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Pftrnell's Followers Admit His
Parootf Leaveg fbr Parte to
ft Modus Vivendi With
Me# ft Ton
fig1 Hill SmddfftTy Worked
ft Soheme to Save His Moth
«r1i Credit
TLJI.KKNXV. l)e 24. Ill spit* of the
afcitemeut rftuim) during the pant weok
fef the political struggle which ha* been
taking place in this parliamentary dis
trict, and thou :h the actual result of the
hikttie fought uetween the ParnelMuta
and anti-Parnellites wan practically in
doubt up to the hour of noon, there was
little or no excitement tit the struts of
Kilkenny yesterday morning Peace
aad quiet outwardly at least seemed to
reign on ail sides, the street* being the
|aietosl portions of the town Opposite
Md about the rourt houwe a small crowd
thered. Messrs. Parnell, Harrington,
Scully, Hunnesny and Healy
were inside tin* court house at an early
hour awaiting with varying amotion* the
actual result. Shortly after noon it was
officially announced that liuiiuvit)' wait
•lotted by l.HC majority.
Though the Parncilltea claimed Up to
the last moment that victory was hover
ing over their banners, the defeat of,
their candidate wan virtually admitted
long UKI clour of the polls yestar
to view of the almost vital Important
to both side* of theeiciting political coo
teat Just decided. it Js claimed that both
parties deserve great .redit for the fact
that uo collision took piaccjfcetween their
followers, and that the list day of th«
campaign at least was conspicuous for
It* almoHt entire absence of personal
abuse which ha* recently been exchanged
by broadsides between Uw foiiower* and
opponents of 1'arncll.
boring the morning, has been the
case since the poll* rioaed. the door of
the "counting room' in the court house
was strictly guards! by police, but there
was no attempt to create any disturb
shortly before noon Davitt came out
from the court house and told an Asso
ciated Press reporter that he could ac
cept it a* a fact that Mr, Hennesay's ma
jority would be about 1,900, and that the
lJarne|HUM had suffered a bopetean and
crushing defeat.
Immediately after the sheriff bad of
ficially announced the result of the poll
ing the Parneliitea prisont moved in a
body u the front of the court house aod
thmu with
their shouldens Parnell wan upon the
point of making a ip«x when Timothy
and Maurice ilea I y appeared. Trouble
immediately ensued. Finally Parse)I, in
order to prevent what seeno-d likely to
be a disgraceful row, asked the police
to induce the Ilcalys to withdraw
The |K»llce promptly acted upon Par
nell's suggestion and the licalys were
pre\ai|od upon to depart. Paruell re
Hunoul hi# spoech, Maying be would not
be turned a-ide from his determination
to do bin duty to Ireland. Seeing tbat
the result of the c«ut4*at in North Kil
kenny wa brought ab»ut by conspiracy,
Parne.ll udiied, he would go through Ire
land fiahting every elwtion and felt con
fident uf eventful triumph.
SctiHy will lodge a petition protaating
against the election if lienneiMy on th«
round of undue influence on tba part
the pri#»st«. Over J«0 votes arv cbal
^|cngcd by 1'arnelliUtn.
OKit'Aeo, Ik*. 24.—John K. Kinartjr,
he rm»gultMd wasu^rn inader of Ike
faction of UM lHsb-Am«ricans Is
ot at an caai down by tb« rwsuit oT lie
ilknnny ei«n:tkn.
"in no maomr should It be deemed a
iroshadowing of the outcome of th«
ectlon* to follow," said bo,
for in no other part of Ire
land are the* people so ignorant as
|ri the Kilkenny district, which ln~
udeA the mines near Ca»ti« Comer The
Sennit of yesterday's elactlon shown that
|Ko: eligible voters failed to cast their
•allot*. Thin fact indh'ates plainly that
taught but pressure could have k*pt so
•any away from tlae polls at a time of
fuclt ffeneral excitement. That pressure
eaa the priesthood and tb* I ?M*» voters
ere Parneilttea. Ho tbat the ^enUntftit
gnd the deH|r»« of the people evident.
v«u though it I* not e*pres*Md in the
box Had the i,MM) voted, Scully
#ould hare b*^n elected and Par
tell would bave bwn vlc
ftrtoua. Hut as 1 said, thU *ilotion
g|ui!it not be taken an an Indication of
to follow. For not only arc tb«
in the other parts of Ireland more
taiilgwat, but a* each day goes by
arncll frt»ws stronger^'
"Was the action of the priests in ac-
with instructions recH\|pd fraoi
Most certainly. Hlnce last no Mrb
tight as the prtasts have just made bas
pen known The strength they have
#*monitrated has had great influnac*.
