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V «',**..
Will Be Required to Repair
the Missing Panes in
Sioux, Fail*.
A TtmRc Hall and Wind Storm
Strikes South Dakota's Metrop
eltt Sunday Morning,
Nearly Every Building in the City
Damaged—More About the En
foroement League's Work,
ItootTX ftLU, Aug Special
11m SOU tarrtftc hailgtorsn la tpeaty
•track Bioox Fall* about u'. hx'lt
unday morn tug and lasted with unabated
Jury for fifteen The damag*
dons will rash away up into UM tboa
dands of dollars. The Mora cim«
from tbe northwest and ob
gerved gathering noma little tiui«
.flefwe it burst.. People who bad not rlseu
Croat their beds at tb uuv, were tnnwi
fcv tb« rattle of hail stones against their
£011***, the loud roar of the wind on glee*,
perfect pemc waa reeled at all of UM
hotels. guests who voce at breakfast,
Vl«btiig pell ineli from tbe dialog rooms,
9i others raring through tbe hsll* pro
Siiacuously, half dressed and half erased
Silk fright. There is no exaggeration In
fUttng that the average Ktoax Fall* eiti
bas not hud hia or her nervem racked to
painfully tu uimu) a long 5ear, and future
e*f«»rit» will be dated from or referred to is
gpnuertioa with tbe great hailstorm of
e« nday, Aug. 3, lHsgt. During thw beigfcth
af the storm the wind muit have reached
a velocity of iitlT or seventy miles am
fcoer, as substantial brick ami stone batld
|ng* were shaken, billboard*. sign# and
afrromgii blown down, lumber piles ecat
itred and the air flh&d with tlying debris.
Treee and shrubbery wan mere or lesa in
|»red leaves and branches being stripped
eft aod tb- bark rained. Corn and oats
Vitbiti au «r«* of the storm witl be roined,
klit fortimeteiv wheat, oatM and rjf is
•oetiy ui tbe gtack and will not be Mr
tea*!? damaged. A perfect deluge of raw
»uipauied the hail. filling often cellars
id flooding tbe streets. Home esti
•ate of the tarn age done in
eit alene can be formed
It Is known that nearly
of glaaa on the north
and uorih *eat Bid— of baaineee blocks,
atareheg, public school buildings and
dwelling* waa broken whera uol prott'oted
k} wire «crwui. The north front of the
Hasouir teoipie, tbe syud»cat« beildtng,
UM thiee leading h«tei», puaioflee MMA
elhr well-known baiidings look as
Ihoa^h they had been shelled
stood a
Stage. A mitaittv* piaU giaits window
te tbe Van K,»p-. block was shat
tered and piece* of tbe same
ate on SEhibitiou to show it to have been
•earljr, if not quite, half an inch thick.
Amy uumber of tame dove* and other
Mrtl» were kiiied-and an unfortunate hack
driver, a bo cAO^bt oat in tbe xturiu,
hed both even blacked and his bands
Mvervly braised l»v tb«* uiurderuuu hail,
ttebail •tones varied in etas from two to
elk id Chen in (-iron inference, and one
reMpousibto ritieeu talis of one ha
aa 1 a partv of geutleman
tW-iKbett that ttp|i«d the saaiew at 1
pouude. A large drove of mnstsafs
iMrdi noar th« city, stampeded and at
lent iMvuntjtft the owners had not sneeeadad
ta overtaking them. It aai* the
knatieat Habbath Biom Ffcllt h»N known
for sonu time, and the oorpe of Waotam
Union etapioyar was kepi busy
eendiag specials and e«paeialiy eeed
lag orders for giaaa. it will
ke several before Ike Qfieen
Ofi i* diessrd to ret$eive company and
fN*«tr«« ber wonted lookw of beauty,
_A doaeu »r load*) of wiodow glass will
ac»t more ihaa pei ker ia ps—snlsble
Later telegraph rcparti from the ra
gioii kjlevtMl by the storui show that it
eViKu»tel in the vl iuii\ of 1'l^tttooe,
Mian., snd followed the oonrse of the Big
•look river. It h«« also been determined
Ikst it cnt a very narrow swath not ax
eeodiiiK two or three miles wide, and that
flfccax Falls has been the gTaateat sufferer
Clom its rsvit^ee.
The v extern (Taion operators manl
fle«tgreat huroisin daring tbe stone, nod
Ifmaioed at their poets nnder very ad
firs4« nrenmstanoes. Their offloe faoes
Ike north »nl olo««« to tb" river, wben*
tke storui •wiii'-d to rtyt* witb the greatetit
farv. very tight of glass the o|«erating
Mom had leeu smashed by the huge kail
atones before the storm had lasted a inin
•I# The floor was flooded with waler,
Man ks, messages and ofikse Qieuml* in
eem|auy *ith any aambor of hail stones,
al aneorted mees, tillmi tbe air and threat,
aaed in»t»nt leattiur matilation, bat the
"qfid guanl retuained firm to tbe last aod
lae newspajer boys are under obligations.
