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ffopement of a Saratojfra Oirl
With the Husband of
Her Best Friend.
A Racine Clergyman Called From Hit
Bed to Mary a Runaway
a Few
Ptertlnent to the Raliftd
Union Pacific Preside*!
MiUTWU, M. Y.. Ho*. 2" -—On Thursday
last week Helen St. John disappeared un
|.^iwrriid from tli® li"""' '-"'r parent
^«ar 'h of lift fiwtu showed that her ward
•^Jphe aad trunks were also Where had
*},* gone and «b«t bad become of her?
«er the nuewtlons anxlouaiy asked by her
$M»liy and friend*. It 1* now learned
tbe day sb* l«ft bo««® oh® wa*
«hmi in A lhany to coin pirn V with
v parried man. *nd that together
jUiey tiwk for Ur west,
%iiitt CM* of rlupminit. »wl
ybo*e wife and Ml** Ht John were intimate
,0-lends. Thf man I* Frank J- Stroud. of
\$f9 Wwt Trenty-sUth »twi. New York.
be hii left hi* forsaken wife without
*.fe for ber support. HlBinl t» about 3i
gumrs old. Ha 1* an electrician In the
Jbn.mer of D»*e he cam® hew ®Kh
visit bio father-ln-law. Oeorge Wicken.
Hi Oreen field, tbl* county. Leaving
||K wife at her father'a. Htroud *e
iiflred employment with the fcara
,.fl4.i flectric Light company and
»ardcd with Manuel J»t John «m Wash
ton street An Intimacy soon sprang up
(Between him and Ml** St. Jolie .ind w'uch,
j|h would n**w appear. became of an Mithnate
.wflbaracter Mi** St John aud Mt** Wicken
**m+r* very dear friend* lief ore tbe latter
Married Htroud. aud little did *h« think how
M«tn she would prove to tie ber greatest
4|irond had twi'umulaHd about ll. lfllwhlle
He In Imalnea* here- A5*»ut twi. *wk»
ll^i he returned to hl» Immii# in New Vwk,
fl-malnlng a few day*, drew out of the bunli
tfiMt which he had ..n deposit there and left
qfi ibtt ntiiH! dty that Mis* at. John ai*ap«
ared from her What, ai©u»rI
wife- auaplelon- «f aihJpf
»at that on her return here from
4 visit Ut New V »rk laat a«ifc*B«er
Ifw found a Imtomr written by Mim Ht. John
bar kuattaitd. te(ll«« hla» ho* dearly *»he
%re«t him. and tipbraldliiK blm for btacxdd
tnwanl her after the arrlrat of hi*
f«. In Smw York Htruud worU**«i fw
dirnar 4 l-'»url«enth street and
:uhm mtUM***- Wtw
,, ... ^•«Ir!,nvi s»^»'*»f*»ent
v. hurrh work, popular in a«i«*iai n« and
"Ifr«*pr»«arhahle «v»ararter. Har lnfati»atli»n
^..ii fult I* a *h«i«,k to all th«' proprirtlew.
«md i» felt bjr her fatally and friend* aa a
Unarler aMIrUau than her death would have
Km Away to Married
KM»R. Wl».. No* Two men and
Ifirr-r Women arrived on the ch»«*k train
ji^trrdax morning. Tl»ey wert1 frtnn hl
»nd one of the couple* wanted to get
Aarrlad Immediately. Kev. CJiarle* I'er
glvgl waa calle«l from Wl hyl. and
lg» tin* contracting part lea ana
tI«tw1 a 1 the iue*tka% requlrod In »at
'Ihfa. lorv manner the knot wa* H«d. They
pi«d|Ml the piracimr to *frr»H'v and then
went to a hrt«l, where the newly married
,-ouple registered aa H. HuthUertaon and
wife. The name* of the other- were A.
Krkrkaou and wife and Mr*. W IH*«'e*key.
it la auppnied l* hare «ieen a runaway
m»lch. The bride'* bialden name wa* Kriek
Mtn and her home cm In S*o»ith lilcata
••yard" It aa Had leal Mveeage.
I.IIXIHIK. !S»\. *».—A I-Uiaa friend «if Far
nell. who lieclared that Paruell regard* tbe
loxement n «-M»el ttirt) frum the leadership
tne ilaUohattHT party a* radtntf re-
for hK support of tbe royal granta
)m( duiumtt, aajra thl» view of the i'a* can
»m- supported hv do* nn-en a evidence.
i.Udatone he aaya. ha«. had hU revenge on
'giii' man he IniprlaAwaad In «iIf^ith* Jtlt
and who later I'omp*"!!***! the IIIHTHI leader
to »i»nalder the demands of the iriwb pe»»
ple. The IrUh 'ath dlo hierart hy »a unani-
WIUUM tn tbe opinion that I'arnell aboukl re
tire from hi* pualtluw at the haad of tbe ua
tonallMt part/.
l.oNuoa. No* 2*.—Paraell'* iaMiit«a«o,
to-day. definitely *ettli- il lliat he
will not voluntarily retire from the leader
«hlp of tbe Irlnh parliamentary party. I'ar
iel( drfles liN political opponeata aad ap
(ieala to the people of !)fvland to aaatala
biiH la tbe atand Vnkeu-
gaiMd by tbe Mae—i
•w. I^itria. Nov. f*.—John t.
naleaiuau and rolle» u»r for the Je*»« 1 ren. ii
*rgan company, lai'harged by hi*-employer*
with etubeMllnx il-,tMMJ, aud la now a fugi
tive. Norm- aold plane* and organ* for
ra*h and then turned In the »ak aa one
made on tbe time pay ment plan. He made
payment* to the houae In ln*tallmenta attd
trlel to pli U the winner with the bulk of
ihe ea»h. He failed utterly In ht» turf
*leMilatlon». and the tiiHtallnicnt pay merit
(MH-omiug burdensome he ronK«'*t«l all th«
tn atgbt ami dUapp«tared.
