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iMf+mi Ttsse Tafelc.
•km and St. F»al JUItwiliffcW
oSMmt im. t. 1MB.
|:,nr. M.
Arrtwi... :#r
.. Ikttmnw ...... ft a ».
frstt"* R*«"* Arnvr* *:M) r. a.
Haunter tr»u *oln« »»"w|'o"
Kelt) for flit iralou »oa(h. And v*»**'«K«nr*ia
?»»t,•« WootuMKkti tat «U |WjtlU»i uortb.
(polag aorth J'*
n^rr wrlv«» fr»ro theoortll 11:4o F.
llfoftrt^ridan arrived.
Ira. A. C. Tyler returnedtrom *fc«t
i\ friends in lows.
Klotabach u in the «Hy flitting
brother, 0 M. Klotebaah.
hm. Raffwrty, Jr .hiw been in thecitY
»ral daj's, Lhfi^uwt of his unci®, (Jeo.
A Cimu lUli baa
doing busineas in Madiaon, Mtotra
hrHiH* to-rfujf.
M. W. Daly and children de
t*d for Oreeoo, Iowa, on a viatt to
itivee and friend#.
in L. M. Toil* aad Uim Vm*i*
mphy departed to-day for 8t, Biul
ttend the teachera* roeetin#
Juate Arcy, sister of Hra. B.
[•feoff. wb has been visiting in the
departed to-day for Flandrao.
in Annie O'Omnell ia visiting with
-j 1l* Ht O land township. During her
4 «u«t' Mr buatjjeas ia in charge of Mias
i» ('«ia.
•preventative P. P. Knight «M in
•its veeterdajr for a few honra. Mr.
lt h&S lwtm quite ill lately euffertn#
s uii fever.
The «»i»r
|lenv»» for M»»renw Beah this evening
h1 7 3n, find wilt make dally tnpe
loum during the week. For the
dation of parties who wiah to
cttmp Hi the lake, morning
a1m l«e made tune to bruiK
Mt-o town before business hours.
I to dispute of my household
v thin the neat two weekm I
date at uiy home, eauy, dining
ten -hair«, one oak book eaae,
ihie. tlining table, oak bed room
w ,«t Mat heater, kitchen ^ove,
F. (1. Young.
untv oommuNsioners MM in
win be »»aa#m «i Hm «ity
I HM eitfvlMlV .Mw
,. »nnum list of the South I)ako
t. fair baa been iesued. Ihe fair
e he!d at AbevdaMi 8^M»M
i and 19.
ladies of the Presbyterian church
iv a lawn social at Mrs. Olberg'e
iMkp MaOiaoii, tbia ©visaing,
nveyonoas frq»A.J. Awdewoo'a
liit: iaki»
,1 L. Jones and .Misa Blanche
have resigned their poeitions
mblic school and have been sue
by Mias Kate Brancht ol Pian
aod Miss U wynne of Mad term,
jfe will be a meeting of the board
cation this evening and definite
taken in regard to the proposed
hool building. It ia prolwbie
contract will le let and the
.* built under the eupen uuon of
N*rd of education.
meeting of Madwoe lodge We.
F, Saturday evening. July 5,
irfH» ers weifi installed"
i„vi#. N. G. F. W. Johnson, V. G.
V itnftlyfea, aeeretary R. Hoppin.
r.«r J. pirran, W, A. llara^
Lem El well, I. G. Geo. Hunkel,
N O C. K Colby, L. B. U» N
McCallister, B. to V. G.
Jtark, L. 8. to V. G. J. Q. Bmal
H. a Ed Kafferty, L8.R
re waa a meeting Of the aehool
laat evening at which bids were
for constructing the propoeed
atra! eobool building. John Mc
1 of Dell Rapid*, for the stone
irk--work and all maeon work ex
aatering, 99,460. Ai^guat John
o. of Hioux Falla, for i\it same
(M10. Chaa. (ilhtc erf' Mmhspn,
tnilding cxmpiete, #17,UGi. Mr
,% Hubbaril of SMMBZ I'Vlia, the
comiilete. $1M,*290. The bids
rejected. The amount of booda
h»r the building snd site is I1&,-
at the Slai HMfur-
ifkings Heu.tunel, 4: M. Bigg»
to Madi««n where ha will spend
rtott* indepaodsoaa dnf MMBK
Ui Reoord, 4 Madiawi haa one
i finest programs for to-day's
of any city th» t***
iely imtnenaa.
