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Hit t».-. "*nari^ TintdWr^Wat
AB-5 .! u Ifer U«,-:'«»* IPVfk
ir*^^ iIUF
jf*c* t)K ialtftf.— IWii* «SS
S«BTI» B»OH*«*M-—and my W*
ggl COW we'H aa*tta at cUwal«*i rat*
A«d keep o*w kinr t»« of th# txat&rt
fta^ —tew' »»»rWi i» 'im«ii«l to
I vrjb in« hiliowtrjf. a«*f«nta( cKxi*—
Aftt htmwi taw* nin, aa tn a drwMi,
r».l U.rv*«j:i «..•• tb«m«««rou- f* -^*9
•witcii," I tMMkrd OM my
UMM'S• wrack! A*d«B»
buwtwxS jr*rd*
#h, Oo! H*w 111 rrw* t*t» AM
exirwnl U»Jt»n tr*K my I
yrt Um» tv*X *m f" b#hu»D
g|. titrt«i*h ifeM OiUty nidus* Mn^aC
J|T tM«vr) I know eot h*t-U
0it TT*t tripixxl on ni0»a«i euwl rrl^il
4b. There aim in My luUf' t«j K4IM
Oil utrhiiil AiMt oot ami! twtido
kwt, ot »a UmU ttvtog freii'M.
wbll* tl»# frumbiiair tmvslan hi*
o crowd th«- st»!kw» wSUi Um4t F**®
Bfr*. vwaettMMrt. trp a luti* tflr,
f-tt t-binili the sarimir th^y
m* la worxl»- th»: «luit par attain*
of fvrtt t« your BiuBP, *wwll
Ut«t poor clay in ireaay
rottM th* utrrtpher and th«
of yiHjr jMire heart Jive
JTO htm tba hungry deaUi thai spiad
fj|U(D« hiinaeif to iaap ao«4
ffait *U»T*H1. am) #TOP|IE«L UM» teste Ml
AM -x: iumt rhnjfpr (.• (mm dMkd—
wwp for bar who casaot I Sk«
ifc*' nn*rnm have wad
n ttmt bn«*fet jrou aae to nfif
-%arhM I^mmia te 8i lifclW.
F«rel(t Bufftn Hot Wa»(»d.
"iEv^ry man," ways aii Auioncao
"ha* got ft fcrte. iN wmu men's
to do MI© thing, and other m«n'*
forte to do »noth«'t wtoU) tiwre are
nran*mnF rTfatarea whose fort«
is to 1' nothing at all." The latter, with
hat a alight ju*yfir»tion, vrouM trem to
lw tim h»i-art*ri*t»- of Oiwjwwit* Pv«mi,
Budlk ag**l lh.'rma&, wsdicnig with
AH» sit irutfhe*, who ap|M»ml »t
QtriidhiiU jtohce court, Accn»t*«l of per»i«t
ratly Boliciting aim* from gentleman in
Brtwul street.
Pyem, it wm bmI, had not done ft
gtroke of work stskfts he had bwm in Eng
land. and few WM ftlwftjM to be found in
one or the other of the city thorough
fmtm iKcgjfinj The wily Merman denied
tl*f «oft inij-M-Jw'hro«it: h»* was not leg~
ging, ho ni-gwd. V*»t awlling mut^bpa Th«
tngwnity of thi« MMVprstlon wm m»de
ifef»t when the? polico officer sta!«d
fWt troe it w»« th*- prisoner had tlu«ft
iiirttch«s upon him, bat tlMEf
ail$rTMMu, Hir auiet
narked that match** were
PiM^t a cloak for bf^rjring
m4wrst»oii," the worthy
:^::-»«l. "that we cannot have
foreign \mggnxn coming over to this
,trv -o l»s." Th.in iK'ing the first
olfeaM i'yeui was diHcliar^ed, and he
kwt no time in hobbling ootof court. If
begging !h«rf! most be tlicure u no need
fee im|Kir' foreign mendicants—fjowftoa
HeetinjpK erf w«re inld ewesy
SftlanUy Wtwwn Nwnnbex and June.
All the members had to wear a eon of
oadfonn. nam^lv, a Wne coat »nd buff
waist cuiit, \Mtj- iiranti but torn tearing a
gridmtn and thm words "Beef and Lib
and also a nag itftvtng ius Haxne
device. E»ch c«»r,id introduce o:ie giit-nt,
exorpt oit |»artiular days, when m
oounts wert n^. tin- nj^iitn of
candidate* (laetMged ft»d other borinw
MUters gone into.
