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f'jHTAliLIHIlKD 1890.
IWle RiM U B» PtrfNtiif
SrlMH far a Tbraagk Line t»
bt. Paal.
#f ft
Wreck the Read la Vandar*
UU's Utaraat.
IMImd t*«rin* Harrfy Contlnaed
the (oast Illinois Cntrit Said
OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 89.—II the predic
tion of a railway man is carried out, the
Union Pacific will be in shape by the
time its joint traffic agreement with the
St. Paul and Omaha expires to run
train* over it* own tracks to Sioux City.
This gentleman say* he has learnt*) from
good authority that tracks which for
some time have been extending north
along the river through the East Omaha
Land company'* projierty are in reality
being built by the Cnion Pacith and
not by the land company, as has gen
erally been supposed. It is the inten
tion of the Union Pacific, he says, to
continue the Hue to hioux City, and
from there reach 8t. Paul over the
track* of the ttt. Paul and Northern
IWUMI tk« Beta's Offir.
tefTs. Oct. 99. It was 4n
railroad circles here that an oiler had
been recently made to Assistant General
Paseenger and Ticket Agent Cab 1 well,
of the Missouri Pacific, to accept a sim
ilar |n*ition with the New York, Lake
Erie and Western railroad at New
York Mr Caldwell in a widely-known
nfftnal, amt while
a very handsome
one, he concluded to remain in hi* res
eat i**lUou with tht Misevun i
and liiglihefiTivmpft
the Erie's offer was
I«iaw4 Utt 8t«ik Bates.
CffTrAOo, Oct. 20 -The Altrtlt %fB
give notice of a reduction in liv* hog
rates to 18 cents, Missouri river to im
cago. The reduction will be made iu
conformity with the decision of the
Interstate commerce torn mission that
the rate on live Img* »lutll not I*- higher
than on the dressed pmducts. Thin a"
Uod foretells the result of the meeting
of the freight men which to being helo
in thi* city.
Bat* ffot«h «Hl T%trlT*+T»
MM! N»«L!LAG H«M*I nurt*4.
1 KEKA Sl'KlNffS, Ark Oct. W.—Fli»
started in H. S Collims jewelry *tore in
the Perry house, on spring street at
to olmtta
r. t« the Vuittrbtlt*.
agemetit of the Union Pacific has
adopted thi* ctturw na a }art a deep
laid scheme to wre k the road, or to *o
deprws the »tck that the Vanderbilt
interest*! will able to buy it in at the
lowest possible figure. It is generally
ntidcnticod that the Vanilerbiltw have
had their eyes on the Union Pacific for
a long time, and liave lately moved
lllinuU Otttrml L(n« to lit* foast.
PJEKRK H, D., Oct. 2t. Instructions
hmr, been receiveil by the enguieern of
tke Midland Pacific rood, the i» rina
neot survey of which has just tieeu
completed from Sioux City to Pierre, to
continue the jiermauent survey with
gTade MtAkee on through the Black Hills
to the Pacific coast. The instructions
are to have the survey ready for the
graders by early spring. Thi» is the
road lieing pushed by Senator R. F.
Pettigrew, ami it pretty eruiin that
it is an Illinois Central uffbhoot. The
engineem are already part way acroas
the reservation on the new transconti
nental route.
Owe ao* Oct. i1t —The Times of Tues
day says: A rather startling theory is
advanc ed by certain well informed rail
way men in explanation of the Union
Pacific's art ion forcing its connec
tions east of the Missouri river to cancel
their through rate arrangement* with
that ro«d This theory is that the man- ing of seals by land or sea north of the
o'clock p. ni., and consumed projx rty
valued at |oj00,t)00 There was no 2o«w
of life. The Perry house, Springfield
house Ohio iimw and lU it) fi\e other
building and dwelling house« were de
stroyed The total insurance is about
gftnirTifl A(«IBII Bmb, 1'iMkw
C*. Amounting la IDS.MS,
Ifli W \l KEE, Wis., 1X1. 2li. The
wholesale manufacturing clothing house
mt LIAUJII, FlM'her & (XJ. %V»A cloai-d
yesterday on attachmeutw aggregating
gg#,HOo It is 1*1 m»Ved the liabilities will
reach |tk).OoO. The failure wiu- the re
volt of bad colle*tions. Two hundred
bands are thrown out of employment.
