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•••,•" s
A Canadian Government
gan Sounds a Warning
Against the State*
And Says Mr. Maine's Hectoring Is
Dtocted to a
ment of
Should Aet,As If Thtjr Had
Ms Mother to interfere tfr
Their Quarrels
,sA significant editorial appear* iki
^UtrtU, the official organ of the Donnaion
government. Among other things it says
If oar militia is not simply for orna
•pot, or for amu*eineut for our young
Men. it should b« alway* reedy for
Hp supreme emergency. It ta only
eenstant preparedness that gives con
fidence. To to sate wo ar*
•1111 in a position to look to the eld mother
a»n one insults or threatens or
Hut we ought to act a# if wefweie wholly
(Sde|«mieut of extraneous aid. The bM
taring of Heorwtai v Blaine, which i« clearly
addressed to ibe element tu tbe population
at hu country the* would not deprecate a
®arch northward, saggeateall sort* of poe
aBuhtie*. The possible nay he, to be
eg re, extremely improbable, b«l
MtbiDK like being prepared for
Iff I•«•!
Mud HebUari,
'fears. A tig.
Su l?
print report* thet a
Uleeh uihilist plot against the ctar ha«
|»«u discovered tu 8t. Petersburg. Ae
eerding tu these report#, Prof arlowiieki,
the university of Ht. Petersburg and a
•timber of *tud*nt* at that institution,
^lig, it U alleged, were concerned in tbe
plot, have Wii arreted and menv pei
M»us have been taken into custody in Mos
g|»w on the iwu« charge. Two oSwri of
Ijigh rank in the Kasaian arm v. have com
•dtted suicide. It is supposed they were
fl|und to have been implicated in a oou
g|racy agaiset the caar and took their lives
father than undergo arrest ami puniah-
Wbich «w sure to follow.
m+mHly tlwMetln Ikaei taasil Sratoi
llaivastwi »ad Cm U«a«nK7 to •f*,r
O»dttlo«. with State UssM
Srx MOIMBS, Aog. 3
Tbia week"* frop balletto etateei!**
Seather service report« show* the temper-
to have lieen abov# the average, with
ad Uug to the »««v«rity of tbe
Iroatb Thf rain fall a*era«t.l below a
utb of an inch throughout the state, oul
oe ooanty reporting plentiful shower*.
|iarv*«tiug ia abfnt completed and thrash
ing of small gram begnn with variable
nuiginj, from light to beavy. Corn
doing tvmarkablv well auder the preva
lout unfavorable conditions, and is not
materialiv injured in two-thirds of tbe
iiate. In the central and eontheast conn
ties the ciop IK seriously threatened, bat
an abundance of rain fall in the firat half
of Aafust wili brighten the outlook.
gaaey Reeouilte*.
A«^j 2.
(.)r«Hftt interest i» felt to-day in the die
('iiktion on Neuatw Blair's re eolation,
directing the senate committee on rales to
lirtmr in a rule providing for a previous
Ipitistion" or some method of closing de
bate. He called it up soon after the meet
ing of the senate, and Senator
A Idricb moved that it be referred to the
_j«ouuniU»e on rules. Blair spoke I'Httll.i
of the ueceesity of a rale of thi* sort, aay
lug that there aw many measures on the
calendar which ought to be considered,
and unless some rule of this kind i*
adopted most of them will go untouched
Without detail**! discussion of the uierite
of the question, the motion to refer to the
eommittes on rule" was unanimously
adopted. Considssation el UuiUuttAiiU
was then «esumsd»
1| |e fhuaftit Uat the tarrtbi# Wfih
BU MM Ma* IJWtvett »lha tra^.
Maw V»M, Au*. 2
The New York ft(anf £hm prtrte S
long letter from it» Auburn 'orrra^.n.I
"ent in which it is practically asserted that
murdem Kemmie* gradually
i«^min« lamented under tbe terrible
•train to whioh he has been so
long subjected. The correspondent gives
many factr in »»ip|ort of his theory and
dwells ois K«»mmler viwantjook, purpose
teas actions and mumbling and muttering
to himself as proof. The correspondent
n*r». It may be put down for a certainty,
if k»inuiler Is executed at ail it will
not be until late in the week, and antil
ample tuu» has given «itber to
to decide to act,
this new phaee of the
raae. How far tho departure of Warden
Dureton for Albany involve# the qaestioe
of a stay of proceeding* is a matter of con-
IgMM, Milam Warmly at
A Mtilt«x sad Martial fifMSt
Osevat, Aag. i.
