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... V" V 4-
*1 -,
-.•31 Infill ELECTION BILL
Under Discussion in the House
—Conference on the Su
pervisors of Elections,
Nnnsylygnia Demoer»ta Beet In
,r ^CoiiTtntlon mi Sergnton-—Tba
World's Fair Stt« Quarrel
Weh Copper sad Siirsr Finds In Wis
Jttittin The %den Caratr*!
Mr. Frank, of
naked .juestion preainted tit wboth«r
tkoae p«opi# who tin
to oturrow
ItfSMKI, sly n,
r*pt Hirrr Ks&c. formOTtr to nrBf
of Uw BrHiib miu of- wmr (Viito(Hs
'%mud wb«- nviHMtednd in th»l ^wwl
.!f roiu tb«- Unrbor of Apt*. H»®oa, into tbe
upeu at tbe time of tbe dtatkeiroue bar.
ru-ane thole i« wbiob tb«* T.*ait#d Btetea
'war ebipi V(uad»iti aud Trenton wir« loet,
twin uppotnted 4bkpi«in of the iroo
tituet sbip JbBexibl«, whlcb took pirt la
bonibii4pent of JLiexiuuxri* iaa«,
^CinCAQo. Jvty
Tbe too^ proaiiaid, kitt§-dil«y«i, a«n
„—meetly-wieiMKt-for oool bit arrived,
reinf to tbe weltering (nbeht
n«uU of tbe city. At t* tbi* murmug tbe
.^tguai wtrvie* tbermoawiter toark*d d«
|gr«««, or i deep of iwrif fld dagnu atoai
H«w »Hk iiiiillii Oewe»
Joly a.
71m beiltb bo«r4 t« to-4«y In
nu*kiug *fl of Han»i»« ill ream,
.jwbioi. poi»oi«d tbe natdent* of Yorkvilte.
and Moodey laet. It te re|Mrtei
4t«# .U* tbai »ii tb« p*ik» ote who »1
*r»' onl of 4-fmgmr, w»d ibut no ^§w
^eien of pdteoatng
Wiwwaiw, A%t
ft* boo#P ?8tQ1B^1 "firitiftr of tb
fad*?rtiJ electioo bili. tbe pca4ia| -{deaiton
being on the amen i.ment irfteMi by Mr.
Tucket, of Virginia, requiring tbe jod^e of
the •'irrnil court associated with the dia
t"e« judge. to peee upon tin application*
for superviaor* *f elect ton.
*aid hi* vuls
favor of the bill, io (v iti scope tw to
extend the operation of enpervMory *y*
tem, w«8 opposed to it fit aa it pro
poetd to obtaia federal oontrol
Mr liontelle,
tioae, but be *m opposed to tbe amend
mat W«bw it sought to tnJna' Mm
already ou the statute book*.
Main®, aaid that the
tb* eooatitotion
*ad Uw« Mttti«i to tto® right of aaffrici
b* protoetMi la tke uanfaN of thit
Til* SU««r Mill.
Hm eosf«ri»«» oa the «iiv«r UU Ml tkla
Hid vpint »u boar dhtranrtA^ tbi
di9«r«uota b«tv*«D tb« two hou«*« Tbfljr
•ep«rat4Ki at doou, hiving o»hj# to no con.
r]«»ioo. Th» ooof*r««i »d)oQrn«d to
wb*t«T«T dl*o«Mioo
took plio* A gr»»t uortiou of lb# ttw«,
ob# of
eo»f#.r®|p auntd, «p«nt to
talk a poo tbe with »«.• dt-
9mtom propovUioo b«lof» tbeim.
Twniwwr Chtfrnuia.
ficaujiTuM. ft.. Jmiy 8.
It *u lu 30 KbM moriiag »b«B Olwlr
mtt. Kv*u«j» o»lt®d tb« d»uiK!r»ti' iUI«
«r.vtn,tn». u order Eokliy II. C'ou wt#
uoaitiifct^i for t#ap©nwrf «biim»
Pinw* imp
b* took tb« cbitr. M»i »ft«t iwiag ia
'ts!.,!tt«*« S »ddn»«Mi*d lb® eo#«»hoii.
Mi i use UifciiktHl itm ooo*entu»n for tb«
ttouor i .ufwrrod q|ku btai U UJUaiitoet
win tb»9 «(»)oiotid ind tb# mmHn
look ri im until U o'oiioli.
Wowmew lf» Wr«a»i»|r«
v.- %vIS5h»m.•••,July A,
f*.*. H^prMSOntativea of IkO
*,j suffrage aas^x^etioo and of the National
W omao n
Te«pera»e# «niou,
»Ufti upon ih* president and aakad to.i» to
the biii providing for tfca adaiiaeion
W voming into tbe enkra oo tbo Fourth
THe War fca
"Omr«r Msxtco. July«, J*
eutrai Aroertoait state that
Hoodarv* wilt make cum won caase with
Itiuateiaala a^ainfft Han Halvador, aod that,
Itbe iattur te seeking alltaooee with Nirara
J*. :ku* and t'oet* Bioa- Me^too retuatuH
asaliai at pesos ni, tboagh appoalsd
ftawr *1*1*4bIE Tnt.
