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4 S o "»w
tUMuli of the Meeting At Sioux
Falls of the Slate Can
ing Board.
By Somewhat Hf-
4used K^oritifti.
#HNj!c!if)ns Hade as to Who wmtos
Be Elected Senator—Other Pb-
Bieit Gossip.
mors IX* a. Hpecial A. month
%M passed since the iwnt election and the
prejudicial partisan claim* have fMl"d
Ml the plain, cold facts art- mm before tbe
O«op|« Tin* iUM* run asslnc board mfl
yeeterday and canvassed the return*. which
ulitt all tin? republican ntste oflicera, hut M»
majorities am reduced about 20,IMM) F«»W last
rear. The following Is undoubtedly tbe
««rr«rt complex too of the legislature
-Republicans,^!, lnd»p»ndenU,U dam
•KVfitat, ». {Tht« omlln the Union county dis
arm. In which the Independent* elected
'.Mr uaa at ih« lata election. which n»*
MMitalt* a new election.) House Repub
lican*. «0. Independent*. 45. democrat#,
», Conceding the I nloo county senator to
tk* independents the republican* wlli hare
Rl)rity of I in the senate and the oppo
«Mlnn a majority of 3 In the bouse which
•ovld five the fusion
1st* a majority of 5
Jolal ballot, thus securing the election of a
Oaiud h*»te» senator. pro* ided tha* huld
tofdlMr. Hut the question !». oan they do
The IwMtoiM Owtleefc.
At tin prfwnt time there are three aa
•mWiiK fl cundkliito* for the eeaate In tlM
(1 MISHI), republican. Bartlett
Tripp, democrat, and A loiiro W»rd#ll, tn
«epradent- HMH«* theae there are muny
•lark borwe* who are willing to hold down a
•hair in the upper bouae of txwjraw Your
«trreapoudeul want* to make a prophecy,
•ad that N that neither of the three gentle
oMti mentioned above will be the next
limited States senator fmw thi* state. (Vn
ator Moody Is very confident of a re-elec
rioa. He racofnltM the fact that lb* re*
(Nihllcano are In a alight majority In the
legislature, but he banks on the straight
upehliciin vote, and I* confident of enough
acquisitions from the opposition U elect
•ntaa Just where these are to come front
«Mt doe* not iay. lie oan not expect any
l«aiocrat!c support, and judging from the
-«S4#»TI I les». war waged upon hint by the lu
before election It I* doubtfa I
be can safety count on any support from
A»t direction The senator will mak« a
•tart fight and die gam*.
of tk« A»ptraat»
amirng tin other name- men tamed ae
w«M4* senatorial candidate* are Oawwreaa
«ai»J*i«ki**., John W. Hardin
««», h. of' mm mrt^
m. iMw, *. UmtMtrn O
i)ram and Hon. M. E. Vouug, of tbtoi city.
And In the lluronian languure your •corre
spondent would «»ay. keep your wye on
Tickler and Hardin. If the repub­
lican*. despairing »f Meody'n election,
«bould go to Fickb't. there in BO question
but that enongb Independent* would flock
htm to elect hin Mr Hardin l« a formwr
•iMBOcrat. and he to «nqwMtkmably the
only Independent who can command the
jmHre democratic vote.
What C4»»*rw«»maa ««ard Mgra.
Alnicfwtman (liffortl on a recent vlait to
llli city reuiarked that he thought the
•dwRtlon of a I'altMl Htatec senator de
peaded to a considerable extent upon the
organisation of the lower branch of tfc*
!e/Uiature. Fnmi a gentleman who w»»
yre*«rit a* a d#legaU» u the recent Farmer'*
alllatir-e meeting at Mitchell It is learned
*hat Itnrtlett Tripp and a number of other
]e«iiocratl- ••fartuent" were prw»nt, and a
oimhlnation wan effected whereby the Inde
peadetit* and demvcrat« would go ahead
*u»l orsr»nm thr nmisp. Arrortlmy tw Mr
]|fnrd thlM would look bad for the republl
rnna. but Just what bearing the orgaulM
\l«m u( the boUM« will have before the elec
tioa of a United HtatWM senator. In thl« in
•etwene. h» hartl to »ee. li**« Jloberl llu
••hanan. of thu city. In a candidate for
«p**ker, and will undoubtedly be the
sholce of the republican eaucu*. Mr Hu
.ikuao i» an old Iowa new*paj»er man. and
U In every way quaHtlt*! for the |imlti»n
and If by any clrcuni'-t:Hi.,e he ahould
bleated to the position the bo«#« wow Id
Have a prealdlng offeer wlwi Wt»uld be a
cfwdit to the »tutr.
Jate In Dewaaid.
IMMIW Klttredge. of thin Ctlf. Ufa Mttt
iu'dg nK from the application* whlcti ht la
•wnnlvlnk' for p*wtltioi»H In the next iogUla
ntre every resident of the «taU I* looklag
for a job. Not a instil nrri vt— but he
front om- u »!.\ of tlovM' h'tu ra.