On© »id« of the ri-im was oconpit^l !jjr
•B enorrnoo» gridnon, through which
OM rould see «k in a white cap mid
bloom* otanding by a Are in* reatiineM
for actio®. The steakw were een-ed on
hot jiewter {jittttm, tugetlker with hpaniah
osjkwt, oschHlot# and baked iotat*a,
ftftd w«r»- wanhiHl dowii with jtort or
porter. The only nerond conreu j*»r
teltted waa toa«t^l checae. Tbb« -dw i
poeed of, the cloth was removed, the
cook collected the money in a plate, and
the reet of the evening was given up U
•Mfagr iwilry.—EngiiahXUmtnrted Maga
Osiniug it hr)iuUtlon with l^aae.
A Sooth Car«dina physician
—«i|y he iocatwt at Monrtora, bald "Itti
a Imt rate place for a doctor. If a man
te «ck all you have to do is to tell his
fHenda (no matter whether the affair is
seriotis or not,i to go
a prieat and have
hini confessed and |irejMirel for dtwtth.
If he dies they will say: 'What a good
doctor he is. lie knew he must die, and
•ofcad hisspiritual mtereetiiattendM tow*
If he recovers
will say: 'What
capable phyaician he mu*t be The m-ai
wa» tn the iaat extremity and preiwued
Car death, and he cured him. So either
a first rata place is which to
•diieve a medical re|»atat1«n.w—Medical
"Vltta|« BlMkiwItk,"
has made the discovery thai
original of Longff^llow's Village
BlackMiiath," who »tood under the
qireadiii^ chestnut tree and the ruu»clea
of whose brawny arms were strong as
iwu ban»ls, i» Henry Francis Moore, a
bhK-katnith still living at Meifford,
Mas#. The poet was often in Medford
pnvioiwi to writing the jxjens, and ^as
fo»d of chatting with Moom The
hla kHunth is now years of age, and
is himself of the opinion that Longfel
lorn )*a«! htnu in mmd when be wrote Ida
poem. —Exchungs.
Tourist By the vrtm, Mfa.
De Beauti. 1 have not seen yoor cftaria
iHi daughter since my re torn When I
left d,e had determined to aubmit ner
ftfst letvei to Th«. Hevghton Magasun*.
Has »hts been mv eeasfnl ti her
Mr* 1 e
litt. editor.—New YcalrWeelj^
l' Itegweslee Mb llias^i^
T& plWMWt rat?- for ttkgnipb mus
aife* *o Aeatrab* s» about |g a word.
Mbr think* that cau I* i^dttced
to ft a word. Frsqtxeut are.
«Mt, he says, coining £1,W'. and one
Vta sent a short tiaae agv by
tih»t oost $iG,Qi*i' —Odmgu timm
hi y J" ]t
V 4 i .- a e i .- A k $
hi', "tafikifcx"
tr «TT?^
m. -'X^ "a 3*....,"T fe -1 i AJ & 1-Jr r\S9tS
»wt»rr«tlen OwwHHtom mi ttmm ft
We off arid swi«:»re«l IP MM
in lu»re its we cmilil get. tte
plft.-.- mhnidiHl -for lb*- landtag jlao««. All
Wis now activity mi Uw*r*l. K» aoonet
mtrv *Pat anchor than a con|»l« oi bo«t»
Wisre di^»t he! for the l»ach, with ft
party of nu n and tho ovi-e»«ary Uwla
and iin|4ei:i(-ntA fur uae ou nho^v. On
board 1M|U nit-kin# op ft»«l paying
gmr wen Im&g w»ad« ready for nation,
thry bcjth playt^l their part in land
ing the shore end hitgocoila of rope and/
ft nuialM-r of '.x^lia.iwe-1 air bftlloooa wdt
th*»ir appwaratice from In-low.
These hallotius vvert- mdated with air
|o their foil dianicter of three or fonr
feet, wad the quaxter deck of the Dal
toatia began to u*»ume tho ap|iearance
of a giant's t«»y Khop. Meauwhile the
dbore ^mrty ha*i finuly atichaml to the
be«rh two largts "ajider nht-avex." or
rifcletoii iron pulleys Theee were placed
aouie two or three hundred yard* aj«*rt,
fbrmirig two angles of a [mrallelotrr&m,
of which the IHJW and stern sheavee oI
ship made the other two.