Wade Haanptew'a IU I Mill!
ot.i waiA f. V.. Nov. *. m'natnr Wade
Hampton, while out gunning o» hi* favorite
hunting ground* In Wa*blngt«»n county.
Mls*l*«lppi. wa* accidentally shot bin
«it. Mr I n the Hampton. Tbe aon. I« wwi.
tired toward hi* father, and wounded him
In the boad. one ahn« *trlklng hi* eye. Hl/t
tujurlea, however, an^ uot believed u b«
aerloaa. and It 1* not thought likely that h«
will lime hi* eyealght. The accident hap-
la the aaarw kx'allty where the aea
alor s law fear* ago lost one of kl* luca.
LmI la tfc« »to«d»
THrsi.tK. Nm. 2a. -Tbe river Hhanima tea'
o« eriowt«i tti Athlowe and tbe town 1* *uli
mergvd. Hundred* of «rre* of farm land
ar® Wilder water and crop* are ir"|M|(wl'
A large numlxT of cattle »erl*bed.
VtailMl ol Kartbq«a*s«.
t*ar.**at n(i Nov. $a.—A vk»lent shock of
earth.i"-»Ve wa* f*lt to-day th«H»ugbout the
Hnnut* valley The In habitant* were
•emir-»trickMi and Had from U*lr botwwa.
No aarkHi* d*ma*e la reported.
Mow*)' ta««l* Bwgiawd
1^,0^1, Sov. 9».« A heavy NH)fMoni
isrwvall* throughout KniftliC
iMTtef rai'jv*4 KAAC,
A. "«s
Th« Tenor mt the Veraewr (Icnllaiaaa'ii A4
drwa* I ttiiiilled IWr-Wlwt ttwW
to a«)
Kkw Ytiaa. Nov. It l« quite evident
that the (iouId-Huge party whleh ye*terd«»f
went Into power In I'nkm l*ael*«- affairs 1*4
not enjoy the farewell addreaa of C'barha
Krant la 'Adan**. Mr. Hage wa» ae««n la*A
night after hi* return fmm Boatou and aaldt
The tenor of Mr. Adam*' addrene wa* al
moNt uncalled for. There ha* Ihhmi no pul»
lic crilirWm of hi* management made by any
of the director"*, notwithstanding the fact
that he »a* runninK tin" rtad U) ruin.
A change in tbe management wa*
•Imply a necearfty to aave tbe pr«»perty. mid
Mr. Adam*' apeech waa a piece of »plte
work. 1 did not hear It mv»eif. I wa»
not then a memlier of tho hoard, but *mi|
of tboM* wlm had leeii hi* own dlw»»*U»r»dei»
nounced It ha a moat iiahu»d»ome thing and
wen* dtagu»ted at the dUplay Mr. Adam*
mailt' of hlmaelf. One «»f them *ald to nw:
•It la a *hanieful fact thai Mr. Adam* ha*
been trying to run tht* great property by
mean* of a lot of women typewrite** and
a doaeu or ao of Harvanl «r*duat«a who
knew no more about railroad* than a baok
wKdMiiaii. The new memljer* of the laard
were a mkikmIV to aave tbe road fn»n a
ruin thai muit have come within a year.'
••Mr. Adam* *ajr* lu hi* addre**," con
tinued Mr Hage, 'that he ba* been prewl
d«?nt of the n»a«i for **ven years, and tbat
during that time the action* of the lioard
of directors have been In every e»ae «inaai
DIOU*. That la *imply aaylng that Mr.
Adam* ha* been the I'aloo Paclfl*- and I*
rv«poiiaiblr for Ita cimdltloB. In that caae
he •b«itill Jttat explnin how It come* tbat
the pay-roll wa* Increased by 4.900 names
lu nine month* what peraonal Interest be
bad In the Kan*a« ".itieltlng work*. In favor
of which a discrimination wa* made la
the rate* for atilpplng Vult°a' and a
half lo/en ott er matters that might be
Inquire*! intn. YSeare iw»t taking bold of
tbe Union FaCMc for the fun of tbe thing.
1 mm In it, for pteaeure or inanclal
frtiit. hat ti» Mp to *»v« Mm property. The
cond it low «f alTaica waa *uch tbat we laid to
take hold. Now air Um) director* are In
•ynipat hy with thw ytan* laid 4*wn bjr Mr.
That wa* auotlter piece of aplte work.
