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The Daily Leadeh.
"jiONIA V £YL. AL'UL'Sf 25+ 1890.
TTkm^OF subscriptioh.
By m»ii, month*
ntaii. Smooth#
by tmrrim, p*x
ftralrttil oiic.Tt!»n rte
iuni and rvooarcM of th# c»» of M«llpn» and
liir nut* »t larffe, •milling ll to U«
of.rfwrtiiwf* of every e)a*»
f. KTAflL, Proprtwtfw.
BryibllfM Wt*t« (NVfillM.
Trmr«*4 Ml*
n#a«- ,.N....
ytf Kwar...
:F»».k .....
•H»n. ....^
Br crd«r of thi*
T*S Diiit
L«*i)«h in*ke«
»tMKtsl feslsrv of
of Hounh iakuiA will usst la
Unrt'slc o»iiiT«nU»Ji to Mitchcs 8. 41 tt»«
buwv, f« VV«in«HKl«, the i~.th l»y of Air
•am )**4. l«»oh for tl»« puriu*«f of
pimcJug to»otBi«»tum follow#:
Cur two rr|"«NDUUvM Is 4MCNM.
For •ovem.-r
Pot ro»rf»sr
For »rrrv1*rf ai lUlt.
For tr«**»ur»-f.
For »:lMor
f«r #u fl^^pe%He
For eimmimoBM of »ctaool» Mid public lss4a.
Th« irvetKt (•onUPI Will bs «BllUsd U» lk« fol
lowing rf pr«»*nl*! 1011
County MurtM.
Hon li
i 'odimrtae. •.
HstcbiuoM 6
Hyde S
Kt i(C»bur» 14
Lake IT
Lincoln .'......14
Mn "ook 4
Miner V
Moedjr tl
Har B, 1M0.
Ofi A Rl.RS A MrCflY,
0. s«wrr».'t«rv
ButwrU ............. 4
Sanborn 10
HUn'ey 1
•ally ft
T«nt«r IS
Ur.iu ,.v. II
Wnlwftrti,.... 4
I TtBltOB... ....11
nutr cinvmtk» wffl
e o o v w n e a i e W a y
The Lake oounty delegate departed
tor Mitchell this morning confident of
of W. F. Bmith, Lake
ty'i candidate for the ptwitton of state
treanurer. Mr. Smith acoonjpanied the
party, and the good humor he exhibited
indu-ntH that he wae fully as eoDlltlent
Waahiu(fton diapatch, 22: Senator
I*etti^rew returned u Waahiajffton to
day ami settled matU rs preparatcry to
hug trip to
Fall*. He leaves for
Dakota to-morrow, to be gone several
weeks. With absenoe of both Booth Da
kota members and the pickerel senator,
the work of leialation for the whole state
falla upon Senator Moody.
F. C. Button, of Sioux Falls, has been
appointed special agent of the oenaus to
collect statistics of maaulacUunae in
South Dakota in piaoa of C. Ftttibone
Plarra Oapttal. 22: The oandidates
looking to the atat# oourention for
nominations are numerous, bat they are
all good men and the convention cannot
make a mistake by nominating any of
tbem. As soon as the nominations are
made, every loyal republican will be
ready to roll up his sleeve* and go to
work in the interest of the ticket. The
fact that only good men will ask favors
from the convention will go far towards
roiling up an overwhelming majority for
the ticket. The outlook for the repub
li«H party wae never bright*.
Senator I'etugrew was one of tb# flnrt
to advooau* an amendment to the senate
ruiee so
to bring atiout the previoim
question and limit debates after mature
consideration of measures, and he oon
aiders the action of the republican sen
atonal caucus as a victory for those who
have demanded a change of the rule#
He aays it will be necessary to change
the rule* in order to pass IBs elecliou
bdl at any time and as it has beeu
agreed that it shall oome up when con
gress reconvenes in December, and be
voted upon by December 20, there muot
therefore be a change of rules as ha tad
his colleagues have demanded.
Vire at ferstsa.
dispatc h, 22: Fire atartad tibia
afternoon in Thompson's barber shop on
the west side of Main street. Being
fanned by a stiff breeze from the south
east it sooit spread to adjoining build
ings and threatened the en tin? west por
tion of the town- Aberdeen, Hedtield.
Doland and Andover were telegraphed
for assistance. No rains having fallen
a month, the wooden buildings
burned like tuidsr. It spread so rapidly
ithat before aawstanoe arrived two-thirds
of the business houses on tbe west *tde
were in ashes.
The ium mill amount to 0, with
fiifMWO insurance.