BKKKK, Oct. W In the Canton of
Heino the troubles between the Qua*
•arvativea and Liberals hav t/roken out
§Btw and disorders have agait taksn
place The fetleral government has dis
ed an adiitional battalion of
^oops ti. assist in restoring order in th#
Canveellofl to Settle It.
more or leas directly toward a*-quiring shall be forfeited, and the master and
a controlling interest in the property,
with a view of completing their much
Clierished plan of establishing an inde
pendent route frinrt IK'WHI to ocean.
Thic wa.* in a measure atrconti linhwi
the tee-years contract between thai
road ami tbaOMoafrfr Hinmnraimrtcf
which is practn alTv controlled by the
Vanderbilt-". but that contract i» re
garded am Utiiy step tvwwni iikks ceal
object in view.
WASHINGTON, Oct. iiw.—
Sir Julian
Panucefote. the British minister, has
prepared a plan for the temporary set
tlement of the Behring sea controversy,
and providing for a convention of ex
pert* to devise means for a permanent
settlement. Sir Jnlian will present the
measures he has devised to his govern
ment for approval. Piovision i« made
for a convention between Great Britain,
Russia, and the United States of Amer
ica, in relation to the fur seal fisheries
in Behring sea, the Sea of Ochotska and
adjoining waters, the tttle of a gather
ing t** the North American .seal fish
ery convention. The article* of agree
ment provide that the high contracting
parties agree to apjKjiut a mixed com
mission of exjjerts, who shall inquire
into the subject and report within two
years from the date of the convention on
the propriety and the advisainlrty of
regulations looking to the preservation
of the fur seals species. After this re
port has been submitted a further con
vention is to be held, and in ease the
high contracting ^Mirties are urable to
agree upon regulation*, if any are neces
sary, the question* in difference r-hull lie
referred 'Le arbitration of an impar
tial govt r—1Bt, vviioee award shall be
final. Pendii.g the report of the com
mission, and for MX mouth* after The
date of such report, a temjorary meas
ure shall be put into effect, providing as
A live ef 4«n*rkation, to b# tiSed
the "Heal fishery hue,' shall lie. drawn
•a follow* From Point Anival, at the
southern extremity of the Island of
Haghalien in the sea of Ochotska, to the
point of intersection of the 50th
parallel of north latitude with the
160th meridian of longitude east from
Greenwich, then eastward, along the
50th j«arallel to its |Kiint of intersec
tion with the Htoth meridian of lungi
tude west from Greenwich. The stib
jects and citizens high contracting
parti'-s shall be prohibited from eutfug
i ing in the fur seal fishery, and the tuk
seal fishery line from the 1st of May to
the yoth of June, and alao fr««m th« l»t
of Vtolier to the With of December.
During the intervening pern I ••••iling
vessel# lelongir»g to the high contract
ing jwrtie* shall not be jwrmittcd to aj
proat these ulands withiu rmliu* of
ten miles. Every vennel found engaged in
seal fishing contrary to the prohibitions
crew of such ve*M-l be subject to tine
ami imprisonment, the nation u which
the vessel lelongs alone having juris
diction over such cases.
Vhmjr Ask That Canadian Market* B*
PkSmIwI rraa Aw*rioan OumpetitiM.
FIAMKU, N. 8., Oct. 29.—.Tamos A.
