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-v *,
Sdtag OQ
A wM&r
Jin Ine*perfencsd Brakesman
Causes a Terrific Explo
iter! in Ohick
4 Leaded
Etowder Train, the Mill*
-JU^ci Cartridge Factory Cm*.
pieUly Destroyed*
#any U vat Loci and a Luge Mtua
jr |»r Injured—Lift of Hm
Mangled Vietims.
O., #aly A
A ifrHMe ei|tlosioTi wtwwiliJilt Ami
gfternoo» of Ai 1Mb, it Km#'* powder
•hUb, on tbe LHHi Miami railroad, twen
ij cine aUw east of rtneiauMll. Ten per
auns art fcaowr to have beta killed and
mtty ot mum
other* intio—lj injured.
*wo empty freight oars wet* being roiled
auto a side track, «b*K a en containing
et iiua»ueiieu was alaaiing,
am at
the eiagtj Mn when
«aqj£ofcton ooonrred. Na tsar# of bin
been found. Five other p«n«of
t* be emptayws of Dm powdn
were killed.
the Kings powder company *nd p«un'
4MPtfmgii work* b*yr« buildings on both
•fle ®f the river. along the railroad. The
Otplerten ocearred on th« aoatfa side and
tte 4tftruotiou vu «t&orKiOU*. There area i
•amber of cottag»«. occupied by workoMS
•i Hms powder coiiipwy *nd «itoelel oloee
le lh« triMik. T1»«hw w#rr *h«lt#r#d by tb«
e*tsjo*io»( «jd lb«»r iain»t#« injured,
tv«i v-i- or ftfteea girt# at work lb" our
.tlldg# fe^4or wmti cnpplatl by tfae «i.pio
•lea. T.be nUUway bo»»e. Mang
lair to Hk* F4tti« Mi Attn raitro&d, t«a^«tb«r
wfcb aii tb« (juiifilag*. w»r# xti
Pfoetiw, a
§m and totally •tf}#uui«ii. Tb«lr»ek« and
He# of tt# railroad are tern up etui & greet
iMli# pkia%'h«l Hi tb« ground, Th«- I'vlmtu
ee*t ridge fauiorj was bajraed to tb» groaud
•ad DtJthmg but a bumw of Mecik, amouldet
rumg^jinaitta to mark the spot wbeee
Hp* bwildto)! «t04H}.
A* »inm tli# si#w» IMMked ClMllUMli
a*«ii«f trails *m it«)atcb«d to the aeeoe
ol line di#a«l«r with h»i|H-rtni«tMient Patere
aai Urg« imety of mitK0m on ho*rd, end
tbe •«tlerer« ee eooa ea
0( OolttndNl#, 0.. who *a« TtaUlng a tmmA
after th« ied «b" wa« an ?Te -miaow
of tbe affair gama *mtt vivid «c%oa.ai of
Mte ^ploBtou. Be bad left tbe suiil e»d
et*cdtog oo tbe MM new by m4 eew e
frgpfcl tfjte
to tb« aid# treuk
-JWwiie %art«aMki.''
aM, oo one
of tko eon tkajr AM on to tb» *i4sog
••d was werlog ble^ead
«0ii okiUbrii tearing
at eeeh other in Utetr ran
tic andeeTora fee
eaeetie- 1 eew a natuiwr of women ooate
®»t Smn» oarteuily penefe&d in tb« tJ«a.e«.
Th tMflliafb '.».««• nearby was blown from
ite fotio4aHea *ad decked to tb« grotuid.
and ohiidven Soat tb«:r iivaa i»
tUftl^riltlMtg. We got t» wo*k aeaooxi al'
l# ead I auo» we got fuUy deeeti
end women from the wowder-
To edd to tbe tearrtbe
.-ttl^re wa* ^-woatant mnqp^lBg of cmrt
r^feti Mid war* daaQC? uf b«ing
kffled al *uv I don't vaat another
wmh exporieaoe, and 1 hope I may sever
a§ai» b« th«
of «uoh e oaleetro|ibe.
Failowing in a Uai of Haifeilied j*--. »»,*
E KS 1
:H- f\h.
m, KUANKV, makiinii, J.,'4' 'J
iamx Ktrnna,
"Mrt««ii rweived iajatlee BHf fllbil
£jce Coilitte, who hoi b**
Atoll ciTOb^i aatf lire. «a!J*e, iat*mallj
iajuiwAt. will die.
4pfl»«»llMMr A«c««nt of Ik* JIihiMnI,
tam tlMt C««1N* «rf tti« Kmpimtmrn,
Peraey, a new taaij fro®® Wayne*,
file, Ohio, who *a® making hie first trip
ai brakfeOian. nndertook to ride a ear Into
'tip* ewitch. 11« »eeui# to have umeei.
aaiated the diaianoe or the brakes refueed
la work, for tb- ear* struck th« |ow4»
ladeo car* witb greet force, gaddenly the
a»r«* eeeesed'e3«it«rt#d into a gigaatie ^ey.
eer of «mok* wd Umw»»' which ehot aky
and then spreading mt like a fan
4ad oomrnumc-atad iLuiuwhateiy to the
two three- stur frame baildings need by
Ike Peter Oertrtdge ^mp«ny afeetory.
basidtoge e«m Hgbt w chararteyead
baro«i ilka^teaiMr iex«« AU.ut tBctj^eo
jkt wttrti e^lofed w tb««« tnuidiag^ atoet
«f whom w«are yoanffgirii froai aeigbbor
ttg towns. Tb^
worked next k» the
Window*, facing tbfc n*er, wid aitboQgh
(hteporary fire e#e*.|»s of rope haog with
la their reach, th« fiamew apreed eo rapidly
Ibt th#
of girla wa* impo«»»t»ie.
