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.'--'-^w^-:.^-: .:
i, «*. i.
J'-H'-'M j|
Voorhees Notifies Connecting
He Will
and Deliver Freight.
Tha Statement that tha Knlfhts
Wm Discharged For Drtif)§£*
tmoass Denied.
Bua't WaeWy *arkat Ratlaw—Ja**
Crop Report—The Haws
*M 1
B|k4«Mi* tiir 4MI
TTCTT TT71UT "wf T3.
General Huperintendent Voorbwi, of Ik®
N«t York C«ntrikl, eaid
h«M notifiod connecting line* that on iu1
after i«Y n-xt we will r«ct»ire and de
Uver ali fretglit thai ou) L»a u^aui'i
to handle.
Tbia morning Btwretary ITavVn, or ti«
general etecnt'vw l«oard of K uiifhta of
l^ahor, made tli#» following *tatem#rit: "It
is vtrv strange thing that Webb should
only now uf that the knights were dis
ch%Tg*\ for druuk*nn**i, inespa-ttv tad
insubordination. If this wa* a fact it WM
i proper ctwie for arbitration. aud on* tbat
the state board ho a Id take hold of. Oar
eieentlft board, however, baa goo«
thoroughly iuto the uutUr aud know#
there it not oae weid of truth is what
Web said."
P.vwdwtr't It
T. V. 1'owderl », when naked sboet Gbie!
44ktf i oteteinent that be couli not m
awer the latter which bad not been ad
dressed to him, bat hal been given to the
newspaper*, Mid "Arthur never answers
auv of the oiuruoQtcatioav send bim and
be bu never shewn a disposition to
meet m.'
Hpeaking ef tb« sitoetioa, Pewderly
said tbat evatf telegram be had reoeived
laal Bigot and tbla .ruing wu enconrag
i g. There would be a s rike, be aaid, but
ju«t wbtn tt wetld b« declared, or wb«t
t«rritory il WMM »v#t, be did ML jrel
It i appar^ut from 1'owdttrtjr'e eeorer
eation tbat tL« ESECNTIVF board IUMI not yet
tomulaietl a plett «t attike.
Tit* oiiitattM at CWaafa.
Cnt Ado, Awe «3.
'l he »trik«« Nittiatinn at th* atuok vartli*
retuetua aoohaoged, exoept tbat Supi
Wilhamabaa auooaooed tb it H# MU give »o
u**tr to UM atiiker* aotli IfoudAT neil.
wbee general oanferencs wilt be he'd bv
Ui«i»ii««ri uf ral road* iatereaieJ. la
the in tuc uu«u refute rrf»oB»«
work aiid demand pny for tb* entire tune
tber alay idle. All deed freight ia being
takan oat of the yards thte morning bj tb*
Wit vail road.
Otk*r Read* New lM)MMt«l
AL*AI v N Y., A Of 8».
The vard «o I frn (It baodlire iu the
Ur««u U1 »w1 yards of »b- Indaware A
Htidou miir ia atruok ibta nuraiug wben
i bey nn nitifl«'l that tbe ro«*l would M
oeftt from and d^li'^r lo tbe N-»w \ork
Contra! all fr»i|ht destined for all poiuU
ou thf re«|*otivM ro^dn Tl i« reports! tbe
yard uxu and fretght huud.ers Ui tbr Al
bany yards bed atraek At noon, bet tbia
r«uQOt be r«*rift*d. One at tbe atrikere
•aid a atrike on tbe Delaware A ili*de»n
baa be^o order »d Mvraa AI buy end
Urteu laland.
Th* Ktwalai llw lawU*h lat»alar aa
Their Wii) lu HI* Nattr* Laa4.
Tbe remain* ef John Eririaon, the
Hvtduh inventor, were Ukeo from tbe
K atble I'eutelwt) to da mud *4orted to
tbA ri* front, wber*- tbey wer« pieced on
board tbe oraiM»r IWItimore. Tbe emsort
wee eompoaetl of merino* from j»|i nevel
veeeeU in Ui«* ii*rbor aud oth*r naiiitary
l«olte« end eiv.o etieietK a, nod wm
con maud of Kent Admiral
llreine end Uee. Hownrd. Tbe
rrnle^r lUlluuort, which watt selected to
be*r Ktio»Hou aabe« to bin native laud,
waa nucbured in tbe tarbor with other
naval v*ee«da neer by. A» tbe tog Nine,
beering tbe resaina, peeeed on h*r wav to
Baltimore, muiatft Runs were Ir fro®
tbe batten on the Neutockrt. Colore el
thft navy yard, at Caatlr W illiani. Oo»e».
nor's lalaod, Fottn Hauiilton end Wade
worth, aud on *11 ueva! veMfl" tu lb« har
bor, w«r^ diaplayetl et half ttieat. The
naval tete« buiated lb«- Hwetllab colon, to
tbe fore, end failing into line earorted the
BeMietore down to Heudy Hook.
rmmd tw #»e» Awn* a r«via|e
H'tvroK. Aug
D. W. Gillmore, of Han Fraucieeo, cre
etel e eenaatiou In the Qaiocy Hoaee cor
ridor, Bo*ton, by demanding rot-ction
from F.. A. Henborn, of Hoilwnll, Me., hie
brother-in-law- Haoboru, be held, h*il
forwl him et tbe point of a revolver to
ai(in away a int-r*at in hia wife'a prop
erty- fullv $l«KI,tKM) and afterward thieat
etird to kill bim. ruehinj after bim with
rocked revolver (Jdttiore s wife i* deed
bttt their child ia heir to the property,
which Sanborn wenta kept in hi* family.
