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The Storm Demon Swoops
Down Upon
iawrence, Mass*
Sht WrsSB Imported Kttl3,
A af
geuce about tl o'c
Ural sir act k Muu
ibaiot to lab*
lion twenty
Matne train doe te Boeten et 10:45 got e
good itet of the wrecked town aa they
paaaed tkroagh. t^aunhf, a paaaenger,
savs timber, term wegoM aad objects
uf all sorts were seetteied at^mt in all
:«J directkwa. The petto of the eycloae WM
ecroes the track at rigbt angles, tt oat a
iiean eeeih, kivahng hoaeee aa^ eetting
off or M|«potin^twes. ffce trau» atoppetl
but a fe"tr mintttes and it wa» tmpoesibk tu
had anythtag daftaiie. k apectal fto«
Lawveuoe says the oyola»a struck the city
'^jfrow. the weet, cutting a iwatb over a
mile is length asd SOU fait in width. The
hospital is ft tied with the injured, while
the homes spaced free* tm| m* ahsltw
lag the hoaaeless ones.
At v K the »wfal vieitettan
liumber Injured, tod About
Homee Destroy*.
0®« of tha Most Peculiar Storms Ev«r
Described It Literally Fell
/r Tfcm to*
K, MMl
j«ir *.
pa war etiwek
a. a. Tbeetorm
etreat and traveled
devastating a
rode vide. Il ii satimsted
that lf*i buildings have b*«c leveled. Owe
feaeu la knowe to hare been killed outright
bv a IkMtag building end the injured we
frow reported aa n a sabering litj or rtily.
frit* kas bmfcea oat tu a a malm of pleeee
im the rain* aad the entire tie deport
sse at
|n M* at work estiaguiekiag the flame*,
the injured ere being mn«
tor ee quickly as possible.
MulAau's An—•.
Ktunn. MM*.. Jalv it.
Tke flret ttsin to arrive at
Uviww since tbe dieeeter arrived et
feoea. The coadueter state* that the tar
pedo lUoek Booth Lawrence, about tee
ftundrert rod* from the Booth Lewreaee
tie pet of the ttoetea A Miim reilroed. aad
its path of destruction extends to the over
head bridge on the Hoeteo A Maine trseks,
Itetveea ftawth Lewreaee end North Ae
llover. In Booth Lewraaee ssventy-tve
houses were shattered end the roof of the
few Catholic church wee earned eway end
the awlteh box of the Boetoa A Heine
toad blown feat, oerrytng with
it a Sfttlroed employee whose
.MM if .not kaowa aad killing
him instantly. Oa the met aide of the
reeks, toward North Aadoeer, a prove of
lerge trees, ten to fifteen acres te en tent.
Wae blown fiat by the wind aad fifteen
reported wrecked in that toe#.
-jLoea of life, fossa the present source of
i information, plaeed at from flfteaa to
P1|wenty-*ee. and the number injured, im
said, must rsech 180 or 1W. Hpriagfield
Street, where the cyclone struck, contained
taaay of the haadeoaM reeldenoss of the
towa. After the tornedo hed peeeed, bat
tune hoaeee of all between Bleaobard aad
Houth Uaiaa etceete waaa la(t steading.
AU others oo both sid«s of the etreet,
were either mowed down eompletely ot
partially demolished. Tweatf people oa
«Ma ateaal aloae were injwad.
BMtes't %'erstoik.
iBosros. Jety m.
The Arat ae«^ wi tfce qreiaae dtieet
jtrom Lawreaai to Jtnrt raealted hy tele.
fHphooe. 9e daat*wrti» wm eanlUied
^Wwholif la Itourtk Laere&re. Kinety
af wood Mil bsdblmgs wase dsstroyad, sftx Uves
were lost aad ttarty-five pem»ae injured.
'fh« value Qi property destroyed aa»nnte«l
"*to flUU.AOO anil "mMI peo|de are rendered
boinelees. ^aeeenfers oo the lioeton end
waafsiiin|t teavsily, when seukfettly the
beaten* «tewad with a bright white %tt.
Heavy bieek eleade shot from behind the
weatern hills high into the eky MEM) then
the aM** parted. Down shot black streaks
from the dark auMM end ia a aKuen« the
crash earns. Bttttdtsgk were crashed like
egg shell», wlii ie booaae wwte lifted from
their foaadattoas. He baihiiagi
'J« moel »ll tha pretty bmmm
tn the mill*.
