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:CI Iff y A 4
mturb*n oes and Con­
tinuing Uncertainty Felt
a Reduced Volume.
f|i« South Raporti Fair Buiin«M te
Spitaof the ContinuingDtelitw
of Cotton,
IWd W#ath#r H#lp« Out In the W«st
—Litti« Activity in Spts-
ulative Market#.
The cotton manufacture *ati»
faeuiry and »wfne work* are «n«|M iiding
ptKluction, print «l«th» havlug lalleu
ton cents for «w4a.
The H|M-ulative markets have nottMxm
vary aetive.hut wheat hai rlaen INif and
*!orn and oat* V Pork pr«KlueU»
are unchanged: cotton l*lflr lower: oil
2i|C lower and coffee U*' lower. The
rtae in bread*t,uff» is not *u»talned by
tlM foreign demand, eiport* falling far
below thone of laat year, week by week
fMW hy pruApecta for th1' ne*t croji. since
attic report* generally »how an Ut
Mi^aaed acreage of winter wheat and an
«W4lieut I'ondition.
Tin ha.« rlM'ti half a e*nt during the
wrek. httl eopp^r I* of utw^.rtain prirx\
Cferx at 1V- for lake btdnu unavailing
And the market for load l» thoroughly
demoralized by the lm|H»rUtion of rt.000
ton- at the r»»cent a|ie«Milatlve prjk?e.
•HVegnury payment^ for bonda do not
nt npptar In tin utateniente of ea^h.
tv|ii*h *how no loi»* for the weok. The
ggeU Aignlti' ant fact tl»»t a very large
BTiportion of tit* money wan taken In
Mid by the seller of lxivd* presumably
lor withdrawal until the uncertain!!®*
a|hui allver legialaUon have pa*«
The emamerclal trottblaa outside uf the
ggt*«#tary utriniom are mainly due to
6} K««lve purcha»e* made in anticipation
of a gr«at ri*«' in prl en. Thom.' who
Made such purchases in the Iwdief that
t* aplte of th« expect^ higher prt«*«'*
Sltd the ehnrt eropa conauioption would
a- great
ever. Ilnd thein»»*he^ em-
,rras»ed by a distinct shrinkage In the
pnidueU of commerce.
The htiHfnc** failure* oreurring
Arougliout the country during the la*t
VA,I dayn number S"4, a* compared
Ulth a total of 312 last week. For the
irre»p**«dlttf «oak uf last jar Uw
were IN.
Ag res
CM not
N S, D*c. U. Advices
|roia llertiimla re{Mirt that th* people of
jjuoae isVa^u- are greatly exercised aver
She recent refusal of the iinperini gov
IfiiHi'til. in defiance tf colonial laws
Jrhich have visUid for a third of a een
|,,ry. to allow aliens, even when natural
ised, to own ri si estate on the inlands,
f'he Bermuda legislature has adopted a
tentorial to the^ueen pr»»tesUng against
action and pointing out that as all
rivtiege* ol citizenship in Bermuda rest
Xpoti the owncrstoip of real cat ate there
jj|i n ttkdacamatit iv be ome uataraUpA
Jhtwa Csttu Mae lUUe*.
ixm AseiMUiw. Cai.. Dec 11. A report
fiaa reached here uf fatal accident on
the Atlantic A P#cifi railway near
jS(..Hiles Thunulay The west bound
ja**engei train crashed into lh»* caboose
#.f a freight train, killing the tire«*#u
jmd a man named M. A. Thompson, a
-wealthy cattle dealer ol Wwa Ut. la.
it in aHto stau*l that
iferc fatally injuned.
r* Tb«
N«w Yon, Dae. 11-4. O.
Oo weekly review of trade say*
ha-duea# outlook is more hopeful. hut
til*- past disturbances and continuing
ascertain ty are felt in K reduced vol
n»te uf business throughout the eouutry,
win* !, though slightly larger than year
•go. no longer shows the material In
crease uiitl! recently maintained The
Wutli report* fair husim*** lu spite of
th* continuing decline (n cotton. 'Spirit*
aMve freely at Savannah, Orattyges at
Jft'lttuovillf and *ngar. molasses and
flee at New Orleans are all at »roo|
price*. The supply of money I* ample
foi ili- tificritic* at New Orleans, but
at other pntnu money Is* light, though
th. bank* help their customer-* a* far
they can in legitimate business only.