Hta»b«r of *inall frame houee«, oeoapiod
%9 «loo4
illI of theeo were either
Ueera out ef eight *,tbaxaed to the groaad.
Ia »«vwr*l of them tbe oeeapenta war*
«4ther blown bit# or eo badly boraad
tb*t their recovery impoaMMa.
Th« railroad eoi«|«my anfferod Mfiai}.
""•be .tnK'k we* 40m ap for b«ndr«de ot
Tltongb train* will bo aa iwp*Hi~
iw mnm
boare, ttehmatt a
MM wee an •nilniiioo
afterward auetlkl* car
WO kegs of gaapewder as*
l,:ttxi kwi attejptber.
Pfwj. ft bishMSMm, was
.• h^—-~.
track *m iooa tfcrowu anroea Ike «H« of
tba eitpiasioo wad IniBt
allowed to proceed.
Meaety Wt«« VieUma Jjipv,
w»l Mav B—w MinWtil
Laks Cm, MMul. July if
TTi lainw
belies bev?
Ltnut Lilitbtand,
Henrf N«*tou,
Jor^eoeon. Thr«e
he*v» oome to the
aflfca valer auden being pnilMl
UriM damola Vtaahne ••••„, i-
ataWKJNU.ls, JwJjr U.
The Hum Uxltw of tba rkdiaM nf ttw
Leke Qewai* crcloo*- have beea found.
h«f were eloee togetbur
It* RmtMM.
Wwinmmn, Mr w
1 he prwUart and 8eereterr Frwtor eie
aerloQaly ooaalAMi&t tbe propoettioo ed
*oeated b? iMvera prominent
Koyw I»mI U«Mi
am on
tike tiess. Aa I looked 1 eew two &m
t«rb«d reie kmntp agaiutt what I tcippoeed
«b* tb« Iliaftrf oef An matant iat«r therm
4m* mari&lhg nwr aod thon tb« vwrj
aeerned to
I h* a
smok**. followed a bwommS later
bf auotbor and tbe oars dtaep
fdered attd tb^ mudkom end powdor hf«se
Memied (o follow tbem, Deeee volatee* of
iaitM* ami ig o.»uie p« tiaCM| *tmm the
..daow and wuutows ol tb« twttdge Ca«?tory,
uti I xuvi,,
Wmi ltawa T«ae*M*
1URA AM**, ai, July 16.
tAm%. Totxoldeon, of the Twaty»etg%tt
I'nitetl Htatea infantry at Port (irwii.
Aru., and Mtaa Lottie Bpnrgon, deoghter
of W, H. Hpnrgon, «f the Kpearauw
coooty boerd of auporviaora. were drowned
at Mew)ort l**eb, a pieaeore reeort nm»»
Halle* from Henta Auua, 0*1. Mtaa Kpargoo
got beyond her depth end the lieatenant
loet hia bfe trying to laaoaa tar
bodtee ww recoveiod.
PaiUfcOKUrHiv July 16
Theolocktobe preeettlad la MW
by cittRena of I'hila
on aaldbition in that oily. It ui
aa alagant eeaaeple of skill and ingenaity,
,gnd veined at more then $o,«mio. tt le
aoont tbrae feet high and about two end
oae-heif feet in with. The materiel 1#
aottd brouxe and the dial aetld stiver The
fg«XM thereon «rt% ftolid gold. BiUiaouut
|ng the entire work ia a warivo eeg
fringe utttapread
rrwwli AmaiiM
Onw«o, Jutyle.
Pan« deajwitohee frstc fMssogel WfWt
that th« French expedition to the upper
jKigaf has ha«! 'another enoonuter Witb tbe
•MAfott. »rrti »M»verai men were killed. Tb«
•l&km lent encountered were wall »uppheil
%Ml afo&ruut and skilled in «^T_ #ifp'
«Hh obetiaaie eon rage
a*w tl»« C-watrte#,
Two Anatrten oftoOre bava aoooMpiiafaoi
& remarkable trip In a taitfoos. Aeoendiog
from VMinna, they wear* earned to Brmrti
k»»w in th# i'russian province of 1'o»«b
Tbay then driven to aonthorttHwe**
sadaaaily f«»rrl«d l»«»k to I'ruasia. Tbe
jancaa| aeeo.yi.ed 4«v«m boiua..
