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iff WlWciHMIO1!
:fiSl psrhead.
Mil,' i
J»v Mit. 1m*«Uh»
iJoti}-, by carpcr, per
IU11.I L*.»»»*.» »»W«5« ft tU* fcatttrcf of
informal IM» Jti «IT Itu*
a„d r«-.Mir .-»•» of ike city »»d
ikt«UUt*i liri^, osmisa,: U t«
mi advrftlarr# of »v«»
with closed door*.
Washington dispatch, IC: After the
4th of nent March Senator Pettigrew
will no longer bt* tho yotrogeet member
the senate, as Irby of Honth Carolina,
who is 3t» years old, will tfiiroeed to thai
honor. Pettigrew when speaking of the
matter says he cannot be the youngest
member. Hw ambition ia now to r»»
main in the senate until be ia the oldest
Washington tliHj^tch, n By a TOte
of 11 to -2 the house committee n per
ti^nr to-day anthorizetl a favorable re
pott on the bill granting a pension of
$10 monthly to the wu4« w of »en. t'us
Utr, t-ie victim of the SiouT maseacre of
l^itL The newspaper refKrt» of the kill
ing of Bitting Bull were read in the com
mittee anl the eaineideoeea oanaed fan
eral remark.
Tll«- r+'Mn I ...
Waaiiiafrion .l.xpaich, i»h Sanator
Pettigrew bae gtveo up the idea of get
ting the Biaaeuxi Wapheton Indian bill
through the houee at this seHtaou. but
hopes to have it pat on the appropria
tion bill and pa-ieed through the senate
He thinks that such an arrangwnent can
be made and in this way the u^poaiUui.
in the housa tn got amund.
Chairman Perkins of the Indian oom
mittse in the hoaae has saul Uiat if »'f
ford had beeu in Washington or Pickler
had been there last week when be was
attending the alliance meeting in Flori
d* the bill coukl have been passed, as he
was ready to call it up but wiidUk! sonw
Dakota member piw* to explain it to
thy house and acquaint the mem be re
mUi thu dolaiis which Mr. Perkins was
not familiar with.
Jty (jMtr* •ptslts-
New York thujMUcb, 10. Ih»' Hun pub
sn interview with .lay GouW on
and politiee, in which he saye:
-I think that the United States and
Pltoee, being bi metallic count m, now
have it their power under the good
laeiiuK uT4»fetRtBtiPe artiicti nnxts be
t«r«*ea ail the cotnruefcMll countriee to
bruig about the restoration of b. metal
Mta You that the French have
ehown themselvee with a tdlver o 'm»
to be extremely saving, and hene.» the
buife of France, in spite of all that
France has had to pay since her war, has
Dome forward to the assistance of F.n
gland and Oerwaay, and it e» ojk to me
that tlie nations and the linkers must
take a better view of that prude ce in
which Prance has conserved the silver
and tteiptM.1 the oonlition everywhere.
Now we are, I think, the ncheit oaUon
ia th^ world, not merely ch in ©ur ex
tensive esc .trj an 1 ite «»ea'. fertility,
bat rich iu mo am dtttoa*. lndeetl, I
have no doubt bj. elf that ibout 10
OOu.OO1' are n«»w h^dd« n awav in etock
L.gs. I doii't meati literidly stockings,
such as the old lad lee use, but thv coin
has bean tak^n out buu e a put
to aafe d»\oiu aatl private »a*e
"Lo you think 'he K't-ley turiff bill
had i... ihtug n i» wiik I lis withdrawal
«f aimlkhiaoe?'*
"Vea, it natl some bin« do wt it. I
tfciak that oongress sitting so long
through the etiminer far into the sutnna
was a detriment to oontiU*nce. I
not dearly known whet tUay would t*o,
and when at laet they took the extretpe
Measure of putting up the tariff these
waa a run tor mooey to import more
goods than enough, and the me chants
west iu debt, they felt over bard ned or
discouraged, and this waa imparted to
Ay ordinary taan daring •waf"
U* will drtak ahaal W hogtheads of
1m l»uilou last year 500 cUiHrew un
let le year* of age vera arrested (Of
At Frankfort. Germany, &00-h«rse
ftwer tf tran«mttted by ei««tricity to a
#ttaace of l*o nile*.^
T,i P*oii.k who
UTAHL, Pro.motor.