Kaiwror Willwm he* enived at OMead
on the imperial
Hohenaollern, *e
corted by the rman squadron, Prtooe
Henry commanding The emperor, on
laeding, re«»ivei by King I^o|K»ld.
aeeomiianied bf bia mmistera and the
priiH-iple dignitariee of bis ooort Salutes
were e*ohang«1 between Oennan aad
Belgian »»4 fortiflcatiOM. 1
C.IM witnessed tbe
landing and filled
atreetn. tbrouKh *bu:b the royal party,
»rted by tue Belgian guards, ia»»e.» to
MM royal chalet. TIMS emperor remains
day and att«uds a banquet ia his bunot
I'art WHI he
tl&e BMIMI Keunirte.
WiimtutoH, Au« a.
The United Btatee steamer Baltimore
will leave Bar Harbor to-day (or New^
KYork, probably arriving there or. Monday
*f neti week. Hhe wUl convey the presi
dent and party from there to Bo* ton ta
tend the Grand Army encampment.
Hie Onaraetertatte
iiortael Part to
.BNoofci.VW, M. It., Aag.«.'
Harrogate Abbott has decided a peculiar
^point raised in the contest over the will of,
tOeorgcv Hoinee. who made bin fortune in
sjtoa. Wbi u tbe will was found, after Mr.
Holiuch death, it wan KNII that th«* last
two niled liuee on the ft rut page had been
torn off, bnt that the page ended with a
complete aentenoe and the second pajjp bn
gan with a u«w one. It Hbowu that
Mr Homes was a man of economical hab
ile, and tbe theory was offt-rtnl that tb»
teetator, after nearly fiuiabing th» first
pagr of tbe will, had mada some mistake,
aud preferring not to bny an extra a beet of
pap«*r, tore off tbe last line and coutinaeil
writing on the m*it |ag«. Harrogate Ab
bott took tbut view of the flue and admit
t/«4 Ifafe mil to probate
Th* )TMi NwMllih ismter'i Kwn»l»i to
H« K«eurt«d to Hi* Nattw Www on Um
WiiaimmN. Aug. S.
Acting Secretary ef lie Mavy Sokqr
tflxu an order fixing thf date of embark a
tx I af the IHXIV of Ertr»KOU for trauaoor
tun to Sweden Aug. 23, and desig.
naten the lialtiiuor*
tor that
daty. The rwreinonies will be
conducted unflfw the or'era of
U*ar-Admiral Braise, ^immandaut of the
navy yard at York, ia bin letter to Ad
miral BraitMi the secretary pays a fitting
tribute to the great inventor, and aajs
Ilia name will remain forever a
mouomeat to Us memory. It is the
departments deeire to esrroand
the embarkation with every circumstance
that can luveet i,t with dignity and
solemnity. All veasala of war that may
a valla ie will be a«semble«l at New York
and will be directed to unite with yon in
payiug to tli«' deceaa^l honors befitting htt
rank and bi» diatiutruinbod name.'
The anchorage ground near the statue of
liberty ta designated as the place where tbe
Baltimore will reeetve the remains, and
other *«M«4e o£ war wUl be anchored
in her vtriaity. Macia«r« from the
ships asd station will (Mm
a guard of honor to aoort the bo«ly froui
Un preatsni restiug piate to the battery.
It will there tot* eml»ari»d on board the
Nina and oonveyed to Baltimore aader the
escort of ai available steam lannohM
and palling boats of the squadron,
formed in double colnan, attain
laoucbes pr»*«ediug tbe Nina. The »ecr€»
tary of tbe navy, minister* of hwedeu and
Norway, and other consalar offlccini in this
country, with several aaaoetaUons of
Hweditt, will bring up the rear. Admiral
John L. Wordeu, commander of the
Monitor." Is aspeoted to take part ta the
Bil»as rr»e IIM Caar's Dtsimton, Ussy
MT UM issilss Jesse WUl aeQ tor «te*»
NKWYORK, Aug. t.
