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HAttlSON. »OlTit 1 vJU'VA,
VNUbl Tlaif
affect J». 1. h**-
K*Uru»d, wfctek
*r»1rp#,. ItrfJD
,ng«r umta w«*
ftrrtffct K""
1:1# r. •.
*SM r- M.
.• *as
*m a.
r:t» r.
—n.pr train ro»n« mak»-# eanwortinnt
•me for «n «"«*. *nl Wuw«»r«t train
MWMt w .KM.»ocfcyi !irf mill W»tU.
north jMSi*. •.
arri v« (MW tfc" WWL K 12:46 F. M.
E 1 Y
pr,«W«*Al. 1TK1CK
8. Flive went to Sioux Wills.
shorfiTLae went to Bimtx Fails,
ij. \f. Davison nUmmtA tmm
i jH»v. WmJ.dmtfH
Mr*. Fred r*a»»dls*
,r Jackson, Minn.
T. I. Kanouae was a
H'Ienntbnuud train.
fjti'v. 8 Adams and daughter ar«ft
lingers for Hionx Falls,
(i L. Pinkbam, superintendent
ubli- instruction, departed to-day by
J^-ie east'bound train.
jg The Misses Holton, of the 8tate Nor
J»ni school faculty, departed to day for
j„Dkern, N Y. They will not return.
|J gkartvedtand family, who have
^•n visit Jog in S. Bkartvedt's family,
^turned to thai* home at Canton, to
rti C. Kkitabaeh departed to-day
vmit to fnenda In independent and
iurlington, Iowa, and northern Mis
bf tt.
Abort mty lw Slrta »orwal
hooi student* (fcjmrled to-day by the
utgomg trsin» for their botnee in differ
nt part* of the elate.
Mrs. Reed, of the Howard schools,
aving been th© gneet of of Mrs. W.
onoo during oommen«*ement exercises,
.ft bv the eastern bound train to-day to
,ttend the Bioux Falls Tenehmf
ion in HcoBton at Bioux Falls.
Try steak yeast, at tfee mar
nt. __
Bay yoar drug* and agarsot Ed Hiae.
Madiaon ia all right.
A public achml picnic will bm
Vent worth to-morrow.
A social Irnl] will be held hi ttM? www
town hall in Went worth on tha evening
.luiy 4.
Mr*. Helen M. Oooger will lecture on
ibjert of eqnai auffraimat the«p#ra
in this city next Katunlay evening.
i iut forty couples stteutW the bftll
»(fraud View hotal, Morena liwcli,
Bh rening. A very enjoyable tituo in
I i^d- i
meeting of Rebakah lodffaJ.O.O.
litat evening, the following oOnjens
ire elected: Peter Marqnardt, N. O.
A. E. (Plough, V. G. Miaa Annie
^trtiuardt, nocret«ry R. Hoppin, treite
}. XtiOillivray raturned howa to
i_v from MiU'heTl, whither ho tifU? hopfi
attend the K. P. grant) lmlge The
:frand lodge will lie held in Madi
ie tirst Tueeday in June, 1H91. Mr.
llivrny save one wanta to go away
ii home to fully api«r«n^a the ex
it rt reputation Madman enjoys
hi Hall bronfkttoTw« OAW.*L«*D
'Sw to day Mtmplea ot grain that
ite that Lake county" Is all right.
IK Mautpiee iufhi.le golden straw Bprmg
iicat, winter wheat and oat«. The win
ter *lieul ut heade«l, and the wheat apd
HitM straw measure thirty inches Dr.
Hull naturally rery proud rf his
beautiful grain tieldit.
