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For Cyolones Sometimes Strike
.J#u» in Nearly U*
Same Place.
Again Visited by
Killed, But Crops end
Building's Damaged.
Cftptafa and C«w if tin Sift
Win* Under Examination*-
Thair Own Sataman I
Another beevy^storm prevailed in Mto
BMdU W wioeeday ,e*antng. At Bed Wing
tftd I«h City tha ntai w thought to have
)uf done Ifimac" to cropa. hat that
is all Marine.a little town uur S til'water.
well as Stillwater itself, «u reported
wiped out. but the latest report* from
thkre, discredit tbe utory. Anoka
goffered msm from levelled
fe«oe«, but tbe worst of Um itom pegged
norMn of that city, frout which set ion
notltag ha* yet been heard Cleat lake.
Wis,, aagording to on* report wan a severe
gafferer, but more definite wtateinenU from
there etata that tb« damage *m very ahgkt.
The worst Of the tornado was felt in lit.
Peni and tbe notihgra suburbs,
of North 8t. Paul, where tbr- stone
played have*' with property, bat
no tow of Ufa Is reported There
«M the wildest roost cm stint, there for s
short time, hat the storm steered off u tbe
eeet and movwion Th* onU damage was
to the point of th- Vcme ('hair company,
which w»K totally wr»*oked. The log* will
gaotoahij reach $lu.uuo.
n» Cr«« «r «fe* lU-r»M IM |Wiag fbhv
ItiMtuUea In M. Pawl*
•r. .fiiiy r.
Oapt Wathera ead tlx of the orew)of tbe
MUfated steamer
Wing, wroftked
aft Lalu* i Hv Sunday ha*" arnro» to
Ht. Paai aud »o»«ntaieut Inapootom
Xaagcr and Kaapp are vsudnctsbg an ua
Tootigatton of tb« affair b»bind cloaod
doora. C'aplk W«tbare attd ('lark Nil#*
ha^^ K t'! the priM*
•f tb** h«aaUr. Tbay aa) Ihn «t«am«r Htm,
f/iiW Ua«S b«*» raoe-ntly in»ip«fltfd aad
fMod tu good eout»tio» and with «L»« ••argo
tUtm bad us i-oRijwaxit wa* allowed fW paaa
n#at% Tho uaiaberfof paaavugvts aboard
at tbe ttrea vat l$4). There wore on tfe*
and barge 1H7 cork wd tabs
aad w««ij stiff* Tbe boat l»ft
at i lock and proo^tnkfd up
tlH MM abont mlim wb«K tbe
tte aad W*a
tbo'Uli Mini tste pwxt to kwp
iafesh tbe ilai and re
fcnun^ uatu ®ampl«t»ly
MbnwfVNi. «fc»u bfc brok# tbroagb the
aidf aotl moitadad t» raachttiK ahun- The
«uffin««r irtoo^ at hi* poat uutU the wat«r
flllad (be eagim room and Uwr awule bit
tbf i»oat upaet tb«ore va*
•O water in tbe ball aad nothm# but tbe
luce of tbe wind up«*t her Tbe barge
va* not out U&ti! tli« steamer
aapau^d, aad thaa oaly to aave
U from bain* •wf^nspad alac. The crew
W« ail tibU' iu»:i aad u^Of^t'Kh! Uieir
iMMtnea* No li.juot* were u board and
»OKa of tbe oraw dmok a droji that day,
atti bmm«. QOO« of the craw were drinking
MB, Wbe» tbe boat Uft Lake City tba
rtorsi seamed to bat# paaaad and the craw
da*1)0(1 it aaf«- to atart. '1 b# i»a*a«'i»x«r*
ate waat«d to go and tbe boat (itarteti on
hat return trip.
I^H^itaac wive KnJola* M»» Cwwatjr Jut
U*r»mt mm* BteerMT rroai t»a»rfwrlmy
I'biliipe baa kawdtodi dotra aa
dectaioc in tito original j»n|gg«
4HMa acg"«d tefore bits rai-autlv He
gmiad an tnjanfliton to tbe agenttt of
IcewiitH firm# in 8t. Ixiaiit aud Milwaukee,
hai engaged its Vuiaineee in Toftaka,
•gainat Cosnty Attorney Welch aod
Sfeertfi Wiikervoa, reatraiai^ them froaa
farther mterferaaoe witb tb ulaistiifa
•v. i
OiMcmmaTj, O., July 17.