Shipman, a prominent flour dealer and
iupiorter of the government, publishes
a letter in the local papers showing that
Canadian flour shipped from tlw heart
of Ontario is being exported to New
Foundiand via New York. He refer*to
the pledges of cabinet ministeris that
they would counteract the effects of the
McKtnl«y bill by seeking new markets
and aiding exporter* by affording rapid
transit through Canadian territory, and
BltUrlf ComplalM
that the freight agent* of the inter
colonial railway, operated by the gov
ernment. have made no export taritl for
Canadian nrodnct» going to New Foutid
latJi and the West Tudies. hence Canad
ian pn»ducts to New Foundiand }ass
hands of United States mid­
dlemen Mr Shipman say*: New
Foundiand require,* 383,000 barrel* of
flour i»r annum and we have tin* year
ths article to give them cheaper and
better adapted to their wanth than that
of the United States, besides oatmeal,
beans, butter, cheese, bay, oats, vegeta
bles and a thousand other things. If
we mutt be dependent u[Kn foreign
porta and middlemen to Htipplv that
trade, the nootier we liaul down our as«
and ixmfess our utter dejiendenoe upon
the United States, the better
A Nataral 6M PMBIM.
Prnmvmn. Oct m, —There waa a gen
uine natural gpa famine iu several sec
tions of Pittsburg and Allegheny during
the day. Although the officials of the
Philadelphia Natural Gas company
claimed that the pressure in their pipes
was from four to six ounces, many fam
ilies j»artok of cokl dinner*, as
tbe gas di«l out altogether in m»me ftec
tion». it i* promise*! that after tbe 'HJ0
puddling furnaces are cut off from the
supply all private consumers will have
pfaatr Of g&B
FORT I)OIOK, Iowa. Oct. 2V.—An im
pbrtant dtx-ision involving legality of a
squatter s title to a piece of river land
haa I**eu decided by Judge Stephen* in
the district court. The case was that
of RIB tine vs Newsome. Ristine had
the river land title and brought 'suit to
obtain jiosseusion of the land occupied
bv Newsome. who had a squatter's title.
Tie judge t«'k the iMine from the jury
and ilecided in favor of the plaintiff
•art TIMMM FMUMIITMIS Libel Sails.
PrrrfBTRrj. Pa., Oct. 2S.—A Philadel
phia constable Tuesday served warrants
In the criminal libel of ex-4Governor
Pattia)ti against W. F. Jordan, proprie
tor. and J. J. McLaurin, editor of The
»rning Call, of tin." city. Both de
fendants waived liearing and gave I tail
in the sum of £.',100 fur their ap|earance
at the quarter ses&iuna court in Phila
delphia The security waa fnrniahed by
Col W H. Smull.
MASOU Crrr. Iowa, Oct. 29.—Undar
instructions from Judge Ruddick the
grand jury has returned two indict
ments for telling intoxicants. A whole
«ale brewing firm »cnd» wtrd for Its
agent* to cutiuue busineati. and they
will ts-ud themselves to defend in case
Kanaeka H«sr Ike 8em «ff Ike
well Tragedy Badly Taken ID
a Pennsylvania Dutch mu.
Xm 8peelM«« if tte Broektaafer
fur's Pea Werk Bally
to Light
Triple Texaa Yarder Orer a Gam© if
Cards- Oklahoma Hettlers Shot
If Clalai lupin
WOODSTOCK, Out., Oct. 89.—A Penn
sylvania German has been masquerad
ing around here in the guise of a cow
boy for some time, buying farm* and
cutting a pretty wide swath. The field
of o}rt»mtion was iu a German settle
ment in Blenheim township near tlie
scene of the Ben well tragedy. The
stranger showed checks amounting in
value to $2A0.000, nnd whether good or
not th»*y mesmerized the neighljorbood.
He purchased several farms in the
uoighlxrhT7**l at high figures, giving
notes for jiayinent. He then took
possesion and began to dispose of |*onl
try and stock. He nku sucv ceiled in
captunag in of Blenheim's fair daugh
ter* and they were married. Monday
he was arrested on a charge of horse
stealing. It turns out that he us one C.
K. Miller, a veterinary surgeon from
Pennsylvania, who is wanted in that
state n several charges, it is also
claimed that he has hair a
in the states.
Meee Hta I'»n Work Beliif DU«urMd
With IU«h liivHtl|*llvn.
BBOCKTON, Masa., Oct. 29.—The C.
W. Robinson forgery ca*e continues to
occupy the attention of financial circles
hereabouts, and as the news of the
defalcation becomes better known, the
extent of Robinaou s wrong-doing grows
larger, it is learned that the Randolph
N a i o n a a n k e n o e e o e
tended to have leeu made by S. P.