Te fte«fca«e Uqaor I'aaalUeB.
II i* reported how* that one of the irat
M^veH after the legislature will be
«tM» IntrtHluetlon of bill lo«king to the rut
fcian down of the amount of flue and the
•hf»)i*hlng of the penitentiary claune In the
H|M prohibiting the sale of liquor
XMawstraaa Reaalta wf tba IHliNlf Vlaa
Pi rrs»t?««i. IHJC. ft. —The ire which broke
wd III the Maglnnls cracker factory early
yesterday morning was not extinguished
until four large loilldltig blocks w«n» con
sumed. The buildingx destroyed were of
Iarte*, seven storie* high, and w ereisvuplad
the Maginni* cracker house. II and W.
•iapkinson. whola»a tobacco Oraham a
atove* aad hardware, aad Harris 4
tin,, wholesale druggUta. The five firemen
who were Injured by falllag walh are doing
w«n. except Kustroth. who will probaldy
.|t» Fireman Tlegers Is still missing and It
t% jfearad he l« burled beneath UM^ rulaa.
toMtl loss is entlmattsl at 9*110.Qee
rear af mm lr»a»a*.
HT Lottia. )ec 5. A special from OMa
t»oaia t'lty says the settlers about Frisco, a
aaaell village near there, are in fear of an
ladian uprising Within a mile and a half
»rftor village 4.090 Indians are encamped,
tad their whoops and yells cau Is* beard
daf aad ulght Settler* from the nurrouitd
tag country iff fls-klag into the village,
4*4 i. guarii »S kept up day and night.
Oeo Merrlu, la mmntwad of this depart- 1
has beeu appealed to for i»otactl«». I
UaiaiMiai^ Bask rails.
I#c. 5.-It i* repr»rt«l that
,.»er bank at Mradrtllr Pa., has
t#eorj e W. Daiamater. lata rapubli
caadulate for govaraor, was preeldeat
toatk Dakota ««r Vom« a Lartt Jtw»oww®
Piswn. a.
—The r.jgl^er
receiver of the Pierre land offlew baa ra
ce Wed n dodnloo rendered by l^and "oo»
»tlMdm«r Uoff, of the general land ofBce,
thick affect* douth Dakota in the matter
Of It* indemnity school land* to the extent
Of Mtme 40,000 acre*. In accordance with
the -tttt« enabling act the la*t leflnlaturt*
ordered that Land CWNaniUwloner Parker
priM-««ed to wlf't the »CIHOI land)* of the
State known a* Indemnity land* granied
account of deflciency in the original aur
*ey* and other rea^im. Thewe altosrether
amounted to about 7o,0®0 acre*. Accord
ttiR to hU interpretation of the enal4lng
act ('oiuo)lMliuir Parker applied at the
tend oflkw for ll»e whole amount of the
landi due In thi* dl*trlet, tbtaking
UIKOI more valuable than could be
foond In any of the other dlatrlct* of the
•tatr. Thin appilcatloa I# now denied by
the general laud office. In the decUloa re
ceived. which I* baaed by Oumtniiwdoner
(htW on the precedent In oth*r ataU-w in thi*
matter, he c»n*lder» the ilelnltiiiB of the
enabling act in HII flic lent to controvert. Thin
aiean* In other word*, that the »taU* nhall
aelect the Indwoinlty latidk of each district
from the district in which they occur A*
stated tbl*. It ia estimated, would reault In
a UatM of aooiething like 40.000 acre- of theee
landx to the nchool fund. In the Huron,
Aberdeen and J'lerre dL"»trlct* sulttcient gov
ernrownt land* remain to provide for thla,
but In the Watertown, YankUm aod Mit
chell district* iwta* of thewe ianda retuala.
The «tate will appeal the de wion of 'oat•
taMtmer (ioff to the aecretary of the In
terior. aa he suggests, a»d Attorwey-Oen
eral Ifcdlard l* preparing the papers In the
Ahawdew Their XatHttsa
Tk*« Will He#
Tenr Tb«ir Alllla^a
('IIH'AOO. IHm:. Ttmiii** P. OTonnor
authorizes the Ai««»clsted I're»i» to make for
blm and his colleague* the followtur wtat«
ment In aniwer U the statetuent published
in this c*Mintry and telegraphed to Kngland.
to the effect that at a conference yesterday
the IrMi envoys had decided u abandtm
their American tour: "It 1* not true. No
such decision ha* been arrived at. It Is
true that we have postponed the holding of
a number of meetings which had been ar
ranged foi ThU wa« done chiefly because
have held them would have nocewsltated
the separation
the party, which in deemed
Inadvtsable under existing conditions. Fur
thermore. we felt that If we held them we
wookl be obliged to %pesk of matters con
cerning which we deemed It advUable to
remain client for the prenent. Our attitude
bt simply one of expectancy, and will au
oontlnue until mtmv* deMatto AwMm hi
reached on the uther side.'