At the weat cold«»r weather has helped
trade at Cincinnati, JVtroit and some
oilier points, and businea* IM only fair at
Denver food for the season. with large
cat*le ami hog receipts, at Kansas City
•tfoeig. with liberal distribution of goods,
at St. IAMIH: fair for the season at HI.
Paul and more active lit holiday line* at
Cfcn lunati.
(hicagobusiness continues macthlarfwr
than for last year, being Utile affected by
eastern tr*#ubl*«a, and the receipt* of
most products show an increase at Pitts
burg. the worst is thought u» be over,
and money and collection* are easier,
though iron has d««cllned. and there I*
less demand for manufactured product*.
Philadelphia note* a little improvement.
TV shoe trade note* a sharp falling off,
especially in tue southern demand. Bos
ton observes an improved demand for
leather at lower price*. and the whole
sal*- trades generally an- quiet.
Iron production increased In Novett
ber. reaching ton* on Dec, 1. a
vain of rt.ooo tons for the month
and over M.omo compared with last year.
Several new and large furnace*, have
gone into blast, but later dispatches
•how that within two week* a number
have at Mf»pet production aad imh) south
tN«i«4»nlrt?'*we»- Blghteeii dollar* for"*
northern and .35 for southern No. I.
with rail-* llfeleas and decidedly les* de
WW* (or tar iron and plates.
cl«ar. ahM», that the nun k* of nnntdd
iruf, at furnace* are Increasing. that a
e.ttftallnient of produt liou ^eem* to bf
The woolen manufacture to doing de
eldt-diy brtfcer than a fmmr «r month*
mgo, but heavy woolen* open at la«t
vear prhwa. Some ovsironlnf* have
•dvauoni fr«»m 4 U» p**r cent., but
other*, are |ow«r. Some gra*lex of union
eaahmere are f» per rent, higher, but the
great majority realize no advance, and
ttyfr*' a waiting market knit gcxidn
and a shrinking demaud for dress go»dH,
though plain. mft wool fabric#command
fry,,, to 7 S l*'r cent, above the low«*«t
•en of th« year
aeys Stunt*?*
Cmr m»
M»i. HartvWl'i Hrutk«r
CIMMfM a«w M«4«
brotlier of the lat»» Ma
J. Bart*kH, writ**
W thf TUnrg
"All that Ktaitiey said about Me U tta|
true it is also untrue that my brothe#
wrote to prevent Troup divulging any
thing, or that Stanley or hit ofWe.er-t
warned me not to piibliah my brother
diaries. Itonny told uie stories t*
diacredit nearly every officer of the ex
poditioo, Im hiding Stanley The lat
ter's book and all *ul»«e«juent accusation*
are filled with lrreeondllable eontradlc
tious and inconai.Htencioa."
Bartelot concludes as followa:
"fiU*nii:T han done this bt
nra eulpabiiitfe*."
A liftnn t* a*MtMM*
mm 9*Mag.
PIKK Bltw, Ark Itec. I.I. in the
circuit court here yesterday. Judge Bl
lioti 'iused a decided Nenaation. The
ram' of C'hariea Se ward, eonvieu^i of
murder in the first degree, wa» before
him on a motion for a new trial. Sew
ard wa* a prominent farmer of Desha
eounty. and killed a neighbor a year ago.
Judge Klliott reviewed the caae. and then
overruhnl the motion for a new trial.
Moilencing the prisoner to be hanged on
Thursday. Jau SH. He HtaUHl that he
never had and uover would sentence a
man to be envuted on Friday. tMicaunc
on that day Jesux €hri#t wac crucified
and he would not insult the memory of
the founder of Christianity by sentenc
ing a murderer to le hanged on the day
upon which the Son JmI sacrificed his
lift, for hnnianSty'* sake.
at Dakota &ty% Isf* 9m
Will ta( Watt tar Tfcam.
S«n*Tn Stot Citv, Dec. IS.—Hperlal:
Judge Powers adjourned court on short
order at Dakota City Friday. There are
a number of cases on the docket, but
when called the parties were not ready
for trial, and the
aaid he would
dismiss the Jury rather than hold them
over at the county's expense waiting for
lardy lawyers.