Some of the buawasa mm have se
cured temporary location for buildings
on the railroad grounds and will begin
the erection of bffck tmikttagi apes tba
old sites at
l^siss Kutrart mm B«*v«ra**.
Plarre Journal: Lemon extracA baa
been a favorite beverage with the frisky
Sioux for eereral years back. When he
was «iepnved of the privilege of buying
whiHkj lie sought the *u Institute and
found that lemon extract tilled the bill
very satisfactory. Be could get as
drunk as often on thia as he oould on
*l{ »trai*jbt boo*e. It seemed hardly
{xsMitila to his whita aeighbom, esp*c»
viallj tfeoee to whom the «*»nntry and its
Jjcustom* *M«r* new, but as they watclted
-a** f^'^lvvelopment* and not wed the fact that
h* lemon extract trade wan something
Utmniene* hey pbertum* thoroughly eon
I Mn that as Ml intoxicant it was a
!«,. "/^''^Sparfeot sww«aa. It now lesks out that
lid an cx .ri isT- this
line. It was his custom to procure as
much alcohol iu» jxmaible and as little
extract, a« would pnm« muster in caa» of
a pniewutioo. 1' may yet leoome n»n*e»
sarv for the legislalnrv to paa» a law
forbidding the sale of extract except In
cases of colic, earache or small pox.
Ufr k» th* Vterr* Jail.
Pierre Oapital, 22 If Evana, the MD
oouvicted and sentenced to serve 132
days in the county jail under the pro
hibitory law, intends to have his friends
secure his pardon he did a very rash
thing yesterday. Sheriff Guthrie went
in to visit the prisoners under his charge
yesterday morning and found that they
had broken a chair all to pieces. Ha
asked the men what they had done with
the pieces but they all refused to tell.
This seemed to be the commenoement
for a racket all around. Evans was one
of the leaders of the gang and made no
end of trouble and disturbance. Final
ly when Sheriff (iathne stepped inside
«f the railing he doused a pail of water
all over our worthy sheriff. This was
too much for the good nature of any
saint leave alone a human being. As a
result Sheriff Guthrie brought out his
hoee and the ducking that man Evans
got will last him for some time. They
aay cleanliness is next to Godhneas, well,
if such is the case Evans is a mighty
Godly man just now. Of course the
county officials upstairs over the jail en
joyed the racket set up by Evana They
enjoyed it ao much that just before
Evans got his ducking, which by the
way cooled off his ardor, they had chip
ped in to purchase a gatling gun and
blow the sinner into the great hereafter.
Evans is now in solitary confinement,
dieting on bread and water.
Dan at
•'Ihis is the very table at which
Henry (lay used to lose the greater
part of his congreesional salary," said
an old Washington gambler to a corre
spondent. "The game he used to
play was one in which tho blind was
6o cents and $1 to come in. There
was no limit in thoea day a as there
generally is to-day. A man could,
however, demand a slrht for hi*
imoney. lay s antagonist was gener
ally a man named liright, and both
preferred to play a two-handed game.
Tne cards weie cut one day and ("la
got the first deal. He was a better
card-shuftler than lives to-day. He
could hold his bands four feel apart
and tly'tbe cards from one to the other
without a single card falling. Gen
erally he dealt with one hand and
without a perceptible movement of
the arm, throwing each card to Its
proper place with hia lonj muscular
fingers. Clay was a poor poker play
er, however. He playod for excite
ment and not for gain, and as he was
careless about his bets he generally
came out a loser He always str»ddlei
the blind, and whatever hand he held
would rai
tne bet of his antagonist.
He used to bluff a great deal, and as
this would soon be found out he would
come out a loser,
For nearly two hours the night 1
speak of Clay had been having his
own way with Bright He held a
king full four times running and then
had a jack full. Bright did his best
to catch Clay in a bluff, but it was of
no use. lay had a hand that could
be beaten only by fours. The play
began at 8 o'clock, and by 10: i'
Bright had lost $1,.VK and had bor
rowed $500 from John Hancock. Af
ter that Clay's luck vanished, and by
midnight he had lost all his winnings
and $1. in*0 besides—all the cash he
had with him.
•it was Saturday night and Bright
proposed that they quit so they con id
go to church in the morning, but lay
wouldn't have it So he Arrowed
$600 from Brignt and let the game go
on. The game was continued, and by
dajrlight he owed Bright $1 600. He
liquidated the debt by giviug Bright
a deed for 320 acres of Kentucky
land and six shares of stock in a
Louisville bank.
