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Stringency ift Commercial
Loans the Cause of Pres
ent Disturbances.
A Distinct Improvement in Domaotie
Affairs—Banks Caring- for
Their Custom#**.
Industry of the Country
iriarkably Wall Em ployed.—Sev­
eral Heary Folium.
e.—*. O.
A Lto.'s
-weekly review of trade says: Th* atria
fAncjr tii cumnirKlt! loan*, ootlcwi last
week ax the chief cauae of present dttturb
an •«««, U now almost tbt* only remaining
In domestic affair* there ha* been a 41a
ilaei lmpnv«uMl in the disposition nf
bank* and money lender* to give aeo-asary
ti(iport to Ingitlmate business, curtailing
speculative advauees a* far an poealble, but
th« volume of trade 1* still surprisingly
neavy. Wttli lime and a spirit of mutual
Um legitimate biMlnaa of the
«*ountry should soon recover Its norms! state
«if health
Very nuMMtu and fall report* from
other cltlew this weak show that the cheap-
of otton at the south and the delay of
winter weather at th«" north have eomewhat
reduced the transactions and caused morp
I »rdlneas In collection* than lirrftofurt'
Kut colder weather and the approach of
•he holiday ana ton already bofla to have a
favorable effect at many polnu. Thus at
improved la alt seansa-
able line*. excellent at Baltimore and l»tur
«t Detroit and Boa ton At most southern
oint* tbe slower movement of cotton on
of law prlcos la named a* the prln
4tpal c*u«* of delay in collection*, thus at
t|)uila. white ruont y tight banks have
Hiad* advance#, art* urging shipment*. and.
Mithin a radius of 100 mlkw la Mid U» be
§ttn fs.ooo.ooe |19.0O«.det n«th of oni
eitii to br forwarded
Tbe bank* generally art- taking care of
igiiair ru*tmn«r( a* far a* they ere abb*, and
Of sugar at New Orleans I*
4|rfr at mud price*, in tbe wrth»e»t.
While conservative feeling appears and
atoney Is generally In sharp demand, tltfff
noted niv»Mir «•*«*. At Cincinnati and
Mnnr two other points. aaad at Chicago,
ee*eaaary advance* for legitimate t)uilnew
ait* made to ih exclusion of loug drawn
«M|t or nfHN'ulaUvr detui»ort Tfcf country
|*ade i* heaithy. an«l no Tt'ttr* tar thf futur*»
tu*- opw'iud At Hiiatoti thew l» a better
fBDltng. PnvMl»acn kMm tjuiat trad* At
Hartford th »ank* tak«- carr of tbwir TU»
Mrnrni wbuar n«*^d« ar«* large, n»aaufact«r
MK having grnatly Iwrwaw-wl. At Naw
U%vt«n itMMtr in rornpHriitl v«iy t«ai*y. tl*mgh
mum) hoiiae*- *nd ••(illrftliift* harder thto for
«Mt year» p«-t Pbii^daipbia it|»Wnw«
•flilrity In holiday tradaa. thoogh tb® g«
«ety tradf U only fair
Wool In f*tr«m«ly ddll and ua and roffwe
About FFT.OOO.WM) In (Paring boa*
(NTtllcatM art* out and tbe tank* ar* dls
MMntlnK runtom horn*- papar libt*rallr.
Tlw« muTMiifnt of prtidurr at ('hlcago »hnr«
mm Inrrwaae o*rr laat y«ar of on«f-ha!f in
oat*. drt*Ma»l tm«f and »arley. »o«if ln-reaa«
la lard, I'bMW and hldw and a deoreaM In
wlMtai. Hour, wru. *ur«d tn«aU and «*uol.
la (Moral thf voluma of tradi' througboat
th« i-nuntry fa* n ha»vy tbat with th« ad
*aac«' of 7H Ptr -*nt. In prl«*«« »incr a year
•go larger •nipplloa of numej ar« ab«t»rt»ed.
Tb* #|Hvulatlv«' niarkrtn pMiductK are
raUU*«ly high already, wheat having ad
fUMd a nbadc for the tn'k and corn no
teaa than i-cnw, oil 1 emit aud pork 25
rmu (H»r barrel, though lard and boga are
a an adit lower and coCfcun and oupper an
Tb«*ri» 1* no itujuwiai chantry imt«d in the
graat tnduatrle*. though pig Iron i» rather
weak in tono. I^tnandti for iiniahad pr»«d
uct4 ixf icon and «UMi turn- MiU taritf.. thi.»tgb
diatliirtty I«HWI than a month ae. and rati*
ar*» w««ak with wcanty aaie*. The woolen
•saaufacture i» more hopefui and onBd#«it
than at thin time a year ago, but manufac
turer* art* moving without caution.
La bur trouble* are very few. and the in
dustry of the country la remarkably well
«aipk»y«td at fair wagea.
