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Not a Ray of Hope Left That
the Entombed Minors Mi#
Yet Be Saved.
Tfc# Work of the Reaouing Partis
Iwr Crowing Mors DifftettH
Every Hour.
Th# Stmt* Tariff Mil Ordered ft
With Amendment Th»
a n e s
m, fitkir-
There is not a ray of hope or •o«oarti(i
went oflend the rejourn# parties at Farm
Hill except that they are one dav nearer
ithe oom plot ion of tbeir work, wbi-h Kruw*
.wore difficult every hour. Keecuing partial
digging through th* fallen wreck
What reaches to the roof and are
'working DOW within aeventy feet of where
*bey expect to break into the Farm Hili
lead. Tbere are p»»* faara now of an
jptb»'» sxploaioti nioee an ocenrreooe of thm
tuorning. Abont 2 o'clock tbm morning
"tieavy full ooenrred in the mam elope,
ft'ho. what off Ik* draft aed turned the
••rook#* i&d beat beek into
|b* chambers te snrh volume* that no man
#»nld live. The heat Mahoning drift i»
Ikrowiug more uitenea. and only Mt iw»*.
Jonal bleat from th« fan mttM their work
l**u Mble. Thi* stoppage of draft will also
iiiul lb the gm« »ud tim work
**m son okotiotulj than b«laM.
the lt«aat«
rrineipal CBAAGT* MaM«.
%*«BMOTO)«. JUM 10.
A fall s#«ttog of Um m»t«
ftmmitt«e torn twee h«ld whieh tlM
4iftrtu*n by »atnet p«ny vote WM M
t|iort/.«i to report tbe twrlff Mil with
No ioruuU report aeeosu
tb Mil, Mr ii it certua any bill
Will to pmpanrt. Aimb|! tb« pfinoiiMU
llwiifw mmim mtm tb» fotiowin^
Ik* glaaawfti* otniitaktba to
ud a large gaoctftl
IMlsatioB mad« «t«a! rails ar« rsdaood
fiNro 913.44 to fll.M p«r toe no bounty
It t«» lm given for lMe than fW |ouaji» of
S^gar *nuu»ily, to)*oco aBrb»iig»d a
rfight rwiuotiou i« m»l» ui tnmsxy it*u» te
Iko agricaltuml MbKiui«* «x^ori«niof tattt
M» not allowed a rebate on Uu ««lt mad in
owing maaU, uatural «flf«rvMotng miu«ral
«tt«r« arc made fr«eof daty cottou mana
ftortunia «r» r«dne«d ail throogh
tht *oiMdnl« only alight ohang««
mn made in wool, th«
em being a typographical error thai th«
Wuati refiiMMi to oorreot, the bounty for
aittt and «ilk t'oooon* raieed and r«eled in
llM roite] Hteten t« ittriokan oat, work*
of %rt an* taken from the free list and
•Mde dutiable at 9» p«r pent idvtlontt
Umitntion of tbe adveiorem limitation ot
9C0*i a« the valve of wearing apparel a pe»
mm amy bring %AW Um Uertei
•Moken oat.
lv«« *«4t twy«ee HeiaawiMieiii
At the annoal megting *t Uw aUolt*
hold«r« of ibt Ciiicinaati. HauuUou Jt
Daytoi ratiroad, beid at CuietaiMkti, the
prval«»l r*prt, apeeking of tbe ires lad
Stcyner trial, nays: "The failure of j*a
tim in the ease on trial
in i«ptember to a
•onroe of r#«nr®t. but the proeeeutiow i»
irtili fiendtog aud it te to be bop«d ibat
Hteyner and lro« will yet b« trted with a
More aatisfaHoty MnH 'llMMI b*gfW
•Mttt of tbe jntf."
He mj% forthar of tb* qafeitton ©f tbe
'^Vltitity uf the I*#® and fet*yu»r »tock
"Of flu.UOO of allege*! pMfwrmi atook to
coeii by Iree Jt Oo. thert yet renuuu* uat
atandiiK and claimed «g*iii4«t the nompasy
g8,«f)7,(iOi. lo .retiring iue portion that
than far been taken in, the company
hM »Qtbortxel *ad pat out an i«»o* of
$6&.4<K) prefprmi 4 p«ir mut. atook."
Tb*- b) 4aw« »«r« cbenged (OM to
th»- !reauient rnoet of tbe dntiea
iMUdm dischargad
tbe vice prwidlt.