Mnd U the fear they engendered in the
inds of the ignorant voters of Ktik«b»y
i* failure of the I,***) wa* due."
Kttkeway LA Hot IMISMI,
IHfM.iN. IMm "J4.—f'tHUnl
t'l»Mi» k*jr tl*a ts«r»f.
Caicaoo, Iec *4.—The
3t»8r!8i E. Lynch, a retail boot and «»oe
e*-ai by the sheriff this
nig on cdhfesslons of judgment ag
SliMMXMMXj to be USH1 and et
pendnd for the purpose* of said er
{Ktxltiou has been proTld«»d iflp
accordance with the conditions and re»
qulrements section
Now therefore I, Benjaailn Har
riiion, president of the I'nited NtAtea,
by virtue of the authority InveHted in
me by said act, do hereby declare and
proclaim that such inu*rnatioua! exhibi
tion will be opened on the first day
of May. in the year 18»3, in
the city of Cbktago, in Illinois, and will
not be closed before the last Thursday
in -u»ber of the »ame year, and In the
name of the government and of the peo
ple of the I'nited State* I do hereby In
vite ail nations of the earth to take part
in commemoration of the event, that is
pre-eminent in human history and of
lasting interest to mankind, by appoint
In* representatives thereto and sending
such exhibits Uf the World's Columbian
Exposition as will most fitly and fully
illustrate their resource*, their indus
tries and their progress in civilization.
(Signed/ HfcSjAMix HAKRIMO^,
•e BaMMta thr»» ttmnitm
Mother's Gr»gt,
0 IW. 24 Between the
hours of 2 and 1 o'clock yesu rday after
noon one of Toledo's prominent young
brokers, fcd Hpear, aucceaafully worked
thr*M^ bank* for Jt.i,i«00. The First Na
tional, Merchants' National and Ketcham
National each lost 91,000 by his manipu
lations In each Mnk he de
posited 9350, saying he was tired
of the Northern National and wished
to transfer bis account. At 2:30
he drew three chock* 9l.oon each on
the Northern National and each of the
other three itank* ahed them promptly,
a* Npear ha* done business here for
years and was rencraliy trusted. He
had no money in the Northern and the
fraud was discovered at the clearing
house. Kvery avenue was guarded at
once, but Spear mad© no effort to escape
At o'clock be was captured by De
tective Manley and is now in prison.
He stoutly refused to give anr foforma
tioii aw to the whereabouts tf the motit-y,
but later It was developed thai
onateiy aiter .» a cum:* ^ipelfnawK the
money obtained from the other banks to
a saving* bank and HfW«d a loan of his
mother's lie iias aacrihut^ iiia ttfca
his aotlMr'i credit.
Aaifcar BlK'tx la the Settlement of IHN
-M U«» gap aad Tteelr rrahMi
There is another hitch in the tattle
went of rate* on live hogs and their
dressed product. The settlement of Sat
urday was reached by the agreement to
pay Fowler Bros. S30.000 to release the
Alton from its contract u carry packing
houst- products from Kansas City to Chi
cago at an IS cent rate. The firm at
first demanded 9300.000 but tinaliy a
1 epu»i S3t.(SS» Now some of the roads
declare this payment amounts to dis
crimination against the other packers
and that it would open wide the door for
a new system of paying rebates in ad
vance. Hald a well known railroad at
torney of a competing road:
HBreryonc knows thai Ff the Alton
had not made the contra-i another road
would. The purchase of the contract Is
as legal as buying a pound of sugar. It
Is the intent which shows the guilt in
thl* case. T1M Alu»E wa* justified
Th»* other fight waa for a
4ay, referring to the recent eiectkm In
Korth Kilkenny, «my«i: "Kilkenny has
lared fur tiladstonw agataMt Paraeli.
battle wan fought with tmry weapon
•Hint hatred, malice, ingratitude and
treachery «x»uid sopply. lluhind the
were priests eager u» regain
e p»»wer Pterueli tired for Ireland
jb»ar- ago. They sanctioned a method
Hlf warfare hitherto uuiis«?d, and open
tiiting was inppi« mented by siecret in
midnUon B«t although thin conibina
gon has secured victory In Kilkenny, it
flnist remcmi»ert«d that Kilkenny Is
Kf»t Ireland They shall fur ed to re
lew the wage uf battle at every spol
priah toil, froaa the renter to the sea."