regard to the aoolAant to tbe "Eli* train
aa bbe ^iaeago, BorlJugton A. Qafatey sail
engine a»d iwgjf^a oar wae
the trsw: .k
that several freighit eauw
no one w«m» bnit»
ud 1
Oawnaawa, Jaiy
Oo* Caiapbeli baa re0j9^lP0(31
Bro^ey Sraitfc, who wee to hong on the
lrith for th# murder of en old womaji at
i'-tneinnati, in order tbat the Hnprezne
«»nri may exaauae into the aaarite of
writ of »rrof,
.Ait I
The ptMidaat to-day ami to the eeaate.
tbe nof&usstean 4, Bet«ibloti, of
Winneeota, tia fee aa aeaialattl aaecatMiy ftf
tbe treaanry,
Ukan (MMB tlM WBlW eed uianv of tbn i«
»*r* at aaea HaatHbl Ho fat a* ie
kcowu tttoea taken oat ate lire. Crawford^
John Adeiae. lim Fulton. Edtia Wayt
ttt« lake, KN feet from tbe ebore.
Tb« bodlea of ('bariew Hobora«ier tad H*»v.
11. Fftkfie wee* eeoewlerably uetileted, bat
ftfeakaf Mm. J.
New M«tl*o4A fwp»wil far CtaMwmies tlM»
Ajtim) im1
for tbe abolition of th« preeent avetam of
dtnalon command* a»d to bare the mili
tary affair# adtnioMtemd hereafter tbroagb
a departmeut of oommauAa. it is argent
that tbe pcaeeot ayetem oaiubeteoaw a»d
•tpaaiife aai mvoivea
la t!w bMaaa»i*»toQ »ad vmaldaafetloii of
popore. It ie sademtood that tfc«.
i and eeeretery of war eve favor
atHe to the propoeed ohange, a« trnKfittR to
the Kimphfioetton of mtiilary saethod* »ui«l
e« (Iojjok away wltb ,tb« mnmUmmu i
ttaelea* milttery eatablichaa«nte.
lu oaee tbe ehextge ia made, a major -gen
eral will be pished in nommend of eeab of
tbe two important departiuenN of the At.
lautie »ad JPaeihc, afid mterior depart
BMMBte will l* ffoummndrti iv brtga^lter
(paaecaie all of wbcjffl will rejort directly to
Madden. ftehofteld, oommajaduig lb©
eriny, whoee bead|nerter« will be ia Wfusb
mgton. Tbe effect of tbe ebaege would
merely ucaniaal it* New York -"ity and
Han I* ranetaeo wbere are |»la«Hi both divj
«»oii att.'. tUfailai»at be»dia*rt#re, bat
wuttld deprive of it« tniiitery
o«iabb«huieiit altegethet anteefli that oity
tw naade *h« beedqiierterg of a depext
toeot tiaMMMitdei It bH likely, bow-*
tlwoe ertlt br &.17 la the ci
plen below Hept, .4,
i^AMitKS.H*. W yo., Mr 16
Two boyu, 2'hil Borach end Seal
•ged lb Mid 17 y«ary reeoeetivelf, who
went to liguidowi, Wyo,, from the Met im
boed wilb tbe gold fever, the reeuit of
yallow covered literalart? have
a riab For aome weeks th*»y bare
TT^lfrtT three mtutog iaiuitt f»«t
Moatb of the famous Baekeye mine, twenty
mtiea woeth of Lenders, end on Heturday
tboy alenek ore whiob aasaya from to
940,001* per ton in free gold. Tbut i« the
lta§Met dieoo-vary ever made in thi« field,
and minora am looking la tha yiaaa la
lt Breaks Out Again in
well County, South
Tfaa liliiia Ordered la iha Smm
•r«C tiM Conflict—Aa(M
woe not I banned OC «hot by white regulators. *H#-
fend tiMUi aKain broke into active
*T/v%n tiitty Tiiaday night. In
%bt a negro wae killed by ft.
white men. Ia tko not tfMi
followed three olbar n^jiwe were
killed eed aevetal wbMa vien wonoded.
White men, to the number of twenty fl*e,
aeeitiK tbeiuaelve« ov«rfM"fe*ed, retreated
to e warehouse where tbey ar- now en
trenehed white the p'aoe ia be«oe«red by S00
armed negroea. Tbe anthoritie« of tbe
town have telegraphed the governor for aid,
and two companies of militiH have been
ordered, to tbf i««|"»#r*t# fighting
end large lose of life hi etpeeted, ee the
negroee are wild end aweair veogeanee for
like killing wf their fnenda. i
Vila li^toranwr Kpwwka
The ex-governor thea referred to
admiuiatratioit of Gov. CinpMI,
poiateti oat inateneea in which it had
!ete.i tne pledged nmde on the alnrap.
speaker wan loadly applauded. Ttie
venturn took a reeeee nntil 2:^1 p.
fim Imrt* FfeMMuse oatwillM Agpaee
WaMUXoto*, July lis.
The eenate committe on finance baa
dared a favorable
Ex^br. Forftkw Makes a Hingil
Address to the Ohio Repilth
liean Convention.