Win aut
San KaANi-t»c(, Jun« ta
Tb® chief of pokoe hm MtmniiMrtl llw*
be will make an etfort tn atop gto^a eon
teet« between profeesiooaS pagdistc.
given in tb« vartoan ethtotw ci»b« in this
city He ititinuate# that b* will erreet Ike
pribcipala, neooud*. clob oftcudu and prob
ably tbe upeeiator* at tne aeit oonteat to
(MI given in any of the elut*, end will proee
eatl the® under the state law whieh pro
ItfMte priite ighting.
River Mil Hurlxir MtlMMMMMb
W*iMiNo*r»*, suae 18
Jkmtmu tba n)ort important iBUi'MW
mal* by,the aenate committee la the river
and barter bill art* tbe folio wing: Unit*,
•ip* Ti*er from be»d of paeees to tbe month
Of the Ohio, $1.633,000 of
which paaeed tb« bonee by a joint reaola
tioa, and wan therefore atrickeu front the
honae bill and radiumi by thr eeuate «oo.
niittee, not having tefei-i tn on tkw
hom»«* joint reaaluitdfi). H«naaat mm%
A 1
(terve tlM
Mich.. Jmmrn IS,
A&goa Mel^od paid a MMfttjr «lall lo
Kri ||i*ry Bellemow, at 81. T«h*c*. Mu-h.t
and th» woman'*- husband retHro^l r«th«r
unexpectedly llelleroort? wje#1 lifga
knife, inteat
killing tka roupl#. Hto
low for the woman finally prevailed and
he aake1 her to bold M^Leod while he
carved him- Tb® woman did as her en
rtkge.i buabaod «i®Bka®ded. and M**.i*«d
«l ft
fa«rt W«rSI«t
Arts !*ae in.
Tbe trial ixuri martial of ^4
Kimbftli i R. A., chief juartermssief »f
Hi* department of Aiiaoua on the charga
of (Mgligeaea te tbe eweaiUMi »t tbe leaae
ofiroH at TntHMe, baa b«aa mm
•i' .4 *d''
K -'•X-
Mend tlettar
iHu*im**Jbr Ow tbe Kllw
J»ne ia
The silver bill a» ataended
wm preeentad to the hone* 12.45 It
moeived with tremeudonc applauiM» by
the democratic eidw, smd Bland, of Mis
aoun, immedleteiy moved that the ooaa
sitt«t of tb* wbol»« rtae in ord«%r that the
hon»* might at onw proceed to cooeidera
tion of tb« bill. Fee!, of Arkanaaa. vko
had tbe floor, wae indooed to yield to tkto
oMNiOB.bat tbe ehairman of the eommittaa,
Allen, of MuMiMHIpp!. dirertad tbe clerk to
oontiuue reeding tbe long pnnt*l {ireoedeat
bearing upon th« point of order then under
diacu«fiou At tb« eonoiusiou of tb*
reading Bland's motion was put and it was
defeated on a standing vote by 79 to 89.
On a vote by teller* the committee refueed
to resit yeaa. M. n»y«, 105. and otttn
oed tbe conaideratiou of the Itu^mti ^p
pcapriation Mli.
Mo* a Fretglit Car WlMet Twmtag ta
TteWty *wtfctiBMi8 on Mstta.
Cta\ai.AK», ».. Jna« in
Bvery railroad ID Cleveland to "Had up"
and tbe wheel* of tbe passenger and mail
trains »r* the only one* laming. What
the outcome will neither the officials
nor the employ** predict, bat both r^gmrd
tka sttaation aa sarioos. The switchmen
clsltu that the r*ilro»d« mast listen lotbeir
demsndK wjtboot delay or tbe yardmen in
*dj»cvit «it»«« wostld also leave work. It
WAS im&& that
switchmen at Erie,
Dunkirk, Boffalo, and ev«ry other
point on the eastern division of the I^ske
Hbore road, were only wsiting for ttu- word
from Clevelaed, to )ot» in tbe strike. It
WM said, also, that the recast strike in
Pittsburg bad not barn tally settled and
that the yardmen then* were aniiona to
again make demands upon their employ
ers. At a meeting tbe striker* decided to
remain steadfast. There are now Wto men
out of work- The strike was brought
about by tbe Cleveland & Pittsburg and
Nickel Plate yard men, who succeeded in
getting the othar roads oat with them.
NutvithstaodiuK tb* minora that an at
tempt would b# made to rename operations
on th* railway yard* ibis morning, tn* vwk
bf the switchmen ou aay mad.
Vorred te Mtgn a €h««k.
HAMSOAO, la, Jane la.