A Bismarrk l.ant
fljSOU far iStttmg Bull'* I'"1'
Black Bird. Ihtll
killed while (li-'en Hni* !i
aged 12 yea
The annual miettn« of the fam era moted his mother and ordered e
A Pierre «trp.tU'h «**.»!•» i'woKettle'e
hand of Bad River Sum* ere already re
portetl to be making arran^emenU for
holding Christ max tree ex -isee in their
little church west nf Purt Piwrre.
Pierre dinpatch, 10: Treasurer (.reene
of thifl count ntatea that the old pen
alty in case of delinquent taxes will at
tach after February 1 that the law
panned by the lad legislature applieil
onl to the taxes of that year, A new
la« will have to be pa*tk»d by the com
iug le^ ^luture in »jr«ler to change the
law that wa-« in effect previous to. that
Tof xpfndn*»r« for tlqrtov* aaA «ar
UQMss aOsorh* the net proc* da of one ectnc, and water plants, to
4«S -h it I rt. i.
iwmtry «nd are panic-«t,*oken by the
occasional appearance of a mad d»g eau
liardiy realize tha' in India !a*t year
t'rrn'a* upward of 20,000 persona died from
make bites alone.
AxuiiKw Carnkoie is repoiied to be
the richest Scotchman in the world,
with an income bigger than that of any
of his aristocratic countrymen, whi,
while enjoying the domains anil palaoc*
that come to them by inheritance, are
apt to l»e hard up at times. Mr. Car
egie talks treely of the days of hi*
poverty in nootlaad and in thi* country,
and tells how happy he was when able
earn as high wages as a week v
Pittsburgh. He recounts hta struggle*
from that time till lie became weals hv
He is not afraid to scarify those of hi
ellow-millionaires who are mean wiih
their mrrrey, and a short time ago wen'
o for as to bst in {Tint "that the gMU)
who dies rich dies disgraced,"
Is Chins all the Una beloug* to ill#1 The finest grades of mat** are so
Btate, and n trifling *nm j*»r acre, neve* ttiat nut even th« fuiiiou*
altered through long centuries, is paid s.vord bai« uu u,Mat
.... vuet.i in texture. 11 1? n.»t generally
rent Uu.uth.oDljl.xm tU.coM- Ullt
try, anil it amoaats to tkott 00 *•*•,
A xovFi sort of legs! ptmfelnnent
rojorted from Moncton. N. a here a
lad of 11 was couvicted of aieeliijg ahce* ... ...
from the store in which he was em- aid on the day of purchase.
No oBJKCTioN was made to the mar-
There they routed a justice
Auono smaller birds perhaps none
wage war more deeperately than the
English domesticated robin. A writei
iu Longman'* Magazine says that an
invalid friend of liis was amused for ail
consecutive days by the antic* of robuvi,
which came regularly at 10:'V)a. in.
and fought a duel on the lawn out*ide
his window. The combat invariably
lasted until one or two became too ex
hausted to recover his legs, whereupon
the victor would »eize him and triumph
antly drag him round tho in closure.
A lajdv of Kent lost her husband, Mr.