TH# leata Ue»M
1few aeaaes af the dead a*ef*'
•A Mil1 OTOW1«LL
Ot JTuita B*arr:»
V *.*
weeer»»w»*N ,m»v as.
The eeeretery of the interior hae otdered
a aauount of
UM fopuiatlon
of the oities of
oT I*mrt»*r* I'l"" BltrtT*
~4oiu) Nttlni Oi^i t® lewHtw* lintehle
•T Labor to t'HmUtrv tlt« Al
tanr. M.MWS MW i »%fceMfar
(spaciAt. coeaaaroarowoa.]1
amtnKANr Hi.i irfi*. I*.. JalY &•
The Farmers alliance of Weodbnvy
county met at the sehool bnildtng thia
morning with I P. Hast in the chair.
A. K. W right, of Moville, wes seiecAerf
as Mw-rstarv The alJianof adopted e eo«*
atitutioii votmg ujwsn each «wtJon
Th» rbairman stat^l that at uo a a data
egalion of Koights of LalMI from Hion*
Citv would be present.
John Nairn, of Lekepoi* township,
wanted to know bj whose sntboritj tbig
organisation was invited tu be preeent*
He said that tt seeaned to bttu (hit the
Knigbt«* were hivUetl for poliiicHi eudtt.
lie did not see wL utb«r organi/.attune
should ha invited to participate before the
farmers knew tbemselv** what tbey
At the dees of Mr. Nairn's talk the
county alliance adjoarned for dinner,
which wes served aa
wain the school
The u«xt pfcmie of the alliance will he
held at Mioitblsud.
At 1 o lock (he dtatnet alliaaaa mat,
with representative preeeat from Wood
bory, Plymouth. Mouenn, IHekiuiwu,
Cherokee, Ha« aod Ida.
W. N Hargeut, district organixer, ad
dressed the aUiance oa topics of interval
to tfce faraierw geoerally.
Pes»eU Mew Vmru Ottr OeeM-
tsrlMMd HeU Uw Oraaiests awr Jena.
New Yuas. July
Thievee in East New Yoik have reeorted
to nepreoedfrnted means to ftfl their poekets
by iie«|K!ituK the muaameuti in th« Holy
Trinity i eaiel«*ry ot their metal oaatoents.
A modern wooden or
ID iHftO. when Father Haffsnter was pneat
of the German Hoij inmty ctiun-b no
Montrose aveeae, end was intended
a* a burial place eepecialiv for
the poor of his parish. Most of
the monaaaeote are of gaivantaed iron,
dressed in imitation ef gray granite.
Nearly all of theis have crosses rising
above them, bat the peculiar feature of
nearly every on# of them is tbat it is deo
orated with highly glided figure* of the
crucifii of the w»u«ed head of t» rborub
and a lamb. Some stones contain all of
theas three fignree, some only one. Tk«
gilded rtgnr»# were riveted to tin* at
the bead of the graves by stroug wrews.
Tbe tool ased was lu tbis part of the
cemetery a sharp-pointed iron that tbe
thief drove in behind the ieadeo hgare and
then pcied the oruaweet off. In many
aees the cross to whi£h the figure wae at
tached was d^ayed, and was broken to
fBcaes hf this rough handling. p'f
lepvwsy ayraaeing in CeBertafc','-
Ottawa, Ont. JU? SB
There is considerable a»aitana| aver
the dls«o%^#ry that ieproey bee madeu« ap~
|»earaai* to aev^ras r«-mot«- part« of the
Domioioii of Canada hitherto nuaifeoteii.
Heretofore this dreaded dimaase wae be
lieved to have been confined within the
limits of th#- !Axaretto at Traradle. Dr.
Smith, a nnsdic-tt! officm at Ltuutratto is
now inve^tignting rnwee teported ha the
ielend of Aku osii. The spread of the dts
ease is behnTtni to have been tbe result of
Ufttannarriaite, aad haa seon«ed a etaoMg
hold, spreading eat to the mala laa4t.
At* l'ui*uttuiu Meat.
BSOtl hAK.U, Wil July jfi.
