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B. McDonald raturfted this afternoon
feom on extended viait in inneeot*
Tha teachero of the Sioux Fall* ecboot
at muaio departed fur thdfr homas thia
gfternoon. Ir. Johnson, who aootxn
paniad thaon lo the d*y will waaaia have
•»veral day*.
For aala, or trad* for a faroi, a •took
af dry gooda, boot* aod shoes. Enquire
of Xf. Kellogg, .toUM, & D.
and wbita cow. with rope on
Return to Rochw Broa. market.
store Mi avruue. O«od locsli
living Kim* ic fMf. Enquire
Wm RowtaiML
School TablaU -The Book Store
Smoke the Double Jfixpoaure Cigar
Madison grain market to-day: Wheat,
to 70. flax, 88.
A call has bean eitanded to Bar. Wm.
Cleveland to aooept a pariah in Min
bat he will probably decline
Beej. Wyckoff adJad to the dam­
nation* of the EpiacopC' ofcurcb laat eve
Sing hy a box of bally and rrl
#hich aha sent to Rar. Cleveland from
Chattanooga, Tenn., where ahe ia spend
ing the wt after.
Pierre Free Frees, M: W. B. Onm
Cr011 returned from thfc TtTs^tf Wtls laat
•vaiiiBi iir statee that the pulae of the
oooifkl' la way up with anticipa
Horn* of what^ill reautt in the way of a
Ijoom in that country next year. Ha alao
9 thenar* having more fun with tha
£niniana ip.ltllO
The coooert at th* apaca hooaa laat
Uffmrntr^V *fca tA^h*ru of the school of
Biuau: of .Sioux Falle win very alimly at
owing u» doubt to the diattirrae
gble weather that prevailed. Thoee who
took part in the entertainment were
Jtuwea Strom, Katay aod Boyoa and Mr.
liiQfw. The uonwrt waaofa rary high
ffnier, aod ia regarded by th* audience
|p attendance aa the moat artiatic mu*i-
oal anUtfUunwWt •ft «i»ao io Madi
__ Da\\ Rapida 'Hmaa, 98- W. V Ifalmtm,
lawyer of Madiaon, recently aaparaUnl
from hw who went eaat, and later
Imparted in deadbeat faahiotj. But it
j|ow tranapiraa that beating hiacreditora
'i ||i by ao meana the moat ootiteruptible
^Jhing he haa dune, he havu»* deliberate
abandonee} hia children. The people
jjf Madiaon are ryihtwualy
4§nd the newapaperu there have
4etutiol Nalaon in terroa that rival the
gaoat forcible language of the Timea in
JealiuK WtthCMW^C «Mb^axlTMM
Pierre Free Praaa, 31: 8oma fl»o f»®
tfcww from Nowlan county came into Ft.
•^*5arr« yeaterday in rather bad circnm
Ctancaa, havli^r nwArly
flothin* Mid p»ovia»mia stolen by roving
]ndim:a, «vho frko into honaea during
temixrar abseoco*. J. Hall, of NoW
Jtn, had hia drug atofe ritad of a^^ry
|hiag the Indiana caret! to 4M^w- *na
gQ liaak to their houiea in a faw
the faaailiea are eatttled tr the
/uthy and tfuirtlantiul nid of «*ir
aeopin Thay ana n^w qaarterad in the
titan!*? hntftl, and oaad buth clothing
•ad pi»viaio*«.