Tbe edict of practieal banishment which
the czar has pronounced against the Jews
in Kussia will have an important effect in
this coantry, and especially right in
New York. Prominent New York Hebrews
say that a great majority of the banished
million will make their way as soon
possible to America, which i# tbe only land
to which they turn with favor. There fol
lows, of coarae, a train of important prob
lent*. Many of tbe immigrants will of ne
oeesity he without means. There will first
arise the question of their admissibility
under tbe law excluding all person* liable
to become public charge*. 8u}eruiUindt-nt
Weavtc, of the intasifrratiou bureau,
says he anticipate* a repetition in
no me worse form of the rash
of Buasian immigrants to this
coantry in IKN'2. It ia believed that 60 per
cent of them will come to America. "The
law for the exclusion of paupers was de
signed for just such emergency as this,"
Bupermteudeut Weaver says, "and I shall
enforce it strictly." The experience of
188*2 called into existence two or three so
cieties! for aiding impoverished ltusaian
Jew* who came to New ork and the\* are
equipped for doing extensive relief work.
The Baron Hirsck committee on the relief
of Hnasian Jews in New York now has
available about flti.tHJO a month for this
purpose. They are aboat to invest a larxe
fond so that it will yield a steady income
at about that rate, and they will prepare to
do everything possible in the eiu«rg»-ncy.
Judge MP. Isaaos, of the committee, said
to*day that he had no doubt of the truth of
tbe report of the cxar's ukaae against the
Jews. A great proportion of them would
be driven from the oountrf by the
fresh persecution now began, and
all who did leave would oome to
A mirier. Prominent N«w Yor% He
brew* will appeal to Secretary Blaine to
intercede with the Uaasian authorities la
th matter, but it is doubtful if any
American interference would avail. Mr.
Betnher«, the representative of the united
Hebrew charities at the beige office, says
be belt#ve« 7f per cent, of the baniahaa
Jsws will oome to New York, but he is
sure they will be taken care of by tbe
wealthj Hebrews of tbe city. He says
they will make good eitiaen*. Motl of
thorn would be self-sustaining from th*
start, nod thos« who had been robbed of
i all their possesion* by th* Russian gov
i eminent would be taken care of by others
of tfteif race here until they were able to
*aru their own living. Coroner Levy,
who is president of the Jewish Kmigra^on
Protective society, said that every effort
Would »e luatie to And employment outei'-'e
Ksw York elty fer the hesSss vhMi mlfkt
Several Cases Which Tend to
Alter the Monetary Out
look for the Present-
Mueh Apprehension in tlie W»t BT
«*us« of Injury to
by Drouth.
National Public Debt Statemo*t I
Um Month of July- Gtsw^*
•ral Hews.
Maw Teas. Aag. &
It. Ttnnft
trade says li.-avv exports of gold, f4,
000,nOO, having le*n engaged for Baturdajr,
and th© advauce of the Hank of Knglaud
rate from 4 to o per cent, have altered tbe
monetary outlook for th* present. 1 be
merchandise imports sre very heavy for
four weeks at New York, having exceeded
last year by 23 pet cent., or aad
yet the month imports last venr wot*
about *7',*»*, m». But exjiortH from New
York for the four weeks bav* been f*J,
«I0,000 le«« than last year, or nearly 96
per cent., an 1 the month's exports last
year from all ports were but $5"i,.lo8,'2l9.
Th*se fact* indicate a very heavy excess of
imports for is I v.
The cotton exports for July have been
about lw.700 Dale* le*a than last year, acd
exports of wheat and Hour have of lsi*
be*n checked by high prices, bat for the
month nkow a gain. Price* of eouiUitxU
ties tend steadily upward, with expectation
of jibnndaut money, and have neen half ef
1 per oent. during tbe week, and this move
ment, if prolonged, will tend to eaue*
sbipm nts of gold instead of products. At
almost all tbe interior money markets, as
here, the rates have beeu moderate th«s
far ai.d the supply ample, however, and
th* complaint* of slow collections, though
a little mora frequent than of late, are
comparatively ran.