Tbe lm«in«a^ failures oocurriag through
oat Uir country during the laet men daya
turner MS. a* mmiparwl with a Intel of Ml\
la»t wNit. K»r thf rorrtsxpfHidiag week of
last yrar thr ftgurast were ait
a Ml*'ht*mn rather the Uvea
•f Hi* fklMwi wad HUuwit
MOI«KOK. Ma:ii ifc-i. I'arnuT Krleger
»nd ht» tltre«« children werv fnoalug Otter
«y«ek upon the open trestle bridge of th«?
Lake Hhorr road laat night When about
Oie cmiUt of thx bridge the father wan
borrlfted to eee a train approaching It «aa
ImiMwalble to ge}. off the brldgv Tbe
father iueked far a plac^ u ahleld hla
hlldren. and Hie engineer whl«ti«4.
U« had th« Uttle one* otand upon
*h«s edg*1 of th« tti«, but H* thai even then
the pn**lng atepa nf the car would hurl
thent Into th« water. Ju«t a* tbe engine
wa« about to atr'ke the two antaller onm be
•eijsed thrui aud funiped Into th«' rl*«r,
shouting to the third to folbiw. She wan IV
yearn oM. Mhe atuod to* an Instant ready
u Inap. and fearing to make thr1 ptungf the
turned and ran toward ih«« opposiu* ««hort
Dbe had gone ouly a few step* wlwtt the
train ulrurk her and si„ wan grouwi u
pl«*«w under the wheel*. The father aft#»r
a atraggh* in the Icy traWr and mud. r»arl«d
alMM with the »nialler childrea.
Mvtoa Jhrww a Healthy *awra.
Mt«ap. Neb..
«. -Hpeclal tian»ond
to have a MethodUt rhurrb. The eon
tract for huilding ha* br**a l«t U» HU»u* City
There are MIE«R»L howeea BOW under
of i-oitatructian IB our litUe city, aad e*i
den' of proeprrlty are aeen iw all aldea
Kifi) -tww thuuaaad »l* hundred and Bfty
doll am in the artual amount of money ex
pended l« buUdujg* in »an»«M»d aiaoe June
fan any other new town iw thia
part of Nebraska tn-at that figure:'
The Mfitiinty Big Four Comedy oonipany
ahowed to a «n»all houw Tue^iay night of
.thtaw***, Thef aee i*a-«laee
Cleveland has purchased
the BiHoietnr Holmes homestead, at
Marlon, Maaa.. where he «pent the sum
mm W» fem
v -j. Jk*£fcto
The t,*«ot»r ol the Irtik NaMnaeJtats Olvee
Hit* 9irm Jin Bb
LowiKta. IHy. f.—At 1 o elork to-day the
Itl*h n»e«»bei of the CotoBOW, ©ooaidertag
the advl»abtiit of retiring Pameil tmm
the leadership of Uk- nationalint party, re
•aacniitled No repr»rt«r»i art- »«f rmltte*! U
he sr««ient.
Th. flrat btt^nem waa MM reading of
Oladmume'a letter In reply to tbe eommlUee
regardinK ontrol of the Irlnh ronmtahulary
aad tbe wttlfwient of the agragrtan dlffl
ealty oiadntoae reuialnt Arm in hit* de
termination to tn no way r*«qgnlie I'arnell,
hi* iMMltion being empha»«l*ed In a Setter In
which ho oOvm to conduct nogotlatlow*
With a new Irish leader on a footing of «*on
•dem-e etjuai to that which hi- once afforded
Parnell The reading wa»» greeted with
cheertt by the section of tbr party opposing
Par net I. and by Ironical crle* from hi* t«up
portera. A stormy debate followed Barry.
l*e*ton and llualy made a determined
attempt to bring about a Bnal *ettl«*«eut.
They ln*l»»UMi that thore be an Immediate
dlvlMlon of the memla-ra on tbe retirement
of I'arnell. Finally Heaton ga*«* I'arnell
hla ultimatum, to the effect that If the de
ciaion «a» delayed by I'arnell until afu-r 6
o'clock thl* evening the majority would
hold a meeting of their own and dopoee
him. A srenr of great excitement followed.
At 2:4S a n«iw» waa taken for half an hour.
On reaumptIon of the meeting Abraham
moved that I'arnell vacate thf ciiairinan
ithlp of the party. I'arnell refused to do so
and a»ke«l that tbe motion be put, where
upon Morlcy. followed by fourt^-four other
RMMbera, left the room.
U«aalare»n Kills Bis Wtls aad testts
•er liddy In tfca VMW.
6 Th«- lltth- toWu of
Gem. this county. wa» tlfctrifted yesterday
morning by the report that OttoUunderstia.
a farmer living elght«*»i» roll«* nouthweat of
tirotou. had murdered bin witu. On
tn vHNtlgatlon the body of the
woman waa found lying on Its back
In the wiow half way between the
barn and tbe boute with an ugly wound oa
the head, made apparently by aotne blunt
instrument. There waa no witruwi to the
murder and the only rvldeno at to the
killing was that of tbe man hlmnelf. Ac
cortUnii to bin Htatemrnt hla wife had gone
to tin- taarn after supper and he had fol
lowed While there an altercation art.-»*
atxiut an improper Intimacy between ber
and an Aberdeen man. during ber hus
band 'n abaetic** at Yankton several years
ago. From word» they eame to blows and
he finally s#l»*d a shovel and hit her a
blow CHI the head that caused ber death
He then returned to the hou*e, leaving the
body lying out In the snow all alght. if la
brother dt«orverln« tiiw fact* in #H
morn lug. the «h«rlff wa» telegraphed and
captured htm at hla bown*. he having wade
no attempt to mcape He was brought to
rotoi awd taken then***1 to Aberdeen for
aaff keeping- The -cause of the murder
awm to hitvtj bewn Jealousy oa the part of
the buaband. The n»ur«lered woman was a
\»ry handaoriK one about 30 yearn of age.