••Cw»An«.. Jat a.
ttot Ktfir, aroompaaiad by 0, C. Ma
-, soa, of tbe Hioomtagtou Leedsr. arrrived
.j: ihere this nwruing. Ha is on bit wmg lo
£•, iiortbora Wiaooaslo oa a lab tag tow.
-j Am Oalart* U«|4* DrewmeO.
1 iMaW*«**«**» "«t July
Jokri Board, Jr.. of Haia, aad Miaa WSmb
v tetter, of Toronto, while boating oa tbo
Moon ftfar, wire oarried otot Mm fails aad
r*Aia««r Mess JNilyt.
Tba peabcxly matitata atlhunTorabaroed
to the ground tew torenom. Loss ffT'j.iiOO.
Huttu. Wash July ».
The total ion by ia-t nigbf. ft*
SKMMWi iaeeraeee,
Ummjm, mm
Jim ww pmmgmA
f«It *fo?wagia«
btwroad tn. a storm while an
West lodte to London, am
oftl»r CMqt.
t'tab, Jaly
Tbe f«|«l train bMMriag Kiag lot I. Mrf
fc»* 4nean, tbe toyetenoue crown pn«««»,
iH«t II, and tb* more' myetenoaii crown
firtuoeee from New York, with foyil offt
itera, digQitariee and tbe Loaiaiana
«rae n»et at Kobo by a ipicial tnin from
Uploa* bearilg Mm Royal Oiiards' reoeptiuu
iNNMrtttoe. Til VOjral tram arnred at about
11 o'olook 4 Cora**! r«»ptioo took plaee
*t Mm onion depot. Tb# kiog9* pritne
nfa^Mter, Oap*. W. H. Beaabam, taade a
)NPlof adulmMM, lod then Mayor KieMl. of
Ogdeu.delivered tb« keys* of tb# oity to the
ting iti a loyal speech, ilo*, Thomaa
0«J»OB»«d tb« royal pirty to tbe territory,
ftetd Willis fi. Kiaeraon, orator (of Uw
Order of tbe Mont® Gmiot of tbe Rooky
Moantoioa, made an addrms of wpI
oonue. Tbeae forualitioe woo conoluiied
with a grand p»rtu.te of tb* military, ci*ie,
royai sod oriental orgaoiMttons. designed
lot Uu« oceaaioti. Tbe entire »oep
tiot waa titaud eaooeaa. be raytrteriooa
orown prinoeea waa considerably iodiapoeed
dart ox tbe afternoon. Tbo voyol babquet
at night passed off with a fta* low of elo
|»eoc« eXpraesiTe of bo«|rttality tietweeo
tb*» two oapttols
prtnc««B it at vetted tbn»«gb tbe meal and
*t«- uotbiog. Tb» coronation ffereaooy
owa formalfy oetebraied at a Sate hour,
foliowod by tbe royal reoeption Tbe day
oloeed with a oi»wboy ball, which a large
cotnpauy of cowboy« partieipated in eow
Tb* bo an
i-ouforiMW bro»j(bt to ibr rop-r of
tb« bili It PMWd tbit body. iu1 tbi«
formd tb« bitii
ami they weei «.
•od rooad-op performiaeo.
•"Wwfwrty On»n SwewriMC MmmtrmimtHg
OrnhM- A«aMt VMr M»H»pw.
OKIoaoo. Jul) t,
Tb* loeal boird of Areetow of Mm
world's fair met
bar way from
of har
lowertoic of official valafiea, denoanoe |«ilit
ical iMiaoeaawtais as tending to corruption
tn oAoa, «k»ciarti belief that tb« poopls
a offer iee» from tick of lefpslation than
from tbe poor enforovuient of preeeat
laws, and favor an amendment to tbe
There in
I Mrf by aeaoisioas
*ote decided, s«ieot lo tbe approral of
tbe cationa
to bold tb« fair
on the )afc« front and at Jack eon park.
Tbe proportions in which it sbaii b« dt
vtded re left nndeoidod. sabjret to tbe
not^aaittee of tbe oaae a« tbey sni^bt 4s
roiatiTo to aecanng
lood on tfcw iabe froot. Wbiie tbe board
was ia soeeiou, i dopwty sheriff entomi
tbs roo&u and »er*«*d upon Cliairman (If
a aotioe that a temporarT iujnaetion bad
been iseoed tbs# moroiug a snit of
tain abbotttn^ property ownoraon 4b© lako
front, re«t?*»usa* tbe bond from proceed
tag to owwa»f UmM
A n9m JJajSywad b*tm at Mafia ^itv Jaly
I. Tbe ia«lopi»d«bt »o%er» of Fmun»rton
county sleot«l tMogitos to tbe atate oou
cation and aitopied resolaltons. The
forth Una tb# is«»es which
brought forth tbo two old parties ara no
longer vital. Tbey declare more eonftdeaoe
In man than u« platform*, deaanl
tcOlicbaio&t in
aod a gtneral
an edncational qaaJitioa-
tton for voter* A fall ooaaty tickwt will
bs nomm»iua iafeor.
