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Pv *'f, .v
Knights Royally ft*-
oeived by Brethren and
Cftizeps of Milwaukit.
Boy" Pack, Gov. Hoard and
jQthare Hake Addresses of Wai»
«om«—The Grand
Distrea# Seriously fnaraaa-
v^lngr 'n South Amerioan Statu
Specie Payment Suspended.
ttuwaimaa, Inly e,
•th* (mMhwi of tt» BiomHig 4fr PytMan
Coaclave circle* w*re the gran.i r#c«*p
1MB the exposition building and
pen tag of the deliberations of the Ku
prane lodge at Wast N«1e turner hall.
Th«« w*atbei slight! cooler to-day
The exercises at the e*p»*itiou bnild
jBf were op«Md by Major Peek,
who wad- one bi« characteristic s$*echss
of welctiine, andtim. Itoakf'1 followed with
Cpeoch «.f welcom* oil It* half "f the p**0*
pie of Wutroufiu. These speeches
followed b\ i#ntfki by Grand Cli»ijc«ilW
Hoakins, of Krtn da Lae, end Juttge Ion
ian, of Johnstown, Pa. After tbe recep
tion th. member* of tb« supreme lodge
vm) Mcortetl Uii W«» Sid# Turner bail
aad the ftrat meeting of that body opened.
'4. .*• LONDON POLIOS, "y-4
X«tt«ra} atrikft,
Nil -•,.
mt^rnSrn Ui«.TtuMHMM eliiSio
HlrlkeJI* LtMihwt Tw».
LoiPttK, Jatf
^r«Tail« tbroaAboot lb«
mati»pt)illai» polio* foro® tbta niorniug.
Noiu* of th« mMi b»v« gone cm slrike and
two tn«mbwr« of th« force wbd w*t+ Uk#n
mio u«vMly for mmmulUug »u|«rtor offi an
bave *acb timu a«ml«noed to
fourt##« 4*f# *ai|«mo»»a«snt Tb« mw»»
aw »i*l ll lik*3!* lb#j^i.U
1 11 1
ArtNANctAi. cntsis.
OnpMar.M Wail a
MDW tt W«» «Si»itel»l to
Sf in ym# el lb« efl lfwel»l p*y
maatfi by tW ^atmoat bank. A bltt wW
4 |«a#»«1 whiots wilt tw proo»nigat#i *1 oi»c«,
tb# •*Mp#i»tow of af»arlal |ay
ju«nt* for oiontba, and poiolhig oat the
.* th«.» adoftk»u of tbi» fluaaeml
I (KihcT Tbta actioo ban »i*rm«Bd tb« mar.
'tj ebatiU aed a o* tbam wailed
4 biw« tb« floatie* miouiar aoeubt »a»
formatioi. Is regard to ilir
liMRMMI, Jalye
Tfets London 7%mus prinlc #s»patfb
datrd Ba«no« AywMi Jttly 7, wttk »«f«r«ec«
tb« flnattcial eri*i* in I?r«g«»v, Tbia
alatait tt»&i *b« f'rnguay i«Ktsli»«urr met ia
,, ,, iumi'.ioo Hurnlay to eouaul«r wfajrt
Tw» miutMt*r WMRirwI IbMB that the go*
rriituntii ka4 so iuteuttou «f r*»««rt8ag
«fotr.rd eomaaey. Tba gOT«*u**ut f#«ra
i tbM Uw p»»p)iey will not «oo*ft lh«
^)i«fjrr»ncy, bat d«nrM t® mw th« National
l"£ tai»k if poaasith. by the ur»a«ut
um dtala BOMurv. If tb» •ffurt of thi« p*t
HCMDt to aaaiat tb« beak, or«4f (oraigu
'iMMtMM fails, tb* book will probably ba
rfft UntttAiita.
Hetmlt th» Lo war lag «f
CmI tartfta mm Waal.
Julf *.