A fearful reoe riot is To
•tn, Harawvll county, ft,
from olambun. The preeeai
the outgrowth indirectly of the w boJeelii
lyschtng of negroea in Ieeember lafldi
whaa eighteen oolored men were eitlMa
oonaequenoe la a poiitioai eeaae to aajr~
body, bat what happens to tbe great •&
pnbiiean party in of the nigheat concern of
ail H& matter, therefore, what may H1
bean the eaoeae, no matter who may hr,ve
been at fault, no matter wbal republican
may have voted for the demooratie oandt
date, it 1* all of tbe part, and only beoii
burnings and titseen»ionn can be
Iha reealt of eberiehing
recoUectuata. Away, then, with bttaeroaea
away with aniiaosltf and away with prej
udice, awa witb rivalry, away with every,
thing thai «tao ia between oar party and
eat parte s triouiph»
2 k
on the
national bonk otreniaiion
the fal­
Ho it Msteted. That the aaeapakesey mqrnim*
meatw of t'oited bomi» *ith
th* toeanury ttie i'nit*.t Iry national
4*onk# l» b*r«t)r
to Si.uuu ot bonds tm
«aeb aa4 o«? /ooul bank.
OKicaao. faiy is, r,.
A late ihapateb from Burlingtoo la,
Provided, «b*t tim voluntary wftbdvawa! of
of natjaael basdi
tuan of ia
any one uioath without ttie ef»«oyat.
#eer*fc*r of thefereaenr^.
fwrtSwr jnavlded, thai Ibi* «-i *a«ii as4
appty to U- v di^paiiHc or oondu wJut}. sway
tbe eMf»tar'
of tew
«nr« dep.nit of fMMfe
tr«*eur) U se-
arntUsnmt hen**.
dsfoslt MrtSJ1 ov tMngber
UMrflo o* *11) I 'rated States hea4a ^«ak4ig $•*
tereat the taaaer eegaired h«
notleaal haakiag aeeoeiaHe^ »haU .#e
to reeetvettMs tfew eaRptnflsr the
eircalattBS eseae-wl MHseme AMMwha
blank, r*i|i««ereil and qewateeelgaBd
vttlaO by law, not
•tttoeat th« pa 1 vmlu« 01
Pr!.wl«J, that at ao M»»« •hoi) sotal
seen oo«* to a«y #a«b
amtym-nn .ca*«d «h® acoovBt at «ueh time
tt« oapltal etoedt.
Lesrnoa. Jnly M.
8t^lay tt
•toangth. He bee (taoepied
ol Ibe Shafteehmrg cycling eitftb.
JULY 17, 18»V
Mm iMtm Me­
I1r» Thouniiil
M««.. July 16.
Uamhis & Hon, of Portland, Me.,
MvietvtHl a letter from their repreeen
ftt 8t Pierrte Mt*rtiniqae, dated
_f?. and fmng later partx'iilarm of tbe
»r at Port de"Pras.ce. The fire
•bottt 7:IH» 00 the morning of Jane
•preed repidly before a high wind
1 by foltowmg morning had favan®*!
th^ !»ea«hore from the weetern «ik
raanab to tbe B«vw*r» l^e-raiwor.
with the exception of very amall
the an4i«|ae city of Port de Pranoe
nin«. lCaay people periahed aoi
have been recovered*
*p*rte** of thf thickly-populated
of tfac city deetruyed and aevan
of tbe people, nntnb^ring from
to 7,000, are bomeleee- Tbe demaad
on the charity of thoee who were
xl litt# rednoed then) to the *»mo eon-
Mottfty maMt 1h» had immediately
dn»tr«*«s at Port de Prance wilt be*
abaolnte mtarvaiiou. Qoadalotipe
s| the wteamer A Icy
On, la-lfo with
Tbe bank of Gepe baa remitted
ftaixHi a«i the firet ui«taH atent of a re
ami from the aister iale. Tbe letter
an eppoal Car beip to
xlm winu»b»to Hiwrtim dokar end He
I'faokMt Iter (MmMlna
lift§(7K Kivita F*rJ. Wl». July in
*Yhe dupoaitiou to garoltle ie
ia th* Wmuebago lodion, in Wiaeonein,
that h«* or §be cannot poaaibly withstand
tbe t« iUliot» to indulge, if an oppor
t«Dit .« 'ttt re.-i, aud thiy have anything
Htngln| fw«*
latfcaMI* Mteftntritean tMTtirttsa
CkavsiiANo, o., Jaif it
The Ohio repablieaa Mi* aanveatloft
wax oelled to order at 11:90 hr A. T. Brtaa
niade, chairman ©f tbe »tate centml eom
mitiee. When Ex-Gov, Poraker
apon the atage witb Col. Brtnamasb he
wa« gr«ete 1 with proioagod and entbnai
«ftic. Qb^sniig. The ex-foveznoi:
Irodnoed and delivered aa
Ei-Gov. Poraker eaid:
*1 went to talk chiefly about the com
palgn upon whinh we are entering, bat I
have few word* to eny firet concerning
that of iaat year. We did no* ©wise out of
the iaet contest vary well. We loet Use
gov iriie«lu} ataeildy aad UattaA}
a%eieaae»e*»r--6iw «n«
pajryeeee of lb® eenv*
ooaeeqaenoe, wo loct eleo tbe llau
tenant.governehip aad wmtrol of the
#tat»a inetittttona, and only time and
tbe ee*i ete^ion cea tell how many
representative-* in congre««. From now
forward let every reptbUoan look to tee
front. The iaet campaign eboald bo re
membered only ui eo far a* it teaebea lee
eon» of benefit lor tbe futare. Alt eoa
neeted with it that may he the canae of
oritictem or bitterneee of feeling eiioold be
forgotten, hot if there be tboee who muat
have a victim, thoav whoae mindH are eo
ooaetitnted thai they aaa't be
eatlefled withoai deflnitady hading
fault, aii auoh I have an appeal to make.
