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A Ohoioc Selection of Iatw
ftting Item*
MaaViaoofu L. Va**a*ct, wtAom
•f Admiral Karragut, d*aw» a pt—'«
•I t&UUO ft year.
'BTANI.KY »N director of 1
|»«aft reeently told him that his Una
1M* thirtv nfesmers on the I'pper
Congo, and that their house had
boujtUt fl,uOU,UUU of iroiy ia the l**t
tmo yearn .. ,,.,
A MMJfF miStfUf. mbo Tift* jttst W
Wfcki, (luring lux pastorate of nearly half
nentury marn»sl 4t7 couples and
ptvached 757 fnneral sermons, of which
2NX were for members of his own
B* ft worn mgulatinn reeewtlw malt
»he Senate of the I nireraity of
VlHiBft atudenla on mfttriealating niu*t
prtneat the 4MO of the fftealty which
ibey winb to enter with their photo
gimpha. Theae work* of art will be
Mtd to Identify eftndidatw when inter-
Qvattsooi to "wgningap," •*«.,
STAMP deftlern are in alt
l«rte eitiea on the earth. J. B. Moea*.
of |irn«M»b, Belgian), v* acknowle«lK«d
to the leadiug dealer and philateint
o4 Wit* day. He ha* an inuiu*iHt. h»UI»
Iiahxu4»iit ID the »alerie liorUeie of the
Aroftde Madelaine, and hw inre»ttuent
is the bo8ine«B mail beapwMrdofft
million (rum.
erery dollftr Eoglftod Mttda to
tlM miaatonftry work in Afrieft, eke
ahipa a gftJIon of rant to the Mne dis
trict. For every missionary ahe *e«da
ahe ships 300 barrels of rnm. For
mwmy one convert she makes, she makes
SIM) drnnkards. Ah English religions
publication aays so, and it wouldn't
look wdU iwr «n Ainriwii pPFF ID dis
pute It
WE «re very apt to divide human life
into the pleasant and the anpleaaant,
the sweet and the bitter, ov and sor
row, good an«l cril. and to suppose thftt
out of the former springs ftll our hapjn
IMMS and weltere out of the letter all
oar misery and failur*. In BO doing,
however, we entirely ignore the feet
that contrast ft neressftry and nla
ftble eleoMiot ia life and happtnesa
Pcr'» Haven" has found a oowfttee
part at OftitiMsriile, Fla, where ft mon
ster owl has taken np his alxde in the
residence of Dr. Pkullipa, where be
railed rery ewly one morning and
parch««d himself ou tap of the frame
of a picture hanging on the wall. He
looked wiiM* and uaul notliing »*xc»*fi
when poked with a stick. At last ae
counU he still remain*! a gaol ui-,Uui
Tmr latest fcahirmftble £r m
ported from Yftieavslli', Pa. At ft village
improvement eo te tain men el«v«n
young ladies ftereon^ed slaves ftnd were
put op ftt auction. They were drafted
in sheet*, so as to be unrecognizable,
and brought from forty to ninety-Ave
(•ents each. That quotations ran so low
explained by the fact that it was in-1
ctiinWnt upon each i-urcha-er to bay
for hiit slave ail the loe-creaxn, cake, ftnd
lemonade ahe demanded, and to ascwu&j
bar ftfter the entertainAaat.
DR. Ht kLKv, of Hudson, married the
widow Lynn recently, and the neigh
bors were surprised to find thst in the
oiftrnage r«crda be appeared as Ir.
Hall. The man of pills explains His
maiden name was Hall, but twelve
vears ago he assumed the name of
Hurley, because be wanted to, w»nt
through college oa that name and
all praetical parpoeM his
Hurley. Bnt when it oomes to
ling, why he wanteil to be sftfei
Hnrlev llall thiuks this e^plaxifttion
will aatiefy iiudeuu people.
loir MICHAI, of Oeonee
FVuosylvama, aad his wife were mar
ri«*«l in lMlu, end ftre atill living. Their
thinl eldest son, now white-headed ftnd
telling with age, is living in the vicinity
of hi* parents, and is past his seventieth
vesr. Mr. Michial has so old fftiudy
Bib e, yellowed and seared with ftge,
thftt tells the time of his birth Mid mar
riage and his many interesting re lion of
decades ago. He is as lively sad active
ft" a man half hit a#e, ftod las long life'a spirituality
partner in his equal in hie wonderful
piHuervstiou. They can walk together
vulhuui either becouimg fat^aed.