'I Tba radeaUen be ml lalea, ifcbl H»
Pan! roa,? b»* KHjnnnred from
—mJ«ly ift. *Ui a»u Hi# r»«hh''
lt»MO ®f #*«rf «o»t nrt« tn tb* waat vbathar
Ion thioiigb •bi|«#»*« or from tb* llltnota
"1hu Iudiaita iiiiua*. Xb** Xortba»»«it«ru
^ba« amauttuesa tbe Miivaakoe rate from
jHprmg Vailay, hat it will »l»o owik# |ro
||K»rttao«l^ rates on through ahipmanta tia
5 tj. Nortbw«at4Mm be« berMofor# la~
that Bpri&g V»JI«y eotA abooid Uk»
tb«* Obioago rata, u»d nowtbe daoumd baa
^turoail tn to t*o-adg«d iwoid. Tb« L«ka
Hujxnrior line# ar' tbnt *nymp»-\\m\ to lakw
thf n.itiatiru Tbaj wtli awl *ia laiulb
i in* Niiftburaclern'a rindnetiea *i» Chicago
•land tba ratea jwill dfop 'Jf conta a ton at a
hy the redactions of tb# ftt. Paul *1»
in attempting to 0ijTiali?,r rata#,
lu iKbting tbw tmttfo tbe o«iy way
b« Bt. Paul road cm »tef to tb« eoal
iiiK»ti«a« iu abi}ieaenU from MUwaukae
a»t jwar atei»o»t«d to oely tons,
with aqttahsAd tiki |b% HW -l'e«0 4M
lo g& ftp to
mvA, HL, .JaJv
Rtm, im. JiarrtogbMa,
Of tbe #».SB.««nrt4o pady In
ttoia, di«d at CJ^ifcafa Moaday night
tttW u*sr y««tt ago be suffered from *n
taek of paralyaia from which te »«*#r m
rt*r«d. H« had txx»u pxontmetit figure
J«ta»!x rati- Mtat« poUtit.^x for' altuoat a
tu.*rt»-r of a o««tury, aud for nor« than
-^jjbalf of that penod wm a leading
|ao tbe deasoorati.- side of tbe ldvat home
tbe iUinois gatoeral aaaaatbly.
,t Mswtss Wh«» Owfliiair,
.^at, nriMiw, Jm glx,
Tkf report mjn that *t tWrw«
innttig of June wtatsr and sumsaer
weatero and southern Kuroj^ean lingKi*
lw#r« f«rj good in souie distrif'ts, while to
b* ptmtmm emym *mm 1mm »ati»
•ry. ll ie «npected that a large t^aaxi
It bo «w
m$ mi
III be available few ejport in tbe
iautu»t«» demaad ia expaoted lo"
%[email protected]«p of tbe bad ludiau barraat vjiad anfav.
»(Krable oatlook for Aoisnoao winter trbeat.
1i* i
Wwmm* rra*t*»iB*.
Afr*. Liaaie IgM. wboee ImmMI litH
•^Uafcuuu Ia. wat pit)»irait#t tn tne beM in
li'bteege and taken to tt*# oanaty boa^ftal.
Hmturnm* tn Wttaftttagtant.
*Ja*a W*T 3 Jutya.
Hie |«wrtdettt ae4 ftfaif i^l h«MI Ifclf
$m WeaMo^wi.
-. .w« yw, ^1" -/''V?!
mt artttih P»lk« MR«UOa
ll i pon tn* Burmwa.
,T ulv K
Further aiv»oaa from Burmab giwp*ta
(tiI »xoaKt» of tb« orvialtiaa perp«tratad by
(Sa« British Mttboiiti«*a on the
frr^tcbml Uihabttauta. Although tort«r«
f-tpressly ptohthited hv law thronghoot
tiiv British hiupirv, Hurtnah appears to tMf
at f»*tx»pti'tii it t»i»k the eii«totii of tb«'
pulict- u, vrtmiu distnot*. to attract cov
xtoiiN from *cMj»od i»or»ous h* method•«
•tiiou- (tog torture. ID the KiaakicAi
district of T'pper iiarmah a magistrate at
lb© r*Mjneat of a distn -t aat^ntitotuleat of
polu:*. twfTiiwd to ttraat bail to |amonii at*
outwl "f u bailahk- ofV^(is«, «,a« of thtk
wiw mt a solitarv «v»ll and
bantlraffed for tbraa days and two niKbts,
•»11: h" mad* a coufesaion iiapiKsating
bttnsplf atitl another. On being rel*as*d
ii(ini»'d i»tfly withdrew tbn coof mhiou,
claicuiti# that it httl hMo aitortci from
bltu l» phvaioal suffering. It pro»»l
tint thero w»« bo Avidauea wbat^ver to
atMtatn th« cbargvH. It i« proposed to
aat^hhsh a judicial eomnuaaionsr for tba
eoojTt«r*d pronnre in ordwr to pat au aad
to tb« ontraK»« i^rpstratad Ij ptaetlaeUy
trr*apousibi uftknuls,
ia CatwaflMltcna*
Lomoow. July K.
Advioes have mebed Cairo Uwt the
faun i- wbtrh ha f»r Moasf- tum* j»a»t pf»
raiitxl in the Hondao is iurraasuig rapidly.
Tbou«anis of uati?ea are wilh«t fo»»4 of
anv kkid, and tii« report# ncnuliter 61
d«ath« from starvation is appalling- With
tbr reports of tbeirdraa!fni stat* affairs
ooittf uornhli. Ktortas of cHiinilinhiin,
wbi i» wi« snid to ou tb»* H!C»«*aae.
It was reported not loag s^n tbnt th« dead
v«r« brio# aaten by the famisbed aarviv*
or*, but tb» prieent ad?iw« rapremot mat
ters as still wont. It i* now assorted that
largff Bombcro of man, fom»n ami rhildcea
are deliberately pet to death that they may
a*rr« as food for theft frenzied com
pamotia. Helief haa been extended to
these anbaop peo|*le far posatble,
bat not soffioiently to *ilay tbe terrible
•sffeirag in tbe inUrtot MltlllBte, vldob
an leyond reaob.
wm Mak« Battovr Waavy.