Jones, two years ago at Portsmouth, and
he wa* buried. Then she moved to
Highgate, and, having obtained the nee
e-mary authority, had her husband ex
humed and brought to Highgate Ceme
#ry. lu a year she moved to Canter
bury and again dng up her former part
ier and carried liim with her. Each
time she out the old coffin inside a new
one. Now she has moved to Liverpool,
and again, with I the permission of the au
thorities, what ia left of tho late Mr
Jones is being prepared to ha seat alter
her. __
Expkrimkkts seem to prove that th*
hat is not the only poaaeesor of the
MXth sense," manifested in the faculty
dodging obstacles without the aid of
vision. Blind birds, lizards, and several
eciea of rodent* appear to be end')we*!
with a simi'ar gift, which to some de
,-,00 i« shared Dy blind, and even In
i.iudfolded men. A person groping
d* way in a larL cellar may be unable
di-tinguish a black patch on a white
^.otri bold up at a distance of two fee
row his cye* but someliow or other
*ill manage to avoid collision with pii
iara and projecting shelves, even wiih
ut the existence of his hands. Just
lefore bumping his head agaiu«t a wal
a rpn^nr® of air," a« some of the ex
erimenter* described it, somehow b«
rays the perilous proximity of a solid
A nf.w fffgaalaatiow has hsan inwed
in the West which is having a rapkl
growth. It ia called Equal Freedom,
and F. Q. Stewart, of Chariton, Iowa.
i« the organizer. The organization d«
tnaiuls, among other thing*, the tota
repeal and abolition of all so-called
title* to land other than the natural
title of occupancy and u»e all statute
uud so-called laws fur the collection
debts lawn that itiUrfere with free
trade between individuals of the same
country or of different countries all
charters, franchise*, and special priv
ilege* to eorporations and eompanie».
all forms of eompalaory taxation al
lawn that diseriminate againat
voting. The organization also dama^d
i.ati rial, btate, and nmiacipal mainly,
ance and ntrol of all public highwa fa,
tail way». waterways, te tgraphe, ga
be op«r
ated in lilt iatertw4 of the paorle at
There was no reformatory and The process also afToets the tempd*
sou,who wa»
fatiier wwi I ployed. ^...w
tin) bnv wm too voting to lie nent6UC6d of tbo bUdu fcuu wtieo the grjiiu s*et#
allianoe i* in sexton tt Liiu^dn. Neb.,! give him a severe ijianking in the pre*- ?onBClentiou« bnrbor. Hut hero'« sta
euee of the eourt, alter which he *aa
U. prison. Therofore, th. juO*. »nn. 1™"' "0 lo««r ouU, ,«»nt t„w»rj vm
1 ,, back you have u ra*.or which can udl
town. out CfekUel Morl*«|t«
of bed ia tne snail hoars and were vv h«re«r, ticfaoii h«* bevu m»d«t in tat condt
.. I t»oo» of certain ii»U»l Mortjovf* th» a*a
quickly matle one. They then returned
senaitho that it* gene* at
direction U ehanged alter a »t*ort aor-
alt »t home iu (hi* When you buy a rtne ra*or the
rt#y of JlIly A
ISTealed by the
IT is a envious fact,
ligttreo of the present census, that,
wniie there are in the United State*
three cities of more than
habitautM each, one of between 800,000
"M™* *h1
outer ioint ui a (lutL'i'imi Uireotiou to
ward the handle. ouatu.ut atroppiug
will twist the oteei until the gnu?
seems to bo set straight up and don a.
5ubao juanl use will drag the ^raul
outward from the eiljre. mi that ufu»r
steady use for several month* tiie
fiber of the steel occupies a ikmuiuo
exactly the rovursc of that which It
k#{)t in C0Dlnti0n.
otber curitiu«
released, a sadder bat wiser archin. place in the mtmo tool.
ra/or alone for u month
eveu by the iuoH
froak that trill u«t
frhen you luke
i.*ava i»
or two an&
riage of a young Ijoaisville ooaple yet, that the grain has ussuatted Its i.r»*
for the pake of romance, they executed potllion The operation can too re
a sensational elojiement Tliey met by Lwatod until tho steel i» worn throu^
apjwiutment at .1 o'clock in theuioruing W t^e hack.
and lioarded a locomotive for a country
up you wt]i
n imh
U, th. oHt, Wb.™ th. brid. rouwi b,r
iHurents and introduced her new has-1 mhi m-.rij.aii. ici fl «t -n thr o i c«
of Orctl.* it I.ftke Co.. -. U n lti
I! in
three of between 400,000
and 500,000 each, and nine of between
200,000 and 300,000 each, there ia not
a tingle one having between .'500,000 and
400,000 inhabitant. In 18ti0 we had
bat nine cities with a population of over
lo0,000 each.