A Waeraa* lair ftseocia^« has had
the foilowiug statement printed on its
pteMa tickets "This ticket probably
•be* breu pftid for ten times over by the
i *»r t« which it i» issued. It will be
h'tuned in the hands of any man, wo
man or child, white, black, red or yel
low who favors the association by pre
texting it. It is good far entrance and
grand-stand, aad the beam, if drinag,
will l«* entitled to peas a team free.
Tl»e asportation reoognises the fact thaA
Its nplendid so^eaas is owing largely,
if not wholly, t* the notnsea so freely
fpven by the the press and, while ve
Cannot render an equivalent in eaak, wm
|-etimi »«r grateful thauks.
A arw system of robbing railroad
|m*see«wes whichjaeonsns the tlrttww
1 Utg.iSl tvn of id and defiant Amen
train robbct like the late Mr Jamee,
|f j*eotice*i 4 iodia.^ Tfce
•\0 'v-
"tei asj)Liy
who follow it en'er the can* mad otter
icmi ftnd driak to tbe hungry and thirsty
passengers, who uusuapectmgly pur
chase them. BHh solid and liquid re
freshments contain poison, ftnd, when
MM travelers h« inorambtd to its ef
tv tuey aic swiftly de»poiled of their
valuable* Bo frequent have been these
vnbheriea on the Kasteru Bengal Kail
way that the Bengal police have iaaued
ft circular of warning to travelers. IQ
it thev describe the modus oj ersndi in
detail, ftnd advise every one to triune to
purchase mr foal or drink from un
known persons who enter the trams.
American train robbing ha* sunk pretty
low-a trftin robber the oth«r day
boasts] that he could flourish fto old
iron candlestick and go through ft whole
tram load of |»a*rcngers hut fortune!'-'
it ha* not vet descended the 1*
that ha* been reached IU India.
TH* majority of people are vwry a»re
with their ca*h, says a St. Louts
writer, end yet this eareleesneMi or
seeming earelewinesH is a safeguard
against los*. The other dsy a promt
nent broker was walkiug up the street,
carrying a bundle, wr»p ed in a MV»
paper that w«e not even tied. I at
tempted to knook it from beneftth hi*
arm, when he invited me into a brother
broker's of!W and nhowett me the eon
tents. There were just #75,0M) iu bills,
put up in fwt'kageH. 1 thought
it wa« a careless way to carry money,
i but he said a thief would never think
the bundle contained money. Men
earry lM*ge ndls of bills loose in their
pocket It looks careless, and yet
they very seldom lone anything. A
vary unsafe place is in the paats *eteh
pocket. A man is liable to let it slip
either inside or outside, and nine times
out of ten it is lost. It is a mystery to
me why the ladies do Hot lose more
than fhey do. They carry ft long, stiff
i purse, whieli is ft good target for the
thief. While, fts I mid, the great ma
jority of people seem to handle their
»oo«y eareioasly, tl»ere is taw tkn oaa*
half of 1 per cent, of it lost.
IT must be Admitted thftt the average
writing of Americans is bad. It is
either crabbed and illegible or of a
mechanical character, in which all ia
dividuality is lost and poor instraction
is chiefly responsible for the evil. In
stead «'f improving upon nature, onr
haphazard method pervert* it, with th
result that boys and girls'who might
write well if pro|»erly taught, go
through life carted with a bad chirog
raphy. When legible it it apt to t»e
commoaplaoe and inelegant Penman
ship, therefore, should be a department
of instruction in the public schools upon
which thr greatest care is lies
towed. It
is ft most important branch of education.
The English are good penmen, »s their
ordinary eommerciftl letter show*, and
even the writing of very many English
mechanics is clear and dignified. The
Irish are even better writers, ftnd the
German mercantile hand is qaite ftd
mirable. But with u« the rule is th«
othes w»y. I'suallv the tetter is a
scrawl, or the ehirography is of th*'
oopy-look kind, cheap ftnd poor, ftnd
meehanu-al in appearance. Yet Itittrn
is no reason why Americans should not
be as good writers as other peoples, if
they were scientifically instructed in
youth. An ftocomplishment of great
•aloe aad of practical assistance to sue
cess in life, ia thus negieeted aa aMaa
thing of minor concern.