A rope wa« now carried from the stern
of the ahip to the shore, and, pacing
round both spider *heavr«, brought hack
to the ship and taken over the 1kW
•heave the picking up gear. The cable
was made faat to the rope and jianl out
•lowly over the item, the picking up
gaar meanwhile heaving in on the other
and of the ir»pe, and ao liatding the cable
gradual !y aahorc Tlie rojie was wound
fonr or five timea round the big drum of
the picking up gear, steam was turned
on, and the druin. rumbling and rever
berating, hauled the rtipe in. Aft the
cable wax wound four or ftve time#
nmnd the paying oat dram, also revolved
by Rteam in order to ease the strain,
which, with about a wile of rope out 1*
i twmi the ship's stern and Lier t»i*, i*
MMBfthing eonsiderftW**.
Ah the cable leavfsn the alas thenimm
d' etn of the air balloon- ^ntnr»s ap
pMS-nt At intervals of «lout fifteen o:
a*teen yardn one is securely lathed to
Oi® cable, and in tliis way the cable is
floated from the ship to the shore, and
not dragged along the bottom to run the
riak Iwn^ damaged by rocka. An
other .elvantage is that, if the cable is
gagged by a croae current or tide, it can
readily be straightened by Mtoppm^ the
paying out and heaving iu at Uw Uu*
—Herbert Laws Webb iu ScribMr**.
Ir. Tal««t*'* riral 1'alr of l«o«U.
1 have 64.H U many days of joy, but 1
feamemlfer no such exhilaration aa tbit
which 1 felt whan 1 motmled my first
I P**1 of bootH.
To iippreciute xucli an era in life one
oewb to be brought up in the country.
Bora in town ««n« to this cn*i* t«»foro
ttey can aipret ia?« the h^ghtaad depth
of curb an acquisition.
I felt that robttBt gchtwTboys csould no
longer strike me across -u
when *. nat are yon lo«»k-
Nay, the time wae jw«i wiien
««tw than any pebble insult ctiuhl
hftpiM'u. and that was for anybody to
chuck dm atMier the dUu and call me
I do ncrt think there i» any law, tinman
or divine, demanding that a boy should
•uhmit to th» «-ch i,l bull} I vem«tn)*er
with what deep satisfaction, after tin
Johnson hatl knx*k»*«l my hat In the mud
and *]«it in lay face and tor© my new
coat, I felt called upon to vipdicate the
majesty of ruy new loot*. That, how
ever, wm before I had *nv id€» of lie
coming a nani«ter.—Dr. in New
York Journal.
i A IMH la
I fteaie years a blind boy r««ilHog in
Chicago construe ten! a mmiatnre honse
imtide an ordinary four ounce medicine
bottle. The building was made up of
forty piece*
WIKMI, all neatly fitted
and glued together. It would have
puzxled a man with two goodeyt« to put
the pieces in the l»ottle without the task
of [rutting thein together. A* wonder
fnl as the above may «iu it is only a
part of he remarkable achievements .f
this sightless lad.
After completing the hooae to hie aatis
fru-tion he M-t about fastening f^p rnrk
in the bottle, but how he accomplished
the' Btart-btt* feat' htti?
mystery. Inside the bottle below tlie
neck n small wooden peg was driven
through the cork, which extended far
enough on each hid«« of the stopper to
prevent it being removed from the bot
tle The boy ia ntiable to explain the
astoniotiiuK niei-e of iiigeniommeaa. —St
liOUltt ileputuic.
Was** ClaSissU TaaeiHMe
A piincijwl of a district sdhi«rf|fet»
fi.iNMt salaiy an intermwhate principal,
the high school prnu i|ial»,
and the superintendent, The.je
is but one man in the city getting as low
as #750. The superintendents of music
sod drawing git each #2,100, and the
principal of tlie normal #£.0QGv or #10
l*r da
The average daily wages of the teach
ers i» #1.18, or #t&@ per year. They teach
six hours per day, and get from t& cents
an hour np to p.50. In other word*,
same of the principals make more money
iu one lumr than many worknlgineit do
in two days.—t 'lncsnnati Tinier Mai
II says ii Crews. *.