Jn'y fttui wm mii h- i »w
iagii, K-rltHfJ pro^ert,., i it: lUvolimr* N«*
York SUm-.-ola Law
He port
p. vK* book» I'uiw-tl ^t«te» hupr»e Court
Be port*, It buk* N«« York onrtnoi Law K«-,
jtort», vdl'imn U»Wola f'-t voln
*Viiipi.i»"ln i Hi'pori". n-,d #7
t« Hi-port*, nhd rolBii'i# "liirw
,,, Ymh l»raciu«• K.-port# a»kI whfrra#
U bow doe on »»i uiorigicv unit actc* |Ik
I$3SU.«, ant!. wti«.rtM». *«|1 ron
iu 111 if, u w it '1 bat tuorUftgor
IU1- ... .v. .. ...
failed to par 11' raid won gage ii*-bl al'.btmifh Ik
,mr in toiit pft^i rt'it* Now. tb r« l«r u«j|i t'
hereby tfivi-n tiiat br *ir(!i«- il tin- of
In iniil u.o coiiU n' mill pur«iini i io the
•taints iij •u«h fft*"- madt* and |»nvik-d, 1 ban
lakin «.f ai rt ul «lil »«*i! at tir fmat
di'Of Ut U Bt l.rt. »»ifi.»U" Ul iS«rt:» of MmA
Uot,, in l.ak- ., f» »i» Nat mrta? ibv -1th
dav of IHm A I*'**. »t 1 o i U* k bi at
|io"b!it auction u. tb« bigh« »t biCrter t«t ta»h. tbt
raid ier«oca!. prvjpert t, or *o w«cb thrrcof ft»
mt) bt- !»«•«cutaty io pa the w.K »«curtra by -ftl4
nioftt' the c\pen»ea of b*m-fo»or« and |S ai
toroey a fee*
at Hft«ltaa Dec. W, A D.
JAJtK- PKCaTufl,
Aiceat of Memrsffcex.
Vii»«T a Ft KTSS, Attorney*
atais ef aaatk Dakota,
Coantr of Lake, I
la Jasttca Coart.hofots
to. WlllMMou,
ites itiatieuii' au-i for
Umt'itv «r Mad'.awa*
Ul LaJtu i. u 1
Jola A- JobMtt, aislsiiff, ilita® Wiumot,
iniubi Tb«* ate of StHitu Ballot* '5
jjnttiiii' To WHItu.. Wioaqr, ti-i«a«uit 1
•r« ht-rebv «bihiiiM'i1 io 3ft »r, aim
oArr, rtt\ of Maaln, in ouid tou.iy,u
iti nut i Jaaatry, A It IW1, at u#r i («•«.•
Di.. au»»rr the t«|laint of thf »hotMi
Dftaied plamiiff, John A. (••hBMUt. wiMi ciaima to
ir-n.t rot %on the mm of Tw«ntr at* o.-Hm*
and fori iitii« t-t»» c«*nt-, a» owiac t.v 0*
10 ptaiutirf on toarotrtftlti |ir )B'»or Sotr taoSi
ftad dt-livert'd by you to piitiotifl AugtlSl WHO,
wbero'tv ami whrrt-in, foi i u Of
I. l!*«,you proui-.o* piala-
tifl or ordt glvl. ilt wttb mu tt**! !b«tvoa ml the
r.U of p*i rent p*r autiiiu frvni ttii p»id—
tn part w h« re«il ha* b«*ti Maid eac-ptlag Vl»* »au
of fM aid thfti ther« if now due stnl :wmje
(hrTvoij ircoi iuu 10 plaiLliff tb. »un% o §8S,45»
and ji»t *r- hereby notiflvd (bat if yon !»,, In ftp
p«ar and luiwor aaiJ rontpiatut above ft
quirod, aaid piaibitH will t«ke judemoal a(ftaa
ton lor the tuui ot 4'' to^oiher with til* roct*
ittid dl«tumeBi*al* of lhi» acttwu.