The poHc refnaed to make an arrt at and
Bnr-born haimd to the depot. t*kmg the
for Matue tiiiniore in* «t# tbat th#
ehild aball bave Hn internal in th» pro|ertj.
Mta r»r Owrfltar.
•t«ml»tll I,t. Pa., AB«. fSk
Mamie Hoge», t«edf I, ia dying at kff
bsui« et ir..»r,lville. Pa from e pie o»
eho wouml at be hinde of her father.
The young ladv olaDde# in«ly left lier
bedroom after ber parent ba*l retired for
the night nnd none o a ball wnb a youog
qrt wbm she bad been forbidden to
ke*p oonipaiH Hb»* returued h'W^ eft#r
o'clock auii attempted enter tbe boeoe
Wllboat being beard Hn father awoke, i
however, end, mistaking ber f«r e burglar,
ed IMI her with f*T»! reauit, Th^
|g freueied wi li gn-f
Number »r Cj'aiawa VleUna*
l*a., A«e Ki.
|The lie! of viotime la the ffeeat ejetoce
l|a t|iie «ttjr SMP aacheti aMteea.
t4trge Tr*4*«. Oood DidlertlwH
Bflgiit OttUualu
Maw Yon. Aa«.».
E. a. Dun it Co.'* Weekly Mmtm of
Truth *ae Tbr of nion»-tery IJe
twbaut'e. wbtob aero nidtoed in i reviona
pevieaa, were not wialeeding. At F'bila
delpbia money VM Ut)ht, et ChicaKO in
•trong demand, et St. Lottie unuaaeily
•oar.. ftt 7 to pT cent, nt New Orleena
tightening, et l«urer and St. Paul in good
demand, et Milwaukee more active at 7 per
oeot, Arm at Rtoiai City end tber tight
nt letroit at p**r eat. Tbe obvioua end
osi eiilirrieat relief ia the U^nnia
tion on monoy epecutatio a is
•toeke in wheat, omb, oats, cotton,
leetber. bidet, coffce wool and especiaUy in
eilvet bullion, whicb have locked up enor
mous Hum* Id tbe Htlvei line eboat
$10.(KH).tHM* hae been locked up to wait for
higher prices, in grain several tines as
mecb and in othor producti many millions,
while lh. andiltoii of tbe market for ee
uritiea »u« ndt atrd by he full, averag
ing about #-2 p«r eh are in e aingle dey, on
active clocks when money became tight.
In addition the etormon* imports in
tended to antieipatc tbe pending tariff bill
bete virtually 1 ockad no for an uidfdoite
time many uillioM paid for goods and in
dot I*M on tb'«*m.
Tb»- volaiuc of legitimate bvetooee
throo^boat the country continaee lerge,
encoding tbat of laxt veer by lu per cent,
ontside New York, and the desire
to market product* as quickly as
price* rise can*?* a geeater demand
for eamae? fiom tbe country than
usual. During tb* pact week the treeenry
baa paid oat o lly $61,000 ire then it ha*
taken in. Wbeat closen 4 ccut* higher
than a week sgo, but the advauce was
tuucb greater befure tbe br**k came. Not
only hav« eipcrta b?cn ariested, but 160,
000 bueh«ia of American win-at waa ship
ped to this country from Liverpool, and
tradon were in program for more. (Torn
rose only 1] cent* and oat a declined 21
cent*, but pork product* a ere a »hade
stronger. Coffee and sugfar w*r* hald
without a breok, bat eotton fell a-16 of a
•rat on aal«s of Jtiy.OOo balee, aud all de
cltoel 84 cent*. F*fort of pr^da^ta
frem New York for thr weeks of August
are *J2 p«*r ant. smeller than last y*ar, and
the recent cbuug^a do not suffi 3« to bring
eat d»le staples dowu to tbe parity of for
eigii prices. The iron industry attil show*
a atroog deinAnd for tniebed products,
with some etiffenuM tn prices, but tb*
supply oi pig iron ie so lar^e that pneea
are shaded iu the urgency lo sell The
market for wool ia dull and price* are a
little lower, the supply of foreigu goods
offered being very large. The demand for
eotton gouda bee been fair, bat prices do
aoi -Uat)(0.