Two children of S aad 10 years slept In the
hoiiw peacefully during the enactment of
thr tmaiHlj.
VsKsr* el the Thim L«rg*a« Osttss Msaae
DM T'oantry—Other
of L.
A A.
Dec. The cotton house
Meyer has suspended, with lia­
bilities aggregating IS.We.OOO and awt«
of WOO,000 Tliin in the third large*t cotton
kuusi- In the country, and waa Muppuaod to
be one of tbe wealthiest. They ask for an
extension and «ay they wtlJ pay kllar for
dollar Thf recent financial panic, alow
aeaK of collection* and det line in th* price
of cotbm. each had it* share In causing the
reault. It is feared Uus wreck uf this house
may in voire several other trass here and
Tiec.ft.- The Hull A tirant
Farm Implement company ban filed a pt*~
tltlon of Insolvency. Total liabilities. f7H,
0»0 axM-tn ».*il.000
a dry g««od« merchant, made A peieoaal as
atgnmeiit thi* mora i««
Ltvsapooi.. l»c It la reported that
a large grain dealing tn» bere hSba falleA.
of Haws
Deor M«i*hbe».
hot-TH Stoox Onrr. Meb.. !ec. Rpecial.
OovlagUia rotes oa annexation Tueaday
next. These I* no daaibt hut
II. W.
city will le born that date, asd It wQl he a
healthy child. wo.
JOotni*« Broa. are tlie gentler»i« n that will
ehbduct the butcher buMlneas in Mcl.ean
City, they having bought tbe entiru interest
of Mtiliins A lv»rn
Tt e Zyphon dob ars trrM|la| to ooa
dg' a bazaar n*»*t week The pwceeds to
go to the public library fund.
Everett has secured
services of
a good barber and will have another hair
In bis shoo, his trade having inereaaed to
aaeh an extent that this move bwcame ner
•eaary fie will also put In a batik room la
the near future, the ft rat one Iti town.
Saturday wa* the largest day in the bl»
tory of the i*outh Hloui City |ioau»flU i.
there lei«g over 1.000 ietter* In the ina.l.
Our genial poMtmaiUw was "ruahed for the
time being, and vUloaa of salaried aAees
danced in hi* mind."
The amateur draws
He trrmpes hare mm
ssenoed pracli. hig on "Forced to lie War."
They will make their trwt appearance be
tort the tootlight* to ah e*pect*r.t audience
during the holidays. The net pro. ««ed- are
for the purpose of asaUting our b^hd i»oys
priv^ire new uulforin.
The new it* bouse erected byj [email protected]|a
Bnts in Covington, iaeaidto be thr ism
eat hi c»orthea*u«rti Nebraska. v
Wttrk on thf winter hrid re wtll be pMhtd,
and traius m*m running a« usaal.
The Sioux City dally papers are hegiaing
to realise the importance of boldiag their
trade «»n the south side of the river a* evi
denced by the fact that solicitors are fre
quently met eith We predict a growiaf
e^teulatkm for the Ttsuw.
We canaot refrain from making aaother
aeoeeaary .1.000 acre* o^ucar beet
a. aad as
aa argumeet ws give the reault of a '*ten
im experiment made by a farmer in
Pierce *ouatv ''ff of the ten acres he rea
llcrd IdW. net. What Pierce snaty farmers
can d^ Dakota cmm\3 fati
mAim't fvm lerg^tv
appeal to the farmnni to gvaranlae the^ Anierican agricultural products at tbe *k
position. Yeaterday afternooti a reply Was
:7 -a,f
j|n\d df Other
AUiaape as H^ortod by Set*
The Tliird Party Motement Gaining
Graoad Rapidly—Far Ulti-
Ocava, Kla.. Uec. The MaO—tal
llance passed a Tcanlntlon reciting Ilia'*
United State*! ceunun return*" with rettpt
farm n»ortgag«a were grossly Inoirwl
calling upon all county and sul'-alllawc
hll Mtat«w to take immediate »tei* U»^ ^rtl
securing accurate ntatiatiot from the c«»* «i*y
retrds and to make prompt report* thef* n
National Secretary Turner lubnilited bis
annual report During the past year
new charter* were tsaued to sub-altiano a»
follown Weat Virginia. 25S: Colorado, i
Indiana. 132: Michigan, 106 Virginia
Illinois. 87: Mouth Carolina. M. Ohio *i:
I'ennnylvanla. New Jersey, St' Minne
sota. & lows, ft Oregon, 1. Oklahoma
Htate charters wer*» Issued to the foiloa UIK
•tatea: Indiaaa. Illlnolx. Coloral". Ml- tii
gan. Weal VIrglala. Oklahoma and N« rih
Home questions having been raised as to
the unanimous endorsement of t.br Hi Ijouia
platform by the National alliance laat year.