(iiveu tinder my haad tm* I"th day of ler«ai
tottr, A I) I"*' O WIU.lAS£ao!,
Pol in- Ju*t: -*e of tbt fit* of Kadiaoo, wiUlta
anil for Lake room*. S f)
T.i th« Sheriff or any of Mid l.aJu
cuDtolv. yr»elit»2- Make irml »errjre hereof *ad
du« rcHuD Ml KKAY A FORI KK,
PlalstlfPa All)
To Ihcs defeudaol. Yoo will please Lake mmet:
1h(l the cooiplainl lu ttila actioi. *a» fll«d in
tbeoAcc of II 1'oUce Jui-tic -of
the City of Madlrot*, Lak county, tt. U., en Ar
17lb diy of U*c«Sib«r. MW.
Ally tor flaiaiiC
Porecloaaio Sai«.
StaUes I* fcaraby «l*n.. tb«l purraaat to a
»p«cia! e*t utiou 1»- tied otit ol the circuit coart
lu aod for ske uiity.Honth Dakou ou the iTlfc
day ol iKsconibet.'A D.IK*', u that nruiti acilon
%vb« rcui Johu Fatil plaiaofl au! Stephen W
Jacob*. Kiam* J»cobf,The Lake Kide Ktoek
Farn. W ilbur Hmltb aiid I'efte Porivi ar
^efendftBi*. to directed and delivered, aaA
po .iiant ti a jodKBieut of rorecloenre In *atd mf
tioti duly ortlered. docketed and Slet] iu ibr off).
of the clerk ol »iitd c«urs dliecilna ax. 1 award
the *ale Of tte tollowi ur de»rtib#«I property t.
preTmierxwtoi.fc'Tiiji io deseiidaau, *u i-o
(R) *ix and the muthweai .jnarter of Sccitois
two !*J.i all 10 To»i.»hlp No n«., oortb ol
Uai .t ,'4h K aod taa». rertam frasie
l»ani »:tuate.. aui locatdi thereon, to tat »!y lh«
aBlouiit adjiif*d to he due ou a ffUn. weclMUl
lc'» ten i1##cr!ted tti Hfttd jod|r«t»enf, W
priiu ip^T ft 1.,1 int. r« *t si.d ftt wt cort* of tsta
Iioi and in tbe av.yr, ftie atuooBliiig to th« aaia
offer e\ I, a« ahertfT of l.ake coacty,
.1 01
i«llh day ol Januat), IMH, *1 the h.-a: ol oae
o cltck ni of that day, at tfee front door of thr
cMirt bou*e lu the city of Madt*ot), u» [jike coun
ty, H. |i will veil lit public aut tlou to ihr htghe»t
Iil4tier for r*«h the »bov de»crtbed pretnlaen to
g, titer wiiti tb framr bafb aitu»t-4 IkifiM
to make lb^ »ai,l miii of r? (*y tof«br tin all
CO*t- urn' peiife* of »fte.
Dal- ftt Mftdi*oc, Iec. J7 im.
Sberifl L*k, r.f., fl.
Hoa*ftV a Pewia, Attor—y for piaiattfT
Sot lee to CrodltWS
Estate of W1 ui»u Uorao. i« cased Notice ia
acreby ahreu by the niter*ixnrd, ftdmlaiSWatof
of ibe c-ntaic of Wn:ia« UorJia, dc-«.a»rt, tort
creditor* nffti.d all (.ereosi* haviui: laima ft«ft! i.
the aa'd drceartd, to evhit.st toem, wit!, the
«n»ary \oi cher», witli'ii fnr mouth- *fi«r
0r*( pabliailot of Una iioticr. totba Mid ad
(•trator at bia 1' ftce of bu»tii-#« in tho eltf Of
M»di*ou, .!. tl ounty of L«k% S.
fiated at Madlaoii. i.ct
Adriucirtrfttor of Um Mtate of William florae,
d. a»*d
Mo axe Sme
Nan* of B»ottg»gor», w Huata Hoche m4 Mar
,rrt Ho**be. Same of MieAaal Mocha.