Tha Cincinnati Priee Correal
Hk«r» ban been mi eepeoieU?.
rketing of bogs te the weet the past
paeking ret area showing 366,000,
tgaiuat 'il6,00t» last year, making a total of
amce Mareh 1. egainat 4,IHfi,(100 a
ar agM«, Tb« it-ylin^ ^laoea 4H«u$«*re ss
9L Xaata
Mehraska VW
l'2 i'*»
ir .ooo
%eaBoaaw«, July t?.
TbM wcretery of tbe interior iiae trana"
filUvl to congress lettex U-it, tbe I utted
tatee ludun agent, at Sisnton agency,
§o«th Dakota, atating that the Biseeton
gjnd Wahpeton Indteas of I^ke Traverse
S»e«rvaliou are in ib«* most destttuW con
4UIOU the drouth of last year having al
giOBl totally deetroyed the orope, and eefc.
that $6,000 be appropriated for the
furchase of provisions to keep them from
Ttha bill granting «or the relief of
IheSfasetot, and Wab|wtoa ladians, who
ir« *e|»©rted to a starting condition* lM
^d^eeo favorably seporie^i by the house
aaare«e«r and
o„ Jnlf 17.
&«—th llef^rt-, a fermer Hvinf ik -II
.rnrg iiaaaHl.n.g angry at oae of his
^auads afcraak hint with a pitchfork
tbaj ho hamme a
A umtmumm nuMfai mm
lain nf jaalTwfal daptavtty tofdtoka
Mm% aaaMn fraai 0orrii}a»a wA town
la tta vaaiai* facMon of laiaaMaaaanty,
ftwwa Pallo»y» aod Iriagwfli
•*ooa. Tha ift.f»ar»ol4 mm of a farmer
•unad j|aH» 8«lli*aa entered the bad
vaaoiaf hilt tawate aadiiaially »hot tbem
Ba fa mum is |aB. Tfc» »aaaoa v for
UMidaatl waa ttai Im wm Mnd «r waitmy
Mate ('Mrcnttmi
to Uraad
•«T»c.rr, MM ,?»•• IT
The lin bigan state dawoeraUe ooovaa
iioo date t* fixed for Grand Kapids, Bapt.
M. V. Montgomery, jadga of KM n
pitHBe court for the DietrieC of OoUuaMa,
baa deetdad to reaign and will ba in tbe
fieid for tbe danoorattc nomination for
govanaor of Mxtagatt.
Tialiationfll Xonidera' ooevaatton, oow
in aaaalon in IMnH. baa voted §1,000 to
aid the Ban Franotaoo strikers. A *Wp
from Kogtand, bearing monldera, to to bo
,IW Urttlan Oatten ca Hmm VaelK Sawa
atiuniMl t» Tit air via Taeba.
Maw Yoaa Jv*t tft
Tbe alo*k cottaw have gathered at their
reapaafttre abop« and axe at work banal
ptfar lo the tronbU belvaeo tbesa and their
eaupioppre. Tbe catten ai.»o went to
work, and oontraeton threw open tbe
door* of their abopa and began work on
garment* left anflnwbed when the etrike
aocarTod, TW eontraetor* said It wonld
Mot be a week before tb« piaoea of atrik
lag operator* wonld be filled with Amer
kaii working Ktrl*. [email protected] ou&nuiactarera
anw aay a* they bare the cuttera and con
tractors with them, they have no fear that
th«y wilt gat ali the operators they raqnrni.
Ewry noo -anion workman wae di«
chafu»»«t by tbo*« ttianufa^tarere who ba»i
tluni: at work iaet uighi when tbe anion
man want to work. TbeChope were empty
abortiy afterward, however. The non
anion bands flocked to the nnion man and
pat in appiioattouM for metnberebip in the
union. They w»ti be allowed to work
pending the daciaio* of the
to their applieation#.
Um i«utiiei» t.
trwE rtsHEftisa WAR.
Cnilear F1r«a UfMHi
rttwok Bwl N«ar
Muwthul, July 17.
The report telegraphad from Halifax
that a Newfoundland ernieer tad ieed ©a a
Fremib iiabercu&i. ia practically confirmed
by private diapatcbee reeeivwl ta Moutreal,
wbkii alaoaay that tbe man-of-war Corian
aatied tmotfdietaly after tbe rejsort wu re
Ifi xeiolom tbe Newfoundiand
... —m»
m» Bar aw
Tar««- Wouilu.
Haw awpow», Tex,, July 17.
