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aBmr*airt i
*t .**
^Wl" •.*.".! V
Anti-Prohibitionists Making a
ffcllant Fight to Saw
.the Party,
jMade by Both the Temporary
m4 Pwrnanent Chairmta.
Eil*nest Strug-g-lfts in the Commit
tees on Platform and Resolutions
~4linority lfeporti
•Wfx Ornr. I*., ,ion«* 3K. Hpecial
Vsarty evary delegate had wriwdi by
•voniug,and the -r-iwd «u noticeable upon
tbe irtwU and about the hotel lobbies.
he c*.*esiuv» warmth of the night mad*
attempted »Lm»{) a thing to b« dreaded and
postponed a* long as poeaible. Thoee,
therefore. who wore not. through loyalty
to themselvr* i'i fnsods. compelled to pat
is I he time bustling to fix thing*, rM&tlmd
in the coolest *pot possibl# to be fBBftd,
Mid talked of t*toux Uy, tfjetr raeeptAoc
he*t and the probeirtJUti** of M» aMCSVV.
Of tbe ilehgplee had
^e* v. *. it X' "vjl r* **,
fcr'* -. .^: '. "!w
Oeo. A.
smpiafad a
day te Mtif the town, «pd
w«* thoroughly tired.
Lincoln, of
Riv«*ratdt« Uorsfanefcto and I^e«d« tb»
cftbl^ lux*
-inntlnnttj patronimd. and
klrgp number
to the
tfce Aft«rnoon.
agreed that Mioax
a piwrt town, ami that tbay
tkay had corn®, in «rptt« of tin hot weathar
Tzatton Bftctwt U(t l*1gfrt, antf a
Jttiitoritv H«pirt HHI M®
lh" aiiti pruhibittoo r«pttbiieao» half! a
m*atitK iaat uiKhi and at orgaai
xatlD It waa ilt n: atiivnoat* in tha
oonventton a \-latforau opon which all
Mpabiteatts ooeid ataad, and oapeciftliy lo
eeeHre tlM« deokyratiou Dut prohibition Is
not t»«t of party faelly, bnt wo exp#ri
Mnt onc«rD]uK vhtoh th«r« attould b« tbe
broatlsd toisratioii of The follow
iag MMamiliM vaa appointad to pmmmM
Uhe via art of the wU.prohihittoB
tat« to tko coaiiuU4«« on raaoiaUuue:
H. 8. Pairall, i, C. Da*ia, Col. D. E.
Lyon. Maj. Wm. O. Tbompemi, Dr. J. A.
Riftgeti, J. A, Cmt. J. 0. K«afe,
T. J, Evaoa, W. Torbart, Ool. fao. A.
Clerk. Ptinoe betuuaa. A, W. Erric, F.
W. »B»th,
Sbi« ooamUleeie to •eaeai»**« «Hh
tlw c«ujrsntt«H' tis r^Ioltttloni, an3 tke
aaU prahitutioui«ti ^ared only om iw«
bar of the committ««, it i« thought ii«at
Till ba a saioority report.
VfcO Wwa»tn*t*«tts WkM Will Mkk* V Ik*
lift mt toaunlttanw la «nf»nM«tt.
Tk» diatrici oau0iia«a mat at their W
ioae baadquartar* at 9 a. m.
HI* Kirat dwuuit oaoean woe ImM at «Im
oowrt houea. P. C. La»« wee ctioaea
dhefrmaa aad E. H. liogotu, eeerelary.
Tha eattea* matte the following oobhuo
tiona for ma tuber of eommittee on credea
M- 0. tfloMillaa, of Ler ootarty.
Pot member of oonatttie oa pttaa
oaot organisaiiott, A. Hprmger, of Loaiaa
For noa-prarideat. A- Biofj, of Weefc
to«ton oonnty.
For aaabir el
t&oaa, !r. Boardcley,
«M NMh
For diatiiet aeaintaut eeoratary, B. E.
Tale. of \'m Hurau.
For mambar of atKta
C. II. Jankio. of ermnty
Th« ih«mh»i Itlitrlal
eaaeae coot in th« balcony of tha
hoBH J. N. y» limupia, of lova county,
wm chosea chairman w»4 ft. R. BaMwia,
of C'imtou, aecretiiry
Vhe following nominations wen made:
Ibr mamtwr of ooumitte« on oredentioia,
W. Stfl[b«iui, of Jackson conuty.
For m««iiib«r of ooaiirutt*- on permanont
luixattoE, H. B. Fariall, of ohnaon
For Tioe-pteefaiwt. W» BwhagMki of
lova oooaty
For metnljer of oosaatittee on raeola
Maaa, Oeo. E. Hobbeli, of Scott ooanty.
For mem liar of central -ommtttea, Jaa.