.1 me !»*•, recor i«-d April
D»t. iii m- rsgaife
16, IHSiO, ftt I o'cUtck, n in the ott-ce of K«
rt» of t.ake i ixiti't.
fault tLkviug iwvn
r* I» It Hook
later ol lh-ed» of l.ftke cownt
of -rt^au#*, !••».« &
made i-i the payment of ftO reat -Abicb bo
CftHie ueoit the id iay of Derember, IMS0, ««d
there l» l»"» due at tbe dat- thereof tt V *uai of
$i.pntif U»i anil li.! re»t, iK»ide» the tun
of att*rnc) f»e«. fttip«i*t»i] lii u»rt
riiirc and,whert'fta. it *a» riipKialed aid a«re«Mj,
by aod o«rtw«a 'he pariiea to «ftid »ort**|f»«,ftar
coii'a-oed then-M that 11 dofau11 »lu.aiit bm mad*
10 aro ,»f ihe oudtttoo« eo«tft'ned iu »*sd BH»rt
KftJ{e.ttieSi th» f:i. atawHit tb» ri-h* »»c«. r» i1 ahou
becoin* rttie and oil. i.i,), at -n-»t
of ibe bolder thi ieof, atid *ik K not mm b«en
declared, aurt uhi-r'-a*, *»h. tnortg^jf aad the
note ibert t\ aecared on the nib day „f o««t
ber, A I». lh*i i!i .\ ftMHfftied »«M ¥«bft*i
itucae to iar* flu(l ami A» McA*o).
wbtab aaftiirtimewt daly U'«.d for record
M, ib. o«bc of tb Knainter of f» od» Stale *ad
for l.ake UBt». ft-.utfc tlahotft, OB '.lit ft 11, ds„«
of octobri, A If IM0, ft' io o'clock a., and
rec.rdrtl it. B"oi '. on P»g« '3t»4 Sow, tteo
for*. OUC 1» hrlf tiy |fH ell thftt mill*' ftttd ttj
rtr'uecf the power uf »ftie cibUiim il In aald
•oncace fturt nil It racorded tberew tli, ike aaui
to ii^ «m he tnreeo»ed U» »ai* al j.uMlc a»c
uoi li lie »b riff of count) t»r
fl. |,aty, oil haiun!» .the Tta day of febraary,
IMI1 ni it in thefroi.i d«M»r of the coao
h"«a« ti lh« cu) of ^Iftrti# Ui -aoj l. .ke cm
tr. "f the aiid«Viuo pret,ii»e» an
Mod ia I.«*-• idiul• and d«»crlb* a
m.oiica ata»»«t4»»t(a 1 f«»l.«•»» l»»tt: lot
N (tl tourteei- tu Biiti, S® (ft Ntar.T
fropr:wtor' Kuai 4d .it o«n the to met
Mi'Iim in u».i ri'tiio, hith
Ii..t rdl't^ t" the '««ded plat tirrmf
tu«dat a*d'*'n. Houtfi Dakota, o«, 15.1K4.
Ilk. aiMi tONm Mow 6*,
Aitiw*' of Mofrjtanea.
J. l, iorXB Attersej
Patent Madiclaes. i
PnaeitpllaM cwfollr «npoiMd4
or aitfht
•oar Avswri. HAtiaos WTa
Ward &, Vreeland,
City Livery,
(•AL AkH aeen.
tr. \Ant
ako paorainoRh or tw
Madison Dray Lme.