The accounts of trad* eve ateoet «at
form I v satisfactory. A slight falling off In
some tines IH N en at Ht. lxnn«. and rain I*
badly need 1 for crops on the region trlb^
utary to Milwauk**, bat for tbe mid-sum
mer season the state of bastness th better
than usual. Exchange through all clear
ing houses outside New York show a gain
over last year of 12 per cent. Boston
gaiuM little, but reports improving demand
for leading articles of trad*, wool selling
more freely nud l*ather active. Phila
detphia observes some decrease in dr*g
business, no change in wool, quiet in nhaen
teal", liquors and tobacco, but niu rove
m*ct corn. At New Orican*. bavan^h
Memphis business wntisfartor* for
the season and crop prospects excellent.
Bo at Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City and
Omaha business in good.
Job In r» report a favorabU outlook at
Ht. Paul, the daily output of Minneapolis
flour mills being 30,000 barrel* and the de
mand for lumber is strong. But in parts
of tbe west there is much apprehension,
and already some depression in basine**
because of injury to crop* by drouth and
extreme heat. Tbe iron buaine** appear*
rather more confident, though no
change oeu be observed in prices. The
wool manufacture changes but littile. At
Philadelphia aad here no improvement is
seen, and western prices are held too high
few manufacturer*. The boot and snoe
buaiuess NLOWH no weakness, and a large
namber of buyers at Boston ar* operat
ing freely at the recent advance prices,
both leather and hnla» being firm and
higher in price.
Fears of injary to wheal and corn are
eaused by numerous reports from the neu
tral western states, though estimates of a
yield of 1IK),(N)0,(MM) bushels of wheat in the
Dakotas and Minnesota appear well sup
ported by detailed railway report*. The
conflicting local accounts and estimates
helped Hjxw uiation to a sharp ad™nee in
wheat and corn, but in both a reaction has
since appeared, and wheat clo*e* cents
lower than a we*k ago, corn aboat S eents
higher .wd oats unchanged. Heavy west
ern packing caused nouie wcaku»es in pork
productx and the fine crop rejorts fiomthe
south help to low*r cotton a shade. Oil is
a little iowor and coffee and raw sugar an
lu general the speculative markets show
the inMuenoe of anticipated currency ex
pansion, bnt s reaction would be natural
if exports of goid at the rate of $4,tNHi,0K)
a week should continue t« overbalant e ex
p*( ted purchases of silver at th* rate of
4,54M',00t! ounces in a month, for some
timi t- coroe the monetaf}" outlook will
therefore le narrowly watched and ac
counts of its itoesible miuiem upon the
course of price*. The buaiuea failures
occurring throughout tbe country during
the last seven days number ltf.», as com
pared with H* last week. For tbe corre
sixnding week of last year the Agates were
«se s
ifriaRiNrifoK. A a*. S.
1 be following public debt *tatemeut for
the month of July ha* beeu issued by the
treasury department
of interest
bearing lebt,
exelusvie of mted States t*MBUl
Issued to i'aclSc ratlruad*
1 '»bt on which interest osassd
ln e maturity
n of deht b«adm.' oototer.
mt, including itstiu»l tauill
fund* tn treasury an
•Jer act »l .July U. M«a
oerttftcakes otfwet by
w i i i n
e a s u e
{j*iof 4«bt tnolaJlni sertiS*
rate. «.f July 31 imt. .....
Total eaah In tswaswry
Debt Iws* cash ta «r*asury J«»y
AUGUST 4, 1890
Omd llcML
AarmrrtKK T. A«.
'i he w.-ather for tbe past tea day* ha*
beeu exceedingly warm and he* damaged
corn, millet and v*get*bl«* to *ome ex
tent. Without spe«nly tain only a wry
poor yield of these products can be ex
pected. Flax is in pretty good shape, bat
mast have rain to mature well. The wheat
eroi'. without material exceptions, n peat
aav further damage, and Ihe average yield
for the cunty various'y estimated from
•is to nine bushels an ante. Harvesting i*
now well under way. Tbeie is plenty of
hay and fodder for farm aniAala, hut aats
are vary short.
Rkwt in tk* VMatty ef Carlksa*.
AVKHDKSN, 8. D.. Aug. ft.
The wheat crop here will fee short, and
from what has been thrasbe it looks
though an average of leu bushels to the
acr wi'l e about the \i*ld. Oats, flax
aud millet is fair, and com is goad if U
n.,ly gets the fall rates. Farmers are in
the middle of their harvest and haying.
We nt-ed rain badly, and will have to h*V*
it liefore three days to save the ejr*.
Harvest Hsgm a* •sari*.
ft. P., Aug. X.
