae1
there are in tbe democratic jMirty are men*
berx of the alliance. That they no-an to
take a hand in politics is settled. They
will try to eleet a governor, capture tbe
legislature and I'nited Htatet aenatorsbip
aad elect at least three congressmen. Tbe
state convention will be held esrlv in A m
gnat and th- degree of their isucoess ia
this convention will probably determine
the action in the congressional conventions
which will foliow later in th«- month Hon.
J. W, Northern, a wealthy planter livinf
uear Hparta, at preeent the most promi
nent alliance candidate for the governor
ship. He ts a man of decided ability, bat
is conservative and baa conducted himself
with great dignity in this contest. He
has been a member of the tagiaiatore aad
is well and favorably known throughout
Pan.it.nKi.eHiA. 9%m» 11
Wharton Baker hae
great American and European bank
ing company, with a oapital of $)t&,
000,00#, one-half of which is to
be iasue«l at onoe. Among tbe Amer
ioan directors are Wharton Baker, I'reei
dent Wilber of the Lehigh Valley railroad
Vice President King, of the Baltimore &
Ohio, »e»rge B. Keiru, of the Heading
railroad John ll. Converse, of the Bald*
win Locomotive works William Brockt%
Henry C. Oibaou, Charii'oiagtieTower, Jr.,
James Beaten? anil Himou B. Fteiechor.
Tbe Kuroj^ean director* are prouioeut
finauoiers. Tbe prtnoipal oHcen of the
company will Im» in London aud Philadel
phia. It is believed the company will be
ready for business some time this aututtter.
In addition to tbe Loudon office there will
be branches in Paris, Berlin, TjWaa aad
otLer Earopeau cities.
fantry, died at Vanoouver,
epo piety
The execution by electricity of Joseph
Cbapleau, said to be a couiiu ot Premier
Cbapleau, of Canada, hnK hr-en art for tbe
first w**#k ih July at Hit*# Hiag, N
1 UK international 1 y(Hgraphi-al union
has adopted a report for a home for print
ers at Colorado Bprmgs, and will use tbe
Childa- l'rexel fund for that purpose.
1 HK national convt-ntioii of th mutual
life and accident underwriters is in annuial
aession in New York. There ere repre
sentatives from every part of tbe United
It is stated that Kmperor William intends
to releaee bis brother, Prince Henry, front
active serviop ta the navy to enable him to
represent tbe eeaperor acoaaionally at state
Kev. Kitmkh Ql'iolbt, pastor of St
Frautns de Bales Catholic chareh To
ledo, O., ba« been indicted by tbe grand
jury "for luiademeanor, or for neglecting
report pupils to the board of education.
Th* Oriental Mills company, of Provi
dence, U I., UaN n»a«ie an asaigomeiit.
Tbe Ira became embarrassed a month
ago. There are unsecured debts of $»8«V
000 iuid quick i*sset« valued at 134,000.
The British twrk Dinapore, Capt Tid
maotb, from Miudieeborough, foi liable,
Blanca, is ashore at Cape Corrieatee anu
will probably prove a total wreck. The
captain and five of the crew were lost.
At Albany, N Y., Otia A. Clould and
Albert L. Gould, brothers of tbe two other
bank conspirators, have been atrested upon
stniilajr charge, making four brothers and
a brother-in-law now in custody.
Mm. Ti uijBi, editor of the Ko* oaimoa,
Ireland HeruM, has been convicted under
tbe enmee aet of publishing mi artiele da*
noancing land grabber*, gaud has beea
sentenced three mouths tinpriwfimftat.
T«» supreme court of Aliforuie bee
tendered a de-i»loii reversing th« jndguo*t
of tbe lower court granting alimony and
eounse! fees to Barah Altbea Bbaton in
held well known d*voro* against Willseat
A oK8WCirtO* train oollidet! with e
freight train oa tbe Hi. Louis, Keokuk A
Northwestern ou a curve near Haanilal,
Mo. Fire»sji Artbnr Taylcr and Harry
Nelson were scaldea to death, and several
oiber trainmen were seriously injured.