\«rmtlliot Rapafc1i«ii*? Wnwe *wir or
Are weeks ago a maii traveled ovar tin**
J^ouaty [email protected] orderw for dry gooda
4od ({nmuM He claimed to raprraent
Jt MinnMpolw wholeaaie houae. Hia hat
pnoaw was low enough to captivate
Ifha Mtngiast anti-tnonop. Aa he only re
||Mirei •mall oa»h HI advance pnrrncnt,
|»e aaeured aome order*. The »mh\h wert*
4*' b» Beltvereti in teudnva. Ten, ta'anty
|u4 paore dejrp n e gone, but hi- gooda
Jifri not ooaaa. The moral of thia brief
4ad (n *ary ia: boy your «uada of
marohanta who, aiace |ha eKin
|ey bill became a law, are selling good*
Aa ohaap thay can be purehaaed tn
JfUkniAapolia aaytng nothine of dalaya,
^tpreiw rata*, agent a expenaaa and the
«.ak uf being awiiyiiaij out every t*ent
The Obildaaa^ OkrUftM -Mrvlaa a*
(traceKputcopa! church laat evening waa
dalightAil affair and #aa greatly an-
by ail who attended, particularly
Be little folka, whoa* voting heart* ware
m*d* al tl»»- rweptiou of »ortie
Paal Rat*rati, which
Nllwtaii*'' A it
I*c J*. tm*:
irala *ot«f «Mt
s Anl»«
hHHItf UalS g©»S« WSSl
.. Arri*««
Way Kreistai r»«ag paita.
Vt:Wr. u.
3:3t) r. ».
S &-> m
8:«» r.
8 90 r. a
W»y Freight wast ivpan*
jPififBget trait.* going *m m«h
Kean for *1! poiuU aoulb, «od p«»»*agt!r trata
tux «e»l. »t W.XJMIH'H for all |-u.l» north
II«I**•* o?"h
ngrr arrive from ihr »n»tt
HK1W, Uul AfeBt.
la tilt
On Btoe, of Ftaadfeu at
rrialt Ifftmacr ntanwd to-day trvm
f§* Wiaeonain visit.
W. F. Smith and Chaa. & K—ady re
turned from Sioux Fall*
John Driacoll was ft peaaan^ac
fltoux Falls thia afterwwn.
effect proilufled by the eleven inonu
«ent 1ampe,wlncb eaat their light with
out themaelvee bemg aean waa dazxling.
Juat Ijefore tiu t'ioee of the eervioe Rev.
Cleseland waa handed a puree contain
ing $24, the Chriatmaa gift to himaelf by
bta pariahlonera and tmmafOM olhar
friaoda in tha city.
What makea a boy popular? Manli
naea, aaya Heaakiah Butt*?rworth in tl»e
Ladtea' Home Journal. During the war,
how achoota and colleges followefl j*pu
iar boya! Thaae young iaadara were tha
many boya whoae hearts could be truat
*d. The boy who reepeeta hia mother
lias leadership in him. The boy who ia
earefill of hia aiatar, ia a knight. The
boy who will never violate hia word, and
who will pledge hia honor to hia own
heart and change not, will have the con
fidence of hia feilowa. The lxy who de
fen«l» the weak will one day eoome a
hero among the atrong. The boy who
will never hurt the fealtaga of any one
will one day find himaelf in tha atmoe
phere of umveraal sympathy. "I know
not," once aaul the great Ooveraor An i
draw, "what record of am may await ma
in another world but thin I do know: 1
never yet deapiaed a man baoauae he waa
poor, baoauae he waa ignorant, or be
canao he waa black t»haU I tall you
how to ba«xm* a popular boy? I will.
Bo too manly and goneroaa and unaeltlah
to aeek to be popular be the aoul of
honor, and love other* better than your
aalf, and people will give you their
hearta and delight to make yoq ha^mfr.
That ia what makaa a boy popular.
|KK CHlBCim.
•frvim at the OiWereal v*m*m wt:
Warakli* ia «he fit* T» «arraW.
riiurr bAmsr CHI at «.
At 10 JU au m., a Chriatmaa aermon by
the paator Subject: "The Deity of
Chnat," Mat, uii:42. Buriday-achool at
12 eubjaot: Uiving," Luke, xxi:l-4.
At 7:30 p. m., a New Vaar'a aeraiBB,
Art Thou?" Gen., nLD.
A Ohriatraaa aervioe will be bald iu the
morning at the uaual hour. Sunday
achool at noon. In the araaing thara
will baa ranval aarvioa.
FaaaaTcaaiA^i cacacaL
Tha Praabyterian pulpit will ba oooa
P«1 tomorrow mormug and evening at
tha uaual boura by Mr. H. Neiil. Sun
day-achool at noon.
oaat K EriacorAi cacaoM.
