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AH«t TMrty Tfceee
fl*re Been Lost la the
unnnfwra OT IS ahthT Ttgsri
Experience Told toy III© Survivors
nf fee Wreck.
U*i»t aoowwit of the eollbiou he
twern that i learner and the
#thrs* n%m fomeltoii Hwrgraveo
Wi®4 Dr. Kico «wd: "EverytSiing
w«» working meely. The weather vrm
0* moon and fh«*
m» «ajf* wws-Hth. It- wa» iUH-iu n o'elook
whet. I \~ft* on de^k and tonk few
tiirii* liat k *»?d f«»rth while »nw»ki% mi
after diun« eij«iett. I d»d siot see
am xec*ei near w The »hii wa» in
cimi^v of the tira* rtffloer, who waa on
the bridge, i wens .'.own to tlie ?a!o«,n
then, Mid there met Mrs. "atvo. We
aal down and i»ega« talking. Suddenly
I heard the gung in the engine room
ring tie "stop" wgnal. Ilefore 1 t-onld
cvfii wonder what it waa for, there
came an awfnl »hoek, a crashing sound
on the deck over our heads and th«
steamer roilel well over on her port
aide Every body in the *aloon wa#
thrown down. All was excitement:
tttteir, women and children shrieking
fcr help, froni what tiny disi not know.
Mr*. Caivo neized mv handa at*d
m« find and save her bov, I told lier
w& ukl. 1- ^l»rte«l up to the deck to
tuid him. Whan 1 got out of tit*
pan ton way
A TerH^fa Nm Me* BVy llyaa.
The Indge, d«t*k houae and forerigging
ware all 1
orn away there was a great
gaah Hi the starhojird *ide abaft the
coal bunker#, and through thi» ojmning
the water was jour»ig in (1o«e by. on
i ur »tartx»«rtl Warn wa* a l)ig four
luaf'ed tichooner. Iter twwsprit and fore
rigging GOII»*. and her !H»W utove in.
#Hfaftl*jtvftil nt a'CMaf
Nlftit In Im (Md Wuitr.
Nrw YORK. NOV. St.-From Dr. Kioo,
a paaaengxn on the ill-fated Vi«ccaya,
the only |«aaa0Ufer who «us ^aved, tha
wa* fllS.iig raj idly. Mew were
•nttrrmtir h'rt** -all- uuex »iux
ttckfe ^l.onung s»U kuuln of orders, and
I can remeinVjer seeing the crew t»f the
*ohooner doing the same thing on their
V«as*?l The next thing I knew the
water wax making over our deek« The
*t#ai.ier wai fmMl sinking. With a wild
idea of aaving ouraelveM. *»veral of the
crew and mymlf aerambled up the port
forerigging Down, down went the
#teai:i«r. »ujd up we dim bad. W©
raaclu-d the fore-gallant yard and jnat
*li«. the hull re«chel the Ijottom.
Laft Ua iu»t »ul Water
3r. i -1i~-
8txtj eight Persons Yet Mining K«*t
of Hbo» Are ladonbtedlj
Yf- V«
K*w- YORK, NOV. S,~Thew WIM
rumor flo»tug about Wall tat tbe
Dei^toriioai of tlw offi*c*s ot J. M.
C«br«Jl«* 8c Co., tb« Cotnjmnia
Tr»n»«-AtlHnt»t* E«pa»ola, timt twenty
more had txNgn reacoed frcmi
tim wrrc-kt»d »t«*sa.er Vucav*. botiutl
out f«»r liavana Tbe men in th«« coin
pan v» ofifc*. h(twvec, waoltl nfitber'
afHriJ uor deny the rnujor They were
at wt#k ujkh* a «t*U«a^nt. the) «*id,
a&d until if wu i»nu»«t! thf^* would have
nothing to any. A.# far can W ain-«r
tainKl tb# followiut( i» th« rac«rd of tlm
4imtJ'ter: Total cm both vwi», JOtf.
resti«#d, 41: total Uwin tip to pruw»nt
wntiug, Thi following wan givea
Hi* by (Vi«alkiK & Co. mr agent at ing for other Kurvivora and imaily.