II. K«mbi«, of Muwattne county
Vox iuuuatant aocreiarj', E. JL JBsMada*
€t CUateu ooanty. •.•
Tke Tfctml Ptelill
twnetiis m#t at 412 Pi*T®« itrwt If.
Huff, of Hardtu oounty, waa cho*iin ohalr
taac, and E. 1' H*«d«, of Delaware ooanty,
Ihf following aoainaltotti wait »a6e:
For meaibOT ofeemtnrtteron rradestfala,
I* Uawaon of Bremer county.
eommittaw. on |emaa«ttt
osganiKatiOB, U. B. Lynn, of labuqae
For tuember of oauaaiittea mt reaoia
tiMa*, W. D. Ensa, of Franklin coanty.
For member etate oentrai oomiuittef, W.
B. HarrU, of Delaware eoaaty.
for dutnet ne. retaff, i. D. M.
ti 'iiArdui roanty
The ro«rth IM«u4r«
agpem vet on the platform at the Paavey
Chasi ft. H. Fait born, of OUcAceaav
atoanty, waa ohoaea rhairatan. aad T, J,
Wfibox, erf Wiwth ooonty, aecretofy.
1'he following nominations were made:
,|?or member of the oommittee on era
itRtial*. W. A. Buiuap, of Ctxtzo Uordo
For awbet of eaaunlctae ea eniaaa—i
a^auuatkw, I. B. Kay, of Winneabeifc
for vioa.pw^dant, Prof, H. E. Hull, of
tefetto county,
For m«mb«tr of euaialttat MI iaaalB-
Ha»*. J. F. Ciy3«, of Mlteh#M mwatf.
For member of the atate centVal aom
Mllttea, J. E. illytha, of Cerro »ordo
For dietiiet aeakiteait eeewtaiy». $, W.
of Wiws^nftflr wasi^r.
ffc®' rttth
BMt to th# baml^f of
'"tn ,^^'Vi v% '"3 .*T
ebairtuaa, and S. a* 8weet, af
ootuaty, Meratary
Tho Mo«Qt mad« tin followiag aotoisa
For member of tbe eootttiiHee oa eredea
Halt, W Sttpp, of Mar«bail oounty.
For member of the ron.mitt^ on pet
Siaaeat orgaamtiaii, i'&pl. D«anet of
Cedar county.
Tiee preeideai, 1. HeCMUtoger, «C
Orundt county.
For dmtri aaai^ttit Bfceteteiy, W. D.
of Tam* oonnty.
For member of oomnnttf« on reaora-
Faekard, of Marshall county.
aaember of
Tb« Hlath l»l*(rtei
ea»- uk
held at
i'. hall,
•treot. H^nator
Tb« tttrwith SMatrirt
Oiaeiis WM held at MtMonic heB. JNtdge
Mott waa elected obairaaa aad H. L.
Merobaot H««tan The oaaoaa made tba
following uomUMdtana
For m» u!b»»r of commtttoe oa etedeatiBla,
I. B. litnd*ni3bott of A damn ooanty.
For member ai eomoiittoe penaenent
orKftmsfiaUon, C. H. Lyo» of Warren
For \~im |woaa»Bl, 9* ^*eid af Daltes
For member of codimittee on reaoia
Uon«, Hou i^ale Yoang of t'olk oounty.
For diet riot assistant (secretary, A. L.
Wood of Marion ooaaty.
For member of atate ceoinl eoauaittee,
T. i. A»d#raoti of Ma»!i#on county.
Tit* klghili UlAtr^t
fieae— met in Odd FeUowa hal!. 417Doqft»
1*» street. 1. Wall, of Uutggoldoosaty,
wm made ohatnnan, and H. F. Ulaager,
of Adam* mnnty. as«fet«ry.
The following aommattoc* wan Mads
For mens tier of •i
f»"21 Foorth
Hntehluaon wan
dbairman and
Hwalm aocretarr- The
eaaotia made the following nomination*:
For a#mberof oommittee»i credential*,
W m. A. Nn'hol, of Monroe county.
For member of committee on permanent
organi^atiou, Aaroii uater. of Jaaper
*ae MMatft, ML Svate. «f Ma-
of committee on reeola
KatehieatMk, of Wapello
For dietriet aeaictaat
Mott, of Keokaic ooaaty
D. C.
For aiember of etat** aeatral oomaiittee,
E. W Preston, of Mahaaka ooaaty.
The cooeua adopted tiie following rMW
That v« render eordlai recognition for |k
m*»y eoarte«i»« freely «Kt«aled to
te» •«»«•«tion by Sh«- j.^opl»« of bioun City, 11
re«|M» sif pert.v th«? onveofjoi. ha« tieen
a«urtalaed to a uhihi«I u«V«I )xrore e«tuaile«l
by MiV fifty to whi*b the oonwritwu tie* t»»»«
•eut a«Mi we ohaii elwayn gladly remember
ta« genevouK |e»»|»i»- af Hkmi. Ctty
oa oroden
lioa. dao. L. Fiaa, of Taylor
For immbmt of eowmtttae aa penaaoent
organ t?nilaa, A. 0. Beak, af Wayoe
For (reit«lent, 3. H. Tedford, of
Mln^fold xunty.