Wheat harvest, early sowing, hits begun
at ltowdle. Tbe yield varies from live to
fifteen bushels per acre. Flax is looking
well, but ne*d* rain. Corn i* looking bet
ter than ever known her* before. The bay
crop is geod, aad hay is selling at
per ton. Hot winds prsv*ii*d the past
Hardly Wurtti tMHs|SlOr«wsr,
(«DW4V, 8. D., Aug.
rop* are looking badly, owing to tot'
winds and hpi weather- They have fairly
dried up in places. Crops that two wseks
ago promised a good yield will be hardly
worth cuttiug. There has been no rain for
the past ft ft) en days. Wheat will not be a
half crop throughout Brown county. Oats
rthout one-third a crop, and dax is rapidly
trying up. Cow is doing well. Haying
well under way, and next w*ek harvest
will generally have began.
HOSISS4 r«Nre*t* ami Pralrtaa Alike Swo
rn sub llrfi re tlkw Oaward Msreh mi
HKI.KNA. Moat Aug. A
Dry weather during the part tkvee verts
has ceased startling forest and prairie fires
various localities. In the Castle
raining district, Meagher county, the pine
and spruce forests ar* on flre and the plant
the great (unutxerl&nd company is en
tjingered. In Jefferson county fire-* are
nlso reported, while from Helena n big
e*n be seen off the mountains.
northern Montana, in th* vicinity of
th* Sw#*t (iras* Hills, ftre* are doing a
vast amount of damage One* it gets a
etart a locality the flre sweep* every
thing before it until it gives out for want
ef fael.
BOSTON, Aug. 'i.
Quite a romantic tele Is tokl in Connec
tion with tbe marrtage in Boston of Yee
Sing Din and Pauline H. Dare. Yee Hing
Din IH a wealthy Chinaman and a tea
merchant on Eliot street. About two
years ago he became uitereeted in Mls»
Carters Habbeth-school in Ashburton
|iace and with other in am en professel
Christianity He has been quite sickly and
St the consumptives' home, at drove Hall,
hff became acquainted with a young widow,
Pauline b. Dart who was connected with
the institution as a laundress. Bhe had
tnarried a yonng man named Dare, who
tiled at the end of the first month of their
Union. After the young Chinaman and
his Melican" sweetheart had decided to
wed she applied for the necessary license
at the city hall. The pair called upon Be*.
E. F. Meriaek* at Trtaunti X*n^»i% aad
l?4rttstt+ KJha Tiriauia
Sir Cuaiaa, W is. Aug.
Mrs. Clara Morton, recently rsmoved Iqr
proi.e** of law from the residenoe of Alex
ander Watson, tbe Wealthy Kau Claire
lumberman, whose legal wife she claims to
be, and whose housekeeper she had been
for many veers, has made another sensa
tion. Mrs. Morton and. her married
sister, a lady of wealth and standing, went
to the Watsou residence to get »ome pic
tare* Mrs. Morton had left. Mr. Watson,
who is slowly dying, reclined hopelessly
an invalid chair on the porch. His nurse
ordered Mrs. Morton and her sister from
the premifeos. A violent conflict ensued.
Triscl CnrtMi (Ml ou Bsr
if 4,07.1,0*1
iH»bt lees eash tn t*ea*«ry J«m» M,
IHBO, ,,
N a •lecreass duriag mootb
A MAK down eaM, a selectman of bis
town, by the way, bongtit a pound of
nails wlrcb were wi»pp#d up in a piece of
brjwn pti{»er, and placed them in a bright
nuw tin pan which be left on the seal of
hu wagou fur a short time the sun.
Wh»m he came out of the store again he
fognd hi* bundle of nails in flames, the
ray* off theeaa
Review of Legislative Work
and Other Public Mat
ters of Note.
The Extension of Daily Sessions
the Senate Must Tend to E&
fpdito ProoeedingfS.
Likelihood That Mr. Blaine's
Senator lngalls gave it out on the floor
Monday that as soon as the tariff, the
federal election and tbe appropriation bills
are passed it will be time to adjourn. These
btlls will be approved, regardless of satyr.'
When it was over one of tbe ladies bad a
black eye and the other had nearly all her
lUnthe* torn off.