'4 am Rtar, 4: LI W. TWIW
laxam ware down to Madison laat
I -kins Al Koehne was low.n to
n Wedaeadagr, Mdting pmtkmm
Preeton Times, 4: The Lake
eornMt band haa engaged to
the cviebratkm at Madison to
The boys will furnuih onr
firs with some tine mueic.
*4 t\Mt, 4: Byron Oarey and
left yesterday for Grand Meadow,
par* two viMt with ills
parents and other friends A. Ad
ams and wife and Mr. and MiM Harth
went to Madison yesterday ao aa to be
dure to be th#re in time to take la the
South Bend, bi, ffcMK Ht.
Keon, claes of 1890, Law department,
waa the first orator, bia subject being
"The Lincoln of the War Period. Mr
McKeonhsaa good voice under fair
control and uaed rather more gestures
than any other of the oonteatanta and
uaed them quite well. Tb« oration
brought the I^ncoln of humble Ken
tucky birth up from hi* log home among
ite hill* and forests to the White House
It carried him through the various steps
in his progress until the war period was
nached when both were considered to
gether by the orator. Mr. McKeou grew
quite eloquent at times and waa
frequently interrupted by the plaudits
of bia bearers and at the eloee of hia
effort he received tumultuous applause.
Bay yottr drugs and cigars of Ed Hioa.
Penaiea Law of iaar
The new |tension IH% t»enetit.a the fol.
lowing person*} in the innuxier slated:
Firat -Dependent |ar«nta. Under the
general law, it is necseeaary to prove de
pendence at death of son. Uuder the
new law, where all other essential facts
are shown, it is neoeaaary only to show
that claimant is without other present
means of support than manual l»bor or
the contributions of others not legally
bound. Tbiti pension u rated at |l'i per
8econd-~8okiiefa. Under the f«»eral
law it ia neoeaaary to show origin of dis
ability in service and line of duty
Under the new law it ia only ueoeeaary
to show an honorable discharge, after a
service of 90 day or more, and an exist
ing disability of any kind (not resulting
from viuioua habits) which prevents the
earning of a support by manual labor.
ppuMion is rated at from $12 to t0 per
month according to disaiiility.
Third Invalid pensioner. The low
eet rate of pennon under the new law
is $0 per month, so every pensioner who
now gets leas than t5, can, if sufficiently
diKabled, be increased to |12. It will
uot, liuwever, be advisable as a general
rule, for an invalid pensioner who gets
lees than Hi per month to apply for in
reaee under the new law aa in nearly all
cases the general laws are sufficient and
should be reeorted to. In this class of
you should seek advice o# com
petent counsel. If j»ensioner gets leas
than $12 and has another disability not
due to the service he ahwuki appi) under
the new law.
Fourth—Widows. Under the genend
law it ie onssssry in show that the
soldier's death waa tbe result of bia
anuy service, umler tbe new law, proof
only of the fact of the husband s death
Mid marriage prior to June '27, 18U0 is
Bpceesary. Pension is ratetl at 18 per
month for the widow and $2 per month
for each child of soldier under 16 years
of age. Widows who have remarried
are not benefited.
Fifth -Childern. SMM Ml Wtfowa
(paragraph 4) and also, the new law con
Unues {tension after the cliild becomes
lt years of age w lien the ciuki ia insaue,
idiotici or helpless.
This is a synovia of tbe new pension
law, and by reading it carefully, any one
can determine if he is benetited thereby.
It shonkl be borne in mind all pensions
allowed under the law, commence from
date of filing tbe application, and that
the new law does not affect any right to
pension under the general pension law.
As the pension begins frum date of ap
plication, it is important that the apph
oat um be Hied at once. When a jjensiop
is obtained under tbe new law, a claim
can still
proaaevtad radar
The new law ia intended to grant pen
•ions to thoae persons who cannot prove
up claims under the general laws, and
a means of temporary relief to persons
whose olaims under the general laws
have not yet been completed. All
eoldiers reoeivii leas than f6 per
month are invited to call on R» A. Mur
ray and tils a claim under tbia new act.
Also all his clients who ba*» not been
pensioned do the same.