My appeal that you place tbe blame
upon me. Whether it be juet or unjutt
for yon to do eol shall sol etop to ^aae
ties neither ehall I ntter a word of 00a
idaint. On the contrary, I will bear moet*
glaslly all (bat my Mite real euemv cen
ever imagine ae appn»|,ir»«tt to he laid apon
my ahon^derii, if thereby 1 ean In tbe
elighteet manner promote the good of oar
eotnmon eauee. W bat heppane to me or
any other individual la
can pat op for a stake. They
M»v»r biooper when entirely cleaned oat
bat t*i« it etoically, and «M» only eorry
that 1 h«y hav« no more to 1mm. Their
iaverst, game ie "moccasin," a game in
WtaM, htd«i a hraoN bntton tinder one
at tbr*« pieeee of bnckakiu or other «ab
•taac* lying on the ground, hie opponent
barium two ebanoes tarn np the
ptaac covering the battoa. Tbe etoaw«
ate am taach given to gambling
•a tb« male*, bnt they prefer cards, aad
some them are such expert* with tbe
eaohr- deck they ean give Ibetr white
brother# maay a "pointer" oa their ma
oa. 1*ay will bat aaytmng tbey
own from a ring kkthe loog string of wam
pttns !'«ads -their ohoioeet
ttiK .ijmt# do not weary tbem«dve«
wttb lw-rry picking, bat rest tjnteily in the
stedf tnroogb the day end tboa win tbe
fhc picker* «t night,
aiming, an they often
ganxo*ift f^M» aaly to return "dead
brake' tfctMr'fceeif poking the morn-
Bamaat tbe* are very careful of
eannnot be led iato
at all, but will upend their raoaey
fot im itbbens end dreiMee and gorge
tiieMeaiVM With frnit and eonfetrtions.
Meay«|«hMa sever feel well with any
money in their {sockets, bat ipni every
cent before leaving the city.
With BeiaeeeleeWB*.
fa.. July 16.
Herbert and John Kennedy, fr., of tbe
!t«atnm bank, whiiA recfutly failed at
T» ^otnm, have been arrested, charged
wstb eaifcaHlaujen! of tbe batik'fe funds.
art dkatlKed with rfceniuK depoeits
i tbaf kae« the Arm wa« iu«o|vent.
Mta Pi-athar#^ "7
ieiy i«.
I woofJaeob liappold's ohildroa found
tb .r father pistol and Freddy, aged 1,
locked down the barrel
lolled. The ptaloi wae
rge« aged 7, and wae
lag Fkeddy iaalently.
irp -igiitT •r^'*
i ue
to eee if it wae
in# bandit of
diweharged, kill-
ftf Commander Holey,
pled by the presi­
dent. Hie aonaaatkm as aeeietant eecre
tary of tbe navy will probably go to tbe
«tp &ie* atoelu
oflMai vm»e*flB'i a,iH
fcUil aitnttHl 10c luwsr.
«ik, .Wij.
tUi. hanged,
'fltue, W. t.«
#*.70. feed
tnala. W lw#
«. tt«Iter*, eboiea,
g| 7iV.t«» intmios,
eptM ebolr®. f»«i
«, lib te gtKKl, ti.T5-«a.2&,
at. as Mtt
h«»l«« $3 is. eom
lie, eboio*
gwkft ataady
Xovr f*VMtM«W.'
¥a»s. Jnly 16,
Jnly. ««esa
HMwaidiae IPreiiases.
No i
U k "&$&?***
kJ4 ^tk *L\ 1lL»
OUa XfiifiE EELiTIOfiS.
Letter 1Vom Secretary Blaine
to Senator Frye on This
5 Important Subj«ot.
The Maine Statesman of the Opinion
4hat a Tariff Bill Should £n»
1^: aourage Extension.