I), e.
i iowlug prueiamaii fa has just
Issued by the president:
WHIMKAS, satisfactory proof has beet
I presented to me that provision has b*eft
««ad for adtn^uate groundn and buil|
i lugs for uses of the World's (Jolumbiaa
e*jMsitiou, and that a sum aot less than
of an act entitled:
"An act u provide for -eh-hrating the
400th anniversary of the discovery o(
America by ChriHtopher Columbus, by
holding an international exhibition oft
arts, industries, manufactures and prod
ucts of the soil, mine and sea, in the city
of Chicago, In the state of Illinois." ap
proved April 25, ltUMi.
making Its contract, but a similar one
made now for the purpose of paying ad
vance rebates would be illegal. Home of
the roads arc disposed to make thtubl#
over the eon tract, but in view of the
settlement made Saturday and the ad*
vance on January 1, they would consul!
their own beat internal* by laavia* aM
tor* alone."
la a*
WwfHaa n«fct» Bngalfi
*f«ii« IiMl Xifkt,
MisHRAi'oi.is, l*e«. 24. There were
two prixe fights to a (iniah last night la
the rooms of the Twin City Athletic
club. The principal event was a match
for a purse of gl.OOO- 9(Msi to the win
ner, and 93M0 w the loaer between Van
Ifeest, of Huffalo, and Tommy Hogan,
Paul. Hogan had the advantage
of the tight, but Van Heest flalahed him
iu the twenty-MH-ond round
purse of
between Chari y Johnson, of Ht. Paul,
and Jimmy tjriffin, of Minneapolis, well
known middle-weights. UriBa ki
him out tn the twelfth round.
M«« (to«*fXw|kiwr»sMit a
t»» Tto»als»a
Ouasov, Dec. 24 -Th«re ara aa
•Hrwt of att improvement in the ntTtmad
strike. It is estimated that about 7,5oo
men a*a now out and bu»ine*r Is en
tirely at standstill. The price of coal
has advanced seven shllHngs pr ton,
and 'ti* said a famine is inunineiit. Ali
the alitpbiiilding yards and the public
works are without fOel, and they expect
none unless the *triite is nettled wlJ.Uln a
The senau-
haa adjourned to Haturday next with the
understanding that when it meet* that
day the vice-president shall deeiaiw
adjourned until Monday.
TIIK original mask of Napoleon, taken
after death at Ht. Helena, to for aale for
BEATTMt, Wash,
to 91,000 jper dajr
charges from 9900
for itesmeai tor dr-
Information That His Proe
pects for Defeat Are In
creasing- Dally.
Republican Can B© Eiacled, But To
Do Jt Ingalls luai Sl«f
Down tad Oat
Horrible Daath of Workmwi Through
CftTOiltiait— The N*nt
TOP«KA. Kan., Dac. 34.~-Hea»tor In
ffalto' proepecu for defeat
Dnstt la IKIMU.
CnOAmo, Dec.
The drought talllf-
no!^ Is getting to iw a serious thing In
central Illinois there has been only one
rain this fall and that was not a heavy
one. There was but little rain during
the summer, and now every creek iu that
part of the state is dry. Farmers are
hauliu« aatox for their stock, an unnanal
thing for thl* time of the year. The
thermometer has been below the freezing
point but two or three times, and there
has been no snow or Ice. There has been
no freezing of the ground at all and in
some part* of the country plowing has
been done the past week. A large num
ber of cisterns are dry and Many wells
have given out.
Tk* Paatta Tfcalr PattMr-ffwftaiaa
WiLU WAJJ.A, Wash D#c. 14.-—A
rumor has reached here that three
tramps of the four who killed a brake
man were lynched near Huntington,
Ore., by railroad men. Four tramps
boarded a freight train near (Hen's
Ferry. Idaho, and were put off by a
brakentati. They afterward* got on the
train, overpowered the brakeman and
threw him under the trjtin. Tha brake
Man died from his injuries. The tramps
were caught, but one excapad.