Howard & Co., ami having the endorse
ment oi the firm. It in al»o learned that
ffi.tJOO iu forged nut«s are held by Bostou
parties. Ab nt ten ciayfi ago liobinson
pressetl matters hard for a loan $10,000
from the Arlington National bank, leav
ing the signature of H. L. lirvant,
P." Howard and L. Loltliwaite, but wjp
-l^fnsptl an he that he wanted
tlie money to put into a bucket shop.
Bis jwuice court accounts are receiving
cl»o attention, but mattei-s are s fixed
that it will be wtveral days before a final
statement can be made. Although there
has l»een a large amount of business
conducted at the court for the paat six
months. Robinson's cash book iW-e not
•lj"W JW) CULT ICE bincc last .March.
An Alleged CWtdcriiU mt Blrrltall
Claim* to Have Murtlvrcd BvnntU.
Bitfalo. N. Y.. Oct. 29.-The Ex
press publishes a long letter received
Saturday by Bircliall. the murderer in
jail at Woodstock, for the murder of
Ben well. The letter is sigued "The
Colonel.'' and gties into the details of
the murder which the colonel claims to
have committed himself as a ufeder
ate of Birchall. This contirins the claim
which Dirt hall has made all along thgt
Two Oklahoma 8«Ul«ri Killed at IMt
Cabin IMr* by Claim ContMlasto.
OKIL\H' *A CITv, Otla., Oct TIR.—Sat
urday night John Weber and Henry
Sweitzer living iu a double house
eighteen miles south of this city, were
oalled to their dsr and shot and in
stant!) killed. The lived alone. The
neighbors found them Sunday and
brought them to this city. It is suj»
poeed that claim oonteetants abot aad
killed them.
Paaeale and Antler Will Hatiff
Misaoi'LA. Mont., Oct. 29. Pascale
and Antler, the two Indian ninrdcrers,
were sentenced by Judge Marshall to be
hanged Dec. 19. Pascale murdered J.
11. Dunn in the Flathead hike country
about a year ago, and Antler is one of
Hie three Indians who killed two pros
pectors on Wolf creek in the fall of 18H7.
Kis two assixiatea were killed soon after
they committed the murder by a posse.
A Costly dame of Cards.
AUBTIN, Tex., Oct. 29.—Four
quarreled at a game of cards Monday
ou a farm in Hunters lk-nd, iu this
county. One of them kilh«d the otter
three and escaped. Thair namas an aa
yet unknown.
C'onlaliietl Notices of Church Fairs.
FORT WAYNE, Oct. 29 The entire
edition of The Fort Wayne Daily Jour
nal of Sunday was thrown out of the
mails by Postmaster Higgins because
the i«»iei published an account of a
Catlmhc chuich fair which contained a
list of the numbers which had drawn
prise*- The Morning OaEett»« was also
stopped Ifeeauis it contained a short
item regardiug the lottery of a sofa pil
low for th» lieueiit of a poor family,
giuls^jueutly the objectiouabi. article
was cut out and the (iazetto lpanert
ware remailadL P"
VIrteea Car* of CMttct Kmed.
DXNVEH, Oct. 29.—A Builington and
Missouri River st«x:k tram was wrecked
it o I'lft.i n cars .i cattle were
Were\tided and a at« kman
Marian reortyt*! fatal u^uruan
he liad a confederate who did the work,
and many incline to place confidence iu
its genuineness. Birchall's lawyers will
ask a reprieve to investigate the truth!
aj»d iind the author of the letter.
A Ifcert Bat EnlMstljr Itwiafal CnurV
•hty Brought by a* Advertlse
B«« METox, H. J., Oct §.—On 8at
tr lay Homing Tast Francis Brewster
lVileo-Ht, of Millville, N. J., and Misa Ida
liicha'ds, of Bridgerille, Del., were
at rang stw. Four hours later they were
Bian .Mid wife. Mr. Wilcox about a
gjoutb ago thought he had l* »-n living in
flingie blessedness long enough, having
f*-ncb-d the age of 39 year», and con
fludeii to not allow another Hummer to
|»a#s rver hi.- head without having a
to nhare his fortunes and inis-
oi tnnes. Wilcox in a cripple, having
|e«n so since an infant, having an alfec
jion ft the spine. In a matrimonial
fiaper he inserted the following "A
IniddImaged man wishee to correspond
vith an unlit,liteil number of women
.|ject, matrimony. Address F. B.