Goy. Miller's Warning to North fi*
Residenta—The Lotkflf
Etil and Its Damages
ffinwwa. Jaly WL
Tbe following letter from Secretary
IMaine ban been rwceivt*! by S4«nator Frye.
andar date of Bar Harbor, Me., July II
1 bave last rac#tv«d tatelllffenc* froa tbe
fcigbeet eusamerofal authority in Havana tbat
A merit an floor, tinder tba n«w dxitte* imposed
lv Htani. cannot raacti th« rubaa uar*#f. us»l«r
a o»«t of 9i I p»-r hwrai, couutiuK tb« slur
ptng iwic* in N«w rk at pot t»rrai
Hjai»t hoid# ihm uiarkat for h«r4*i( aiil o abU
to Kun{«ai Hoar froui tlie »iara.-t» of
Cubt ami I 'on* Kleo. Otba arttci«« of A ntari
cati growth ar» llknwise ta*^l bv ttpaio to ?!i»
point of j»r»ildtnti n Till* on® aitl^e co(atuero«i
will »«iiout injure th •htiipuig rout«s« wbleh
w«! atilllii Aworicaa lisila largily, if ootex
it eertainiy wontd be a very esareoedtnary
policy «n Um part of our tfovarntuvnt ju*t at
this tii»«- to ojmn our market witiiout cbarg* off
iaty W» tbe •noriri.mx eroj»« ol
sugar r«i»«i
tm »|WMj|«h laiatxli* Cuba au«t I'urto Ml
fnrniab I tm««i Stat®* wltli Ufarlv
ou»- half
efit»d H^ra ia M10 op|jortoa|f
th« Miliar wbich caQ*uiue and
m« fa» lamer r.n«u»»ar» than uiv »»ihcr n»
Hon lit tbi* world. To gim n f»*« markeo to thin
uniiujuhf product erf tb« UpaoMh itSantatlou*
Ht ihU muiut nt Hpauu ia ax&iudwn the pruJucia
ai American tonne from her marbet, woakl
km a pdlcy as uopreoedented aa it would be
nr trad« with tb« Amarteais r«iubliea aa
wall a* witb tit*- W(*t Indian inland* has Ixnan
for many rear* in a mc-at unaa&iafoctory con
•iitioii Th» ajtg!r»»jata talan-«of tradn with al
IaUu Ainarica t« haavllT a^ainat ua A aingl»
tUuaUratiOD will iiufTW Wno- w«- rapaal«Ht thr
daty on eoffee 111 lHTif. wa bava import**! th#
ptodtt ts Hraxii to tb* nVat of
and hav« aoid to har Sl&o.ias^iU' of our pro
duota. i"b« iiff«r»uo« eet4,»7 l.iwo we have
pai^i lit gold or it* aiulralani. and IIrati i boa
rtpamivd thi va«t »m« in thv inarkata f»f K»
rojM' You oar r--a't|K #»t» bo» iinar«ttt tba r«*
»uli. would have l»««n if in rettirn fur tls« fr«
adituaaion of Jlraxiiiau «Off to our uiarkoU- »a
would h*v»» Msaotwd th«- frw •uliniaaten of oar
tain prtxliicta of Uia uital stalM in too Hra
ctliai.! !..ark«ta To r»»|»»at ttsi. «rror on itugar
w.) ait amount thraa iim## an iargf a* on eo!t«K
v. 1U cio« alt v^ortai-tt to nataiiiuh Me
ijMXKtty tiatla wttb I atoi Aniortoa
Tb«- oftmr^oit fgB4nat H»e jprote«tfv« p^icy
which ba« n i« tliai it.
**ten*lly aawHiwhMlMM* mm«t t-itw mp'Sta!
i«t, and not ai aii t:.« ti» tarmei You and I
kuwn that thw 1* e»t tra#. !»«i atlli it t« tba i
moat pianat^ta, an {.h-r»»ff.irv ti» most hartful
arK«m-nt mtvi*- »y tli« (iw trader Her« i* an
oppurtuaii wli#*,- th» famaj-
Hiiali wa aoica the opprtaalty. or shall wa throw
it. awaf
I cto not douot that in atony v*sf«eet* thf
i.tll |«4rdin« in tb«* a»ua:* ts a }aat nwaa
ura ani tliat uioat ot its pruvlatcma ar» tn m
aordaiu-,5 with the wia« poiiey of pr*ta«»tloii.
Hut b«ra ia not a aaotlon or a lino in tba »utir«
liiil tbat will open a ni&rkat for anotbar Imahal
of wbaat or anotbci barrel of pork If wuar*i ot
l'tocad ou tba fm- lifct witiiout etaotiuelm
j»»rt«ut tragic eoucttaatous
rat urn. aitaii
«"ioae tb« door for a prof)tat1* reeiprocttv
aiaioit ouraaivac, i think yon will find *ois«t
v*lnail« tunta '«i ttua aub)«et in tb«- praai
i :it inaf maaaa^r of Juue IV, with aa tuuoit
aw tioal w iadoin a* was at «r otatad In ao aiuuit
a *paa«.
slur foraiipQ market
Mss sooth
Starr, or
tMWB official yasterdoy,
sara lu.w) heten ou aal*
His kw«r, •aUlut at S&iO
ofDotal yastwrdey,
Market ooeced
to Mlo
Oetcaen Jnly ie.
burnt. gnallt^||If.
tarasdatafls frowa nar-
rowar. (irtat Brttais ia *i«rtlu( avarv nana
to meurtt bar brea-i «nppha« !ron. Swiia, ami
the rapid expan«tli! of tba wbaat a aa tn Hum*
g1V«t una po» arfui oompetttor in thin aitrki-tn
of Kuriip«*. it ttaeoinaa us. tliuratora. tn u»e
ever* opportunity for Uia axteusioa of our
morhata ou both of tb« Aiuari«an eontteeeta.