K.«pt Taatr flfaamag* a •»•«(.
LKXINOTON. Ky IWh 24 —Soelaty at
Paris, Ky ha receiV»H1 a slnx k by the
announcement that Wallace ste«de.
brother o." the pnimlnent turfman, Brioe
Steele, had married Ciara W.wnlKirti iu
Aberdm*n, O., last June The bride is a
daughter of the
William Wood­
ford. a rich Bourbon county farmer, aad
has been a society leader. Stoele'a rea
son for kiM'ping the weeding secret was
that he wantod to accumulate some
money before the marriage became
A a« awMH- asiyprtl I
Ki.ir.asm. Pa., Dee *4.—ThehwWff
a steamer, d4s|gncd
.South American
water*, built here, is about to be shipped
to New York, and over thirty cars will
be required for that purpose. It is now
being taken apart and loaded on the'
car*. U will ply on the River Magda
lena. From New York It will be shipped
to Barrantfuilia, near the moults of the
Magdalen*. Then It wlllta est a? Sd
writ ft-v* kmu~
HAUTJIV. N S.. Dec. 24.-
At an sarly
dele the iniHtary on this station will be
supplied with a new rifle known aa tha
magazine rifle, with long sword bayonet
*nd sighted t*» i.WM) yards.
lit, Dec. 24. —officials at Mils
city have selxed a quantity of American
bacon, valued at flo.ooo marks, and have
arrested the DtMeh mmvitm* mtm
ported the meat
te tn-
crea«w» daily. HenaU/r Kush. of Lamed,
said yesterday that Ingalls'would not be
re-e|»M*ted, and that he would lose sis re
publican votes in the senate, leaving him
3a senators and 25 member* of the house
It requires $3 votes to elect. Rush who
is a leading republican, declare he can
neve! get them A republican c»„ be
elected senator," »aid he. "but to do It
ingall.s must step down and out at once
If he don't, he will wreck the jvpubllayi
part? of Ka n*a-
A ffvitkls ttw acxyloatwi
la (fee Let« »r give Uw.
T»rHTt»M, N. J„ Dw 24.—A terrible
explosion at the New Jeraey Steel dt Iron
works yesterday afternoon resulted In
probably fata) injuria to live workmen.
The men had Just taken a "cinder' or
masa of iron from the furnace, when,
contrary to orders, one of their number
ithrew cold water over it for the purpose
of cooling* it. This was done too soon.
N.» hmdlh.
molN-n mass than the hot iron exploded
with a loud report and hunks of iroa
weighing hundreds of pounds Hew all
about the rail mil! whare the furnace
The men were knocked down
like so many sticks and their clothing
and flesh were set mt in. Tke sight
was sickening.
Thm IB*st»a Chamb»r of lntmo#re«i itafca
to Treat jr.
BOSTON, IHK-. »4. -The ITOSUM cham
ber of commerce has received informa
tion that the English have made over
tures for a reciprocity with Newfound
land, and the members of the body
adopted resolution* to-day that these «d
van e* be accepted by the American gov
ernment The Itoxtou memtM^r* declare
that the points to be sought in this nego
tlation are the procuring of an unlimited
supply of bait for our fishing v
ease la,
the right of touching and trading
»V pojtj. of selling and buying oil,
engaging In the frozen herring trade
without other charge* than arc" levied on
Newfoundland vessel* similarly toi
ployed: and further, free admission of
agricultural Implement* and machinery.
Arrangements siso whereby the through
fndght lietweeri Newfoundland and
Central America, Mexico *ud the West
Indies could be restoml to this port. If
UM duties on Newfoundland fish and
crude ores were removed, together with
some of the burdens incident to the
bonding laws, Boston, they say, might
again become what It was a few years
ago, the distributing center for the prod
uct* of Newfoundland. The matter
has been referred to Secretary Mlaine.
iiring obedience to the law* of the
on the subject, "Further," con
Snued Mr. oung, "the colonization
a iw-me for Mexico loes not, under the
°f pr«po»ed con emioa. con
s«4tloment to Mormon a, but
»^es It open to all p* rsuu» of good
'racier, irrespe. tive of ciei'd. The
Uflists will be aubject to Mexican
I'the negotiations with Meileo
'0e to a satisfactory issue Mr. Young
ff I under the concession build l.MM)
of railroad tn that country.