Cap itiifl observers pubhab warnings tbat
a halt is ned. ia ti e leether sod hide
market, priucni beving risen eo far aa to
threaten reaction. The report* from
other cities, with vary few exemptions,
indicate that a larger trad'* than ever
bff »re ie tu progress with
satisfactory llection« and a bright out
look. Crop repor.s are kau diwourajtinf,
though the yiebl most fall b*kw early en
ticipations as to grain. New Ortraoa rw
pot v»*ry encouraging prospect# an to cot
ton and (ialveat.m a* well, hut .1 *i-ka.-»
ille report* a dull trade *nda diaco
oatlook. At 8. Loui* buatnees is of fair
volume, bat eomewhei effected by injury
to crop*. At Kaueee City trade isheelthy,
particularly iu live stock and pack
ing. Milwaukee reports tbat crops
oil! average fairly ai.d Minneap
olis mills have a large output of Hour et
advancing pi tees. The receipt* of grata
eeed*. dressed ef end cheese at Chicajo
are somewhat below last year's. In batter
th crease u 40 per eeut iu hides per
cent, and in cattle considerable. Tncn ia
a heavy iucre
tn bogx. a gam of Its' par
oent. in Inrd and some met* ase in eared
meats and wool, and sale* of dry good*
andotloT merchandise exoaellaat yaax'a.
Vhiladelpbu notes tbe iarg**«t buaiuess
in leather, but wool IK quiet lo general,
the condition of legitimate business is ea
couraging unlsea monetary pre«*nr« or
labor control trsi«« interfere. Tb«» btteU
neaa failurea throughout the country dar
iae tbe pA«t seven days number 1H2 as
compared with 197 last weak. For the
corr«*M|oaling week last year the Agtires
A Novel BaMerit of a Mew Ua» Mt
OaAJjD ISl.AKl), N»Li Aug. 'JKi.
Tbe butldicgs for tb« tirand laland boat
eager palacc are oompietad, but it wilt re
quire Mil the time to September, the data
of tbe opening, to An.ah the maido deco
rations. Tbo pauoraaia of the batt e of
Octtjeburg aill be sxhibiUd in conuoe
tion with tbe soger palacc in a building ad
joining, which is now nearlv completed. It
is 1541 feet in diameter. The m?a*are
menta of the tialavc are I6«i feet, and
the main tower is ltt) feet bigb. At the
right of tbe main entrance ia a mioiatare
beet sugar factory in fuli t^pjiatton.
Th« firat room on the left is a Vermont
aaaple sugar camp soeaa^. This will lie one
of the prettieat and im^t realistic Hcanea
in the building. Artificial mo*, which
will require the sense of touch distin
guiab U from tbe neturai, will be prepared,
and tbe miuiatnre trees, »hanty mul ttwe
place will be true to life. Neit to tbie is
tho cereal room, containing exhibits of
eiary cereal kiown to tbe eivilined world.
The graes room adjoining will he
OU other festbre, as also will be the white
atd bine rooms. Fifty men. woaeen *ud
children have l» en emploved for two
week*, and yet tbe work i* not half com
pleted. The soger axhtbite will ho aav
and uovel.
low* Wvatlwr R«|»art
lunng tbo p^st weak light fxoaie haee
n reported in several northern cauntiee,
ut no material damage resulted. Refre*b
|Ug sho««r». wajkr *!l partf o' the state,
ail th«- drv diatncts r«»ceivtag a b«av rUu
fall. Tbe drouth is t*rokeo. the {Matures
hngbteuad and tbo ground crops are btnh
Ated. Com ie dviog well, the only re-
V**, 'J A
Beginning of a Probable Lun
Bitter Struggto lp
the Senate
Tha Intanaity ef Faaliaf
Factions Gi\es No Promlaa
of Agreement
Afi OsfltrMn Phaaa to tha
of Whan Congrats WiM
!^ls $ •,
WASSTFRTTW? ttfrrl* gparfjtf
Tbe struggle in the ci.ate has begun,
and in all probability it will be a long and
bitter one. hil*-nt Quay was active in the
senate Wednositay morning ha has
never before been. Moving among his
supporters and followers, conferring with
one and then another, Rounding the quality
of tbe *onregfl of one aud screwing up tbo
courage of another to tbe "ticking poiuC
he waa aa if in a political -onventioo,
which he eo well knoasho# to manipulate.
A scene ie tbe chamber van expected by
th' public. who turned out In nnmbcr* to
complete!* Ml the galleries at tbe opening
of tbe senate. Nearly ev*ry aerator iu the
city, republican cr democrat, wae in hie
saet wbeu the Quay reeolution wae tiled
up. Henator Ho staled ou openian i»ia
epeet-b, after having offerd his twoameod
mcnts to the yuay reeolnti a, tbat the
only thinit tbat bad Iwen buard alont tfce
election bill on the floor oi the senate wae
a threat from a democrat that there would
be bloodshed if an attempt were made to
execute tbe law. This referted to a re
mark uaadr by Mr. Pugh when the bill erae
reports*! from tb committee.