Vwwa fPaaOqwarfawni H'-Mlpt «f »w»
j^itvM KtuMldwl at JDe* M«is*.
I«s MotNitf la. Der„ f. Headquarters
have been opened,In thl» city for the re
o-lpt of supplie* to l»e sett Into the crop
failure districts of Nebraska and Oklahoma
and canvasser* are at work In behalf of the
sulferers. A commission appointed by )ov.
Thayer, of Melra»ka, ha* subwituSI a re
port showing an almost total failure of
crops In twelve counties, and 10,900 families
are in want In Frontier county there are
8,0Xi people and some of them are becom
ing deeper ate The extended drouth
ruined all crops. Wheat only yielded one,
or at moat, two bushel* to the acre. There
are no vegetables The Nebranka commit
tee say that the destitution Is greater than
that caused by the JohnstowB flood or the
C'hicaoo tire
This Is the A mount mf tha Mortgage ia
dahlein**! of the liaitad Mstss
WAF»HINOTT*N, lh»c. 5.—Tbe inquiry of tha
census fllce InUi the mortgage indebtednoss
la nearly tMmipleted. The report will be
vt-ry luffrwittBir and valuable.
aearly 2.000 counties, only ten remain at
the present unlliiiHhcd, the mortgage* for
ten yeun having Iweri abstracted from the
reiirdu A total of ninii'tlilnu over fH&O,
hi mortgagR* has been I*HIW!, the
largest uumlwr in th«* western states. Rel
atively speaking, the southern states were
found to be much fraer from t{»ese Incum
brances than the northern An exception,
however, W this Is noted In tha newly da
vuiuped manufacturing districts of Ala
bama. Tennessee aud Ooorgla. In districts
like that of Hlrmlngham. the mortgage la
debtedneaH I* large, but *0 cent, of It
has been contracted for purchase money,
plants, lauds, etc. lit other districts of tbe
south, mortgages are given as security for
"farm supplies."
Tht* Is an unimportant objactof indebted-
|he uorth.
,1*sw Acawt at Ptetanrta«r.
I'I.AIKVISW. Dei* ft.—hpo-lal: Jan.es
Bunfleld Is the new Pacific s»h«irt Llae sta
tk.ii sgent at tliN place, having takea tha
place of H. WIMKI, transferred to Allen as
station agent. Mr. W«H*1 while agent here
wtm the confidence and esteem of all with
whom he had dealing* and we are sorry to
lose him The people of Allen are to be
congratulated ou account of his being eent
amoiiK (hem. and we wish him success.
Mr. Hunheid. hi* aucceneor. is au old rail
road uiao. and no doubt will flit tha poaltloa
ntadc v meant by Mr. Wood's transfer cred
A severe mow storm struck this city
Thursday morning. High wind prevailed
at the same ttuiu aud a genuine Nebraska
blixxard was looked for, hut Itoaly I—led a
short thaa.
To Bmj tha Charsko Oatlat.
TiHLgiAH I. T.. Iks- The ixitnmisaloo
afipolHtwl by the Cherokee nation to aego
tta'.e with Ute Halted State* r»*ernmeat
OCtnimlsitkin for tbe sale of the Cherokee
outlet, met yesterday and organ heed, and
afterwards met with the government com
mission A method of procedure was
adopted and an adjournment was taken un
til to-morrow Tbe most friendly relations
exist between the comtiiS*»ion*. and a »p«*edy
aad favorable terra (nation of the Hegotla
tlons Is expe«-UHl.
Rates arrant CM«a«« Ch- Peel fie.
ligicjMW. Dar. The Weaterr. I'asst.-ngef
awas iati'-ii ha* decided u, advance the rate
from Chicago u Haclfic .*»*«• js.l'.u. IHk*
1ft. from *72 M), irat-ciaw*. td 178, and from
tlT.50 to t5« *«wxad-class T»'!s aetion was
taken in conformity with the demand of th
trauK-utHiliuentai aiMoctatlon llncw for I*'
rtl Ihtt tJjPitilhirli
At the
A Call for That Purpose Issued
to Be Held in Febru
ary Next.