Duggist neggs has gone to Mitchell,
S. D. It has leaked out that he has
gone for a bride. The boys are gather
ing tin cans In anticipation of the coming
The bazar conducted by the Zyphon
club closed Frldav night, A neat sum
was realized from the fair for the li
brarv fund. Miss Matte Cowl** received
the largest number of votea, conse
quently *!o i» the handsomest y ountr
fwmftmi brW*e 1* rwt again anft
the Chicagtt. St. Paul. Minneai*.ll* A
Omaha road is reaping the beneSt. The
ice was strong enough for a few very
v»M»ture*ome p«T»ou U *'rossover Satur
day morning but It was risky business.
Donald l^ean was in town Friday
evening The Short Line president was
a- enthusiastic a* usual and spoke In
hopes of briahter times for the future of
the road. There Is a warm spot in the
hearts of our people for Mr. McJvean
and all e*press a desire tiiat lie will
succeed In the enterprise, and the be
lief among our cltiaens is that he wlH
coine out on t«p.
The celebrateti Cramer highway rob
Iht case Is not yet di»tK,!M,l °f i,jry
standing U*»i for conviction and two for
acquittal. The Jury were discharged.
We understand Cramer's ball was re
done* from ft.00 to Sr4)0.
lUndolph WlrlMg*.
n.\.MMjii.t*it. Neb., Dec. 13.—Special
The Wi siern 1'nlon Telegraph company
are stringing wires aioug the extension
of the Chicago. 8t. Paul, Mfnuea|Mtlia A
Omaha northwest of town. The road Is
in good shape and regular train* will
soon be put OB.
/., lUughtn went to ttwt Cltf
Trade Is good In all departments and
-rottertfcra* are nr*T Nfrrrtrnnts «TT
having an unnsuaHy heavy holiday run.
S«?veral new buildings are now in
course of construction aud mor»- are to
follow. There are to be HOIIIO fine brick
business blocks put HJi ThtS COmlng
spring. Randolph Is not to be found
lagging be
ad In the race for htm
rh(iwl*lpt»l» Hu»i!»••»« Tr»We».
Pmii.auii.i'Hia. I«»c. i:». Webb A
I^'a. manufa iuring merchants, made
an assign incut to-day. No statement*
of the liahllitlf-* or asset* are obtainable
now The Arm claims to have a capital,
of fw.ooo. They exported hardware,
hardwood, wooden ware and machinery
to all points In the world._
Louis E. Pfelffer. president of the
Brown Bank of America and vico-preal
dent of the American Life insurance
company* against whom a warrant was
tssued yesterday charging him with con
spiracy with (leo F. Work and others to
defraud and cheat the deptislt-ors and
others interested in the bank and iusur.
ance company, was arrested In this city
this morning. The cashier ha# not been
Acjr'oated «•.
Nutria* mt Bee«t«t*e M"4»ati
HAt.riMuMt. Me.. Doc. 13. -ArtlnrC.
Caldwell, aged 30, a student in the Balti
more Dental college, killed himself to
day bv taking poison Mr. Caldwell
home waa in Victoria. B. C. He was
liberally supplied with aioner. and be
came lax in his attendance upon thw
lectures and classes. The dean of th#
dental college wrote the family of th*
young man, and* a fellow student In
of what the dean had done.
The chagrin that followed imfwlied tin
•nptraenaltivc youth
to eommlt
Or—» aserMM le Iwsp*.
LOSIHJJI. Dec IS.—Much hav«M has
been wrought by atom* on the southern
coasts of Europe, especially around Sar
dinia. in which vicinity 11 persons arc
known to have beei^llled and injured,
while many vessel* were wn-cked and a
number of house* siiattered. A dense fog
prevails on the North Uermau c«*a»t and
the English malls due yewerdaf iMl^e
not yet arrived In Berlin.
liallfil for Horn*.