Tw«lty-one persona at BtA Laka* Wis.,
are in danger of dying froai eating meat
supposed to hefve been poisoned. Tbomb,
the Mtate dairy and food commissioner,
was summoned) to investigate. He found
that the meat whieh caused the trouble, to
the amount of seventy-five pound*, bad
been piacsd on sale at a local market 1'he
vietime were taken with violent vomit log
and crampa. Heveral are ia a vary entical
N. C., July •.
A shooting affraj occurred at Abbeville,
N. €., in a bar room, in wbtch John
IMrter, the barkeejwr, was instantly killed
aod Pbdlip Mclntire, a batcher, received
a shot from which he died. MiUter's body
was riddled with bullate. A woman la
supiMs«Hi to have been the easee of the
The Norwegian berk Liuyd sailed from
peri of tloantaaamc. oa eoath side of
Caba. Juts# H. bound to Phllmtelphla.
Tke crew of fourteen men and 4.
of sugar has never since been heard from.
The general opinion is the!
veeeei has
aaat with disaster end gons down with all
aai boent.
DSwrusi. JHy Wt
The UiM-ky MuwAam Ntim has beau
aeld to a reputdtean eyndlMte, baeked by
Senator Telle?, de*» 0©op#r aad ei Trees
meet Brwbstti#, the owner* the Denver
Tim* and others, for $4UU,UC0. It will
be coneoUdated with the Time* and run as
a morning and evauUiK paper
The Business Situation HKi
Prospects in All Corner*
of the Nation.
Th* HMtly Crop In
Slows the Wliaat and Oat i
Yuan Jaiy M.
iron uiunu-
taent, lopped with rro«s««, cruniiee or
gililed eherub* or lambs, marks tbouenmts
of kraves. Nearly 5iN)of these inouumriitR
have been sabjeoted to the inotilating chisels
and bammer^ of thieves, and most of the
oraaiumitf apou th^cu have either been 1«
stroyed ot CSUTUKI »way Th kmely mir
roondiogs gave the thievee ample oppor
tanlty for the work, aad it was uot until
reoeotty that the ontragp was diecoverwl.
S Huttenuietident 1'tulip iiasiich seid More
than &in: ui(»uuia6nt« L»«»«' b*«eu tle*j?otl«d
1 or mutilated It mail have beet* dona
within two urthre« days and there moMt
have been several meu eugagwi in the rob
bery, as tb« vreat weight ot the metal
stolen eoald not have be«a oarrted off by
one roan. The vaiuu of the artioles stolen
is over The object of tbe thirve* is
poesibly to break ui the image* and sell
them for }aak.M The cemetery wMfoamted i
B. O. Daa A Co. Weekly Heview al
Trade says More moaey aad hif^ar
pri•» meet the wishes of most tradeia,
and accordingly the tone of the basiueai
world IN more aatistled and ronfldei^.
Meanwhile-stiver t* aoramulating. baving
risen 1 oe»t per OBUW by Moi,da and
stnoe declined of a cent, and »bipa»e«M
hither from Kueeia have become kupar^
becai|s* of specalation i*i grain and edl»'
ton »»nd biKher pricen for iom» iu««ra
factored gofwla The grneret a*erag« has
risen during the week a half of 1 p*r ceat.
ami lherv are indtraiious of removal of tM
speculative levef which the prospect of
utoastary srpaariea prodaced eosae tttks
lint in other respect tlie on I look Is
good. Hatiineah is large for the »eaeoo
aokli the great industries are oo the whole
improving in condition. Latest report*
of exchanges through clearing hoa*et oat
side of New York shows a Main of 15 par
cent, over last year. The woolen maott*
faetore shows the least improvement Of
all the greet Uidustries. The failate af
tbe senate to go ou with tba ih« tariff
operated as a wet biauket. deeiers aaf.
The boot and shoe trade is perttmlaHy
healthy «nd active for ibe season. A moat
cheerinK statenaeut i* maut iy th« iron
end *t««i assoctaUoii, ««howuig that stocks
Qtpk iroo unsold have laueaeed 1M.000
tons since Jan. 1, though the prodoctiaai
in the six months Is reckoned by the feed
Ai/' at 4, ino.oon touh. wtdeh woaW la
dicat* an increase of nciafl? half a asiiltaa
tons tbe consumption
Tbe market for pig and rail* i« weitiag
at former prioe«, bat bar iron is firmer and
more demand is seen in structural, plate
and bridge :roe. The can* i ratle is phe
uomeuaUy duii and the output for Jlly
bee been restricted to toii«. Cop
per rise* et«adily with tbe growing teeaaad.
while tin ik an eighth lowt and leai qoiet.