Urkw, July
The FaraeiStta meraler« are fattf pee
pared lo make life rnie. :ahla for Mr. Bal
four durrug the conaug weak in tbe iImcbk
akm of tbe Irish Mrtimatea f! t« proposed
to attack tbe whole poltoc system of Ire
land, and to this, end tb« N«tion»ii»t« hate
for soiu*. time past he« n ©oIi«et»ug evidence
of intimidation and iirutaiu? on th* part
of the Inab oonatabalerv» which they hope
will break down tbe ehief aeoretary s am-
taatton that tbe poller hare fcbown remark
abb» UwiwBcy toward Irtab off^tnlers.
Nearly e*ery Irish mem'tor of p»riwu^ nt
ary prominencv.1 ha« prepared on
tibe nttpel, aad a lively tiaae la axpeoted.
As—sts» ArrvataKt.
BKUiMAtm, Jttly H.
Tbe aaaaaetns of H, llciiakovft^i, tbe
Berwau consul at Pristine, have been ar
rested. Tbe metivea of the murderer* do
not appear to have been of a oolitieal
#haraot*r, Harwia ineiata thai Turkey gi*e
a pension to tba widow and th^t the 1'ria
tina garrison s*lat tL* 8ervi..\« flag.
Iowa's Osta Oaap Clwae.
Haellflmiss, July 8.
The weakly bulletin of tbe Iowa crop
bttteaB. says: The temperature at tbe can
try station dertng tbe brat half of the
week was 10 degrees above normal, tbe
last ball it «ae below, leaving a total ex
oeas of 11 degrees. This was about tbe
average for the state. Tbe amount'of rata
for tbe '\»ek was above the average, Re
ports indicate a general defiei* nry of
eipttation daring the week, exoept in a few
oountiea th*- Borth«km half of the slate,
whereiii then? w»# «Hgfat In tbe
eaatral aodm»t#rs «wiuties of tbe aontbern
half of tae •tale a djmntb .«f.
i'tvvMb, little or no rain baring fallen
JKrtag tbe peat wwt, and tbe auaooot for
tbe season teing lebuieut. In alto at
three fourths of tbe stat-. however, tb re
i» no suffering from lack uf moisture. Ex
cept within the hratted area of droatb, all
crops are a prom-iaing caniitjou. Uora
Is doing remarkably wall everywhere, even
in tbe driest section*. In portions of tbe
southern mvatttsse it its iu tassel aud silk,
a lid in near!? *11 parts it i« aloat tip to tbe
seasonable height. The harvest of wiuter
wheat, rye and barley is a boot completed
and having Is progrwsaing tinder the most
condition* for securing Hmmwp-
A»«Riw. «,
8 l..
Jaijr e.
Lot !enuison, a fanwr livteg foartaan
miles from Weetport, Ilea in a oritiedl eon
dltion at tbe Howland house as the reanlt
of an electrie shock turned on at the Kb«r.
mm hooae, Abewleeli. an be mm about to
drink a cop of water from th« hotel cooler.
For over a yeas i»a*t a battery strong
enough to give a severe eleotrtoaii sbook
has be«n .attaebed to tbe water cooler at
this hotel, ana has afforded the proprietor,
clerks and traveling wan infinite oma*»
meut. Tbe other day Imimmm
apon the nine aad lifted the
ebained cap to his lips. Tbe next moment
be fell, overcome by tbe shock, and was
to tXMBaeiousnees with diffioalty.
l»imeg tbe night be suffered from «*«ra!
severe sink*peils, difficult v yf tbe
heart and Usbility making his iwovery for
a ti»e doabtful. Greet indignation i# ex
pressed, as tbe oo«arra»ee is but one of a
series of jokes of this ebaraster perpe
trated upon tbe aid and weak. Deniiuqn
deatarev that to the «^ent of bis
be will prosaonte th» proprivtor, aud that
tbe city aatboritlee will order UM
twaoved at oooe.
WaJMtxi*a«oM. Jttly 8.
Tli#» house oomMittee
day diepoaad.of two Miesissiufn ^ont«»»ttsl
eieoitisti rasss' Hill v«. 'atehings from
the Thtrs! district, and K*»rtt»srhan vs
Hooker from tbe Seventh .U-trut. Tba
ieeisuu waa in favor of the -citting demo
cratic ittembe**, Catabu«ge and ilo»ker.