A gfetktktcnaa vlM ha* retnraed irom the
atete of OveHwMa* *my* *«r wm»
told that the faaHf thaw front emaii-pev
hava awapd 400 for the last three
monOM. Tbe diaeeee ie atill apraadusg
(toiaft a^tMjgtu'*' ba« beea oheervad ta
eaoritac tike deeni, and this haH led to the
af a
tjuaavr, Jaly 17.
Fire broke oat to tfee bamwai at Qae!
leta bote! to (It Joeeph'e street, Qoebec.
%"b« ftamei spread rapidly through tbe
^honae, which wae totallv de»t.royed daapite
Of tbe tiiaaMB. A. Fwioii Can
uiciedta^ Jacques Mirada*.
hhi wife aad three daa^teni, who h«ui juat
returned from Providence, E. 1., who had
room# on tbe apper aiorj, all httfneti to
death. Two saiiorw belonging to tbe Mary
I am of Halifax, who were in a druuk« n
Mupor, were unable to paoape aad aieo
ua the ,7
lataata Meat Caasee
Maaaber mt Oases
llAoait'. July 17.
The heat hi iateM* la
ern Spain. Cholsva is increasing the
provinoe of Valencia, and has appeared in
Alicante. it is nioro viindent, and of the
new oaees sinoe th*? present hot weather,
60 |*»r «mt. are fatal. Tbe inhabitant*
who o*n leave an taking refuge in other
oountriss. (iovernmeut returns from Va
ieuoia show a total of nineteen new oase«
aad eleven deaths Monday: thirty-four
new eaee* and nineteen deaths Tuesday,
tu «*ae if rajKirteti to Madrid. Tbe
b#alth auihoriiiew ar# takiag ev»r aanitary
pre "autiou, and the it inngnst (luarautiiin
fkpiiatinii we enforced.
Am liMNStt* Hrakeawaa
InoiAitAPoMs, July 17,
i Brake man HilWrt, of New Albany.
1 OB a looad Monon £r«iihL
insane, and jumping firaai Dm
tostantly killed.
MHauroLB, Joly if.
ludpa Habisairt of the ci re
alt otrff.Hitt
iietdid MMI Oaitoan must be taught ta
the iadkMMHMftla achools. The suit waa a
tost Mae. Wv
ill "i
Uabrtelte Af Baae*
Paaaa, July if.
A mmmimitm of «Mdiaal
exasnuied Oabriella Boaipaed,
plioe of th# mnrdat Eyraad, aad have pao*
uounced her sane.
Totfem'o. Ont.. July It
Wm. Gtmm+M v#ja*. of
grandson. 10aA wes»
mm jmi»*
sge »uJt 'ids
i« Ike
Horrible Murder and Mutila
Um of a Girl in
Tha Mini* df tha Rand Known
•'•any DaaBriptions of- Rim'
FraahTiwiWe Raporiad
fttnoki and English on tl\e N«*l-
i fomtdland Co—1.
Mie« H«H«ra fell to tb« ground. WhjnI
pouu«1 upon her aad began to mnt tbe
bead from her body. 1 h» giiaatly work h«
aooompliabed, and picking up the bead
with tbe blood dripping from it, he viewed
it with a ftendieh look of delight. Then,
toeeing it aenle, he walked ltiiurtily away.
Orawforl, being unarmed, wan afraid to
make b»» preeem-e known, and atotxi and
saw tbe wnuwt he expected soon to make
hie wife butchered like a dog He m*k«&
off wed gave the alarm, acid eoon a moll
wax soaring the wooda aad awaaipa foar
tlie aaarderer. Bo far he had aaoceeded in
avoiding capture. H«.« will be lynched s»
aooii aa h* i1* oapturwd.
Frenchmau still paid no attention attA ftn
aily e«c*pod 1% th little Miqaetou.
Ae the story comoa ftoaa a Frencfi sou roe
is St. Pierre Miquetoa, it may W graatly
•4ati0eratod. but ouior laJaaaA t» the ?tory
by the burned. (kfaaBwe of the
Hrttiah Btea»i«»r BeUephas, the fW'
ship af the North Amerioaii s^uad
ron, aad two oth«r mMi*ofwar frotn
St. Johns, Newfoundland. Tbe French
oonsul bae had no offioial information
«at of a French ship being tired at on the
high Ma.
SAMTA AHA, Gat.. Jul
Lieat. O. V.
Twenly-fourtli United State* Jnfftotry,
vta|,ou#} ft|
K,,rt Orand, Arizona, and Mies
Lotta Bpurgeon, daughter of W, H.