Wheat has been hoisted again by great
HpreckleH •»*««. In general, the upeca
letive markets for product* HIIOW a tend
ency to advance, mainly because of more
aaoaey and note speculation. The state
of haatnee* et (gher cities is everywhere as
favorable ami at Rutw# more favorable than
a "»wek iigo. iioab'M note» a trade steadily
exutedin^ iaat yoam, but ijuiet in some
branches, and grei*t activity expt cled'
FhiiatieiphuK#9m'a I setter demand for iron
product, with ditBcnitv in obtainiag promid*
4iliveri»a. Th Lobar JO business i« fair,
•111 the trail* w ohouitc«|a, draft. aud
iitjdore, tbough ijutet as usual at this sea
son, IN IU good coudition
and con*t(h»rehU in cured meaii and
cattle, with a dreitn^d beef moveineat three
tituea tiiat uf last year's, and wales drv
goods and clothing larger than a year ago.
Wool receipt* are email and the shoe trade
(|Uiet Si IamII* rep»#rt« a fair volume of
trade in nearly dl hae* audgootl pnmpecte
far the lull. At Kaaea* City business is
better, and at Milwaukee aad Detroit fairly
•tainiatned for lbt tees
an with good pro
atwete. At Pittsburg iron i* slightly
weaker for a few grades. I nt manufactur
protlocts are troo.l demand autl the K'SHS
arable uteedy.
There, is a lemarkable abeencaof com
plaints regardinw eoMectious in the report*
received and the money markets are now
stringent. With nearly all conditions thoa
favoring butanes* ajtivity. iht re i* a coir
stant I v growmg rubarra«smnt iu 1 de
pertinents of tra«i»t and ludustrj which are
likely to t»e affected by the pa«sege or fail
are of the tariff bill. Foreign trade ia
naturally adverse tinder such eircum
Slaiicee. while exports from New York for
lliree weeks of July show dwroa*' of
151-2 per cent. Compared with last year
there is an increase of no lees than 33 per
oent. in imports here.
The basiui-s* failarea oocurriug through*
out the country during the Jut seven dars
number se compared with 907 1
week For the corresponding week of iast
j^fL 'i.*'! were. 2it.
3 jS
Qt- secc. juijr ia
Tka coroner s Jaif Im tka aaaa ai tka
Maranda family five of wfiom were tTlru^d
Ut dwath in Qutebet last W»dae»day, hae
returned a verdict holding Pierre IMe
mere and his wife aad Jean Uauthier. their
barkeeper, ae responsible for the fire,
iThe prisoners were ^on&afcit4e4& ta etae£
inal far willfal murder. f\
UMrrasi CompMad. ,|y
Another Exalting Day In the
Pits on
Chicago Exchange,
—Fluctuating Mark®**
*•, V.
i u I I
Manr toaa. Jsir
Another Harieai mystery has been uu»
earthed bv the police of New Vork, Car
mine Deiobhia., an Italiao, was found deed
in bed with his body and head mutilated,
rspubiieaa A number of Italian* have been arrested
vtefta sf Wfceet »*.d o»M »sw
i'lRN Moivp.k. Ta. .IuTvB 1
The week n weather crop tmlletia reports
the temperature slightly below normal,
rainfall above the average tn tbe western
comities and below tn the southern eountie*
and eastern portion of the state. Com
promises an average crop. Tbe injury by
drouth, at th preeeot outlook, will not
lee wen tb- total product of the stale more
than 10 per 1 be harvest of small
Krai ii is about complete and thresher* are
at work. Tim yields of oats and wheat are
of tbe beet in sons of the counties
suffering most from drouth, tbe skriukage
bv rust and heat beii'K reported in eonntiee
where the rainfall wae heaviest Barley is
discolored by haavy akawara la Ike weet*
eru diatriete.
lUiwtilUa of tfc* Prevlaas
lb* Chirac* Urate «*tta.
persistency in circulating unfavorable re- the efteet, or which are intended to have
jwtta of a yield at bom* and abroad. BtrfJ the sffaet, of preventing the storuge of
not large and the prospect in
most of the spring wneai region* is very
bright. Prices advanced S# cents for wheat,
'ii cents for corn and 3 eents on oats oa
email transactions. Cotton also roee .J-16
of & cent oa sales of ii3tUMH» bales in spite
of highly favorable crop re(orla. Coffee
wax rttea lv, end dealer-* chMai that! a hotter
distributive demand Iwgiua to be felt Oil
is a fraction higher witu Hinali trading, but
hogs and pork products are lower.