"Clay went to okank *11 MM attna
that morning Tl hlle h? was talking
to the rector after it was over he put
his hand in his pocket and pulled ont
a deck of cards along with his hand
kerchief. They tuttered to the
ground, but Clay was not abashed,
and replacing them s*id that they
must have been placed there as a
practical joke."
Ctorar a 1
There have been many articles ia
the papers during the last few months
advocating the adoption of the clover
ttower as the National flower, but the
most uniijoe is the following, b^ Col.
Robert («. ingeraoll:
••A wonderful thing ia eto*ar. It
means honey and cr-srn that fs to
way. industry and contentment, that is
to say the happy bees in perfumed
fields, and at the cottage gat* old
boss, the bountiful, chewing satisfac
tion's cud in that blessed twilight
'pause that like a benediction falls be
twoon alt toil and sleep. This clover
make* me dream of happy hours, of
childhood's rosy cheeks of dimpled
of wboieMitne loving wivee. of
spring* and brook*, and violets, and
all there is of painless joy and peace
ful human life. A wonderful word is
clover. Drop the *c' and you have
the happiest of- maokiutl. Take away
the and
and you have the only
thing th iuakt« a heaven of this dull
and barren eurth. ut off the *r'
alone atoi there retiming a warm de
ceptive bol that sseetens the brvath
and k«n»f»* the |*eace in couiotieMS boaaas
Vh^« u
u-» fr»*iu« nt ^4ube.,'
A* MirniM nas ti^en invented for
drilling s joare oblong or bex^gouAl,
fcwuad i»i)millit
I.n«k. weakly wtshtn*. I!ly ttat^rs
For favorlnc f"rJu» to Sntll
Lntxir at work tb be, flngfra,
Depwdi apot i.iaitlf ite whlls
Leek ites abed In dreams to aatnb-r
T1»««otn» nf future rteb«i vast!
Labor arising frern his alaasbar.
Karu* pvtioe that crow to fKMsri* silaali
Loay »?tr *tahs and In #*drn"-*#^j y
"Why do* my e««« »SVpr inT*
Labor, all Uiditwii". slmpi in fiu'! -Mb
"I'm surr *u««esa» In time Ut Win
Look ooHitx to |*»*srty And sor»o«
To vain rrgr*« iud lattlag stiaw
Labor ha* as'sr to beg or borrow
And calm at lenfrth «m(i elterW '.ed sim.
—dotden Days.
Tfee ftebeodrs rwso!r«4 that ttwy
would do things up style and a»
tonlnb the neighbors wh#n Maria was
to be married. Ho the old man sallied
to the city and brought hm» a beau
tiful box of silver spoons, duly
marked and beautifully boxed.
This was placed in as egg batkat In
ths back of the gig on the day of the
weoding. Mr. Babcoek tied his horse
a moment to gut something he had
left In the house, and wben he re
turned the box and basket were gone.
A ragged tramp might have offered a
He had staggered from behind the
barn, seized the baaket hjp tba handle,
tucked it under the cape af a ragged
old army overcoat he wore, and
stumbled into the woodi. He felt
surf that the basket contained a feast
of some sort, lie Weight suggested a
bottle. Home of these aid farmers
always took liquor with tbem to pic
nioa. His fan- v niatured bam ssiad
wiches, apple pie and whisky and he
toddled on rejoicing. Shortly he met
another worse than himself- a sort of
chum or comrade. He signified to
this individual that he had something
good under his cape, and in return ra
oelved a piece of information
The brick church on the hill was
open. There was a fire in the heater
Thej would go there and bask in the
warmth of the church, which they
On they tram pad. Shay reached
the edifice, aloie In, dhaaa pew Ho.
12, as nearest the register, and were
about to open the oaskek little guess
ing what it contained, expecting no
treasure that they could not devour
in ten minutes, when up from the oai
!ar below rushed a big janitor and a
big dog—a fierce fallow wall
aoquainted with the waya of tramps
and knowing one st sight*
The poor creatures rted» leaving the
basket behind them in tha far corner
of the pew. Hot knowing what they
left the janitor never saw it Truth
to teil. he was not a» particular about
Investigating corner- witlt hi* feather
duster as some at tba ladies would
have liked him to ba. llesida* tba
church was dark, and it was a very
busy day and he had to brush his
jacket and put on bis clean collar be
fore the company came.
Soon the peopie of the vtllaga bp-,,
gan to arrive. Twelve pews ware re
served for the guests of the bridal
party. The basaet stood in the la*t
of these in the corner. The guests
began to come. The carriage drove
up. The bride sailed up the aisle on
her father's arm. His mother and her
mother were there: old lady relatives
In caps, ycung lady relatives in white
muslin Finally, at the very last Mr.
and Mrs. Kbeneser Babccak. agitated
and pal*
tbair plant* a paw
No. 12.