XMeewvwry «f fiwyyev chm*
Cmti Wamm,
Wis... Jely t.
sxcitemant over a big d4»-
oowery of copp«r aad silver at kittle rim
rapids, i® Wiseousto. Fat years iwarob
ha* been mad« for the main lead, aft utm
geia of pur* s'op'iXM sad silver bad ieea
washed from a larger vein. This win has
just been located for a loag dista&a*. It
ia »-itr«n»®rv rioh, tla» copper beiaf d«a
driti«~ and eastlv while the *il*'#r te
ia detaobed partiolo* and fouuu w ttli tbe
eopper. Tbe laud in that sootion baa ban*
oooapMni and located many year* a* pine
land* and pateats *w reoei»e*J froa» tbe
fo*«ri»»»«nt by CJormeli unirersity and a
gentleman of Stillwater, Minn., who re
oently pmulwirt
aBiraraity s ihaw of
irrigmMimm iattsWsit.
W**ttmar July «.
The report bocad 00
foe trrtgaiiou i» the Dakotas will
b« m»d«. It will laeoa&mand an ap
pfopriatioii of $*2W.M"M0 for thf arteeiac in
vaatigaiton and #*p«rjm«ntai work, and tba
ailotmaot for th« Dakotas of )$40(00t), I'ha
roport will farthsr show that in tbe Da
kotas tb* commission exanined a nttutbar
of wells, the pressure par square liveh. tbe
aae of tb# well*, and, if lot irrigation, tba
natnb«t of acres served. Tin area tn the
Dakotas examined by tbe
aboat 147,700 square milaa.
Omm Mtoot Was Alt Ms WawSOd
CMkuoo. air s
"What is tbe prtea for a rttoff*
for a nickel-'" "I'M tak« one," and BaJ
M«»maa |rtck#«i ap a largi revolve* io tb#
.shooting gallray at No. 1 Harriao*
strret, this afuroooa, aod shot bitnaalf
through the heart. "My girl's gone
on me," b« said as be dtd so. N
diad almost lasttaUj. Ha waa a l»-year-ohl
negro aoS rietwUi'wool to OkkM0O IroM
ACSirt at the Mill
Otmu/kb. i'*., Jaty 4
The work of tttiiothariag ©r potM«g MM
tbe ftrc in tbe Farm .Bill axiue cotamsnowl
.day. Tb« ooroner's mquest aver tha
bodias of tli# two mao t»K»ttfbt oat of tba
Hop# wl.ll bagfa Moihtof. Kaltaf is «e#d*d
kifa for twenty-one widowH and aevwoty
ima wpktttuf vi«'-tma» of Iho r»|drotiwi
tbafe is much «aff«ring,
EAa«*n Cr. -!, Jaly t-.
The tnkiog of the eosais ha |mM Immb
practiewily &n)shad. Tha aoont show Mm
etty to have a popttiation of IS&.OWK
Mia as of tftu pat ecnt. oaar 1IM0. jSRS*
Wmrvitm t^ewl Mwv«tara(|)»
•MtAIUUMi., JwSy v.
HaaiokorkM^ ftarviaa eoo*sii it Proi*
Mm». Ron mania, ha# bom wordwedL The
A Decrease in the Debt Dur-
the Month of June ef
XlllneAs CongrestmiMi
fer th© "Oriyiail
aft" Contruversy.
Th« Ni«f 0»« LatiWeift iottopfto
Be Decided at Eldoiion
Debt oa
tbo ktag. TTm crown
jwuii* yoms
statesMnt of tba
y., I I rn
Tbe follow tag
debt for tbe month of tine
by the treasary departbmmA
iBterMt teantog b*bt.
frtootyai .....
A tMLMajcs.se
esaaad staee cuaturtty
PrtaeMal ea«t tat«r«at .# L|H,m.oo
Deb* Mmwtm ao iulereet WMSH.fltu oo
Toi«J 4«in 14MMI
a i ^^.00
S* emh treaeury......
iH»'t i*M eaith ia tteeewry Jaty t.