Additional reports received show tba Um
•t.irm »tended east aa far aa Wortbmg
t#ii. Minn. An Illinois Central train that
Was neariug Hioui FalU when tbe atorrn
kroke was badly disfigored, every light of
g|aa« in the coaches and the engineer's
gab, on th» nortb »side bcin^ broken, and
foverai of tbe paaneugers being cat with
pi'«Mi of gia**. A cow lelongiug to
r. lfe( rarrier was killed, aod Banker
Avery s little hoy, who van driving
g. cow to pasta rt, was knocked
ftannnsibls. The damage to 8t, AugosUne
aatbeiral, preside 1 ov by Hisbop Hare,
fjill amount to over tbousand dollars, all
||f the Waatifnl catbeiral glass, stained
Windows, preseote i to tb? eharch by Um.
Jbhn Jacob Aator, having snffered tbe
#*a»mou fate that has overtaken window
in burnt Falls. A oonservative
ler n window ^lase estimates th lots at
I'rmMt* Klsafata SfttM r»e
hAMmrnrn Walter.
H.B.XeMk. wke
tained by the manager* of th* enforcement
League to assist in the prooecntion of tbe
original pftckag^ dealers,, waa seen by a
Daily Timrk N»rreapoudeut and inter
viewed. Am Mr- K»»ttb, waa one of tke
framer» of Month Dakota prthibiti(»
taw, bis ideas aod opiniona regarding tlie
enforcement qoeatx&u ara entitled to mm*
sideraWf weight.
"Getting evideae#," Mid ke, kaa keea
one of tii tfreat f«st obstacle* to ,tb« 1 eu»
foroem«nt of prahibition, I'Ut th« law ia
thia at ate ban b^en fashioned, tbat wa
oan ft«*t ail the endenr« and teatimoay the!
is neoeasary to secure convictions and eot*
foroe the law. The probibdioa lew of
this State Is Ironclad aad U
is merely a aiattei of will
in 10 enforce." It is a notoriona
fact that original packages are not only
sold on the premises of these saloon men,
but tbat tbe customer* drink them tbert
in room* fitted up for the pnrpose. Drink
i»g on tbe preintaes of tbe tuau who s^Iih
the oriKiual package in a direct violation of
the law, and we ail know it i* openly done
in thin c«ty. Tbe inveetigation started by
the managers of the Enforcement league
has shown that the law buiu^ violated
daily The state s attorney baa thu teati
mony. I have been employed to aasiat
him, and the great question ia, "wkat is ke
going to do about it
There ia no political ieewe at etake,"
eata Mr. Keith it is merely a question of
enforcing tbe law. Mr. Meredith, one of
the leaders of the enforcement
league, ie president of the
liaptist college, bat has no politi -al aapir.
attona that know of. Tbe fact that he ts
a candidate for state sen*tor is absent, and
I am uot a candidate for any nffioe in the
gift of my party. As 1 aaid Itefore, it is
merely a quvatioij of enforcement W#
have suflkieat evidence in to secure con
viction*1 am ready aad willing to lend
all the aid can to the publi prosecutor
and liia duty iu the matter is plain.
Your readers now have both side« of the
prohibition qoeetion in Hioux Fella, aad
may form their owu conclusions."
Further d«iveiopinenta in the case may
be expected at any tame, for the enforce
ment league means businees, and if tbe
*tat*« k attorney does not get a move on
tiimmdf awift enough to satisfy the probr
ti|tioniHt«. something viil dr.'p *«'l there
will be a ftrst-claee "Ikod" akMU It
it strikes the eartk.
He U«MNira(«i rl Uelaaa of Um
Membara mi Um Haaala.
Wmsimwux, Aug 1
In tti« senate, lavis offerad a resolution
calling on the secretary of wax for informa
tion on tbe subject of an acciii«'ut last Fri
day to the lock of the tkutlt Hte Marie
canal, lie spoke of it as a moat seriouw
oaiamiftir to Um eemMeeee of the oatoira.