Mir. Adam* M* UMM he OB#d not malntala
the *y*tem and b«* doe* not *eem to want
anybody- el*e to. That la tfo only construc
tion 1 So put upon th« «ev. r»l parage* or
hi* a4ldrvH« tbat relate to tlM political aa
pect* of the right* and relation* of tke
I'nTon I'a' ltl' -y*teni
T«»day Trtlmm* prtuU an interview
With .lay Oouid In which he *ay* e*-f*r«al
detit Adam* of the i nion I'aclic 1* a
theortat who ctmductod maay affair* of the
1'iiIon I'aclic without tbe knowledge of the
director*. Gould mi Id he teamed when l»»t
lu Hanaa* Oty. tbat Adam- personally
owned control of tbe *tork yard* there audi
while the r*iiro,nl carry nor Us ttMtr
'Hwe mo^k .wt *mm tr»n»i**rt«i.tta».
th«-*to«-w yjird- fann'ii fi.ota'«MH» in- pu-t
year. Hucb acthm a* thl«, be *ald. would
never be permitt*»d under the new manage
ment He v*d tbe Burllugton and
Uork Uland 111 both come Into the plan
for *ectiring better reaolt* from weatern
railway buali e**. N«» further change*., be
aald. were to be made in the I nlon Hkclflc
OMiplalat Filed for OMWIUIIM of Lewaea
wad That Tbwy Me MwUitalawd Mapw
SAN KtLAKriacn, Biov. JT.—On call of
wtate* a complaint waa Sled In the Halted
Ktate* circuit court by tbe government of
the I nltod State* agalaat the .Southern I'a
cl« and Central I'aclic Hallway companies
and Heatem Union Telegraph company.
The object of the complaint I* to *eeure the
cancellation of the lea»e of the Central Pa
cific to the Southern Pacific, and aluo to se
cure the cancellation of the lease of the
Central I'aclic Telegraph company to the
Western I'nlon Telegraph company. In
addition to tbe cancellation of the leaae,
the complaint demand* that the line* re
ferred to Ih- operated and maintained sepa
rately and independently. In accordant
With the original agreement IWtWgWt the
corporation* and goverumeht.
A locking the
A Isvags rwiupMet kiawl
ItEaLia. Nov. »*. I»r. Kia-h treatment i»
savagely atuwsked In a phamphlet laaued
by l»r. Adam at Wloatladen. K«*'h I* spoken
of a* an 'boneat man. but the fault of hla
system la alleged to be that be *eek* to re
habilitate particular organ* Inataad of
treating the whole nervous *y*teai. Ac
cording U) the pamphlet Koch deceive* talm
*elf a* to the real *tate of tuberculoM*. and
mistake* 'auw for effect. Ir. Adam aaeerta
that bacilli are bred hy tuberculo*!*—they
are not tn the cause of tuberculo*!* The
new method 1* declared to be an evanescent
craxe like Hrown Hatjuard* elixir, and
cloomi'd like It to an aarly exp«»*ure of lt«
want of Rvalue. N«Uiwlth*tandlng the
duubt»ctprt"t)Hl In mime quarter* as to the
curative properties of the lymph, howevnr,
applications ooiitlnue tt» 1® re"elv»Hl fmm
4ll quarter* for the remedy. Ir. Cheyne.
•W liondon. Is conducting experiment* at
King'* College hospital In tbat city, aad
I»r. Itetweller. of Frankenstein, to treatlag
poor pat lent* on tin1 estate* of t^® Kuiprosi
Frederick *t that plao®. ¥h® *ulUui has
conferred upou Dr. Koeh the Imperial order
of medjldle.
KANSA* CiTT, Nov 2h -.lt i~ believed by
some )M-M1 physician* that lhr. Haum haa
been deceived regarding the genulnem*** of
the lymph with whlfh he I* treating c»m
aumptlve patient*. I»r Haum decline* U»
discuss the matter, but *bow* two bottle*
of the lynrpl) still unopened aad builai
tb« Herman seal.
BslwdMl* Of AMlgsswsl rttwd.
K«w YORK. NOV 2*. A schedule of aa
sHrnment of .Inn, T- Walker, John W. C***m
aad Jo*. Walker, comprising tl»e Arm* of
John T. Walker. Hon Co., wa*il®d to-day
It alow* llabllHIe* vt «s»0nal
asset a 9l.43S.Mi, and actual liHi. f».
Lw«tjr Caaaesnara Fraa
Nov. 2*.- Lady
daughter of Lord Halhousie, ha* otetal«®d
a dwree of dlvon-e from I-oro Connemara,
«x.goMruor of Madras, for adultery and
Gatrtod A«w a Jittttwa Ftmm*.
PtttlH. Nov l».-A hwowlsr
managing director or the Banquij de Tat,
hat. carried away with him a mtilUMi srancsj
Miwkw^ aad Mrwbwrs As*tga.