I wm, Delaware breakwater, tele
grapha that, eight, ui.-n of the wr«H*k®d
vtacaya were landed s here ami are now
at th« H#«-«aving We have
wtrwl ham to wmi names anl detail#
and to give them every attention ut-ce*
imu-}. We will arrange to havw tliem
come oti to New York aa f:xm «i possi
ble It rejwrted that the (»t*dy of
woman ban V»ern louml at the iavmk
water and that if i* aupf»c»ed to b© tUt
of the utewarde** of the schfone».
bia%•Vf.v large iwell would wet our
b*ff* Home of our crew hail triad to
the w hootier, but &he had sunk
»imo«t h*d the Vizeaya
%r aa we could «e«, not *a soul
^vea wnMii oigbt. All through
ion* lM,t •,lnnf to that yard.
wm'i aa*t at!f?«r a* mch houi"
but our«k
IJ. waul daybreak a cold fog
tteKSNKI OU tta *lif! matter® worse
When one of
ha thought he
Theri a boat mad* ^^|)|^ran«- and
», wei- taken on \hf H»miM,ld^
W« could not
It W«o th» C.'oirnwH*
ootlklad wtth the isieamw *f?
i&rttagat. both v«s«»el* wui.
of water. Ten men the
Hargreare and ^v«i from the um/*
warapicked up by the seh -onor Barah
la. «tnd wtr. tranrned to the
Harrub-*' The latter'^t-oi^-'ded /or the
WS'fck to render aafistam but at mid
ttight met th« tug liatt'ei which h»«l
been to the scene-aud found loth vpaael»
sunk ai»d all hand* ^••nc Hh j4i.-Mel
Hp the laxl of a woman supposed to
h*v been the etewai.b •»-. The Mii viv
Oto r^|n-.rf that nearly so1' |je»pie were
tin git.g to the wreck at one liuie. The
•cb.xmer Ha rgreave i'oal If*Jen
f*oa» La waa to FaK Hiver Maaa.
At Fre#»o, "tJaL «a l-h SaiUuan,
hp niuti Ti:eatri«'ti Mnnuger Flke waa
!«. mA guilty ot u.nrdei in tfce tirat da
mvt) ^at«ft(a^ night a*id ««n»teu*ea to
,^r^ ••. V'" •, r,, •.wf" "," f?
W-f* -v
in tlw icy water. su^tHiue*! only bf
plank." »cm1 »th«»r \\rw:k&gv, uud who
weri.' aliuoBt dea«i from fXTXfSurt- Th®
story told by Walker i» fully t.«rrihl§
aa that told by the mtttx wliu haiig th»
livelong olffht like «i*ctrew to the iw»v*
ing *hnmd«. Wlit",' hts v»-«jel weal
down, h* «aid, he grahliwl heavy
plank and hnoi on to it for dear liftj,
Sixteen oth* men werw hunting to tli§
«me plank. One by ont» they grow
faint and numb, rtlii qo *hed their oolA
Om by Ou« fin linnn.
Hob» sent me«ia#«* to th#ir familMw in
wan aionp on thf plniik with help in
sight. He felt that hn could uot bear up
much longer and unsigned hna» lf to
dk\ hat #uddenly heard a (••hoot, whieh
he wa» too weak to Rtrnwor, felt liimwlf
oickel np, knew that he wat» safe and
fainted away. It van 7 o'clock whett
the pilot boat picked him up and th«
otlier* who had liv«d through that aw
ful iiixht, and who like him. wer*- drift
ing abnt on wrwkaff*. Capt Allen,
the engineer and cook, W aliter naul. had
taken the loat and pullwl Hwuy. leav
ing evt*r UHIV 1«M- on ?onrd. Tlu- pilot
Ijoat rrtii»ed abont i»everai hours look-
when all
Flee M*r« ItmHti,
N*w \%m, Kov. Mean*. J. M.
CehaHofs & Co. received a disjmtch from
baregal stating th^t live re of the
crew of the sunken steamship Xiwuyn
had been rew tied from' lie floating
wreckage. It in tin night that till ether
Murvivor-« may have iieen ea*t
Mow Bar«|pJ. "v
Atttjr-PMr BMINMM riruM la an llllaoi*
Unrn*d Oal-tot*
PKOBtA, Bk.!*Kov. 3. —Fire started at
•*J0 o'clock p. m. in Akock'» livery
stable at Chilli* othe, 111a., eighteen
milea diatanl. and apraad with great
rapidity, horning all along Maine street
and throughout the buainees, portion of
the tity. The Peoria hie company ar
rived at the little city abont 1.15 a. m..
did good wyrk.iu keeling tbc lire from
spreading and in eventually suppressing
it entirely At noon it was estimated
that the
Emm i« aieo.ooo..
Following ia a partial liat of ite boai
ueaa hou*ea deatroyt-d Alctxk Broa.'
liveiy- twte»t- (4i»nfl -Army- hall, two.
barber «hop», Mary "arr« millinery
store. Jack Btorrtx' tailor Khop, Fretler
ieh'» butcher ahop. Ltaughertv k aalc^n,
King Uirnt saloon. William 8t* rn»'
wagon hlu^p. Jdi)iei'» cottage hotel, N.
il. miley'ik furniture store. Wolf Broe.'
saloon, (rvmgv l\ Hughes" farm on ele
ment store Dan Kelly grocery «tore.