roatiug, as he had been informed by teie
graph, a dev. He also
mentioned mcidentaUy toe failure* of
ttiti houae to act on the bill paaaed
by the senate some months ago providing
fur a aecond and larger look. Cuiiom
hoped that tbe houae would be induced to
take up tbe measure and paaa it. If not,
tt aould be weh enough for ttie senate to
tak»* u» the river and harbor bill at ats ear
iiet day than had been agreed upon, so as
to have an appropriation secured for that
very important work. After considerable
debate on the subject, during which alight
refur^ucea were made by several eeuatorn
to the fact tbat the houae had not pa*»'d
the bill referred to, Presiding Oftioer
Ingalls eaid he had observed
with regret UM growing tendeuoy'to alluie
in terro« of severity and disparagement to
th« proceodingh of the other houae of con
gress. It was a violation of tbe funda
mental principle* of parliamentary Isw to
refer in one house to what waa done or
said in Um other. He hoped that the sen
ate, in preservation of its own diguity
snd in protection of its own im
munity from recrimination, would
obft*rve theeo ralf* aud refrain from such
aitusione in UM future. The resolution
*tw agreed to. A resolution offered on
Haturday iattt by Plumb aa to tbe reinter
ment of remains of Geo. Grant tu Arling
ton national cemetery waa, at the sugge»
tlou of Plumb, ailowed to remain on thj
table, to be called op some other (kM,
Tbe tariff bill was then taken up.J
The pending question wan on Vent's
amendment to the ('biuaeare paragraph,
reducing the duty on decorated ware to 511
per ceut. ad valorem aod on plain an
decorated ware to 40 per coat.,
instead of &» aad 50 as recom
mended by tke ftnaaotal oommittee,
and instead of SO aad 6J a«
in tbe house bill. Manderaou said be bail
voted Saturday c*«ntng against est s
amendment and wooid do so again, because
be thought tbe rates ^proposed in it were
too low. He favored, however, the rate
recommended by the ft
la Um Ho
WastuiHtToit, A o«. 4
The houae went into committee of tbe
whole, Payne, of Illinois, in the chair, on
Um general deficiency appropriation kHfc,
tor K.e Its in tar's SiMtroeattas
ARE Hi1tl«n LO M« at Um PH,oh by 7
O'«lock faMdajr 'wig
Biwiuj, N Y., \ng. 4.
Buffalo parties invitod to wttaeae Keaai
ler'« electrotuiiioni at Anborn kave bean
notified to b.- at tke prieon by 7 p. a.
Tueac|ay morning.
o Palee* a Whale
awl rarttaUjr asMeeeia.
ATkawta. Oa.. Aug i.
Tbe •ttempt of a coiorail preacher nauied
W Hoona, in tk»rdon county, to kill by
poison a family of ten persons, three of
his viotima being now dead, has created
intense excitement, aad Um prisoner and
bia wife are carefully guarded
111 jail. He pat rat poison in the food of a
colored famiiy named Lally Boone puts
tb« crime on bU wife, saving tbat^she waa
lealou* of Mrs Lally'a affection for him.
T&» wife^pnta it ott ber husband, saying
be sought to obtain possession of Lally's
crop. Th* other victim* are not yet out of
Half the Business Portion of
the Town Burned on
The Fire
TIm Warm WMsk KehbeJ Hssi VaUe sf
Pan«a !.«• Daaange la Iowa.
Dm MoiMaa, Aug. 4.
A diaaatrona atorm awept over the central
part of W,*batr county. unroobuK houses
aod blowing doeti coal cbut»M at Otbo
Banday afternooa. The Mono was pre
ceded by a alight wind, and its arm*! was
unannounced by any of tbe usnal phenom
ena which precedes a storm. Ochu ia a
small mining town on the Minneapolia A
Bt. Ijouis road.
Duriutf tbe storm, wkleb wee moet ter
rific while it lasted, roofs were Mown from
hoaaea aud trees (uprooted. Telegraphic
commnnicaUou with Otbo are very poor
and it is iniwoastbie to the fall partus.
ulars. It ih kuown that the coal chutes at
Otbo were blown down.
Beveral bouses were Mown down ami
ttees wore uprooted. At Kaio tbe mine s
buildings wcrejieveled to the
blown from the track.
TMs la Why Mew* from Basson Ays-ae le
lunrnow. Ae*. 4,
dtapsA^t tmm Buenos Afitaltolhe
Loodon Ttmi-n «a 1 that at a meeting of
Caimanite aenatore and dnpaties 8uad*y,
it waa iecule I to continue to give tke
preaidcnt support. It ih reported that the
cabinet hat decided in favor of a forced
carreucy and tbat an effort will be made to
stop gatabling in gold, exchange aad car
Ma). Palme, whom President (J«I men
denounced aa an informer and military
conspirator, is.dead. It is aaaertea that
be was jMMeoaed. Tke prees la oomylislily
At the requeat of tke Gbrmaa fovera
msnt, England ha* ordered one of ber m«D
of-aar now at Bueuua Ayrew to protect the
ittlarewtH al Ucriuana reyidia^ u that cily.