)(SW YOHK. NOV 2*, -A Philadelphia
1 atataa that &. k. Janmi A Iflw
bwkw fcw
Text of the Resolutions
Adopted at the Stale
A-Uianoe Meeting. -,
Death of Three Atlantic
by the Caving In
Sand Bank*
The following are the rwolutloM* a
the state alliance:
The alliance of the state of MoaUi lakO
la «Hinventh»n aswemhk^ at Mitchell, Wl
84. I***, feeling grateful t«. the *up«ai
being for the hiew*luga o* health aud
pr«i*pwr1ty that has been voucbaaiad to i
people during the past year and our
pendenct* u|oit him for rwry {food 'o
1. Tbat weaelaaittly a«m» «*r 4®vo^i n
to the cardtnal prlnclph«i of twr wfira«fr.
tlon hereUifor.' announced In every meeting
of the alliance, und tbat we hold th«m p4r
amount to every party feeling: that
welcome t4i our order every go al man -r f*Mi tin
woman of every i*dltlcal sr reUgU»u* op i«
loa. who I* devoted to (he int®r®Ht* of agr
culture, arid that wwwili abver make w
opinions a iwt of mem '**r4htp tn ni* ord» '.
and that, Id the paat, mm-motto *hall )•«•,
In 'eaaentlaK unity: In m»n«e*sea»4i*4»
2. That we again reaffirm our aUe«l»ic»
to the platform of the Nathwal Kiirrom*
Alliance and Industrial I'nlon adopusd a*i
the lasrt annual meeting at Ht. Loul*.
3. That we are unalterably oppiseed UV
the creatkm or roiitlnuam'e of any uBHtN'
essary public oilce*. and demand that tbe
aalarle* of all public oflicer* not ixwl tn the
Hn*titutkn shall correspttnd with the in
come of tbe productive Industrie* of thw
state: that In the administrative oMeuM
of th«* *t»te the strictest enonwwiy shall he'
4 We dawowMte in thm atronfewt
tl*e nrwathwi of expense* lieyoad tbe
mate reveaae* of tb«' *t»t'.
That wr are sn «Nit an wxteaitww
«jr*t®» «f a**e«t|k» well* h^'
n' 1 io ffl tc #^vrtopment oT
r{culture in me Slave, una *r on- SBOIIH
that all practicable legrUlatloa shall ba
eitHCUHl u dWM-ure the same at a* early a
date a* powslble. and we art- grieved to
think that the dominant political party of
tin* stal«- should refuse to provide *uch
amendments to tbe constitution a* would
allow the state to contribute to such a sys
tem. iind submit the same to a vote of our
people at tbe late election for ratlicatlon
aad thereby make It Impossible for the state
to aid In thu accomplishment of *uch Irri
gation for over two years to come. And we
further deplore that our present representa
tion In congress ua®d such untiring energy
In seeking and procuring appropriation*
forunneeded and extravagant public bulld
tag* and unearned *ervh*e*. aad not one
dollar for the construction of a single well
or for the advancement of tbe Industrial
enterprise* of the state.
The following Is the report Of tlM «Ptu
mltue on legislative demand:
1. Tbat the Farmer*' alliance, of Houth
Dakota, demand* that the legislature submit
to the elector* of Houth Dakota at tbe next
generul election au amendment to the con
stltut ton forbidding the *ale of any of the
school and public lands, and providing for
H-*" prop^-r leasing of the same.
2 That we are favor of a ualforni
series of text l**ik» fV our public schools
ami demand that the state furnish them to
the srho^T lioards at c«*it. aud we demand
OTIC Ii legislation a* will carry this resolution
into force aud effect And ia- U further re
Molved tbat we demand a fair English edu
cation for every child In Houth Dakota.
|iU. We endorse the Australian ballot bo*
*yste«n of voting and demand of our next
legislature proper enactment* to carry the
same Into full force aud erfect throughout
the state.
4. We demand such legislation as will
forever prohibit the employment of armed
bodies of men other than our *tate iiiUltla
at the call of the governor of the *tate.
ft. We demand a law fixing railway pas
senger rate* at 3 cent* per mile.
6. We demand legislation providing for
tbe forfeiture of office of any state or
county ottewr aooeptlag a frwa railroad
7. We demand the election of oar rail
road commissioner* by the people and that
they be empowerad to make freight sched
ule* for ail state traffic, which rat® *hall b®
prima facia evidence of reasonable rat®*.
*. We demand that tbe appraised valu
ation of railroad* for purpoNe* t»f taxation
be fixed at the value they are bonded for.
•i We demand that our state tie divided
Into «*ongres*|onal district*.
in. We demand tbat th® law governing
the time for redemption of twal eatate sold
under «*ecuth»n or foreclosure ba changed
and extended to three yeafa.
II. We demand the enactment of a law
taxing mortgagee.
13. We demand that the cmates legta
Tature apt*dnt an lnvostlgRtlng committee
with power to send for persoim aad papers
and compd 11 Ing tbelr atu-ndance aud pro
duction for the purpose of aaiwtaiuiug If
any elected officer of thin state ha* been
Impll Hted In attempting Ui lnfluetic«« the
a)e4'tor* In the late election by tin- corrupt
a»e of money and If the evidence shows
any person guilty we demand the Immediate
Impeachment of such official.
18. We demand of the coming legislature
tbat It enact such law* a* will largely de
crease the fe*»* and salaries of the various
county and state official* to the lowest po»
alMe limit om»*lster«t with til
Charge of
u tie*..
ffis thftag la mt
Afl.AKTIR. NOV JN, Willie *nd Richard
Tally, son* of Jack Taltr aged re»pe«*t
jvely and ft years, and Fred Haw ley aged
4 fmm mm el S*
J»w jutff.xfi-jL.53fl 'rs4)Ml ^.mgtg^^iggaagxr
Effects of the Harvester Corn
bine—General Northwest
era Newt.