Spargeon, chairman of coaaty board of
soporvisora, were drowned at Newport
bcaoh, a pieesurv resort nine miies from
Santa Ana. A number of per
sons were bathtog to the serf and
Miss Bptngeon, who wa« an expert fwnn
aet. want beyond her depth when *be
carried out iy the current. 15. F. Hall an«!
daughter went to heir aawistanee, but the
toe were aaght by the current and carried
towards th« sea. Lieut. Donaldson plonked
through tbe aurf and siKK^eeded in rwt.aug
HaH and hi# daughter. He then returned
to Mies Bpargeon's assistance, but met as
he reached her ho4h disappeared. The
wet® afterwards ret oveired.
A|Heete«i Tm tor AMk
Posrri.A«i. Me., July 17.
Advice# jaet reoeivad ftpem Mafttoiqoe
that the fire of June 98 at Fort de
France burned 1.700 buUdmg ued mait
7,000 people homeiees. Aaeiatatuoe ta ar
geni^ aaifiirt ta aileetaie the wting dis
tr^aa, aai aa aypaal la aaafe to tke Ameti
«MI« tor mm* fcrfp aa tftasr flat afenj ..
A A i i i i i
iat* It.
The president has appointed 0. L.
^ekhng, of Michigan, aa^etant aeeretary
of the ^'to« 0eo«|e €, Tidheeor
naigaod. He was foriaaity a aaomber of
ami t* iu* *peeial agaat al the
tjamwt* Jutf it.
A aradto^e la amoaaeed *IMi £915,000
f&Wmi,. Th« 9feje«t ia the aeqatettlms of
the laiadnes of JE. W. BUaa A Co.. of
M. Y,
ef aa
Ag*w« tr|MNt« MM.
•w&m*<rr*, imr 17.
At e wmtertuae of the wprHWMJiffiiW' of
the liquor lutereeta us Waahmgton, wttk
awNBlx'r*. of tile bonae who art? oppoaeti la
tte original peakegi Mi), the followtng
nt« mm fraaaad to be off«r«l in the
Iv Mr, Adeaae, of Illiuota.
Bett Me -That n tuall not be i*w
fal to lini-ort #»i!0 aay «tat» or ter»rtory. ae
tanrUury f»o«s he
aav lataa^nuKi diet tiled
e*«*i» tn et
dadnae-.t ii» thi* a-u
tlea ahaii
tl«« pospeeeef tbi« a»t an m
ef nt«s*aaaiBg ttquar* in ««e.
ea* oeotahaingno* tba» m*
ilea aad a* otHcteal jMiekage ef
tt«ttar not is tKtMias altall oontatu not teae
than flv ^»iaaiw
Jack the Ripper
North Carolina hae i
and the people of Robineoo eoaaty
banting «very nook iu»d corner of
tiou ior him. I'ullke tbe fatnona
of London, th*- name of tbe Send t«
aad itswriptkmi of him ere poatad at tnany
ptaoea. U« it» Simon Ward, a man of no
tonoa* repatation, wljpa# record i» i4ala«d
with crime The atory told i« tlud Itat
Hunday hi murdered Mary Helleri MM*
Max ton. Bbe waa engaged to be married
to a young man named Crawford, bnl
Ward it bought to bav« had a eectet p«»*
•ion for her. Monday mora lag Crawford
and the girl started to walk to ctoorob.
Tuey had Roue only a abort
Ward came ont of *b« buallaa
roadaid'j and ordered Crawford to
girl. Crawford fwowieted, bat wae
finally driven away. 8e did not go ftw,
bat eeated himeelf lo the tmeh#8 seer
by. From hia biding piaoe Crawford
ooaid see an** bear ail that
passed lietweou Ward and Mtau Beliefs.
Ward wanted the girl to go to tthnreb with
hia, and when nbe refused be piaaded
with bar. Hhe waa deJernuued, however,
and Waani beeomiug enraged swore
would drag bet there. Hbe tor»e«j aad
atarted to ran away from him. Ward,
now fnliy enraged, drew a razor from hi*
pocket and made a lange at her, aea4tag
the sharp blade deep into her tliroat,
laws la
aar at*
otii i
»H*eti itatx
Aateaa#* to Cagrt«r« a nMwh Wahlay BMIk
by mm Knfitali Crulwr.
Btura Jaly 17.
It i« ramored at Halifax that there has
been freah trooble, the most senoae vet
reported, between the French aad Kugli*h
on tbe Newfoundland coaet. It i« said ttae
Newfoundland rrnsier Fiona, which bad
been r»«'entiy pat Into -ommiseion to pa
trol th ooaet tor tb« parposw of enforcing
tbe taut set, has had a ooaflust with a
French fishing brig from 84. Malo,
France- Tb« story im to the effeA that
{•riday the Fiona discovered the
Frenchman in North Bay on the Meat
securing bait. Immediately on #ee
iag the Fiona tbe Frenchman made nail.