I', 1* Matthews dry good* store, Kliaa
Knt/V harness shop. Moone\ & M*xney i
grocery atore, Kt«-harl H^flw*' sah*iii,
Waiter s ahoe *tore, t.'harl«^ MaUhiaw'
barl»er shoo. Fred Smith's bttkery. Mary
Boogw* millinery store, poetoffiice and
contenta, Mtnjney &• Scarry' rei--t.-uirant
Nelson Brof*. billiartl hall, Kobe I tiger
noli miioii, William Krenz restau
rant (.'arter ite Beel**"* butcher shop, E,
Biddlecoria's re»idcuce, Eli MitchellV
jewt lry store, D. 1* hmith'» shoe shop,
Jiii#. U. Do fertile dry goudsalur^
Aaiaataad iyaa
hv w. all hh lo" 5oud as mar
»amted. ronditum
-Hie t«g tis i
*vtathut it wa*
LEWEJS, Dt-l Nov, 1.
oohM haa arrived and rap
the achci m«r t.Vimehw Ha
e which
CrtARI.uTTK, K. r.. Kov. 3 -f^apt.
J. C. Mills, of Burke county, wa* mur
4^rtusly aaaaultel at a ioliUcU gather
ing DyartaviiJe. Mcliowell county, a
few days ago. While E. S. McCall waa
apeaksug. Capt. Mill* asked him aome
quastiona which McCali refused to an
awer._ Mr, Miik mxn after left, the
ineetio^ and v. ulstd to the store ot Ed
Laughrig. Wluie here he waa attacked
by it man uamed Yftrboro, e*-D*'pnty
1 tided State* .M ii -hal Patt*«i and three
others fie vva»* felled to the ground.
and when down Patton juviqw on him
with a kmfc» and cut at hi* tin out. mak
tng n «ba»»tly wound just l»lo%v the ear,
JNUilto badly hurt, and tmm ittv rn'iT"
^^«i4 for hi# recovery.
V-wglM-a* W »Hf» t« rhimto.
Moy, d. A report ha?s U-r'u
circulated based on statements in
uitche^ r. "*m Auo'iiea that the Brit
i«h foreign ofti made overtures in
n-g^.l't- lirhrit. li«t «he foreign)
office offi' i,.!-- deny -\nuui**\t It, t*
iindeito.b iwever ti»"C,^h it is not
..fti.-udlv that ^-JJVbuid in HWiUf i
mg the action the jfti/ern .o, govern
ment iu th»* pr'-|v^ition
that in thetueouUtm:
!m» llritnh VMHala «r»
j*--\ ^*r' ,•* .. ai
ItsUen and t»w M«t« «f
Vtatfiftm« ri«lL«t) l'i a **ltot-lwwt.
QVAHA VTISE. StHt-fi Inland. Nov. !.
Th« pilot lx»at Charlt^ H. Marshall wai
off Barii^at light at 8 o'clock Fridajp
morning. jiMtt in time t* m\*s th«- liv^p
of six ^pHtiinh sailors from th* wrecke#
atoauivhtp Yixeaya, and 8wx»»l Mat#
Aogwp Walker, of the sefcoouer (.'onif*.
Jin* Hurgrave, wh hni tio it«Mi all nigiii
W hen day l|ght came he
hop? wat* gone,, set «ail i the
Life tovl»f Qmri PaMltNi lb*
Wrwcklug Ittcaroxn at Work mt lit*
Poixr VtMABAXt, H. J.*
.^rl'itmte and
...Id veili nee
prot^-Vd frora
rrew* of the rarloroi ftfe-mring stations
along the ciiMt are ccii.-tuntlv patrolling
the beach, but so far have l**en unable
to diacover any more bodies that n*ay
have been wa»hcd aehort^ fnnai the two
Busnken veKselr« The spai* of the V
caya can 1*? plainly seen fnan the ahore.
A wrecking steamer i- lying along*id»
the »r*x:k- and there ,«eem» to be little
doubt but that thel«xliefi that wen* car
ried down in the eabirm and stock holwe
of the vfwieli will not be recovered till
the v«»acds are raised. The steamer In
dnectlv the line of ocean travel, and
k a xirfftgerous obstruction. She tiaa
alx'Wt ten tniles from shore, and the
welnxner, though full of water, still
tkat#, and drifu-«l duriag tfeta aj^on
Mderably to lb# «*t#twarJ.
nilww» nni'itiii ii maiiWiWn •m*!'»
Mrteitf# «f A Pr»wl««»t rw»yHnti
BmIwnm Man Britif 0»t DeUib
ei a Sftnaatioi.,
Md the iiailtf Fair Heriewliipt»el
Ijrtti Irate Will.
iMdol Shot Kniit the Tragedy- Hor
Ion hie Crime af aa Akron,
X*. I,
thw (1K)r su1
Wi" UMW *mall Cowtilil*
and oaed it with a vengeance on the
pair. The aasailed woman fled for
safety. The r.,uluuod«d husband knelt
and imjiloiwl hia wife to save him from
further .i by returning home at
ome. piumiaing to return and explain
everything to her satisfaction. She
went home and in the evening he ap
peared U'fore his fiimilv. Hia two
daughters, Orace and Ellen, aged re
spectively Jo and 17 yearn, hrft tbe room
where their mother waa he entend.