Livingston, of Georgia, moved It* adoption
by tbe pnaent body. Home debate followed
but the mot ton sax adopted with an amend
ment HO an to demand tbe gutrerunient con
trol of railroad* and telegraph linen, ami if
this shall not result in relief to the mas***
and in checking or curing the existing
evlla. the govarnoieut shall become the a t
uai ownern of euch
Fee UlttasaSe Hale*.
CM Livlagston. of Oeorgla. froM theaeaie
mtttee on organization, made a report
to furnish a basin fur ultimate union
between the National Farmers' and the in
duMtrlal union and Farmer* Mutual Benefit
association. Under thl* plan tbe benefit
aswx-iation 1* to Mill maintain Its separate
organisation, but wlii be entitled to repre
sentation in tbe National allieace council.
Tin- executive committee of each ,rgan!aa
tlon to meet hereafter aad arrange the de
tails of the union. The report was adopted.
Cxveative Committee Report.
Dr. Macuae. citairman of the national ex
ecutive cviuoiltUK' Hubuittted hi» aaaual
report It referred at length to the sab
trvasury bill drawn and presented to ooe
gr«M»s. The committee's misaloa In tiiis re
spect u virtually ended tccuiis« the alli
ance had elected eral irongresaHien who
would l«M»k after ptmhiag: the hill, through
the national legislature, la a abort time,
he aald. congress will pa»f tit* kill. If not
willingly, then by compromise. The report
recommended the reduction of salary of all
aatioual alliance offlcerw and the removal
Aruta Washington tbe president ofllce.
trastttuch a* tbe retention of It there ra
ta Is an expense not commensurate with its
aM*fulneas. At the conclusion of tho report
Dr Macune addreiswd the coaveation
upou tue poliey of the alliance, especially
with reference Its position upon leading
public measures and tbe attitude toward
democrat* and republicans la latanapilitt
eal ecwBlasts.
Other a*ste«aa.
The senna! election of olBeer- iieid
yesterday afternoon Prealdeut l*oik and
Vice-President civer,of Kansas, wereaaan
latously re-elected. J. II. Twfwar. ofOsuiyh.
ws» elected secretary, and J. 8. Wllletts, of
Kansas, national lecturer
Early in the day the .xn cation bad or
dered the sending of a telegram to IMrector
CJeneraS I»ari». of the world's fair at Chi
cago asking co-operatioa with tbe natiaaal
alliance la securing fttiug eahitdta of
heard from the director-general,, asking the
appointment of a committee for that por
piise Tbe ooaimittw was appointed as
was also oae to ineakorallse x»ttgr«ss for the
eeppreaaion of lottertaa.
Pow«wly aad A. W.
Commune Harmoniously
Surprising- Growth -of the Famnai*'
Tht» platfn
does a«»t include tbe aub-treasury bill.
The Third Farty Call.
The foiiowing U the call for the third
party conference slgned'by Ben. Hire and
John Davis, of Kansas, add abouVweventy
five other alliance men
"WIIKHIAK. In unity there .tr ngt ii
therefore It it dealrable .that there shotild
be a union of aj) the variously named iti
du«trial organisations that stand on com
mon grouuds. To this end the individual*
front various staten, whoae names an here
signed, make thlt call for a national oo"
ference to be otnnptsMd of delegatMi frtm
the following organisations, namely The
Farmers' alliance, tbe Karnmr* Mutual
BeneMt aasiM'iation. the Citisens' alliance,
the Knights of Lakxr utd all other indu
trial organisations that support the princ
piea of the ft. Louis agreetnant of W
ea staU- iirganliatlon to send one delegate
from each congressional district and two
from each state at large, and each district
organization to send not kmm than three
delegates and each county delegation not
less titan one delegate, to be chosen
according to tbe custom* of each
respective organisation during the
month of January. !K91 aim tl«e
editir of each newspaper is hereby Invited
as a delegate that has advocated the prin
ciples of tbe Ft 1/ouis agreement aad sup
ported the alliance candidates nominated
in 1 sue. the deietrates to meet i» 'tn~Inuatt
on Monday the 23d of February. Istfl, for tbe
purpose of forming a national union party,
based upon the fundamental Idea* of
finance, treimportation, labor and land. In
the furtherance of work already begun by
th»s«e organisations, and preparatory for a
united struggle for country aad home In tht
great political eon 11 let now pending that
must decide who in this country is sover
eign— the citlsen or tbe dollar."
additional amendment was adopter!
that every alliance lecturer, state and na
tional. and all newspaper organs of the al
liance shall support the platform or suffer
suspension from the order. that jnu cajuli-
dav** for any national political ofMce xbali
lx- «upport«»d by the alliance unless he in
dorae* the platform, snd any nub-alliance
not complying with tbeee restrictions may
be suspended at tbe pleasure of tbe preai
dent. The whole platform, aa thus amended
was adopted unanimously upon call of the
roil by states.
b«* r* of the executive board of the Knlghtsof
Latsir. arrived hero yeatertlay aftern«sm. At
a publie meeting last night they spoke.