The aobooner followed a lively cbase
ensued. Th# Frenchman ref»ae«l ail sig
nals to lie to, and aa a eoaseqiience the
Fiona fired a shot acrow her bow. The
A TAG Bawrasii.
cmeeaa, Jaly n.
A aaaasi wax observed to T»o 01 arc ,i1o
three «He« from shore o€ Bixtietb street,
Chiaasa. Bb«T WM one mass of tiame, and
we* made oat to be either a large barge or
an exowaton steamer. A small boat wae
seen to pat off from her, bat %he dietanoe
wa» too great to see how aiaay pao^e
th^r** were her.
It wva afterward found that the vessel
was the tug Moihe Bpaueer. of Fort
HtMfaa* Later tb« Western Htose Com
pea^'eakaaaa aoow Two Mesrys, went to
her iMtaiaaee, and it t« reporte.1. took off
fiiom tbe borning veseel. The
i naiug in the clouds from
the wmefc, end it wattt supposed that UuS
Two iienry« had also taken fire, hot IWa
wa» aakl afterwarua to be not tbe eeae.
u»» or »«*soy vistaael^.
ISMaaikuLis, lad., July 17.
Heo«et«f Johnson, of the Indiana state
Marti of akaclitee. bee tuet returned from
e*mit ofteapaotion to the poor farm in
Pike coaaty and Feport» tbe worst mixing
of sexes in that institution tbst he ever
eaoo—tared .Bach of the four rooms
from six to eight paupers of both
and representing all conditions of
A man aad wife occupy one
aaaa ocxiavy another, and a
in a third in ike same room.
saam one bed is occupied by a
,aaotb#r by two women, and a
third by two MB. Thki aanditioa W
ditpiioatod very neatly to the other two
ORT-*fii5,.JNa^r |f.
The atiaaaun granting the age of tha
like fr«al aa a part of MM site of tha
Borid't* fair haa h«en paesod ty the Chicago
iltv ooatMSii. Amend men ts requiring the
of ti*|MO than 1?U» acres there, involv
lag the in of at leaet 100 acree of
tl»« iakt»apfa«f ex|»ea«« to the etty, were
la foaa# puart^r* it is prel(oted
Ute aaniiidii.it prevent th« use
of Bia ta^oXcMlaad that the fait vtU be
kald eaM$H|| to Jackson park, rfl
ih*« tho wmw rf the eity.
*1 s
that an
from acv tanlp uattoa
•«uantitle* raqotrcx! hv tb«
•Iti lut-M»«i upon tmr*ort-a.
a«t b# lawful *eil wr*lun
ary any Iritotti-atiag lituor
lis date or Usrritury, oio-p! In
m' which tbe tam« naa
nuloect tb« rwainuiabla
ut such «tatt or t*mujrj reg
at aueh Uijuof aa a
Team «B
mm Itilnati
r«mtpil«atad W«F,
MoWTirai^uo. Ill Jaiy 17.
Tbe ntlfor and city ooanefi af
Pratt oawty, aw indulgiuy in a coepph
o^ed i«fa! war, which ha« arrayed tbe
horn*'- had anti-iio®ns« people against
each other. The mayor is a lioenar man
end it*.- eennetl in anti-lioenee. Tbe mayor
appooiiod two cstv wsrAale and liotn weie
re|#et«i by tbe council, whirh then, ai the
re«|«t»*t o( th« toMjor, e|^otet««l mamhai,
ehoomi^r John Brickar. The mayor re
fneed to reoognte*- him, although a suit ta
the courts oQstainod the eon noil. Hamuel
Rhode* sued one of the council men for
fi,WMiftr t«lhng him an outlaw, fee being
a saloon wan and having refused to pay hie
poll tax, Rhodes was then arremtsd,
oherged with selling liquor in the onglaal
packago. but tb« aqulre dismtaaed him.
Again be wae arreated. aad has in turn
ooatmenotd protMMUings against the eoun
eil, th«* justice wb taaoed tk* j»a,peri and
the ^ouatahie uhi. staved them, lie will
prosaaate theae f«r bOee iaipriaoa-
Were Mat t^acial tMBeere,
Itos MOIXK» la.. July N.