Irwin» teid In* wife he wa ntt well
enough to discur-s the matter then, but
would do »o iu the tuoruiMg. Tim hi*
went to hin room, and
Th« Horrible
haa already been told, irwum left a
touching letter, wherein he confessed
hi« wrong-doing, and justified hi* wife
in the course «he bad taken, lie *aid
that be had allowed bimnelf to fall un
der the tlominatkm of the woman at tbe
cottag»-, lie I tad rente^l and uouniHtned
the cottage for her. ami hal visitMl her.
at the tiiiie of the ileno iiment of hia evii
romance, to pay hei $."»uo that ishe had
Oemauded. "The .tf-rt-r aiMrhtiited: That
the suicide was tinancially ruine*l. It i«
rtatei that Irwm- wa- not in debt la
vond heavy mortgagie« on ail hi
erty excepting hia family btimm.
waa ft4 years old.
linin|« mm
id Uw»e«mttUbi« Crtu« mi aa
Akrota, H. 1'.. Otrl.
Bvwwjjup, H. Y., Nov. 8,-A book
ing tragedy occorretl at JUcron, twenty
forir milea east of this city.abuutH p. m.
Mw:- harah McMulien, a#ed 1# ymm,
who haa li ved in Buffalo tbe greater juurt
of the past year, and who haa been
spending a few day* at the huuw of Mra.
Patiick Brown, at Akron, received a
letter from thia city which xeermed to
diatrtwa her greatly.. Shortly afterward
she announced that she wae going to
Fallkirk, «lx«i( a mile from Brooklyn
street, where the Browne reside, and
Mrs. Brown commissioned her to buy
tome gna-erieK sh« «tarte1, taking w«a
her Mr^.lirowj, hftie tVyear-old uaug
ter l)« !ia. and another little girl nam'
dhe May '"tin-ri*, /ig i 10 voar».
After gettirg the gioceriw iwrah took
the children to the railrtmd bridge over
Murder (.'reek, aiity»five feet in height.
She ulduced the little guk to walk otit
a pun the high structure- and them
rw^} A
Z* ,^L
If iiMiaBiT* wfoiijf lwliig iHW'tll
tol shot at K o'clock a. m. attracted Mrs.
Henry Irwisa and her two daughters to
the room of Mr. lmritta. They forced
found him dead in a JMK»1
of blcHl, with a large ptat1 of Mje cav
alry pattern in hia hand. The top of hia
head waa almost blown off, and there
was every indication of a iu«t deliber
ate suicide,
Irwins located ywunf»go
and was regarde«l aa an enterprising,
able and wealthy citizen. He erected a
a number of buUdmgf an# aectired a
controlling iutemrt in Halpna lumber
yard**, the bufeine*** of which he doubled.
In hia domcatic life be was coueitlered
•ery ha{»|A A change occurred about
fotu jFaars ago, and, aa oaual, thiMre hi
A Wovuitt In IIM
la kandHoine. of courw-\ to ail %p
paaranccH a lady of culture and wealth,
and made herself a home iu a neat cot
tage in an adjoining town. There waa
some my *tery about iujir. and to thia
was added tie andai of an intimacy
between her and Irwin* that resulte*! in
hie neglect of his auily and hi- lusi
u-«». Frerjuent absence* from home on
the ]art of her iunland. iiually ar
rou«el Mi»picion in the mind of Mrs.
Irwm#. Alter preparation* for"» week's
abaence he left homo Thur»«ia|r uotm,
but waa
m»a«t*«r*d by Kin Wife,
and f^UAM'd to the cottage of the
won. an refjTrod t». The next day she
aecored &dmittanc« to the «ottagc. clev
erly disguised and pretending to be ill
aeareh of a cottage for sale or rent.
During the conversation l*»tw-een the
two women Irwin** entered the parlor
where they were* bot did not rtH-oqmxs
hi.« wife. A* he entered the woman Oc
cam lag the cottage aaid: "My huaband
might (erhajw aide to direct you, Imt
thia house fa neither for rmi w sale."
Mr». Irwine waa wnablc to cwitrot ftac*
M«lf y longer, but. rising t«.» h»«r feet,
threw'oil the disgtuae and tram liie
foltl* of her dr«»
PHk«d »«iia Ot«r tb« HrMgt,
Bfaa then gia#|*?d Nellie i onnartMMi
hurletl her mt» the gorga !«•!,w.