There will no preaching at GraceBpia
oopcl ohnrch to-ioorrow, it being Rav.
Cleveland'a regular day at Howard, but
the Handa aahool w® ha Wd at tha
oaoai hour.
Falbera Flynn and Millar will be ab
aant from the city the former at Badue
and the latter at Briabme, conaequently
there will be uo aervioee at the Catholii'
A F*i»e Altar meat.
Chicago UiKpatcl., 25 In Uia hearing
kmehing the failure of S. A. Kean & Co.
lymi* Donne, a representative of Brad
atreet'a agency, exhibted a written atata
ment made by Kean in January, ltM&, in
which he da
i men I a capital of fll0,0U0,
with M. C. Bragdon, Morton Cuher and
D. W. Kean aa apecial partner®. Thia
waa in direct contradiction of Mr.Kann's
aworn atatement yeeterday that he had
never in ad* a written atatement to a
commercial agency. Whan ahown tha
paper to-day Mr. Kean was obliged to
acknowledge hia atgnaturs.
Frank Douglass, of Duo's OOBBST
cial agency, teatitied that on June TS,
indignant,, j^8yt Kmn maile u bitn a wrtttam stRta
^»*Tinent that hia (Kami*) peraonal aaeeU
were ISM,(**), witii an indebtedueas of
only #l«i,(X*l Tha balanoe f*l»e*-t of the
bank on June 1, ltfO, abowed a^t# ag
gregattog #1 and a (turpi ua of
To day Gilbert B. tihaw, preekieat of
th» American Trust and Savings hank
and re*eiver of the Park National hunk
waa uaated aa eo aaaignne w itii Air.
A letter Trwa the pea of Fraaosa
Williard wtTt bo publTabad here to mor
row, in which ahe call* for aoate leader
iu the pulpit or paw to o-xna lo the dt
fense of Mr. Kean, and poiats to tbe
record of his life aa oue that should
count for much iu the prsaaat crisis of
fv from the t/e% bepwipe an abundHnrxi ttuav she will nevar nowar her raa I
lUiaig irwf jw^Cfitril lijtt! Tha^***.
ay eyisa.
New Haven dispatch, 25: Oflioei
Pickering saw a woman, handsomely at
tirt d, with diamonds oparkling frc»ni her
titigers and oars, wandering in the
airwwts thia morning nbout daylight
Soon after the of!h*r first saw her ahe
fell in a heap on the sidewalk, aod when
picked up ahe aaid ahe waa kick. She
proved to be Mrs. Gaorge B. Brown, the
wife of one of the largest coutractorn of
the New Havan Chair company. U was
found that she wm suffering from tha
effect# of an overdoae of opium.
Mra. Brown haa for several year* baan
so addicted to tha uae of opium that her
huaband found it neoeasary to k^ep a
wmtrh over her. Laat evening ahe aa
aped from the watct.er* bir«d to keep
ber in aiirht, and nfter pitrcha ing a
quantity of the drug wandered off She
was served a short time age with the pa
per* in a divorce suit instituted by her
beaatifullt decorated, and fN£ lAHTLfifT MIVBKRV,
Pre aw* aa
••M--laatrt*aae«i» ¥lla4l lalli
later af lee«ln 4HRea.
Then' i» uutiiiag tic to oeport MMi
carning the Bartlett robberj
atanding the affair contimiea to b«* tin
chief topic of conversation am oof buau
n*wa man. The a Lore haa be#p C)UMK1
amce yaaterday noon. The auHpeet,
(Jordon, waa releaaed froth mato1^
about 7 o'clock laat erpningv Th
W. F, Smith, lot *J, blk. 16, origtmil plat:
conaideratioo, 9l^S75. This traatwctiofi
releaaw a former mortgage onjtbe
Warranty dead- Wilton MI. Bartiett
aod wife to WT. F. Smith, undivided half
interest in lot 2, bl«K?k lfi, in ity of
Madieon conaideraUon, 8100.