lie* soger ha* been lifted a fration to
spite of the dopreeeiou of the refined by
The excitement in wheat, corn and oatM
ontina to-day at the opening on change.
wing to the reported shortage in the
French wheat er^p ae told by former
ables, and the cool weather prevailing
no*, wheat opened strong and higher than
vetderday close at a range of 'Wi to
in diffrrent pita. There wes mu*h eicite
ment, wfaioh continued aa the market
advanced to 94| at {I p. m. Corn, in sym
pathy with wheat, and be*tuse of the eool
weather, also opened higher for Heitember,
tnd tlfteen minotew after was juoted et
cents above the elo»e of yes
terday. Heptemler oats opened cent
hmher at 30$jgft31 oeute, and soon advanced
to HI cents bid.
Beptemoer wheat oo&tiaued to adhraaei
until iHs cents was reae.hed, when a re
action ranted by heavy offers set in, and at
11:15 o clock the oj*tioii had dropped to
eats. Cora became stltl klgkar, while
«U were about steady.
Chicago enjoys, according to board Mr. Hey wood behalf. Tbe prisouer took
trade returns.-* large iut lease m-aH grams- sentence very eacUyT^athtmgh
"iiWrn '4
ChmkmsW th
Cum MR «Uuas.
The following resolution haa been la*
trodoced by Henntor Call, he being moved
thereto by reports of combinations in the
northwest. Th** resolution lie* on the
table for the ureeetit That the commit,
tee on interstate commerce be, and they
are hereby instructed to inquire aad report
!hf eeriat* wh.-ther any arran^'meuU
have been made twtween persons owning
elevator* and transportation companies in
an y of the western states which will have
gr»4i. and of compelling faratcrx to sell
thru ^reiii at sacb prusen ae may be offered,
whether and arrangements have been
Biade tn et*tap» which produce cotton,
tobats o aad other farm products, aad to
report by a bill such legislation as will
require elevator com^nies and all.pprsons
SnKsgeil tu the business of storing grain
and other farm prod acta for interstate
^-oniiut-rw lo the extent of their capacity,
an reaaouabla eharges, aad will prevent
pod punish combinations between persons
engtged tn such busts?ss aad transporta
iiou etu(annM« or their agentx. which have
the offect. and has ieen ma«le. or shall be
tnade with the intent of forcing farmers to
sell their products or in any way to affect
*ilt ijUft-4"*' of farm, moduli."
A Vtee Lover lauprtwuistf-
Ezra H. Haywood, editor of tka World
uml AftouUt of Frrr Loom, hae faaea eea
teueed to two .years of hard labor in state
prison for sending obscene literature
tkiou^h the mailH Thi* oa»« ha« been re
tnarkable on aoooont uf the moral depravity
pf Home of the witueases who testified
ta spabHssma al
July %.
and Mister-in-law seemed much exeited.
illeywood was sentenced for a term of
year* on Jan. 25, is"H, for a similar of
fense, and served until Jec. 18, 187H, when
he wae unconditionally released by Mr.
lls^ea, who was petitioned by i^ev wood's
frtenda. 6
fltarllUNI AMil
Maw yoaa, July
Drivers in the employ ef tka New York
Street Cleaning department have alt re
turned to work, an ainioabie stfrauremeut
having been arnvwd at. The strike of
workmen iu the public schools is spread
ing and may aertoueiy interfere with their
"jfMt'ttg Ui the fall.
Tfce Assls
The inquest in the sue of Annie Good
win, tbe young girl who died from tbe
affect* of an abortion performed bf Dr»
Mt Uonigal, haa begun in New York.
Weekly Mast ItaUaisst.
It aw You. July a
Tka weakly bank statement akows tka*
the reserve ftted increased (361, INN).
Hanks now hold $€.« :(,(M) is sxosss of
la§al vequiremente.
flfartk Faaaayl-
vahla ftisiridt have nOMtaated Joka B.
Hobinson for foogre#^.
aad laboreia of the First In­
diana district haws aowtaalai Oal. J.
W right for eongreaa.
Htanhf.'H A Co., clothing merehents iESt
New Vork, have aitHigneKl Liabilities,
nominal assets,
A American named Hogere has been ar
reated at Tilsit for forgery. It is alleged
tbat his known forgerte# number !f» ).