A Glrt'i U»«p KsttiN.
Ma Winnie lavii», daughter of ftbe
late Jefter*tm Iavi», writing fn»m Paris
to her ai»ther, thus give-* an insight
into a deep and pathetic nature
"Tlx- soetetf of ordinary peopie is
very tiresome to me, I think you and
oar darling have spoiled me for the lit
11^ talk mi*! ft)nm Hut wkuitid-
how n I.H all talk and no convernation. 1
remember how w IIMH] to di CUMS the
things that were w^irth thinking about
thing* and thoughts that would help
me to live better and think higher but
1 do not And that atmosphere of pure
thinking and living out iu society, fto
you Hup|K«ie that political expediency
ClOUty, has permeated all the inner world of
ideas, or that we are really fallen into a
decadence? I hate to believe that.
Perhaps it is only the old order giving
plftoe to ft new, ftnd before the socialism
of the next oenturr the overdevul ped
individualism and selflihims* i» neces
sary to make smooth the road for a new
political It cannot be a healthy
developement when the joor are starv
ing at every street oorner and th# lux
ury of the rich i» (mtiug into their lives,
until the family relation, and with it ftll
is crushed out by pure
force or unbridled eice* of comfort.
"It may be a art of that Puritanism
of which viiii ac tise me, but I do not
think it half as easy to lead a high life
lit the midst if such luxury and eomfort
as i* invited in the modern interior as
it was in the old fashioned hius«« where
the bible wa» the chief ornament of the
jtarlor n«t that I nieaii to sav tiiat orna
mentation j-» essi'tly evil or that simplj
otty alone necessary, or luxary and
religion entag*niattc ouly somehow one
grows to put false values on things, ftnd
to be bound by wants of the body. The
soul gathers spiritual dust as the bric
a-brac d'»e» the actual dust. The fact
IK I ftto ju*t tt, the frame of mind.to wm
more heroic sacrifice th# life of flantel
than in that of Hi John. I do not
wonder the great prophet went up three
tunes a day to pray toward Jerusalem,
lie wait have been ghsd to leave ttap
eocraptioci of the eoart.
I# \tm can't sleep at night well as
you wish, find soooe special reason
why you idiouid get np early, It i* a
sure cure for insimnta ¥MB will go to
sleep the moment yon get to bed, -and
ai#ep till ioug peet tlie hour thai yom
wanted to up,~~Jkhi*on Ghb*.
rilK SCIENt E or 1
fftitxl tvrta Mmtvaii r«n*rflMii *r t»
raJrntabl* Impoil u£ N|«l«
ntilim an Altl th# o» Ht«trv
»l simI
1 hf W M-
ft .:i-:-!i- .! ri.j-. prompt* the of
u o a u W a i 4 e
tug to the s (jnir' rii«nt of mforiytt oi
IUI-II a* the routine of s hooU *iU never
fnrnnsh. As msasnres ar» now beiii
taken to hang^ design* «Ton all oi
the Mates, tha numists ti
knowledge of the metallic ^orreney sow
ir -ulation in onr ooantry it mmi im
port mi.
Th# word nttmimmfro® the T.itin.
•NKIKMII, a i'oin. relates not to the atnai
metal value of »uy piece, hot to its con
nertton with history as illustrate* by the
image or «uper«4*ri|ttion thereoa.
Tb» sci*ue of nmmtH'initir* ist ia
Kuro «. con«idsr«» of snob importRnco
and interest th*t most of the prso toal
cities po«»?s» imm n«ely ^aluabts nnn'i
matic eolie ttons, Taris, Lo»«h«, Her
Ha, St. Petersburg, Mnaieh, Visnoa, Co-
Mrdurval (Middle Ages), tnMB the
above period to the Reformation, A. D.
Mortem, from tlw Reformation to the
present tune.
The n»edi»o*J »nd modern are. si meet
ithoni cxceptien, liiiiiaiioas of tlMI
ancient, ami the coins of these later sa
laries show little or nothtnK of supertoe
ity in our i lluted artists over th»- niftfr
nibeeat coinages of t»-eece snd HOOHI
struck more than i.oot) years ago
Kvery ratine that mind may take into
the far past is furnished with su)a'an
tial and abundant suggestion, and reiia
ble information by study of the coina af
The rulers, male end female tb^T
birtha. marriiige-, troiniohs, their vu toriee
in art. lovt an i war, their death are all
records! upon these piece* of t:
1 He
ligiooN sentiments »nd chaagws, tnanttefa
of dress and ceremonials, e»puj »gei,
weapon*, furniture, etc.. etc are }d ui|jr
dehnoaied upon thsir coma and no-Ofti*.