I'owderly. in bis addr«~m said it was time
for the lawyer* t» stand aside aud give the
furmerx u chance, aa well its the merchants
and lalporers. He ww speaking only for
himself iadivldually. but if It was tbe gen
eral iM-nUusient for all the prodaclng indus
trial «tid labor organUatlon* to stand and
vote ugether In IS(KI. tie would be there in
the hottest of the fight The whole line of
Powderly talk waa »a eocouragentent of
the third
taofMMat, If It became
iti conclualon he said: "Let uie «ay to
you our greeting la the ssost c«rdlal and
heartfelt We feel we are a part of your
organisation Let us all agrm upon your
platform. If tt I* u agitate and do bar#
ri upou that platform, we are with )OU»
and If we are to vote with you apoa. It we
ill Nttwid by you at the poll*
President Polk made a brief reply m&fi
hrveral other «pecche» were made.
-fetous rails Baehaea Appear Hotmmm Mae
t'onaty Weard aad Msfc« a tlg#r«n
Mieh~Tlie Heme f*rwv« Klhetssl.
i Htoux
Fai.i, !et
|tfav afternoon the banks .f this city, repre
pachi. (1 by their president*, appeared N-fore
mnl of county eoromissloners and set
pprm* (i
par .i v!
Itrorou* kick against the unjuat and
|wr ,- ou» aMrmmaut levied against these
kp-i11titions. It appear* that the original
||s merit, a• made by. Assessor K. t»
waa for per ceat. on the dollar
|tf stock of tbe various baaks. Tbe
l^i.to rs obe«ted against this, claiming it
fp i« ta high. He preventatives of the
last August went bef«»re tbe city
fhiiMi 11 with a propcmltlon to pay an assena
%Mm of fS per cent, on Abe capital stock
hi" wa" to be eoiertdragainst the bank
-idents. This pntMl(Ion was accepted
filtering the adjustment
u v auditor did not erase the original
muent. but wrote on tbe marglu. e|ual
ii such and such page, thu* referring
.igreeuient. The i-ounty board aad
iirer construed the e#% per cent,
r- the stockholdoa as aa assessment.
as the 9ft per eeat. agahaat the bank
|||i l-."-nts.
tTtien tbe State etrnaltatng hoard raised the
g|Pf»«ncnt V5 per cent., making the total
aes'SMii.ant against each bank tl.tMlVi
ppt at. ThS wan manifestly ua
Mpt, and tlic itanks immediately announced
ey .n t* ution of fighting the matter.
A' (tie meeting yesterday County Attor
m$S Hailey outllnwi a prop«mltlon wblcii was
ft|*"rs»bly rvweived by all concerned, which
ifh in ,-roSM out the erroneous aaaeaaiaent
upon some ba«i* of oomproniiae
k the legal assessment of §A% per oaat.
In Hiowing rnaitatkM was passed by
onisty boafd:
P" hkmSi*
It atTear? ttiat t?tP stiin-s the
eh*«holder* of the tiameuof vartbaukw tu
ftttfax have imni errooeoust) saanaseed
W'a do.)btM mmmtmzuem aad othsrwtae sow
be it
ite*alr*d That the aaaesataent im and tbe
aai&e is Seretry reduced and made 43% percent,
on each ahara of stock and aacti tUX of surplus
of «wh of the^atMive naninl bank* and shall tie
in fail of All Uiwi SHxewxrd .tga ».*t «ald (tanks
on Haeapwai stock.
llnwlai PetWwen the Caaaahi fswiae ssS
Crsls Ueatera.
Wisnii'KCi. Man., Dec. 6, —A big row is
brewing between tbe ('anadlan Pacific aad
the grain dealer*, and the railway laaccuaad
by many grain buyer* of giving a big reduc
tion on wheat rates to the Lake of the
WiHids Milling company, which hi con
trolled by tbe road magnates and the
Ogilviea. Both firms are the biggest gruln
dealers in tbe country These two firms are
paying such high figure* for wheat that all
other dealer* have hfcn forced to retire
from com petition as buyer*. They ciaiat
that the road must be giving a rebate to tbe
firms named, as otherwise they could not
pay tbe price they are paying. It I*
claimed that the object Is political and
that the company is being Influenced by
the dominion iti?¥criniient. -which i* bound
to see the price paid tor wheat In Manitoba
as Ugh a*'that paid in Mlnaesota wai the
of Qawl Haised.
0. During tbe past
week the private consumers of natural gaa
in thts city have been shut off owing to the
scarcity, and large number* have returned
to the uoe of coal.