Brigadier tieneral lioojaaun Orierxtin
was jwiiimi it#* «i tfceawey
Th* Ailianee Organ Says the Stata It
Ibf the Verga of Abaoitiif
An Agrsamant
Tb«» an^wern
iiffairs frotn* wbiob no relief cau be ol
tant«-d except by political change Tbe
iu(*rtgage indebt-dnass is foand to be
faruu alon« 14', '°3, lit Thl» iu4ebt'd
neK»t on munc farms. The ma
jorsty of tbet«' mortga/crn ha\ e defaults
thrir interest, and foreclosures are snr
to follow. Tb« r^imaning ones will gei
through only after a i/reat ttardsbi|
Another faet i« revealed. A ^omtag to
the reports received by the alhanee offir»rk
th«*rt» are 21,7(H) ranters, a large proportion
of whom lost their homer thtoagb fore
cloeur* suite, hariti^' been unable to pay
tbe interest on loan* insult? when they wen
(he owners of the land. This was eaoeed
tirat bv succeasive years of bad crops, a-.a
Qually by tbe low privets last year whan
large crop* bad rewarded their efforts.
Of tbe membership of over ?3.0W» fares*
era, 7,f»iW havt farms utan«uml*ered, »u«i
tb«' niajorttv of these are tbe victim# of
ebattel mortgages at htfch rates af iuVenset.
which means they are if poeeible IA *»ors»
fondittou than tboae who have their farm*
There are 170,000 fariris la. Ktutaas, ac
cording to Judge Peffer, a Most eaieNil
statistician, so tbe alliance would aooount
for bat 73»0*M- Tbe evil reaobae beyond
thai organisation. Tbe Farmer** Mttt&a!
lienetit Aaaociation, while, not nearly so
large, will iUow about farmersie rel
ati*»»iv tn©
1 hta
Sad Picture of the Condition
of Farmers in the State
of Kansas. V
Silvar Queatlon
Waatanf :l*
ToraKa»S«^'M|rft a.- ^fzT
1%p dtscor.tAnt Rmotift tfrP If.ifll** TSf li•
era ba^ le«ti growing lostoad »f diminish
iu ft. I'o asO' rtalu tb»' r.»nne of tuts
HkK if a rartaUity the state officials of tb*
armers' Alliaiu** canse^l to t»e asked n
Hfnen of ijm-stuotH of secretarifrs of tbe
soh-alltaoeee, of which tli^re are abont
a.-'MNi. Tbe principal questions were:
H«»w man) hav«- unniirtgag*d farms? Bow
many hav« tnortjj aj««»d farm*
and the agri
cr.stuiai "v'tion of the L"mted Ijsabor part
a etmuai *i»te af affairs, ruaktug af§l»
gate of 1HVHMI. Tbeso Ofganiastions are
tbe only one* that have made any effort to
gather statistics, and nothing but guea#
Work remain* a« to tbe condition of tbe
democratic or repabliran farmers until the
grand aggregate can be obtained from tbe
I uitwd Statff.statiDtme now tx tuu compilttd.
ThtR condition has been tbe cans* of tbe
confederation resulting in tbe 'people's
party recently organised bare.
1 be a.lhauo*! s official organ, in |itmg
the statistic* atove, sa\s. "We antia|«»te
a great howi about ruiuiug tbe eretlit of
lt« state, but we submit in all candor tbat
tbe people may understand bow near wa
ar»» to tbe verge of absolute bankrupt -y.
bt iom« sftinus w® have serious douhta
if tb« prop« rty c«old be laid fut euuu^U ta
eover tbe mortgages.
a Drsskes Mack
gnartl- A Flgrht TTobaMa.
FaKimuasat ao Va., July S.
Trouble is rapidiv brewing between Gen.
Jubal Early and Maj. J. Hornw l^acav. who
was one of Gen. Holmes' staff officers in
'tbe confe^ierate aria*. The trouble s« the
.Ittttat Male
last fall. Gem. Early took occasion to
oontriMikit a statement of M»). ^acey's, to
th* effect that Gen. Itoliert "EV Lee had
onet nani that if be were to seleot a sue
oeasor to himself (behedtf of Um cei»
federate armv be would hare obr»«n
Mahone. JBaeb'of tbe ,gentlemen have'
sine** «teno!intef iecb other. through
tbe newspapers, aad at tbe iin'retlinK of
tbe Lee statue in Kicbmond, Early refused
to reeogniae L»©ey when tt»« latter ac
ooeted him. Tbe Ltiwy pabltshsd a state
ment from Maj. Lacev rafarring tbe trith
of bis statements to G«o. e's adun
ratlon of Mahone and ilenouncing Ksrlv
as a drunken blackguard. 1 be major adds
that be a ill not permit a man of Earl) a
character to Insult me without such re
gent meat as a gentleman should show."
He also promise* to fu'rtmh tbe I.ohi with
a history of tten. Earlv s war ret^ord. to
show how utterly useless he was in the
confederate army. Thie arraignment of
Gen. XarW will probably spi»ear is
nest Friday's edition of tbe lAtm e. It is
thought a )eraoual conMict between the
two ex'Confederates will be the result.
July H.