The Same Hal Presented to the Ra­
tional Alliance, But to Be CirM*»
lfctad lor Si^njUurea.
fWWrtHty of a Presidential TteUt
Being Put in the Fieid^Other
IK AI.A. Fla Bee 5.- At yesterday fler
ninw'i *esslon of the National Fanners
alliance the delegatloe representing the
citizen*' alliance of Kansas were intro
duced by Col Livingston, of tieorgta. and
all made addre*ses, the nubstance of which
was that their organisation was deaply In
terested in the success of the farmers' move
ment that both bodies were practically
working on the same line, and that they
saw no reason why merchants, traders,
druggists, etc.. should aot unit* to pron*ot
insf tHUa nuivemant They asked fur a com
mittee of «*infer*»nce to arrange for closer
relations lietween the OltUens' aHlan*
and the national alliance The r«-juest
was granted and the iionirnlttee wi ap
Delegate from the New York Working
men's lie forna ieturtM aad tha AnU-Mooo^
oly leag tie addresaed the x»aventloo. say
ing. among other things, that mechanics*
aad laborer* In c'.tlew were as much iit*j»»nd
ent upon the industrial condition of the
country as the farmers were and should be
eligible to membership in the alliance tk»L
Livingston, in reply, said they would heat
keep their own separate organization as at
pre«ent, but »hould fraternUie more cl"««djr
aud «*onfer more fr«q'iently ujMn measures
of putlic p»llcy He recommended co-oper
atlon and and fraternity with other na
tional bodies, but not consolidation.
In an In interview with an Associated
Press representative Delegate IHivU «ald a
call for a national conference to be held aa
Feb. Ta next. wi*Ji a view u forming n#v
party has l»een drawn up. It indor»" tha
alliance platform adopted at St. Loata
and Invltas all organlxatlons In sym
pathy to sead delegate-, to Cincinnati
Jays down four propositions with refer
ence to national reforms—flnauce. trans
portation. land a^d labor. Further tttaht
this Its ruoUinis will not be made .jubllo
y«*t DavlH thought the iMHjventlon *ould
undoubteitly result in placing a presiden
tial ticket in the Held In 1»W. Tl«e caii #111
not be pruseated to the nationul alltsoea.
but will be circulated for signature* ia
thirty-six alliance states, and iwrbaps taJ
alt the slat#* of the union.
Thare Is considerable IndUraatloai amcew
correspondeBt'* over the failure nt rhi TV^SSAUML^'
c*uuotttet. which wa* to five out Inform
•lo«, to perforti* Ita duty. A Igoroi pm
t«a»t was made to Praaldant Ml. The
policy of the alliance aaeoiH to be oaaof
tbe nirlctest secrecy.
At last evening's session. J. A. Pl- kler
wngressman-elect from Houtb Dakota
(•poke on the sub-treasury bill. lie naid It
was the key note of the flnaucia! condition
of tbe country in the future, tie adviw-ated
the free coinage of sliver aad rajtarded the
transportation problem a* ot the greatMt
The National Colored alffknee yesterday
afternoon discussed a resolution condemn
ing the actUm of the white alliance In pars
ing the r«Molutlon In opptsiltlon to the fed
eral election* bill, because such action has
no reference whatever to the alms and pur-
pose* of organization. The opinion* ex
pretMted were not so much In favor of the
bill aa In condemnation of the
white slliauce for going out of Its way u
meddie in politico A reiadutIon was adopted
condemning the Confer lard 1411 aad pray
ing for the paaaage of DM Paddock pure
food bill.
of the
Puget Hound point*.
last night a delegation of tbe colored
alliance was received and several speeches
were made, all I ad testing the leaning of the
colored alllausce toward a new political
Lecturer Tracey. of the white alliance. In
his speech said pointedly "Kefore we
leave this place we must establish a politi
cal federation with thetVdored Fanners' al
liance. I mean business. There must be
aa fuuitsbness about it."
Will right «sr tlaa Champiaaahlp
ABEMIIKKN. D., Dec. 5. A prixe light for
the championship of Houth Dakota. $1(H) a
wide and ".* par cent, of the gate receipts,
wlli be fought on the ilth ix-tween Jack In
KslU. of Columbia, and Arthur Mcllughes
of this city, late of Kankakee. III. Tbe
battle ground has not been selected, but It
{Is to be within seventy-five miles of Aber
deen, probably at some point In North Da
kota. Tbe men are heavy-weights and are
said to be quite clever. Hoth are training
here aad iagaits l« la the haeda of tius
Meek«ir, a well-kaowa ipoHlag taaa of IHi
A fair faiagglH.
Wash.. Dec. 5,—A prtttjr Iwtli
smuggler was arraated here yesterday #be
gave her name as Mrs Aldeliieour and was
companled liy a little hoy. Khe had a
vails* filled with fine silks, laces and em
broidery, which had I wen smuggled acroas
the British 4 olumbla line Wha' lia* been
suspe'ted for some time owing to her fre
quent trips to Victoria. Every time she re
turn* well laden with silks and other line
goods on which no duty had been paid
There Is a noticeable Increase In smuggling
Tha Papa aad Prti
LJINDOK. IMc. ft. —The French republican
newspapers comment unfavorably on the
special marks of good will shown by the
pope to the Prince**. Helen of Orleans, who
was Invited to breakfast at the pope's own
table. This action of his bollneas Is con
sidered aa Indicating friendliness to MM
monarchlal pretensions of the h«*u*« of Or-
SO'rtrn ^lOi CITY Neb., Bet!. 5.