Willi.*, Mill ville, N. J.' Answers caine
to the numiter of seventy, aud among
them was one from Mi** Ida Richards,
of Sossrx «ounty, Delaware. Three
wwl corrvh|MiiHlencs brought the two
ao(« iace to face at the liidgeway
UH\ Philadelphia, and after four
liotini Dourti»ip, both lwingnatistied, the
twain board, a ferry liat and went
«»ver t«» Camden and sought the presence
Rev. ('harlee Mnvhew. who made
tii« in inan .tnd wife Mr. Wilcox lives
with l|t» tii' tln it) Millville. Hi- father,
who Wan tlu- liev. Julius Wilox. is
dead, lie IK engaged iu the entiling
bu.-niuf* in ill ville. and has a wile
circle }f i lemls. Miss Richards is the
ly fch ibi of a widowed mother iu
ll'.i, bussex comity, lAlaware,
fall heir to a 100-acre farm.
The Wtk\' »i« of tl« WMtarn l!»l«a at
St. I'MII Quit in a Hody.
At i.. Oct. 29.—The trouble ba
in' Western Union Ttlegnvph
.a its operators culminated
when nearly the whole of the
left their desks iu a l»*ly
i down tairs. This suddeu
:/U uni xi**cted action was
.!: by the discharge of four
brotWrhjod men. As soon
it on the part of thecom|»any
the operators tlecided u]H)n
tou. and at S u'clts k, as
teuibersof the l»rotherhoud
"ir Ke.vn «*ut WatlUMl Out.
1 to be re tain of winniiw
inch was I tint the discharged
U« reinstated.
considerable difference of
the strike, even among the
ue operatttrs, ttome thinking
I. Nearly all thf night men
art, W& 's of the Brotherh***!. but
ft1^- of the day opi-rators txdnnp to
it. yinte a nnmtwr of the day men
were at one** alle«l ujsjn and went to
work at night, s. that the comtMUty was
not gr**aUy mconvMiienced.
Or*«ii B*rniHd to Talfeu
NRV, YOKK, Oct. 'J9. Preaideat N«r
•iu i r*eo, of the Western Union Tele
graph company, absolutely declined to
ijiay anything regardiug the strike of
thirt} -even operator* at St. Paul lx
cau.* riey Isslonged to the Brotherhood
of Tel ^raphers. and il*) of the four op
erate diachargtid from St. Louis for
the same reason'. "1 do not know." said
Dr. iireen. "that the story as fede
kTapln to New York pat**r» is true. I
.. .. .M li.» nl
have information on tiiat point, and
if I h:i 1 1 should decline to tala alwat it
for ablicatiou," Geueral Manager
ficfeert also declined to he u**«r
iSsf Fired at St. Loots,
8T. LOIIK, Oct. 29.-- Four of the old
eat an i best known telegraph operators
in the employ of the yVestern Uniou
Telegiaph x)mi«ny iu this city have
been l.utiftad by Superintendent Baker
that their service were no longer re
quired. The men discharged are D. B.
Grandv, T. I. Irwin, C. B. Graves and
C. McNeill. Of this quartette Graridy
has 1» u twenty-five year? in the ser
vice. McNeill seventeen years, Irwin
seven oarB and
Iraves y-a4~. All
are oniinentl\ conmH tel with the
local 1 rutherlussi of Telegrapher and
claim that they were notified by the
West' rn Union last Thursday that un
less ti y severtxl their connection with
the otherhotnl they would IK* dis
char^' d. Hiis they refused to do
have utrigHEgii&ivtHl notice of their
Sr. Lotw, Oct, 29.—At the Western
Unioi telegraph office this morning it
wa.- i uinored that four more brother
bs«l men were to be dismissed from the
comi any's service to-day. but up to a
late I ur no one had be*?ii discharged.