For m»«ntb*r of ooaimtttee an reeola
tiona, M. 1). Temple, of Clark ooanty.
For member of atate oentral committee*
J. F. Wall, of Kmggekl ooaaty.
For district asuixfiaat socretaif, A, L.
Leeaa, of UaMNi.
A motion wa« imaa^t to inntru^t the
Meiulyvr of th« oommitt«Mi on ^wrmanent
otK'autaatiou to present tba aaau: at li. L.
Byera, of Looas ooonty, lor |ieimansnt
ohaircuaii of the oonveutioa.
TIm Ntatfe m«trfet
c«aoas was bald at K. P. ball. Haaktaeoa
bloek. T. M. €. lvogao was elected chair
man and J. H. Wiley, secretary. Tbe
oaucua made the following nominations:
For member of committee on creden
tials,.*. V«rgey, of Montgomery ootiuty.
For metotMr of oomrisittatt on jxsruoineut
ergantEHikt, W. H. Wil|t—a, of Aadaboa
For vi??g imartdent, A. L. Harrey, of
Harrwon «HHHity.
For nMfttWr of oowiBittee oa reaola
tiona. A. 1. Jomm, ot PottawaUaaua
Fordteim eeetstaut secretary, J. H.
Wiley, of i aa« county.
For member of HtMe oeatral ooa
Ottl. A. J. Gantry, of Mill* county.
Tit* Too iit IXatrlrt
ea«eae elected Albert Haad, of
.oounty chairman, and 0. K. Myete. of
Crawford county, seotet&ry.
Th« following notutnation« were niAi^
For me oilier of the oouimltte« on tsradOn
||al», (reo. Hubert*, of Webster oouulj.
Fpr member at committee oa permaneat
•rgsnixation, J. E. Bennett, of Palo Alto
count j.
For vioe-president BO0NM flaaw(
Wmnebe^o oounty.
For memoer of oonmittee on reaoln
tions, CUa*. Beverloy, of Greene ooaaty.
Foe aiember of «tat' oentral ism initios,
D. F. Ooyle, of Honjboklt county.
Th« Kleventh District
eaucua met in oounty oeart rooia.
The caaeus made the followtaf aeai
For member of eoaamittoooa credentlele,
B.J. Lt-adeerink, of Btoux eonnty.
For su«»ml«T of commtttoe on j^noanent
ffrgani&ation. li suulev
For new-president., Judges Maoomber, of
Ida ooaaty.
For member iiiwiilllse 4B aseotatieae,
Geo I). PsrklM.
For dMlriot aMMast saafatMOft W. F.
W.lev V
For membor of state oeatral committee,
Menator Maok, of Baaaa Via* oounty.
OfMiai of Ilk# rtrst at, 11 0*ei«efe
Tat* Mttramg,
The Psavay (tratui ojiera beaee never
presented a better ap|i«areooe than it did
tbb morning. lieeoratioo of flowers and
|Kit#d plsvta w*# |«ofM». On th** tttage
Wei* a aaaiber of l«*Awe of th« gr^at r»
putUaaa party of lbs State, &t>4 liwmbcn
of the r«rej#t|oii f.ornmitt«a, as wail as bf
•om# of (iw 4ei^at«a." llie body of tbe
boose was o«mpj«d by the mas who are
kare to nerve th«' SxmiIintorMt# of the whole
people of the state aad of psjrty. The
•'4 4
eonvuntiou doing*. Every a«ulatUk aat-i
in the house was occupied and standing
room was not to be had by II o'ekwA.
At the table to the east side of the stage.
sat W. H. Barry, of Indianola, readtaf
olerft. H. L, Byerf, of Lu«m» countv, «ec.
retan% and ('. W Grim, el lwttowt «ouaty«
ttnd It. E. Baldwin, of Clinton eounty,
aMsmtaot secretary.
Th« oirheatra played a lively sir wfctte
the delegates aad spectators were taking
their seat#.
Welcoming the t'«ar«atiM.
At 11 Hon. i. M. lei
Hloiix t/ity by your assemblage to day.
Wltbemi rt-epuci t4 |«artv Unn hav« piit frih
«v«ry {KMetblc eAurt to make your j*tt a
ant !«•, ati'i to «urr"iit,d •sow with avprv ni«a»*
of maktatf your do
1 tb««ration itatiafatHory to
yoara»»lrt*« and to Ibf ftr«»at j-olitJcai party at
tfee state* whtcb yoit mpreeant Vi itii wersa
hearts and th» utmost oorllaUt. you «ur' w«i
omixt by al!, and «v«sry in our
•ioit i* extended inekt- your visit om- hich
you will Brrer forget.