Ali afternoon there were warm soeaee to
tbe senate, and the notice giveo by several
senators that then were mauy yet who
wautid to mske reruarkM on the resolution
of Senator tjuav tbn *t«ns a long struggle,
kr an while a great effoit will lie mtde to
bring about a compromise bv which
a date may be fixed for a vote on the equ
ate bill at lb next session. The intensity
offeelingbetw.au the different factions
do^s not give promise of bercuony or agree
ment. The tl Mfussiou lifter Mr Hoar's,
speech was practically an admission tbut
the election bill bad been killed and a die
pate as to who had done tbe kilitog.
A senator, who ie very anxious to got t»
his home, said to your correspondent?
fb guay r-so atioo in the sen te r«
gardtug the course to be panned in rela
n«n vongoasional procedure, gave ris»
to e bope of a^joarument by H-pt. 5, end
not later than tbe lotb, but aiuu» the uc
eess of O n. Kennedy, of Obio, te eecwr
iug congrcsatonel aignaturwe to as agree
ment not to vote for adjournment until
tb ixdgn election Dill i*«l»#poscd of. puts
quite an uncertain phase to tbat interest
ing problem. It may C»UCB the stiout
Quay to o|en hie month to more socoea*
«SHS bstfa hooaee of oongrtnee.'
Slew gal* ASoil«d. PP
Tli- bous»i has adoplf 1 the new to'e
making u special order for bills from tbe
committee on sgriculture. Tbe agricul
tural college bill wae first taken up. It
appropriates, oat of money arising frem
the sale of public leads, to each state asd
territory, for the more complete endow
a.out and maintenance of colleger for tbo
benefit of sgriculture ai,d the n^chantc
arts, th# sum of for the year end
ing -lans 'Ht, lSVHi, aud an aunu tl itcreas*!
of such appropriation thereafter for ten
years by an additional sum of $l,tH0 over
TB** PM ^DRNG yaai. and the annual RQIU to
be i»ii I thereafter abail Ix Ali/i.tMm. An
amsndin- nt providing tbat the app'-jpria
tion shall bo aptdied only to iaetmciioc in
agricu ture. till merbauic arte, tbe English
Itinjfttag- smt th" varloni* tiiatuhee of
ui»thtmaticai, physical, n ttural aud reo
iitiuui f»t i«n«*c, with social refsreuc© to
their auplicattona tbe inoaetriee of life
and to tbe farilit:m for such instruction*,
aad the till wes passed.
A Mlrary RcMrit.
The etpertation of a Mmlted faa«*%o
h»d prophesied tbat Coogresam»n Htroble
antipathy in relation to the position of
^hje»ker Heed and public buildings aould
ijrei' gate him to the rear has bad quite a
Nt .intra! y result. In fact, Mr. Struble ba^
not only maintained hie old friendships
and standing in tie hoaee, bat hi* anta#o
UiKuis b^v« brought about a undid effort
ktt all intcrefcle I in public buildings, end
1 e ban beeu delegated to prepare a state
ment regarding tbe true csuditi n of thi*
important part of legisUtiuu ae oompared
with the acts of the Fiftieth conjures*, and
wbet has be«n done thus far iu tue presoi
N. Hston. 1 be obj«ct will lie to presant a
resolution asking for an opportunity to
have 1 ills reported by the committee acted
Umm. ttmat's Rsaiaia*.
Coogressmsn O'Neill, of Pennaylvaaie,
who has charge of the Plumb resoluiion
regarding the removal of lieu. Orant n
uiait.x from New York to tb« Arlington
national eemetery, acroee the Potomac
from Washington, says the letter from
Mr» Grant virtually settles the matter,
aud be will ank for congreaaiduel consid
eration at an eartv date sn.i ban no fear of
aa? Mfoaiaod opaoeitioi|»
rs J. Ellen Fostt iisiteil ib« ospito!
to-day aud has been shaking hand* with
aer many friends, who gladly welcome ber
retarn from a pleasant trip to the conti
nent. Kbe ia delighted with the original
package bill and believe* iowa att ftM he
free from the rum power.
Messrs. Ed C. Brows and II. C.
Crocker, of Hheldon D. W. Hb«ldo«, of
Kutb'Tiand, and B. F. Jonea, formerly of
HbeUlon but now of Portland, Oia« ofio
capitol visitors (hie weak.
IbS-State Printer 0o. E. tad
Col. Moore, of Port Dodge, arc takir.g in
t*e city amWi the ch.»peroo«-g" of Con
greeesisu liolliver who is making it very
pUasant for the young grangers from the
*U4 *it4 wo«t.
A Clary lo*ewtlv« rewan Bwiah vrmm
C«a*or« Hwajr.
A nombsi of philanthropic
aoflbeu, many of them membors of th»
aoliltty and favorites in eoart eiielea, hava
inaugurated a pe'ltion to the duchees of
Kdmbargb, tbe favorite aiatsr of tbo pres
sat b*a*c-hiiif( her tu use ber well
keoaindueucc with bar brother to tht
id that tbe horrors of Siberian life an|
ths craelties which ere Leing praoticed tnw*
ird tbe poll icel exiles may mitig i ed.