YPW YOHK, Dec 13, The Irtah
voya, W«. U Hrlen. T. P- UU1 and Tim
othy Harringt.Hi..afilg(( uday tm Bu-
Dee. is.—Walter Bartelot,
A Queer Qiaricter Chosen
Succeed Senator
Outlawed fer Mu
Cri»M of an UnMrory
ni« Atloni«y-G«iMval
With talitieal iatimlda-
—Qh^mka, «. &, DM. H-4
a youug inan. Col. Irhy has a
and not a very" savory one. Hie
reputation of I wing a "bad i«
though it is said l«e lias slao* ri
and joined the Haptist chun-h.
the '70s he was outlawed by th i*
cratic governor, Hlnipson, who su
liampUMi, for murdering a man na
Kilgore in l^aureut countv A
of 91 ,'»o was offered for his arreat,
fled the MtaU and remained awii:»
the thing blew over, when he n «ui
to Laurens and with the aid o
Shell, then chirk of the «i»urt ««i
alliance ntembt*r «f eoagrens. seo /rf^i
Irby next exploit was to arm
with a shotgun while U« was p« nil
the town of Laurent red, and
uwn authorities to arrost him. 11
a fine for this. Then aome decei
offended him in some way, and lrl
one of his negro friends to the
plantation, gave him a horsewhii'
catchina his en«»my unawares, n
plstoi to his head and one to the
head and compelled him to hor
the man. Mis next exploit wa
with his brother into the town ,»ftei
justice of the peace who had of!"
him. and between the two of then
slashed the justice to piece*.
never punished, but he Is an ah
man now and is a member of the n
The election of Irby to the i i
States aenate has brought the -i
shame to the cheek of everf i.
South Caroiinart. From every se' tjon
the state come expressions of indif uat!
at the outrage and regret at the iefi
of Hampton. Should Hampton I
1#W"! he will be put up for gover ,»r
the dem.H racy
Chary««l WUa MMssi IsHaMstloa
Ctw I MHIA. S. C., Dec. IS. The nerir
attorney geueral of the state. T. IV»|
was arrested yesterday morning M(
warrant sworn fttit by N. O. lkmr«
tion of the hour, coming just mm
cenn of the 'riiimaii movement. T.iM
case arises from the dis harge of T. K.
Hutler. a nephew of Si'nator Butter, a
clerk In the state enrolling department.
The affidavit claims that in discharging
him the attorney general lolated the
law lu regard to discharging officials for
their political view* and especially states
that such discharge was made because
Butler would not support Tillman. A
letter from the attorney-genera! to this
effect in in evidence. The penalty Is a
fine of from fMi to §1,000 and Imprison
ment of from three months to one year,
or isrtk
fanitll'i LMMteralitp.
Therei* a vast diversity of
throughout the world as to the advisa
bility of Parnell retaining the leadership
of the home rule party. There is only
one opinion among the people of Sioux
City ami surrounding country, however,
as to which Is the best way to get to St.
Paul, Minuca|slis, Dtiiothand the north
west. and that is via the sloux t^ly A
Northern railroad. Through trains, el
egant coaches, buffet sh^pers, I1 of
rnicr time tables, etc.. write to or call
upon Jas. V Mahoney. Traffic .Maaafer.
Tkawel Oat OrsaMlW.
W akhk.n Mine. liec. 13 W C. Tay
lor, wtirtr th^wtng «nnrr dynamlH w+th
hot asheo preparatory to nsinsr In a well,
was badly injured by it*exploding. The
dyaamiu was in a shed attached to his
house, aud the box containing Ji.-catifht
fire Taylor threw a pail of water OB ft,
Which caused the explosion.
Hajrs H« Htlp^ Htm.
PA«», I The anarchist, D# la
Bruer. lias written a letter to the news
paper. Li Cltilr. in which he states that
he aaaistcd Padcwcisky. the Hu«slan
Pol»*, sus(ect«*d of l«*ing the murderer of
(ien HeliverskofT, U» make his escape
from Paris to South Amern?a.
fntut'P. Uw. IS.—An e*ec«tMoo
for SSO.tlitO was Issued against the Pitts
burg Lumber company. The trouble
grew out of a dispute among the part
ner* and the application for the appoint
ment of a receiver.
A CtoM
Batmt*. lie* 13. At a meeting #f the
creditors of Whltvu. Bur.dett A (3o„ to
day the assignee made a statement show
ilig the liabilities to be #1.077,(ski with
contingent liabilities of WW.U0M attd v»
^ets of fi .mc.ojx).