AnUu in tb« nauie of tbe oltr. termlt me to
rem** ra\ foriu. expreaaiona of weiecwie as
(Hieaiai at a gsosiwws aai energetic people son
m*kt it
At the cloee of the mayor's speeok, 0.
B. Pray prtpoat'd three cheers and a tiger
for Sioux Citv The cheers wer« given
with might, avery visitor tadieettefi bis ap
preciation by raaolag kie votes to Ike
top pitch.
H«r. Oeo. E. Owwstt ottered aa almtaeat
The Bchuliert f^uartett«, oompoaed of
Dennis, l*wi«, Dundass sad Cunaisgham,
rendered a selection. Tbey were »lb«d
back and again uiNf-ire th» multitude
by rendering Tb» Star 8paui*led Hiuinet.
('bairman l'ray aatd be bad a large nuni
ber of telegram« and oommunicattona a«l
dres«««l to the rommitbM on resolutions
and he refermi the matter to tba i wamit
tee. Ou roil call the oomalttee wae an
nounced aa follows:
Klnit li*arist—Dr. Charles HettHUiey. ot Des
Me.'oatl Diatrlet—Oearge P. Babbeli. of Boott.
I htrtt Dtatrtet I. Kvans. o Franklin.
Fourth iMskrtst—BeaaSoe J. F. Clyde. Sf Mtt
Kiftli IH«triet tio». a, B. Faskard. ai Mar
wxta ii«trtot—Ov. Oee. #. Msgswi, etPowe
Kl»v«elb Dlstrtet-Osa. 1. PerNM.
The membership of the other easamit
taee, as named by the eongresaionAl «n
waa kudoraed by tbe conss»lirtB.
Tha rtrat Break.
In acronlanf^ with the eaetOM*
airer liuch»nan had o«u«ed the
set in appropriate faahiou, wMk
palatial effeets. At the back, in
tire light, was a bast of Washington.
the right a aimilai one of 0raai, asrtl a|
the left a luiKt of Lmcola.
The con vest ion in evary sonee a repve*
sentative on-, repreaoiititiK the brains afi4|
oonactenAe of thia great state.
It waa 11 o'clock when t'hainaaa Pny»'
of the stabs central committee. Temporary
Chairman Hon. 8. M. Weaver, Mayor Pal*
m«r and K-v, t«»o H. Carnell took tbeiV
places on the platform
and. addraeetog
thp convention, said:
lieforc turnintr the ooavention orer to
tbl atate central oommiltee, Sloax Oity'f
441.001) people want lo cordially and warmly
welcome von, through their chief as*
st-otive, lion. E. €. Palmer.'
Thi« wa« followed by Ion* aad eoattnus4
applanse, wbu-h increased when Mayor
Palmer arose. ».tid:
Mr rhafnitan end gwntletxisa of the republb
'«ti oonv. nti .n Bion* City -«wdieliy wei-oa*e*
you within her iKirter» For the flrnt tisiw
thirty veer» ba« your at*t- oo»tv»nU»ri b»«*
h*i4 aiwsy froui thj ni and tb»* fl#
Moa.x City f«ei ttatt» r*«i uxl btgblv cotupU
mental that It hu IxHftii tlif artt t&vnri'd by thia
n«» Utvrtitre (ircet partv pninrnti-utK af
r»|.r«*«ntet)v(! un*ti mr- f«atur- of
\iikt1' iui Iral life &n<i any ettv m»v iu*tly
f**«S proud of tucb rim|dii«nt a« are mow
Isomer said he bad a reodllMoa
which he wanted to prssebt t§ OA eiae
it tee through the oonrention,
Cne« of no'" no1" "no' went op from
different parts of the house.
Chairman Pray ruled Mr. I^oaier oat of
order, and introduced Hon.
M. Weaver
ea temporary chairman. Mr. Weaver
was greeted with «•-ontinn^d applause.
Tb« fail text of Jutige Weaver's epeee^
will lx found ou the second page
rwurmm Umlmv
Wm rmtoai.
At tbe conclusion of Jodfe Wgnvsr's
affftross, aol before any further actioti
oould l»e taken, John Hogarth Lo«i*ir
agaiutook tb« floor and asked to be al
lowed to rood a rssoluti in and have it re
ferred to tbe committee on resoiatiou*
0Connell, of Webster, moved that all roa
olutions be submitted to tbe committee
proper time without reading- Campbell,
of daapcr, made a point of order that tbe
convention could not entertain any mo
tion# except those which go to perfecting
tbe organisation. Tbe chairman sustained
the pout of order and Loaisr took bis seat
On motion of Bead, of tlreoas, a call of
OO^ppesstona! district* was orderad for
msmberii of tbt committees on erodantiaU
and permanent organisation and for assist
ant wecretariOM. The rtHt)Hni«eM brought out
the name«i of tbe caucus nonanees as else
where reportod. At tbe contusion of the
call tbe oottvontt— adjooraai mtil
o'olook, p. m.