1NWU .. ,., .....
l»bt ieet oaeb la treaiwry Jmm
i, i
of drnxUti
of debt eiaee June
1%*al eesh io Irwaewry as sbowa
hv treaenrer'* oaml aeea«a£ 66l.mh]mi.m
Lot Tbosa a*
July vt
Hepreeentative AdaaM, of Illinois, tea
submitted a minority rofiort diaaaatiag
tbe views of the majority of tb# ooa
n»itte« on judtoiary apoa tbe bill tstoadud
a »n stittlte for tbe sea«t« "ornftuai
package biU." Mr, A dame twiiewss the
or teas
.mt.it«t« woaUi, if e&forcad, r»v.#r»« tbe
w»««- national policy of antfonn rsffnlstioa
of foreign and titter-stat# commeree. To
•arr«od#r the power of coairrassto regulat*
®««m«p0e to the the seraral
states, tba report argue*, i* t© defost tbe
waits pantos# it* emmUnm. Tim is ib^
tioe of tbe senate bill. It the tmu tiM
t»oe of the tuhetuute. It taada io aado
lh» nwvil
ought »ot io deiogata tfct diaobarga of iUi
daty ii. any stai« lagislatare whatever.
QMr. Adams says few oot»»d« tbe probi
bitioo psrtv d«ny that tbe eaie of intouoat
iog licjaor# at reiail ought to hf 'rego
tetad hv sUte law# or cnamoipai ordsu
a I i i i e v i a s a w w u e a s n a y
is simple and e*«»v of application. Co«
gree« can ««n#ne the o«irtnal pn'kaga io
wbteii loloxioattng liqnor*
be imported
into a state. 8nch lagislstive deflmtiow
woald at ouoo rander impcM*«ibl« the «stah
lishment of th« nocaliel .original paokaga
sal on, the only sertoos evil wbtoh oau
aruw oat
lie ISO to be a« a
toy WWMo %aiMS NMp.
ittwOKaun, Jaly *.
Tbe ljouisiaoa lottery ijti»sli u tieei
aettied as far 4h« l^wiaiar« is eoa
oeruad. The opponeutt of the lottery,
finding tbaioaalvas iaaUen lo both hoaeee,
sgr«id to coropiomim propooition. whi«i»
•as aocepted by the company Tb* lottery
bill, which hsM uaasad tbe bonaa and is be
fore tb* «M*uat#, 1# to (a«*«d witbont
obstruction, th« a taia sw-so^ptUig $l,5l»i0,(HSI
a year for Iht lottery privilege. The bill
is submitted iu the forni of an aoMadasint
to tbe Mate constitution, and has to ba
voted on by tb« people at tba nest Mate
election i® A pry 1H99.
Ikffort* that tnu*-. howovwr» aod tbM ia
Uw- agra#i.i oa, a primary- alas
wow is to be bald oo aome day not yot
agreed oa, ot which only whitos shall vote
on tbis quaction of aoosptiag tbe lottery I
company's offer, ff a t*M*)rttv favors the
propoaition the ahti# are to withdraw al'
opposition and let Mm amendment go
through in 1KW. tf a majoritv i« against
it th« lottery wmjmny will withdraw
offer and laave Lb- state when its cliartar
•xpims. Tbe o©»prot»i«# take* the lot
tary question out of the oe*» #tat« t»S*M*tioti.
«bfn it «a* feared it would *illi the dem
ocratu- pari? and cause great eottfttittoii- i
Tbe oampatgn pitnanws to be tba moat Ml- I
«ni«« Lottuiana has had for year*.
far m.iv .4,
Jaiy s. .5
The Steamship State of Indiana, arrived
at New York 08 Friday last from Ulasgow
with a pretty htUe orphan in whom tb#
peasengerw took a deep interest. She is 1
year'g old aad her nam*- is Violet Neviaa.
J, Coonollf ttjf hUi tut bar
in oh erg* of th» sleeanieev. Mr». Krwla, at
(iUegow. Violet told the stewardess all
•boat har past Ufa, Both of bar parents
were daad, and tor isvwral yaars sIm bad.
br^tj firing with couaii.K of her father at
Kingston, ountv DuiMUi. irwlaad. Whan
k«r mother died- a short Utw ago, Mr.
•iiKiolly, bar uat}k-. decided to «M pei
Mssion of Violat. He watahe^t Mm oppor
tuud, a©i ooe day %bila tba ohild waa out
for a walk ha drove by i» a ©art aad
snatched the child sp Anothor
WitL hitu, and tn a Uiacni they w*r*» goo**
th«fr 'aptivs Tb«v t«Kk her to Dnb*
LiiMyuii aud muU.
lsb» IX tobe takia te a ooavant %$
Dodge, la.
ty*i owl bjr Cho
mm i&«
WAMMKnoa. Jaly 8.
Th» j.reHidool
approved lb# naval
tpproprutton bill, the tnvr.lid pension ap
Vroprtalion bill, tb# {»o«toa«0 gffiefM
tion MU and the |omt rsilflhlUMi.plwiiiS
t« m}x)ranly for th# exgwWhMM ft
£. _-.
¥b« WwMfceei Star* aw
«ba Kx.tr*
WuaiSMMi. ialy *.