Saw YOMK, Dec. 13.—A l^ondon cable
received this morulng in Wall s|ret*t
nays, -A broker fall*d here to day with
heavy liabilities. He was large trader
In American railway securities,'
Weekly Ween Wrtwa»«t.
KEW VOMK, DET. is. The watkiy
bank MtateiiM-ut aiiows that the reserve
Increase)! Si,«:t7,ooo durliig the w*n-k
Banks uu* hold *ni?,ssi
|«fat faqulremenU.
Ill exe«»ss
states that everybody aboard the C1I,
Baton R&gne, wkfaii ««ak yeat*
was saved.
Alt Were
SARA, I^a.. I)I«. la -Clerk
wh» arrived this morning,
ID »f
AwlgBM Api»«l»S«#.
Dec IS The cr«*dlMN*of the
defurtct woolen Arm ul WiUta^ Bloom 4
Co. have appointed W* M. Bom a»*
Hetstaaa# Peed.
Ifmniau John HelnHltd 4M IMP! thl»
Morning of paralysta.
•am a rtgM WtHi AMtlwr
I'TNK KIIHO AofcJlrv. S. D,. Dec. UJ.
Reports of a tight b««tw»'en the Indiana
in the )tad Lands an* confirmed. Two
i Strikes and his party were victorious,
and left the Bad hands for the agency.
The chief sent to iten. Brooke for help
capture Short Hull and his warriors.
Mid fully
warrior-* are now on the
»ay to bring 1o all who re
mala In tfca
Had hands.
W«*kly IUO«* mi th« MlaaMiNrili till
flour Trad
MtSfftAPOLm. Dec. II—As a result of
«be low water and bad markets the flour
ltput declined to comparatively small
units last week, says the SrUue*lTrit
liter, being the lightest sitHi' July. The
tgregate jirodin tion for the week was
4.IMS) barrels averaging 19,100 bar-
Is daily against in5,oso barrels the
«.f»ek before. barrels for the cor
sfxtndlng time in and bar-
Is in With unusually mild
i*ather th«' water jiower has improved.
However, the hulk of the flour at pre*
it Is turned out by steam. The ten
's sncy to curtail the output Is quite
arked on account of dull markets.
fiere were fifteen mills running Wednea
y at the rate of alxtut '.'l.ooo barrtds
j• twenty-four hours. The nortliwest
n railroads talk of advancing the flour
rite, Minneapolis to Chicago, from
*c to but the large amount of
nansit standing out would make this lit
effect. The domestii flout market
ii ts been extremely dull. Wheat has
i'Wt considerable ground, and is now on
u oasis making it practicable to ex|»ort
n ur mori! freely. Manufacturers re
rd prcM'tit values as tielow a normal
imsis. and they an* wary about discount
i the future very mijch. Bakers" and
iew grades are also in good request for
|»ort The export shipmenta last week
w -re 4M,ooo barr»'ls against 63,M& bar
is the precediug w«Hk.
The flour output of the mills for Xo
mber was exceptionally large, only b«
IIIK exceeded twice in over three years.
The exports were also very heavy. Fol-»
lowing are the comparative figures for
''.fee mouths iii as many years
I MO. tssii
tober. 4.»,
.2,18t.T95 2.0?e.M05 2.«0«.SSfl
ThtCs»»t Over •ehart Ray lawBUi'i
Witt llegMa To-Day.
gate Fish yesterday the heartug was
ommcticed In the conU'St over the will
of Robert Kay Hamilton, the husband of
Eva 11 ami I ton, who was pardoned from
the New Jersey penitentiary Abl»ett
two week* ago, and who. it will IK* re
membered, met his death by drowulug
while hunting In Montana In October
last. Th# question at issue is the valid
ity of the marriage between Kva and
the testator The latter.»howcver, Is
not present in person owing to the fact
that Judge Martlne has not yet decided
the application for the dismissal of the
indictment found against her for con
spiracy. Both District Attorney Fellows
and Assistant District Attorney Jerome
have advlsMHl the dismissal of the com
plaint. and have intimated that, owing
to the death of Mr. Hamilton, who was
the projier complainant, no case can be
made out. It Is probable that after the
usual formalities have been gone through,
the hearing affecting the will will be
postponed until a decision Is rendered
on the question of dismissing Mu In
HKNHV SIKHKKI tobacco commission
Merchant of New York, has failed, with
liabilities of «*J:»O,IOO.