Pp«H ial Vaater-
price of the latter
iiaa gone up considerably and tbe deniaad
ts very large. Last week coal w»- selllug
at 7. rents per buahei and to-day the price
was raised to Ii cents on short hauls and
and 10 cents ou hill trips. This week tho
operator* have forced the price per tiat
nearly 1 cent on each bushel. The price
will not remain stationary apd a much
higher rate b» expected. A number of deal
ers say It is not improbable that the price
will reach la cent* or more per buahei bo
fore the winter la over. Tbe heavy demand
for coal has caused a famine for flats, and
river coal dealer* find a great deal of trou
ble 1| supplying tbelr-etiKtomera.
OL C. l*ach»r« fee tUsameOtaslaMHMk
liec, &.• A lunrnlag
paper aays. At a meeting at Moaton yes
terday, of the stockholders of the Kansas
ity Packing rvitnpany. tlu Chase K«*
frtgerator iximpany and the Coldt Blast
Transfer company, it was decided to resume
business. These thrw companler assigned
about two week* ago to tire, W. Parket. of
Boatoa. The stockholders decided to ad
vance 31' per rent, on the capital stork,
and pay off all tha liabilities, which are
ov«r ti.MKt atit. _____
lie war* Heat Aafiai.
Ose Motgas. la., Dec. ». W. a. 9m*m.
i thwfwra tre»ther forecaster, has it»« o»ered
that Jupiter and *aturn will create a ter
rible terrestriai disturbance this year, with
August as the storm center. Taking his
cue front an electro-dynamo, he concludes
that when the earth pasaes between the
equator* of two much electro-dynamos as
upturn and Jupiter revolving at such terrific
speed, the electrical f*irce will b»
the earth** ortdt.
Hewvy Pomssil tor (laML
Nsw Yuan. IHH'- fi. A dispatch wojved
oa Wall street this morning from U»adon
*ay»- Tbera 1» a heavy demand hera for
gold from New York, and tbe first- ahlpotent.
t*M: «»oe. was forwarded w-day t« J. W
»ellgu«« A c-o.. New Y«rk. It is probable
additUMial shipments will be aaade waxt
Wteakly Hank HtaMMneSM*
New Yoaa
fc,—Ti»e weekly
The People of the West
Statement A.)*» the reearve has
.fs»«is.eet. Th# bawtto aow hold a.,«ae.eee
.less thM the requireweirte «f
of New Foundland Prefer
Canadian Rule.
Daring Esoapa of aa Arkanaaa Cw»-
fiH—iioodhounds Rowftt
His Trail
Weekly R^ort of tha FJwr Ootjmt—
Tbe Demand Falling Off—
Gaaaral Ka««i
Haurtt, M. a., Dec The p«Mp!e of
the w^at coast of New Voundland have pe
tltloned tbe ttueen asking to be separated
froei the eastern part of the bland and or
ganised aa a separate government The pe
tition sets forth tbat the population, aocne
S.eOO In riuwther are living on what Is known
a# the French abort-. t*cau«c they were as
sarel that the e*mplete and absolute do
minion of I he land and the right to colo
nic*' it belonged to tireat Britain. Tbe west
coast is separated fnnvi tbe east by an im
paaaabie wilderae** 50o mlien In eitent, and
wlille the governnM»nt of Pt. Johns exacts
the la«t cent of taxatkjn from the people. It
do«' not afft»rd protection to property
aor provide for the public service*.
All the sympathies and business Interesta
of the people are with their nelgbUir* In
Caaeda. only forty ntllea awsy. The two
MectloiiK of tbe iMland are ootiintercialiy
separated, and tbe creation of a new prov
ince aud its incorstoration into the domin
ion of Canada, would the petitioners al
lege. lead to tbe speedy and happy solution
of thf French shore iiueation.
Ttaapestaaus fatwc* of
ateaaaser Jaiaea Turpie.
Haw Yoita. Due t. The British steai.n-r
Jnine« Turpie. Captain Hmlth. from Medi
terranean ports, which arrivi«d yesterday,
reports having had a terribly tempestuous
pasaage. The steamer had fine weather
until tn longitude 40. wben It becaao
squally. n Nov. "m. in latitude:a.?.Y long*
iutde (U. she changed her course U thr
northwest. The wind waa then blow
ing a strong breeze from the southeast and
steadily increasing In force, with heavy
squall* and high seas, aad the bammet«r
fell rapidly. The wind shifted to the south
ward. and the captain, concluding that ho
was running into a cyclone, put the ship to
the southwest. At this time a heavy cross
»ea was running, and at K o'clock p. at- a
perfect huarrlranc was blowing The
steamer lay la the troagh of the sea per
fectly helpless, neither engines nor helai
having the least affect oe her, and It wax
iiniMiaaihle to get ber tx for«' the wind or
to heave her to. The heavy sea* filled the
cabin twice aad flooded the engine
room and stoke-hole, nearly put
ting out the fire*. The vessel lay
tn this condition for eight boars, the sea
tasking a clean breach over her. This
weather continued up to 4 a. m.. Dec. 1.
wheu tbe wind hauled to the westward.
Tl en the ship's bead wan got to the south
west. the vessel laboring fearfully owing to
the heavy aea, which at times was appall
ing. The barometer bad fallen to **.eo.