B*. 0. N Hiwirt, of E»d Wing, mem
iary of tbf Minneeoia state board af bealttl,
wbo has b«#n spending tbe past eight/
month* in Europe making sanitary aud
eaedioai tavastigtrtinas, has arrived tu Mew
Vort an Ms *a»Mf», aaal will aeaak hmm la
eiew daye.
to Having- a Membership
100,000—A Most Powerful
—««•'. i
An International Banking- Company
WUh $2S»,000,000 Cafital-f*
Ganeral Nawa.
Fourth ia*
Week., ef
The British house of commons has re
jected 454 to 160—aa ajaeadunent sgainst
tbe purchaae of itoeuse*.
Kui'khoh William kae rafaeed la ee
i(nt to tbe su^eettoa tbet Priaee Bis
marck be prosecuted foe divulging stale
*'.''• A/'*? ..- •••.••-'• ., ..• .••ff{,-..*tL *. •••-•.•
i i •rorncAtt.
nf ifA* T^iuri A«klrssnsd To Ube
mmm iMttmry Cumpmmw,
^'IWOSA, l'uu« Ig
The case of tbe United Btates vs. Her
bert F. Stout for robbing the mails be
tween Bt. Paul and Minneapolis was on
trial before Judge Nrlaon at tbe United
Stale* district court on Tuesday. Mr.
Htoui waa defend, bv liavia, Ketlog A
^Kveraace, of Bt. Paul, Mi. Bevorautv be
ing present. The prosecution proved
conclusively that Ktout had taken letters
from the mail addTwaaed to tbe Louis.aua
Lottery compaay. This bad been done,
not on his awn run betweeu Omaha
aud Ht. Paul, but while a*t«n»itj|y
helping other clerks between Bt. f*aul
and Minneapolis. Tbe defenee did not
attempt to der*y thls- but baaed their de
fense ou the ground insanity. Btoat,
it will be roupsmI»ered, was adjudged insane
!y the Uamsey county board aud sent to
the Hot beater asylum last July. Beveral
aeeks ago he was reUased. Tbe expert
i*stiuiony of Dre. C. K. Htgga, J. H.
Blurphy, J. L. Fulton, Miller aud Cbem
)'«rliu. of Ht. Paul Jonea of Miuu*apolia.
od lr. Mol'avitt, of thin city, »a« taken
to prove his ineauity. Mrs. Cole, a Mister
of Mrs. Htoat, testi^ed to Btout's strange
actions and *ouduct immediately after tbe
nibbtfry, and taat eswlniial (ia
for Tuesday.
Wmusu Trtasl I
eeii.00e.e0e cstatsi
New Yon*, June li,
Mr. ai.d Mrs. M. nteio, with their yotmf
sou and daughter, arrived at New York on
the steamer Arizona ou their way to Mou-
where they |»oesibly. intend to set up
lit tbe clothing buainess, with a uiusieal
attraction for customer*. Mrs. Glenn de
".areu that sht bad nothing dutiable,
and that all the goods ahe brought
with her were household articles,
ready iu aee. A pier Inspector foand
that Mrs. Oteoa had a vai sable
lot of puce good*, ibdading sdks, shawls,
tablf covers ard laces, worth perhaps fftu,
000. Mrs. Olein had d«-nied that ahe bad
any pie«- goolx. but some of the silks
were found to In? sewe 1 into alleged skirts
so as to give them an appearance of being
skirts, which would deceive the inapeotot*.
This mado the inspectors believe that Mrs.
Oieiu w»» drosstuaker, wbo was trying a
new dodge" bv which i to smuggle her
gtxidh into port. The Gleins had also a
large aud costly music hoi aa ioug aa a
small irank, which might be wortk S4UQ
*m. This was also aeixe4.
A 8U*uii«r fH*at»tori.
Hs VoKa.. atu i*
abo amted
tkNI. JfMMflt,
Weira, reports that ou the inoraiug of Jttae
8, in latitude 40-23, Mid longitude t9, he
spoke the French steamer La Bourgogiue,
lading to with her machinery out of order.
Bh« had stooped sine# midnight. Hbe
would make tbe neosaeary repairsaadllhea
pr«oeed on her vayage.
A «lt»*tiv Cbsttaal.
ar. PanoutHcat., Jin« li.
The government has received lafwi
tiou that s new movement egainet ttM life
of the caar ia contemplated.
Plssl WhI Kfe,
Maw Taaa. Jaae is.
Co!. Andrew I Baird, of ha*
declined tbe postmastership of Brooklyn,
wlueb waa tendered hnu by 1'resnlent
Wkhstsh. MU».„ JOBS 11.