A Bio For a elevator aud 3.000,000 feet
oTTutulier were destroyed by ffre at San
dusky ., yesterday. Loss, about $136.
000 hiMired.
yoo police have Information thai
Mlilhuiaire Campbell is alive, and that
he was -M-en a few days ago in Detroit,
Mkh.. ttu his way to Canada.
WITHIX the past ten davs over 1,000
Men have been laid off at the South Cbi
««go works of the Illinois Steel company,
owing t» dullness in trade.
Til». liabilities in the Chicago Safe A
Lock company's assignment are roughly
ealimated at $6oo.«»00. chie.fly money ad
vanced by the missing millionaire, U. U.
HKNKY B- Bi.ua, a clerk employed by
Thomas 11 Perkins A Co.. stock brokers,
of Boston, has b-en arrested, charged
With the embezzlement of from
Ms employ
DH. IJKHRIS, of Berlin, aays that thus
far his exf»erlments looking to a cure for
diphtheria lyivc not resulted successfully
He announces, however, that
continue them.
VK.\ VHI.K A HK^ MAS, whoh»ale liquor
dealers of New York, have made an aa~
algnmcnt. Their liabilities are betfreen
§800,(si0 and #4ti,ooo. with a temporary
d^ticieury lu assets.
A sr.rjtKT n»e*'tlng of the Western
Wrapping Paper Mill association, which
virtually coutnds the w rapping paj»er in
ti-reitu west of the Allegheny mountain*.
Is bemg held in Chicago.
A ar.caKT conference of oil produ«ers
of western and northern l**musy U aula Is
heli'K he Id In Pittsburg to fowfc a pro
d^scers alliance to act in uotaoM against
th* Standard Oil txmipauy.
"SKKTL'MV" S»«»TT. one of the most
doted and desperate criminals in the
arrptt died In the penitentiary at Jeffer
•on City, Mo. The remainin were taken
to Peoria. III., and burh»d after dark.
Ar Kockport. Ir.d., in the post-office.
Ml*» A una Brown assaulted Mis- Ifa'ttie
Love with an »mprovis»d slungshot, in
flicting Injuries that will probably prove
fatal Jealousy over a lover was the
Fire at f*tta«M-
roTtimx-B, Pa De. 13!"" #tfn*tn the
Itusim^s xt'Uon of the city early this
ntorning deatroy«*d several stor.w, caus
ing a lata of«*x* 91 M,wm partly In
Tw* tie NMltn Weve Psslai a
lleetgn Old robbltr
On# of our boys was over in th#
Moimwk Vulley one day, and on that,
same day a couple of chaps came into
a village on tin peddler's wagon,
says the New York limes. Tney
were driving a horse which could have
fooled no one but a hayseed. Any
one posted on tho points of a trotter
would have pot him down as good for
less than three minutes This wa in
the olden davs when a horse showing
a clip of jf:Ao was looked upon as a
The peddlers found th# usual crowd
at the village tavern, and It didn't
tAk# them two hours to get up a match
with the boss trotter of the neighbor
hood, It was best two In three forfAO
and the tin-wagon horse won both
heats In [t was evideutly a put4
up ,ob to skin the rustlca, and, aa
they were headed our way, we de
termined to be ready for them We
sent a h.indred miles after a trotter.
scra|eii our dollars together, and the
das the jmddlors arrived we had ,our
nag draw ing manure with a cart. Th#
peddlers artlved about 11 o'clock, and
after dinner as we all sat on the
veranda, one of them carelessly in
•ot anything la horae flecfc to brag
ol here?"
•One purty fair hoes." replied th#
village cooper, who had a dreadfully
innocent look on hta fatherly faoe
"C'an he go?"
'Wail, W* cl#aned '#m so fur."
Our old ho#* doe* a nil# fairly
•And, just for th# fan of the thing
«re sometimes trot nim.1'
"Can't w# g#t up a fof'
Wall, our ho«s is no cheap ani
mal We'd want to Make it $loo at
"We'd rathor raak# It
In ten minutes we had tit# money
np and the race agreed to. We had
no track, but the highway was broad
and smooth and it wus to* be a mile
straight aw^y. The peddlers brought
in a sulky they hail left just out of
town our horse waa provided with
another, ami every man, woman, and
ch'ld in that town turned out The
face was a uare up and up. and our
horae got the Hut beat by three good
lengths, Wa saw that the tiddler*
Mttu ^SMW, «ttu u pt4i u|r Mid WKfUn
for »•.' more. It was a fair, even
start on the seoond heat, and the pace
was even for a |ua ter of a mile.