Evidently of fnMtvfffkry
-Hie Loss Will Reach at
Least $100,000.
The Disastrous Wind and Hail Storm
Works Great Havoc in Webster
Da* Muixkh. la.. Aog. 1
On Bunday ire deetroyed keif UM kaei~
nesa portion and forty wtdflenees of What
Cheer. The rtr- originated at W B. Ana
strong's nit at market, and is attppoeed to
have leen tbe work of an incendiary.
Amoug the buildings destroyed m-ns Toe
opera boose, t'reecjnt sappty »Uro, Har
lem and Parrot block, the buildias vera
piel by Leatberw & Funk, general mer
chant a, and many other business hoaees
and th* Pr»»«bvtenan ebiircb. The lire tle
partmnit }Hwt-r!as to atop tbe spread
of the Hamea, because of lack of water.
From Broadway three blocks north on both
sides of Barnes street, ttTsrjthief «rea
•wept awey. L^ei, fl 00,009.
Mass Vit9 Uv*
Aa®. A
ofittolal Haturday. :i,um.
Market &o lower, dkMriag weak, selitagat HfU
Ollil* Itessiyts. t«i. ofRt-iaJ -ai..rday, !H
slilpii."ii i Market v ry iaii tmi un
••lian^atl guotatioc# Kat jyrtiua. tA.7ia
UU l»i» U sxhI, e*.Ai*»*.7u iMd
•rs, ehoiee Wki to i.uou
1* e^.iM
3.3,',, (a 1 tj food, 9 .»6 s.lo, •looker#, otioise,
to good, tntariM,
#8.XMM.A6, 00*1, estra eholoa, ooru-bMl,
e 75 ii. fair to ihkhI, J1.T5 'il
tufsrior to common, 1.53, o^ikuera, 7-ia
41.'iS, yearling*. «*era c-holce, 1.". b
uion. #-J UoUa, ebolee. e*.SN#M0{
souiuuu, #i veal ealves. poor
cho4oe. ev 0Ui4t
dwtith Live Stock.
Ho IT 11 uiniu. Vug. 4.
Hugs- Meceipta. ^000 eAotal Matordaa.
l,*n hbipmaon oasa. Market opened
1"»»! 4t-uusig a« gii.:iJ«t.4.So.
OaUl* -Heoaipts, i^.oou, oOeiai Haturday,
ilio. atnpii,«iiU 1U oar* Market opened
StSSdjf ^MSnltj vrttKIWflti
Oatuaao, Aug 4.
,13.0®. Market
aettvo eak. lower Iaght,
pa-lios« ami shipptug. as.fii».«t
i •, heayv
Cat tie i:. H.yuo Markot, higher.
Ueevfit. t**#t 10 Texan*. It.UOKi. 7 S,
Sbewp Iw-etp'ta h.uoo Market dali and
low Natlva* western. •J,?5*4.I0:
i*^j| if
CnMaao. Mm -Ctoee 1 :l§ p.
Wheat .ttruwg, nesh, WHe aeptesnber,
MA\c., Majr. oi.
Com Kinu, eaah, tota HefiSeaaber,
47*c Mav. 51
Cfista Fiim, eeefc, M)|«»at fliplaMber,
«»..• M» STVflWH*.
Sye Ht«el 5$ *te.
hie Barley ash aomlaal
Frtinx Tlmotli)! Heed -yulet. ILtitlA
No 1 Wlat liteady ei.'S1^.
Wblaky §1.U
Pluvliiious Me«« |K*rk, firm, oaah §11.75
8eptetiibo* fll.&j. .fanuarj-, 111 »•*. Ijtrd,
Arm oaah §6.(k'. i*e|»teml»e». U #'J 6.17
JaoiijiXj. itt-7u. Short rltw, ftrtu cash M&Zih
#3.a8 isplsmbw. §S.M ,gS.SS /annejry,|a.t*S
Maw Vera Pradaos.
Now Yoaa. Aig 4
Wheat Uiw*r .aepMmber, i»MS1e PaeaM
t»rr »a 7 imw» lae.
Com (4J*er. Ke.
Oat* I'ull And weaker wax tern
Provisions I'ort. firm, fl3.tii»|ti4.(ia. IamI,
firm §»i..'i/. Hutter |uiet, extras ftnn, west
em. io«r-"c giums, itatn^ mhp mm and
ukk.. Aug A
Wheat KSrtii Ma.
Sio, aorthern, yui.
Cam Kaeier N*. 9, W%e.
Oatn V si lei, No,
Rye g«iet No. 1. He
Barley v«»et No. 'i. Ke.
Mt. l^ewta PrtMiuoa.
tr, Lotrta, \w *,
tlasl -Higher oaah. Me IllHiaiiliiw, WW*.