Mrs. Henry aba, aged 73, the last earri
•or af tbe Htpmk idbe ef
V loianrKarttui u»k«.
Paaia, istne i i
A violent ahock ot earthquake
at 1'olaguy and other tawas ia tke
rfl* nt of lura.
i£i- Mmu Cit# Um iaa
8|l .(uaelil.
Hogs Bstimeted iweatpte, t,M elBcial
ye«u-rU*y i.!'4W Market steady te sHaag
bo K Rt A.l.l'i.'UU»U|1UUK 1 .Igtlt.
S3 .a b«av. atai minJ,
»tU* K".«tuii*t«Kl reaslpts 7tk!, ,nioe! yes
tel .*) ytih i. t». Mwrktt dull with
low-r yrtUM.
es -4 'i6 ut«it«u» UMOMi, eft.l«aa.e6 Mad
en chottf# «oo u J,KU**ijU as. »Kr«a.«o. UIM
di'UM te aeo^t
i aieatnm »o good, eu inferior,
irs, tfi.tr* el»».ii«» a-- im.I »s
mtert.r oomaon
at s-.«.aijeepaers, yse-'ei.so, yearlings, extra
eb -nsi-:, et UOait.-iCi, oaUiUMic, 00 tail
ta^ esUeifSiW. bulla, dboipe, ea.ia#«. & oam
ax •, ai.aiaJH. real aal*aa. iwui. in
SwMtfe tMaalia I4wa teadjli'
io it* Om*iu June IS.
Bo«e—KaUinaaed rweetpta, .4.1SQ. irfBetal yea
ter.Say, 3,',»5fe,. HtLrbf* o|Hm«a atrMig selitag at
Cattle- KattaafcKf re«elft 1,000 affieial
mioHio, 46
cars. Mvket
ae i'iy ai'l tsirl'
cio««a«* M** um*.
Clii aoo. iutte
H.«a K*ft«4)*a, ii,ux). Market aetiva, teai
aa-t hicrker lasttt es.a^#».70 roagb paMtag,
I etile Hm*1bU Kteo. Market weak awl
bl '.n M'-o tower Bweves, a'.AUeN.wi «stm #6 u0.
Teia» graas^rs az.K' i.»
Him*# umm. Market tdaM aad
h»^r WtnttMB# $4
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Milwaukee Base Bail Team's
First Visit to Sioux
The Milwaukee base bell team arrived in
the city latd evening and will three times
battle with tbe Corn Huaker« fore leav
ing tlie city. Tbe Brewers are-, playing
strong ball aod our boys will have to do
better than they hare been doing lately to
«in two out of three.
Tbe manager of the Milwaukee club is
C. H. Cut buian. He is aaid to be
atnet dlHciphuarttui, which in a base ball
la» abov« kings, a
quaiificatiou. He also rulee his men with
tact sufficMmt to gain their em
fldenra and sympathy, and is
thus enabled to get all the work out of
tbeui tbat they are capable of. He haa
bad UiVi 'b eKperienftt* both as an umpire
and manager Iu the National league be
was eoci*nl«»red an excellent uinpiar. and a*
such was |opular with all the lute. lur
tug the past three \ear« be managed the
Torouto team, of the International associa
tion, witb Kreat success, winniUK the pen
ant in 1HM7 after a hard figbt. at a time
when tbe teams of the aaaociatiou were
very strong In 1"*H* tb»- (nam ui.aaed the
•pennant by a bare M'rrttcti.ftui^hmg ««eond,
only a few points I eeind the leader^.
Khorhs professional
career began with tbe
Hartfo tl tt ao^ui
and be played with
the team for two
years. He wan one
the ight player^ sold Z
by Hartford to Wash
lugtou, and he played
witb the Senators dur
ing tbe seasons of HTt^
and hm. mid a j»art
'«y. He was born in
Philadelphia iu
weighs 17o pounds, end stands 6 feet 74
July. #lf|
Vork dull e*»h »W.M
•I- §1%M. tjird «u»at\
af..^'- J'uiv.
Maw Tosut, June It.
waaat Dkjkw eix!e*ea*»
'Maay. n*o. »«o. 4« s,.