Even the character of the individual ef
whon. tbe pw-ce 11 oouimeinorati nsqf
be eioself arrived at. Houie pi ce bat
their plain effigy, or have it in connection
with racuiters of tbeirown family ohe*a
celebrate their triMLUllll.. Jtltd.
proudly rowi.ed with iaurei», whi «UU
others deify i hemaslve*, and j»ose a* i
ter, liercaltH and gods of thsir HUH
rthologr iar^ely iend« its aid in leWft»
tifyiug thes*? coins mim' medals, aud Ita
fascinations increase the romantic rnte re«t
which their pos*e*»ion or the know!*
edge of them through, illustration mmi
deecription excites
The Bible student finds much to -aivy
his mind b«ck to tbe very earliest erioe
and subsequent growth of revValeii re*
ligion in thi* pursuit, for corns of the
k nnttan fy(*•*, aocb as the taOrun &§
standard bearing the 'ro«n, are *oea4
from th« tlrtte of th- reign of
onwards, aad on one eoin of Vetrunin |e
seen the celebrated legend. *M ko- »t§m4
rtrtor rrttL
1 he reess excelled in the beautv «e«I
idealism of their 00ms, and most of th#
lioman piece* ware struck frou. Itef
Ii ude hvre«-k artists, and theKe iattsP
are mor»- valiial'le, on s"connt of th#
faithful&ssn with which they portra m«
dividual hkeu#»se», wnoh Sm,
inatiftK S»4 -a«
st I 1 v
u. ,n tiiat of twins,
aii' tent and moArriJ
u on* vsrsed i« the
u e of uiintia
:u *'i s Ihero i* e- «r
'i i an #xhau-41«s
sn*i.l 'fa* j«%eitig.»
4 ton and discover?.
i o »i*0 yo'inji tu«
ft ggest Ions of
otn, its origin, tbs
n«s and ltt(j|ftu(is
ups it, i«nd io
nisntlc ling# to ini
II hnv« note! coin BiuseoB**,
the collections being of unebi v .t iae
snl numismatic societies the aa«Euiers
of which are the most renowned am»Bg
the learned men of the earth. The in
e«mtiv« which ivsn bv cnl'iratio of
this UMe for Htu.lv of history, a* w*l« us
the assistnure thereto afforded by it. has
been always appreciated by advaiteed
teachers mm an tnvHtua'ole aid to eduta
tien, and not oaU in illusirating )Ut
also in continuing history, uo autsase ftftft
homo s more important aft.
otn« are divided by naai«aaMtists
into three grand classes
ytneieaf, from earliest existence, Too
B. to the deposition of
Aegastus. A. 1. tTt,.
the Anttmim-M, FnutUixa*. f*rw*, .Mtir*
atnh f, and othem, and in reeoniiUK- entf
csbi-ratel tuatorirali, as the cro^niujf
of Piutemy Eptph-ant bj Lt}utr, th#
int!o lurtion of 1 phsnts into Bom. by
ll:tellus, the construction of tbe
«iui by AVro and iu»iihi, the over
throw of Judes by Tit*». end ail grand
changes In the historv of the world
'the 1
Coinsu eomagc commenced »lioel
23ii or B.C., With th-'* nis«siv«* co|»per
n fjrart:, and stent l?o t'. KoJd aad
silver coins were l#saed by vtirion% j^.'asn
utjllies under permits ftom tbe ite.
An immense number were alto airu. k
the provinces conquered by iioine
With Julium i*ai i'oinB ocrd tbe Ig.
perial series, which laoled nt»til •,
47»i After that ruler the Senate ref-rved
to iirelf the i^bt of s rikmg
money, which was for a km* per
marked iSenufun onxultv 1
The word "money is claimed bv maee
sntheri'tte* »o t»« derived fr^tn tbe 1 atia
Mw«rlu, becaase th# ltoGuan mint
in the temple of ./«#»»• Mom
vast, nf }. m- n.'.'ufur.i m!1
i ij*« eoiu«tiri»tt ui tlu- ibin Icuovu u.tistnt
esrih, we e»» qsd«r»ttBi bow e*ra»ft
tions. oow routtuusUy tMinK for.
n»ah ne with ttio pl«nteous supph of
orKtnal pieces our po«»»MtoB to-day.
ii A collrctioii is within th® reach of el-
mo*i say one. Rohabir namtsrn»tit«
.• fnrninh tml erigia».i ancieat COD« st
low pro-# Kleetrotype* ar® »*de of tb«
v«rv rare pn-vm, bnt tbese ars aaM m
i sneh, not a« writshl« eotn«ge.