Tbf- petition has slready reoeivad several
tfcou**nd a^fna'trros, and will oot be pra
'anted aunt lOO.tKNl women have a iached
b-ir names to it.
Informaiion »mee from St. Petersburg
that the os&aors of the poeial depar.ment
ha»»i taaued a ukase prohibiting the en
tr ince of the Ian number »f tbe h'url
nnjKttp Rrri »r, which containc Ui H«im
burt s s ode to Itussla In the first few
eopias of the periodical which wes allowed
to pi*- into tie roan ry several passage*
-t this ads were «-ras«d but it w aid now
eppeat ihet the nsora have arrivetl at the
e uchMfcan tbat the whole pr ductirn i*
inftato.inativrj setter of th* worst datcrip
lion, and ha fbe en ranc of the pfiitKU
eal ia fraught with dsngtr. Oae of the
Utist *ra#ed raad as fo!i»#e:
v• bath Imt o*m red Her Tyranaietde.'
Another eostaiaad the OBpisaaant sag-
j*ow«».||P w*v of Cuar* kil lu vain tsfcNrr.il.
IW tb* v.«iwt i light th- Third."
!h most denunciatory verse, and
ft" uue ahteh was completely blottal oat
the oeaaor* btukh, read* »s follows.
an luttnatta the wi* »|it«s Malt, aatl
Miat v itii ii«a4U«r paogs thao daath—tarshaaa*
sur vivos,
Makrtl u*.i. «tarHi, scourgsU. tp iraari, irowen,
ailen 4efl«'w«reU,
hearts an«t b« 4t-« a» bv tangsof beasto )evoar*d.
aetuwt* tbat hell would hear aot, sight* a
tli.iuybU ruatil abape,
I.ujibs hat f«ei. »k lame the ra\ raoua ctaap of
Ttttb faglagntaee ami ehaaae that srtmeso
A«« mad# one with yoatb tn tarlare, i iris aal
t' rs.
Tbm Sod wasas, if ought be worse than thrse
things asa,
l*rove thy ragmit, hassla. gaaiea thy
i rai
£»i Hole* ititts* a l*r«»-lau»i«tl«Mj Heeout
Hrara or
rrtva l»***auiawT.—
A l'r uimuat kn Vh«' general »a««-ni»i v liav
iu« v*Ubli*lMNl tb«- nrst M'm4av in Meptanttmr
a* a k-tal bottdav to be known aa i.atxr Day,
i lloriM Bol««. governor, b«r*b Invite the
ii« of lewa to appvwpt lately oheerve the
wmnt that Um wmmg vrx-
ot h« tlatr ouUl u(oi ihtil day aas'.Mii
b:* aud over lbs aondertut
tbeir hami« hava so largely aided tr* at-coni
t. xhmrvt^rm, itcge Mmt KM usual Hvocallua*
our elti2*a« L« auaiMiniieu. aal ttu»t all unite
n thin iccaa no in r«-n.l. riua a nuit ibic triluia
ot vaupcpt for a d« te)Ogi*et to honor those
*hoee Htron8 arm are tbe ahteid of ouraatlon
wall a» th* sour.e of our wealth.
la t« atinon whereof 1 has a i e't-untoset m)
and an:! caused to b«» affiled the great rai of
the atate of Iowa. lHn« at the oapit 1 at l«s
lloijwa, tbla With (lay of AUMUKI. In tn« jemr of
u* hord UMj,ol tbe ind»|M»ndenoeoltlM aited
Htatee tbe ll&th, and of thf atataof Iowa tbe
forty-fourth. Hyttw^oveni.ir
D. JTaoaaoH, aeereSary of Mate,
Moat Rata** Bpaaialator Oealicaa asS Mte
••Mtara" AmslaS at tlu Mwhi,
Haaore. Aug. «t.
lames A. Ooollesn adaehtog maoof Mko
woiiM. a rsal estate speculator known aa
lha "Meteor Ancluinaei of tbe Northwest,"
in tbe Koatou city piiaou. iu au a1joiu
ig oeil ia pretty Matti^ htevtn*. aged Irt.
sto of Chicago Puritanical Boston could
uot aurvive the shock caastMl by tha ap
iearance it a leading hofel of the voted
tod Speculator and hia alleged nicc,
Maliie. An idorly fsmale compUinnd to
he hotel proprutoi of aliegtMi endear
wants practtcsil by lir. Coolican of io
«NHre, snd Mat tie, of ewaet in. The
!eep over the transom" was per
lornaod, lielct tnen ««re summoned and the
•milt wea the arrest ot ooltcan and tbs
maiden. 1 he wily speculator ui town
itaa, well known in Chicago, 8t. Paul and
tte British provinces, takes his arrest
ahaly. He says be brought Mattie bers
from Chtoeg for ber health Mattie sap
i'Orte th s statement. Tbe police authori
!ies f* el that th« v arc iu a quandary, and
raakly aJai!t tbat they with Coolwan uud
hio companion ware in Chicago or else
white. The pair arrived at the Qaiacy
hoaee Hiindity and hired counectin^
I'igM. iritnxlacing the girl as bis dau^fiter.
log lady at the hot-1. who km- bim be
mtvoduoed the girl as his nieoe. Kbe be
heetd that everything wae not as it should
be gad communicated her fears W Mr.