OXKKtiAU satisfaction 1« fxpreaaed la
Ottawa, Ont,, at the attitude aesumed by
Lord Salisbury In reepeet to the Bebring
aea dispute, as evidenced in the jmbh»bed
THE Ciiited HtatM circuit aaart in Ssub
Frencuoo has reodswed a decision reorder
ing fourteen (,'hiaesw returned to China.
They were arrested in Arizona after eroas
Weekly Review of Matters
Things ai the
tional Capital.
Omiptlad With tha Eapaeial Vi«w of
Intaresting Northwestern Raad
•»—Tariff Bill Talk.
Htppy Solution of the Problem
Issue Between the President
Ttn rn«Wist'» Vtwwre.
Your oorrespondent has been informed
that the proposed amendment to the tariff
bill presented by Henator Pierce eipr^sse
in the mam the vi«w« of tbe president,
It provide* that one year after the passage
of tbe bill the president may direct that
the duties on sugar imposed under the
litws now in force be rettupused a* against
any nation or country*failing to enter into
adequate reciprocity relations with the
United Btetes regarding fbe agricultural
product* of tbe ooautry. The president
is directed to negotiate aad secure by
treatv or otherwise the unrestricted entry
to any such country of the agricultural
prod Bote of tbe I oited States.
A Hsnaosltidf InHusSSee.
Ad vacates of tbe amendment say lliat it
offers a happy solution of the probium at
iHMue letween He* retary Hlaipe, whieh in
sists tbat the markets of Cuba and Porta
Rieo eau, for the admission of free sugar
here, be opened free to American products,
and Henator Allison and Maj. McKinley,
both of whom appear to think that it is too
late in the aession to tack tka Hale aaaaad
mant to the tariff bill.
Mr. Mru•»!#'» frtoaSl.
Hon. I. H. Htruble returned to the city
I laat Tbaraday evening, aad the reception
accorded him Friday morning by hn» col
leagues at the house was market! with
words of universal regret at his l«feat at
the I^eMara convention. Tbe politician a,
generally, bad accepted Mr. Perkins letter,
ae published in the luil.v TtMEk, .in ju
dication tbat he would not
WaHiMtU'v, Tui. it Hpeet«f €on»*i»o&>1«ue«
On Monday the republicans succeeded in
getting the McKtnley tariff lull lx fore the
ssnate for discussion, despite the obetruc
tive vactica of "Boss" Gorman, who has
been recently heralded a convert to free
trade, ami his democratic brethren. Not
ouly that, but the repabileans permitted
democratic Senators oorbm and Daniel
to deliver long-winded tiraden afaiust it,
and listened courteously to them. Tbe
democrats have charged their political
opponents with bavinK prepared a »obeme
to choke theui oft and inaugarate a most
horrible system of gag law. There wdl be
no further debate however, on tin- tariff
bill until the Indian appropriation bill,
which was taken op veslerdav. has been
disposed of. The delay will be no longer
than this week st fart beat, and then the
McKinley bill will agatu be taken up The
ueit speaker on the democratic side will be
Benator anoe, and then in a few days
Mr. Carlisle will take the floor. The
republican case will be under the man
agemaot of Heeator Aldrtcb. who is fuail
iar with tbe wholt details of the bill and of
all tariff legislation for year* past It is
to bin: that the republican* look to aarr?
them safely through, lie Is a gtod de
bater, a ready talker and is probably the
best prepared of all tbe men on his side of
the chamber to meet Mr. Carlisle, who,
although a member of the senate, is yet
reoogaixed as his party's laadarea tha tariff
in the race,
and the idle demonstrations of Judge
Lewis of little or aa avail, and knowing
tbe continued hard labor done
for the Com Palace city, as a mark of de
served recognition and gratitude to Mr.
Biruble, anticipated «ufl5cient support
from the Woodbury delegation to a*mips
his nomination Mr. Perkins will ftud ttia
work well a»n*h*d and a cleat desk wheal
he assumes tka ifcak at pnaaat held by
Mr. Htrobla.
Col. Finer)*» Wart
Col. J. Finery of LeMars. Is also
book ia Washington, and the large aaaount
of mail which accumulated darttur his ab
sence is disappearing tike dew before the
iiiommg sun, and in a few days everything
in the territorial tommittee room will 1*
moving oo with the usual regularity. If
quorum can be secured the committee will
discuss the New Mexico admtsnioe ques
turn at Lb« regular meeting to day
Lajrsl Hupfw't fur far fcl it a.