Bl« WhweS Owp
•tnmkArot.ns Aug A
Tbe best authorities estimate the wheat
of tbe present season in tbe Dakotas
Minnesota at 100.00,i,00 bushels.
They pla^e Minnesota at bush
els and the Dakotas at "0,00(1,000 bushels.
AH tbe prophets argue that tbe wheat crop
"J wUl be one of the largevt ever harvested.
tk.t ia In Iha w^athAf
and that there is nothing In the weather
conditions to cause alarm. The hot
weather baa not done ssrtoos damag*. tail
ing the country as a whole, and the harvest
i* now in progrea*. The value of this
crop to tbe northw**t i* estimated at #m»,
000,0041 at the lowest. Reports from (J1
over the three stales agree with thi* gen
MMd prophecy as to res alts.
Mich., Aug. 2
Mr» Harriet A. Philps has been arrested
on a charge of attempted murder, the com
plainant being her husband, deorge V.
Philps. Mr. Philps Is a consumptive and
has h«#« unable to work for some weeks
and has been taking medicine. He charges
hie wife with putting rolon oil in bis med
icine He suspected her and had the
physician* examine the medicine and they
foetid Ihu poisou. Both are ittSJuber* of
thelL E. church.
nscro oat., Aag. 1
American capitalists
ap the whole peach cMfi ef
Mr. Blaine and the l"r»«W«iil-
Ooogressin.-ir) Owen, of Indiana, wks I*
a warm personal friend of President Har
rison, in speaking about the controversy
between Mr Blaine and the advocate* of
the Mckinley bill, said that he knew there
would be a hard tight over the question of
reciprocity, bat was not aware of any or.
ganixed movement to have Mr. Blaine re-*
moved from the oabinet. He thought that
if suv one reckoned on President Har
rison's aid to antagonize Mr. Blaine tney
would find that they were reckoning with
out their hoet. "There is not,' he said,
the conflict tetw.en theee two men that
the newspapers make out. There is no
more conflict than there would naturally
be between two large men moving large
circles and dealing with great questions.
Mr. Blaine has made a national issue of it,
and tbe public mind is more or less unset,
tied. The men who think the Mo Kin
ley bill is hurt by Mr. Blames
course «Btagonme the
proposition hut as to President
Harrison joining them, 1 look on it in
tbi« way. The proposition is a popular
one, and Mr. Blame is a strong man, with
an eye to Mr. Harrtaon must know
that he could not get a renoimnation if he
were violently attacked by Mr. Blaine and
his friends. I do not think any one oan
oount on Mr. Harrison taklug such a
course as would drive Mr. Blaine oat of
the cabinet. On tbe other band, Mr.
Blaiue, if„ be were out of the cabinet,
would be a private citizen with many
friends to be sure, but still a private citi
aen. Tbeee two men are not apt ie |aer
WasdeifSl Change*.
First Assistant Postmeeter-tlaneral
Clarkson is at his deek again, la a little
talk he said of hi* recent western trip "It
is amazing to contemplate the growth of
population and business in the new states.
Many people are living wbo remember th*
primitive msthods of noall transportation
west of the Mississippi an 1 serosa the
plains. The old coach hues and jxny ex
press were regarded as the greatest achieve
ments of modern civilisation, and by short
relays they were enabled to make ten miles
an hour. Now that wboi# region, from
Texas to the state or Washington, and
from Missouri to the Pacific ooaan, I*
traversed by a network of railways, and the
mail frMsilities are now extended over this
entire region. There is of eour*c incoasant
demands for expansion iu keeping pac*
with the march of civilisation.' It i* said
Mr, Clarkson will hand in hi* rssifatonn
in about thr»e weeks.
Nol frsellosltls WW folttls.
The mails of Henator Qaay are filled
with letters from all parts of the *outh
seeking his influence to have the election
bill abandoned. They picture tbe condi
tion of affairs in a very unfavorable iigbt,
lay that a war of races will b* inevita
ble. Th* latest phase of tbe *t*te of feel
ing in the south is indicated in the part i«
which tbe woman are taking in writing to
their friends in the north and to senator*.
Many of these letters are received by Mr.