"*ta- week. Weeter. sau*p*h
Big Turn Motrmsey
is better known than
aay otbrr man in the
team. He has become
a fixture on first laa««,
and hi* pres«nc«- there
i» necessary for th»!
uiiipletouess of the
at home and in all the
other i-itie* in the ss-
Jk if .xoctation, and is a
wfg #C'uioNt conscientiouHand
l4/U)i)r' painstaking li*ver
lie boy an his baa^ btil
car.-er in 1883 with the Hay City, Mich
team. The following year he signet! with
Milwaukee, and in *&> join«d ihe Washing
ion team. 1 nrtng the seiw« n of hi, h«i
playel with botb the »sw«go and P^asut
Claire teams, and rejoined th- Milwaukee*
tu 'K7. He played with John Barnes St.,
Paul team tu KH and again came back t«»
Milwaukee last sf^aacm, Morruaey h»« tb«*
distinction of being the lergest man in the
tfaui, weighing 210 pounds and measuring
six feet cue inch in height. ^"e beta
in Janesvtlle and is 'i'1 years ol
tieorge Hboch cap
tains the team.
W. P. Krieg begsn
miiK tbe ball pro
noually witb the
ire lam^ »,o/ Honth
Jnd.. in 1H82
played with tbe
iria 111 team
•'A, aud oigned with
i. Chicag i In ion a
s IHH4. The Brook
ilyn t^merUMiui asao
udion team nigued
taiui iu 1(W5, and sold
him to Washington
the following year. In
1888 he played with
both the Minneapolis
w h.a,.City teams, and dm good work
for the Ht Joseph team last y«
Pitcher Davies is
auotbei product of tbe
Badger state, and a
one He was
acctdsntally discovered
at Madison by tbe
Milwaukee club to
wards the clow of last
wesson, and when
brought upon tbe tield,
proved to be a phe
nomenon. This wild
be his hrst complete
professional season.
lis was boru in Colum-a
bus, Wis twenty-one'
yaars «?. «s fi feat
M«w Vm* Pi agase.
»|ui«i nt^ady
•tH.MdN4.«l. Latd. |uet. ee.m«t- ituSle*
arm ilairy aiVli^e, l^pt, weaji,
western. Ilk
TRaaSLaT Aukmt J. C. M«"Cor, who
ka« beea oa tbe trail of a number of
Chmaee landed lo Ouayxaaa, M«nt s
B»irtitb ego, follo*»»d the«j into A««o«a
aiol arre#t«ii twenty-foar, overtaking them
i the d««ert wben tbey
iehed lot want af weter.
B. 0.
tenTu's st*»#-t»T
-it season- Hit first
fe«sionai baa» ialt
work was dom* with
tbe Louisville team iu
the season of
Tie season of fj?
und him plaviug
th tbe Syracuse
-!-a,rs, and tIsm year
i'lkwtug he played
»ith tbe Comuiercial
6 feet 8
A. J. Poorman is
diatinguished as be
ing about the best
right fielder the Mil
waukee team ever
had. lie baa been
playing ball since
1H81. whan be made
his debut with the
Lock Haven team.
He thpu played con
secutively With the
This Season.
Brief Biographies of the
with Portraits of the
Wa Must Heat
First 'Game of the Three at Evans'
Park To-Day—Base Ball Else
Metrt|Khiattw of Net
York, the Jt-rsev City* the I ,t ,4, If
team, and th»- Athletics of l'UiaOwipfaX
He tin*11 idayed all of laat aeaaon witb the
MilwHukee team. He ia •in ^ar*
tbe aeconti naaemen of the leaKU»-. Ha Ie
clever at tteldiug, batting and base raa*
iog. He is *tar« old weighs hid pounds
sad is 5 feet inches
B. I, Westiake is a
new catcher with Mil
waukee. lie first
played professionally
witb tbe Hteubeuville
team in "8« In '47
be was with tbe
W heating team. in 'N8
with Hauduaky and
Macs lie Id, aud last C
year with HprSugfield
He was born in Bel
iaire. O., weighs 145
poanda, aad i
6 laches high
4t %i\\
ths Toronto team.
we^fhi. Hio fwoinds and oueaauree i. f««t!§
J* Walch plaM
eeeoad mrj givai
promise «if beconimtffa
very popular pluye^
aad may be count«t#
aanouK the good Ui«i
of tlie team. fi« canie
originally from olmg.