MITIMKI.1, NOV 2a.—The Mat® Karwm rs
alliance adjouraad at a. a»* jre*terd- v
TIM- following were ch«*cB l*»gate« u»
National Farmer*' Alliance and Industrial
Union: J. K Lowe, J. Bryan, K. V(*i
dorsa. L. Illnkley. A. iv urdall. K. ft«
Cumiaiuga, J. O. Cmtae. The convenfl«!
above uaasd convene* In Florid* 1*er
and the*** ilelegate* *tart®4 to-day for
aouth to attend It.
hy the caving la of an abandoaed
ink la the western part of the city,
six small Imys wero using the wind
play In und had tunnel* a cave In
feet, and w*h' dlg^lnit still further
n the bank caved in, burying the
y* under three feet of sand. The
»a* given by the other y* and wlll
d* ,wert s«*'n at Work digging out
ortunaU' vl«*tlm*. The lM«dle* were
ed after twenty minute*. Life was
le extinct, but the boy* died 1a a
Inules. The sad affair has cast a
ver the entire *ommunlty,
Alfosa Near* notes.
*A, la.. Nov. sa Hpefliki: Dr.
if W hlteiiHire. ha* moved id Algoua
BHH! a pMrtnershlp with lr. Morse,
v young men aud have a practice
xtends over the entire county,
i Thankaglvlng servlct** were bold In
ngregational church. Th* sermon
ached by Bev. Hmlth. of the Bapt 1st
C. Frx'uch. of I hi* Moines, ha*
the room formerly occupied by W.
aad putting In a full line of fioli
"rtfc. Ba MJT locate pertaaaeaUy la
iisl« oi Hour Fast Stoppers.
«iio CKMIBNI K. la.. Nov a*. -Me**rs. II.
ami II. D. Alien, of the East Park stock
aave sold to DeYarman Bn»., of
Neb., a numla'r of hro*Ml niares.
n*ignment wa* made up of Nellie
y Mambrlno, Hamhletonlan: Crazy
ay tlie Hopkins horse by Happy
lit .'.
Lady Kaglc by Bourbon Joe and
Velvet and Lone. AU the aalmal*
In f«al to Dunton Wllke* or Dictator
They will form the nucleus for a
#i* irm which the purchasi-r* *111 estali
MMi at O'Neill.

•ale of abort Horns.
[jPfHtT Dobflg, Nov. 2* —The largest sal®
Af thomughbrwd *horthorn cattle ever held
state has Just been completed at
Hon 1. fv Coffin's farm. Willowedge. The
sale la*tel two days aud over ISO cows aud
taill* were sold at price* ranging from fH.'i
toflff1 liidders from all over tbe nortb
we*t sore present and the demand waa bet
ter tii.oi the prices indicate. Col. G. C.
»a* the auctioneer
Mbet of tlk* Bsrvwate® Ceaebtse.
IIAIUIM CITT. NOV. SH. —'The evil effect* at
the hurvusteraod buggy ctMnblnes are thus
early felt here. All tbe general as*lstant
Agent* for the different companies will be
Ibid ..ft A prominent dealer In this city
•ay* iiat the prlcc of all farm machinery
vftll ad rafte® next year from 36 W »®r
rwwwwd tlm WeH Dry.
AI.III.SA. Nov. s*.—The pump* were
*|»rt«d at tbe wator works the other even
'tpg. add in iv« minute* the well aa*
pVln|« I dry It is thought that by going
4o* n about ten eet further it sufficient sup
vale can be s4H*ured. The city haa
Mi to pay for the well aatll ewarythtam
1.1. wa to be all right
Aa Old Soldier Asphyxiated.
OMAHA. NOV 2* Kamuel «ater. an
soldier wlio ha* len In the army and waa
stationed at Fort Mead. H. D.. thirty years,
and who has lately been retired from the
service, wa* asphyxiated at th» Jennings
hotel In this city yesterday morning. Mr.
Cater, accompanied by James Patterson
and C. II. Ktetn, two old comrades also re
tired from the service, wa* on his way to
tbe soldier*' home In Han Antonio, Tex.
They arrived la*t evening aud at M) Cater
retired. This morning Cater did not get up
and Patterson waited until 1 o'clock for
htm. then called the porter and MCIII him up
to call hi* comrade*. On forcing the door
the unfortunate man wa* found dead on
the h«(l, the room being lllvd with gas from
a Jet tbat wa* turned on. Tbe physicians
aald he had been dead about eight bour*.
A Hunter Accidentally Killed.
11 II Hlla*. a well-
to-do farmer living one mile north of
hteole.tUty. a small town on tbe Ht. Joseph
A Urand Island railroad, eleven mile*
froutheasl of Falrbury. was accidentally
idiot yesterday "by TT. Harlow wliTle out
on a Tbanknglx lug hunting expedition. A
heavy charge of
shock In
lodged In the middle
of hla thigh severing lie bh*idvessel and
resulting In death from hemorrhage and
than ait liour. Coroner W.
ilodge, of Fairhury. was tmuo'dlaicly sum
moned by win- to the scene, but Bliss waa
dead when he arrived. There wtw an In
quest held. Harlow was tbe only wltneas.
Mrs. Mils* was sworn and testified that she
believed Itarlow to be blameless, and It wa*
decided that the death of BU** was Cavuwd
by the accidental discharge of a gua ln the
band* of II. Harlow.
Ikortagvafaa Bx-Trwaswrwr.