Quay. Judging from th* general conver
sation of the senator, who, as the country
knows, believes in practical politioe, it
evident that be does not wholly regard tbe
elsctiou bill either as expedient in legisla
tion or practicable jiolttics The eoutb
•ru problem he apparently regards as sur
round ml by too many complications in
many points to make that section an en
couraging fold for political labor
beyond tb* maintenance of the party
organization. The plan propoaed i* not
one that be particularly admires. At tb*
same time be will defer to the wishe* of
the majority, and whatever bill they de
termine upon will receive his fete Whan
ever it reaches that stag*.
Voting by U(hlata|.
The house committee on rules yesterday
gave s bearing to John A. Kuos, an in
ventor, who sefka to have an appropriation
oT *0,000 made to defray tbe cost of ia
atalliug his patent electric voting machine
in tbe house of representatives He stated
thwi during thix sessiou there have been
300 roll calls, each consuming thirty
minutes' time, or an aggrewstc of thirty
and h* asset ta by tbe as* af
I working dsys,
jhis machine
hten saved.
thi* waeoa.
A tirmuil Reuatim
The Thirti Pennsylvania artiUacy
Imve Waahiugton n^xi Hatuni^y
prick fW ffiftrrR.
Plans Will
Cam* Him
to Leave thi Cabin A
WaanixoroM, Jaly SO K)eeial Oesr«speBtenee.
On Monday the pablic%n senator* g*v*
the minority formal notice that they pro
posed now to settle down to buam**s in
dead earnest, and with that purpoae in
view, after some objection from tbe other
side, they lived tbe hour of meeting of the
senate at 11 a. m., and adjournment at p.
m. Two hours of this time is to be de
voted to the calendar of the morning hour,
(and the remaining five to speeches and de
ales upon tbe tariff or other basin***.
I nder the regular hour* of the *easion it
was rarely that more than two or thro*
hours were available for general debate. It
is thought that this present program will
oxpedite matter*. If tbe democrat* show
no signs of exhaustion tn a reasonable
length of time, the hours will be still fur
ther extended. The proposed 3b-minute
srule will only be applied as a last reeort,
an eight day* ietntfem es»an*n Thejr
go to Fort Monroe, where a beautiful gotf
lettered m*rtle table?, will lw *miur»ly eu».
bedded in the miswlvw Walls of that his.
torical fort in memory of the lumber* wbe
died on eouthern btfttMhrtrta wad in priso*
p*aa. Th*y wit! theis go to "Norfolk and
Kiehmond, stoppng *.t familial places^
and around! to F«.rt Ham.
sou. Col.
Maw Teaa, *o« i 'j|
Clemen! J. l'hsll*r, tr*e*iw|r rtud VVBS.
C. handler, jr.,
«l«'4ce, *»m V,
M. Eruery, of L^Mars. was ft
BMsbw of thw retfirueut afid ^iil accom^
pany tbe excuraioR tllif»f aim important
po*itioe of cfcwrisU*. U« wUffcave a larKS
i mix*«l ehoii. with organ aeeompenimenft.
I boms 200 will go. amOtig th« nuntijer tun
ing several from isorttieastewi Iowa,
OaagTMsewMP bt^nU* h*a raused to he
sent oat to the people ff the'Lleventh dbe
trkst the paa* week o**i oopie* of
tariff speech** 4*Uv*nd by. Messrs. Gear,
K i n e y a n o e
ing sent
Tucson, Aria., Aug. t,
Th* return* of th*
•how that tb* population of
including Tndiiuis, is 37,000.
tranefer company, of hare be*B
arrevted. charged witj|' *y«S*«iatic»lU de~
framiiag the compao^ e*timat*4§
that they have succeed**} is iefraudtt^
the corporation out of n'^l^rtftfthai: #IO.IMM
by meaus of faiee bills dlsdbe* has maft*
a confession He said b*J|e^d under tha
direction of Chandler money wg
d^oeited in Ohaller» bantam l'i
f?,000 has Ijeen traced thus Vp.
Was Mwvwr Mrs. Sharon,
aaa PaaMCisoo, Aug i.
Mr*. Karah Alihea Terty feed a
of ber ca«»e against th- estate of the
Saoator Hharoi, in the superior court
th* j»dg» rendered his decision, hoidieg
that tbe so called marriage oontract was a
forgery that she never had been married
to Bharon and had no daim WhaleMNHPf**
ihe Hharon estate.
AHsasa'a fepalalten.