Htewart, a npwiwtaHw at lis
Lombard investment eotnpanr of W«n«a«
City, on his way back to Hamburg from a
business visit to i. MoArtbur. a farmer liv
ing four tulle* south of there, was aeeeulted
by an old mm named Oolden and bis
two son*, i« and Charlie, and WM com
paiUd at
point of a gnn and a rope
•ruuud is* «*wk sign a eueea ror *i,tJW.
He in a serious condition, aud n» at
preeent oonftned to his bed the MCKIK
siek hoaae. He is badly bruisetl about tbe
lody wad nook. There has baan a salt
}*MdiMg for niwards of two yean be
tween the Lombard Investment company
and the Ooldans ia regard to tbe title of a
oertain piece of land situated oa what is
called Hoi# inland, and a bitter feeliug ban
grown ou th« part of tbe (*old#n» against
th« Lombard#, sot.! J, Stewart par
ticular, and their treatment of him to r»«
garded mm as a meant* of revenge than
auythiag alaa.
faUad to get llw
a»m»ey o& ttM etotk. Thay are still al lib
Awetaawr Ortglausl
Das ktoivwft, la., Jane U.
.Tndge Ksvanaugh, of lie# Ifotni*-' lias
tendered s dectaioc in the ortgiuai paekage
a«a- of lae state »». Terry fhauibere and
certain iatoweatitnj liquors. The Judge sus
tains the lowar ooart isr ooademnmg tba
liquor, tb# evidence going to show Cham
fcerv had broken tb^ original package* and
Was eeihug lo quautitie# to suit purrbssers.
1'be opinion say* the right ot a c.it.u»n to
import intoxicating liquors into the state
and the corollary right of the importer to
a»U |kee goods thru* brought in is so longer
a controverted t|uastion, but bold* that the
goods must remain in tfca Kaairagt te
which thay are imported.
CliolMr* »n tb* OM W«(M.
Oo»ST4*Tr«or»^fc, una 1«
la eous«|uenc« of cholarain Spain H*
governmant has eatablisfaad a qnaraatiae
against al! vsaeels arriving ftron the Span
ish ports.
Msoaio. Jane tl.
Thirteen oaw aamm it ifcaiwa «««a ia
ported at Paablo Kagal yesterday.
T*l«v«» lieitxunUoHJ for
M«* Tom, Jwmti in.
Hobt. L. Wallace aad Ignatias B.
Lowite. who stole $60,060 belonging to
the former's ancle, proprietor of W«Ui»rt'M
Monthly, were arraign^l ia coart to-day.
They pleaded gaiity to grand larceny ta
Ik' ftrsi degree and
KuirM* of a lewsg tMWjtmt* '.
ftaATTUl, Wash., JtUM Jtt.
JfflWpli t", Thornton, a young affdroej
»hw oaiue her# s month ago from Logans
port, lad., committed saicide ia hi* room
last night by hangiug. The caafea of
suicide is not knows. Thornton wag a
gradaate of Yale and. highly eonnaatad,
Wrmsk tm Marlb Carolina.
JummnuLM, N. c., Jaae m.
There WM a terrible wreck of freight
latins oa the Aaheville A Spartansbatg
branob of the Wasfura North arobaa rail
road at Melrow* station last night. Four
Mb arc r«|o.rt#4 kiilwl aud ikom b*Mg
Lo* ix'V Jun* tH.
A dispatch lo tbe Pall
1mm Braaseia m/fm B.anry M. Hlaatoy baa
baen appoiatsd by King L«0fKld governor
of atate. Stanley will assume
HM erf tbe office in im.
Ould fot Km uipa.
*»w Yam Tu«« l«.
Five hundred thousand dollars ia gold
|M» been ord«r«d for shipoiant to Europe i
JU^rr.r? Jnn** It
Congri-sscbttK Ja», W. Owens, of tba
f»unaanth Mtet. |pM hm J3W$*Hia|ad.
•friil** -i..
iv. I Y
-{V., ~~%i
*i »., ..
V- /.'. ''A,
Grim Measures Taken in Lou
Mana to Discourage
][email protected]
G#org9 Sw*yw», Custom Ifdust oi
oor and fix-State Senator, Hang-ad
lo a Trtpi
Tha t!Wugfa With th# CheyeVTnaa
a Fair Way of Adjustment Tha
in GmmL
Ni» f»ni KtMi. Jan« lit
yniu measures have bean takao to At*
oouragc the Louisiana lottery rrchartcrHig
project From a tree in Eaet Fflicians
parish Bunday night there deugicd tb*
bfdr of O»»orge Swaym, a custom hooae
cA(*er and an ex-atst»* senator, and s m«et
lag of n«groe«, called together to llstan to
afgnments favoring the lottery, was with
•at leader. Bwayae wae a well edacatad
negro, and had bwiu prominent as i*a
psbhean politician far vtsrs. The lottwy
bosses issued an ioHammatory addr«*s to
the negroes of East Feliciana, where tha
election for a senator came off Tuesdaf,
and sent It for distribution into that par
ish. Swayxe had charge of th« mat
ter, aad obtained leave of absence for a
we^k from ibe castomx department. Tba
(listrirt wher«* tbe el«ctio» took place Is
oompott^d of the parishes of East Mid
West Feliciana. East Feliciana bad one
more vote in tbe district convention than
Wtst Feliciana, and coald have nomioatad
anv candidate it v:boa*' bat for au agree
ment ma !e six years ago that tbe- district
offices sboald be divbUd, and that the sen
ator should be named by West Feliciana.