SlMIHMATtC Tmstt. A com la ft
ie?e of aMtftl bean a« Mi ia^M*«sed
d» see, and designed for drenlstien ss
SIt^iah* six) ni'dnIhjtriM sr« lartr« met«l
i pieces strnek in dies, on both not
for «-e money, bat to *omri»#iuofat»
i some event.
A -iul'fl is ft MBftll aiedftl, asaftlly,
though not ftlw^rs, inferior in beauty or
i design to a nwd il.
A tnkm ts generally of the sise of
current com of the time and country, ia
i xiied by a private person or firm
Th tihrtrm of s piece i* that side
which bear* the tm trait or principal 4e
Mgu indieattng the country, nftttoa,
i object for which it was *trs«,k.
Tht ih ir, «,. of conw tneitas the ep
po ite «i Je. The Hrarf or Purtratt, on a
()ie"o »*id to fa to the right or left,
with TrferwD'-e to the observer's right or
left hunl.
fpi^M nrs differences la design on ooias
struck for the same general object and
Variftiem BMBI ILFL the vllUilea
in two coin# of same valce and period is
vrry MIttcUi. as in *i*e of letter* or di»
i a c«rs o«! ween them and surh triti ug
i Tk Held, on a coin or aaedal. is the
oi«»a spnee on the piece not occupied by
a ilevi e or laacription.
Th" l.rgmil is «u inscription other
til an the name of the peteou represented
on the pieee.
Thtt aiftMii «fi
nitKtL ta nvm com,
ftttee, ete on the cob or arfat.
It it a general term.
.t Mim M.u k i« private mark placed
on s coin by the mint issoiag it, to indi
cate its gennineaesa. place of eoiaftge, «r ob.«rse
other pur oae.
Th*- Sue mnm in th»s country hi
determined by a scale of -ixteeulhs of
sn inch thus, a n del "of sire -4, inees
urea sixteenths of aa meh in diasaeter
a* rose its fs«'e
t. Af. Smith* Autkoratiwe, Htamdmrd
of Pninm- Poor coins are
thwe on which the design, lettering or
dtte are almost undecipherable, iu the
least degree viaible.
'n ft, arc those well worn, but which
Komalae stiU «bow svert portion of the design, all
letters and entire «te.
I' ii apjdtee to those en vhMh
every mark, letter a 1 figure is well de
fined, with ealy the high, fine kmr Itaea
th i.gh tbe m'oi 1 mploy«H here \.wm~
e-ed tcn« of thounai ds oi men en ^sd
trikinv coi»»«, jet an totuieiue a#..oeet
wan produced i»ewb' re
When we remember ihat the
sed no banks of deposit, an-.i had
to secrete their sccemu'stsd metal 4tfe
ia the earth aid elsewhere, au 1 th.it the
Ki' rn 1
-V p|
1S -.I. MTAf,
etna mm
4ewii as hair, est hers
very ddicste oiiitsi s-
in wtege tttie
worn off
t'tf coirot are those b»rely worn, bnt
Which, under eriliisl einmination. show
tnM'es of weir in the in tb. 1 serf ace of
the finer Unev So scratches or "nicks"
srs permi-sible ia "fine" coina, anises
mentioned Itefore ^animation.
ri i/ Fin*, means that a eom hae the
welUteti(s 1 Hues and anrfaee of p'Ofl#
that h«H been 11111 in circulation or 00tie
tart, and th«t it »bowti very "light traces,
of wear and is not aaratv hea or Kicked
the least
I'netrrulmteti, impltse that the eeia is
free from wear or seratsbes, and ha* the
ppesrsnce of a pi oe ja«t dropped freai
tbe eoin ng irees.
nt neins have a bnmhihed,
atirroi-lke, iwfteetivo aurfsce. the disa
snd plane.bets both beioK' poliihed efora
strikink' the»e oum, whi are made ex*
elneireh for ^utbusisatK collectors
•000 as soiled or tarnished, even bv much
ei carets** hwudlluK. they ere no lo»gar
to he elasHNl ss Brtlll at I'sftafa," b«t
sje itill callsd "Proofs,"
-v •*••*••.