Wsfli' fMffwl static!*-, w f!te 9&ttrr>
Island railroad, there iu a peculiar piece
erf w«xslland, a spot wtiere the roots of
tfe trees all attach themselves to the
trunk* at from four to six feet alove the
level oC the ground, giving to the stnmjis
an odd, spidery appearance. The soil erf,
the vicinity is very porous, which lend#
weight the opinion thai the l«nyan
like grove has lwen fortael by the Action
y?t and water.- St I' tul HcpiiLUc.
tMWspm Iky Waefthsevy.
waehrne for Hearting the
ips ha*) Ivcai
WocubweiJ t-ol!i«r
ies st 1 ism*ley It. is driven by a belt
and pollev, and the two bn»li«« seen at
the tnd of a shaft have n reciprocatiftg
motion. Twt« other brnsUtw have a cir
cular motkm, and are inteudwd t«» su *ep
the ends of the gauze and variyoa paMBl
of tfes laaa^. —York Jcmro^I
ffruze of minor*' safety lamps
|§troducel into th
r% s^
'V" ',' £Mi* '*r -y -v u
Twmm* IMMK AffSei
ABwrinriii Th».t An M»ai laSstast
tag r«*(«r»t *t#a»*rta by s Osih*
Wise Sails M*« of Tkeas Anaaalljr.
•Of all the carious ob$eet« for p«4fc"
said the enno man, "I than--- that the
horne«l toad will take the paini."
'Are they popniat aa 4ouieatio ft«i
Bial»:* (4«ked the oae to whom this
D?ark wiw fter***\.
"1 gness you'd think so if vou knew
how many we sell the eonnse of the
year to say nothing of all th se that axe
ctught on th«} spot and caarrie 1 home in
triumph by those who ncy such
•Who does?* adtod tha reporter.
Well, cWldren are very fond of than.
They seem tc think that itV no end of
fan to see them ran acoan oat fliea,
and barrow theeu»elve« de«p te the
'How are they !reati*d wh« n ia jp
"Pretty modi as i/m treat than, 1
•upiKme. Yon can sm fbr yoir-self," safd
the curio man, leading the -vav to one
tide *f his crowded store.
great, round, deep glass tan
a doaen or more of the ftsnn
lows sprawled out ape*
main, hie seemed Mlsep,
wen) moving with WOW or
here in a
were half
little fel
sandy do
he others
degree of
Cne was tryiog to nrnHBtai- elef»tiOB
furnished by the htMdt of ft coBBPade,
and having attaint)# that leight the
rogue balanced hbMjK ii| i his hind
legs and trietl to (pWb ui tl»e glassy
tides of the tank, Ml In this he was
cot succ«»fttl, and ftfltl alipp ng Vack a
loost discoaraginf number tim«i he
gave it up as a bad jots. Two others
•eemed to tie aasmmng ft be! igemit at
titude tn which. Tfc iwair«! ncecalled
the attention of hi editor.
THJfV in
"Do you see that/' said he "Bait of
those fellows are ihe great st fighters
imaginable They take a ds«: ke t»» eacit
Other, and never rest ittUi they hav#
fought it out to the deaA. The old one
there is especially viciooa.
"These horned toads are to be found
In «iiuly wastes, i»ve heard of their
caught out s the Mission, but of
$int 1 can't sjwak }. *itsHely These here
BHjr from Ari8oiu». although we have
fecinvfcl then, rm oiuch ne-irer home
At Hwliands the boys ca'ch ever sm)
tnany. and the I'hi'seee eat tham. They
just skin off that coat of mail and eat
the inside. Besides, they highly prise
the oil. which is ontaiaad to ft little
leuch somewhere within tise attfttomy
of a horned toad.
TUJ «M»« -itu^wl as by ex
press in boxm. soiuetixxtea many as
or mom in ?ha mme i**c. awl by
the time ttey aft# from their
confinement they are aii woussd togeth
er. until they took like a WfHdhlng. ml
lusted mass of wriggling legs and
t^uiriamg tauk.
"As soon as they seem to oossider it a
safe thing to do they unlock tJtair ravel
iug grip and legiu to look abwat. Then
i sell them. They bnn. from four to
HJt bits. "Bow long do they Mire?' Oh,
I don't know. 1 have known them to
live three or six months in perfect
health, and with every «pect of con
timmig in that state, when the}- were
brought to an untimel e»d by lieint'
*tepjied on. If there is Hong »hovt.
another that a horned tea'! e®mot *|iu.k!
li N being stepfw^l •». (t. s*eefl|»to
him ont, as it were."