Nellie wan inutautly kilted lielia
had her little artua and legs brojt-n. She
t» terribly brn»Hl, but if, if thought
will recover. After commit ting tlw
hellish act Sarah returned t., Bio*-,'#
and said, "lam going away, peilia^c
yon won't mm me again," ami went ou^
aha started for tiu bridge u\,-r tlw? mall
al»ut ten frot hi^h, and
stuping out on the structiue. jumped
into the water Sonoo Brow n -vtw h#rf
and running to the u ». \ied he*.
Her actijma e* il*tl ~u»pK-[or! awl tlvet
children aot rt-Lunang. *rch waa
matle Jf them, aod*at 2 a. oi tltcy wer«
found. Sand: will not
subject and msfwewi
terrible doed.
SW rr
?A0£ fttvife*.
Mu»rt» t«
O *8 Wf*klf| i
Ihe time h,
lligs in auti
tut at
Tork ii*r tl\A i
jirobably W kit'
v inoutb. #Bi
alK.tii 1* gir
.. ay, wbii l.*
hu'K'^i evrv^ai.
Foreign treu# 1
tory-**1?!*!** Owtmlly
-v. g.—B. O. Dun A
ew of trade aaya:
t«b)y%t. Lonlc, there
!i from the great ac
i U'd just before the
effect, demand for
'en aatiafied by deal
n of that weamire.
iticfl trale continues
and the payment
bouae* oul«tde New
uth of October will
a ftiw ct
but at t.».i.ivi
ever fecorded in
those of last October,
ce?it.. a|MJ the**© of laat
f*.*3?.tKKM)0U. and the
WII by alxut 10 per c*nt.
the mouth will cer-
lainly pn»\* noich the larireat ever1
known, and gh
nnto»ua|iy ruiH
fe?g capacity
llHunf'n tuilfa
pri.-i^ t^r
•ance of
or* n
D'- !ea
at industries are all
Boeton notes ini rean
largest wtx lcn milia. i
re paying advanced
in ouraged bv larger
and hopt- for an ad*
nt. when th« fall trade
wool were 3,Wit,300!
pricea. Hides are lower,
er\ firm and |jo*)ts and
re freely at late ad
¥•1 lmnber trade w very good.
"t r*»|r nt Cltlo*.
Phlla^klAU report* greater trade
than evir flktnre in paper, stationery,
printing «K)eHther pnwhictn At Chi
Ctigo rtwff# of grain foil l»elow laat
year *, and hld«w and w«x»l a third, but
cured' iueat.sk and *irees*Hl beef fhiw in
or«-a.'ie life dtv goodw and clothing
traic« wurjta-th l»#t year's and thi« trade
m* well Cy rebiief note* good Hade ex
cept in cle-ilniig and manufacturers
bun): It gool trade and active
ttiauufai ti«iag. .Mtlwauk««e «t«iadv,
trade uuprf ing with coolei weather:
Si Paul *e#y good trade and Minne
a. u lion ouiput of H.1,000 barrels,
with wheal* receipt,•« s,0«jy.too hu»hela
Kansas Git| sat ^factory trade and Den
ver fair. At the Suth buainew i- thriv­!
ing New "rleaur. rejiorta large m-eipt*
0t angar att| rice and good prit:«e, though
l*diiig of 4fkm hiovlered by weather,
Sj** ion lion ha» not Ix-en remarkably
active breiidstnffi, though wheat C»
half a cent higher on sales of iiSUsiO.OOO
bushel-, -tud corn hAs ri^en If c«ts on
•tales "f i,0W,tMW busdicJU, oats being
three-»{'..i tera »tro»ger also. Oil hae
decline', .tbout ilj cents on small trading.
Sugat *h raw and i iinel. is a shade I
lower, :t ike tf*iieral average of |.»ric®»
is a frie onhighe! than a w»«ek ago.
This a ant* in :.rt for the enormous!
volume «xcbu::gew throughout the'
countr but there i cmains an atiarent
increase over |er cent, in the vol
nine of bosinec* exulusivo of the differ-j
wnce in s:ces. Tbeexj»rts from thia)
port foi umr weeks have been *$10,000,
WK) larg in value than laKt vear, when
(X'toljei for the whole country
Were nearly ?*H,biMi,0OO, which indicates I
for the i onth much the largest move
ment o\i 'record Imjiorts here also
show ai. .iurfca«e over last year of $15,
ooo,Ouo. -O that ,,. HKgregate for the
mootli i- ach
Bb «it». rill uieii.
Fadujest during the laat wven hiys
numUr for the raited Stag's 190 for
Canad.i total, 31«, a^ compared with
a total-i miA&t wefl, Ft»r thecorre
•potid wmk'oi last year tiie figures
wmm 4*' i. repreiftnitmg fatlurostti Ifaa
TTnitel Mates and -14 in ('amuhv
KRt9i»ta H*rr««l Oat.