Maaa the hotel propriet'ir.
tailed te Reload IhtDaM.
laoaLN\i*i in. A us
!Bbe echeme to refund the Indloaaowt
tlag|ding per cent, loan of #SOW,OlHI at
ler cent has fallen through. Wbeu the
iiOM arrived for the *tate officer* to open
the but» uoae were antuidted. A letter
I o® the German Havinga bank,
of lie* Vo»k, aaid that the bank would
not tnako a bid for tbe new bonds
for the reason that tie rate of
lutggest wa« abuormailv low, and becaote
asoav of the banks of New York were put
tiuf then old holding* of state bonds on
tb# Nn*riu-t, and ihte»t could tse bought at a
priae yiei.liag a batter rate of internet, it
i* probable that BO further attempt to m
farf Wu? debt will be made until the preo
eat oifiatoates af the moaav maift^t ie
!£til~i a Mectw laatasg eg'm ihaafc.
A*a»« u Am 2*
#id4r«o playing ia a barb near Akroa*
tlM reported to a f*.m hind that a sXank
wea under a hey pile He throat a pitch
fr,||' liito th* hay and Impaled a negro with
fatal eBecta. The negro w»i ide ith'd ae
John Williams, wh.- hsxt killed two mem
and eerved ibre« terms in the Ohio pai.i
teniisry from whtcb h# rsoeutl^ eecapod
«fw* sejving riiteen years
The North and South Dakota
inws Declared Un
Rarnta County,
kota, Casa
Tha Dedsfon Applicibts ts South
Dakota as Wall—Sparks From
tha Wiras.
J**11 ,i Wv N Aus. il.
Judge Rose baa filtd his decision at
Jamestown in tbe H*roes county original
package case, which wa« ar^uvd last week,
la view of the probsbility thst tbe origiaai
packwre business will continu until the
next IxqiMliturd mtets, in b.ith lakota«,
tbe decision is of great interval to tbe
noitbweHt, ioeacntn a a .1 ftaea uuder
what restrictiijov the originsl peckafe busi
ness might be carTWd on prtor to the pae
aage of the Wilson oi initial package bill.
The title of the case is the gtst* John
Bergreen. The dcf«niant is an origiaai
paekttfe dealer n Vallev City. The com
plaint :»Ilexes tbat he add liquor in viola
tioa of aection IU of the prohibition law ia
selling tu original patdtsg-s, a:.d thst ander
said law bis place wm a uuisai ce. Au or.
der was therefore aaked reitraining him
from fmtber selling. The defense ton
tended tbat the statute ptohthiting the
eele of liquor iu original p*-kag«a was un
constitat tonal when it was euacied and is
stilt s nullity. Ju lge Rose holds that tha
law, when enacted, was unconatitulional.
lie say* congress having (be sole power to
regit ate cocnn*crr« amonv tb» ^tstes, and
not having granted power to the, states to
leaiaiste prohibiting the importstioa and
sale of intoxicating liquors at the time the
legisl dive assembly of the state
of Nrth Dakota euacted the ssi.l
act, tbe state was without authority to
pass the act and tbe act was void wtan
passed and inoperative in so far as it In
hibits the impoitstion and sale of intoxi
cating liqucrs. The jedge declined to paaa
upon the claim that the law ia still a
uuility. ft the reason thai the aits oom
plaint 1 of ware committed prior to th«»
IMMsage of the Wilson bill and hence that
the law cut no tigere is this caae. lie
decides tbet original'package dealers are
anifuable lo the atnte laws if tht v .permit
liquor sohi in original packages lo be drank
on tiui premises. On tbia point he says
while the importer can import his mer
obaudntu .been into the etatee and sell
saeti at any plae^ therein and may kaep a
place or house in which to store atd sell
it, yd a* roou a* b« has sold tbe beer and
it baa |aa»9d into the hwids of the
purchaser auti it hss thus become a part of
the prop«rtv of the stite aud Kulqect to its
laws, be ceases to be an importer, and be
cone* ami nabla to tbe laws of the state in
so far ax hu invites aod permits purc-\a»ar*
to saaemhle an«l drink the b, er be baa *o
in or ou bu prt mises. Htitgro n having
permitted liqur to be drank on his prsm
tees, Judge Itoes grant'd an order re
straining him front further selling vt
liquor. Th ileciaiou applu»s as well to
Houth Dakota as North Dakota.
The Railway Herrar at gatsfy a Basalt at
Ores* Carelasaaaaa
Hosios Au,: £8
The twenty-two liver loet io tbe wreck
on ibe owl Colony railroad, near gaiacy.