C'Ofit Iwaah. 44^s, 8ei»te!isiier. ei^c.
(M.t Hjgh«r oaah, twptamber, :t&<4e.
Provlsloa* Pork i(«iet at §1! lam,
.t a-. 7.MK ar.
•w tb* M«'iigioua piigTiw« to Maeaa
NfiriHl the holora.
ItellKi'-ua pilgrimage* have done mora
0o a).re»d okulera over the earth than
laM other ageiufies ombin©ti. Ho far aa
^Algeria i» oonoomod the local Franch
tuthoritioa have taken thia matter in
Utaud. mil tbe many pioua Algerian
^firabn tbat i!itsndei t« make a pilgrim
age tbe tomb of the prophet in Jalv,
»havi» U-cn forbidden to do so on a©
D-'iml of tht- ontbraak of cholera at
Tbe matter waa laid before the
^ealth anthoritioa, who oonolndeti tbat
Vie pilirnmaw to Mmva would le a so
ll"!i» aotiroe of danger to tbe ptiblio
kealth. since the cholera might bo
I""tight Iwu^k to Algeria by the pilgrims
#d 1 lienc« pro|Kgatod speethlv to
Waraeiiloa and the other southern saa-
ortM were ruvaftnl by tbe eja
when it made its an)xara)ioe in
Eiii..|e a few veara ag^o The Algerian
"faithful were obliged t» give op their
annual pifgriioage to Mecca lent year
Mtwing to tbe same cause.
It would be a wi*e inaaetara akoald
tlie Kuro|ioan nation* take a hint from
ttu, ac'mn of the Algerian authorities
•ml make some ajatetnatic effort to stop
the daii^erouH pilgrimage* that are SO
efti fiiMit in gpreatlitig tlineaae and death
over Ahi», Africa and Ktiroje
It not mfre(iunitly hajipens that pii
frun» contract and die of cholera be
fore they reach the holy shrines. But
as it In a part of the faiih that the aoul
departed ia aaved by taking kfa
loainn Ui the ulirine, the living are
|^|Kcel on the illy ventilated lwats
IT"1' tbe cholera c«)rpeea. and thna the
^Domge is jiropag'at^Kl. Almoat all thia
ffoolera «hb«« primarily from India,
%here the di^eaie is always active.
Piignniw aeaemble on the banks of the
holy iangoa, live on its shoroa, tbe dis
§ha ge-. of thone giok the dlaeaae foul
tbe watera, which the pilgrin.n drink
aad in which they bathe. Tliua the
dtrease ia spread, the pilgrims return
ing iiome, taking it with them. Had
tbe»e pilgrimagea been instituted orig
faultv for the pur|Kse of apreading
akolera they otnild not do so more
slire iv and mora effect a all v than they
It i« the doir of civiliaad nationa to
do everything posmbie toward prevant
diaeaae. and the ng^tona of the earth
ate eon ung recognise this all-im
pprtaii 1 fact, both as a meaaure of self
j*«'unction and in the catiae of hnnianity.
A" reganla cholera, the only safety for
Ike nations 1* in eradicating the disease
ia itbirtliplaoe India. Iu order that
lk- may le doue, Knglaud and France
•Mint take the initiative, and other na
nil n!d innist tijx)n tbeii doing so
aad xhnulil render ail possible aaaut
aroe, The aauitary meamirn* of Eng
ku. 1 have done much to frae CaUmtt*
and other Indian cities from cholera,
but the rural district* of tbat densely
ptpnlated country are still scourged by
it, and will continue to be HO long as
the pilgrimages are kept nj Surely it
ia time that the nation* ahould combine
stamp out tin- (treat!tui but entirelj
preventable diseaea.
n* KurciMMt Kiei asil Um Oaa
T&at the raccoon in the niuallesl re
presentative of the bear family is a faet
vi rv well known to natural is ta and gen
erally mt forth in dictionaries, but the
a* erage banter refuses to recognize the
rriatiormhip. Hilaa Barnes, of Newburg,
WHO for twenty years has earned his
liung by neliing small furs and rattle
stake oil, after half a lifetime of doubt,
waa finally convinced at dawn the other
duy that th«i familiar 'coon ia a true
arsa minor, and his eighteen-pound
bull tarrier learnel the leaaon at the
mcm time, but too late to profit by
The hon tar aad his dog had pawged
tlie night in the w.aals at the foot of
Burm King Mountain, ou the Corn
wall Bide, and at daybreak Bamae
"treed" a 'ooon in a tall pine. He never
eamaa a gau liocauaa h« aaya it fright
ei the game he wants t" catch -and,
la-Hidiva he haati't one. He climbed the
tree and trove the 'coon down, noticing
at it passed hint, that it seamed to be
o( naidarably more bulky than his dog.