Iaterrogating Col. Emery reger ||f Ike
disaffection among Congressman Htrubto's
friend* on the result of the recent conven
tion at l^Mar#, he said 1 will gt*e a
hand sense ehromo to aay set of men who
will accord more loyal aad enthusi
astic support far Geo. D. Per
kins than will tke stalwart friends
of Mr. Htruble. I think, when correctly
understood, that the preasui* that bore
upon the Mac county delegation was *tm
Woodbury county s siiteen delegates for
Wheeler for governor nest fall, against
Plymouth county's seven delegates and i
think it will act to the diwadvant&ge of the
western oandldate, espocully in the light
of Plymouth rount) sticking tirsi and laet
for Wheeler iast fall, aad Woodbury county
claiming the nomination of Hatehisoa.
Strange things hapj»en, however, and the
boys may become reconciled before tka
gubernatorial race But, as 1 said a few
moments ago, Mr. titrable s friends wdl
heartily support Geo. Perkins, aod the
old-tune Eleventh disfewt m^oritf r^» ts
totaled on."
Ttte Veea etlwsr LeMky.
Th natioiitti silver eoaa tiu «.uieh
has maintained several active repreeenita
tiees here during the winter end mumsr,
is preparing to open a vigorousM
the control of the nest houae ef repreaeu
latlvcM in the interest of free and unlimited
coinage of stiver. Thousand* of free o, ia
afs apaechee have boan percha»»fd, tbe t«m
aittee is sending copies of Ibem Into every
western congressional district. The pres
fawued acall for the corumillee meet la
Washington Kept I, at which tune he w(U
present a printed report showing tbe work
af the coaimittee, the progrees of legtslA*
i tton in oo tigress, and tbe vole of evsay
Ml toepeet Aeaertas
*. f* 1
variou* amendments. The esscutive codi
mitt«e «v|tmss«# its determination to relax
no efforts until the mall of tke Ualtai
Btst«« are thrown opea to tke silver af
the wurld.
fajtsir UM KawmeeaSura. 4
Tbe men who trudged about in tke
during the hot das of June, counting tHi
memtera of I ncle ham big family, are
BOW waiting anxiously for their pay Theas
are some ot),lW0 eanmeratom. all told,
tbr«ughout tbe country and tbe name aad
address of each one is in the possession at
tke diabursing officer of the eensue ofBia.
As soon ss he receives the neceasagy
voucher and tt is approved bv HupertuteA*
dent Porter, be makes ont a check dtrekk
ing the Cnited States treasurer or the as
sistant treasurer a New York to pay tka
parson named the earn dee him. It will
be a long time before any targe r.roportieai
of I be entire number of enumerators *a
eetve their pay for their part of tbe aork af
taking the mesas.
A Very Short frail Bwp.
The July bulletin of the depeitttailt af
agriculture states that the return« indicate
tbe shortest fruit wop of ttweiit years, botk
for apples end peaches, which are especi
ally poor in elates contributing to tke
commercial supply Uu liw Pacific coaet
there fas promiee ef a fair yield,
but throughout th# rapt of tka
ooUut the indications potet
to an apple crop much beiowthe average..
Corre«|Kndents tn New Jersey, Delaware
and Maryland, where a Urge proportion af
tbe peach supply Is grown, report a prac
tice! failure'of ttie. crop Grain repod*
from western eorresjiondents are eery sMta
couraging aud tbe outlook good.
"Ol|»r!" toy tlio MDIIM Rami.
The Man ne band gav«t the audits aea
wkich heard its concert st the white hoaee
grounds test Heturdey a surprise in render
ing "Gtgeri," tbe new so eg which all
Europ is sinking. Gig**)' is Hohmeiaa
for roaster, and folks abroad are apply tug It
to the dudes The song is the newaat
thing iu Korope, where it hes achieved a
popularity that rivals tbat of An
Hoonev" in this country* Director ttoftaa
got the score from abroad only a few daps
ago end presented it for tbe first time la
tawa resyU..
Mies A—a Kludge, of Ofce*akee,kae
petsed the civil aervice eiaminatiou ordeal,
ead is now happily situated at au imjxjet
ant desk in th# census bureau. Hhe sao
ceeda Misi Moilan, of i^eMars, who,
after visiting New York aud Illinois
will teaaa la tka sity sekaalt al MarsbaB*
Mrs Titdicl. formerty of fa out etiy.
ha* lust been placed in the census bureau.