.'O ISH -r TUB e.L
Th« Jewish people poa»set«d no posi
tive -om*g« onu! the tim« of tnsir sath
jeejUou to the kings of hyna, of the
&eieucu!an iyns*ty. abon» B, C. :lf,
OrOsk currency, establisfeed
the Kest siijos fine M««tonian
circulated also iu ludea. until the tyranny
of Antiochas Kpiphsnee, in B. O, I7U,
eanfted thi revolt of H*(tethiss, th ekiaf
rieet, hi» son Jn.i»4 MaccaiMeos
th* revolt, evsntnallv re estab
lished the long-lost independence of
atfea. und to his suooessor, Htmou, was
conceded by Aatio huii the son of It»me
trios, the right of coining ns!tonel
money, tbe earliest of which eras t«««»d
•bout B. 144, us toe«« of o»«, two.
and four silver shekels, bearing different
types, hut alt relating te tta ttwaieailt
of Judaic worship.
Of the 11 hist rat tons
So. 1 is HMKKai. of giiaon Mae
eaheas. Obverse A enp or ohaiiae
Legend: tinrKki. or Iftiuai.. Year II.
Beveree A triple lily Legend mar
SAL.KM TH* Hoi,v Time. B. ('. 144.
HAi.r-hHKKCi' Seme date and
or i similsr to No. I except in denomination
It. A H»S TH-HHI I. Copper Hame
Obverse A pui or chalu e. l.e
eod Thk KEHEMPTIOJ. O /.hh.
tevei se A bnndk of branckes between
two ethregs. Lsgead: la xu* Fovmtu
4. Copper mIb: Same dale. Obveree:
Two bundles of thickly leaved hrau -hea
I.eKend Is i Foi KTH YJEAH
HILK Re»er»e Paint tree between
twe besketa of dates, legend Tac Itr
DtMi'TioM or /!«.
(ORNM COIN, sams data. Oh
veise Legend RIMOK. PKIH*
or In-
HVI L. on either side of s palm tree.
Kevers* A viue-lesf surrounded by the
Legend Fimit ltti ur ItKDaicp
TIOK or IwRAfli.
6. OovrrH Ooia. flftate date. Ob
verse Two bandies of breaches. Legend
In TKK FOURTH Ykah -Oxk Qr AftTiii.
1 Seeewa? Aa eMtref. T.egsad, ttat w
No, 3.
COPPBH COIN ef Hiaon, AAA of
Oiorae, enderthe ttret revolt of the Tews.
A cluster of ^rapee, with the
name hi *10 v «bo*e Ee^erss, a pitcher
and palm breach Lagwad. HMOONH I"KAH
A. HII VKI: CI»!\ of Bimss Bar
oehab, during tbe second revolt ef tbe
Jews. Obverse egend SI MOM, around
a riastsr of gmpes Beverse: Two
umjiets. Legend TMF rF.r,IVFJIAW" K
tn JFKI SILI v. Thwminwas origin
ally a fieiMirm* of Trajsn, which has
i#een rc-«frBJ-k
11, ,-ttrstion here given la an
s*»ct copy of the spe^iaaen
of that coin now n the eoin cabinet of
the I nited Htote« Mint in Philadelphia
»»een rc-«!rB!-e
Of the Homsn moaey mentkned in the
New Testament it* value n present
nited State* ndsrd would be a* fol
SeUars. ets.
s W e 0 U
A farthikf, all«•!...• 0 o.«?
K Pewif, or
Oennm.,.,.,. 0 Jf .lt
A or Afesa,... ,te T5
A. 1L flmTa.
Wsrtwta AM,
Tiie great majontv of 1 hsee niicro
aoopir pianu are what lwtaniate call
bacteria, the smallest form of vt*g*v
table life, aays Fred 1. Chester io St.