The cargo got adrift and nothing could be
doue to necure It. HumcMjuentiy the wlad
hauled to the northwest and blew beavQy
aad the barometer begaa rising.
The hold was opened and It was
found that great damage bad Imen
done to the cargo. On Dec. 'i, latitude
•'27:1U. longitude 10:.VI. the wind blew freah
from the southeast. Increasing ia force and
at midnight blowing a gale, with a heavy
sea running and accompanied by thunder
aad lightning At :i a. m. Dec. 4 the wind
shifted to the northwest and blew with bar
rlcane force, raising a terrific sea. At a
the Turpie shippod a aea forward which
started the fore»-a.*tJe dftck, fl«odedl the
forecastle and damaged the port life boat
and hurricane house ou the poop deck- In
alt his thirty -eight years at sea Capt.
Hmith smjs lie ^"if*' W
rifle etOTru.
"Peek's Bed MafM I
Mu.WAt aKs.
lad.. Dec. I. This town Is
greatly excited over an attempt to estab
lish a saloon ia spite of the almost unani
mous disaent of the people. A tough char
acter obtained eounty and state llcea**.
prepared s room for a saloon and ordered a
stock of liquor*, which arrived one day this
week and was unloaded on the railroad
platform, where It remained over night.
Early the next morning tbe women of the
town congregated, armed with axea, batch
of and hammers, and marched In aoleaan
procession to the depot, surrounding the
stock of liquors. A prayer was offered and
the command was given to destroy the liq
uor*. in ten minutes every barrel and keg
was demolished and tbe content* flowlag
down the atreet. The site of the town, oon
aistlng of t*rty acres, waa donated by an
old gentleman, who baa been dead thirty
years, upon t'»e express condition that no
.Intoxicating liquor* should ever la- sold
wit hit. Its lluilta^
transferred hi* interest in bin paper, t^Msk'a
Sun to Cieorge W. Peck, Jr. In a card an
nouncing the transfer, Mr. Peck says. "In
this connection 1 desire to return hearty
thanks to every friend and reader of fWi
Mm all over the world for their loyalty to
the paper and to aiyaelf. I hop# every
true friend may never know a moment's
aorrow, but always be prosperous and
happy." The fan was started in La t-'rosae
in 1HT4, and was removed to Milwaukee la
|g7*. War a n urn tier of years thor*e W
"eek. Jr., has been associated with his
father in the management of the paper,
aud for the laat two jrwars has done moat of
the work oo It.
Jain Geoiay's DsughUr te Wad.
fcrrraacao, Dec. t. The engageaaent «f
Charles W Baaaett. of this city, general
passenger agent of tbe Pittsburg A Weauwa
railroad, to Miss Mary i*»o!ey, of Aon
Arhtr. Mich., to aawouncyl. Miss Onoley
la the daughter of Judge Oooiey. of tbe
inter-state aamnterce commtsslaa. Tha
weddteg Is to take place dwriag the h«dl
All Mead* Were ttrewrae«t*
Water l*awr-lliwia4 falilsi (Ma
Psdag Jail Delivery at Teaartuawa, Ar|fa»
WtHl gSSMiSttt tKdthc gMtSTM.
A. Ark-, is-c ii Naptdoon Mtg*
IhMlel. roll V U'ted here recently of wre kl0
and robbitiK otton Belt train and sea
tenced to imprisonment for life, escaped
front Jail Wednesday night aad has not yea
liewi recaptureti. iVadlng the- helfctng tff
lil» ap|M*al to the supreme court he w»j* Ml
Jail here under a doublu guartU Laat night
Jim Hharp, the guard, opened the frvmt doer
of the Jail corridor to go \t Imd. McDaiil«tl,
Base Barrfield and a man named Buckinf*
ham had succoeded tn dislodging a bar ta
the cage door, and Sharp was fulled by M«|»
IHtniel, who used the Iron bar. McDanitl
seixed the guard's pistol and 'made o£.
Bas Barrfield. who Is awaiting trial for tha
murder of Dr. Lee at New Boa ton ia4t
pring, turned aside and entered the Jallerla
HlM-plng room to procure arn.s. He foun#
the Jailer asleep, but he quickly awoke, and
in tho scuffle for tbe ponacaalou of the piatol
the Jailer was the victor aad marched Barr
Seld lack to hl» cell, in the meantime Mc
Daiiiel, accampanled by Buckingham, had
made bis escape. The former, after tnak Ing
some trifling purchases at an adjacent
•tore, went off leisurely and, tt N said,
heavily armed. Bloodhounds from Bonhaiu
have arrived evening, and It la poaaible the
fugitive will lie citpiurod. Hharp. ths
guard, is said to be In a serious condition.
John UrlUiii, convicted recently of forgery
and given a short term, though a sr: aller
man than Mel tan lei got stuck in tbe open
ing. ami uot only failed to effect hla owa es
cape, but prevented the egrass the other
prisoner* from thfe cell.
mil Mwttra Haw Msa "Waiigard."