Wmbm's Olory, Her llalr.
CM nothing is a woman prouder thax
of tier flnr growth of luxuriant hair.
It may b»- Uie wilketi cbealnut brown
or tbe bright ^oldrn strands or the
shining Mack trcwees it matters not
Some tell u» not to waah flit' hair, ae
It mak«« it dry and har^h. But by all
mean# moana** tbe so&l&. Give it a
jrood shampoo—not «vWy day. but
OBiw a woek. Every night tefore re
tiring tbe hair should bo taken down
and carefully brushed from ten to
fiftami minutes with a stiff brush, an4
should thon be braided. To soften
and mMiiisifv the hair beat uj» tho
whites of fuMr mgffg into a froth and
rub ihroughly in How to th« «K»t« of
the hair l««v« it dry on then wash
the hoad and hair |'l»»an with a \mix~
ItHNl 0f jWtrte ftf FVUB
K* /'#v
X,M- v'v
Several Mills and Works and
Many Acres of Valuable
Timber Destroyed
TntLtW Will Ba Vary Lftffa fut
Cannot at Preaant Be Ish
Perfnsytvahla Hapul)lioAns In $^t
Convention—Featuras of the
PUtftrm Adopted.
1»K*vrk, Jur ft",
Talegranm reoeiaed at Dtsm Bta&a that
forest bras arc ragtag in Oo»», Joee est
Han Juan ranges in tbe aouthern portion
of tba state, and also in tbe neighborhood
of Palmer lake Word hu* al«o ix*cn ra
coiv(*i at Houldar that the mill* and works
si tbe Porabr and Boston mines have
i«»n destroyed by forest ftras, end over
acres ot valuable timber is also
burnsd. Tbe lose will Is
not now be estimated.
lo Wmm-
Ntate CmivwilioB at
twrseeCtlke WalBtas
ll*iuumi(iao. Pa., Jsnsat.
Tbe republican stale convention was
aai led to order tbw mormiiK ^nd ti. H.
i! ihani eie« t»Hl temporary -hiurman. Af
the appmntmeat of sotumittee# at 11:30
a utoess was taken for half an boar.
The platform adoptod by the repvbHoan
StitU* convention, leforw making de lara
tioii of piiut-iple*. e*pre#»ed gratitud*- to
tirman Quay, of tbe national commit
tee, for hu matchless sorvtoes in th« last
pr*'«idsn!ial campaign. It then doolares in
fa« or of a pure ballot, aak» ooagrssH to
grntit per diem |«en«ions to soldiers of tha
1st i war endorses tb» MrKutley tariff
bi requests the strictest enforcement
of the laws forbidding entrance into
Chit country of foreign pauper mad
«o tract laborers urges tbe passage by
mn%rm* ot such legislation as will prevent
tit' importation and sate tbe state of
Ok 'margarine
Ke*«u« iNntrtet Iaf« Young of
Kighth 'latrict M. Tfiapiw. of (1
Ninth lNtrict A. J, ChantUy, of Mill
T«ntb DiiMet (9mu. BeTerlay, ot flNSM
tutosicating InjnorM con-
tfa-y to tbs law of state daolaree
fs or of ballot reform favors just and
enjn itabfe in ro.is« in taxation of property
of orporstion». and that tbo looal system
of taxation be so reformed as to jermit
•h»' taxatioo of capital to such an extant as
to -nable a reduction ot taxation of real
BBtate la the '^"^'"•'Mii aiMiU ii to
Umrn»A iJune flS.
Business oiralae of
^ttated when it became known that Loqie
Louis, Mayor 1 Co., wholesale
nothing, had disappeared leaving debte*
it it said, amounting to about 975,009,
Fred (jewiN, a friend of bis from New York,
reoently opened a retail store and began
givfeug large orders. The two firms kef*
on tmying until their outstanding paper In
the town amounts to between J'Wi.dOO
and $170,000 Tbf most of this tail* dae
•'ulj 4, Lewis bag disappeared also, aad
it ta thought both are in tbe Fnitad Htatee.
»overueat is on foot among tbe croOifc
oif itB hBVe tbom brought beak.
Mul«-M« and MurAe*.
(iacrv«»foM. Taxaa, June M.
Qreat exoitement wee oauaad at
ton by tb« suicide of a beautiful ytnmg
Ud}, Miaa Annie Turaer, tb«« daughter of
Jii4r3 John B. Turner. Excitement wns
latensihMd when the father took tbe pistol
froBi the hand* of tbe dying daughter aad
kiUod Prof. Davis. Nothing is known ee
to title cause of the tragedy Prof. Davis
wsat to (islveston last Mar for Lake For
est^ oUoKa, H. C^ BKdtOOK Oharge of the
1st* tks Bo*.