The Iowa people ut Washington are ar
ranging to go boms in a crowd for the fail
election end will occupy several eaaa.
Th owe of the Eleventh district propose la
cberter a Pullman and go in tke best shape
possible for comfort
A Mtajrsr.
Washington churches are aeueraliy i
aud the pastors have gone abroad or to I
seashore for tbe summer: but tbe evil
remains aud will get in his work juet
The intsoas heat aad drought Washiag
teti ia eiperteeeteg is he
ring a damaging
effect upon the leatttifui pstfka. Evea
where hydrant water is freely used there
is uot much indicati*a of life. Bod far
this, however, tbe city would be eatlrety
•tnjgwui of its beauty.
KK* Toiui Jul-.
Dr. Ballon, Untied Htatee veterinary ia
spector and Inspectors Wray. Melorn asdl
Myder have sailed for Liverpool. On the
other side tbev will make arrangessente far
the examieetion of oaitle
handled from American porta.
aisu's oiw M*« e* isa.
au' i t'lTS'. .luir a.
Bags IvecatifM, i.m» oAeUU
Mark*t n|wi«d MK- higher thaa *itai4«v naesa*
IMS and biglnsr than tin ctuvimt last u^it,
selling fre»l at hulk, $tl *'.
(lattl« iv*a«sj»t# HA oftlaSsa yeatard») ft
shlftu^ufca. »*.i Mavfcat 4: an .mchaisffsf
VttotaUoas Fat •%•*»*. iru.«e. es.74*
«.uc (atr %a eo"1 '», teed
obtASe tUU te IJMMj SS. UMS
a to fuol, S.\ v n, iuicIwi, oboiea,
as *'a !». lau In gMMt, id*.«•. tnlertot,
it.^M (Miw* eitra ahole# "rn fad
iK -5. graaaem. tali tu gwoe. %l.l& 't»,
lnfenor I' IWUBUU, ii. 26 oanu«S». #S s
eLafl, yesur^ags. eaWsa ebtd^. |S iSwa
inun. 0* ."SsW balls, ehoio*. H'lSatJ#
sesHneHi, fc ««at ealva», te
sht^lee. muXM&i T.v
tnmmtm UN eSMBfc
Bot'T* "Kill.* luly
S.v., fa
Hues MacptpSs. a MJU official va«^»r4ag,
ft,«a Miipiiiaots i» @er« Ua set upeaed
ata^lv lhoK at es.a6t3.H5, belk at SO
OatMe Heeat^la. t.fjiJO oSioiai
14,70, ahlpuimit* Market i
rhiragu t.iva ito«a
lach in
ens. ai.T.'..«5
the sftver bill aod iki
ai wmtmtm*
Htjti Markst week.
tWot-lirtSL 111,
!»-.. mised «J Ttfct*
aa i iliiprtns se# i :#,
Mark*: alow SJktf
p«»ve«. and steers w »«•*•.*s m, Taveas.
sus^ters and *««••*lar». $2 HI-A ei,
Hataints, s.tsn Mariat
stern a« U6#t^0.
Cklcagu Pradaes.
OsituHi, July as. Close 1 19 p. •.
t\«rn Finn eeeh, ttife, 8epe»mbss. 4So,
Osto firm seeh. Mae, hapSwmber,
Bye-l-tr. -f
Bertef N-.iulaaHj
Msss Ttmotby #um, $Mfc
ftsa --ht»adY at Si
'Whisky il lA
Psevtdwna i'ork atseag: see
•I t*j.
i ieuu
Lard Am, aa
Msvv Vesiiwee.
»sw Voaa July is.
Wheat ttrecf WepsetnbCT. r/MPif**e r,
esatuber, is«|0fts»
C-orn Adveacmg hsgtoaw, Ne. Wpailtu»
»at- fttnw »ra®t*rn, .%#Sfto..
?*rortaMm« P.«rk. u« ttdi t^mand st gltnv
IA.«a» I Af't ^uiat and IUumi at IA aiittev,
•aay weatern ?c Khjias, I7ei?*»e. MM*,
fixni. »»*•.vera. \.
ail wee
raoaiA. Jely *.
AeStve Ha S whtt« »S#»Nje

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