"Aren't von becoming cryjheetitwy*"'*
aaked the reporter.
"Not at all th.4 tethcus#! fhtocif ft
pet hornetl tua*.]. Yon the^ ar%
great travelers r.ml like t" k^p ru i .Jiing
ftbont 'Nearly everybody #fho ha
horntnl toad thinks it i~ so^cnte to «*o
him try to climb np out ..f lafe box, an
the first thing you kn w has cue
cwded in getting out of hi*box a®d i*
running about on his own ho#k.n
"Qtt tliey be tamed? i b. they seem to
ItTott ©no humae liein^ aoow aaotherf
were tho next qne^tiou*
"Thos^. who 1 uy them m^ntain that
they do. W- I aok) on« to ft lady who
lived at tho i .v. hotel. a$d she al
lowed him the freecioi. her gportnients
when she went out, and -nr tx^d me that
on her return he woald run tf oietrt her.
|\o matter where he had hidd§» hlniself.
lie was tinally st«pp««l on. /.not her, a
dear old lady, said thai her ^lamichil
dren made fan of her, and dM#HNKl she
thought tlie horned toad soaE^i^bed his
toes on the flot»r in resjic-n^e to her chtr
*mp. but fhe said lie r»*nlly did not go
quite so far an that, although hi ws«
•ery knowing
'What do they live cm? #||, on IUM
and insect.- have%nowu ftt^BbQKi&gb,
to go for n month witr -t eittaig any
thing Tlitre is this tiiut be re
luembered if yon wish to kt^yotu toad
ftlive- 'give hiu. plenty of sua," The best
hoole for him is a fish glob»" ®B«d with
ft de»p bed of nice clean sand, Set this
In the sun, and throw to M«I live ftie*
now and then, and Mr. Toad thrive
If he wants the flies i
-t* u
ftnd devour theet |U« k. ihfttl a wiak.
If h* doesn't do so you may )G|HVW lt*» be
canf»« he'* not hitngry
'•Aral r*not forjf* itlier to tell
yen c-.e' v'n?« they are j». rfeeHf h««»'
lena 'v v -. thetusidve- mto'tOWring
Htg' !t them e
gf v i
t^h* tkekkni
tfc. Jjnck
i he will )»-nd i|«iy down
e-'j4, to ymu
".i Kmat 4n*tnttmr?
o 1^. cownty farmer sent this
a Chantite imrv.bmt:
e.id i.»» a '•ack of flortr. five (Kmrids erf
cofe and oae p*nanl 'of tee. wife
gave Wrtfi a big l*by boy Imt Wight,
alsw five pounds of com Ktaruh»a screw
dntei iind a fly trap, it weBii tm
^und» ^a*
FetiksUkie Ktery
J. W/'/ r~:'^-^y??***j%::-yz:^.'1 '.
H«» Wife 0«arrst«t
The fpwKter's cabin hat! grown to
prrfedte^r«portim. daring the forty
years he had occupied it, The old sua
remamed unhanded exreyt for tha e
of p^aeiiig yearn Tne crowd •'.
iWEg jjNMpie that had cjU«cted at luu.
I^oas to spoitl the afternoon pressed
him to teli thean a story of his early Mfti
In that region.
After a little hesitation he began
"Leuune see, hit's jist forty fo* year ergo
at me an' mer wife wtw main! an'
movwl ter this country fur ter set up fer
onrse'fs.. We had er log cabin with on'y
one room, an' er ahed fur ther stawk. 1
worked powerful hard er clearin' av
ianv aa' er makin er crap at ther aame
time. Wife aller* fetch^l mer dinnei
ter ine, aci' slie staid in ther liel' with
me mo'n half her time. We WTTL ha^py.
cz happy e* ef we wm rich,
"Otoe mawnin' we had er f«a. I die
n meiid*! whut hit wms erboot, bat I
wenterwav mad an' lef her cry^a'. At
dinner time she nuyer come. I 'lowetl
ter myse'f 'at she was n»a*l, an's* I, 'Let
her stay mad ef she want* ter.' Bimeby
I gits so hungry 'at 1 started for ther
house jist er bilin'. Wen 1 got thar
ver tiling win thar *o» ptin' mer wife
Thar was mer dinner ready fur ter
take ter me, bat wife wosn* thar nor
thererbonts. I gits sheered an* 1
her, but no answer.