Naw YORK. Iksc^jB Henry tie-rge baa
an no u need his retirement from the fttamt
ard, the woekiy newspaper that be founded
four years ago. Just after the mayoralty
campaign, to advance the single tax idea
He declares that literary work demands the
change, and at the cloee of the year h* wtll
transfer the paper, he says, to William
Croasdale. chairman of the national stngis
tat committee. It Is understood that Mr.
George will proceed to write several gnrka
on political economy.
Cmu la ta a troubled condition aad
revolution hi among the pnaslbfllttes.
-Oov.-Klect Peck has
Dec. The sehoonet W%hlh
ArHted ashore at Prr»:i»j«at Porka Tharaiay
was the W K Lloyd. 9* Lockport, N. W.
All haods w^pe drowned.
ky 1mm s#
1. Tbe Northicmtmm
MiUvr say*. The flour output dropped off
(over 6.000 barrels laat week. The aggre
gate production was 145,029 barrel*, aver
aging '21,WZ barrels dally, against 1,91.0T*
harrels the week before and IM. *0fl barreia
for the corresponding time in Mas and si-.
JWU barrel* in INI. The tsittont hart sud
llen ly dropped aot of the water power, and
•Ince Monday eight cotnparatively little
hour iia-, teen groaad by that kind of power.
The water was entirely cut off from the
West side tnlll* Wednesday, and 11,000 bar
rel* of capacity was thus placed In enforced
Idlenemi for tbe time being. There srere
•nlv nine mills r«nalag. including the Lia
Ooin at Anoka, and seven of these were em
ploying steam altogether as a motive-power.
The sudden deficiency ot water Is auppoeed
to be caused by ice gorging in the river and
temporarily holding It hack a lower tem
peratsrre having prevailed tor a few daya
it fc» a vary difllcult matter te eellmale
tW current output of Hour, though It will
probably not exceed -0 seo barrels per twen*
ty -ft«*r bours. The ttour market i» qnlte
Inactive, especially for domestic consump
tion. and sales for a week back have fa ileal
usrl short of the manefacturu. Prices are
a boat 10 evntn cheaper and, with tbe weak
ness in wheat, are not very strong There
is wtill a good export demand for bakwa',
but awiat fir in are kept from accepting or
ders very frequently. ettber by the pi leas
offered being too low tkir them or by the faet
that they are already aotd ahead aa far aa
they cur* to U A sale *4 10.000 sacks of
bakers' for London, e. I. f.. waa reported oa
Tu«-»«la.v at Tt ahllllnirs. bwt this was rather
exceptional. Foreigners also seem U wast
kw gnaie auite badly, aad roaeiderabte
huxiaes*- was done in these. This demand
iw seld be iH-casioned by the foreign mai**
kets being nearly all bare of that kind of'
amir. Little or nothing Is being d«s te
patents for exports, the bids male liehf
aiound shillings penre for London, c.
i. f., which i* aistut pence lie
low the cnat
mt manufacture. The export shipments for
the week wan- again la rue, and a consider
able portion was of patent*, sold a shaft
time back. They amounted to d3.sM tiar»
mis. against wi.sio barrels the preceding
week l^ondon quotation^ for SM pounfla.
c. i. f.. are Patentj*. 'ii shillings II peitoa
to 22 shillings bakers'. '-'S shilling* 3 pence
to Ti shillings low grades, i& ihUlinaa to te
shilling* penei.
importer of Laiag,
has failed, with liabilities of awo.uco.
FtrTKCM Inches of snow have fallea ia
Vermont, and railway traMc la seriously
doctors say that the Koch lymph
Is valuable against diphtheria and tetaaue
Tttagg uugMMtb drivers la the minea at
Perth, lad., have Mrwck for MI tacrenee la
A PKMMANKirr national trgaalaatioa of
amateur photographer* has beea formed Ml
New York.
destroy^ ths workhouse at Newcas
tle. England, and six women and ehlldraa
were burned to death.
New York chamber of eotntnerce haa
adopted a resolution agsiaat tha pasaage of
the Conger ianl bill now before cougresa.
Hiinl.Htcrlal iniuble in Kio Jaaerle
ha* not yet subsided, aad troojpe are pa^JM|«
Ing the street* tor the pa^tiaa of pAafiew*
Ing order.
Mendon, III.. Mrs IHtnt Hardin fainted
while she and ber huaband were beiugchar
lvariel Thlnklag his wife was dead, UM
husband went Insane-
Tna nomniiMMioii to negotiate for the pur
ghase of the Cherokee strip, as organised at
Tahiequab. 1 will begin neaWla
tlons with the Indiana at eace.
Asaorr. confidential elerfc top
Sage A Co., lumber dealers at Albany, M.
Y has OHnmltwd suicide by taktag poteen.
-lie waa an es.ttti defaulter.
A san MM. coataining several thousand
dollars belonging u the Called Stales
|^f-as Company was swden at /aueevtlla, Ol.
There- is at -iue to the thlevee
Kraast.1^ Harau» A »., wholewals daefl*
er^ in dr oo£s. of tntawa Oat,, are ta
finsndMi difllcult tea. Their liabilities eta
IS and thai* *ss*t# a boot the mm®.

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