The 1 ciU offlwrs of the company deny
that tue men were dismissed on account
of tin ir connection with the brother
hissl. and say they were relieved be
cause heir service was "unsatisfactory
to tbe company."
Willi drew to Hold TlM&r #sfc.
Foi.r WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 29. —Mana
ger P» rry. of the Western Union tele
grapl office tn this city, received orders
Monday from Ihvision 8nj»erintendent
Wrigiit. of Cleveland. U di«*harge all
operators who are meinbTs of the
Broth rhood of Telegraj «. There
are only three operators in utt Western
I'moi oftico ami they were a«lvisetl by
the le-niters of the Brotherhood to with
i draw from the ordsr to retain their
iositi us. The officers of the Biother
hood -ay that the oiganiaation has enor
uiouslv tacTeast-d since the Western
Umoi company have begun to make
war ti|»ou it and are inclined to thank
them w«r free advertising whioh UM»
utioo has given thsm.
Trapped ami Killed ou a Rrtdp.
HAVEN, Conn., Oct. 2V -It
rumo» ed that one of the express trains
ov«r the short line division of tlu New
York New Haven railroad struck a
uartv of ttittti at work un a bridge near
Lvuie and that two of tbe civil
engm ts in the amplojr of the road
icTeral BnlfM Warriors Pled
gad to
*p» «a the Warpath at
Hit Bidding.
Aa Mlllealaai Craae CBaalagly fl»
by tbe Treacherous
Red—His Plots Revealed.
Celarmda ladlaas Missing ftw Thtlr
Btaerratloa—Uovernuifat Aaked
to Tgfce Action.
8TA"W#!W ROC* ARNWNR. Oct. 29.—
For the last four weeks Bitting Bull has
been inciting the hioux Indians in this
vicinity to an uprising. He enlisted the
sympathies of a large number of young
bucks by telling them the «tory of his
great bravery on the field Custer, and
several hundred of them had agr'Hsl to
go ou the warpath at his bidding The
old chief* however, several of whom
were in the famous c'im|wiign on the
Little Big Horn, offered strenuous ol
jections to the fis.lhardy propositions
of Taurus recumbent and one of them
gave un the nlaus of the recalcitrant
reds to Maj. Mc Laughlin, the agetst.
aitttSf Ball Cvaninaljr Veaterlng the
Strange l«pir»tlUwa Aa.M| the
WASMINCJTOM, Oct. 89.—Tba commia
sioner of Indian affairs has received re
ports from the Standing Rock agency In
South Dakota indicating that the "In
dian millenium ciaxe is increasing
among the feioux Indians. Great excite
ment over the matter prevails among
the Sitting Bull factiou of the Hioux,
who are anxiously and confidently
awaiting the coming of the millenium
next spring.
McLaughlin Makes a Report.
Agent McLaughlin, in a long report
to the department on the subject, says
the superstitious notiou comes from the
more southern Sioux and is doubtless
the same craze that has been agitating
the Hhoshones in Wyoming and the Ara
noes in the Indian territory. Sitting
Bull appears to be high priest, and the
latest apostle of this latest Indian ab
surdity. Sitting Bull's influence
as a disturbing element soeuis
to have increased during the last few
yearn and thl is partly accounted for,
the agent thinks, by the presence of a
woman from Brooklyn, Mr*. C. Weld on,
who went to the agency in June,
announcing herself as a metnl»er of Dr.
Bland's society. She has lavished nu
merous and costly gifts upon Sitting
Bull and this has made the chief more
insolent than ever.
(Jives Hitting Hull a lh*rscl«r,
The agent devotes a large portion of
the renort to Mr. Sitting Bull, giving
himanad reputation. He says he is a
man of low cunning, devoid of a single
manly principle in his nature, or an
honorable trait of character but on the
contrary is eapable of inciting others
(those who believe in his powers5 to do
any amount of mischief. He is a lolyg
auust. liN-rtine, habitual liar and active
obstructionist and a great uh*ta. le in
the wav of the civilization of thew
pie and be is totally devonf—rtf a (single
noble trait of character." The ofiirials
of tin* Indian bureau here look upon the
situation as neriou». but think they can
bridge orar the trouble.