In contemplation of trouble
itors, Mr. Bartlett haa employed •Ktumiy
4 Porter aa attorney* The Jia'-iiitiaa
are aaid to lie al*»ut 4,000.
It Will B« Dau|-ruat Here-'ft** te
aril riifB WlOiMta
Omaha Bee: ('collector I'atera re
ceived a amall package from one of hia
deputies in South Dakota. a'oatajpanied
"by a letter, aaking whether th© el ng
of the article anqiuaad wUhuul bavisft a
reveune aUmp waa not a violation of tbe
revenue law.
It was the moat innocent looking a'«
fair imaginable. It waa called a "apifit
leve1." and consisted erf a pine bkxk
about aix incbea long, oae inch wide and
on inch au i one-half deep. In toe mid
dle of the top was a stutdl hole about
one-fourth of an i.h'Ii in diameM'f and n
each aide, midway between the enda, waa
a amiilar hole. These were for the pur
puae of obeerving the "bubble (n t|ie
block were paated labela reciting the
mnnta and oheapuaaa of thej "spirit
level.** [j«V..
off freahvigar,
corila of the register of deed* ifhre ^fioW
the following instruments
the oaae tiled lute ypaterday afiefuoop:
hottel mortgage —Wilton lUjtlett
to Ara A. Bartlott, hia father, t^ N^UI*
one note of •.*},"4) dated April lit, 1890?
due on demand after two yearfc, alao one
note for $(W6.7'.», da tod D*H*erob«*r 3B, W A tut^ V/ Wysomlag, who haa
1890, due on demand. Tha a«*!»irity m* .^^'al^tnJ to thn.l'nltM Htataa aeaate
oludee the entire atook and It.tux^a J'Vi* ^l'jr besrau at* an Alderman
tha a
Reel estate mortgage- Ara f.Baf-Ua*] *}uii
and wife and W. M. Ilorthtt Had^rif^'t*
Collar-tor Peters looked .at th4 oh^r*
and |Kndered whether lie ahoald not
diaclmrge tbe deputy who ads pew ed
Much an innocent affair aa a spirit lev»T
He calle«l in District Attorney ll^kyr' jpor
advioe sr i waa
aaid Wr. Patera, biting thaead4i«",^H,n«-'
do you tb*n3* «i-m
man who reports that auch a t^iu^.^aa
this ia u vh/iation of the interfi^ rave'
nue law? My deputy reports thai theie
things are sold in Sout^i f^ikotn ly Hia
tbouaands and tbe dealers have n« gov
ernment lioenae for wiling liquor. What
do you think of it anyway?" amd the£'
a 1 lector, a look of diaguat mantling hie
lofty brow.
The district attorney adjusted hia
gUtwea very daliberately and pid^cf'up
the Hpirit level. He looked it over very
carefully and teeted it* leveling juali
tiea. Suddenly be exclaimed "What'a
thia?" pointing to one end of the
over which was pasteil u pieoe of paper
bearing the words: "Tear this off."
It waa but the work of a moment to
obey the instruction*, aod then the die
triyt attorney slowl) drew fort a small
phial about six inches long and nearly
au luch in diameter, containing about
two ounces of a -riah amber-ooiored
liquid. He smelled of the oork very car
fully, than pulled it out and-ekvated the
bottle st an tingle of forty-live degrara.
Am the lMat drop disappeared do»n tia
throat be smacked hta lips with the ir
of a nonnoiaaeur and tyuculated, "Whit
ky, by gtmh."
Collector Patera, who during thia fier
for man
oe had t-at mlionleai hia
chair, petrified with iiatoni! h'oent, jump
ad to hia feet nnd brought hia Hat down
on the deak a* he exclaimed, "By
A council of deliberation was held and
the daput will not be diat harged, but
will lie udvteed that the i-ell ng o{
levels"' without having obteii.eda4«eai)ae
ia oemtrafy to law.
Anyone wishing a good, aaah pa
huainees will dd well to call on or
draaa J. T. KeNngg, Mec^oci, 8.