Witb naatriv #UKt.t«l),(JUU wortii .1 augor aaakia^
our market avarv vaor, aboil )rov« o«r
•eir«» twMt unakiilad iatfiftiatcr# if wa do not
waeora a iarga floid for tba aale and oon»uut
turn nt
our "hraai»toffs and pfotstion*.. This
1*1# ivn7«-**itee of Amerieon rwpnblica |rovad
tb« wot a ooumton dwasrw fm i-ioaar r»
laticma our aixiuld to*' up tba work
whwa tin- international 1 onfamtx-a l«ft it ur
Wary KvU, a»»l th* Dsspr JfCMM
In tha Vusee^ft.
Krjtjatnat.s. M. D., Jaly 16
Gov. lff!!»T bus prepswf tliP ftiflowtUjJ
circular letter, which promiaea to prodnoe
a decide.! sensation in }M»htic*i circles
i7'". heavy
it. 1*'.
Maakot at*aiy to
W**k«re aad
I.UKOTA. K*k« f»ivr «»rrtcK,
liiaMaata, July ISl, law.
Mare Yoaa. Jaly M.
The ramairn of Maj.
Buaaua Anas, Jaly Mi.
The praminm on gold at
was quoted 1X7 per coat.
flen Walter Ifewborrr
IVaa* Mir: Yon
bava no 4eubt been tnfermad throngb tba praaa
that am not a aotidat«' for rs alaet ion owing
to tbo ptrwaanrn of prtvatr boatot»aa am.
itavaffthniaaa. daepiy intar«-atei in tl»a «uc«o««
tbp aiani«it in tin atata wblob iiaa ahowti it«
op|»o#ition to tii« att* nipt* t* feat* n upon ua an
Institution which oi«an diatiouot and dn«at«r
i irmly Itallov* that tb frlaoOa »f tba a«bama
ar aacratlv pionnin# to oiitaln «w n control
1 if |h4iti«ai afTatra aa will ««aM« th«M. ts
aat-nrn a ehorter
tor imgmtiatm t»ttaf
witatber It be f»r tb* i^uiatana IxHtaa-v
-•aupasiy or aome oth»-r
other wia4v tbev b»li«via*i Uxat aaid
cbartt-r »o«U4 bt of grant «Ju» aitbar for tha
parpoaa of conduettrtK a iottary thantamlvaa or
"for dia}M»«al fe aanna fOnsj»«.r 1 For
pr«f of tb« f« tat tha various iviltury con»
paiow* ar« iiKikin^ this way on aoctmnt
of f'ifio.tWO
abano« of any eonatttntl"a*l rv-strtcUon. I wad
bnt »ay that I am ree«*ntl 10 reset|H of a tele
Kr*w irum tba Maii«aii lottery wto|iiany.
farttm Urns
niuurtmr in
laJiota. it ia of tha utmoat iniiKwtanca, ttaera
fort- tbat out- friamia anould ix? t* tbo alart.
and that no loaal or iM»raon*l ambition want
of ikfti vlty or i*t:k of caw« in aatwt ion of rajwa
aantatl*«« to oat vcation, snonid ba allowae to
jwiardiae the bi«iva«{ and boat intaiwata or
our atan and i»*i people fo* §e»#r*tk»na to
coma, by tn*- po«*tbi i*gifciati. ij
aa taatitu
tlon of Uu* i'har»ct»» No* akooM Wb#
of our aflair« piacad in tti« barnda erf
tbos- «fa.- t»» va sfc--n by tbei aopport of the
n»*tarkrt)» acbema ttM only .if tha mt[
.( wbtcb «M
»sit thai
tbe•. *r« finwortiiy to tri-.atal with tt»« man
attament ot offaira of our new Plaa*a tet
am 'near rnm you a. rsgofil u iitt «vndlt|Mt oi
allalrs in year eeaalQr. Ja«w MiuMNk
Laprmy on tl*e lelaad of AattnaetL
Qvani' Juty Id.
A genaiue eaae of lapraay hae bees ila*
oti Aniu:o»fi lolond- Tt»4 victim
oI the dMMMMWs heo«! erf family, hm
•lied of th* ikftbetion, and it bt fearod tbat
hi* entira
hi m^bkIni
large number of dog-"
Qm. Mm C. Wm*
moot were laid at rent tbfe mrrntng ft»
i Tjintty oemetery Distiugniehed aoldtsw
i and cittsens of prominetxva and men whe
had boom tbe life lawg frlenda
the deceased were among thoM
who attainted the faaermi eemcge
at Bt. Ignstin* chnrfb. Dr. Biiohte cug
daoted the siaiple servtee af the Proteetolt
Epi«cot»e! church Tbare was no aermtM
at tbe concluaton of tbe ser^ioee At tba
chareh tbe funeral eortage moved at Plftk
avenue end thence to Trinity cameterjjy
whora the reatatm were temporarily pli
la the raeeiviaf venlt.