Then our horae began drawing away,
and when he went und#r the string
he iva« thirty fael abend. The ped
dlers gave up the atakes. sat down by
themselves and had a talk, then th#
»]Hkesman finally moved over to
where the cooper atoo 1. .and said:
We see through it. and we oan't
s ,ueal. As for your getting an old
rin?er' to match oui-s, we haven't any
fault to find, biu what harrows up our
soiii- and makes us* long for rest be
yond the tfiave, is the idea that we
were Uiken in and doue fox ty such a
benign old cuss as you seemed to be.
I'll tie both feet and one hand and
*4ht you for the hoss and wagon,"
Akser I)H|rSM MrleUjr
Uoat, but Malta* a 11*4 HUs4*s
or Dungrass. from away M»
yond the Whlto Mountains, had pene
trated to the Hub. It was Abner's
Ih'ttt visit to the city in fact, hla first
trip aw
try from hom^ says tha New
Vo'k ledger.
A relative, dolnp business In the
metropolis, had spent the previous
aunmic ttli Abner's parents and In
return for many kindnesses, he had
Invited his friends of the country
farm to visit him in his city home.
Aud thus Abnor chanced to be in
Hostou. and wa* now ditiingat a hotel
with his host.
At first our countryman hardly
knew what to do with, himself at the
wonderously laden table. His rela
tive, observing his hesitation, whis
pered to him:
••Don't be backward, Abner. balp
yourself U just wnnt von Hk*.w
By and by
gentleman sitting op­
posite directed a waiter to bring him
a plate of ice cream.
The cream waa brought and the
gentlemau set it down before him
while lie flnished a dish of scallops.
Abner looked up and saw the delicate
looking mass in tie late not far
away It was tempting, and he
reached forth and took it. He had
put a spoonful of the frozen mixture
into his mouth, and was hesitating
between nurprlae and delight, when
the gentleman opposite rather ab
ruptly and not very pleasantly ipoke
"Well, my friend, that la VUl I
should call decidedly cooi
••Yaas," re* to
11. led Abner, tnno
centlv. when he had aw allowed the
frigiu morsel. 'It's about the cool
est pudd'n 1 ever tasted I swan tew
man! ef I doa't believe It's really
tacb*Kl with frostr'
A WoKdarfHlb RMi Msaals'i.
Almost in the ftxa^'i geographical
Itf of Wyoming l» s mountain of s*»lld
hematite iron or«, more than a mils wide
and over t«o mile* in length Beside*
the iron, the sso'intain contains Hgr»tt'
coal enough to warts I he entire world
for a century, a doten of drlc1-up lake*
of soda, where the sola i- deposited to a
depth of oversow feet, some of the lakes
over ftuO acres in extent In the
mountain adjoining there is a petroleum
busln largei than tl|*o»»» of Pennsylvania
and Weit Virginia combined Out of
the springs pure rectified roai
oil IS trickling at UK rate
thirty barrels per day.
Wfc? Mw IWsgesttwg MatM
Is IfeaaMr
A oorr##pondent of llM Yoath's
CotftpantoTi Inquires wtiether th# ugS
of ohawmg-guin is really Itenettclal,
some arsons have asserted.
The opinion has one plau»ibl« argu
meu in lu favor. The saliva is
important uigestire fluid. tn It d^
ponds the digestion of all starej
suba'ances brea*l, mush. potatoes
and the like It ia for this reasoi
that thorough mastication ol auo||
foods is uooesaary, in order that thS
saliva may be duly mixed with their
particles For the same reason it
better to eat bread dry than to wois^
en it, and dry bread is practically
easier of digestion than luueh. whiok.
is often swallow#d without suffloieat
Now. as the saliva is copiously se
creted in gum-chewing, it might bo
thought that Un stomach would thits
be aided in the digestion of starchy
lood. but ju *t here comaa in another
phvsiolo^im fact, namely: that sal
va loses its digestive |ow«r very sooa
after ttiiteriug the slujuach, 4ln|
oeutraliud by th# action of the gae
But can KUIU chewing no regarded
as to an* degree harmful?'