The sad news haa lx»«0 nwaivnd of tha
U1 H(««tk) from oonsamption of Miaa May
an l«»ren, at Sierra Madre, CaL, Mon
ty, um 10. Deoe(wi«d waa the daugh
er -only child---of Mr and Mm. laaae
Vanloreu,formerly of this city. Hhe waa
n an Ht.txirupluihetl. lovable youitg lady, a
01 gradtiate of the State Normal sclun'l,
cltwe of "Ht. Thia a It Hill
cement mmm
with particular sailues* on thin the oom
luencement lay of the a^iool in which
alie waa tenderly loved. Many of our
eitiaana will remember the excelienee
with which May acquitted herself «u the
evening of the graduating exercisee of
the clase of '8U, when ahe gave prouiiae
of a life of happmeee and retiue«l ueeful
Mas. It is it particularly sad taak for
ni to be willed upon to convey to our
citizen* thia sad news on thia day of
happineaa in the Htate Normal school,
and eaiiecially ao when we contemplate
that only a tew short months ago tha
deceased participated in like exerCiees,
full of life and happiness, and by her ex
©ellance won the admiration of ever)
body present. TUo tetuler«*«t sympathy
Will'go out from tha
MAtor lAJn
of Madiaon to the bersnved
Tliere wan a young man of Mellette.
Monday he peaaad through Miuliaon for
Hioux Falln Tueaday morning he was
freshly married in the queen city to the
lady 61 hw chow*, and rather hand*
aome young lady she ia, Yeateniay. the
freaidy married iwtiple\ t»uirht to
have passed throojfh Mudiwan on
their rvturn to ^Mellette, but ttupy
didn't. When the train frota the
Mil ktrivati nt Madantti ntatjun the
-^Kw )P WW 'se —*T~"
young mnn transferred his new bride to
the platform, and arm in arm they pro
ceeded to the Indies' waiting room and
sat down. Along toward night, the
freshly married young man eaaually in
quired of Ageut Parkin, "What time
does the train go to Mellette?" "To
morrow at 2:18 p. aa. If you want to go
to Mellette you ought «tve renuiiufd
on tibe train you came iu jn."
and earth!" And one of thosedisapoint
ed britlAl looh« f«m the new bride
withered the young uian in his tracks.
Agent Parkin, aaaiated by diarlie Iriah,
in their fatherly style, did all they
could to pacify the lost ones, and later
in the evening transferred them to a
hotel. Early thia morning the bride
groom of yesterday apimared at the
depot but he was a ehauged being. He
mom at )»ing loet on the railroad had
done itadeadly work. He npiH'iired like
a man who had been married ninety
years. He faintly whispered to Agent
Parkin, "What time does the train go
to Mellette?" **2:18 p. m." "Will you
kindly that mo and my wife get
aU^rii?" The kind itgent acted aa
guardian for the young couule thin fort*
noon, a*td tagged them for Mellette at
Tan per cent, dii^jountonall oaeh aafae
at M. J. MoGillivray k Go 's this week
that Wia. N- K^che is selling porter
house and sirloin stouka at U1 «aats per
pound -all choice cut*.
01 It MVS.
Tfcey Cat** Ow l« «.mnI mt «ie
ayclal let lie ThcDaly leader
June is.- The Iffftfltain bntu
won the first prise in the lawUlerman's
champion oouUiat and aocuud prxzc in
the hook and ladder raoe.
D. H. Kitmor.
According to the programme the first
prise in the first named contest is $20,
and the second prise in the second
named race is is 140. Our boys are all
rig'it, and more good reporta may be ex
pected from them.
Tbj outrage by the Siberian
oWclati^fTflojrging two women brings
U mind an episode
the darii.g es­
cape of a Stbcrian exile at Moscow,
tut told by un Kngli.-hman to a Paw
tucket Evening Timns i-eporter. apro
IMM *i
tlio Briton's residence in the
Russian city for some two years.
••The exile," said he. "was the lend
er of a band of Nihilists noted for
their daring. He had many aliases,
but was generally known as Petrovuki
Physically he was one
the most per­
fect men I ever saw. Ho was of
dark complexion, stood over six feet
high, and WJM built in proportion.
it seem* that he and part of bit?
band had been captured in connection
with some plot the authorities had un
earthed and been sentenced to life ser
vitude in the mines of .Siberia.