BlKor Htivers and fHty Editor featin of
Das Monies, wsru discharged from custody
to th- habeas corpus proceedings brought
||gF theui before Jutig® Binhop to teet the
i(|®«i#ticy of tbe warrants for their arreet
Mi MStimaI libei sworn out by C'anstnbie
FletM before Jaetioe Parriott. Jedge
Bieik^! decided that after July, I88h,
Wfc^ga^ ||po cottnty hoard of •«|»TTis©r»
ehmm0f tb» brtomlarv littc» of the towa
ihipBas to leave ut two township* to
the aalMHafi etty. Valley. Savior and Grant
towa^tpaaaaul to exist, to«t the aboiish
ment at Maa townships legislated out of
oflke every offioer tlMtn holding an offiee
that the warrant isaeed by Parriott aad
served by Frank Pierce wa« therefore ille
gal This de«i«iou put* oai of office foar
just toes and four eooKtabl^n who have been
raking in fat fee# in searches and seizures
under the prohibitory law Pteroe declares
be will obtain a new wartaai Irotu aoase
legally constituted jaattae and motmmmm
hia UM suit
tMmrn* Wmml TlaeCr
». D., July It
Hnmt Indiana arv somewhat
,io not having tut *et received
ae vasal aa*$e&.tie of gold fmm the govern
aneat wmpmmiiwi far the land they
mirnqnitaiml to th United Btatee. Ever
tO aatthfuwoi of their
bavs W«ii aux
of tbe money,
of them «eeei to think th« guv
is gotog to defined them out of
TTB WBki DAW IKUM A great i£«tay, if not
will be very waalthy
if r-
The Control of the Plant
Slipped Through V
bill's Fingers
Tha Pannsylvania RitilnMbd Is Htri
Control Omoiali heM
Qnasyon iUiaad Ragmrding tha Rights
of tha Idaho and Wyoming
It bas leaked oil that Mr. Depew aad
the Vanderbilta have loat tbe uion Btoek
Yard# company and that the control of the
w y a s v a u e a a s
paused to tbe i ennsylvania railroad syn
dicate. The news of the detail baa created
a sensation among Chiosgo millionarios.
"She Vanderbilta and their allies were cer
tniu for two w»ek«t past that they *m
•laatesrM of the situation, but while the ar
VfcngementH for reorganisation were in
progress,tbe Pennsylvania people slipjiadto
Mtd i*»5i retly purobaaad huge blocks of the
•took at price* away beyond anything that
had previously been offered. Frederick H.
Winston, who has charge of thf legal part
of tbe negotiation**, will leave immediate!)
for London to romylait the deal with K«
giieh stockholders.
"Until the prospeatatt af the aav ataak
yanits deal in u»t»u«»d we are damti," eeenis
to be tbe watchword of all the capita) 1stt
interested in tb«. latest deal involving tbe
Union Steak yafde aad the BaaaCar of tim
That a New Terser charter baa been
granted to a corporation styled The Chi
cago Junction Railways and I uion Stock
Yards company" is well known, but there
seems to be a painful iaok of knowledge
on the part of those mod interested.
Tbe capitalists and other* interested to
the scheme declare that until the proepee
tUM of the new organisation to iaeaed
they have nothing t" say.
George T. William*, secretary aad
treasurer of the stock yards company ae
it now stands, was seen at his home. He'
•aid "I give you my word that 1 know
Absolutely nothing at all in regard to what
kas been done, except that tbe charter has
been issued, and I can further aesure you
that I am totally ignorant regarding *bat
will be done. I am waiting for tbe proe
poetu». Mr. Sherman is similarly situated
and is as much in the dark ae 1 am."
bar lee Hanrotiu, the broker who had
charge of the Chicago end of tbe transac
tion, wv* also seen in regard to the deal.
Mr. llenrotiu promised to fttmiah a eopy
Ui VJ3© u*3 W «Wa-i4
6 o clock. When asketi at tbe time for the
document# tbe gentleman declared that
they were not ready, and that et any rate
not one would be given out until all is de
olaml correM by the authorities at the
heatl of tbe enterprise. That the Pennsyl
vania railroad has secured control of the
yards is, however, not denied by any one,
although a grutieiuau slightly oonneoted
with tb» deal intimated that the new com
pany looks composite It 1* now prom
ised" that the proepeotas will ha iawai la a
few daya.