—L The habit is unnatural. It
meets no normal n#ed. as do#s th#
chewing of the cud by th# oow and
some other animals. Whatever ia ab
normal is presutnti vely injurious,
even though we may not be able to
traoe its effects. It took a long tima
to And out that tobacco-chewing
caused one of the most fatal diseases
of the hsart.
Kvery secretion of the body has
its natural limitation. Artlllcial stim
ulatfon greatly beyond this point
must be hurtful, lhis is a general
law. (ti in-chewing stimulates the
salivary glands vastly beyond their
normal haalt, aad th# r##ult nu#t b#
3. I he couatanl swallowing of sai
lva in a sort of churned state carries
into Ui# stomach a large amount of
air. which becomes a source of dis
comfort and often of positive injury.
It must be remembered that air swal
lowed in this wa become* greatly ex
panded by internal heat
4. \lusclea are enlarged by u##.
Witness the blacksmith's arm as OOM
fcfcwi*turn oi^H#—
ma.Hseter inuaclea tends only to kmf
them to proper working condition
but their over-use In Kuui-chewuig
must tend to their undue etu&r£«»>
ment, and thus to th# disOguratlM of
tha faoe.
ISalstllc AfrtaM Orgy WltHMsd mm MM
n**t ('Mat hf I'orUiM* OMnaia.
A fantastic orgy waa witnessed at
the town of Loongi, the capital of
Bulloin. west coast of Africa by a
party of officers from the West India
regiment quartered at Sierra I^eone.
The peoole of I.oong! are Mohamme
dan*. but the dancing devil himself is
a relic of not long departed paganism,
and mO also probably is the dance
Itself. It takes plaoe in the court
yard ot the chlet's premises, which is
entered through a circular hut. Tha
scene which present* itself to any one
coming suddenly out of the darknoss
Into the noise and glare is decidedly
in the center of Is circle which fills
the courtyard the devil, with an or
thodox tall, u great crocodile's head,
and long grais. loo
icing like hair, de
pending from his body aad legs, and
swaying as be moves, leaps, beating
time with his feet to the beat of th#
drums, while the women, two
wail a chant and strike their paiiqi
together in afow. rhythmical mea*»
ure, those in the front to* bowing
down between each beat.
The young men in long robes and
caps, wail srltlCthe women. Both ana
undei vowa. the dance being oi e of
their rites- They look dazed to begin
with, but gradually work themselves
i/ito a fren/y and the black faces,
the monotonous wailing crv, tha
thrumming of the druina, the rattla
of the clackers and the beat of the
devil's feet as he spridgs up. croueh#s
down and swings about, makes a soens
to shock the quiet moon and stars aad
gladden (iehomis.
North of Sierra l^eone. Africa,
Mohammedan. South Pagan and
Southern people have this devil.
When |eace is declared between two
native tribes the peace devil who la
feUsh. comes leaping into town, bet
If he stumbles or falls it is considered
a bad otnen and he is put to death for
his pains. His dress is sacred, but
his person is of no cousequeuce.
Th* Own Was **11 Us4*4i
After the battle of ttattysbuflf I was
one of a part) detailed to gather up t#s
gui« and accoiit'Tineut'' which had be«M
left on the tie Id by the dead and wound
ed uieu, writes an old toldlsr One uf the
guns seemed heavier than the other**
and 1 took the ramrod and sounded tha
barrel to see if the plec« was loaded.
The ramrod would not go uiore than hall
wa down, snd just to satisfy osfa
curiosity sal down aud drew out the
con tenu. after an Ineffectual sffort to
discharge the piece First came a bal
let, then s charge of powder, then t«e
bullets, rammed down on top of ea#h
Other, then another charge of powdiar
aud another bullet, than three bullets aa
top of each other the last one without
any powder uml»*r»ieath, which account
ed for my failure to make the gun goofe
In ait there were aeven bullets and two
charges of powder in that gun, and ho
doubt :he soldier who used it was ui
the lttpraaska-h» liijUtdftm"'
|hs whole UaMk

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