ChMHJT KXTKH, Nov. JK.-W. B. Weak*.
»x-treasurer, who wa* arrested Wednesday
on tbe charge of cmbetttleinent, was ar
raigned before tbe county judge yesterday
T. J. Ikiyle represented Mr. Weeks and M.
B. Ucanm In behalf of the state. Mr.
Week* ttlgned a stipulation that he had se
cured #KK) of the money charged against
blm and offered to refund It. Thl* did not
*atl*fy the pr*»aeciitlon and at the defend
ant's requeet th® ca*«- was «intInued until
lire a. A bpnd of ta.ooo wa* asked for his
due appearan*e at tbl* date, which was
furnished. In the meantime the record*
will l*« examined and If there Is no further
ahoCtag"' the luatter will IH- *Htlod
Opisn IfsMi Cored by Uypaottam.
SAW FNA.MI*T O. NO\.2s.— Frank Kdwaria,
a young opium iend now In the bouse of
correction. i» said to be cured of the vice by
hypnotism I»r Brown, the Jail physician.
po*M~s»M-* great mesmeric force and he deter
mined to try hypnotising Edward*, a* he
feared the prisoner would become Insane
from the craving for the drug, lie obtained
such complete control over F.dward- tnat
the iend enjoyed the first refreshing sleep
be has known for year*, gained fl***h and
laat all desire for the drug. Home of It was
givaa him, but It only made htm sick.
Tfeewgat to Mat* Uiuwaed.
OnwatM). N. Y.'. Nov I#. -WUI Blytheand
Harry Bennett, of Walcott James Fergu
son aad Calvin THompaoo. of Uswegt. who
went to Hod us bay yesterday on a duck
hunt, are thought to be drowaed. Their
boat was found on th® beach thl
with a hole in St,
Lsll for Part* Vn
tr. Lsirt*. Niv tt. Henry U. Spleker
latn book keeper for tbe Trihum, a Geriuan
pmM of this city, left for part* unknown
Hla books show a deficiency, the exact
amount of which has not yH been aseer-
Every Hour Seemingly Les
sens the Strength of
the Redskins.
Nebraska Settlers Alarmed Because
of the Indians Leaving
the Reservation
Indians in Dakota Conoentratinff—
The Craze Extending in All
CHICAGO. Nov. St.—Own. Mile* said yes
terday** advices from Gen. Brooke were of
a very satisfactory nature. He ennflrm*
the report that Chief Little Wound caiwe
Into the I'lne itidge agency yesterday and
says that every hour M'^tn* lo lessen the
strength of the disaffected Indians Short
Bull, of the Rosebud agency, has also come
In. and hi* people, numbering arly *J.5®U.
are re port*-tl a* following. The genera!
consider* Short Bull one of the worst and
mo*I treacherous Indians In the northwest.
The general yesterday replied to IJov. Mel
lette's communication. laf. irmltig him tnat
nothing would !e left undone for tbe pro
tection of life and property In all localities
where danger is apprehended. A letter*
Wa* received yewterday fr»im Judge C.
Bice, of Mandon, N. I».. saylnu he believed
danger Imminent, a* did also alt 9®npt®
familiar with the Indian*.
LMTMR the Kwosr*atlon.
fiTl ART. Neb., Nov. 2». A report ha*
reached tbl* place that several hundred In
dians had left the re»ervrllon and were
then camped on Burton creek In the east
part of keya I'aha county, tbelr destina
tion being tbe Niobrara river, east of tbe
ame* bridge, when* they were to be met
by a hand fmm the lower re»ervatloa- A
courier ha* lieen dispatched to see If the re
port wa* correct If the Indian* are found
a* reported the commanding officer at Pine
llldge will lie Immediately notified to re
move them back onto the reservation. Th®
settler* are considerably alarmed here over
tbe situation but At they were armed they
Would keep the Indians back without nek*
lag assistance from the government
Bad Indians I* th* Mart Lands.
PmuuK. Nov "in.- Tbe Indian sltnatton
remains unchanged. The reports of the
killing of the govermtr's cattle and tbe
steallag of hor*e* near the bead of Bad
river have been conirmed by other ranch
men from the west, though the report that
ive person* were killed 1* believed to be
only a rumor. Uov Mellette *ay* two or
three companies of I'nlted states troops
should be stationed about 100 tulles southwest
of here near the had land* when- It I* t*
lleved a large number of hostile Indians
will make th®4r headquarters If they really
Inteud to keep up the warefare on ranch
men and settlers In the late ceded portion
of the reservation. fccotty Phillip* and
other ranchmen retyrned yesterday to the
M-ene of yesterday's depredations, taking
with them row Kagle. the Had river chief,
believing that they can thereby get better
communication with any hostile hand* that
may have a rendexvous la tbe bad- fan4s
BaflWo Mil at MiMNk.
BISMAHCK. NOV. 2S. Hon. W. Cody
(Buffalo Bill) and hi*old-timeho«otu friend.
Dr. Frank Powell, known as -White
Beaver." aud Pony Bob. a famous Indian
scout, were arrival* In thl* city yesterday.
Buffalo Bill secured special transportation
for himself aud party for the Standing ltiek
agency, aud left for that pla-e yesterday
afternoon It Is under*toMl Buffalo Hill has
a commission of great Importance from Cien.