Tba old soldiers, wlto aw wftffts¥ to
#*a«ioo« ander the dependent tall )ust a|
pfovad by tbe preaidant, are likely to hava
•koWMMma adjadicatad promptly. It is
•Nw that mult"?' this law folly a
|«MtM af a ojiHioo persons will ba addod
to the peoaioii roll. Oos. Room, «o«o
Miaaionor of pensions, who is asakUsg
possible effort to iii »t this emM
fancy, say* "An additional allowaor* of
•Xas 44 dark* have tmeu asked for, ba
aaasa tbe preeeot force bas all it So
mo*. The naa law, according io tbo
•Mat* astimate, pat 3j0,00t mow cas®« oo
Mm mils. Of oonrse tbis ealculation is
More or iaas liable to be inaccurate It
Would l« un|os-*ible for tbe presant force
•to hantlle tbis extra work in addition to
what tb*y are doing now, aad so
I bate wikad for more olerks. Tba re are
to be ton utor^ principal examiners, I be
Have. sod tbe others to be divided through
tbf variooa grati«s of olerks. No new di
't^iou ia to be created, but the work will
be so divided that oasis ander tbe oa* law
will s&ovh right along abreaat of tba ©Id
Moas. It woald be anjast to tnek*- ctatm
i»ts ander tbis latest ao» watt aod take
tJkHr tarn. 80, instead of pattiuit new
oas«Mi lehisd the mat, we will begin work
00 thfoi at onoe and carry them right
through as fast as possible. Caaas that
at# wall presented, tn wbieh tbare are oo
a«faeorabia oaadiUOas, m»f ba got
throigL and afljaAiMt»d ia a month, I
sbont.l think. Wa iMned joat as noon as
tbe |*»«Nl#t»|. nfsad tbe bili. thousand* of
pamphlet* rontaming tba text of tba ant,
the rules govarntng nans ondor it aad
Maok foraM for olainiantK to All oat.
Those are now b#!ug dietnhated to oia»»
Oota, aod many are beittv *ant to iiraod
Anf porta for Mm iofevMaftfcM of
Mil w 11 lei Weay te Welecmaa ttia 1*1
pmmta in t*» fythMo Hmmmlm**.
UttW^'SSK. July I.
two ihooaaod taota ara abmad OMetad
for tk ureal PytWa» oouulave whk-h opens
ia Milwaukee July aod eootiouae daring
the following. Tba oaup will oou
taia S ,WM.t (isii, oapabia of sheltering 15,
MI0 Knights, if many report At tbe
tht. executive board, thf reports
totm sub-oonimttteas wer« us lbs mate
SpMahla, aitboagh «oai* diffienlty ia
to axtsi sotne of the minor da*
of pryparatiao. fhia difltaalty will
iNNMHly 0vafoom«, howevsr.. Tb# II a an ca
eeeittuttae wirwi J«n. Oasmahan, of I odian
aj^oiis, its ahilitj to fa«d all that will coins.
The committee on hotels aod quarters
have an iff nod 15,000 persons to betels and
ptivaia boaaas aod have qaatten for 10,ito0
Tba big band coocert Friday Bight, Jaly
II, will be one of the biggest things ever
attetnplad in that iiae Toeeiay. Jaly »,
will be pared# day. aad on that d*y tbe re
•will be maoy large special exoomona from
aeigkbortng atalea. Baatdea the to
15.1**! uniformed Knights to line, it is ex
(. otad that folly 10.000 of the uiform
ra.uk will take part, with 100 bands of
tnaste. Col. Charles King will be at tbe
brad of tfca two sots of jadgaa of prise
Tfca Cera MeslUMra Tatw tb# itr« af the
Mog's Tw« UnttM at KMua* Cttg.
KiMM Crrr, July bpealat.
Bions: City defeated tha hoMe Mom ie a
elosi aoatast. tbe Aral of to-day's two
goons. Followiag is tha by innings
2 4 4 6 s s
K»a«Oih^r .. 9 1 0 U 0 0-3
0 1 0
IiMim "Utr **-r "n y. bnn-i
Kaasas Ciif. 4 fCe«* a* t. Hatwwn On
wayaad-tt»«a*«*» iHrrtt® a»«S '^raas*
IMwi With M«r Heunt On.
ATtairtA, July ft
iftm Eii^a Ft&mm, 40. ywrn af a^t aad
well known kawMtn of hat loxaflant growth
of board, djid *t bar booif about thn*
uuilea two AtlMita, »a. lo wakts-up she
v..-seemed avery feature of a man, wse
a(.xot S fait
ioahis tall aad wMghad I7i
iHioda. Whan a girl she was trouWetl a
great dial with tootbaebe, and as a means
of Niitf use^i pouitioeM pretty freely. 'I hesa
wvre MMd aroaud tb# lower jaws Tbis
sr^attMMrt was kept «p until It vw dis
wni#«s the poultices w«r« die-
contiauetS sh« woald have a full baard.