Colorado Indians Off Their Beeerrettaa
Uovernnaent Action Ashed For.
WASHINUTON, (ct. 29.—The president
has received Gov. C-ooper's telegram an
nouncing the absence of the I'intah and
Uncoinpahgre Indians from their reser
vations in Colorado, and the telegram
referred to the
commissioner for action. Acting Com
missioner Belt hail several conferences
on the subject with Secretary Noble.
Mr. Belt thinks the situation somewhat
1 as at this season id the
year these Indians usually
reservation in large nnmbett.
Big U«c«ption l%«n the Speaker al the
«n -M«M Meeting iu the Ftfiting,
BT. 1'ALI., Oct. 29.-Hon. Thomas B.
R«ed arrived in the city at 7 a. m. over
the Burlington. Be was accompanied
by Ex-Seuator Satan, Henry Brown and
George Thompwn. of Ht. Paul. The
partv were driven to Gov. Merriam s
and breakfasted!. From 4 to 5 p. m. a
reception was held at the Ryan which
was largely attended by Republicans,
from all over the state. Gov. Merriam
presided over the mass meeting at the
Grand opera house, at which Mr. Iteed
deliverer! the address.
The theater was wicked to suffocation,
an overth.w meeting being bald at the
Newmarket hall, which waa presided
over by Hon. Horen Listoe.
Kxploeton mm the Monoagaheia.
PITTS nt-w», Pa., Oct. 29.—W. WL
Brown s tow boat Alex. Swift exploded
her boilers at 10 a. m. while steaming
up the Mouongahela river, opposite
Glenwissl. The crew, eight in number,
miraculously e*i sjxxl the shwk of the
explosion and SVVHIU to shore. The
Alex. Bwift wa one of the large-1 tow
lioats on the river, and was returning
from her first trip since she was com
pletely overhauled. The boat is a com*
^etc wreck* was valuetl at ab».»ut
Made the Mile tn ttia.
I BDEPKNt E I o w a O 2 9 e i o
Hamlin and Juatiua wer« driven a mile
in 2 lil--a quarter better than their time
of Friday. There was a strong wind
In the Northwest*
Barry Esterling, of Tront Oaak,
Mich., attempted to Uar«l au east-Vwund
freight trail! at Aitkin. Minn., and lost,
lm hold, lie fell between the cars and
several car# passed over his bead, nearly
severing it from the body.
Mrs, Rearick, who was arrested Sa^
urday at Wisnis^K'ket, S. D., chsrgedl
with poisouing her husl^nd, ma«ie
full conf» ssiou. She had a quarrel with
her husband and delil)erately put him
out of the way. After his death she
wept and now says nhe regrets the act.
She was maddened by the fact that her
late husband frequently twitted her on
her career before theii mat riage.
The Minneapolis Tribune of Tuesday
says For several days j»aat it has been
understood that (*en. H. Sibley had
beeu in a very critical condition. He
has rallied, however, and frequently
been able to converse with callers, or
enjoy a cigar in his library. Last eve
ning it was reported that he was very
low, and some fears were entertained aa
to whether he would live through the
Chief Left Hand Thunder and a belle
of ths Hioux natiou were united in mar
riage at Lower Brule agency by a white
clergyman. Representatives of van out
bands from all jH.jtioiis of the big reser
vation were present, and the feast given
after the ceremony was the grandest
thing of the kind ever indulged in
the noble red man. Left Hand Thun
der is wealthy and entertained bis via*
itors royally.
The Catholic section of Manitoba ta
again endeavoring to overthrow the uar
tional school act by applying to havetha
city school by-laws referring to collec
tion of taxes quashed. Arch bishop Tacha
in court made affidavit endeavoring to
show that separate schools were main
tained prior to Manitoba entering con
federation, in a setm public way, an#
claimed that national schools were d*
moralizing to the morals and spintuaft
welfare of children.