Tneo ha aat opou a boaj^k about thirty
feet above the ground to wateh tke
•I rt.
He saw the terrier sieze the 'txxjn by
tl.* throat. The ahagg animal made
a desperate effort to releaae itself. Fail
ing in thia, it stood upon its hind feet,
aid throwing its atrong fore legs around
iti enemy'* bodv, it gave him a deadly
hiig. Trie dog a eyea bulged, and go
did thoae of the hunter, for never be
fore, through a long experience aa a
wodamaii, had he seen anything like
th ia. Ho went so rapidly to the reaeue
tbat he fall tke last ten feet but he
ww too lata. The 'coon was gone, and
He terrier was gasping hi* life away.
The blood that welled from some ru|
^arad organ tilled hi!* mouth, hia ljaek
waa badly ia^-erated, and ill a few aoin
Ulf s he waa dead.
The wjuwiji ui tbe ItMle bear bad
bl eu more than even bia seasoned frame
ec ild atand
Slfta to N«l«Mr toy Hi, Vlrtlw (ihatL
lobs H. iSinitb, a giant oil wall drill
o# Pitta hnrgh, commit ted suioide
tying a fire eac*|»e rope around big
neck aad swinging himself out of tke i
Ui story window of boley's Hotel, on
amond atreet The n**ise of his dead
bt ly swinging against one of the win
dk ws lad to the discovery of the act
Hmitfe wag 6 feet 3 inches in height,
as 1 wag known throughout the oil
country as "Murderer John Smith."
He wa* vary gloomy at all timea. Mid
other driller- would not work with him,
as he was looked upon as a ,I n*h.
Many yaart* ag" ho and a eot»janioii
U led a man at Eden burg, Clarion
unty. Bmith turne«l Htata's evidence
aid waa released Ilia companion fled
i w§« never captured. Ever ainoe
Bt ith was «aid U have been haunted
bj gbo«t orf hin vicUta, and has at
te pt«d to oommit guieide iu sevaral
di'emtxt ways.
aoa he tried to abuffla off by the aid
of eate of dynamite, but was caughi
aa 1 bis life saved. Another time be
eni tazBplated seif tiegbrBOti«^i and thraa
•g.- x' -v
revolver* were taken from him. Againi
be walked into the river. Ha tried Ui
borrow a revolver from the cierk of an
other bote! than the one at which he
waa atopping, but it win refused Then
be went to Boley'a and hanaad ^'iinrrlf
—PhilttiMi'hia Time*
fdalMd htoai oar KacliaiMS*
A POHOI plaster haa ita draw baeka.
FashionABUt Penitence sack coat
aod sashea.
To hkmovi freckle*—aiarrT ft* eM
and take her to rcmr botne.
A 1-iioHi RKorH butcher ia alwaje able
to meat hia indebtedness.
Forti n« FOR Cbappik "Did her
father kick V "Yes, but ha misaad,
thank hearan."
"WHAT do you think of it?" asked aa
old memt»er of a xaerat society of a
newly initiatad one. (, it's all rite."
It was a Chicago girl who married at
fifteen so tbat aba could have bar gold
eu wedding when it would do bar
some "d
S« H*kji. Tkachkr (se\erely) You ara
half an hour late thia morning. Little
Boy (who waa "kept in" the day before)
Ves'm. It WM lata yaetardey when I
got homa.
Whkn a man haa dt ne a fooliah thing
he alwaya look* around quickly to see
if anybody saw him whan a woman
does but who ever kaaw a woMaa la
do a foolish thing?
Thk difference between men'* and
wnmeu'a ways ia nowhere shown so
plainly as in trouble. Where woman
gives way to a flood of tears, Man pro
ceed* to put up a few dams.
PA.hhknokk Why is it moat men
want to get a seat inside the car, if
only to ride a short way. Conductor
1 supitosa it is because there are no
seata on tbe outside the oar.
Bklv -HACRiinrK: Boy fto lady
teacher*—Teacher, there's a gal over
there a-wuikin at me! Teacher- -Well,
then, don't look at her! Boy- But if 1
don't look at bar, she'll wink at some
body else!
PAT (who ia being lowered into a
well) Stop, will ye, Murphy? Oi
want to *om up again. Murphy (still
letting him down Phat for9 Pat
Oi'il ahow ye. Af ye don't athoy lot tin'
me doon Oi'li out ther rope!
"Isn't it funny that Jobaaaa oould
steal a hnndred thouaand dollar* fnm
a Mrni and yet have b».a book a so fixed
tbat the firm couldn't discover the
logs?" "Well, you know .iohnson al
ways #M clever at ledger-demaia.