A fa«t mail train from Mew Orleans over
th« Illinois Gentral, due iu Chicago on lis
Initial (rip at 1 o'clock, a. m., raa into an
empty freight near Mona, III. thirty-five
miles out of Chicago. Tbe freight was
tot»»I wrecked, bnf nttbody lnjutatl. The
train reached Chicago *«v«ral boar* lste
with tt* mail and p*»*«ngers. This is the
second a**cident which baa happened on
this divteloti of tbe Illinois Central within
twwalf-foor boura.
a r»wM»piteey .tin iii iii iffi'
UPKwm, Juir s
Tbe 1 urkisb fovaroment has sent a new
•ate to tbe British government demanding
libit rt fix the date m*t: whic». llgypt will
be evacuatetl by the Hritmfe irotps with
eat right of agaih occop)»ug tlut yjftutp
qegwaeo, Jatyw.
Tim day o|«ned a little warmer tfean
jpestordav. the lowcut point touched by the
mercury btd»g but it «dhl not rise
M|)idiy aa it did f«at#rday. Clouds over
spread tbe idky s«id tbete wan a good hrmw
imm tbe south west. At 1# o'elMk ibe
UwraMM^r market!
Asveesaesit at X^Mit Ai»l«s a*~Tfca
W«s*wr«i M«m WIS-Tsii of Umi atsb
WaiajMi.Toa, J«|y a
An agreement apon Iks dltw ^aeellM
has at Isat la*& rea had. It provides for
the purcbaae of 4,&4*»,<MiO oanees of silver a
mouth, bnl!ton redemption cMtifirateM to
ba redeemabtf tn coin and to be full legal
tender. Tb« full conference ominittee
met luwi the report drawn up by Heuater
Sherman was adopted. Tbe report was
presented to th«» sen at*'immediately. After
the first ineffectual conference last week,
tbe republican aaetuier« decid« «t that an
sgr^t m^nt could be nnn- spe«riily and sat
isfactorily ach»»d by a party couHtdtattOB
than a ctj'ifcrsu«e often to both politieel
parties. Accordingly Henators Hbrma
and Jones ami Ke rres*nt*tives Oong«r aad
Walker took upon tb«m«elves the task of
drafting a compromise uiaaaur*- They
progr#*«ed so rapidl) in this that a con
ference «iib«t ituts was cotupli ted in all es
sential |miiis sav». one, and was at once
s^ut to tbe printer. Tbe one point left
open related to the amouat of silver bul
lion to be purchased. Hberman. Walker
and Conger tiiouybt 4.*Mhi. «Ht ounoas
monthly a fair compromise, but Joumi da-
gloomv state of «d*red for t.r»oo,«Ht ounces *t»n(»b wax tbe
stat- of affairx Monday morning wbeu
overtures w«r*s being made to Jones to as
eept 4.J6» ,lH»» ounces. Tbe western sens
tors were in receipt of telegrams urging
them to hold out for the full amount
of ),rH),(KM) ounces aad insist apon
tbe speedy disposition of tba bill.
Ho tbe overtures were rejected and
wheti a proposition was made to take up
the tariff bill iu tbe senate Monday after
noon the ether in*i manifested their
power to check tbe flow of pasty legislation
unl«a» tbeir
Miss WInitio tacts Bstsnu.
Yoaa. July «.
Attired a drwae of the deepeet mv«m«
iog which was uaee»b*Ted etther at tbe
throat or wrists, Mim Wirmie Dbtib, eld
est and favorite daughter of tbe late Jeffer
»•'.! I 'avis, president of e«Bf»d«J»CS.
eajupaign^ij^^j,.,} t|j(» French steamer Liidire
Sunday. Miss l)avis, who was
^pf jropriatciy mlled The daughter of tbe
Confederacy* for she waa born during that
memorable struggle, has been in Europe
aince her father death, recruiting bar
nhattored health, and she returns bow ta
beoome tbe Mde et Alfred Wilelnexw, ftf
byraeaae.N. T,
"SLUArAX, h. H„ July H.
A well Inewn crtiaen of Hotter/1##
who hoistetl tbe stars and strip*** over bis
boaae in honor of the glorious Fourth, re*
reived a letter threatening that if be did
not remove the flag it would be torn down
and intimating that personal violence to
ward himself might follow. The note waa
headed "Salvation army,* aad purported
to be signed by a m«inber of 5 he army
with tbe words brigadier general" after
""hi* name. Tbe latter has been hat»d«d,.Jo
Bmrram. JWy e
A Ifeatef New* special from Tin Cap
Col., given an account of a most wonderful
ttbacovery of gold. Tbe mine is six milee
•wm Tin op. on Crew moaataia, wad is
wtsed by McCormick and I^ wls Tb#
lowest assay from this rock is $440 per
'too, aad there are specimens which return
#*J,tW tn K°'d to the ton. The two men
-are now taking out $6,0*10 each per day.