]Htt hula*. Ho small are they that it
onld take, in aome cases, as uiany as
ftftcen tlioiiNand of thenj arrsug»l in a
fow to extend an inch- They hsv«
different forma, some being round,
aotne oval, some rod-sbaj»#d, and oth
er* much the shape of a corkscrew•, or
aptral, la all oaaee they are so small
pjftt one needs a powerful mieros»pe
tr study them, and in no ease can w«
_yiu:ooiy» thwa singly with the trnked
When couutloMw milUonM of them are
f«m 1 ed together in a m«as or oolonv,
We can see them about as we are able
,k» s««e at a. great diatance an approach
lag army, of which we are totallv un
al'lc to distinguish a single aofdier.
•^'e have said that these bacteria move
als»ut and tlim is trtie of must of
them, although there are some whieli
do not appear to move at all, bat re
Main fixed where the? find a good
Iftedmg place. Those tiiat have mo
tfcrm lehave in a very peculiar manner
•pnic wobble alxmt in one place with
P«t moving forward lit the least, oth
•ts dart hither and thitbei. beck and
fcrth, at an a^parentlv furious rate,
locking and twirling about, and turn
ing a hundred auanetaaults aa they
•*oe along.
Bacteria moltiplv very rftpidly, aad
thev do this in ft strangn w»y A sin
gle one breake itself in two then esoh
aalf grow» to be a» large as the flret.
Then these, in turn, divide up mgwk&,
aad so on, until from e Mingle one we
have many thousands in a short time.
T© give vou the figures, such as they
are, ft single one can multiply at no
enortnoiiM a rate that in forty -eight
hours it can produce something uks
of bacteria, Greet
cfMinet|uence« follow thin enormous in
crease of bacteria, for while one so
small in itself can dp little, the arix^y
resulting from the multiplication of
1 i« able to accomplish muc|^
«he &«st assert.
ir Aenrn "T dr»1
we're gotu ter do,. Mirander. The gar
den crops is all rotted bv tike rain the
fruit is all spoils! by the frost, the
well water ain't ftt to'drink any more,
ft»d everv tviw we've r'» '»s mm dry
—won't, kave ft drop
a®ART that
ia tough.
a&ilk «l»aa
cheerfal Helpmafie—*Nerer mlud.
As Joshua, well £it along. ill take atsm
hoarders New Fori H'eeAii
*Mf' .y^l'
lr-sr,:v/!Vr-*4.,'' -'.: vA-
!CttUe..i trem vw ssi'haugsa]
A.-MUA.0K of aote tfea aaaii-lMa
CATS «M tB aorto of ealaca ii Ha
day-time, at oigkt every oaa t» ml
of a vsller
A oooi»-s*towb agiinatar «ed la
boa«t that she alwapi had two gnai
beaux elbows.
THR Chinese carry their devil* with
them wherever they go. They are
great imp-porters.
Jo^ae, what your idea of the afl
lenninmf* "It k always to haves
Mend et haad to lend me taa niliwt
J'uff red flag srmliolioftl of rrvihi
ti»m. Even the peaceful ftncUonoer
flings it to the breexe while kuockiag
down oar furniture,
CAU„KR—I anp|ssed I would
your parents home this time of da.»L
Ikth mt, are they? Hmali li«^ •.
Yes'm. Mother ftiu't got heck ye' fr»t«|
the women a every Afternoon temper1*
aui meeting, and pap gone to itn*
siingM fr««e lunch saloou to gf 4iV
A correspondent, writing trum Nmium*}
says: It 1# no wonder that brigsad^f4.
still flourishes such iand« ii, i,
and that the lowly who are too spmuedit
to become brigands hold a deep tb uglf
secret ^yni}»atfiy for this class of th«|
population. 1 am sure 1 should orgaj.,
»*e or become ft member of *ueh a l*Mt
were I compelled k live in Blcil s
They ere not murderous fellow*, like*
their brethren of th# Italian {lentmmlat
or of Hpain. They simply «:urieorw»j v
relieve you of your lighter belong
such aa coin and jewelry, wish you g.Hvd
voyage, and return to' their mi iiinttan
boniest, bestowing gifto mutmg the jjuor
and ftt roadside chapels as they go
ItwliniH^ gave m% his word for it tha£"~
they are the nobl««t diafwueera f^
charity in the whole island, ufteotum*
succoring the deserted acid ^larvm*
Betweeii the Sower oiase of iaudlotd
and the brigand# tlie tx-sl o| nude
standing prevaik, fo» wiHiaui tl»»i
custom inn-kee«iag away
cities would be a sonry waatfikai u.