OavfcCaathMi Tlrnt Ommmmt
CaU «r MM.
owro*. Maaa., IVC. 24 —(Jeorge Kv
fora»erly a showman of some re
aud later a clerk In the banking
«r.,rk H. proprl.-^r ,.l
»e theater, was iu the superior rrlrn
court yesterday on a charge of em
lement. The sum involved Is b.'
•n 93,MM) and 9'».*kJ. The spectators
ided many prominent theat
people. The banking house
is to have been startod on capl
furnished by Mr Ntetaon. Half of
iroHi« of the concern were given
every month, and the other half
divided between Charles Groves,
acted as manager, and Kverett, this
U their salary. The business meth
of the bauk seem to have )x*en
•»r unUitie. Mr. Proves in his test!
••'d the property rfweived
he bank a* security for loans made
"g month were placed in a bo*
»t the end of the month was emptied
its contents placed In aootiier box:
so on for four months, most of
loans having been made for
'ooniha. The rate of interest varied
per cent a year to 5 per cent a
Mr. Stetson had from 875,000
sfl#1(41,000 invested In the enterprise
»ttiaf dtandMM, w*
in *iu.
*trmt a justice of the peace, did a little
tnatrimouiat hir*tmcs»t The net profit.*
«»i ihese enterprises wen- about 9^,Msi
Ier ntonth »rove* says that Kverett
confessed his embezzlement, and said
that all the money but had been spent
on women and lottery tickets. The de
velopment* from the suit excite interest
as showing the business neMteds of
tain local concerns.
kastor Browa'i Bl( C)«lin.
ATLANTA, Og., Dec. 24 —With the
clMrtng up of the Western
ears *»r Maat*
•aa OnMit ar« C«»etada«.
NKW YORK, liec. 14 A dispatch la
morning papers from Lima, (»., an
Uoubced that John W. Young, a sou of
Hrighsm otiaa. had obtaiiKti a conoes
•foi» of
acres of land in Mexico
•^*'"1 intend*d to ud there 10,000 Mor
nion colonista, who would again lie
to practice polygamy. Mr Voting wa*
^ntervlewed on the subj.n at bis
in this city. He declared the published
fataW*meot« erroneous, in several Import
*nt parti, ulars. in tin first
gotiation* under the propos«^l conces
have not been concluded, and if they
•h./Uid be the cuncessiort will be 5,000
Duo not :i.ooo,NJU acres In the next place
IhT-re Is neither intention nor rstaslbility
tf introducing the practice of polygamy
I*' M4»xlc». That i» a» impossible under
le*icau laws as under those of the
nlted Ntau*.*. Hesides, the proclama
tloii of President W.Mxiruff of the Mor
»n church disposed of the question
••ally In all Mormon settlements by re-
railroad lease, which takes place at noon
Saturday next. Senator Joseph K. Brown
will close hi.* business, as he has already
practically closed his political life. In
l87o, when it wa* concluded to lease the
Western A Atlantic road in order to re
move* ft from politics, Joe Brown formed
a syndicate ot capitalists and sec ured It.
For twenty years the leasees have made
money out of the venture and on closing
out the term briug In a bill against
the Mate
9750,000 for improvement*!.
A commission was to-day appointed to
look Into
A Owilijr mt C—Isaacs.
SAW FKA!( tmt. CaJ.. Dac. *4.—In ttje
suit to forfeit the charier of the Amer
ican sugar refinery after It passed into
hands of the Havmcyer* of New
York. Jtuitre Wallace some time ago ren
dered a d«H iaion against the refinery
company and up|sdnUni Patrick Reddy
nn-eivi (Hi account of the action taken
b»'fore an appeal to the supreme court
could be heard and determined Judge
Wallace and Mr. Reddy were charged
with contempt of court. To-day the
supreme court found them guilty and
ImpMK'd a fine of 910 on each.