Hpeclal: The mentbera of the council are
managing the affairs of the city la sueti a
matiner ft* t. cause a flow of righteoaa lit*
dtgnaMou to fall o» their devo(u«d '.eads*
Their last order for aldewaiks aioug unuse«|
streets doea not axaictly eailt the hvaragw
taxpayer as being just the thlag to do with
itm i it*
loon i radar
Iprw U» tbe Agwwey —(tea. Mil**'
WASHiftOTfK, Ie*. 4ian l»olielU te
eet»»-d telegram from »en. Urt.toKe e«ter
daf afternoon buying that forty lodjtesof la
dlaa« have left the Kosebud agem-y since Uw
ruaaosal of the camp acrm« tht- White rivw
to the edge of the "bad lands,'" and that
thare are stmug symptom* nt dlsentegra
tloti. as tlmut half of the IrKllaus seem will
lag to come back to the agency. Una.
IlKMfce also say» frwu all he can gather aa
to thalr int«nlkitu tlie majority nf the la
dtans want hi cuiut back War departmeat
HK'ialM »re much j{ratl6ei at thl- intelll-
ita. Hi las* naMk
r*ee. 5—Men. Mlle*#ew**6*t ha
•111 gv» to the iKHiUiWflst in a day or two to
dl*et the military arrangement* helag
made In the Indian country The general
aatd be had overwheinlng evidence that
th Indians had been wufTerlng for foo"1 for
M»- years past, aad one of the principal
cause* of disaffection is this fact. He said
oa object of hi« v Kit to Washington wa to
V/tUP the necessity of lmme«i^al• relief.
TtM necretary of the itiUnor has orderad
en increase of ratiom- aod has asked coa
gre-M to appropriate the necessary numey.
An order has fiavn wnt out from the In
terior department, to ugvnts on duty among
th" iljatx laatructlng them that during tbe
present Indian troubles they wilt txt-oper
W- with aad obey the order* of military of
•r eoaantaadiaK Uoopa on the reserva-
y»ash Crop Mary of Mprlsf
daeeo tar Wiat#r.
RtrtAU). I»ee 5 There Bow no doubt
thtii there wlH be a big sh#rtage of c«»al at
V.!*" head of I^k« Superior and a «cant sup
ply at Chicago, Milwaukee and other lake
fp rtsatth# close Of navigation. This is
•*H**?lally true of bituminous coal. Hoft
fiwi caanot now be bought oy lake «hlppers
ai any price. The aim among shippers at
pn-^ent i» simply to fulfill contracts made
i*»t kprlng. and sonte of litem will not sue-
I even In this. Tbe Lake Superior trade
»ulTer niost. Railway coiupanleH in the
l*!trsburg district have failed to furnish
r»r,, and have made extra demands u|su
,ti mines for their own supplies on account
of increasing general trafRc. Miners have
turned attention to manufactories In and
around Pittsburg, and the supply of labor
bos been short. These, with other causes,
have restricted the lake output aaill now
there is no hope of reaching tbe aggregate
of shipment* anticlpau*d last spring. Pricaa
ha%e otlffeaed and the figures deinandinl ijr
the miners have been in many caacs much
higher than on early sales Milwaukee's
rwcr-ipte ot bard cosl to Oct«»oer ar«* S2.MII
uttif. alK»rt of the previoa* year to say aoth
if a natural Increase In hualnuaa. which
h»uld IM'
United Mtates laws and the laws tbemseivae
In many districts will have little respect.
In proeecutlons for vlolatioueof tiiei lectl«ii
laws In several district* convictions and
pleas of guilty have been obtained in a large
number of cases As fcu Illustration,
however, of the diMcultle* met hi such
prosecutions, the district attorney for a
certain district reports that In. one county,
a number of who»e cltlxens were oonvlcted
of violations of the election laws, the county
court ordered ail the lines aad i-ost* as
eassed agnlnst he in in tbe United tales
r«urtsto l» paid out of tbe county treasury,
aad In another county, a member of whoet
eltiaams were In like manner convicted
pleaded guilty to such offenaea In the
United Htates coun. fl.WH) was aetually
paid out of the couaty treasury upon auch
Inei aad asu. in one
speak for themselvaa.
day. Theee teets
Kad «f a Prtson Seaadal.
8*. FAIL. Dec ft. The great M'aadal at
the MInnenota stat^- priaon has resultad In
the resignation of Warden Randall on a di
rect request from Gov. Merrlam. Tbe
realrnaiiott grew out of the scandaloW
ehargea that Mr Uandall permitted Dole
Younger, the leader of tbe North tie Id bank
robbery and wholesale butchery in 1*T®, to
go Inside the prlaorj walk* unguarded and
that another notorious convict has lieew al
lowed to leave the penitentiary aad paMa a
night In an orgle many mtUa* away In Ok
Croix ctH»nty. Wisconxtn.