Het# the sentiment i« pro-lottery, while ia
East Kelicisns it i*i ant: lottery. Notwith
standing the agreement. East Feliciaaa ta*
fused to allow tba sister parish to aaae
the man, and, a* a conaet|uenoe, each
parish nominated a candidate, laat Fa
lioiaoa's was lecker. an Hati«lotlery man,
and Wait Feliciana s Irvine.
The negroes io West Feliciana favor tbe
lottery, but in East F«dieiaaa it was aup
poeci that the negrtwf would be iaflu«tto«d
by their white neighbors. To prevent this
Hwaysa went through Eaat Feliciana, dis
tributing tbe following Areolar among ttu»
An Assblreaa fta Colore* truffle mt Kast fa
boians l*»rt»b -Tbe oot«««t ths sao»urlal
•Isettou to b« tiattt on
Siwsta ba* diaap(»aared.
Jaae 17. i» t&
tnurw«t to yoo. t» thr t«at*ary trl«uds of
fchr kn uttt anlt-)oM«ry (m4I(AS sasm ta itm
kgy««ljQnl. rm W« .««« t.'"-*
laair v, frtim thf i*r»«i»at ls*««. Now as tbu
i« alrn-t i tton*l flwht ainuut 'l«uioittli
w* khiuv at, eaiorad jiaoph- to trttm
voUiJX. lh«twby Im\tU4 th ««tS(wortit to th«
•leUK«r»ta M*4 tMtmhin: Uwm (fl.itiri.ru i* m»
rangs their own I(JT*»!•«
artfar ai Ibe
uossanlttiM* tn W«st Ffiiciaaa.
Bw»y*« arrested Sunday afternoon
as a suspicious }erson, but the officers
were at oncc surrounded by a mob of wtnte
men, including many prtiminaat reaidants.
The prisoner was seiMxl aad told to pre
(arc for death. l"be offensive circulars
were taken from his pocket and .burn* d.
Hwnyze shaking with ajnrehonsion s« be
saw in every move of his captota awideno.
of tbeir vengeful disposition.
As the bundle of pfper emmblad to
aahaa a rope waa produced aad a noose
thrown aboat the negro'e neck. Tbe
loader of Ihf mob approa beil him aud
asked if be remembered warning* against
entering tbe parish that had baan given
hint. Without waiting tor at' answer the
signal was givan to a trio of BMB who
stood with one end of tbe rope in th«m
hands. The rope was eaat over a lirub.
there was a tog and a gasp of horror, and
Hwayae hung tea feet above tbe ground
writhme in tbe agonies of strangulation:
His legs had not bean pinioned, und bi^
struggle were viotant. but tong b*-for« b»
wa» iaat the last of his executioner* hail
Tb# caution Svajne bad failad to Ngard
was sent oat by Baat Falictona pari«h a
weak ago. Tbe people in mass sue^tnig
solemnly warned the world by resolution
that Attempts si briiiery and tuansing tbe
n«sgro*a against ibe white# would b»* foi
lowed b\ tbe prompt and stern punishment
of tbe p«rpetrator«. A. copy of tbe resolu
tions was sent to John A. Morris by order
of tbe meating, Morris being the rtoogni'ed
leader of the lottery boomers.