In Ki fjooi.. Pupil, reciting Wlieis^
the old Itomana felt their end approach y
ing, they wrapped theinseKe* in theiri
togaa aa4 awaited death. But gupixmet
death did not oomev Teacher Then
i suppose they unwrapped themselves.
Patikmt But, doctor, does it not
tgkke up yonr valuable time, coming all
tlie way from Hampetead to Chelsea
Doctor (cheerfully) -Not at all, von
aou 1 have a paticut at htdand Square,
so I can kill two birds wi one stone.
DEPOT.--Flapper--1 feel
sorry for the jaar immigrant over there
He wtttita to get a ticket for come place
out west, but hia English is a» liad that
no one oan understand him. Flipper—
It seems a pity that he can't Expreaa
himself, doesn't itV
PA&mok WioKMoi't—Deaeon Blum
gullion, I wbush ro'd make a p'int tar
1lh at de ehu'ofi nex Sundy. I'sa
gwan gib ver auftin f'om de ax ob de
l'ostlee. leaoon M. Well, paraon, ef
yo'll jug' take de 4i an' chop ae sermon
in two, I reckon hit'll gree mo" wid de
petieooe er deoongregmtioii.
Mas. hi.iMKiKT
keeper)—What have yon in this pot,
Bridget? Bridget (who is trying to
clean tbe old lamp burners by boiling
them Plaze. mum, thim'a th'ouid
lamp tope. They waz no uae at all at
all. Mrs. Hliiniliet Well, don't forget
to put in plenty of seasoning.
Ax old lady alighted from a ear aad
said, "Ah'" in s tone of approbation,
"how much more }«dite men are nowa
day* than they used to be Why, I
have always plenty of room in an oram
bus, but when I waa young I oould
never ride in one without being crowded.
Such things never happen now."
Tkrt«lag MadtHan of the
aanlt Hualawaa.
Aa one of our most prominent young
1»urgl»i-a waa walking out of oourf the
"tiier niorniug. just having aevured an
a-quittal by a prompt and buamass-iike
"divvy" on bi« latest joo, a well-dreaaed
but anxious looking stranger touched
his arui and beckoned iurn into a *k»ua
"You are Taddy, the Fertn^' aren't
you asked the gentleman "the man
who WM tried to-day for safe-breaking,
Weil, wot of it?" replied the honee
"Why, jturt th»- ycmll nmm my
speaking a" low- but the fact is I've
come all tbe wav from Philadelphia to
look up some reliable party in your line
of buaineaa."
"Exactly -you are a bank oeahiar
down there
"How do yon know thatr staauaecad
the gentleman, much aiuA/**!
"And your ca«b and atHv-uutg are to
be gone over by tbe dt rectors next
moeting, and as jou cau't realize on
your stocks, you want me to gag you
somt) night next week, shoot your hat
full of holes, find tbe vault combination
in your inside breaat pooket and go
through be safe in tbe regular wajT."
Soott, man! How did /on
find that out?"
*Wby, it's the regular thing, you
know. Got throe orders to tend la
ahead of yours now. Lamrae see
can do anything for you next week,
but might give vou Thursdav night of
tbe w»*ek after. How'11 that suit you?"
Tbe caahier thought he could make
that !o, and, having put up the usual
retainer, he strolled down to Wall
.Street to see bow his Lake Bhore
sborta were paaatag —dtargAaes*
JVikk* about pluMbecaafcould alwaas
be well leaded.
Thk land of tbe flea aad the haaM af
tht slave -Cuba.
A Kara avig: "Your fare, air,
the conductor
have tHr fupu^
t*or« of being go," aaid tke urnph*
".Iamrh, 1 am cleaning h--ua.-, M*t
good fellow and beat tbe carpet, as ns«
al." "No. I thmk Hi *h». it tUb
-PAPA," aaid a talkaUve Utile girl
am I made of dust?" *J!a, fty ofctl#,
if vou ware wotald dty uptaee it»«
M" STAII And ia Miss igglega|»
educated Mrs McFa»i
I should say go. Why, life a
ribbons on bar graduating druM -rut
over fifty dollars.
I.ittle boy I noie. wont you tell u§a
story denial ucle- Certamlv iay
boy. What kind of a atorv "OL, aaj
kind only so it's true. Tell ae a boat
Jack and tbe Beanstalk.M
Mks FANiH,* Wl»at is Mrs. tia.ia
botit a reputation aa a charitable woman
based upon Mr Faugle (froin behiad
tbe newapaperi ~U|an bar willin^n«aa
to attend to otbar }eople's buaineM
witl tout charge
"Want any help?" be aaked of the
grocer. "Weil, I dunno- How asaaj
touiatoaa can you put into a quart
measure "I oan put five, but can
make four do." "I giiesa I don't need
you Three in our limit hare
Did CohimbtiN kmew
tbat he had diaeovered a new conti
nent? C'laaa No, he thought it waa
India. Teacher Correct. Why did
be think he had found India? Brigiti
boy I po«e it waa cause the inhab
itants was Indians
A hlioett advantage: Pirst littla
chicken You need om beeo stnnk vg/k.