Tha poaltioas war* lift off, bat tbis did
not stop tbo grcnrtb of a short black t«ard
tbat bad nppsir on
riteAt. '1Mb was mortifying io tbe
family, aod shaving oaly lucreaead tbe
growth. Finally all hope of stopping tba
beard was abandoned, and it was allowed
to grow. For twenty years she bas worn a
black board fifteen inobes long. Naturally
Nuoh aSMMfc wan sought after by the show
men, ImI Mv«* invariably refusad all offers.
Hh« waa ^Mosidioglly modest, and always
wore a ixmaat to hide bar beard as mooh
as poa«tbi«. Hfeji sat never mMWiL
msisi by n
Sa**M««a^ Mtaa., July t.
Nnfent, a prominent
wall kaown .oMtsaa of Baffalo Miaa., waa
da«|fero«»ly l®jar«d. fey a boll. Me bad
ott* oet to an ancioKtu* io *aa a Polled
Angus ha had recent If porohaeed. and
whichSMl }MM Wen deliv«.rad. Without
ani aMMSlSk»flude
f* Mr. Nu-
geu' sUMMF Mm atiaar* the breaat an
hurliMM|p thro^gk the air tally fifteen
f*ot- aSfe* fef Mtlli recover he wa* but
ted *. flMpMt M0h». B# wait atteousctou*
wbea ^jjlllisaaib a&d wamm«i wo for
so NipttaMW»» wbeo h* r^ihad slightly,
and ^lle
ibougfcffci fa*t that ba- waa *v|*r toratiog
a goOrawMI «C hie*
MMMlod of 'flprtlg wa? thai ro
a kwed mm in North
nSmm* to work wbea
the pio'
to a cart and
earl He p#Mhtl*u to ^ii»w
8MMI eif feaMntt tteaMe.
ami ther.'tiooo ba
difeMan*) the ploi
Prohibition Has Clottd the
Saloons and Dealers Witt
Sell Original Packages.
iMsdifqf hs|wri«r8 of Glasi Fom a
Trust—-Their Ostcnsiblo OttyMi
den. Sir Fred Vldd ieton Foroed tofU
sign—His W®akne«g for Fur»
tlM CftUMk
BiM4itrmi. N I), Jaly 1
Every saloon and liqwot hao** la
Dakota eittsrd ite doors aeedfUtog to tha
prubitition law which went into effect at
miduight, Juoe 30. Notwithstandiuir tbe
appaveutlv trou.clad prohibition law passed
by the (eglniaturv last winter, liaer, whisky
and al' oth«r intoxicauts will be as freely
dtspansed as ever, though treating at the
bar is naoesaarily done away with. Orig
inal package defxji* are already o active
operatioii throughout the state Fargo has
thirteen such depots, Grand Forks a simi
lar uumber aod Bismarck, Jamntowa aod
Mandjsn a boat half a dosan each. A boot
half the saloon keepers Id North Dakota
hav* sigotAed their intention of selling
original packages and the other half will
go out of the business A# a general rale
firat-cloen saioous with substantial backing
are the ones which will defy tha law, while
smaller lager beer rasorts are fvooaa eat.
Thoy all expact to have a toesle or two
wilh tha law, hot are determined
to Mil anginal packages. For
a fow days aome port* of
North Dakota will be dry, a« tha aganeiai
have not vat been thoroughly eaiabliekad.
Not a drink of liquor can be obtatued ia
Bismarck this week, bot naxt we-k tha
thirsty will rejoice over the arrival of a
namtwr of carloads of bear in bottles aod
kegs direct from the east. Original pick.
ag(«i« are nothing inota .or leas than beer and
whisky dispensed over a bar in bottles.
The man who wants aa "eye-opener' can
it without troubin ui parcels contaia
iag as many drinks as he see* fit to carry
along, but ho cannot traat hi* neighbors at
tha bar. consequently tbaiw will ba a par
captible ieera«ae in
IHIIIM l«|wari r«MTa*
Oaten si Me Oigeet
Haw Yuma, Jult t,
Eapraseotatifie of
gage! in tb* importation of pliM flaa* »«t
in New York and effected an organisation
for business under style of The osrman
Looking-iilaas Plate Company." The
firm* rtipreseoteii are said to control a total
camtaluatiou of $lu.00«.»,00«. Tlwqr ara aa
follow# Bandit, Dray A Co., Samoa,
Bach* 4 Co., B. Binswaafer A Co., Vaa
Horn*, (iriffeu A Co.. Albert Arensleln A
Co., higround (Johan, of New fork, and
Hills, Turner
Co.. of Boston. Tb* new
enterprise ha* been incorporated at a eapi
tali*uto« of fSM.oOO. with tha privilege of
increasing tba amount whenever increaied
importattout render such a stop advisable,
Op»ratouti will twgkt at I OH to 1 If ooeiar
street The members of tbe various firm*
enter tbe n«w company individaa*ly, *0
that tb# private business of each concern
represented will not be directly involved,,
hat it i* uuderatood that the corporation
will a**nme the fuuctnms "f agent for all
of them, so that a considerable percentage
in thf ooa* of importation will i« awvad.