Under thenaew law, the attorney's fee
ia fixed at S10, and ia payable only after
he pension has been gran ted. All busi
ness entrusted to ine Hill receive careful
attention, aided by the experience gained
from long years of active practice.
itiuikw or other information apply to
S. A MntEAT,
Madison, 6. IX
rwHk AKWIM#!.
Al fi meeting of the Madison Drirmg
Park aesoeiattun last ev«Biof, the follow
ing ofttoers were eJectetl: A. R- (Jlough,
lreeidMit M. I* Clark, vice preeident:
M. W. JMly. treasurer H. Turner, secre
tary, U.J, Patterns, general supertn
teinlent. Director* W. W. Janee John
FitzgeraUl, H. Turner, H. J. Patterson,
M. W. Daly. Mr. Janes wa* instructed
to hare a fence built cm aach side of the
judges' stand, eighty feet each way. Mr.
Trow agreed to build a fence across the
south side of the grounds Mr. Janes
was instructed to have bnilt an ainpi
theater to seat BOO people, directly oppo
aiU* the judges' stand All outstanding
»co)unts must be preeentad at the neit
netting of ««aociatk».
A R. Ounmi, FMk
8. Ti ushk. Hee.
Tbrn aaaociation haa arraofad lor mmt
les of race* to be held on thr W ttJth
and 11th of September The progrfwnme
for tli see nwa* will a
•f Mr. K. It.ttiiUfl ts«akM
Bltutrh)1 M. IHrnrk.
HTITXH UlJiot K- Muniiu, it flM r»ol
4«»cr of Mr and Mm A MeC*lH«ter, la Msd
looti, Lake ronnly, Houth lJakuU, Jnly
B, IMin, bv R«v K U. Owjrnnt, Mr K. I. titUcl
tud Mim HltnekeM Dituock.
'Hie wedding wss conducted qttietly,
only tba relatives and moat intimate
frienda of the bridal coupJe liemg
present. They were supported during
the delightful ceremony by Miss Fannie
Duniphy and Mr. Oliver Btitzel. At
the conclusion of the ceremony and
congratulations, a delicious dinner waa
served. Seated at the table were Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. McCallister, Rev. and
Mrs. F. H- Gwynne, Ed and Blanche, Mr
and Mre. John Stitael, Mr. and Mrs. F.
H. Dimook, MrJandMra. C. McCal
lister. Mr. and Mre. John Driscoll, Mr
and Mrs. E. W. Ketch am, Mias Dumphy,
Mr, Htitzel, Mrs. Oliver. M. Tollea,
Mr. Alex Cameron.
The high contracting parties are well
known to the people of this community,
and very highly respected. Tbe bride
has been a teacher in the public schools
during the past several years, and will be
nuesed from her station by both parents
iirid pupils, with whom she was very
popular. Ed Btitzel occupies the
position of salesman in John DrisooU's
clothing store, and enjoys the confidence
not only of his employer but the busi
neas men of Madison generally.
The bridal eouple departed by tin
afternoon passenger for Ht. Paul, ac
companied by Mrs. To!lee and Misa
Dumphy, and during their sojourn in
that city will attend the sessions o^ the
teachers' meeting. They will return to
MndiKon next Monday, and settle down
to the enjoyment of wedded bliss.
Mill HMI tevelawi.
St. Tyrnin Ololte IVmorrnt" The
democratic j»artv stands jdeilgjjd at
present to the renomination of Cleveland.
If tlu» corivention were to be hek! to
tnorrow be would be nominated by ac
clamation and a platform jvould be
tuktpted to' suit hts personal views and
prejudices. But there are some indica
tions that such will not be the situation
two years hence. Gov. Hill has unquee
tionabh made up his mind to strive for
the pri/4?, and he is not a man to be
lightly regarded in that resjtect. He
has certain decided advantage* which
may in the course of events win him the
preference of the party that now seems
to be hopelessly committed against him.
To begin with, be ia one of the best or
ganisers in the country. With a natural
tale it for political manipulation and
with an expenerw* of many years in that
tin*. h« can eureiv bring a considerable
element to his support in aeveral of the
states, and place obstructions in the way
of Cleveland that will be difficult to
remove. It ia conceded that he can
secure the New York delegation, and
that of itself will make hini formidable.
It may lie that the parly will take
Cleveland in spite of this fact but no
party haa ever yet doa* a thine of that
There are other equally forceable
reasons for thinking that Hill'e candidacy
is by no means certain to end in failure.