Mass., weia aerrtficod through the c.ire
leesnees of emplovt s. Michael Hsrtney,
a section band, who had charge of the
trar-k iack that nsnaed tba derstiioenl, leaii
fied that he trt-d to remove the jack, but
barely bad time to jump away aud sate hjs
own life. Hi« noes gave uo notice that
the train waa due, as he should huve done.
1 be testimony of other section bands was
corroborative. The boss swear** tbat he
gave the usual signal, all right," which
means lo take out tbe jack. Tto- official
luvesligntiou wax begun st the company's
offices by the railroad comnusstonsrs.
Chan wan Crocker stated tbat k e wsnted
to learn the exact cause of the accident
and what can be done to protect the pub
lic in future.
Geaer.il Manager Kendrick, of the Old
Colouy, Bji I the wrecked train cun*isted
of s locomotive aud nine ir* aud con
tained 31K p.iSM ngera. The *4r in which
the fatalities occurred had seventy passen
gers. Conductor Stead man s«id tbat just
.liefore ti e a cnl nt he saw a grovel tr urr
approaching on the other (rack und a gang
of 1 borers shift from that track to tbe
one he was on. The engineer eonndtd the
danger clonal and tbe labours jumped
from the track. He then saw au upright
objtct about three feet high 1 etweeu the
roils, and anticipating trouble from U, laid
hiineelf fiat on his face in the car. The
train jumped the track almost Instantly.
The traiu was running thuty miles aa
bour. J. T. Thomas, of tjuincy, con
ductor of the gravel train referred to. saw
a "track jack staudiug bctwetn tha ra in,
Ini eoukl not teli wbelh or uot it «oa
clamped to tbe lr» k.
ysgea aa«l aClaee Hgh.
Bori CiLLi, g. I).. Aug, SI. ~Nf»eetal:
The democratic unty oonveutioa ie bo
ing bl to-.tay. Delegate* wee cbootB
at a ca ico« last night favorable to the in
deiieudeiit ticke Ali the nomi- ee« on
e ind«|»ndent tioket were tadoreod.
This m,tu« fusion a id a eluae fight.
Rale at Sloui »aU«.
a«ot:x Fa ix#, H. I)., Aag i-i Sp-I'til
There has beeu a steady fall
last svening, ai la failiog yet, 11a
aad the stret te are ftooded. Thia ta
third hen w raid with a weak, and
damage the grata in shocks, as it will eattae
It to prout.
•*|MMriel M«»e«(r»
ftnaiNM AvaK*. Aug. ti.
The report that the ministers of war
and finance had r. tigned is Batflbrkieely
i 4*n U.t
V* r*
ef Msnse af th* Ha« WMi |#*WI
Beat Oat fcjr ITIIj Opisol—
raaoo, K Aeg aa.
Tt»e statem"uta *Li. have en pub
fished in worn# of the papers shoeing the
aery po yield and quality of wheat taken
from s certaiu locality are very fnitlrading
aod ealcnlated to do much iujary to North
X'akota. It ia no doubt gotten up by eet
tHin parties to bull the wheat marktt Toe
facts are, the average yield of whe*i wtJ
he Irom 9 to '2^ baaBeis W# may go
twenty miles east or twenty miim w*et
aom tbe city and tbe average yield will bs
from 13 to 16 bashela. It i tru« there are
00me spots that wi 1 aot fo more thaa that
Reported by the papers, bat tb*re are han
4reN of seres where tbe viehi ail) be not
less than from to i& buabeia (iraad
Pork and Polk counties hava u the neigh
borhood of 1Q,HJO,0OO boshei* which, at 76
o» ufa per basbrl will be The
etatement is baaed upon the crop of IfihT,
when it was better by to per emit., aad
tliwwe two Bounties prod« wed 1 i
buNhels. and this, U»o, with oaly aLout
one half of th« available land as at present
under cultivation ?araM»3-» from the
Turtle wear eoaofty «ay tnetr yield at
whoat will be aboot W boehel^ thaagh
not ae good la quality ae in IKMT.
Tin Tilbury London dock men'x strike
kas eailed tu a victory for the men.
lid aged 18, committed eaieide baoaoas
bar lover had jilted her.
MAYOM B. li Pojn, of San Frsnoiaeo,
hus been uominat«d for governor by the
California democratic convention.
THE Best session of tbe national ssee
eiatiou of ovmetery •Bporiatendante will
be held in Chtoego, eomaMbetag Hept. g,
1m a forced march aude by a Bavortaa
regiment 170 a»e«i were san struck and fall
out of tbe ranks. Three of the maa have
since dud and seventeen sra dying.
A IMMI'AICM from DRO statee that re
ports from s re,table source are at head
that Ostaaa Dtgna has arrived at Tokar
from Omdurutan st the head of a feemid
able army.
is reiHirted tbat a French syndteate
has offered a loan to the government of
I'ruguay for the purpose af enaUiug the
goverunwat to withdraw the paper ear
rency now iu circulation.