«ftaee«t»n Bsaardlsc tlae atghts mt
gmtmm A I'foiilen tor UM Bests,
WiiHiwmis, Jaiv 17
Here is a problem whioh MM house
take hpld of: Caa a territorial delegate
repreeent a state, or an his repreeentativs
functions sacrificed on the altar of state
hood HoiuelnKl* i# threatening to i|««es
tton tbe right of Messrs. Carey and Du
bois, delegates from the territories of
Wyoming and Idaho, respectively, to hold
their tteaia as such delegate* until the ad
inisMou of representativea. Harry Smith,
kurn*U clerk of tbe bouse, was asked if
tHere vaa a pmoedeui" aovertog the
Yea," said Mr Hmitfc. there ie oae
precedent, aod it presents aa totereeting
question. The ease is that of Paal Fear
1mj|, tbe deletete fr tbe Northwestern
(territory in the seventh congress
Jpiquestion of Mr Faring a right to a sea!
tbe bou*« waa raise*! by Mr. Davis, of
Kentucky, who, on the 31st of November,
1M02, offered the following reeolstion, vi*:
Resolved. That laaamu. as ttoa lato Urri
Sary of tha I uited Htat^a aurthw»at o! the
Obic m«t has or virtue of aa art of ©on«res«
I»IMit) i, UUit, forw«Ki a etiMiiiaiMii, mstd
•^u^-rumeat, mju-l la« tber«by anst l»y
virtue of th« *-t of coogreas a/orsaatd. toewouie
a, anoarata-aCKt ilak by tb« naa»
of Ohio that Paul taring a niaujlHK of tb«
h«ma, viiu «lact-A so th« lat» territoriai
government eg tke tanrrttory northwest efthe
Ohio river. i« ae ksiger entitled to a seat la
Una house
That resolution was referred Dec. 31,
1802, to the committee on elections, wbich
committee the :Jlst of Jaaaavy tkaraafter
made the following report
K «»h That 1'atii K«wiii« toe delegate
from to« Wrritory northwasi of tb« Ohio rivsr,
U aUll »utillel to a seat in tb» houa*.
The rejsort was not acted on, bat Mr.
Fearing, who had taken his seat at the
00mmeneemeat of the session (Dee. 6,
iKt/2 held his seat until the expiraiiou of
tb« oongre«», the 4th of March, and
drew pay for that «*e**toij. Ohio was ad
mittfd the 'iyth of November, 18051, and
yei Mr. Fearing served through the second
SfNkioii of the Hevwath e«agreec, eoa
menciog Dee, 6, 180S~oaa week afterwaid
as a delegate."
Mf»w« €«»«art tor tk
H»s Mont ^«iy If.
The *t«au
•ui 4.00
,r*% n£"^\f
.^ j:- *4^
Tbe gTwate«t legal battle e»er Fought ir.
tbe state ta now tn progress the snpremei
oourt. The question ia upon the admini*
tratios of ttw estate of Judge l»avi*
who tted to March laat to Bette,
leaving an eitate of
t*esidea extensive undaveloeed am
ing property. Applicants for admin
istrator are John A. Davis, brothar of the.
deceased, and Henry A. Hoot, a nephew
Hoot charge* that Iavis in to a combina
tion with Kdwm Davis, of New York, to
control of the estate and defraud the.
the? beirt, in support of which a vaat
iuw« of legal evidenoe is advanced. Na
thaniel Myers, of New York, opened tbet
case for K ot. I'pon the conclusion of!
his addreas ooart adjourned until the 45th
THK Heligoland bill bas passed the thlrdl
reading in tbe British house of lords with
only a verbal amend incut.
Two yacht* with dozen people ont
board left Ht Joseph. Mteh., dortag a
storm, and have not been heard froa. It
is probable that they took to shelter.
WATKK ha* been let into the Central
Park reservoir in New York for tbe fir«t!
time through th* new Croton aqueduct.,
which bas been six year« in building.
HBOBBTAitr Tracy offiotally acoaptadj
tbe United States Steamer Philadelphia.
Mr, Cramp, tbe builder, receives $13,50t
as premium for extra speed.
AM Vmerman girl, Joeepbene Neuendorf
who has been studying masic in Betltnf
oommitted suicide. Her mind te eotd UJ
have teeii aflecteiiby overstady.
coaferenoo of MaryUod tariff M*
form c'ube met to Baltimore in the inter«
Mt of tariff reform, aad incidentally to
boom Clevetoad for the deaaoeratM nonun*
at ton.
THK loaaii by tha
tUiM* t.
•oet. rag
Tax., July 17.