The coodi-
tlea of Senator Hearst, of California,
who is suffering from stomach and bowel
trouble is not much changed from that
Of yesterday He is still quite ill, and
II is probable that it will be some time
befor* he will be likely to resume his
•lutiea in the wenatc. The Mutator has
not. been entirely well for some time. A
few month* ago he suffered from Mexl
Icau fever, which wa* followed by an
attack of the grip Since then he has
been troubled with insomnia andgaaaxal
Wa*mi.si. rox, Dih". 24.- The president
ha* appointed the folktwing named com
Mlssioner and altaruaU- noiaaalssianert
to the world's fair. David W. Curtis,
aJU'rnato for Wisconsin. i^uls L*. Wll
ItanM. commissioner foj Alaska Carl
Hpuhn, alternate for Aia*ka: W.
Fnller. alu rnata for Alaska Edward
con»nits«HMier for Alaska*
T*»*w BhrnUm rtiutM. Mtlaa.
PAU«. N.
Dec 34.-The
covernment engineers stationed at Sandy
ftook testesl the new 30-foot cast steel
rUled gan yesterday. The gun stood the
tStejM.und charge* and dropped «hells a
dlstan- e#tJm»tci at flfu^en mlleb. Pri
vate Ad ley was terribly injured by a
heavy steel bar which was hurled froai
the gun by the recoil.
g^i-Tr««HHMNMr Ipteaw OyiSM
Jaouaosrvn.t.K, Fla., Dac. 24.—tten. F.
K. Nptnnwr. e*-trea^urwr of the United
States, is gradually) failing. The
on bis face has eaten deejf hol«i near the
•ye and nose, through which the pulsa^
ttots of the brain can tie ven He is
ser is
of the time ia
99 years old.
Arrested for Conspiracy
To Defraud
AU .Uio Parties Ptsood
Moines Officials
fcr Trial—The Grand Jury
at Work.
Dakota* FubJie 'nflMntlens fijal
Found in Hebraska—AD Iowa
TroUkif Ciiauik
!**.55. The grand jury
yesterday returned Indictments against
Alderman and ex-Alderman Smith,
Morris, H. R. Reynolds, J. C.
Ma«-y, M. lirady and (ieo, W. Sheldon on
the charge of conspiracy to defraud the
city out of about
Th« grand jury is still at work on the
charge* against the Justicas of the peace
for conspiring to «well their f»e*. and it
is likely that some of them w!l] be in
dicted, though there |«i difference of
opinion as to whether they caa he wa
vie ted or not.
»«w I«we Tvwtttag flreatt.
CKDAB RAIMOS. Ie» 84.---At a meet
ing held in this city yesterday the Iowa
trotting clreuit was formed with the fol
lowing e)tie«t and date* lows City,
Aug. 4, 5, 6 and 7 C-edar Rapid*. Aug.
U, 12,13 and 14. Dubuque. Aug. IS, 19,
80 and 21 Independence. Aug, 24, 25, M,
*nd This circuit gives In
stakes and purse* 9105,000 Seven
stake* and six purses will be given by
Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque,
the stakes being 81,000 each and the
purses 9500 to 91,000, M. C. Blake, of
ill* city, was el«rtod nvw«M*nt of the
City, secretary
Tlw r«MU baaitaM
TMlaUaa friar

M»ata« Ptaual
HCBON, Dec. 94.—Public Examiner
Rlanchard state* that he making a
final tour of visitation to the public In
tentions of the a talc, prior to complet
ing his report to the governor He went
from here to Brooking* to get
tistic* relative to the agricultural college
11 tiiat city, to lie embodied In his re
port He etpre«»ei much satisfaction
at the condition in which he has found
the institutions and declares that as
far as he could judge the management
each has been prudent and capable.
peculiar fact mentioned by Mr.
Rlanchard was tbat the reform school,
the penitentiary, and the lunatie
asylum each have more in
mates the present year than ever before,
also that each of the educational institu
tions haft an increased attendance over
last year All the institutions will get
through the year on their allotted ap
propriations, and all are anxious to
know what provision the legislature will
make for them at IU approaching ses
sion None care to entertain a thought
of being entirely closed or merged with
any other institution, although the board
of charities haa suggested such a course.
To reduce expenses at the penitentiary
It will recommend that the salary of
warden, which is 92,000 per year, be
made to cover that of !»»okkeepwr,
matron aad warden, and that the salary
of guards be reduced from 9So to 93 pei
mouth Reduction* of a similar char
acter will very likely bt recommended
by the board u apply to all other estate
institutions aad a faoafal kiek art!) hs
the result.