••Knowing only too well what this
meant the men had become as desper
ate as caged lions by the time they
had reached Moscow, and were will
ing to take any chances to effect their
•If I remember correctly there were
about 4, (MX) prisoners in this eaval
"ade and they were guarded by a
regiment of St. Petersburg soldiers.
I nlike the Other prisoner* Petrovakl
and his party were handcuffed to aaoh
They wet e under ft double truard,
as It wait known that tlu y would tualca
Ml attempt al uwai»e should tliu O
portimlty offer. No ehance offered,
however, until the day of starting for
the mines arrived. The soldiers who
guimliui|-the pari^ -appeared -IP
be rath«:r under The inftuenee of 11-
w^ noi ao vigilant as u»-
••T ?tftod on thn stoop of a nmnTl Inn
within tw»:«ty feet of P«trovskl. and,
from the expression of^tis face I knew
something was in the wind. The offi
cer who had charge of thia part of
the prisoner*, who was noted for his
brutality, had mounted his horea and
stood near the party.
"The guards had walked off some
distance and were conversing togeth
er. I saw Pe«rov.»ki working at his
handcuff, and then I saw him draw
a common dinner knife from his
The movement did not attract at
tention and then he turned slightly,
so that hib uack was toward the ofli
eer. Then I SAW ne was going to at
tempt one of the moat de#f»eratc es~
cafKj^ ever heard of, Tho man was
t\ rtalniy amputating his thumb with
the table knife, so as to allow the
handcuff to slip over his hand.
He worked at it, never flinching,
until the thumb dropped at bin feet.
The blood wa» flowing from the wound
in a stream, but he tied it up in a rag
after drawing the skin o*»r the wound
and clipping the handcuff off. His
companion was awaro of hi» move
ment*, but stood like a a
"The suppressed excitement I waa
Miffering from, together with the dar
ing bravery that I was witnessing, al
most made m« faint. I saw that the
dare-duvii vim as pale aa a sheet,
but without tfca sUghtast tMm of
"He stood for a moment irresolute
and then began a slow uido movemunt
toward the mounted officer When
within a few feet he turned with the
fury of a tiger, and. seizing the officer,
dragged him from the horse. He fore
the guards could recover their *en»ea
ha had mounted the horse and started
off at a run aowi the street.
"A fuailade of shots followed Mm,
buWie cM Spsd them all. His friends
aided him and heNeventually ruaue, his
way to 1 arie. Hhi*re he still live!* with
his wife and fcwily. tat aAmm Ma
right thumb."
Arrival mt ProMinrat WorVfr* -R«.
tlgisai* «n4 KMUtlit* PmrrriUiiKh.
ut lcrdiiy"s tram frum thu c.«i»i brought
Eld. K. W. Farnsworth, general Buperiu
tendent of district four, embraciug the
conferences of Wiw.xnsiii, Hlmneaota,
Iowa, bouth Dakota and Nebraska. He
ocHnes from a camiMiiwting just closed
at Mauston, Wis. He reports an excel,
lent meeting. Over was pledgetl
for l!nion college, and on Monday, the
last day of the meeting. 31 candidates
were baptised. With Kid. Farnsworth
came Kid, W. H. Wnkeham, of Iowa,
field secretary of the American Health
and Temperance association O. A. John
son, of Nebraska, who is to take charge
of the Scandinavian work ami T. Valen
tiner, of Battle Creek, Mich., editor of
the German paper. Stint me der Warheit.
The Scandinavian meetings |*»ned
last evening with a good attendance.
Eld. O. A. Johnson spoke on the signs of
the times, claiming that we are livi
very near the end of all* worldly affrti
He^ield a Bible reading at 8.-00 o'clock
thia morning, contrasting the spirit of
God and the spirit of the devil. The lat
ter will if {toesible lead us to disobey
everything Ootl has said.