He poeesees those qualities of personal
influence that Cleveland utterly lacks.
It is easy for him to make friends, and to
hold theui. He is a popular man w here
ever he is known. His methods are
agreeable, adroit and persevering he
knowa how to use men for his purpose*,
and to be a leader while sesummg to bej
only a follower. There is no reason to
believe that he has leas ability of a solid
kind thitn Cleveland. He is not a great
man. but be hns sbovna a fatr degree 6F
acquaintance with public questions, and
hts executive capacity ia equal to any
ordinary emergency. Aa a poiiticau be
is unscrupuloua, but his personal in teg'
rity haa not been disputed. He ia in
thorough harmony with the sentiments
of his party. He has no opinions to en
force in opposition to its wishes and its
traditions. The fact that he carried
New York when Cleveland lost it is a
strong practical argument in his favor
on the score of availability His friends
may consistently claim that he can carry
aa many states as Cleveland did, with a
better chance of getting New York o
Indiana. In abort, he is a man well cal
culated to impress the democratic minO
with a sense of his fitness for tbe lira!
place on the ticket under the circum
stances that are likely to exist in lHtf-i
and it is rery evident that he propyaea
to puah himaalf in every possible
Traiu 1| r««he4 l^eewnia.
IsOindon dispatch, 6. Advioea
Caracas Venezuela, state tliat a fatal
aocaient has just been caueed by l« vusta
on the hue of tbe Central railroad,
twenty miles from tbe capital. It
appears that an engine and oar had been
dispatched to pick up the workman em
ployed on the eoostraoUon of this road
and bring them to Caraoaa to receive
their pay. Wh'n going down a ateep
grade they passed through a s'w arm of
locusts on lite road. The (teats, as they
were crushed by the wheels, formed an
oily sabfctanoe which made the tracks
slippery that the brake* could ao longer
hold the train to the raiie. and tha
engine, daahing down at a terrific epeed,
bounded from the line at a curve and
ran into the aide of a mountain. The
driver and firetuan jumped off, and is
doing ao sustained severe injuriea.
Another engine was telegraphed f*
from Car«»»a and a foreman ami a gang
raiie At the aaree ateep grade, bow?
ever, engine No. 2 also came into collision*
with the locusts, this time fatal results
The engineer lost control over his engine
and as it dashed down tbe incline
through a tunnel it left the rails at the
same curve at which the first locomotive
and car had come to grief, and telescoped
them. Bo terrible was the collision tha'
enginee and oar were broken to pieces*
Three men ware killed and fifteen otheni
seriously injured. The killed were
buried on the spot. Among the wounded
at* the principal oflWrs of the road
1*4law* HM Omeeiorw.
Pierre dispatch, ti: To-morrow prom*
isse to be the meat interesting day in th#
history of the reservation, for the
authorities there have made it known
that all the Indians at the Cheyenne
agency, aa well a» all other agencies^
will be summoned there to draw rutiona
and be counted, when the new agent*
Palmer, will take charge. The Indian*
object strongly the the census, believing
it will work injur}* to them by ahowing
their numl4r» aw gradually growing
leas, ami that tha government thus in
tends foul plaji br rutting down their,
rations. Several large bands have de
clared they would not be present, and
the soldiers at Ftert Sully are prepared
for instant earner. Big Foot, the
hostile chief, told the agent to-day hia
people would have to recieve their
rations at tbe sub-agency on Cherry
creek Monday, of cine there would Ite
heap big tight.'' Ho is a bad Indian
and has always made trouble, together
with Hump, whenever he ooakL Borne
serious fun is anticipated.
The Irrigation HM elite MM.
Washington dixitatch, &: The new
state confrresstaen itelieve that ttia
pressure broil g*H to bear by Powell's
friends, who feir the terrible scoring
he will get in the nenate, will induce
him to materially modify hie withdrawal
map, and to preeent one withdrawing
only each lands as are really irrigable.
Hhould the matter ever be brought be
fore the senate therr are eight eennUtrs
who are ready to puncture the matter
with the facts ftk they know them to
exist. Senators' Allen and Hqnire of
Washington will »hw that their state
haa been badly »treated. The saroastic
Banders will be aid"! by Power in show
ing that Powell knows nothing about
Montana, while Senator Caaey is loaded
for bear as regard* to North Dakota,
and so far a« irr!ga1 u of that state in
xnoerned. can teach Powell all there in
to know. Senator M-xxly is ready to
do Itattle for South Dakota, while there
are a half down wciintorH from older
state* who nerioitM object to having
the land in their eta tee withdrawn from
hommtead setUtaa^ Powell most come
New and Elegant i V^gnts to
Bedrccm ani Chmhir Suitu.