They had searched everywhere.
They had quarreled win ««ch other,
made up, and lamented their los*.
But they had determined to come to
the wedding, after all There would
ba the satisfaction of telling tha tai
at least
I dunno as I calculate they'll be*
Have us," said Mrs. Babcoek.
"fcf you hedn't hsv me pat tba n
Pfpled hill into the boi th«yTfl av blu
proof," said her wedded 1 benesar, to
whom she, in a spirit ot ustiea, re
"I dunno but thara wauldfcarbaaii
Mr Babeoek bat mortals to a* tins*
This admission made the old omiple
friends again, and they urried into
church full of the sympathetic feel
ing that a common mlsfo una awak
ens in the souls of human being*.
"A pretty penny to th w Into the
dirt'" sighed the old mas. "Ho
tbanks nor nothln'.*
-It's awfnl to ruflaet on oaM fbt.
old lady. "I dunno as it 9alt a judg
ment on me far wsatin' V sberw off
for once."
"No. 1 had orter porteaiad Of iik**
•aid the old man.
The wedding fbyd
Guests were ooming ia.
an you scrouge up, lira Bab
oock? There *, another lady wants to
sot in here 'i whispeied Mr. B,
^I'm try in' to," said the old lady.
"But there's suthin hem It keepa
me from doin' of it.*1
She felt along the seat and touched
the tgg basket. 8he felt upward and
found the handle She peerad down,
ward and saw what it was She liftad
it to her knee, obevsd her husband'a
injunction to -scrouge up, and feii A
thrill of that terror the i tp#rnatural
brings with it, as she knew that she
held on her knee the egg basket ia
which the box of si 1 ret had been
placed- that the present safe and
had apparently oome to ohurch to
tod her of its own accord
"Do you believe in splrita,
or," she whispered. 'atsofc gM
things, you knowP1
'K ourse not" said ba.
I do/' said she "Tbey'trolaiobad
tba silver. Look''
l.benezer looked. But he WOO older
than his wife aud bis eve« k«j
mora He saw nothing
Hope you aa't gone out*r your
head nor Abby Jum*" be
iko looffWd tttlte kfwmrtmtld
Hvif the servlaa bad begui
•ore oouid be said.
Mnria was nrmrrlad. Shortly altar
•he reached home aba was praeentod
with a splendid present by bar aunt
and uncle, of whom nothing of the
kind cxnild be cxpocted Afterward
they told their sUiry. Nobody doubted
ll. In quiet country placet* where
there is not much going on paopla
like to believe in such things.
The prevailing impression is that It
was spirits, and, indeed, since that
day spiritualism haw greatly flourished
In that place. There are two mediums
there one materializes. Mr. and Mrs.
Kbenexer Babcoek go to all the public
saancos. They are great believers as
Mrs. Babcoek often says, they hava
An Aorlo-Indtan llnrnlaa
Anglo-Indian circles in Behar and
Bengal are loudly sounding the prait
of Miss Morey, whose courageous con
duct has in all probability saved the
life of her father, a well known planter
and sportsman in that district Mr.
Morey was out hunting, attended bv
his daughter on horseback, when a
boar suddenly sprang from the jungle,
and. making for Mr. Morev, threw
over both horse and rider with a severe
crash. The brute was on the point of
tearing his victims with his formidable
tusks when this heroic young lady
sprang to the ground and placed
herself between the ooar and her in
sensible father. Miss Morey was
wholly unarmed, and therefore power
less to protect herself but fortunately
she had with her a large greyhound,
who, making straight for *he boar.
sOtracted his attention and drew him
away. Kunning thereupon to the
nearest pool. Misa Morey filled her
topee with water, by Um aid ot whioAi
she finally suooaacad to bringing bar
father round.
WORM* A4vmelno
Tba emancipation of woman lo
lng rapid progress in Kussla The in
habitants of the little town of Kniaaoff
have elected a woman, Alexandra
Uyne by name, to the post of slarosta,
or mayor, on the ground that she was
most fitted to be intrusted with the in
terests of the community. A Mahom
etan woman, a native of Bakshe
He ral in the Crimea has recently
paseed with flying colors her examina
tion as physician and surgeon at
Odassa and having received her
diploma is now practicing medicine
among the Mahometan ladle* of the
district from which she hails. Her
same in Ir Ka/.ie KouUoiarofT-Hanum,
and hers is the first case on record of a
Mahometan lady practicing medicine
as understood by western nations.