Lait ovening Kid. W. H. Wnkeham, erf
Iowa, occupied the pulpit, speaking upon
the subject of health and temperance,
Mr. Wakeham spends hia entire time in
lecturing on subjects pertaining to
heatlh and drink, or "whatever ye do, do
all 11 the glory of God," God has the
greatest of claims on all oar faculties,
mental spiritual and physical. We are
hia by creation. We are not our own we
have been bought with the blood of
Christ. It is a reasonable request that
we present our bodies k him a living
sacrifice, holy and acceptable. Any habit
which breaks down our physical powers
ia a ain against God. We do not realise
the closeness of the relation between the
physical and moral faculties. Hence we
incline to attach little iuqKirtanoe to
preserving our physical powers. The
apostle says, "Add to temperance pa
tience." No man can lie patient to any
great extent who is intemperate.
The following committees of the con
ference were announced yesterday by the
president, Eld. W. B.White, of Parker:
On Nominations Wo. Johnaton, Ells
worth Conrad Kebwig, Milltown Nola
Paulson, Biersford.
On Iteeolutions- N. W. Kauble, Sioux
Falls S. Ii. Whituey, Bridgewater E.
Farnsworth, of the general oonler
Ministerial Credontiids and Lioents s—
B. O Burgees, Bridgewater Charles liso
soro, Madison A. D. Smith, Badus.
At a meeting of the confereoee this
morning the president read a review
the work in the state during the p.:Ht
year. The membership haa been in
creased by 150 four new churches are
ready for admission into the conference,
and several oCher companies are nearly
ready for organization. The work haa
been especially prosperous among th«
Germans. In spite of hard times smi
poor crops, Dakota has secured pledgee
for more than f2.HOO apportioned to her
to raise for Union college, and the in
stallments have iieen met promptly.
The following new churches were then
admitted into the conference: Kslyn,
with 12 members Kureka, 57 members
Bowdle, 90 aiamtars Highmoro,
11 mem
It lnoxp'Ct'd that twent-fonrlaunches
proftelied by electricity will be used on
the Thames this season.
I* oi kahle
are now made in cas«'«« measuring H'-jx
4 ,x-i inches. They weigh five pounds
and are W*mi t*n wuri^av-a
cost of a few cents.
The assertion hi msde that careful
anatjrsc* of the working of electric
roa»b- to prove thai when op rated
with skill as«d discretion the? arc itftv
por rent, less .penjtv' than hnrse rail
A locomotlvc surmounted by a dyna
mo has been ug?es4ed far tC uovuble
ele-trle light, plant, which would be of
great use occasionally in eonaectioa
with wrecking trains, in lighting the
sceno of a«t aeeUfe-nt» and lot other put
Dr. W. Biiurrtt, of Baltimore, ha.* d«iait
a severe blow at "pers »u»l HiagneUnit."
which he s«ys* his ••soeriiueiits ha'ti
provtnl to IH little more than personaJ
fraud. His Investigation* were made wltli
pexple who claffti 'd t«i have the power
of making various 8ttb*uiic*s adhere to
their hands without muscular pressure.
Dr. Bltiion found that this p-.iwer could
be ejerted only on very smooth or
highly pollnhed snlmtan. e#, and be ex
plained it on the principle of the adhe
nloti of two bodies brought Into sitoh
clo»e contact as to exclude the air be
tween them, the pressure of the atmos
phere acting to matntain the ho lies In
contact. The chief requirement of the
subject, thefose, teems la be a *ary
smooth skin.
M. .1 uhluchkoff, the e?eetrfrn* wirfln
eer. has n-.ade a strong arc m-nt In
favor of goina back so cltemtcnl r«v«c
tions for the production of oie tri«-'t as
motive jK»wcr. With dyuamu ma
chines the utilitailon of the theoretical
effecleucy of the fisel docs not «I' CK.H1
ten fter cent, the other ninety per cent
being wasted In the process, while as
much as ninety, or even one hundred
cfciu electrical calorics ca be o!»