Handsome Line of Baby Ckrriagee.
Express Wagon*.'
Agent fbr the Biuger Bewiog Miobttan
B«i«rt«klsf Atissis* aa aa
0. H. WOOD,
MB snrrmmrrr
KincTWW Keep*
Rriwhes, Toys, Fancy (lood»,
Paint*,Oili, Vsrnlshes, ('alsaihine.
Wall Paper, and full line al
Patent Medicines.
Prescriptloas csrt fully compouniel
or ni«bt
•axkikv ei,mT«a»». Ktf
A Mac*AT L. II. Kmxi,
tt» W
Capital and Ssrptas, {60,000.
mmd Mold. C*HrrM*rn* a
MTA senpetant colistter eesstSBtly cstpkiyei
to atUMt i« eeUseHoat ke ssrroaaStac coutij
B^Moasy losasd oe rsel Mlate tsp-J|Misru
Chemical Naiional Bank, N«% Yc*r% flr«
tiooa! Bank. Cbirairo, »loo Fails Natluaal
Bloat fail*, soaih OAAOU.
Buaineae Property
Ipck Prop*
Acre Property.
isr#e liiive uU w.-thH' vers fitokie bar
gams in Fat in Lands.
of men •cwm|MUwd li»r wttti |f|i.1)1 f«. it low lata of InttiHt Q^lddt*n Burb Wlf*. Iro# I''""!*,
w npteo*
niMmf mtm tk*l a»Taa ttmux. aAWoa. MB. Spurtuig Ouotle, &u.
KlffhtT ckts. »II Mnen «lte«r
hnKikerrtiiff#, in hrnoiiful
•Ot K, ati esuaurdtD*r:ly
iuw pnc«.
Millions of $ $ $ In It!
A few choice litis only for sale on Moreun Beach,
Great Hummer Kegitrt, at $1410 each I
Some great big bargains to be had in Farms. Now is tha ttM in
aecare bargfuna ia Ileal £stat«. Money sure to double k short Mnt
(1«nie to the County of Lake,
And make yourself a stake.
(tains we always have enough.
That's what hringB the stuff.
A. W. HOLDRIDGE, Real EM dealer,
Uiku*. i aorth o. i*aii
Mnii »rsd Wind#®* Tin* if)
vnri« ty
::T2DX-'.^ •3SL
O-W-to -nd Par
aaols rank foremoat vceta—ISe. to 00a.
in the state. nice line in black. Rv
__ I ery pair warranted, (ireat Bargain*.....
in iiiiiiiig i"iiT SMBiiK
Humbugs are
Shoddy goods have no value. High prices are the rninatioB at
any business house What this nineteenth century
(ioauuuih is a etjuare up-and-down
Honest BtisfnesSt
Iffflt lowest price* on t»ie l»est grade of gtKxla that can be built
hy Hkilhnl lalatr. All of which we offer. Yon are cordially in
vited to iuKpect whether wuiluug to buy or not.
romp sari m« oar
b««utirui Kuu
Our Imt of t.acw CsrtalB*
very ei*tHrai«. ud we
b«Vf ut'ir®
Bakers, Fruiterers
City Shoeing Shop.
W i-.Vi M*Ai A
"JJoessa a
unl i1ineuH»»il feet rtirwl.
Gone By
We li«vr »imjc!* drlvw la
O. ut*' odrrwvat and a cm
I»leU) linr of 0«nt« S»#ka,
St exceedingly law igut+t
and Confectioners,
Bakers af the Celebrated CREAM BREAD*,
ICE CREAM servwl day or evening.
JOHN HUSS. Proprietor.
D. H. KILB.OY, Proprietor.
Garland Cooking
and Heating Stoves,
Abo, WHoleii||
and Retail
Cigar Storn
lee Crcmii Farlerl
& GO
r»?«t»ivmt their Nev
Spring Stock
An elaborate display o# DRE8A
(3001)8, indudiaf
iouable fabnea.
A t' Hupiefce
fre«li ol ,.
la (Hd J'eiioana

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