Tb« uxoiUmant ov«r tbe discovery is ia
tease and tbo«fta»de of e^ners are radhing
iato the camp. 1
steligeaay la IwaaH
Mcsnraviaio, laly s. '4*'vl
There i« no abafeuuenl In lbs fiuanctat
ale at Mootevidio- In orde to *top
run on tbe banks, tbe government
ir»sn a deerea making ywterday a ba
iional bolt lay. One million five haodrad
thousand dollars ia gold is on its way from
ibiienos Avr»?a and it is hoped that upon its
arrival financial distress wdl t* rrlievtd.
rp« v£** ^v'** /%. •'.,•*•"
were met boon
afterward tbe republican members of tbe
conference ware again ^sailed together, tbe
words "five hundred thousand" were added
to 4,(NKUNhi ounces contained in the ptmt»d
conference substitute ami he agrwnmttt
oompletad. Henator Hberman spent a few
minutes in drafting a formal report to tba
senate and then notified tbe democratic
members— Senator Harris and Representa
tive lilaitd that tbe agreement was form
ally ratified, although the deaoeralk
memt»-rs refused to sign the report.
Th. substrate provides that the secre
tary of the treasury shall purchase from
time to time silver bullion to the aggregate
amount of 4.500,000 ounces, or much
th»rsof as may be offered iu each month,
the market price thereof not exceeding |1
for 87 and 15-iW grains of pure silver.
Tbe treasury note# tawuad in fMytaeiit wiH
b# fedaemable in com and legal tead«r in
paysaests of all debt®, public and privato,
«S#ept whtr« o^«rwiae expreesly
itipa !ate3 in eon tract*, and WW' be i*oai v
able for customs, taxes, aad alt public
dues. I'pan demand of the holder
of treasury notes the secretary shall,
wader meb regulations as Im may prescribe,
redeem such notes in gold or silver coin,
at his discretion, it Oetng tee established
policy of the I'nitrd Htate* to maintain the
two metals on a parity with eaeh other
upon the present legal ratio, or such ratio
as may b*s provided by iaw. Tbe secretary
of tbe treasury shall each month coin
S,fMW,0W ounces of the silver buihon pur
chased into standard silver dullars until
tbt* 1st day of July, 1891, and after that
fime shall .coin out of tbe silver bullion
purchased as mech as may be necessary to
provide for tb« redemption of tbe treasury
notes. The present law is repealed. Tbe
last section provides for eovenan into the
treasury the funds bebl for redemjhduta of
tfce tonal oircuiation.
». Ore,, Jul^e.
J' j.\ .-'. '.'
The director* of the Oregon Transpor
tation company have ciceUd lleary Vtllard
Mmmm Avans. Joiy
Tbe pr*.fiuu«u« geM
Ifl to 195 per e*»i
Gov. Nichols Returns the Same
to the House Without
His Approval.
Ha Upholda tha Intemta of tha Stata
l^ainst Those of a Few Db
honorable Man.
Tha Measure Will Continue To Have
Hit Moat
—The Message.
La., tatya
flot. Ni-tiolis has returned to tbe bouse
without approval tbe now fatuous lottery
bill, lit his veto message, which is of
great length, be refers to his message at
tbe opening of the seas
ion, anticipating
tbn legislation, ami nr^ing ttr instant re
jection, for various reasons then eet forth.
In his prraeut m**ea«(c hs says
"My news, heretofore etprwc.eetl, aot
only remain uncbangval. but my convie
tions have d«efetts1 and strengthened.
Tbe persistant effort* which have been
made to repres»iit niisisna as a pauper,
unable by and through her own legitimate
resour-es to sustsin and carry oat
the duties of her statehood, are
without foundation. The state aad
the different pan
shea of this state
were never since the late war in a better
condition than they are to-day. and they
are moving forward to an era of assured
prosperity. Huddenly tbe dark shaddow
of a deep diagraco it thrown across their
path and the b« nor of Louisiana, main
tained in tbe past tm tbe Arid and coun
cil by tbe patriotism tod valor ami saen
ficeo of her sons, living and dead, is to be
tarnished forever her position among her
sister state* to be attested not by what she
has lieen but as a degenerate partner in a
gambling corporation, designed or managed
to He oarried out not for her good or her
advancement, but, as 1 have before naid,
for the personal and selfish interests of a
hand fut of men, many of them connected
with tbe darkest days of the reconstruction
period. repeat, it ia tor thsm and to
them we are selling oat our birthright for
a mess of pottage.
'"Who are tbe six unnamed men who ere
to join with a seventh and known one to
constitute a new lottery company"' How
does it come that we are not informed ae
to tbeir ideutity and enabled to know their
antecedents and fit their records There
is a world of meaning it» that silence. In
the most trifling affairs of life mem seek to
know with whom they deal How cemee it
that in a matter of this importance tbe gen
eral aaaembly has been willing up to now
to eloee its eye* and move blindly in tbe
dark, I call upon it to pause before it
takes finally that step and plunges the
stale into untold trouble. Is there noth
ing significant in tbe faoe of th#twe-t£u*de
vote by which this bill passed?
1 aav to this general asaembly to all
earnestness that should this measure be
pass, we will enUr ujku a period of
strife, such as never has been seen before
in Ixmistana, aad, should this contem
plated corporation ever be farmed, upon
an era of corruption and degradation, be
side which the era of reconstruction will
appear as one of honor and happin«»*.