United 'under favorable condition* i
electro-chemical combinations, lie
thitiHK the rout of production could bi»
made about the same, and theje would
1m a :arre saving In tin* expenditure for
etigines. dvniuio'. shsftiiiT a id leitlaK,
U i is tricity 1* u. tnl as a is.otlV'
power, h« sav«, there N scarcely auy ad*
vsotsge in anliStltnting th« pow -r de
ved from dyi.anos for tha obtained
cti fittll lie stea n-€*tiglnrt' but ibo
Mtuo e nM apply, he argue*. In iite
E.T O i 'the II«!*«al (NT atiam*
ical mmm
BMfns the Cient.
Mitchell Mail. D. (I. Maelay
the butt erf the Masonic goat hiat night,
and demonstrate! 1 that hia legs were fill
ed with oat meal iu«! that there waa ao
saw dust about hit i. llie occnsitxi waa
n festive »»re an*l u honor of Senator
Johuaon. «'ho ha.-- lt»ea eh»ctel deputy
Graml Maetef of South Dakota. From
abroad there was pr»»«ont ('lias. I*jtechn
er,of Dubuqtie Edwin Greene,of l*ierre
J.T. Stearnsj of Chamberlain H. P.
Benjamin, of Alexandria W. D. Haight,
8. F. Lucas, and W. J. Webster, of
Wheeler Geo. Terwilliger, of Plan kin
ton Asa C\mrBl, SctfllsiMl: and W. R.
Rankin, of Prairie du Chien.
T. U.JfUJTf, 4 A i u«.4*. L. U. Juwaa*
imwoatl ire PrMMdsat, (Mkr
Capital aid Surplus, $60,000,
Fmrviym nnd Ihtm, »lir Exchange
murt Mot*. Cullerlimu*
|9TA coinp«tSat roli^ctoroautUBtl) esiplejrw)
U» itt.nd to «*tifctloua in Mtmiundtnu coatitrjr.
CJT-Moesy ls|aed on rui estate foe tsstmra
CfK-mtr,''^ ir.ssl T?«k, New York. Fir»l
tint.lli lislik. lius'u Hloux FulU NH1IOU*I
Itarjfc, hioux -nulb l«koiJ(
rilttXlTI HK. Ktr.
Hew arid Kie.v'ant Deejrns in
Fine Bedroisi and Ch Btbtr Suitn.
Hamiaomo Line of Baby Carriages.
&(|>resH Wagons.
Agent for thf Hii.gcr Sowing Maohinee.
ndrrtaittiM Atleedad tt sa IMbart
,%-GO TO—
tejua'hsler Bros7
Hardware Store and
The New Process
Vepr Stove.
A oocapleU lias of Haaty ami Bhelf
Hardware and Build
ers' Materials.
OTTin Hliop in coniuM'tion »-'ith Store.
T)" t'Ol'LLXU
Furnitura Dealer!
Parisr faults nad fsnry
Is just fine you ought to see the on. The
price Oh my How cheap that ia what
saUs these goods!
Mlverod to *njr
tlie cit^
J.C. MI K hKLl
I STT »R4T n lllkKT.
Ciiy Meat Market.
lTv4 ooa»Mtit!y uu uttd the choiwwt
F»wh and Cured Meats, Fbh, Fowl
ami Gam© in season.
A HHOftdS.
^—HO Tt)-.-
McGoraick & Howlett's
mi. i i i.r.aa^Tj.^
uhotumm' mo
Kiirlity dtijt. sH-'inen clirar
iu limntiful
-uiff. nt MI «.-xtrst'riiii»ril]r
JSiiii Mint Wtii-lwr Tlc« ia
i-r.'Sl vuflttj.