LIA. Minn Dec ft.»D*fceharia
is prevailing u» an alarming axtant la the
•outheru part of the eounty aad a urn
Parnell Will Retire From the
Chairmanship If the Irish
Members Say So.
K« Ma at Length With OM Ctaoy
proposal and Dieolooee Hit
Ia kngrj
Ihisl of Words Follows
Remarks ladk by Healy—
General Neva.
l.osiKs, Ixc s, ft is reported that at a
meeting of his adherents ia*t ntirht Parnell
promised to abide by the decision of the
majority of the Irish members on the value
of ti lads tone's asaur&nce* The supporters
of I'umell are confident that iiladatoee's
aar.urances will prove lnadtquat»-.
At the opening of tbe meeting yeetarday
AexUm deuled tbat he bad ever proposed
to Parnell to retire from public life, aad
said that be only meant that be should ru
tin from the chairmanship of the party.
I'arnell thet. pn«ce»xlt-u to deal at leaffth
with the Clancy proptieal He d(«cidcd he
could not bind himself to retire until he
could see Gladstone's reply. HI* poel
tlon had tieen granted blm not merely as
leader of the party, hut leader of the na
tion. This had been derived from circum
stances in which, speaking with tbe grrateet
respect, his hearers had no nhare After
•peaking of his service* la assimilating and
soothing the prejudices of tbe discordant
elements of the Irish throughout the world.
Parnell said. "You know and I know there
is no man living, if 1 am gone, who could
succeed in reconctliag H»e feelings of the
Irish people u* the Hawarden proposals.
As you wish to withdraw from me this re
sponsibility I think It only reasonable tbat
you Mhould give judgment on tho»e matters
for the benefit of your constituents. There
fore I
Ma **s
k«IA|Ml«ayOsn»rsl Mllla
A a a a e s s e
Waaniworoa. Dae. 6. Attor?w»y-Oeneral
Miller, in bis annual report. »ays there is
urgent necessity for the building of I tilled
Rtates }alla at points where the average of
United states prisoners K 100 or more. Vlgl
lam efforts have been made, he says, to en
force legislation Including Chlueee immigra
tion. liy the co-operutton of the treasury de
partment it Is believed that most of the at
tempts to cross the border have been frus
trated. as have the attempt* to bring Chi
nese directly through the ports of tbe
United 8tate» upon the Pacific. In regard
to the reorganization of tbe judiciary. It l»
earnestly hoped that the legislation, now
far advanced, will not bo permitted to fail.
The attorney-general devote* considerable
space to denunciation of the cane aad fee
making abuses, snd says they call for
most careful consideration aud vigorous
treatment at the hands of congress. In re
gard to the dldlculty of enforcing the law,
the attorney -general says tbe enforcement
of the internal revenue laws and the United
States election laws Is particularly re
alsltsd St-rtml as^astslnaliuna of o&casa
and wltnesees with the purpone of ImptHllug
the execution of the laws and orders of the
United Ntates o»-curred during tlie past
year. Within the last ten days a deputy
marshal In attempt lag to »erve a warrant
for tlie arrest of a man for violation of the
postal laws was shot and instantly killed by
the man sought to be arrested: aud on pre
liminary examination before a mag
istrate of the state the prisoner
wa.s pn»mptly discharged. It is cer
tainly an aaomaly on a government that
tbo»a who bare committed murder for the
purpose of stopping proaecntiou In the "fed
eral courtn should not only not be punished
but not even be put upon trial In tlx state
courta. Ho long a- persons who kill
o (Ik-era. witnesses or jurors for the
purpoae of Impeding the adminietra
ion of Justice can only be tried
and panlshed In federal courts for
minor oIleuses the administration of the
this resolution: "That the
no borne rule bill ualeaa It
gives Immediate control of police aad power
to deal with land.' Mr Gladstone la capa
ble of work ing to weeure a majority at the
elections which will render him Independ
ent of both the Irish and conservative par
ties. If you throw me to nim get my value
by securing the pledge of a satisfactory
home rule bill."
ll« was willing to do his best to retMutdle
the pn-ludicwuf tbe Irish people in regard
to tbe control of the police In the Mil of
1HM "And Gladstone kaows," he contin
ued. that In striking me down he strikes
dowa the only man that could make that
measure acceptable to Ireland. Was 1 to
keep the Hawarden seal on tuy mouth when
himself put it out of aay power to
Mtu a In longer silent V"
In conclusion. Parnell made reference to
what he termed (JUd-l..m «m1!guity, aad
aatd: "I have had many dealings with hint,
but never got a straight aaewer.
if his fParnell's) reaolutlon is acrapdad
and the liberal reply is satisfactory he
would place hitpself in their hands.
Healy expressed amasement at Paruell'*
speech and protasted against adding any
new condition** to the Clancy reNolutlon.
Parnell, he aald, wanted to withdraw tbe
question of leadership and substitute dis
cussion on bourn rale. They ouuld get
neither strtght cMiduetnor straight anaaren
from him.