And let m# say to you that should this
measure be adopted and carried oat, in my
opinion no good will ever come of the
money which we will receive ae tbe price
of our honor and our liberty. Extrava
gance, profligacy and corruption will as as
suredly folio* tbe rec-sipt as night follows
day. I believe thai at tbe end of twenty
years wa wUl »ot oedv find con
stitutional bonds outstanding to the
utmost limit of tb« funding law, but I he
Tievw thwfe wtfl T*» au additional kutueriae
interest-bearing debt which by that tiae
will be by act acknowledged and provided
for as to interest, but not ae to principal
and that in tboec twenty-five years a vast
amount of interest will be paid out un
necessarily, anprofitably and illegally.
And whose bands will those interest
bonds be found time will develop. At the
end of twenty years there will be tbe same
claim of the poverty of Louisiana and the
same claim oo'its behalf for the continued
Hxistence of tbe lottery."
2£Gov, iichalts concludes with a most ar
gent protest sgsinst lios assumed condition
of tbe poverty of the state and aays the
measure will continue to have his moat de
termined oppoaition.
All I a*mm Is US* a*Btfc Vary MM*!
Against It—H«r*fcern PiwdMts te lf«
•s «oti(4
CnwJtvKAn. JtUy A
A prominent ffcalwals mcMlnaA of
(\, who does not wish to
be named, was in Cincinnati the otb. lay,
and talked finely on southern sandmen!
regarding tbe federal election bill. He
aays the people of tbe north have no klea
of tb" intense feeling that evicts atnoug
all das*** tbe sootb over the pro|R»»«4
measure. There is no disposition to talk
about it or iwaka threats, but the passage
of tbe bill will be ibe signs', for the rr#a.
lion of the extrem*ct bitterneec, a feeling
that will undo alt thai years of p*aor have
accomplisheti, and that will find manifes
tation is action. First of all, every north
ern product, far as possible, will ba
boycotted. Followtng this will come tbe
most extensive and effectual boyooatt a*
cities labor the world has ever known, Ar
rangements are already under way to se
cure abroad thotiaauds of white laborers,
and every negro employe in the south will
be discharged, snd no southern man will,
under any pretext, give one of tbam MB.
pktymoot, tbe obiect »H«»ug ta 4mm
into the north and west,
A l^eatt PwlHlrtaa.
Haa Frascis'1• July A
g. X). Wiggintoa, who wm the tjrtiliis
of tb A»#rtes*» party for pr»sbteil it, laid
t»amf»-tgn, and who has *er»«4 tw«. tenwi
in eougr«SN ae a republicatt fro pi v'a!1
forata. died at tds home hi Oakland. Mm
tla alter a short lUneea.
Trri Banco Kacional of I'ruguay hac
Nuap«()d«ut sf«oi« pavmeat.
Th* B«rliu Satwuu, Shdtumt says that
England oedea Zodla ta Italy in rctnni for
iHt Berlin corrcs|H»nd#tit uf the London
A«to. say* that Baron W laaotsu tleniee
that be has tendered his resuroation.
Tax pope has oon firmed Bishop Corri
gan's action in regard to Dr. Hurtssll, and
tbe latter will be transferred from Me
urban to a rural parish.
W A MS IS Halloc*. year* aid, of Ann
Arbor, Mieh,, was drowned near Holly,
Mich by the npaetling of a sailboat on
Rash lake
THE new Hpaniah oahlaet ie composed
of extreme protect ionbtta. ll wfitt
an active colonial policy, hot
neutral in Enropean matbm.
TH* Transvaal new simpers are unani
mous in tbeir sxpreestons of dictraat of
the British Month Airman company, aad
advooate an alliance with Germany.
The Hofta Hyobixla denttc that PretHer
EtaeubuioC or tbe llaig«4a» are
ceeking an entente cordial® with Beasta
or tbtt expulsion of Prince Perdiautl from
tb« Bulgarian tbrona.
Cuaha jisuh, aged ly, a eerraat to 'a
hotel at (iailitaeu, Pa., had her throat eat
with a rasor by Henry Marsh, agel 49, a
miner, who was furious with jeeioaay.
Tbe girl will dis
THE cmar bas remitted tbe stamp dutlce,
anumntuig to $10,000, cm tha leaca of the
new umbaecy at niershasf.
This is looked upon as a unique as ark of
his kindahip toward France.
THE bcly of Kbeneaar Aladorf,
years, was found in a field at flbawnaganlr,
N. Y. He bad been oat of his mmd for
same time, and committed suicide by cat
Uag Ma throat with a rasor.