IBTNN. Mass.. Nov 8.-Thomaa
BIwKies, she only Lynn morocco manu
facturer who had not du^'itarged his old
help, ha turtle*! off Hi? of hi enip|oy«'«
ill accoidance with the rwlution
a!opte«l y the N-.tioual Morocco Man
ufactuit r.-i" ae»ou:.ion, that on Nov. 1
that •. Kmj
ht of Labor nhoulil be
diacliai d. Tht-v, men refused U sign
a paper reuonm tng their allegiance to
the ortb and at 11 it. were paid off i
and t..i to go, Mr. Rodes haw skin
enough mi#hed to last s»iverul montlis.
and wiii remain idle foe «t wki^a aiMi
thm «ta: as free shop.
•U# Ul«l in ttmrgw,
KOKFO^k, V#., Nov. 8,—A young
school yc rl, If y««r« of age, who had run
away I'J T» Oxford. College. N, C., waa
rescued :FO«i a bar^e at author, off
Liimbft i'" Point, iu ciunuiatitl of a cap
tain n«ii.'-l Lind. Thi c.tptain of the
harge *svemt when the cdlicors came
aionipsid^ that the- girl could only be
"taken 'he barge over hi» dead txdy,
but wi e they covered, him with Umr
pistol* laeeslysnccumbed and turned
the yoiii»g lady over to the deteciivcw.
The l«i|.elit» of thv young lady are ex
pcNrtwo its Norfolk, and iu the tiiiantlim
the gtrl Maying with frtends.
I V*i0.W4»A H, |Mg Aditutn*.
Nfcv. 8. -Tlw Mun »ay»
Millet s picture, "The .Auge.hp,"
v. hich ww sold' to the America^ Art
Hs-Kwiatiou. of this city. July l,
has be o ffdd om-*- more The negotia
tions e in«t if»'ii completed p«ris
by K Aawrtu Holert*t#u, r-preKi.«ntiiig
the a: i as«u«iati«Mi, but st is not known
hi the (NHukft* i is: as the uegotia
lh# I tHStt^ have been carried with agents.
The picture kas -wdd this time for 710,
0U6 franco aa agaiu^t W,000 A year afo.
•}., vt v
litemtlir VkMr tf DMIittd
#TT* BY the OiM«A BBNM
WwihiBftoa. "'I
Wmmm lTfirf# lltll i jfm MiV
PfwrW* e*wl» IIflllTlrl4lv
York have varied'
wry taw taken §»f
during the week about 2,tK*»,«io more.1
ttitii i? hjs« put on*, new silver nottw in-j
eluded. Th«* Bank of EnglatMf do4*s not I v
change its rate, though it lost fiyo.UWi'
gold and tilt Bank of France $l,SS0,UU0.
«f I'mlorU.
Cflvaala MMIK IIM (Jreatejil
Peer Nevada Bring* I the Hear wiUr
a lllg leereaae—4ioad Showing af
tprttweftcra MkMfe
WAHHI.N.TOK, NOV. 1. —the census
office has announced tba papnlatioii of
the United 8tate«, as shown by the first:
count of persons and families, exclusive
of while person*in the Indian territory,
Indiana on reservation}* and Alaska, to
be 6.480,r»40. Theae figures may be!
slightly changed by later and more ex-1
act compilation*, but such change* will
not be materia!. In 18H0 the population
wa* 50,1."5,783. The absolute merest
of the population in the ten years Inter-1
Vening was* 1^,»J4,757, and the percent
age of increase waa 24.57. In 1870 the i
Isolation was stated a» !*,5.VM7i.
According to these figures the absolute i
increase in the decade between 1870 and
I.HMO was 11.-V.* ,! 12, and tbc percentage
of increase wa* 30.0*.
fii|inlattoB by ItaUa
Tht popular ion of the statea Md- tm
ritoriMS together with IwrnillT §ta09
18H0 ia placetl as follows:
New ark
ivioi". 'Ivanla
1 litis: I
i iV""
I TV.*
I ltd an.|..
trade improves with
better weat^w and orders are free.
Ul'« Mo»ej Mnrkrt».
The tn
oii#.y market* are a boat aa laat
report«tl, th ujih firmer, with a sharp
d*-maud at I Uxs-ton, iirin but easier at
Phsi,-ide ph«i, still light at Chicago and
Kcarcc at per cent, at bt, Ltmia,
»oni« what i: i:--nt with'large demand
at levelai'' Detroit. *tiong at 7
p» rest, a* Milwaukee, tight at Savan
iui' and ws *d demand at ik*nver,
but Mt iiuuw City and easier ia
ate of th«i letn:iiid at New Orleans.
Ke tiKlkx-..
Hsi'UUltiW. in©r»«»-e

Wiw ..
AliO .nil*
N-n Jtrwey,
Ml I!
lie *»tfc.