It is claimed by those tmphoatad ia tbe
ivnebing that when Hwaysa lived in W«H
Feliciana fourteen years ago be waa rea
pcotad of ibe murder of W. 1 Wmtar*,
prominent lawyer of that psrtsh, and two
other |»erson«, and that h# has bean a fugi
tive from justice #in«e. It to certain, bow
ever, that he has i.ot made any efforts to
secret# himstdf, for be. has always been
prominent in politics, and since his term
in th# state senate has been almost |con
stantly in tb* f«doral sarvicc. Ma coalct
havt. b«#n arr**t«'.i at any time bad a chaise
i: luadr aj. sii!«? him
Itt. fllMMto^a
Maw Vows a»e ta
A New York TVabaae specie! from Colo
jrado aays that ona
tbe paaas of Mt.
top appear*
tc have been cut short off and to have
failsn ioto ihe crater below, the depths of
which have aavar beao penetrsiel by the
•ft of man. II ia thought that the ab
f»nce of tbik old landmark may ludirat*
fnrther demonstratioois of a volcank' na
ture. Fir# has. long Iwveu knowii to exist
in the crater and tbe leva formations of tbe
valleys aad ridges below it give rtoe to tbe
i|na«tion, "May not the ©oimiUions of
ages past be repasttd1" An attempt will
made as soon as posa»i»t« to
-in I ore the
T. '77,
Vawar tka gaswsaea*
Pais,AM I KM .A. •Ian*' 1*.
Tbe executive eommittM af
hiti«p party of Ppanrrfrairta. ruJt at
J'hiladelphtaL, and to fu*or tb^ farater*
hangtKl the time of boidiug tht «tat« x»n
vuntuM- st Harri«b irg l-t the nommatiou
il s randniste for governor from Jaly 16
ThaTMsUc W ui* Hungry taaasalaaVWr
W«) «*r A«l|a«liaaSt
€*nt Oooa, Mont Jttii# 1*
Two talk» have baan bad wi*h tbe Cbey»
ennes. At tbe first Porcupine, who baa
just returned from a visit to tbe allege#
Indian awsstah in Nevada, explained th»
belief in great detail. This is the ftrsi
authentic account of this religion* e*cite»
mrut Tbe story is v»-ry interestung, au|
oc. upied four boon ia its itelivery. In tht
afternoon Col. Cartto bad a pow-wotf
at the agency with tba leading chiefs al
which Two Moon*) was the principal
talker. Cart is explained hi* mssion to ba
to find oat the truth of rumor* about tt»H
trouble luetwaan the Chayannas and whites,
lu aiinwer to questions which might
criminal* tbe Indians on tbe ijoaatiou of
cattto killing they were very diplomatic,
aad avoided soy direct answer to tb«
I'srgv. Tbrsy complaiued of lack of suf
ti- i«ut food and of farming luiplements,.
and satd their young men were afraid of
tbe oewboys, and that tba story of bail
blood betwean the two taeaa bad worried
tbp Indians ax much a« ILe whites. Two
Moons promt««»d that bit youog aan
••old leavt their guns io tbe t#cptft, and
Curtis promised to do all ha could to have
the whites leave their anna at borne. Aa*
other powwow will be held with
the "Cheyenne* |on Tongue river, and
an additional invaatigation be mad# among
the settlers. The powwow nn— lo haft
had a good affect on tne
('HI VBNVK A»K*« V, June
Tha Indians are gathered at tha rsaarva
uon In two camps on Tongue river, tbe
istter btii)g under sarvoiilancu of tb» mili
tary, who rep^rt no signs ot an outbreak.
Ibrtoouutry ha« been thoroughly patrolled.
is now tb« belief that another conned
will be held between a body of Cheyenne
chiefs at Caster, Maj. pshaw aad Ma).
'arroll. at which tbe Indians a ill bo asked
to explain their desires.
Hat Bto Want* It CssMlsaal
Narkwt tor Osr faopta
Aootmr*. Ma.. Jams is.
A latter from Hootalary Blalaa to ax
Mayor Cony says "Yon ara in arrar ta
Kuppostug that I am oppoaad to sugar ba
ing imitted free of duty. My obieotkm
i» not free sugar, but to the proposed
method of making it free. It in the pend
ing tariff bill sugar ta placed upon the free
list, we give to oertaiu countries a free
market for $$5,000,000 of tbeir prod acta,
while they ar« not asked to open tbeir
markets to the free aamistioa of a single
dollar of American prod ads. We oagbt
te h-src In etahaug* for free sugar from
um and provisions, besides varioas
fabnc« /row ail parti of the conutry In
short, we ought lo secure in return for
free sugar, market for or
9TO,O0U,OOO jsorth of oar own produata.
it will uot n*]aire raaiprooity treaties to
secaro thin great boon. Tbe tariff bill can
contain all the neceasary conditions. Tha
lagtslsti ve |»w«r is able to ttoenre the de
sired end. WitfeSn tbe last twenty years
sra hare given the countries south of us
time admission for nearly fio.UOU.OOO
worth of tbeir product#, without receiving
a penny's advantage in exobang*. If sugar
ha now made unconditionally fret), we SIMII
have given to tbe Latin-American ooaa
trie« frt»e admission for of
their products. It is tnua, I think, to
look oat for soato. ractprocal advantagaa.