Destructive prairie fire* Is a
ing for two or three day* Along the Hue of
the bouthern Pacific railroad, and bav
not yet beraed out. No rain has fallen
for over week and the prerie graas is very
y a o i o s a k s o i
tug l(xu!ii«ttves All the a mailer waiesf
ooursett have dried Up, and tbt? vegetal ton
whioh has grown up in the former water
beds la tniming fier cely. The oattle have
been keeping to the lolla, whece ikum is
still wue waiif, aad tPV of tkaaa have
.. «.
fire* of Hatnrday
last Constantinople amounted to £1,
OtR',000. There is an insurance of
to British oompeatee w the property de«
Hanoi, priMiple of
the preparatory department of th« t'eun*
sylvanu Htate college, haa »»Meptel tb4
seperintendency of the BeetUe, Waah.^,
publif sohoola.
schooner Wttlkua Bfaa, a:
tas no|
vassei front Gloucester, Maa
been heard from for three months, and i§
supposed to have been tost. fciha earriei
a ecew of Mxteen men.
Da. W. MiToRitt, paator oftheBroad
way Prasbytfrian charoh at Fort Worti^
ex., has been arrested for forger 1
amounting to Ue wae plaood u|
jail, being unable to give a $4,000 bead.
Y£a.Ar ^eaa**»-«a» «, .4**Ww-m#aa*a«# Atosa^J^.
of Gen- Frfinoni deprivee America of ft
romantK' ptirsonality which il can ill afforf
to lose in tbeac prosair times, HIM nama
will live to history."
abb of St,
Helena, Cel.. was shot antf protat.f|p
mortally wounded by Tom Collins, a bora#
thief. Howard knocked Col I in# down an$
handcuffed htaa, aad tfcaa falated froaa loaa
of blood.
native of Montreal, i^ne., bas been a|hf
pointed reeident at Uganda under the IB|»
perial British East Afrioa company. 1%
thus becomes the suooeeeorcf Emm
although in an adjoaaag p«o*Msee mAm
different aervice.
No L«prmmy la Mow Xerk.
Maw Yoaa. July l?.
Seneational raawva af a aaaa af
leprosy in the (Jhintts# colony oh Mod
street, New York, proves on inveetigaliofi
to be entirely unfounded. A physioiafc
•xaaatoed a suppoeed patient, bet
was not the iight«et traee of leprosy.
Cl«y Uva
glOCfX Cm, July 17.
Boas—Beoelpw. %m,
Market i«ti{ber than
yssteftlav es»&i
SOOTH OM*M* July 17.
Keseipaa, t:,iab
H.7SC. «!,iiima«ts oara JSi»
ate*l. «.«lllag St W-ii««*l.&>.
Wbee* fall a««l
i,. »C
Oort* an.! hlgber: ia *.
UiU anl ftrsn lf«eM3
Pr,viaio(M r.-rk. Steady 5®
iae6 aaay ie n '*. BaMer *wtal to
weakens, e-»l Mlgtea, U»e
arestem. I«^«»i7c.
Catcaeo. July 37,
Wheat- Jltaady
CattlT tliaestyts, -m efflela1 vrs*erUayt
10B. Rltlpiuonl*. Marhvt ta.n iu,'! Jv.
Quotattotia Fat »»•«**. prlttiO
Jajr u gexwl. es.ao*»»."
a.3ft. fair to good, *„.»«& s.l«, mit-mkm
is.«.#a.!f att to good., au 74#H.»
l' lillipi till. eowa. sitra ebou«
a8.7.iS*.®: gnMMW:» fair to ft«nt »i,7»9*lLla|
mferiuit to ssaMaewi.. ih rl, eannsvs, VSe#
ti.*£ yearll^ia, estr* ^not5«) iO.a.s lS
U :eesa
Mseitats. Tit ottiota: yeatstday,
,ud sell tug st

awata USMha Ulwa
Kiisatotl, official
I aaa |MMi*iii« TB
stow'aodXa^ty to a ahad. lower.
t'hicago U««
as.t*W. Market steoam aat
bicb^r l^hi gies#3 «, heavy pasfctag aad
«bitpta«. ^.iW4W.86-.
H*m4»is, RM»». Meskae irregulgfc
B««vee.a9.SO#4.7& atoekernsaad faeder*. S^KlB
"31*5 Market
Mattea, s«»ek«r», «a.ao#4m
N«w *«r* t*r»d%»«w.
NRW T**' Jwlv 17,
July, IM^e
aaak |fk«
WSBa« ve 4
V.«« quiet 1 eaga
ti'-'.e.. used, 4wet.
agtt saatee
Knaii in J«.iv jt.
Ma. a I.
Ho. tnortherw. Wa.
m, i.
N-. I.
•arivy ytra» Ho, *. 4k

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