You are nothing but an incn hater
chiek, anyhow. Second little chickaa
I've got mora freedom than vou bavs.
My mother never knows when I aM
A.—Bo tbat u your wife. Splendid
woman yon ought to be proud.
80 am, only she ia a bit thoughileaa.
For instance, I aent her the other
with a heap of money to buy me S
doxen shirta, and what do you think
she brought home instead?—a new
TUf: IK»KH I Kli
I Sgw no wrong In kts«tag Msa.
•a ssaraad trnn
I saw mi lani, tu w.»MiUuid waikg
Wtth him for a daf**»4*»r.
Ah, TOP 1 Ud BC! tbtak It tl
That for iltat »«ry na»n
Ha'di iit« raftiaa to mwr*
Awl Ihmhi ,if *U hi*
All right 1 jtr.ivwi u, »iitt
•-1'• xb* rtay tli«v say H»mI kiai
And now ha's bis furtiUM
I aiii vary gi*ii utlnMul him
""g%'»a Hall wvuwtr aA. y
8hk Yes, Harry, Loonfees, youhaaa
awakened my heart tbe tender throb
bings of a first aod ouJy love. Um
young brother Hallo, caught yeft
Oiai me a quarter, or tell She
Tonimv. g» away, that's a good
and I'll give you tan cents to morro^K.
Tommy Oh, no, you don 't. ThatRi
what you aaid when I oaught Tom Tut*
ner kiasmg vou last weak, and ydS
bavau't paid me jet.
Mlc« St*fipa«l Ml
Ber* S V Aa|
Tbe Hi. Loais-Rochester gan« was ta
have been played in Buffalo 8
an day, bM
tbe polioa intarfared, compelling tke
players to desist Nearly 4,(too people
bad gggemblgd and eonaiderabie ao
roar essaed. He vera I arrests were asik.
avSAei aa, N. T. Aaa-
As tbe polioa had notified Hyracuse arid
Loeisvilla that tbe American association
gaHM coaid not be played ou Hundaj tie
Loaisville club left Hyracoet*
latsrutlMal IteHcal tisegrwee.
Tke teatk tatssusttftwr laedleel
congregH opened tu thlg ctty to
day. Two thousand five hundred
German and tbe same number of foreigp
doctors, including 50© pkystciaas fr»a
Araartca are preeent. DT Hamiltoa^
surgeon general of tbe I nttad BtatM
marine hospital service, who tat *«-oretiMy
of oougreea laat year at Washington, autf
others made speeebeg ia reapOBse la Ike
addressee of welcome.
Oarpwa tera' *ad Jolaan' Oea veatleai. _j
Cauu#u, Aug. i
Tke uited Brotherhood of Carpenters'
and Joiners' of Ameriaa met in bientng|
convention in Chicago, witb over 2,i*IS
delegates pr^sgrd. Presidaut P. Ko«|a
lsnd, of tnctnaaU, (nx upt*d the cbaifk
After tbe aildretgi of w^U-otae by Ma*#
Cregi#r and others, a rommlttee on rnh/J
and incidentala waa appointed and S r*»
eees taken until afternoot*.
|uM4«d la a Ctetsanu
OSKMn, Aug.
A 1'aorta, III., special says tbe body lf
Mre. atbsriae Bchmidt WM feuad AoatuM
in a cistern She oommitlfd suicide wbilK
teni|Mrsrtv insane, Bb« waa 4? yeers ol||
and the mother of Biee bi|\ifee
Oasoaao. AAG. 4.
Tb* Journal Bloommgton, Ilia. spw«
otal says Fire in Normal, HI., destroyed
nine aaaaii bousM with a total humid dUt*
Maw Yoaa. Aug. 4.
Oeld bare to tta eaMUot «f
were ordsted Ika Meening for rf^nMnt ta
•illy, WlilimM JMMl Win..
Haven't you always noticed that oueife
who are called Biliy" are gaoaralljf
pratty good sort of fellows, open handedt
generous, and light hearted? If a mail
is called William, he i» generally on#
who tfeta little eojoyn ent out of life,
"Will* ia usually heard when we arg
a|eakiiig to or of a fellow who is
sternly aa one of the pillara that uphot4
tb« 1'axthanon. A*m 1 ork Truth
as effiH'tual sympathy should b#
ivan a i^iaught ftot spplied

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