Wm are a very rich nation, bat not itoli
aaoagh to trade on this uneqaal baakf."
Valat ClosS Mhaswi,
•UUUAND, Pa., una
Cloads batat over Oaoaala, bat
meaning causing tbe waters of the Holden
brook to rts« to an nnp.r»c«dented height.
Mr*. Tripp and Mrs. Mary Tbompaon
ware drowned a&ft tbeir bodies are not yet
raaovsrwd. Nearly twenty bai(dings were
rsaaovod from their foundations, bridges
Were wasb«J away and other damage was
done, Many peoplr weri» rawcued IfiDiu
tfeabc kmrnw at great Hak.
Const Kalttoki Very IM,
VniKWa, June 1M
Coast Kalnokl* mintrtar of tor
alga af
tm tbe whola
monarchy, has ban ai
taekad bf chills. His condition to eerkraa.
T«ae lg,
tkm» 4,300. aflMlai ysstsrdagr,
i *m* ahipoiotitr 1 oar Market s»«»aul wtta
laat Jits (it i-xli'* ur V tnw^r than ytslwdayt
nvesea- w«''i »t«ou« i*iu aJ.SbwfS.i.ttt. uitsed,
u n i 1 7
Oattta St»s»aipts, aOO ojftcial yesterday, AM
*ht»M»aat* mt MarS.'t inii -.^rritigii
•oifl-it, l' i lu»». v jouatKiti* a» aiH4SS,
prtSi* as rn 4 J£ usixiluri Wi S""» ai nA »t
teed*-- nboleo /OU k. s oun.ia §li ii .*3 SO,
in*4toaaae gm»4, a i- i «u*ka*». cboiaa,
ui. U' ffwod. lu. intones,
jo»I, extra «hrio« as i»* »a Id*.
'air tagcaa §£, infer.- u coiuu^oat.
•I.It ta' 75c .»* taga. ••stra
unl- 'ii'iiiiuih #. -••.!!'« ell
M(P A* Ai
bull#, cliotc#.
mob. l-.liw,•*». ia»aaia
K«watii CMsusfew Xlva mm
tHosrfb nu\*A ins# is.
Bogs- toepti Hjm, ometaJ
i.a»*: it* mn. Market
lowar aad
f«at nisar.
uixtu«i Be
ulk i
OMU» v*o*ipt a. %SMB oOUlal
•ttipfiieur«. ears. Market opsataa
«itb s a^wnwaMi tsns»aj.
0hJk»SMp» Uts aiaMPb
OaMuao, im®» in.
Wsaa^'-taroHptv mmt. Kuiit «.
*cUv Wid .-*•: i.intf. s '«at- hewvy
iMsskiuk an,it *i um. ms
Oal tla Ke*«i|tts l«-.(*»J Marliet 4uU aad
Maewaa, WJm$4 m, a«orb«n and feeders,
t-tSfin* 4 laUMU *««.*».
,,tia Ulrk#t
Cthleaave Psw#w«»
OiMMe, Jfw»» ta. u v- m. ohM*.
Wheat -Wsai eaeit, Jdf,
Ooc»- Kas? eaait, M'-,e( July Itsamg.
Oa^ Kasr eeak
tiertay Wnanmal.
i'rtme VlMthy-Htoady a* |1
naa aniaiiiaay atat Jft
Whisky «l.oe
hoTlalau Pork taa ttaflb. ttlltB: J|hp,
i*r4 sl«w *&,*.&} tm*r.
¥®*ti aansie.
Www Yoas. .:un« is.
Wheat l»o»i a»d ste^y:
**n r*tn- MytMahm Wo, 40V«4IMc.
i*roua «o« Fctrk nn^kaagil Isni eaay.
10 "^t*
the bird* that caa#
Anrt u«-»tt«t
our ori'lianl i rang.
#»r f»crv *nw«f hetl a tiaiur
My fn«uU.» were Wuudohunk* uaflt mC
I knew where thr' ved In yuoder gl«n
What plant* would sooth i eliilim
Oh. i wae very laaraad tk«a
But that wae very loaig agek
I kn*» tb«! aput upon lh« hill
III IIlead
Wbe r« oh«ioksrt«rrlee ooulA ha I
I kuw the rustic* i»ear lh« m!|!
I kuo w the wimmI -the very tune
Wu»«rw lived the |x»acbiitiM, aaucjr anMf*
And all the woods aad crows kaawma—
But that was vary lung ago.
And plnlns for tbe )oy» of youth,
I ire*d th« uld Jwudllsr spot.