Mile*, but the details are not yet known.
He ha* probably a eonuulaalon to lnventi
gate the Messiah erase at Standing Bock
"'t report lo en. Miles.
Th® Indiana Are Can nwwtrating.
HT. l'Afi.. Nov. Sf. —A l*Umf*r Ihtmi special
from Pierre says: Two ranchmen who
r-anre tn yesterday report havftt** met a.
large band of Indians some distance west,
mimtng from the Cheyenne country and
beading for I'as* Creek camp Tbe tieltef I*
prevalent among old frontiersmen that the
Indian* are concenlrai thg their Tore®* and
supplies near tbe bad lands.
Thtah "Nosey" Is th* Nosalah.
DCKANOO. Col.. Nov Jg.-lt 1- reported
tbat the Navajo Indians are greatly excited
over the report* from Dakota Their theory
1* that the Mewdah 1* none other han Isldor
Cohen, who is known throughout south
Colorado a* "Nosey Cohen, a trader well
acquainted with their tongues aud customs.
Th® southern Vte* talk of the craui with
bat little interest.
Tho eras* Msneh®s OklabMHh
OKLAHOMA CITY. (. T., Nov. FS. The
Messiah craxe ha* reached Oklahoma.
Capt Stiles, in command of the trtmp* at
Oklahoma, has received order* to march at
a moment notice This order'applies also
to tbe trsp* *tatlonHl at Klkin*. Fort Sill,
IlH—lli and (iuthrui.
UOMUM at FWrt Mmmm.
HT I.rrrt*. No. ZT. ^ien Merrltt has ra
re) ved dispatches from the Indian terrlt4iry
to tlie effect that the Indian* la the vicin
ity of Ftrt M«no are somewhat unsettled,
due to the Messiah craxe. Mo trouble is
Nearly Doneod Out.
WASMUMITON NO* 27 Advice* received
at the war department from the seftt of the
Indian trouble* are rea**urta» and Indicate
the subsidence of the ghost daace.
Uaysrts Prssssswtl aa M1sl*adlag.
Flnt.AIIKI.PHI A. Nov 2*. Mr N Met.II
tleuddy. former agept at Pint Kldge, tele
graphs "The newspaper reports of tbe
Pine Ridge situation are misleading. Mat
ter* now under coutrul with a 1
tea una 1)1*
ending in view
Mwnntor Ps|h
Mocr«HiHBliV Ala-. Nov. 5a.—Senator
ii wa* elected I'nlted State* senator this
mora tag hy the legislature to succaiA W»
Armetad for Coaaptrnejr.
cos.sTANTiJ»ori.x, Nov *8 Twenty Ar
menian official* and a score of otnera have
bw®n arrested at ism Id for «o«plracy.
ON acrouoi of the dlffemncoi of opin
tha on the nocihl question whioh «x)«t
amoug the various Catholic bishop* the
pope ha* dc^'itl*''! to create1 a s|»e«-lal com
nieaiuii of cardinal*, of evorj natloh
allty, to study the problem and formu
late rule* for the attitude of tlto epiacd-
Flffwro* el
Porter** Verified
Census sf !*M.
WAaNiNriT«ii. No» v* Mipt. I'ortnr ban
cfwnph'led his inal determlivalion of th*
popnlation *tatkstk-s of the country. Tba
uwal differs hy 141,710 from that contained
in the bulletin lueued from the census bn
rean on vtThis change I* due to th®
correction of errors In what Is termed tba
Mr*t or rough count and tbe addition Sf
namtv* ascertaiaed to have been omlttgd
f«»wi the enumeration The verhled poptt
latkm of tfcK' I'nlted State* in Isti® Is
iS®. By states and divisions as follow*:
Maine IWl ,'ifV *iurl '.'.rtTM.IIM
N Hami'-idre 3TT« North Dakota txs.7M»
Vermont JCCi.4SK South Dakota
Ma**a,lui«®tls..tjii:».tfU{ N-ir»nka
Hhislr tsl.iad K.oi*.n
'onnwtii yt„ v iiK Jfsi ivMitin Iqr ..
New York \lV7.Hfki 'iVmie-Bee
New J-'r^y l,nt At: Alatanin
ivnns lv aala.. .lose »i 4 Mi*K».4Ml.
Delawar,- 1W «t" L«Mil*t *na.
Mary laud Mtv*' Teva*
Dist Columbia :«/.' ikiahoma
\"lrgtniii l.tvv..tM) Ark.n'.-ns.
West Virginia. Monuuia
Njrtli Carolliuil.ftir i»l7 Wyoming
Houth caro|inai,J I ITV 0IR:I.B»
tjeorgla I.K'r :fi! N.-W Mgglro
Florida Art/otib
IHJIO. airv. !L« RTAB..
Indtami .. KM Neva.!:* i.
lllinot* Itttlio ,4
Mt' higan t,t" W-t*iiii|glmt.
Wisconsin, l.ftsr..SMI n-vgt.n„
Minnesota. 'alltornta
i.nr ivw
ukf. tan
tl'i, IW
I.^UH, I'M
Pal# Pt,OM to the
DRNVKH. NOV. M.—HULT ha* been COA»^
ntenced in the dlatrict court by KJ. on an.
nf Chicago, against Mary illake. of tbta
city. Ui recover K.Mii ulleged to have lie«a
obtained on fal*« pretensi-* In ItM*. J. B.