»li urua ...
Iwjuilt ftwmiliait,,,.,,
A rk»ii M*
i.outMaaa .......
N.''u.. k»
M*rj !»nj
,......,......•1^1 '»lf
%%s «.* a
*1*%**.. .JM.,
Sev, i !*aa!-hfim
a-.il 1IM»ton
pintri CotaiBtla.......
I iaii
North IMiuUi
1. iftwaj* ..
New* Mwleo.
Wyo.i rag
144 m|
•V'eitnont and Nevada are two ctate*
that show a dec-i*ease in iKipuiation dur
ing i hi jwrtod. In the former there ha^
l.»eii a trilling absolute d^reas,-. while
Nevttihi MIIOWH an alwoluto diminution
in population of 11 ,U«'i0 tr nearer 29
cent., leaving it in population
smalkjst of all the states.
niktrfiM. K«c«r or (loi. Mil** Will fan
VHtlc»t« tta« tiuinf null Moirt.
W vsiiiM.ioN, Nov. 8.—Gen. Grant,
acting secretary of war, has directed
Gen. Mile** and in case of his absence,
Geu. linger, to prttceed to Standing
Ruck Indian imd tB¥e*iigaie thi.
causes leading to the threatened Indian
outbreak. The war department has no
direct information on the subject. The
dispatches on the subject received by
tiie interior department have been for
warded to the war dei*artmeut for its
information aud 'action and it is upon
fheN3 that Acting ^Secretary rant has
determined to act. Gen. Mile* is now
out among the Indians, but just where
he is is not known. The telegram to
him has been sent to Fort Standard and
a opv forwarded to Geu. Huger with
instructions to act in case he does not
hear from Geu Miles within a reason
able time. At the war department little
or no apprehension i» felt concerning an
Indian upri.-icg. Sitting BullV influence
among hi« own r»eo|J» is not near go
potent as formerly Still, a* a matter
of precintiou, troojH will be ordered to
Standing ltock ageie y to lit in readi
ness to *rippr«-«*
upri*uig that may-
occur if after investigation by (ietierals
Miles and Ruger it is thought nectmaary
to have them there for the piotection
of life or property.
falls* U» Off se
WA.HiiyiuvoN. Nor. 3.—A sjieciai to
The Pc*t from Norfolk, Va., says the
Norfolk j.K»li(ie «ommiaisioners at a meet
ing authorimi the chief of p»ln e to
swear in tiffy extra }s)lceiuea iu N«
folk fr duty on election day This was
done to offset any inliu.-me United
States marshals utay endeavor to use at
Hoi a Mssiww IMU
M"I:M»*HI-, Teun., Nov S, ATHwves.
who has lie* n ou trial here the laat
week f. the murder of Father Askfield,
of St. Peters church, Feb. 11, isa&, was
acquitteil of the charge. After he waa
ac«juitt»-d he was declared insane and
•ant t: the HAyluin at Seville, from
which he isscss^etl ai«ut a wwsk ago and
made his way Kast. beine arrested in
Philn ielphiH. where he was af wof* in
drug" *tore lie ww brought itack to
this city and given anotinr vml Wklek
tudeil in his acquittal
t%J.tei 4V^
i, -, 1' ,•
la the North w*.
At West Superior Joe Sheehy knorkai
out J«*« Leo iu the second round wit]
six-ounce glove*
The Ladiee of Clrand Forka &
ganized a women's exchange.
naye rented quarters inTue
building and will occupy at once.
Maurice Hafey chief of the Dulut
ftre department, waa reujov©d fcroei.
lice, by tbe unanimons vot« of th*
commimiotiem, for hi« recent m%
ous amault on an explorer that plao%
Tlie receipts of flour at I hshtth tf* iMb
ing allowed to fall off, now that *h|
season of navigation is drawiag te
close It if desired to have no float le!|
in store, and the receipt* from this a#
will lie carefully guaged to meet the rX
main ing vessel c«pacity
The Viking ship, modeled after thi
old ship resurrected at Ookated.
way. i« on the way to Minneapolis, ana
will proliably 1* ptit in the bbrar]
building. It wae made in the navl
yard at Christiana, Norway, and will
paid for from the Sigrald Qvale satat#
Original |sck»ge houae* will sc
running again in full Wast, in
Kifer Fall* Win Aireitdv ^ru#
joint ket»i**rs have swumi coat
from Winona importer* and are waitti
the arrival of their *tock of te«r
liquors to begin businem It 1H ur
known what act ion the mayor will t*k#k
the general beliefs
ture ]asaes
Wilwai bill.
but the general belief that the joint!
ontinue to ran until the l^ls|
an act conforming th§
Tfce Eev. Henry Parry Liddoa will b«
aooceeded by Canon Newbolt aa csiMMk
of St. Pauls, at London.