Only to knurl) this «oli-utu truth:
I hsv«- forgotten arn forgot
Yet hwre'a this youuyaMtr at my knaa
Kuow* sll Uit ihlnf* UM-d t« ktaawi
IV think I ouoc wa« htt
But that was very long aga
1 know It'it folly to complain
Or whatsoe'er the faUi- decree,
Yet, wvrv not wt»hi»«, ali in vala.
I'll t«*U you whst my wuh should IMI
I'd wUh n be s toy ainln.
lisck with Ut* trtend-, 1 u^etf to
iPor I was, oh, so tinppy taeti—
But that was »ery long ago!
Stove waa our hired man. Who he
was, or whether he had any living re
lAtiona, no one knew. Oae lovely
October evening I otarled for the
woods. Stove had boeii watching mo.
He endeavored to ^rsuade mc to
postpouo my visit until tho morning,
as he aaid It bad been reported that
there wore some roujfh fellows in tbe
neighborhood, i repulsed htm and
declined his advioe.
Fortunately for me, he followed me
al a distance, unaeen,
tint lot id aoream 1 gava, and theo a
dirty hand covered t»y mouth and
nearly chokod mo. I atruggiod wildly,
but tho rutTiaus wero
strong, i
felt myself lifted from tbe ground.
Sense, breath, life itself aoomed fail
ing. when Steve canio crashing
tb rough tho trees and savt*i me.
I can't tell what foilowod, for 1 waa
nearly frantic with fear. 1 remember
a scuffle in which Stove tore me from
tho ruffian who beid me. and 1 flung
my arms around hto nook and clung to
him in desperation. A (tor that 1 must
have faiiitod.
Ho carried ma floaty bom*
•eeniH, and then laftf roe Aown on a
biMag lain i from loas of blood. One of
them had struck at him with a abarp
stone and cut his head juat above tho
temple tho wound was blooding terri
bly. It canto near coating him hiis Ufa,
and loft a deep aud ugi' soar. Witt
aaid it would go with him to hto grave
—poor fiteve.
After thi» aiTair I wmm more civil lo
hint, and trim! In many waya to show
that 1 was not uugratoful.
Aa 1 did not want to ssub the man
who had rendered me such a aarvtoe,
and as I was afraid that by bolug kind
tc. him I might encourage fooliah nod
proHumptiioui ho pea. Uiok a utUitlie
course, and udeavorad lo avoid him
While things wore in tills uncom
fortable stato
terrible hap
pened. Our country, for tbe saoond
lime, called forth her sons to defend
her. and foretnoat among tbe names of
the drafted
Oh the grief of it. it waa with Hto
aingle exception of hto death, the
greataat miatortuBe (bai oould have
cornu to ua. With WIU to auatain ua,
any trouble might have boon endured,
but without htm, Mamie aad were
We two had been left orphans year*
Wore, with the farm for our joint for
tune Mamie waa a dtotant oouain,
orphaned tiiso, aad aoon to beoome
Will's wife.
We aat in our little sunny parlor, a
day or two before tbe time of parMag
—poor Will and his pale heart-broken
betrothed and as I watcht*u thorn,
thair sad faces and low. hop«l«s» toam
cut my heart so deeply that I aroee
tad went out into tho garden, aaxioua
only to eacape the sight of a sorrow
which 1 was powerless to alleviate.
The first person I saw waa Steve.
A fierce, unreasoning anger blaaad
up in my heart against him. Aa he
approached I said, without prelude or
Why don't you go lo
He put down the rake and looked at
Die for a moment. He had weak eyee
and always woro blue glasses, whieh
was one reason for my disliking him,
I think. Then he answered very
•I h«va not been eaUed upon yal**
•But jroo eould volunteer,n I aaid,
Yw," be replied, "aa you aaar, I
oould volunteer have a brother ia
the army already, however, and II
would he hard upon our mother toloae
both her aona neither have I any in
clination for soldiering. Nevertfea
leas. If my country oalla mm I ahaii aot
he found wanting
And I leaned my haad
gate and wept bitterly.
ftteve stood silent for a
watching me AU at onoa fca laid hia
hand un mine aad aaid ia a hoaraa,
changed voice:
•Why don't ym» t^l Frad Leatar
h«w bitterly you grieve lo lose your
Why should I do thalf I aakad,
ohwkjug my laan ia ahear aurpriaa.
Becauae he to your lover,*" he ra
|ii«d, with bitter amphaaia. "and aa
•itch it is his right and privilege to
save you from grief and pain. What
to love worth if it can make aacri-
I#t him prove Ua leva to tak-
big Will's place."