Fuel delivered to any part of the citj
free of rhf.rge first olass feed stable
for the com roods lion of horse owners
SAiaaxti. caLtitcrioxs. ur
W rirn. W A.Mftc**i(- t. II hr*aa,
VkMCrenMlsai. aMSUw
Captttl a* Surplus, {61,000,
fW*«#a mm* J*om#M
Md MM. CvilrrtUm* Mff+*mi4n.
jg/T~ A coKpctcct collector atBiUnU employ ad
to attead to toUortloaa Wo aorroaiidtnc coaatry
ITUosd loaned on real eatftte tm Ssslara
Cb«oitr«l Natioaa! Sank, !«w 1n»rlc, Flrat Sft
tlo«fti Baak, btcaoo. Sto«i Falls SaUaaal
Baak, Hloai Fall#, tloath lftlnt«
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Uia city Wltfcoat ext ktip
a H. WOOD.
-HUJl tw—
Pfrilft flwedg, Albtnnn,
Tollei Haas-
Brushes, Combs, Toys Fai»cy ijootHp.
Paints, (i Is, Varnlahea, C'ataonint
Wall Paper, and fall lln#|#
20 h\ Ceiil Discount
K M.
(except French idintt^dl),
TOY8. BT^K'KR. OAMlfi9t
The Biggest Sale on Record
IVorthin^tou Juvcailc Uuokb one inch thii k beautifully illudgf!
trateil in full page, messo-tint engniviBgii, with qb, D6 cents—otbc#
ch a r^c $1.2.\
28-inch Doll, clc^nut natural hair uud eyes, others charge (ft.00 to
#2.25- -our discount pricc plain ti^irea.
tl AlplialK't BUclai—with ns now 211 cents. Others get 9§
and ccnln for name.
fcilk Pluah Phott* Albunifi exquisiti'- otir prire now OthafS
still g«t $3."0 to $5.00. These arc simply specimen** of ths
Awful Slaughter Sale!
Everything mentioned at the same |rt|Krtionate rate.
tew I«J *ooij'3 »Sl
tart A
•mi yi
at a a.
WM. HUxe, Mimae*
'Every dollnre' worth purchased ent ttlcs yon I* presenta
tion tickct on thin your 8 Ix'/nftiful cabinet organ anaolntely
fnr of charge antl as an annual holidnv ^'ift.
Th.e oclk: 0tor©.
St\HINU. I.K«-TIO%M, Kir.
w. F. vttii u. t'riMu m. *1 W. it vLY, Vic#.Pr».*idaai. J. JL TROW.OaehW*
Capilitl fo0,0(l§. SturphiN
i General Barking Businest Iransactetf.
Witt remit money to any part of the Old World, aad sail tickets Is aad
principal European ports on aby of the leading lfaas of staanboata.
City and Municipal Bond
a hoaght and aoid.
CoheetHm* made aad promptly rem Ins
Find Natiooal Bank, Clo. «.go. C^iaae Natkmal Baak, Haw Yart
Minnehaha Natiooal Baak. Hioux Falla.
Loan and
Madifon, South Dakota.
4f inlty A* firs.t nmrtgi^re nnd r*»»I eMtot» If.niia jjnj
•innicipal. county antl aehool bonds and other seenrities.
PliilaSeliilitit Finance Co., PhilaIelphia, Penifc*
NfttioiiHl li.-nk of IllinoiH. f'bicftgo, 111,
Sioux Kalif National Bank, Sioux Falls, 0.
ait ataui«
JOHN HUSS. Proprietor.
ITir ii» *1 IHKIT
jjm. p. i'nn»t«i 1 yn hs«ndt"b« cbo.caat
and ''»»nl K^ifca/fiah, EWwl,
«ri %mm
f. $+ JONE8, Aaa*t Bao'y A Traas*
Banking Co.
The Largest,
The Best
Most Complete
*TOT« nr
Sundert & Fitzgerald's.
illMARO SAt' rn.«i»a v„ __
Also, Wholesale
and detail
Oigai Store.
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