While the anti-Jewish partv is gafai^
ing ground in A nutria it i* loatng if
Hungary .winK to the prevalent
among the Magvrs that Eussian iafi#
euces are itehind the agitation,
Tlie Servian government
to pay ex-King Milan the sum of IPW
francs annually for hi* m*tnt*n«e
the iinolie«i understanding tem^ «1i«|
the ex-king will not reside in Belgrade
The tendon New Review pnhhthef
art article by Cardinal Manning
which he protwat-M against the system
child marriage in India, and also a*sTn«
the adxm*j» oju tJUe Indian gov4a»^
mentof the law of restttutton of can!
jugal rite. ff*
It i- rejKirteil front /.JOIZI•nr fSbil**"''
attack upon Vitu, rewuitlng in the hurt.
ing of that place and the massacr,
man^' of it« inhab»t«tst8, was canned t»
the indiscreet utterances of a Gerniai
settler named Pneitrieh, wtioee vapoi
iug«. exas|rated the natives ann \m e
them to overt acta of hostility, »«^«r
tating their pnni-hment
Count Von Mitke s birthdav prnamnt
yejncreaaing uuMiimr dalfy and
«3iJeHn»i i« now a largti aJMt ^NOSth
one, Iwitli in res|*ect
rarity of the gift* The ...
been made that the |)rwiita b» phic«w{
«"fi pwl'lic exhibition in Berlin, sn«! it t|
believwl thar this will o# done. thf» oror
ceeds of the expoeitfon bate dirfaten to
public charities.
•epi-AU graAm
t* a*tfv«
^..'XlfpiAU. good Cw». ooaaM
7MM.*v. »-alls. «S: tntieb l1W|.
|U 'JO. rmlvm, ttoek^t,
feeders, tr aio*.«n botcher
V J-..IH-7X
i .•''i U cttii-'' ruttiv* kuul|iAe,
#4.o0s ifood u» choice l*a»b».
feeder^. «Ki.fl0#S SO: utsed, f3 »*&«*.
Mantu ntj t.l»« liwk.
(.Jaitie hler* ft cows,
•tee.fc.ere aad feeder*. #st.&1S3.in. mage
I una*.** mage cows, §l.UUS.l.}A.
lityi- Bail, all gsaim.
ehwp- S*ju6(Hwiik te
muimai etockan
J?: V fl
V *t£ V**3*"*«*r T.'V 4
A i,]%
'V v m*?
That often killed ant! as often rmm
rected chieftain, Osman
IH ropre
sent«*l by dispatcher from (*airo
advancing up»m Suakun at th# h«ad
a large army of w«?li-armed men Thi
information ia obtained from uativ».i
who hav* arrivcii u? Suakim within thi
last few days. ismati IP mtii also ti j»|
recruitiug his already formidable forc«t
from the tribes through whoae mMn
he passes
Allowed fe Clo««« Rl* G*lt«ara
ATiuNTA Ga., Nov. 8,— n Monday
morning a 17-year-old daughter of tian.
ders Howell, whose home is in Twtg|i
county, while alone at her home wad
assaulted by a negro named Owen
Jones. The young lady was so brutally
treatel that she could not tell wh h«r
assailiunt was unt ii Wednesday, J•• mm
wh mado no attempt to escajw, thes..
^»nfeswei. A was all^-t^ed'
him, aud that wa* t«.» sai^ct ih. limb of!
the tree from which he w«* to i&\
hanged. Hi* body was left oamrtug fej
twenty-four houn. It wac then cut
down, and now lies in a fence comer.
Chlcage l.lre NUtck.
CMHe-tepfHemt. ssesa
fl ntedlaaa. U.u.*MJCt vnuaw. #.98'
T«aaf- tteers, mnae -ltttrt
lii-S* Houjrb a^iti i-oounoo, ».
li«*V {Mi ker?, »l.'X)#4.SUt light, §*. ex&
4. in. pigs, '.iOJU.a'i.
N*tire&, ~,b Wmtmnm. 8*. MS
i.m. iAiahs. tra^to sntlretj
market hMli BOntnal.
fiec^mter. Mmj
Ovm-Wc Nnvemb.' Mar
O a -4 S u O e o a e a
Pork $l-1J' J»au«rj. fttSO
UitlaUt Uralb.
•lull but firm.
at. t.iNU pvieee
i. 9m Sm, 1 garth
11.11 Mar, HUM N«* 1 tiara. 9u dim I
era, sic K®. 1 u
MiMWfillU «I*l»-
narti»eru fieoel|Ks» IW cawa
VVlt.«a4 No. I Uenl. ik'i'jfmi. a* trece.
UM So. i aorthern, tKt«iber.
l^wiyer, S^S May. fl
tv triMck, Ma, acftiMwa, OetotaSr, Me
libcetaei', Wtr (MS taaok, MiMs.

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