"Fine ly I weed ther dawg
He axed me fur ter foller him plain ex
talk an' I done lfit. He sot off fur ther
creek an' me er follerin'. Party st*on we
corned ter ther creek an* lie rosined down
ther bank an' me arter him. Nex* I
beared him bark, 'Yere she is,' jist ei
plain I irnnned whar he wui an' thar
waa wife er lay in' on ther groan pale
an' white et er ghoe*. She smiletl whenj
she seed me an' a»y, 'I'm to glad yer
"Then she plnted ter er grapevine foil
er grapes what was cm er dead tree, an',
she say s" she, i wu* er tryin' far ter git
yer them grapes fur yer diniier fur ter„
git yer in er good hamor with me, Er
lim' Ixrokc an' I fell. Yer ain't load at
tu* now, air yer I felt like kiHin' mer
fool ae'f far ever hein' mad at lier
"Hit don't matter whnt tol' hertiMa.
I toted her ter ther IIOONP. an' nmwed hrr.
twell .'.he got well. 1 wouldn" let nobod)
do nuihin' fur her but me. an" she 'p*?ared*(
like ahe nnver want«?«l no one to. "Well,
arter er while she got well, an' we w».»
happy argin. That wax ther on'y fus*
we ever had. Hence then ef one shows
sign* jrittin' mad ther yrther
'gn^ies,* an' hit stops thar."—•Qfcieftjfo
^pecval Ptw» Bnreau
Thr Bctara to U»e I t|
J, Madi^ u street cigar mm. is iiiiiW*
Ifvl^r the statement that th(^ better ffjuw,
of staolwr- is retnaJ-.,.- ti tho pipe fo»
comfv i-t his i» not tmly si* wii by tlh^
dtn«}Mia fw -:»«ch go««is, bsv tii« Wwv-iy
eltu« tha i*m being gottwi out i»y i^rem-h'
factories well .«. ihuso in Anwriut.
"Thwre k no ttftft of an Ametftoai ahut
tiog to eyto it. The Preu^li still lead
in everything that is isovc-2 n-v\ irtisti
and we follow. Here is a French nov
elty iu the jiprj line' It i* a leatl rcaM-.
It contstK' fvttr tYenoh wweet brirur
pipaa. Y« *e*: thu variety of st»5u»« and
mouthpie^ It rMAiads you laaybe
of a fine filing ackh\ Yon can have
y )ur tn long or short. Yon can have
them atraight or enwdwd. The artistic
smoker doeea't confli*e himself to one
'lie takea one of these, for instance,
and smoke* it oae evening with a long
sieiii. He takes another the next even*
iag with short stem, and so on. YOB
too, that by a carious sr-
r-'oigement these stenn are so conatmct
ei that it i» im{xsB*ible for the smallest
pfirtlcln of uicottnu to n ach the lij» o#
'he wnoker The outfit I show you coet*
tat. Then there are others that contaia
fewer pipes, and some contain but one
wi:h different stems."—Quoago Tribune.
A Cftaaalcal Laag.
Mflkma jca] lung" it the
propose*! for the ventilation of tunnels
It was lately testwl in London by four
te*m scientUts. A room 15 by tft wafl
kept for an hoar at a temperature of 8sJ
digs., and the air v,,%a i.iude.T wi0»
impuritiefe The men of science wen*
now calleil upon to enter, and the air
was made still more Impure by burning
Fulphur and carbonic add gas. Then
the "chemical Innur.'' or punkah, ao
called, tneasoring 4 by F.#, WM art is
The temperature waa ao«R rednced to
dept., and the air freed from all
iittp«J'-'i''ie. Then fat was burned, to
teet the machine for organic subat.-uices,
and the "lung" was started up just in
tlxno to prevmit the examining gentle
men from running out for fr*«h air. It
hi proposed to oae the invention during
the construction of the ohaaaal tasMli
Philadelphia Beoord.
OMal (i«a«ral« wait Xowapapar Matt.