Parnell replied that he bud given bl*
answer He regretted it was not considered
straight. But by it be would stand or fall.
Healy- Then you will fall. What's the
itae of further discussion?
A tremendous uproar followed. Leaiuy
shouted Away with him'" John O'Oonuer
yelled ••Crucify htm!" snd a scene of wild
disorder ensued. When quiet waa finally
restored liealr said nothing could change
his determination to depsu» Paraell. The
latter was no greater than the malorlty of
the party, yet he talked of defying It.
Healy believed there would be enough
state-rmanwhip left hi the Iwatghted major-
Ity who opposed Parnell to take a course as
statesmanlike a» that of ISM, Then Healy
read portions of Parnell's speei-h delivered
at a birthday taliquet six months after tbe
Ua»ard*»M iet-ervft-w. techirin| tnw tnde•
pendeuce of the Irish party aod eulogising
the alliance with Gladstone.
An angry duel of words followed. Healy
repeating Parneil's recent remarka about
Gladstone and finishing by aaking: "Wbo
broke the alliance?"
Parnell and Nolan hath IMtllli, "The
Gludstoue letter!"
Healy retorted. "It perished from the
•tench of the divorce court."
Parnell replied that If tbe Gladstone tot
ter itad not been written the alliance Would
have tjwen maintained.
Healy defended Gladatone. He eald Par
nell liespattered that gentleman's gray
hairs with mud, and now wanted the IrUh
gentlemen, hat ia hand, to go and ask
Gladstone for terms. If Parnell succumbed
he was only one man gone. The heads of
greater leaders had been stricken off at the
block i»efbre now fur Irelaad, but the Irish
cause remained.
Mextou said he had listened to Healy with
regret. Would parnell resign, he askeo. If
the majority voted for the acceptance of
Gladstone reply.
Parnell—- Certainly.
listrry asktnl for a laMhar aaplaaatlon
and Parnell vehemently replied "I have
stated with diatlnctneea that 1 will not give
a furthar auawer.
Ma A at!
an Vet Vahaa,
LOWDOK, Dec. ft. —The cwmmMeee ap
poiated nt yesterday's meeting of the Irish
meml«er» of parllauo-nt to ctwifer with Glad
•totie. were with him an hour to-day. The
meeting of the nationalist party to amstder
the question of Partieii leadership as
•amblad at aoon to-dav. Iwt a* the commit
tee had not returned from the conference
with Gladstone, (an adjournment was taken
until 4 o'clock thin aftwrnooa.
AwaerMMsa hyaapathy
KAKUH CITY, L«ec 5, At a aaeetlng laM
night of Irbd) Americans resolutions wen*
adopted denouncing any attempt to deptwe
Parnell from the leadership of his party
indorsing his policy and expressing confi
4en-e in him. The substance of the. res
olution was immediately cabled to Parnell.
Gen. Middlwtaa'a eaaaasaei Arrivaa.
Orraw* Ont Dec. ft, Maj -Oan. Mar*
bert. th- new commandant of Canadian
Militia, succeeding Gen MiddiaUn. arrlvetl
here yeaterday The new, eopiau and ant's
axp»-rwnce in Hunala wlli he laralaabla ia
Canada where the climatlg ctmdltWna of
.ti'j'A'j. We a«e
Aeaaaat of ta* Kaar (isaai TaM If
llae K*pler*r Hisisslf.
Wtm Yoaa, Dec. ft.—Cbickering Hall waa
crowded Wednesday night to hear Henry
Ktaaley tell the full story of the low nf
the rear guard He said- "There are
others aj
1 ve wbo art far better qualified, if
they wruld, t-o publlnh the detail-, respect
ing the conduct of the rear comma or Its
oWcers However, as tbe public are clamor
ing for the story. I now proceed to give ft.
tH» June 34, 1st?. I delivered a letter of In
struction to Maj. Harttellot. It wt« not ua
til Aug. 17, litSM. fourteen nemths afte
separating from them, that I discovered
reasHis for publicly censuring tin- oflb ersof
the fwar columa. These reasons were mada
luanlfeat by the official report and oral ac
oUBti of the survlv ing iddcerx »f tbe rear
-olumn and by the awful state in whi«h
the forty-two men were found by as. It
tharefor»- devolve upoti iwe to explain tha
reason* of this censure. You have read tha
story in the TUm** signed by illlam Ht nay
Imagine the terrible story detailed to tne la
much tbe »ame way as it has beau written
It they had heea earnest in the aafsh tit
leave Yambuya they could easily have done
so. The tra«*k was clear before them. and.
inasmuch as they had prts-eeded tin without
retreating. It was a guarantee to them that
the road was clear Their reputations were
in their own band" to make or to mar. af
fording to how each acted Oue thing alona
was wanting, aod that was the spirit to act
and persevere la their work. What better
opportun sties conld five you eg men have
had to do beautiful and noble daerfn and fie
prove themselves thorough men!"