The Book Store
CD BY flf\ i AN
Spectacles Eyeglasses
We are carrying, without oxceptioh, the etadk
In the stnt\ in all grnrVz, from the cheajx^t to the im
ijurU-d l'reiu CryHtal nnd genuine Scot-cli Pebble itnaea.
Mre have eiglit years exiK ru uct' iu Etiiiig aud can wwate
ymt of wtt infliction and good value in every caae. We
are sol© ngents for the greatest
Exclusive Importing Opticians
L\ .TILL uuL.N'li.i,
whose accurate anl approved methods in fitting we now
employ. Y im nro cordially Uivited to call ana see 4m
coEBplctonofis of our Htock.
stock, though somewhat dinunished bv the aale of over
4,000 rails already this season, is still the largeat by far,
and most attractive iu the city. Prices aa before- the
lowest ever known in the west. Renteinler too that mr
wall pa]*r customore reo«ive a huly'ngold watch anl a
silver water service FUEE on July L»fr. Ltuve your orders
this week and uext for any paper hanging you are going
to do this year.
Oalola Book & Stationery Co.,
I.AIUKM* riKK rt'K I I ««.
A treat to cnnoiMHcurs Underwear Ladies Jer
Our Lmnreuns and Par- & Gloves. say ribljed Laalethread
amla rank foremuat vsate—lfio. to 00e.
in the ,As nioe line in black. Ev
ery pair warranted. Great Bargains...
The Days of Humbugs are Gone By I
Shoddy goods have no value. High prieos are the ruinatkiM of
„, mi# businoas house. What thia nineteentk *A1l*i)flrjf
demands is a aquare u]-aud-dowft
Honest Business
With lowest pricog on tae best grade of goods that can lie built
by skillwl lntxir. AH of which we offer. You are cordially in
vited to insfiect whether wiahing to buy or not.
Latliei", com*! sad oar
Our liiii- of L«C« arUto«
U vcrr vlahorstf »uil wt
have nior.? c»mtr.K
elaborate display ol I)RE8S
including (m moai laab*
ionable fabrics.
A complete'
part of
Blot k.
N4IHMIN rttl'kTHl rAa«.
frwh stock of
In Odd Fellows'
o. H. WOOD,
mt ntimtm.
"_ v
Plush O.nal*, AlbuuiK, Kiae To.i» bMaf'*
ilriuae, i 'outI*, Toys, Kaitcy OIHMI*,
V»rr.i»h«s, ('slsomitte,
all «a«i n full line of
Patent Medtciaes.
Prevcripihxastacefnlly wmpoumied day
or atght,
W« h*v«^ #t»*fUt Srlv*« In
OeiU' t'iMSerwear *i»«l rom
pl«t« Uue of U«ulr Sock*.
uxo eiliiit'iv low 0r«»ii
(lh r*o ntUea nwrtli«Mt.)
€. A. 8AXBY, PkopRixroB.
WyfUM |})y iiijt
ahnnN, liruwn Leghorne, W. ('. R. Polish,
Hii'.'k SjMinish, li. H. Game Itanium*,
nnd imp. (Hweter Whrtf irwtr.
ilt i it i lit it MAanWAKK,
& CO.
i .J Akai*
nlfi TMIfN IMHr iWi
Spring Stock General
Mile nt all timeM. Kat wfsctioti
guttrauUMHi. Visitors always wskxxne.
Will meet visitors st train, free, if they
will drop at! a card.
Duaai tar BKAVT aim
Garland tDooking
and Heating Stoves,
Glidden Barb Wire, Irt* PuaapCi
Sporting G^xals, kc.
•O'W I
•'VT -aI
ieea Property &
UMldenoe Property.
.. Block Properly,
{W We have nlso some very ehoiae tar
grains in Farm Laada.
Ifssey is JMS at L*m tktim s/
oarrrva ant RUT KADIMW. DAK.
Ward I Vreeland,
City Livery^

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