»w»«n» Will Maav 1
Vtlia. July W
Official papere bave been laid before the
ehemher of depattos, eettiog forth the t§»
rangetnonts whereby Fraaee te to hava p*W
ference in the paroheee of tbe Congo free
state- ...
9?sw tai Sieaaa
Pawaa, Ihl, Jaly a.
A un otler of buildings in
senium of Denton. Tex.,
causing luaa of
BOminsted for congress by tha democraia
of the Fourth Illinois eongrossiona! die«
Forty-fear deaths froaa eholara have
enrred among the lasnsbars of a
of Gboorkae etattoaed at DharaMla, la t|w
Au east bound passenger train ran into a
freight train st Gladstone, Vt., killing twa
maa and injuring three others. Tbe caig*
of accident wae a miepiaoed switch.
A French company has te«o fonaed fig
the parpoee of eetebliehing oafea in 1^S*
don and tlte prim tpel oiltes thronghoSl
the kingdciM, ta be uaadanlsil on the Pasda
elan (dsn
Mts» Pieietle RaeeeW, of Ottsei
who woe on a visit to reiativaa in tj
wae robhed of an endorsed bill of exchange
for fl0,ee0 by John L. lineb egift
James Hogaa, who had followed her fraSh
fhe Italian
devising new
Is eagagnd ftii
I tan 4
a TOpubiwat
oon«rreas to oi»#n the market* ai.iMKlt** (f
l»-opi'' to .th-' pfiHiueta of Auiaru-an
elaborate plane
of mobR-
ination of MM kmd foro««.
whtoh la llllilhili at vartaocw with the
vary rmmtlk aeSWRSeMM by rentier Or to(
of the gvwMfyMg esileeh iar
Aa laaalrv aa to What Animal ii« Orljrifta
ally Itaartaaarf Vroiat.
The varieties of Ihe domestic AdQ'
bavo lately boon diseuaaod by Fro a (A
aad Eaglieh naturalist*. 14. (•. die
Morttliet, in a paper road lieforw tlift
Antbropologicai itoeloty of Paris, o#»
euming from negative uvidunt^ tl«s
aoa-oxistonoe of tha dog la tbe mtrlitR
Quaternary epoch. lrat*«a hb pr-o»en|ft
onward frvui the sboll boap» iu
maurk. In which hie retnatua cofiimou|y
recur Pnaamg from the pmhistorje
agae in Europe, be considers at leogHk
tba evidence tbat ean be advanced if
the oxlatonco of aevora! variotiea of tilft
dog among the Kgy ptiana. and iater (g|
among tbe anci«nt (rreeks and Kg*
auuDs. and in tbe faet of tbe
merable varieties of eaais dOmcaticu%
the authwr boliovo# we havo one of il(g
moet c-otii ltiaivo proofs of evoiutiog.
Mesa rn. Winder and Humphreys havtg
also read a (taper before the Zoological
society of T^ondon on ttotno cranial and
dental eharartoristlce of tho domeatto
dog. based 011 tho resulte of tbo inoaaur#«
merits uf
of various brtiods. Its object was %g
aaocrtaih whether cranial and dental*
characteristics afforded sufficient in
formation to permit of a scientitle
das»ifiration of the breeds, or wouttt
tbrow any light upon their origtifc
"The conclusion so far arrived at
that inter breeding had been so exted**
sive and complicated as to make it lrga
possible to dintingulsh tbe variotfg
forms acmnUflcally from the charartefg
examined A. I). Bartlott, the vetefa
ail keepor of the Zoologic«t fiardena 4(
London, at a later date brought befong
the Zoological society some obitervga
tions on woh e«. ja«'kais. dog». anil
foxa*. His remarks U*nd«Hi to shotf
tbat ail the varieties of domestic doqg
owe their origin to wolves aud ]ackal%
and that the habit of barking has be^g
aoc|uired by and under the influence if
domestication He aiao uiaintaiio^A
thai the dog is the moat o^rfwyjj.jj
M«stioatad of all animalr
•Hhonldn't you know a lock of aew
hair anywhere, Joba?" qoerttnl mmb
leotionate votiug wife, wboae tiwaagg
were her hnabaod'a pride
"I think I should," be retarued, oagt
Uously, aad dha broke iale a 017 ei rahl
"Ob, dear, iotst *tay tbal! Say yoi
know yo»* *bonld
Bat .lohu v. oe not to he geieaade^
Me morely thought aOb and thai oakf
wotilil he aaoert.
aball think of
said a lady, whose first novel wa»
praaa to a departing guest, *anls«a I
get my proof-ahemta r*
It wan & vary affeetionaU bnoiian^l
who tittered the m««et literal iaterprga
taWon of sen times yet on reco-rd,
"J believe," aaid his wife, proudly
after some great iiuttanm
Fa J.
bi« arssep"'
tish davotkm, "I believe vou woiihi i«d
yourself 1* cnt iuU innh ptex..^ fcgf
Th® fa u*tMkui| h^ked dtoi! btfnl.
*Make th# paeoae au upch^i
be returned, boaaatljr, HmA gM^be
aoadd ataad il*

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