flow Be latrsgssas t.'ysUearosn Into Uaa
Hvaaa Kytan asd KUIs
Mia IMa
Niw Vnax Iec 9. A IxivdoM cable says:
The Hritlsh Medical aMSK iation has prints**!
in pamphlet form an addreae delivered a
few weeks ago to the student* at the gov
ernment iHWpital at Vienna by Prof. Moth-,
nage! and which points out that people
who keep lap dogs a» |iet» are running coa
slderatile rUk The profeaaur says that oee
of his patients, a lady of great areulth, re
cently died from a disease of the liver
-auned by cystlcercus. According to Pnif
Nothnagel thlx disease is rapidly increas
irig, and It 1s his belief tbat it Is spread by
the small lap dog* who lick tbem»el*es and
then kiss their owner's faces. Hy thla
means they introduce the cyatleercus upon
the face and then Into the mouths of bumaa
Iteings. and thus they find their way to the
liver and other organ*, aad In a short time
cause death Numerous fatal cawen have
lately -spurred In Koulgsherg and Vienna,
the victims In each case being ladles of tha
classes, who keep lap dogs as pet*.
Ytatnjhui S
LOMPON, Dec. A. Mir Juaeph Llstee, In a
pooch at Klaus's eoileije. un his return from
Merlin announced that within a month tha
world would b» startletl by two aew dla
(•"verics. nuid br. Kocli's transcend
ingly Important conaumptlon cure hinted at
and Involved the cure aud preventlou of
two of the most terrible coutagioun diseases
known. Dr. Jtsteph Lister toad witnessed
experiments on guinea pig* In which they
were iuoculated with a new chemical su!
stance, which any one would ne able to pre
pare, and were totally uiiairectei wbaa
germs of these diseases were injected- Ir.
Kis-h had practically concluded tbU work
of discovery, but desired to make further
tests Therefore be desired to keep hla
latest discovery secret lor tbo present.
Hir JtMU'pb said he was cunviact-d that thla
dtacovary was the moat Important In the
history of medlclae since that of vacciee.
AT Oxford. Ala., lire dt«»trvyrd several
stores und live fireman were badly injured.
A niNKHii. rain h»» iM*curred throughout
California. aCff nftotW mmtm' VHT li 'tta
HHAUY Hitoa., who*eaaIe grwerrs nf
Gainesville. Tea., have made an assign
ment Liabilities title uo9 aafcets. tte&Jafl-
AT WUllan»sU»wn, Ky., Oeorge liuryenn,
•a Its.u keeper, fatally shot Miss A ilea
Mckinley and wa* hliuaelf kllltsl ahlla re
sisting arrest.
IN 8t. L^UT« Ueorge He held shot
hla wita
In the back of the head aad tht-a PUT a bul
let into hla turahciia.
We wouad la lata
hut his wlfa will live.
J. A. WWTT, a resident of Savan&ati. QA,
who owned a large plantation near Uoltoa,
Mlas., was k!llel by his brother Hugh, who
has beeu managing the plantation for sev
eral years.
A STAY of proceedings haa ton
In the case of Wood, who was t«» have
ele'lrucuted In Hlug 81 ng this week, and tha
ase wlli be takuu tu thu United Statea an
pre me court.
THB oonfemaea fl
tepreseatatitia of
smelu«r» ban cliwett la Chicago. Another
MCS-tlng will 1M- held, when a combine will
tx- formed. If the plans meet tbe approval
of all Interests repr»»ciiicd
THB Keform club of Mew
give a banquet
city dill
Tuesday evening.
j»i, in celebration of the vlctoriea of
cent election. Ex- President Cleveland will
make the principal speech.
TIIS question, "shall woman be admitted
into the general eonfereewe a» lay dela
(jates"'" has Is cit !Miiitiltted to the congre
gations of all the Methodist churche*. in tbe
United htatas. and th^'hlladelphia MttAu
dial says to-day that waoufh of the ittaraa
have heen re.'eivei to show that the. woaaan
hgiya aarrlwt the day
When a new lutru waa rataod
other day on thu
tar® of W.
of Exeter, Maine, the son of the
latti ItamocrmUc uaadldato for (»ov«r-.
of Maine, they had an old-faab
tooed jubilntiou. After tUo franaa
waa up the
tilidie wee
villager* u^ocod on the ttoor. the
cooapicuoua ot
the ravelar* be»
a veleran of alffhtv year*. wlMl
put in a» maxiy fancy
ate pa
uituhiwt of thmn. The aprwad waa
crackers, cheeeo aod rakima and
every feature of the affair amaokad of
Hie Uaa
tLoroufhly that th«.
old wUl«ii r*IMM*«Ht U»eir *.uih lot
the nonce. '!'be HUl faru. «io«»jrraa
1^1 U^telf *u %hm jUHK» mm

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