Mr. Dray sakl that tbowt woald be no M
leMpt to inetieee the prio* of plate giaM
The object of the association, b*.*§4#«
•cooomy in man)^em«nt. twiug to bring
about a more feuemi
Onaeey WWw b«MWI%,
Wa*a.M*»"•• July It
The pT«*ttl«Ef bas sr|»«st6d RpSt?7ff P.
Oracey, of Masaacbusatta, to
liquor trade.
North faknta momt ren»«dii nominally a
prohibition state for at least ihr»« year*,
whan it i» generally ooncedad probibntoo
will be dafahtad. Tha atate ia
tion claoae, was voted 00 at laM Ootobora
hrM state election, aod slippad in aad be
oaaaa a law bafore anyone w&s sware of tha
fact. Over half tbe voter* did not know
th#v votad lor or against prohibition. It
reoeiveil a majority of bam thousand.
1'robibitiou is coosidsred a dis«strons »ot
biek for lb* bow atMa. Former North
Dakota saloon man, with thair familta* aod
poaaessioos. are scattered all over Moa
bana, Washiugtou and Oregon, which
means a Urns of many people and thoak
ands of dollars to North Dakota. Prohi
bition here doe* not prohibit, and ia a
faree from l«ginning to and. Taxes will
ba increased to maka op tha deficiency
cnosed by the los* of tha big annual ia
opgB« front saloon intareatsw
Jaiikstows. W-. Jaly a.
!fbe Jamastowu saloon* Ml lil» at
Mtdoight Jana 30. Tbey will aell no lienor
and there will ba no original package hott**
for t* weak. AH but an# salouti man will
keep o}M9n and sell "soft drink#.** Much
interest is fait hare as to cougr***ioaai ac
tion on tha aaiendmaat to Mm intar-stMi
commaroa law now ponding. An enfo no*
mint league wa« organized last week, bot
the leading members say they can do
nothing unless the Mil is passed. La*t
gi£bi was of great hilarity and sounds
of r«velry ware heartl long after the saloons
closed. Local lujsor stocks were all run
oat. Tbo oitiaeuM depended on "original
packagas" for future supplies and laid in
t»rtct: five cknts.
'•r ,"sy-
•WUuwi'ii r—dssts Iter Suture
Cat*aula T»o He* Mr Miaa.
Ottawa, Oat.. Jaly ft.
(leu. Sir Fred Middiaton, ooiciaantier cf
tb* Canadian mililia. ba* baan 00 mpellei
to raaign his offio*,. Tha weakness be beb
trayed for far* beioagtag to half breads
daring the late northwest rel^lliun noiS
him his jKwitton. Tbe general will leavE,
shortly for Knglaud. wbere be will eogag^
in literary work, dealing with the militarft
profession. Five yaar* ago the deaiaodft
of the half breeds for jaatiaa for tb® »lt«g«|
confiscation of thair furs war* drowna 1 uft
the national gush of enthusiasm over tb#
in tb* far worth west. The
country went wild over Middleton Par
liament, than in sassion. voted him fS,*
and a few weeks later tbe qaaee ran
farred apon him th« digit it v of anight»
hood. Tha half-breeds did not long re»
main idle.. They pressed tbstrfelaiflas, ac*
casing tbe general of diatnbut of thaif
fore amoafc his fellow ofBtiers. Sw Frv4
(teniad the charg*. which on investigationt
was confirmed. Thee parliament by ra*o
lotion censnra«i him. After an tntarvMSt
witb Hir John Macdonaid on Friday tb#
general datermiued to resign.
Tbk •taamer Bite MM
York from Brwtma.
M. FoKanib slightly woaaded the eil
tor of th#
in e daal in Parte.
Tn* general act of tb* anti -slavery 000
fereace, wbiah bas beeu in session at:
lirusseis for soom« time, has b*«i. xignsd
AT Carlisle, Pe., inveaticatioa MMtftiii
to a Terdlct tfest Mrs Kampfer cam* to
h«r death bv jki»»ou administered by Johu
Kauipfer, her husband. A post-mortem
•xaaaiaetiou prodneed leetiMoay deMefleg
to bar bnsbaad.
Thk. committee rej.reseuiing the iron
hud steel manufacturer* of I'tttsburg and
ib* oommiltae represent tog tb* Amalga
mated association, after a four days eon
f*renc*, hav* cosm to an ^reemant aad
the western amalgamated
amendments was signed.
Snx otr uve
g«..lfc'lTT Jub IWU
Hom Hooetpt* -i. 700, oAeial ye*t«Niay.JLfM.
&e hlehsv sal Mm aft 13.17 StdMatft •,
tui'x I- Vt U-f 1
H«i*iy1i "(Bitsl auu
di- MurkM. *tes4y a»4 .iueb«e#ed
}k*«.•. luww UMi two agu
gyv(»u«* at OMrt. Wt*ae.