M*Sa*M l£»w«.
RanriKl.D. H. I Dec J4.—Special:
Toa Walsh, an attorney and politician
of prominence, left to-day for Helena,
Mont., where he intends to reside In the
future He gained notoriety an one of
the two delegates, sent to the St. I^ouis
democratic convention la 16tM4 by the
bolting Day faction. Ha made a mas
terly plea before the committee on ere
dentlals for his delegation, hut they did
uc»t get admitted, ax (*ov. Church had
everything his own way. It Is a notice
able fact tbat a large number of the old
line democratic politicians have followed
(iov Church'* example and gone west
The cells have been placed in position
aud the new 95.000 jaii ready for occu
pancy (NM- solitary horse thief will be
the boarder while awaiting a motion for
a new trirl. He was found guilty at the
last term of eoort and sentenced to nine
.months' imprisonment in the peniten
tiary, but his attorneys put in an appli
cation for a new trial. The motion ha*
'Mitesa heard yet
«raa« w*it m«»« iiaiwe
Thto* V«|« Is WonmA.
BAMraorT, Neb.. Dec. -'4. —Mr. Maek,
of the firm of Cates Sr Mack, of this
place, discovered a rein of coal near the
Winnei»ago aceaey a few days ago while
digging a wall. Whll digging a well for
*he agency a few day* ago the drill
.lrtjck liard *ubst*nc«* atxint fifty feet
below the »urfa«-« After trying to pen
etrate the otwu-uctlon for some time, the
drill was drawn out and several pieces of
coal were found as large as a man's
thu nit) This vein was found to
be about etfhteea inchee thick.
The drilling wae eoattoaed. After
passing through a iayer of sand aad
gravel the driil struck another strataaa
of coal which rejulre«i mor*' then a day
for the drill to pass through Mr Maek
has made a careful examination as to
the thickness of the last vein, and
by false bills,
entries and warr.nt* Home of these
men were recently acquitted on a charge
of willful misconduct in ofllee. They
were all arre»ted
aad released
bonds of Si.000 each.
Indictments were also returned
against ex-Oonstables Wm. Kellar,
Cal lender, fc. C. Rnrdlck, O.
West, l». B. Hamilton and (Jeorge
II. Clegaett on the charge of con
•piracy to defraud the county by means
of fal« pretenses and fictitious name*
in making returns for informations and
warrants never served and by agreeing
together to obtain small quantities of
liquor from violators of the prohibition
law, so that each of the constables,
searcher* and spoilers could draw fees
from Innumerable place* at their pleas
ure. (), (j. West, Frtnk Pierce and
H. Hamilton were also Indicted on the
charge of blackballing, and (ieorge H.
Clagget for making false return of a
warrant. All of the parties were placad
under bonds for trial.
The regular annual meeting of the La
Mars chapter No 70,•• O. E. 8.. was h*ld
last night at the Masonic hall and tha
following officers were elected: Mrs, P.
F. Dai ton, worthy matron Mrs. J. Long,
associate matron. A. A. Alllne, worthy
patron Mrs E. II. Hu*h, secretary
Mrs S Pay 11, treasurer Mrs. Citaa.
Adamson, conductress Mrs. A. Slmklas,
aasoclate conductress.
The Masonic lodge met Saturday night
aad conferred the second degree upon
J. VY. Samnils
A .anea nnsshar of Asanrican doc tars
have arrived In New York from Berlta,
each having a number of bottles of Or.
Koch's lymph.
AT Scienter lake, la HolsteinT
it Is between four and five feet think.
Several large pieces were taken out af
the lower vein and the specimens shins
the quality to be good. Mr Mack ft
confident that plenty of coal can he
found in that vicinity. A shaft will ha
sunk in a few days to ascertain more
about the two veins. Several well dig
gers, within the oa*t few year*, have
found coal formations in the neighlof*
hood of Mr. Mack'* find, but none ha#e
ever found the lower vein before. Tigg
state offers 94,ooo to anyone who shall
find a vein of coal twenty-six inches
SM«a MawTcUy llewa
CITY, Dec 24 -Spet iai:
The city marshal received a telegram
from the sheriff of Holt county yesterday
morning giving a description and asking
for the arrest of Thoma* Coleman, who
wa* *uppoaed to lie on the iucumlng pas
senger train over the Pacliic Short Line.