Musi I4w»
iflirv. JalylL
Bogs Maoalgte. '4.MX) ,»Weiai yrsturtlay. I,
Ntrktit a«eaty but sainsd mom* e&soagth
toward the elusn saUitiK from btul
f*a*il«» -Kee«!l|»Mi, .*# «»®«ial v««t«eda. iS6,
afcspm-iu* DOB*. Mark*! op.a4 i»aiy•
Qi,-..t«Won#. Fat nwn prune, e&.Ta*e
*,i» lair tc s«»o«i, 7"s. taad
ass snata* to l,tM «u.l« Cfl
SJU,. fair good, 9t.*& W olioiea,
"^*1 i
Valfc *t r^htlagr I
I* kamlts Uks Waa
Oateaeo, Jnlv s.
Thomas A. Harsfield, aoifl m—Hy a
reanlent of Han Nalrador and a !arg4
prop»-rt\ bolder in Guatrmala. stoppetl fv$
a «ht r» time tn Chicago Sundav. 'Trouble
is brewiug in all the ('entrai American re*
publics," said be, "and I should not
surprised to hear of a general uprising
any time. Ii all arise* over the pr
union of Statss Itetwaan the goserutwetji^
of osta Htca, Honduras, Niearagua, Hat*
Kahador anil tluatamaia. The head offi
cials want to ae«* the union effected, but thw
people sre opposed to it for fear th«cr may
unknowingly give awav tbair rights \oui
have ulready l»aeu informed of the*
trouble u, San Salvador, how den. Menen
'b»r wa* poisonet by the opposition, with
Gen. Ec/,eta pat in power. Just exactly
bow ail this will terminate no mortal man.
can say. I understand fhaf Urge *bi|
ineiits of artti« am) iniumtion have (keen
mab duriiig tbe iast two or tbr*** mttntiiM
if this be trne, war is cure to be wagt-d.
resulting in much bloodshed. Bach a
calamity would prove very disastrous to
auy plan of union, Iteoause as toou a» the
soldiery of ops state lieglns leav* the
itirs the nval political factions wMl surely
t«gtn fighting ainoug tbemsaives. 1 shall
aw a) from the cauntf? loi come tuue,
until the troabies have qaietod down come
what anyway."
living near WbiU
klcatb. 111., swailowad some beans which
lodged in her throat and ehoked her to
death almost iaetaatty.
John Moody, colored, waa drowned to
tbe Husquehanna near WUkeebarre, Pa.,
while trying to cave a child which had
fallen into the water. The child was
a* ted
ohm Wjwt, a fugitive tfarderer, wee
discovered hiding in the woods near
Berkely Springs, W. Va. When be found
that bis oapture waa certain he blew oat
his brains.
It in reportail that Moatenefraas have
crossed tbe Turkish frontier in large num
bers and have been vtctoriona in aeveral
euaonntem with the Tarkc. They now
threaten the town of Ipek.
i*lt ftJtml, $n 'i .ii inlsries,
».•»» *itra «hit««. .m-iet.
s» '*ir fi "J «8.26,
ms»r. »r t« «HajJBU)se §1.® f—, Tie
§1 &•"> aaritugs, *stra .-bfj.otMW.W, mm
mt« rn -.'hM OI'.. ballet ehotos, a aiifcii}
ess»tis..e ei veal salves, poor ta
ah»io«, e* i**»a 75
South cMwalm MJkwm Bfsa.
Hot.TM Jdiv i
Bugs 11 i n nipi*. ,i*ju y«
lie Vsi «n^«u-4 -imo* a«t Bt htgfear.'
at a« •«*»», aik tn *Mln i'o.
Cattbt Hec#ipi«, w .itticisJ ywstsraf,
1,C1 cbtutiiviiW
quetttv Jfair.
HsrKst H»adJl.
Cinoaoo, July e.
lififft Ht-x-ii-'U, 000. Market arm aad
nlgtist i -»«tnt ts s.'«t«.u, heavy racking lei
afciiiUM. on
Cattle Mwwiatyts *.T0 Martst si taftr
cuew*.-*' -x. a®t» ant eaa»
•s K Teaaa sSs«rs, W io«s
eiMMtf Mas sty is. U0i Mars«t -tt.sNlj Mat
fAJU#&,tW «j*er». Kt Oagtt.su^"
Clii«acr«, Vmmimmt.
July A —t'lose i IS p. m.
WWt i-trsw cash, flKlfe Aagos»,«i«»o, Ksfh
t«ut4i wi-^c
C*tu eaab, M1|e Aagast, Sana
Oate -taarty, oaah,«aj AaOMt, XfMe top*
•s®i»»- n^smnT^s
isatfy el
*F« |y at tea.
Tiaaethy-Ftna «|U1»U|
WM, f.
f»**trtaaie---i4ask b»tt aaeb ei».u»
bet $li a Lard, steady, saah
J»#m *«wr* fvaCgsta.
Maw Yuan. July «.
«FHs«* ^eak lewwr Jaly, a»:t«%es a^-
Qmx JKaafe aau #o •,«,
twes- -Vhrmer wwitara. *•.
nesWsea^fwk steadf, a* ei^^Utfa
Lead ft'n. at Bttiesv. teas
ss»ir Kigtas, !?#ll^s. Kacpt'

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