bus, (),, begHn (lsyiaa
^kwdh the Zauesvtlla
*m in inn?, au«)
ued to play with (fee
atn for tbrae seasoiak
i^ast year be play«4
wdh tbe Fort Worth,
lex., team aod led «3
John Thornton is
known U the worhi
He is pofMllar
by the pitching that
babae daaa ia 1M
aaukcN- He first
played professionally
in the local team un
der Jim Hart in Ihhjs,
He was with th» team
last year, and was laid
up most of the time,
but got in trim to
warn the close of tba||U
sfcason and won near
ly every game
pitahed. He is 30 years oiu, weighs IIS
pounds, and is 5 feet inches high.
A. G. Alberts agahg
looks afte^ th« we If see
of thirtl Uw this sea
son. He made Ikle
appearance in the baee
ball world in IHdS,
when 1ia plaved with
the Heading, Pa.. teaaL.
In lfgH he signed wtlfc
jfi^ Binghsmpton. aud
»biyed third base let
tbe Hyracuae Btars ii
*H?, w hen ush mea
managtnK the team.
|\w fn JHWI.'H? be played
At FaUadalpUte New Yorib
phia 8.
pitcher compsrativelv
Tsew to the baae b0
world. He first played
professionally with
Washington the lattaf
part of last seaaoB*
and did seme excel*
at work. He woe
ru iii WasbmiiteB
years ago, weight
170 pounds aad Is 8
feet HH inches high.
Tbe year following ha
went to Cleveland aad was bought by Mil*
A lalrymple, tbe well kaown old-timer,
aad R. Pettit have recently baeo sddai
to tbe taam. Howe, Flanagan,
Welch and Ike have been released
*M rsai, 14 Bssm, I*.
At l)anv«e~
Iksavav 8 0 1 1 6 1 a
at. Pawl s«a«#y#aa.
Karn«*i rua« Ilenvsr 1, Hi 7. 1 wo t»ass
tU*» Mfiiot»« -i. Hav*i. Ma«kin, Briuightsa.
Tbtw^ i as., hits urtU, Marphy. Uouio rua—
Tr#ad*af Hk*«» stol#U t*»nv«r Hi l'aul a
iHiublo tilngt Wluu- to Howt» I'a^f* u bsUie—
«iff larui'rttuiirh H. tiff M«akhs Hsi tu U*l|
tiMirk*' Struck jut By Darnbruugli
Mttikin ti Haas balls Fa mm 1.
pitch*** lamlrottgb l. MmIis 1. Left aa
bass* Daiiver 7. Ht. l'aul 5 Ttss* 415 t'm
At Brooklyn Brooklyu, «, Bostos
At (. tm'inaati -(Inciuaatt, S, Fntstsna. 1
A» Cbnag"
-First ksoo»
land. 1- S*eoad gains Caioaga,
land, S
.tHMrS au Ac«»rlaUo«.
At Lsaisvilie Iouis\ ilU. tf, olauibe,
IiOUts Tolado game ioatpou
i-Uyraease game pottpas*lil
ataaetsa ttw I'tsb*.
lttiw»tk#*- ...
Aou i*lty ...
N«» ....
Oj»ic«r« ....
Ufeve&eu ....
iu. insati
u «ii
iB i« y#
MMI i, tfMa»a ..
.{w*» ri^vf iaaj
,.ll .* 'fie fit*i«n
He ItHtgaii last 4e»«on
il¥kt** with the Minneapolis
Mem and finished it
MUwaakaas. H» is yeers old.
.{lb- w
111 Hi
Mot Utoe Waiy raWae."
Jaae IS. ___
It'is re$.K)rt#t! that -Tas Ifonro, TIiTeT oa
tbe metropolitan polu^e, haw resigned let
«iOD#« jsieiu'-e of a quarrel between him *ad^
tbe government reganltotbe rsgolatiuaa
%ik»pt«d by tbe police on tbe occasion ef
thd*demonstration again« |||e lmeiiMH
bill in Hyde Perk Saturday,
Flayers' Lsa(aa
At PbUadolpbie Pbiisdslpbia. M|
Yark. a
At aeaaglyn Hrooktya. tuiataa. S,
At i'tttsburf Pittsburg. CtOeago^ A
Buffalo Clevataae faa« p«Mtponad

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