Baasr, Jaae m.
fh# foot bridge leadtag from tha ntsawar
to tfee landing stag* at St. Jean eollapsed
and hundreds of persons wars thrown into
the »ea. Sevtm Inidie^ were ret-overad and
maty arsons are still missing. Divers
ars^earcbtng for otfaft Lwxiie*,
nioui City Ut*
MMB epts. 4.400 oAefcU y*etsrtea UKH
only in ear* Market op«ni»i strong, bub
b«va.'iir tWatiy at vetteritay tl|(uraa ulk
MUiu« at Ai yi«Jtati»u» l.igbt.
atisel tnrt heav*. Bil.^T
pts :**j, offioial v»stsrday iW,
i liarket tall ani un«battled.
IWatsiMia kiw«r ttoan two «t-li-« ago.
yuotoMaas stcMNT*, astms. «i.W)
sfiJI ta^r to good. taUKMIASS feed
ers, eheto* soo to i.a* powada, im
j.at: iatrh good. e*- »-iu. nothsn anoiee,
'-.U0**.1S fait good, "'ws i»: tofarter,
••i.SlpBJi ww* entra eUoie« rtt fed.
S^ TS#MB gra#it«»* fair to good
misstat ta aoBtlow BL2ft.U.ri6. eaiuiars. TSe®
oc. 4 bmil*. sbotct til.'iagN,IO
oomiinn i&M. vaal }-xr to
Bo«m (mjk&A, Ittne t&
Bui* iuslyts,
HhtpsBsats, 10 sank Market
iowsr: ssfffgat PUMPs
v esie
r«£aT, '*KT5l7
l»en*Ml a *hade
OMIll B*SSi»la 9.00b. umciai y«»terday.
i.f^t ehiyniaate mx*. Market epMMd
«lo» sttA t(iialtty fair
I'hlnaga Uvt MtaMrik.
Csnc*«»o, June t«.
H.«x»i|.t«. Mariwt aetive. L4*ht,
beiavf fMM»kp»gmd sbl^ptog. MLlVp
Oattte—Meewip**, i JW, Umthn slow sad
wwak. Bee»e« stacker* aad fewSsts,
esi-jnitii.aOj Tsxa* pwsers. ».
r»«S#tS, »,9U0.
Matt«»«, 04.Wi#&.9)
SHiw tor a Frwimss.
W»* \oaa, J«»* *,
Wh»at Lo,t,.r fun ie.
lk»» 1 No S. iOVMs
Oat* l^ww zmnW.
i*rovJ«o.Bf*-.F«rk .inshaoged new SU.J0
#14m. iMtHttomi, m'wm'so -Butter firm
western. 6#Cte Kigm-t, H8#»l«%- firm
IIrw. Brow n Was it not sad about
Mrs Smith '3 She died this morning
while trying: un a new dress.
Mrs. .•lottos—No, you don't say eo!
How vary dreadful! What was it
iiUowBd witbf v
i Baa
|t Qran#fath«r'« Stoty,
»v eusa m. aowisa
WAT heok ta
fkant MY^ttty o4d
'rore ratiroaBa
Ais cvny
Hi-a'tMW were
fash tea
At: litni oar
To haul ItM Stuff
Tart n» i*
A moov i.he orew4
TtMrt gtih«f«d at
Of Um staoeh oM
way Tavsm,
A«|( *i iilti »ktel Farr,
tm- ast'.irdv
.Who uft«) k b*f »ay
Oti tiu w«t i4»w Sw. y»rk (Mty
With ioatlx of ifraOi and bav,
1 kili s«*» bim now Inform um.
As h* ittxxi tbet storutv uigbt
tUppii) at his glass o cuter.
i lw nrdiKht warta and I:
ti hair »u« brown au wavy,
is au tiouont I»ius
Ui» sun te w U* ilka a VOBlftD
4» bit aakas" brave an true.
'Well, boy*.* tettfti flown Ms seut*y
•What ton n«r*« a!«oi:t th' ksntry
Hm th« wadiiiii kuui pes*?
Far you know I uj qutto a straager,
Tls lit iiiomIh# or mttrr »iuoa we
Lest KaUiT«l her« tuyttw
•D tbi* pteesant boitalry
Ttiao |K.urwi out a flood of soOgty^
J**i aoil »trr sr»'i)' lli«- rounjl
Till thf aiiMik oakesi raftrr#
EcIkmhI iiM-k tb merrv luiuuatA
Ail at oaw a silent youn#*u tt
Who 1 No stttin' Uk» a po»t,
Crt»i out. 'May, you. oiistwr'I
ler you baai u aboqt tlifl sbogfV11
"nion a sil«ttn* f«*ll upon Uiaie,
Whiis tbe «fnl hoe 1*1 luu« and wild,
Ajd tbe hravosi meo aiuoo^ ta«*u
(ir«w aa timiti aa a child.