The committee appointad by the
county commissioners of forwent
county. North Dakota, to visit St Paid
aud Minneapolis to confer with the rail
road officials in regard to securing re
duced freight rates ou food and fuel for
the destitute in that county has re
turned. Its members succ«*eded in geth
tkig tbe Northern Pacific.Soo and GreaA
Northern lines to ship in fuel and fee#
at half rateu from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1%
The roads also agreed to ship in ten carg
each of freight free for thoso who arp
una! le pay any freight charges. Th#
Milwaukee road refused to grant an|r
Iu General.
The Irish uati nal league relief fun§
was increased by subscriptions Mondap
|46U, making the total $4jW9.
Plauft, cloak
WH Broadway, N. Y.. and proprietor, jg
the Hotel Vendome. has assigned.
In view of the large numis•? of ciass|»
ficatiou and re-appraisement cases pen£
ing Ix'fore the treasury department, s«x^
retary Windom has apjKJiutcd an auJ"
illiary board of appraiser* to aid in
disixjsing of the business.
A portion of the big malt house of (lift
George Weidemann Brewing company,
in Newjort. Ky., ^-a»- destroyed by tirA
together with several thousand busheU
of grain, entailing a ions of about $0,
WK'. Insurance u»t known.
At Warsaw. Ind.. Nelson B. Morris,
one of the most prominent men the
county, and a leading Republican, com
mitted suicide by blowing his brains out
with a revolver. For several years pailt
he had been afflicted with a ancer, anii
this, in addition to recent financial r*
verses, causal him to become despotic!"
ent and take his own life.
Pierrejx.nt Morgan's steam yachi
Ccnrsair. i^ ashore on the rocks neat
£hinn(« k Point, L. 1. She lies in a )s4
position, and it is feared tliat she will
go to jtie*e« unless the sea moderated.
The Corsair went ashore Saturday. Tlia
crew were assisted to land by the ma
from the life-saving station. The Cof»
sair is one of the finest iron steam yachji
iu America and cost her owner a small
fort anc.
has cable
Lieut Wyw at R.gota that dilBcultldi
are certain to attei.d the Panama canal
negotiations which will also be pr
PMI talon Stoeh Tarda*
Boiri-Ltfcifat, f3.ea3». mixed. «fflQ83L%
hea% y, 93.a^-i.ua.
C«U!f (exxl to cltolce fat natlv« «t«er^
f2JVt*4^.i 'li. tows, f]'*) MBnwn
T.^ at.a". II.UU^I «. milch row*
tt2.l0^2.i.tJU, TnnJ dtiviw. SO «nxrk«r*
|l.fi«typ .o» feedors, |2.UUitp -7,:, 'nui her
hhwiv Muttons, I3.80S4.0U r«jO'l«m,
a.a, UuuLm, mixed. |a.auoaJC.
KWMM City Live ateek.
C\stUs itocrm. oows.
•lockera sail feelers, tX.vt&.i l.V raage steer*
tl.BU0,2.S&. rauge I OWK, fl »*4tI 78.
Hugt. A!1 gr«ule», |U life bulk.
Khsep Lrfuiiltt. |3.autti* geod to ohoi4|
naaiUMm, etockera and feadscK
Hh««y N»tl*•-«, Westenui.
ASOI lamas. ift.uwtti.T5.
Ohlengo Jtrnt*.
Chi«(0 Life Steehi
Ba«a,—Rough sad common packer*
3,105 heavy iwwkt'rn, light,
pigs, t».
Wfcsat Cash, Octctm-. tVftc: tg
No. S Cora- s«li. Sir. Ik.'totMir, ii%r: Ns*
vemlau. H$4,
No. Oata—Caah, tfRi* Dniatw, flfe
aisscspoU* Ornish.
Wfcsatr-No i hard. OctoUer. Me en" Utuk,
W*. No. torthara, Octobsr,
vetuber. wtes Decumlter, Mc May. fi
track, use. No. S tiftirthem, Oc(tter .llcw Ma*
Sltlath ttraln.
Wheat—No. 1 hard eaeb. IQK OatdSh
tlx®. fi.uS, May #1 **. No 1
Narihvrii t-aah. tt«.Usr, Ieee^»
tosr,«SJ»ii. Ua. ti^H hwrtkeiru ca*(h

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