He was not on the train.
South Sioux City has organ (red a fire
company The council ha* agreed to
furnish the books, ladders and buckets
and ail neoesaary paraphenalia for a
bucket brigade. I Kverett was elected
captain, O. W. Marsh, assi*tant H. C.
Mmith, secretary. I. Hopkln*. treasurer!
Also a commitu«e on by laws, etc. This
Is a step in the right direction and h»*r«
reiviQf a great deal of oaeourafSMeat
from our citizens.
As Omaha TfcUr fcllU*.
OMAHA, Ie 24 -tieorge Cleveland
fatally shot last night by Special
Officer Albrnch Cleveland was a mem
ber of a gang of thieves that has huts
along cither side of the river and sub
sist* by stealing in Council Bluffs and
Omaha. With four others he atole a big
bunch of copper wire from the Thomson
Houston electric light works at the foot
of Jones street. Patrolman Stiles un
dertook to arrest thern aud Cleveland
and a companion Jumped into a boat and
started to row. Albrech, who was with
Stiiaa, fired, fatally wouudlng GleveleadL.
Tha others were arreiited.
Betas umI P»ra«M*l froaa
LK MARS, Dec. 24- SjK-cJat Last Sat
urday a chicken from one of the store*
flew aero** the street and broke one of
the plate glass windows la N. C. Braes'
dry goodn store.
John Madden, son of Michael Madden,
a farmer living near l,e Mars, was ar
rest*^ yesterday for forgery and lodged
tn the county Jail. It appears that ser
eral months ago he forged several note
on farmers to the amount of 9600 and
deposited them in the iermau-American
Savings bank the farmers being netiflad
lately the forgery was just found out.
•""A** J1 ..
here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Klag.
Dr. Hiliebrand, of this city, left
Sunday night for Berlin, Prussia, to
study the new consumption cure at tha
University of Berlin, witbjDr. Koch, tha
itreat discoverer, and his associate*. Dr.
HNllebrand graduated from the Univer
sity of Barlin and was a schoolmate al
the renowned Dr. Koch.
girls were crossing the lake on the lee,
when the ice suddenly gave way beneath
them and all were drowned.
THK Paris correspondent of the Lea
don Times says that M. Kerry, who lea
candidal.) for the senate tn the Voagee
departm ent, may be considered virtually
Kit H. KraA*. a prominent youas
broker of Toledo, O., haa been arrested,
having secured 91.000 by Issuing chauke
on a banlc la which ha had no ssoaey de
head isiokkeeper aad
cooHdentlai man of the Merlden (Cona.)
Sliver llate company, Is short In hie
account*, aad haa left the etfty for parts
In the federal court in San Antonla,
Tex., Sendovai, the Mexican revoiutioa
lat, was dismissed by the jury after tia
•o« out since Saturday nlghL The ver
diet was a surprise
THK Pari*
publishes a state­
ment that one of the juryman who tried
Eyraud and (labrlelle Bompard wa* a
bankrupt, which, says that nawspapaj^
Ipeo facto annuls the verdlcL
(iMDca a ruling of the secretary of
treasury the tax is remitted for
Kentucky Distilling company on l|9
whisky burned at Ixjulsvllle, Ky*
laat summer. The amount is 90tll,30V»
TIIK ongo technical commission
ftnaliy agreed that America shall hate
the same rights as other powers in tiM
Congo atave. although the United tttaUMI
guvernsseat did aot ratify the SarllM
JrooR WALLAIS, of the district co«||R
of Nan Francisco, ha* been fined 910 bfT
the 1 alifornia supreme court for co%»
account his acUwi la toe tuft
to forfait the charter el tiM AMorta#
sugar refinery
a capital of
ha* Iw-ii organised, wftfc
franca, to takgi
the pn/perty of the Y. M. UL
A In Paris., and erect a haadsome buiitV
log for the association. tienerous
aistance ha* been given by N«
Tm «Ha« Sp
its af»
Asm ANi' Wis., Dec. 24 A lii agi
syndicate u~day purchased a large tracg
of land neat Mdtou.v and will oyea grjuw
ite quarrtae at MM The deal

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