IK tbe engagement at Zemmoor, Mo
rocco, tbe troupe of the French military
miasiou assisted tbe saltan by working ike
aitdiery. The rebela, who fought with
desperate courage, were still uncowed.
THE Mexicau government has granted a
Concession to ex-Deputy Orsini for BB ax
hit'itioo of it itnan art. wht it la proposed
to build in the City of Mexico. The ex
hibition u Ui open and co&Unae tw
A DitPATca from fitaeHMai aaya that
the (jovcmnichl ia aupplytnK the KurUa
with Martini ntlee. The Christians have
cut tbe telegraph wires. Four Aimeuians
whohaa made themselves objecttoaaiile to
tltn autborities were strangled in prison.
AT Lake Side P»rk, a summer retort
ear (iosh«n, Iud William Taylor kiii-d
William Barber, said to Ie a l^bicago
business meu, with aa ax. Tbe two mea
were paini attention to the same lady aad
the murder was committed while Barber
van walking with her.
1 Hv Property D.fense Laagae, formed
of memb«erx of the English nobility aod
land holdinu gentry, bee issued a circular
railing on all who ait* interested in dtfand
ing the rights of property to join the
•ea^tie. and denouncing in alarming lan
guage tbs socialistic teactaaiaias of legMa
tiou in tireet Bntaia.
n fc«»t WM aaO Kaette«t at CM saga a* Mta
K*p«*p« wi teM Waaiker Mark at* Klee
('Hit inn, AUK. wi
Wheat was wild and eaethed at the o
pee las
Ibis moral]on reporta at eold Weather ia ihe
lakoSaM anu fru»i uorib
of ttii* ptae Deeeui
h«r op aed with a seattertojf sale or two at
but tttere was no real buaineea traaa
aeted until

It teac^ed
1014 a few iiilnutea after it started, but Itlj
bac v to Si aw** at it -ifi. aad held stronj areuad
that figure.
lows Ci« Mae at«a.
Ctrl, A
Ho#* K*c«ivta. i.Tu"i, official day. i.m
lower for b*»-t offerings com
li on lujbt ifiMMri id Ox' Jeniana sale* riukfed
!r»iu bulk at. ».i.77--» 3.*'.
i at tie MeceipU. l»C. official yestwrda*
tiiipnieats 9! Market .lull «n«t ur.tn
•toiiiti vjuotatjuua Fat saasss, {MOM
t«- •.•. •.*? fair to good, a# lee® f»«ae««
ahotow SOU tn l.uu.- poand* #v fan *...
S:.S• x.j, atoekera. anol. a,
... food,
t»cws, e*tra oboiee, ™ru tw! 04
•i (alt n «ixx! «5.»i5 -i common
1 oauiiera. 74e 01
•& fearitu«*
tbili-e Jv. Si ».*'.
"6 eoatniOfi. IW
ebolee, gl 30#i '4. oorniuua, gl
ealvas, poor to oti«*o» ea iwasa
C^bu-aa'' I
Wheat--mea r. «aan, gl.iM
1 li
at tlx H«*epts, Market
natives at.«o«r..|n, 'IrtaBt. S". 3.7i
Hugo K«ei |t» IT I A*.' Msjrkot I0e
looKh and -.uiu.ott |-t W.W1. prtn.e
a«i k«r» $3.yuttt.« prtoie tm« ax,.-.
I utebera «i«. ^i tta**a t... iinht. tl Wist
Nl,««p He«-eipta 00. Market ateadj
naUvw #4.uie»« .*. wsaUtaa. ^l#iiii i
Texnaa ft
BewtB oaeafca U*S OSOSfc.
Pnr-TTt OwriMi, Au| A.
Itogs K*«ipt* I...O00 oAcial yeeterdaj
nfi •ntpu.eat*. car* MartN* e. eaed
U lower "ti heavy other steady
Cattle Receipt a I,aW: oOldat yastesda*
jvt ahipniuiiSa. uoae. Market ogeaed itwnag,
tiuality eomiiioa.
i'Meaaw Prtalttiw
Maw Maea
ember §1 May 1 l«
(Vtra -Rasr, sa*li, hsgtHinhsr. OS.*. may,
(lata We*.Jy eaah, 9th" BepmsBhse, MC|e
lay. tiyOSKi.
-Firm ai. 83e
Hiarter tHeady at tic.
Hiw«th^««d l-rime eaf Bl IM—l*
Vlax *e«Mt F:«#v ei.S7.
Wbtakv |1U
I*rov|aiou»- Pork, steady eaik-IH-f
.[. ei«.' targ. tttti eaah. M.tf4
Maw Tosut, A us.«.
Wheat TatrTr a-ttrr
el tu I i».», tHwemba* fl.iv»#t.W„
(lorn Hti|b«r No v.
iJat* Firmer and )UMI weete/a. teaaoa
t'rovtatoaa I'ofk gru- anu fulilf tl»e
)Ard Oiu. and yuiet at
Mutter st' me. weeiein
w. st*re t»'--i *i #c

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