You are mistakaa," ertod "alto
gether miataKen Lester to
aothing to me that
should make
aoch a sacrlfloa
His voioe rang -Utoar aad sweat
aye* #boio bright, avae through
dim blue glaM.
i love you, £UM»1, wail aao^H It
die lor you! Promise to keep single
an til I return, and try to think kindly
af me in my absence, and i will be
your brother's aabatttuta far year 4mm
1 tried hard to control myself I put
With hands against his braaet aad
looked straight Into his face
••la it truer* I demanded. "Do paa
•lean lir
••Aa (»od hear* me?" hm answeiwd.
iolemniy "I mean it—every word
Instantly the wildeat exciteioaat
foasesaed me. 1 fall «jr eyea
•ty cheeks glow.
You win go to battle ft
My aake—to aava me patef"
•I wUf
•Ton shall- you ahall be my hero*
aiy moro than lover now, my huabead
When you return."
I drew a ring froai a^r ftager aad
placed it in hto haad.
my mother's weddlaf
ring it shall be mine when you plaoa
on my hand again.'1
We entered tbe
lavera still sat.
You are saved,*' I eried to them.
Bteve has saved you. W« *hal! aot
part Steve will b« your sutnititute, ba
is," I turned and placed my hand fti
his—"he is my promised husband
The words rang out distinct
firm they were eohood by a cry fr
Mamie—a wild. loud, rapturous orjr,
aad she fell upon her kaaaa, thank!ag
God and blMaing me.
Will aprang forward and clas|»ed me
to his breast while Steve kissed tbe
band i bad given him- at that Uiiicib,
and on the instant, th»- wild exalte*
ment that had sustained me died oat
aad paaaed away, aad i realised all
that I had done.
My heart g»ve a great, wild bound
lo my breaat and then sank dowm
like lead a feeling ot deapair atoie
over me.
Steve's wife! Ob. QaA! ha4 S' aa
doomed, myaelff
Then the olo rush and swirl
back objects swam around
strange uois£g
next aimle
sounded IA aiy earBf
I had Mated la WUWi
Ardon who had risen from the renin
by his bravery aad ia spite of his blue
I Saerait Wlia
lhra««4 far
The following story, told by an offi
cer who served through the civil war,
reveal» a jieculiar method of overcom
ing cowardice
Just before the battle of Aatietajji
five recruits came down for my nf*
peny. There were no bounty jumper)
at that state of the game although the
courage and patriotism of all the i»
cruit* wuld not be vouched for. One
of tike batch waa named Danforth. a
farmer's son freeh from the corn fields,
and a» we took up the line of march to
head Loe off and bring him to bay Dan
forth said to me
"See hac* safveaai I've Made a
••I haiaH got no saod. I alliw
thought I had, but wbee I ooase down
baune ami see what war ts, tad I
hain't got the spunk of a rabbit,"
That's bad."
"So it ia. We're going to have a
fight party soon, aad I know what'il
happaa. 1 abali bolt aa sura aa •boat
you*!! be Mdlad a coward aad
disgraced forever."
"That's so, aud I doa't want A
weat you ta do me a great favor.*
"Wall, If I MB git mad 111 ft6 iff
right, and forget my shaking. K»ep
your eye on me. and aa soon aa wo g\
within five miles of the rebels kiolt aae
gcMxi and stout"
After some further tallr promised
him. We were in Hooker's corps, and
aa we moved in against Jackson Dan
forth obliqued alongside and said:
"Sergeant, kick me or I abali bolt.
I haven got sand enough to see a
chicken die.*1
We were moviagthrough Ibe timber
and 1 stopped bwihind him and 'lifted"
bim twice hard as I could kick. He
shot aside and the next time I saw
him we were at a fenoe ou the edge of
a corn fteid. The Are was hot and
were falling thick. I had just
tired from ft rest on the top rail when
Oanforth came up. laoad the other way
and said:
More kioka, sergeant. I kaow Fva
dropped two of 'em. but my aaad to go
I kicked
again with a great
deal of vigor, aad juat thee we got
the order to ad vance aad he waa the
flrwt man over the fence. Half aa
hour later we were driven back, oon
aiderably disorganized, aad as I
reached the feooe 1 came aereaa Dan
forth again. He had a rebel captain
by tba collar and waa carrying
A mxta who IM
wi ktot
Oftioer'a sword lu bis haad. As to
It*1 n« he called out
•ttead to ell right, sergeanv No
more kicks. As soon as 1 take this
ehap to the rear l'aa going haok aad
collar old Stoaewall himself or die
i pet toy late a iaarg» si--*-.'

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