Blake died In Michigan City, leaving ajt es
tate of 91* .(HM to hi* widow. Mary Htak®.
with whom he had not llvwd for sevefnl
years, Jon®* wa* appolntel executor, and
after a couple of year*' search found a
woman wl.o to hi* satisfaction proved h«r
self to the Mary Hlakc wantiMl. She
suceeded In getting frtMn Jones and
came to Denver Home time afterward th®
true widow of the testator appeared and
demanded the money. Mr. one* imme
diately came here and demanded the return
of the cash, but failed to rec*Mve K Therw
Is property valued at probably w^lch
ha* been lev lad upon
AM unknown'dlseas® Is carrying off hun
deeds of horse* fa v
a Hows part* nt Kentucky.
A Himon to dhwli* the. Indlctmeata
against Ive* aad Htaynor. of New Ytirk. ha*
been denied
A mas reiM-m bllng Padtewakl. the s«n
pected murderer of Gen. Hellvwvwkoff. baa
been arrested la Part*.
IN a gale off Of*ten. Norway• forty bogie
of a
fteet were aunk and IK daws-
aged. Twenty-wlffht iahcraina laat their
Tiir. British ship ^udhourtie. from Ham
burg for ItangisMi. has been sunk In colli
sion off Dungenass. Eleven of her crew are
mhtslag. ..
Tin. ltrttish s
tea ate West Bourne.
Feodosio. Kussla, for liall. ha*
wrecked in the Black aea. Six of her crww
were drowned and twelve died front ex
THK Bome ixwrwspondent of the London
New explain* that the 'Catholic leadata
have Induced the pope to permit the foriaa
tlon of a Catholic party In tb* Italian par
THX Influenta Is spreadlug rapidly la
Hungary. .'.000 cases having lieen reported.
The disease has a distinctly typhoid
character. Thus far f®W cases hare re
suited fatally.
MAHMHAI. FRKT made a cewm* of Balti
more by the police. Ill* totals an-: White*.
pt4.:MU. colored, Tl'.wa Uital. 4M..TS4. Tbe
I'nlted Stat«* census aggregate wa* 4:U.I3I.
SI.AVIS, the pugilist, has begun suit for
llhel agulnst one of the I^ondon Sunday pa
pers, which contained a statement reflect
ing upon hi* conduct In the recent ight
with McAuliffe.
A Hwrivgn ba* been appointed for th®
property of O'Donovan Bo***- The receiv
ership 1* the result of a verdict for damage*
obtained hy Patrick S. Cas*ldy for lltiel la
the i nilfii Jrithmttn.
Two conductor* on the Chicago A F.a*Lerw
Illtnol* are under arr»-*t In Chicago charged
with Intimidation. They had taken an ac
Hve pari in tTie arm.«T-oa Oi
wa* settled Mondav.
Ax Immense amount of damage has
done by flood* throughout Holland. A
large number of bridge* and many dyke*
have been destroyed. The Island of
Marken. In the Zuyder xee. Is Inundated
JriMiK Crt.l.KN. lu tbe aupreme court in
Br*kiyit, has granted a stay of prtx-eod
lugs to tbe sugar trust, uhlch prevent* the
,recei%er*i and all court officer* fr»im taking
charge of the affalnrof tbe trust.
THE asort* of It. ii. Peter*, of HlohlfM,
who recently failed, are decreasing and th®
liabilities Increasing. The creditors will
probably order the sale of tlie property to
pay the debt of |2,5tM.000.
THK suit brought last spring by Mr*.
O'Shea against her husband for th® enforce
ment of her miirrlage settlerii«-nt and to
compel Capt OS
lie* to transfer «oher ear
tain interest*, ha* been withdrawn.
Nixn persons were found lying unoon
aclous in a building which had been set om
ire lu Chicago. Tbey were safely removed
and will recover. The ftrebug wa* caught
In tbe act hy a policeman, but escaped
AT liree«i Ultlge. Pa.. Jcsieph Ford guar
rele«l with his wife and struck her, wh®re
upon hi* l.'-year old son m«1x«m1 a stiotgua
aad dl*charg«"«l tbe content* tn hla fathar'®
neck. Ford cannot reoovc-r.
A RIMA*I IAI. crisis preeatt* In lawns
Ayre*. S««ver*
1 credit houses have ckamd.
There was a tumult on tbe bourse, aad tba
police were called upon tu quell the dis
turbance. ttold ts)*ald to have reached W,
Two Mush Par Mlm.
(iworge hat s the mattal^ CMNyY
You look overcoitu old fel.
holly -"I am, cliawpple. A geutle
man passed me just now and bis shadow
fall ou ne. Juat Uuuk of It!" MctrtUt
AI l« VI OK* invade the lich house* of
Louisiana planters. A resident of
Plaqueiuiite parish, liearlnff aconimotkMi
anioug In* buldie* a few nighl* ago went
(tut U discover the aurv. and wa* grop
iiig iu thw dark when wituethiHg snapped
at him. cutting a ga^h lit th check
KriM-uring a lanU-rn and xnuunoniag
help, he found a big allifator, which wa*
killed aud found to tueaaore eleven feat
ten Inches in length, with a head IfNi
aaA n teatf itttk teae*

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