An they lr«w to|tPth.»r u!os«r.
Houml th« a«rkb* i bearfitl blase,
Wbiii- Tom th. tat) young t*»am»tet^
Bt*r~4 aiNMit him n amaaa.
He smiled at Ui«fr took* ot
And eritxi Wtiat do you nie*af
What tala I* this v«tr U*llin
Where may Um ghost lw ««auf*
-Ah Toui, you doubt i i»» *u «rr
Cried /*k«, ia« worthy boat
•But |«n btna Huek at mid^B^
An you 11 sur*ly sae tb* nbusir
"Com, !*»ll !in Hi: at it
What h*« hi* ghost ship dou«*F
Wh- r-hi yiii trick s upon yoBj
i.rav». iitco ruaf*
*Th »*i. nrvcr a trick aboni it
£eke gtavmiv a book hi* h-ai
"1 i» aotii,. |xor, lone. lost, sispit
Ceil !. rest easv mon* tbti d«a*at
'And you )MH»dii talk o* coal
Fer the bravest man around
(VsiMti'* farv fhet t*Ji wbitr ftgisr,
An' b««far» t! si*ud bi* groungv
TJifu a of merry la lighter
iteoc throughout tlw» oakeu has,
Viieb utttd# bis iioieoera «l»«sij|W
led tandiord Farr.
"J I! t*i! \ou what. i4«*l /••itiei,
I'ui oomln' back next week
I'll pass Lone Bosk at mldu
Aa' the iib'Xt *ivin*lnt,»rv(v»
Tne: «)ak* a^aiu iii«« ail«uf you:
*Hb Imt i I Kraai fun.
For .••pit* hi»'t»Hsntei courega,
w.' *i»r!l thin bravi! men run f*
But Tool, tbe merry teamste^
With his spirit undismayed
Vowi thet Iw it utan or dovlL
They should sw tbu ijectsr ieidU
Ob the tManks »f Husquehaana,
Wberf thi rtviT tnakea a Iwod,
And dark umic formt liraitebes
"Croas Wi« water aUadowu amid,
Bt*id th» twk, on which, ti* ruaaoMHk
tali ftK urn. clutbeii In wbiu,
iy 1m seen tfi stand and IweBMBk
tbe watches of tho nigbt
Tt* a Unx-if (itao.- in lammii,
With tiu* auoiiht tiri^aktnx tikTBUgh
X\f LaJi pi 'it» i lust»-r«fl round it,
IBttiltit) nut th« iaolaar i vi«w,
But at iilxht ti* dark ami grneaonrtV
E'«n I In bra*« »t shuti tlm k|»Ot,
Juat tlw piat» ft Khoatly rfvsi.
Ur to baU'it some davit s plot.
Ti* U*« witching boar of uildBlgtlt—
Dlamood-iiaekwT tiie wintry ski**—
Tbu kiiMily road aloiift tbi rirgg
tti tin- deepest aliadovt li,»s
An a torp an'
As til* huaii of lit Uiafn
Tha snow ties whitn, ontrod
tiave for foot ot dear or Immm
iiut tbK silMH'f soon I* brokeA
Bj ti* alow and io«MUr«d
Of (tiur big. brown «*yed o*eu,
l'aet«n«"l to tb« tf^uost^r'a aleA,
ia Tom tho To umm,
who iia« *d*«i tb* tffiost to ley,
And aa hi* iali««it ."i.-n
ftk-i* i v bUxi tit» fnm*»u w*y,
Witb wondering eye* be weens the I
CM Loa« Bock s snowy cre«t
Yes. Masse atsuda tbe tali whits
Ot^ast ol thsir
:..•:••• v" ,-.
OaUtag ba«k bis renraaat Ntast
Floaai fisr seMv ta ttw sk
VsMt hsr web ia ssBa
FerTbTulgbi WBS KiBB— i
Walked lieahte thejpattast SMI
1-tke a sua wast hs^plalWe,
to nu aoww ue
I l*lf*a]r Taeere's
Wiui# rid fain s
Pass areani ths
i »"'er a waAtts'Is
a s' these (s no mm
Tow s tbe grwtui tjft
But h« staowt iio sign
Um tan Is fail at stsBBBMt
v' fc s
AOt,KI» M*NI rt.aasi sow
Bageee* but uuutuent cm It,
TWn bapi softly to tbe frmai
Healas th». ri^ek. and sumhm bssldeK
Turn* U»« Agifar sktvlr roua4.
"Ah"* rrtaa h«- "at las' i havs yoak
•mi in. in tar* '.rick* ».u SI |.