Ariiaae, net
Txa poatoffloe at Newport, K. I., hee
l«eeo robbed of 94,000 worth of at amps,
^Tai democrats of the Bwoond distri«i|f
Georgia have renominated Henry 0. TarttfT
for congr*ss.
THE Turkish
samaMr reaort at PeMMt
has t*en totally diwrt/oyed hf ftre. Sengrt
panoa* war* burned to dsdk.
The republioasi league of the stale ef
New York has issued a call for its stale
oonventiou at Haxatoga .Springs on Hept.4.
Tn* bodi** of two more and th* laet
Tietims of the steamboat disaster at Baiti
aiorH have beeu recovered. Fourteen pgf
sotis lost their lives
Tut union labor greenback-faraser*' al
liance eonventioo of Michigan nominated
a full state ticket, headeil by Eugene M.
Balden for governor
THI bustne*s (Hrtion of Walnut, 111.,
was «#ept by fir*, fifty-six building* be
destroyed. Sixteen families are homekaa.
Loee. $160,000, tnanrance. f4o,tslO.
A kh»T ia in progress at Aikama. Bede
Inland, caused by the high pri e of riee.
Tr«op« are unable to prevent the destrtto
tion of residences *ttd property of the dee
Brsrw*K Brt,t.rwo« fatally whot Me
wife at their cottage at Katontown. N J.
Tiif woman in her ante-mortem statement
Cafnaed tu 01
ve the cause of the tragedy.
F*OM different sections of New Knglead
reports come|thal tbe intensely hot weather
of the past two or three days was followed
by a severe thunderstorm, and doing con
siderable damage.
the Hew York real
ettate broker cttftrceHl aHth the lareoay ef
f^'.OOo worth of bond* from Col. W H.
Taylor, of Chicago, ha* been acquitted, S
being shown thai the aflatr wm e tmatoeee
11 un*!DENT FiTsciaaAttW, «f the Irteh
National league of Ameru»a, has issued an
argent appeal to all sympathisers with the
cause to immediately transmit all avail
able funds to the hotue oSioe lu Dublin.
AFTXK taking ballots without
inga nomination tbe republican corn
tion of the Tenth Ohio congressional
trust adjourned elne die. The laet
stood Waiiaee. 67 Doan, W Bant, 47
A PA*MBKIKK train on th* Banta F*
was held ap by four mea near Trinidad,
Col Engine O'Reill) and F1r*man Hall
were shot bat not faiaily wounded Th*
*etgineet put on steam and left the would
•testa c««r UM at tea.
V, .*•
Mi o««isl ysetertfay
Market iOf. a»« wsi y slow, eaUlag a* |Mu
#S^M balk. tA«*
(Mttlw'-MeeeipM. tenia iii
StiilMuenM a«a« UeStMSt an B»«b»B(Sil
U-.'.ta«km« etwees, jxrime.
imu u, «oiMt. gfcsu#s.?e. teed
•r* alMnte# W,- un U 9» hm
fait k- fiMMl, ri.ae -*»-!«. stueaers. enole*.
fair te s*K»d, »st lulerto*
sattw oh» ihru fe4,
fa- §1 T5 **».
-i Sit, amxmmr*
at.ss rserthMlt «*tm
Uetts. shofai* ea.si#B.isi
•wunttm veal ealvsa,
,!i tu nay i-i*«
("HU Aoo, Att*. 8.
CsktUe ileoetpts, i'.UOO. Uastw
a»i »eisrs W WUKK60,
*».#*.'JUaSS.«i, Ti tui and westerns. Si.2*0
Hog* IteeMsts. mm. Mavtwt lowef
h»*y* intfet.
HrT"Pfl Att#.
eoald hate
f^Uee H*ce*pi« 3,uue Market ami
weakr-w«sterw es«o«4.SB:
Tesams, »3!W»s 16.
iu,a» omeiaj
V..«0 ssbtpmeats 1« ea#»
v«ry iSw aed ac lo*ei, i^Uini ai Sx^.istx.ss
-i.fm. '"»J»al
jt, J75 AUlfiueuW 56 «ai- Marllea
Hk® anti leok««! lower *i»alt*' '-««mn»ea.
%wk, PftKiltc#.
N«.» V
tOf Aua
M.xteraSel aeure aew Mgner
Don "SI'*'
i fir-'.
l'euvisj«B* t'urh, firm,

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