Hioily. They are harK.red hs tike Ktti*.
•Iberghettos as erlsed guests Her*'
they gain knowlettge of the mo*e«is«ii
of parties worth pTtindeftbg, aad eeiu
mumoate tbe nam# t. th#M comriidea in
different part# of the island. Ev#u fits
carbineers who are oaaa«4®aaJtv de
tailed escorts to travsliug partwe are
familsar 'with their facte and intentions,
and preserve a dis«.«ret sileb,^ to the au'
thontice, unless iuterfer«4i %»itfc them
The IMM^I master of a Wf#
•chool, to his utter ashMtislMtnent sen
dentally found out that durtug »,raver*
several of his lower stabdaHT «4ldrei.
innocently convertel the -.ao»e if the
Lord's prayer, "leati us e 1 taH tuupts
tjoninto "lead us no? mto Thames
Htatmn!" The master eouid scaroely
believe his eats, and 1- -rder tr- teat
whether the lads raeli v »he
words in the inappoa4t+ b. ahteh
they certaiuly repeated tbetfe, be aekad
one of them,
Wher# do we ask (kd not tftlaul Tlfl
to, my l»»y V
"Into I^hamea Stabon.rfr."
The master stroked VJF
tended fumble ttw*ekmn,r for kia
«*»o% he incisiv. :n'»rn^ated
"What Station, aty %ay, 9b fm
aay V
"Pleaee, air, Tbnaiea BtaUwft, rfr,"
pe.mist«d the boi is quite an injured
tone, or as if pioued at the master's dis
krust of hii word.
The schoolmaster gave It up.
Yes, le\ond a douM, tks la4l llMHkt
til At Tbamos Htation was some horritile
hell, where lurious b»«r*motives rwnhed
whunhuM aL»-ut a', their ywi».a*aet «iil.
Waiting for the eomlag at
Uttie boys and girla.
,i-\ J..-' ."t-C'-V
'4SM thj-Akftm: \:*4
iee't that shamev "What'I UMI
ter?" "Why, I've forgottea ta 1
my clftas in memory culture."
"WHY do you MY that man can see
oaly out of his left eye wheu it is feta
left eye that is gonef "Well, isn't it
tm right eve that's left
Yovhu OostiN Mr, Roaka, I
—er that is, 1 deaire er tfaie
your daughter, H«ck -What'a
matter with the reel of hert
Molhe new fellow What does le
look like? Becuud Baieelady Oli
he'a jilt a bargain oimatwr aAair, tfcaft
**ItP TOT bftVe any took when v«MI
went fishing Tueetlav*^' "Well, I
ehould smile eight mea «iti bifli
mlletl at tim boaee aai tlnaa «l Hhi
—Women are all alike Mv wife cHae
whenever she wants ftnytluug, and
daughter waata •OBH^u^g
ahe cries.
biohKK—Wrmder what btninras tm
maa is in. They say be is perfectly
deaf. Garner— Oh, that's Jack Kofcda
atm why, he receives aoaaptatate kt#
railway onee.
"MJSA, I am gettteg jtealrms of th«l
man over there." Waitress Noe
senee, I aoaroely spoke to bim "Ya^
I know, bnt yoa gave
daaiplings than yoo did me.'
BIX-I'EAR-OLI) Grandpa, w
oome to wish yaa Many happy retanaa
of yoor birthdav. And mamma seys if
yoa give us each a gold dollar weed
not to lose it on oar wav home,
FKTHRH -Clara, what game ta IMA
yon were pUyiog when I looked tn tiag
parlor last night Clara—Rid* audi
»k. FaUutf What waa MM Inntiia
for? Clara—Oh, that wae tike iait
the hides.
HEKKVOI.ITIN Iwoivinr\x, -Beg par
don, air, bnt I am around ««llet iiag
reailmg matter for the hoepitais liuay
Pera»»naffe Oh, they've got plenty u(
reading matter. load« of it It isn't a
month atuae I aaat tiaaai a Baada^
Maa. QmwMrvt, (dgMnffV--Been*
to me. poor folks like as ai*ay» havg.
large families. Mr. Quiverful (whg
haa jnst laid in a freah supply of *114*101
for Johnny, Dickie, Willie, Qmrgw^
Jimmy and the rast 1 'Vou mesu., u.f
dear, large families are always pose,
-i j-
^. &

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