Koutn o 11 *Se Uwe
§owsOw*.Mi Jatv *.
Hue* iteoetpss.
Ceioaoo. July
ot Getmmn
ing-glasses In this country. Ninety-i*e
per cast of tbe lookuig-glss* tlat«s made ia
Germany 00me* from F*ortb, 8a*arta It
t* the goestp of the trade, and not ooutra
diettni by tha members of the new corpora
Uon. that the Feurtb maoofaciureri are
directmtafwrted i» the combt&atton, and
hav« to sell no looking glaaa piate
to American dealer* except throa^k Mm
•Mabinatkin, as thai? agent*.
oAeial of th*
State any lam at Denver, Col., wa* fleeced
oat of &4U0 while at Bradford, Knglaad.
Ill a fight between ilitbustera and *ol
diar* -on th- Mexican sids of the Kio
(iraude. noar Sea Antonio, Tex., aoven of
tb« soldier*
killed. The fllihaatars
sugsr traat ha* lMoed a atntamaot
to tba trustees, Mating that thor* i* under
xMtnsideratioii a plan for the reorganiaation
tbe company to meat all tha require
mania of tha state law.
Maithax, 46 years old, he*
died from the effects of a heating ha re
ceived ljak« Front perk, Chicago, from
a cr*wd
rough* who after assault mg
him robbed him of a gold watch and
AT V'anoeburg, Ky., dariug a aevere
•tana, Jerry Saarla*, whi- had h» wife and
ahild out tn carriage drove under a tree
for shelter. Lightning struck tbo tin,
and the bear las wert instaotly killed.
Uro* MiOV a# CW»-«a •»».•
blind* of Mr. DaMon boose open aad
was ia the act of eieeiaff thorn *hM the
•hot was bred.
New Albany. lad the famU? of
Henry Haundaia, proprietor of a atilliaevy
•tote, compoaed of huaband, wife, two
chlldrtfo and a hired girl, was poisoned by
eatiiiM ham. The father and liir«t girl will
probably die 1 be other* are dangerously
i I
tair to «aod. *».«5a»T«». leed
». aboSe* WO te MM' v»uaU
fair to good, *1 »i'. »t*kar«. slu»*e«.
j! fTIMffl 1* fail to good. *s '.••••S a•. lafwtw
SLfMSkM eows. extra tluitu .ru fe^l
tail v. jpK-1 $1,T5 %tti.
fti fw*1 ""'i1' te eaaiaua. kt ?s ®6, MunMt 1#e
§!.•»,'rseranga, wrtr. *«j
n9Ew. kalis, ebote* jMNLJo.
«o«uBion, iLTajM-M. veal salve* lo
utbeia: y««i»rO*r. ',08W
opeoMi »teady. bat
gbitMaa«at, oa*».
MM »io« an* lo*«t selllB* *t
o«iw y«
Hbipments- sera. MarnM
low and iieady nualttr fair.
it.OQO. Marteti ®MlW*blMa
beavr pMtteg
Htsi heeetits..
luifl^dgher llgtii $3j%V9Zl
nblpoiu* W.*»* 1
tte •it'« Market and
iaii Heeve* gS.SUe»C«0 stueluMU and
«*».». *sia» s»»»lM-t«, IA* "».*
Ht.ee lt»cei|4s. 4,000- iltrttt sUady Mut
4 ,iu uj «uek«r« *'"d f&eder* *S lUA
fl trief PvvMlsMMi.
Oaic*(w, July n. close 1 Ai g. m.
.. easb, »h|C AaguaMRUMMiia}
m«ed sash, M* Angast. MliMllg
gejpt*-u»^» M»c- ... ,,,
Aau ea«h,gRiaiA«SlMJMiMM|ei
ls*i: #''neiaHei*
Kf* Hri». tee.
Karuy -yuiet
Frtase tmillby weedy at fUB.
9Mb—Se*jr at truo.
TSSSLmt^r^ a all .«a*h »ia.4jJM».»M
img iiM Lae dull anah SMi* «MV»
mT" hTptembes 9& M«v
nmw W»rk fewaiaeee
Saw v .in* .if (.
w bee* HigiMt JMr. MH«eHi*i
r«r» I'Srui aat t.
non^Hi at a-
HSW i lT.t.n. »»»t»riv tAHtH
iTi«i*koes oi.'t Mid .tin'iiaw#d
#ru» n #('. Miitui. ftr-.s Vo*r'« wm
at i*»l#»*e Slgtna. i S^MM*.
Mr. hocn, »al
Wb«ai iwoed lower easbcsani .Inly.
Aupet, Sft--i*»^c
o»«u.Me. July MH«Me.
mam* at gi
|Ctt.w*0Saa, Jaly
mat*bai of
the United Htaics oonsuiar oourt a' foe
WW t^st, H»» svrttig. «s-h, «§IHfcll
Mo. nortbarr. Me.
(Wit Mo- 1. M«-
Osrite rrm No wMte. MBM.

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