Women too, are now being employed
for the first time by the government
as telegraphic clerks and ticket agents
on tha TranHoaspian railroad.
.A IASsmmt PslieWs aeoMSM* Detain,
George Parsons Lathrop tells of
delicious summer drink which mop
seem new to many peopta, but is real
ly more of a revival of something in
vogue several years ago It la tba
Sauterne cup and is as satisfying to
the thirst as milk aad water or eat
meal water, and withal, more epi
curean. You take equal parte erf
Sauterne and Apoliinnris water and
put them In a clear crystal pitcher,
sweetening them with three lumps of
sugar to a quart, and adding a slioe
or two of pineapple and a long paring
of cucumber rind. Let this filled
pitcher stand for a few minutes in a
vessel of toe or wrap around the pitch
er a towel of cracked Ice and salt.
Under no circumstances put ice in the
drin*. for that would injure the fine
flavor. Just before the cup is served
throw some bits of mint upon the top.
Two Car Loafls!
Having just returned from the eastern
market* where 1 purchased my fall stock
of Furniture and t'phoistery Goods, I de
sire to inform the public that the g*ods
are now on the way, and that they are
Uie finest stock of general houMo-furaieh
mg merchandise ever brought to this
city The ftock wa* pnrc»,Hne«! for cash,
in a very low market, which will enable
me to diK|**te of them at figures that
will attract ready buyers. Oome and nag.
ReSpecC: :,'.
Pro pert).
Residence Property,
Block Property,
Acre Property.
t#, We have also some very chn&ea bar
gains in Farm Landa
Monty to faoa or Lorn Maim tmtmmt.
emmram arumr.
W.F. BMITH, President
II f!
DeliverttU t& uy pari of
the city.
make roam for my fail stock of General Merohaadi«% 1 hmm gfl%
eluded to clooe oai my preoent stock at
and will eontiiKM the skoghtor until everything aoid. I
wnheard-of bargains in
Itamiaiit Carpets and Rugs, Dry Goods,
Ladies' Fine Furnishings,
Boots and Siioes, Groceries, Provisions, tea
Will flnl Uti* an opiiortunity hHiIoiii offered, and
sliouhl lose no ttiiM1 in inking ttdvrtitCage of it.
a- qpf^'^li
Which is read mixed and
Wis Nit will let fade.
Nor crack, chalk or peel off
Which iHftilljr guaranteed.
Cheaper By The Gallon
riglit here4 in Madison, freight paid, than any other brand among
the many inferior ones now offered upon thin market. Theft
juriesh are made tliiss wanoti at The Iiook rttort* for the
Thorough Introduction
Result: You aare Rood money and at the same time gft
•baolutely The Beet. v\t are winning new trade which wiQ
at*y bj lor all time to come.
DALY, Vice-President. J. A. TROW, Oaahlar
»W),00». Surplus tlfc.OOt.
A General Banking Business Transacted,
toaoypavtof the
Old World,
principal European potts on any of the leading
CHy and Municipal Bonds txmght and sold.
GoliaeUoos made aad
Wmik, Ofeiieagn. Chaaa WaMMMl
Minnehaha National Bask, Sioux Falla.
CHA8. B. KENNEDY, Praa. E. H. CLAPP, Vioe Pr**
Vm. F. KENNEDY, Sec'y Trm 3.1+ JOICE8, Aas't Sao'y 4 Treas^
Northwestern Loan and Banking Co,
Madison, South Dakota.
Makes a specialty of first mortgage and red estate kMUMb f*j
municipal, county and school bonds and other securities.
Philadelttiaa Finance Co., Philadelphia, Peuu»
National Bank of Illinois, Chica^, 111.
Sioux Falls National Hank. Hioux Falls, S. D.
the title of one of the late John B. Googh'g
lar lectures. We merely revert to it to bring to your notice the fact
that it will pay you to inspect our stock of summer coats and vests.
You'll have money in pocket, peace of mind, and perfect comfmi.
For the local forecast for Madiaon, until September
We are selling theae goods away down now.
Druggists and Jewelers.
ilBAnqP-^rKH.- ,-nO——
Paints, Oils and Wall Paper. Fine Gold and Silver Watchea and
Jeweliy. Watch and Clock Bepairiog promptly
and mechanically executed.
You Sju UA.
on't aint ill
aad aaU tiokate aad fm
of ataamboota.
ia #4 &&
:ru^rg^TT7":*l,.. -4S5S£^c
MMIR-'. Masqoast.

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