Oii ta» teamsters *. tbs
Aad b* dr«« tb«- sbeet away
Bui ilia sigh* that mat bf
Ceuaad hi* tuait!y flash U
Ni»f aghast. Uor

a trios*tet,
iita a »ai.i*t. fa*t aakaep
For a ml u uH (KKiv Tees urwut»led
Half itx Head to laav* iBe BeM
Be who f«»arad itv man uor Aevtl
au hik luraa* sssgfesdto rieU
H«f -re tbia nBs-itssi^rUtt,
With h«' lark, tBksnlsi bail
With b*r uibtatflpt MM wtUa
MM tarara
#rl aw
Btask hsv rouse** 4Ht
at a
'Wlwr. mm IT O.
As stm gti
•Wta rta*
tr i« it hut
WBae Se rseenwl liaWvinp *BaSBHa
Cettio lo«dly Ut tolas beet
laasead UmeBasesa ssi4^a|tk
And i wm saseiy eu^bt ta* ghostl
Bo «ouas srth, CM^Mttlil iisklA
io '*»qaiek. aadartagmv wtta,
i Hare's a gkoet wftw nssa* ksar teafkM,
How tha Faety tslis wea feuud
'ih# osfesn ranarsaaha
tbe souud SMBStBB last,
Too. Aiesp* olos^SSllaWly Mia%
Never was ksMa as swssi
Thus b« whispers Auui« AarttaB
Ju*t on. yaer^go W-utgh
Hiuca. tiMui Um su»»
*t I o k s i y i
i lost u,y !j«*r •.. NtSMtisI a UreegMB
y»t mw» pracii'm tSan ni Ute
Ab yo nttu tnoaght, fsaa '•**»-L
I sbouid tnaks your gbust my vtlM"
Mow. Tom's eiuMrea's atHUufcrea—
A goodly outuhei be mn KMMt
l.i*t«n while i^Mtr gratulalrs tsaQa Ifcgai
b*Mkugh' th« gtkost.
(•randuia tia'eiia u totawtSy
*bii» tlw tdd Utue ditiigiea aaati
A« *h*t adl» Ab ysa mv 4%r liaflg,
'Twa« tbe last time 1 walked 1b ut*
Hmri Wis
High L'canse -i ballooul*t
Vain of Marble—the srolptar.
CalbHl to Order the luirU*aJer.
A Mouth Orgea-a deutsl unw«|
Squadron of Kvol iibtn DarwinItes.
Tea In th« A/ore*. l*oad^ a newspaper
artlrlc. But there I- ao In A/ore*.
Thf re l» notliln^ like a «t«adi a'ai la
life, pariii'iiiariy when ou are required
to shoot a burglat.
A little miii of a poor clergjrmaa. read
ing that a minister to France enjoyed a
salary of 917,500. asked hi* pa why ho
didn't go Franca aau preach.
An American tinancior ha* recent'?
published a iOO-page volume o.i tk« *ur
rencv Who shall say that in thi* coun
try tbe volumo of currency 1* too small''
(*tbe says life Is a quarry, unt at
which a man muntchlsal hlm-elf a char
a« ter Other people will chisel hint out
of it quick enough, tf It be for thalr la*
teres! to do so.
There ware many examples of ei
alied courage aad fortitude among the
victim* of the French Revolution
Said a writor: "lit the prison* !hoo
who had no name won one and tho»e
who had a BBBM wore taught to uphold
Oladstone has thought and tsttred so
much on the subject of home rub* that
him head said to re»timble a map of
Ireland, ticorge Francis Train writs*
and talk* so much about htmneif that
every Inch of him Is Train and nothing
The people of Chelsta, Maaa hava
»pp aled to the legUIatnre for perails
*lon to cbat»K« the name of the town,
because "dead a* Chelsea ba* crown
into a di»agrvabl« proverb. "Deod a*
a door-nail ha# lung been employed to
e% press an extreme coudition of dead
»«**,, yet we never heard id
Ba I complaining about It.
Bbaiktaig B»av Ore*a«4l.
beiidetu-y to round Mhoutdam to
contracted in the cradle. The
mother, In mistaken kindnoea pi&coe
tbe bBby*s head upon a pillow so big'h
that Its hboulder* most t»e i-nrvst aad
the habit thue iaaraed is kept up
through life to the detriment of hoaith
and ap(»earanoe. Whoa aeleap ae la
fant's head should be vary little, if
nt y. higher than Its l«ody whu*h
should be straightened out lti» nnp
would be longer and sweeter If health
fully placed, It is just a*comfortable
when OBO is aoeustomed to It. and far
more useful to sleep with tfc
body i «rfaotljr leval.
Would yon save t&s ertttsr'* Itt*?*
Inveatlgate a man tio*«-h w b. tal'UB
good deal about a lack of opportunity
Bad you will And a *hiwm»ker wfe^
waau to heoB»e vraa^laBt af a
... ,•

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