Joe Howard aays that (Jen, Sherman
wai largely ^SPONSIBLE for the feelftm
that bt#ti»«(l for a long while in the
army again*.t newspa{ier correspondents.
(Jen. .McOellan alwaj welcomed them
Borland* was as gallant and courtly a
mah in his tent aa in his home in Wash
tiigfott, M'-ade. although a strict dis
ciplinarian. tinderst*d and recogtuze*!
to the hum the dutief of other men uie
der discipitoa. Otwnt for a long tirao
was averse to entertaining cr)rre«|Mind
ants, but hat rare common mum t:ame t.»
'bm reln-f, and under ja-oper, legitimate
and :»b-nlulely w*dcr.m r*trictioi» cor
naponderits found themselves always at
toiM where (Ixaat was in command,,
Ben Bntler was a eery prince of hoate.
Trutii 1« lShan,t«».r.
The infislligent comjKxabir ia sowe
tiomm wiser timij he know»t and that waa
the case when recently in getting np a
list of }persons whee claims agaioat the
Hty l-ieets allowttd by the V^aprd of
sapervi«an» he sruwMteted a k ft.ir an 1
M«sd jr« the hk.i witli the statement
that 'the foHowHtp Wlks w* re ortlered
paii" CJood bteas th-'« intelligent o«in
pwsii jr! Be has iiad heart, but hi»
Land to tree. Bftn Francisco Examiner,
#jr $&.
C.a» w
i '5
tn» fca*
,|riw #W as TO #r
_t y* ,•• if
"f .« *'f
,.,t"& %»j..#.*- v
A ,*. j', i .%#
W. SMITH, PwsaWent 1ALY, V#.4.1»0W, OiiMtf
Cijiiseiis Ji^tioriql Bgr|M-
Capital 150,000, Burping
Nflflhwestern Loan and Banknig
Madison, South Dakota.
Makee a sjHvialty of first mortgage and real estate 1mm. B«jf|
cotmtv and school bonds and other a«*r«rities.
^iiadelphia Pinaneo Cte,» Philad«ip)ii*, F«BB^
National Bank
BAKKtXV, Ol.tiECTtl?*"*. ie
I'real (instil
A. M^caAT. L. 11. Kk*»B,
VicePwitdeat. caafci«r
Capital a Sarpla, $61,000.
fmrfiff** M*»4t Ki#«tn%m0* aeiiffti
W/«WieM a
fjr-A c»s»j»vt«ut lor eon»taatty
tu att*s4 to rjo&iKtioM HJ »arro«n4tBii «MM*Uy
os asa}
its) Me.
OS*m*ea! ?i«Utio*i Hank, 7«a» Vsfi. Fira* Ns
t%)l* Itattoiiai
Use a! Bank f't»fa»r:
•ask. Sl»«x falia. H«wi
IfcCormick &, Hewlett's
!.» BBS
ORAT wmsymm»
Chicago, III,
Falls National Hank. Sioux Falls, 3.
dlty Shoeing SKbp
BisiMst Irsnsactetir
Wffl ntefteV"^i aii} pari of the OM World, and selt 'ti^ets to aad hnwa
principal Enro^nn (Kirts on any of the leading lines of steamboats.
ColieotMae aids aad sadauBtlv
Fiiai Hataoaal fiaak, (Hncago Chase Natioaal Htw Tc
Minnehaha Katkmal Bank^ioux Fslte
CMAft S KBNNHDT, Fm S. H. OLAPT, Vto ttm
Tha Largastr
i The Best
Most Complete
Eundert & FitzgeraliTs.
OHN HUSS. Proprietor.
•OKMC aaoKiaii.
Ahe, WKolawala
and detail
Cigar Store#
and Trotting Horaee
dii»ase«i feet cureti
Bakers, Fruiterers and Confecuoners.
linkers of Ui Olobmled HEJJI B® AIK
Mrred day or eraniag.
«Oiit*afiirri»liaBIV Me.
it v
Lunch Cssalsr,
Iff ream Parlor,
CAT* Bi.lt lABKKt.
and Cured Meat*. Fislt, Few!
and Uiuue in msmpu.
Ward I Vrettend,
Maat Markat.
OLD P. 0.
Sei^s seawawUy ea



At HfBl.hlb IMBAP
DeUvcrwi to^aj pNtt«t
the cltj
88om 4 H-C MIT€MEL|iJ
2lh .:t

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