Iiusland. When she was found this! baiweoad bad the flu* gone, iiraifl.* oh
morning the paper* were in her pooket. forma but a dianaal gusea, hnt i ftim in
She IH pronounoed maana from the ooo-
l'1*' iw*1*
atant ua» of tha drug, and the doctors «udd«*njy fouotf hmati iu a mil
TIIKRR la a hilt before th« Ouel^w1' plr4
•lament which haa quit* a lilt romamr.
It ih to euabU- Jowpb UfaudboK te
hang*- bla name to that of li. VWIf
iivo, aod It Is aaked by the count %ud
MMiBtean of Vlllenidive, of Part-*, who.
tM iRg liildlea*, havn adopted Orandhoi*
a." thrir aon. The latter i« a little uspMil
lioy. 4 yeara of agu. born In 8t. Caalmer.
•elected la Canada by the Abbe Ca^gi ahf
at the tlKSlrn^of tbe count and couuteas,"
who will now b* belr te the "titlu
t:.uuu.uuu iMiiides.
Ova of tboae aurprtaing accident» that
hapfxMi but once ia tha life of any ^»rtal
•at'i Mta» V«uit*i Omalys, an actrei^lii a
burlesque company at Carh«jndalt*, N
Y the otbor evening Ml*» Orna'yIn
jumping About at the aide of th «tage
*iruvk 'h« register of a larg»- b«M at
ttue i-onectad with the furnace la the
h«MiMue«t The register altnply awal
iowed h«T. and away »b« weut uit bar
trip u th* furnace What wwild bav.
rv 0,1
*P*rt and Mi«-
•v ihatikful il wiu l« goc«»ry.
**be wa
A Kt mbkb of tfrierRetle Parisian la^it
have formed a iragux for th«» ornani ia
Uqo pf wutieii fropi thr diff«T«*nt kiodt
of^sisial tkralldoai u«4er which thay
A^WOVKW at CMl City. Pa., racent)
paid a dry gooda dealer foT a cloal
Awhidk aaM aha atole from him all
C»*I RY DIPKW, ao tha goaalp
fcr» iWl. gj'vea .avery year tluraa or four
fv t^holarchip^ to iaaanHnf
youu/t ax n.wb^m be ahancea to meat or
A)t6«Kuan realdcnl of Uleodaia, O.,
*ia»atwd for a dtvorf» from his wife be
auaa'pti*- throw* »iiek« and »unea at
hip. Uv nay* sho haa' chased him a full
aiilaftrum th" boftitto.
'l^cs tnt* and haa boon protty
E&trfctfN manufa-tiiN'r», add i* prac
tical ty- corrSfUNl to Maaaichuaetta.
Oi.rTFn th loves rob
it^c\ 11 ?(ci are «*on»
pa4!ixi frf? ftrougb k course of Ipur
yrtar-v1 -h•* -i -|i!tal attejidaare and
Tha penitent thief waa
the miller" orlffihaww
frtwu tii»' following fact: If the mil)
stream ielow the mill is dammed Jt
stopped, tkc water ia ponded back, aad
tbe mU- iecomea "tailed." There la too
much water, tbe mill will not work,-aa
the miller la aald to be drowned out."
being qualified to
appatfr 'ff»r fli^ examination. By an
or«h* of W( ^eoeral medical i-ouaoil **t
Kngfarfll! thrr» tlrm of preparation haa
U«»n cHtrtjded to-"fivn yt-ars.
Ths fe«arl-of bathorn iahulldtiig in the
islaof |iati i t«»w*-r ten stories high,
each story of wbKh will be consecrated
to a apevtai usage On» will be a theater,
auotln«r restaurant, atlll another a con
cart room and the top story an obaerva
estpped by a lighthouse^ Tht
arbole adtfee will coat 9400,000.
AT tt|A^present time we hav*
putablc QvidenQe that In addition to ai.
thra*v efg$ipcM, tuberculosis (of whl« i
one .of tbp commoueat forma ix pulmon
ary consumption). chicken cholera, glan*
dfrs anfl *wine f*»ver, aro brought about
by the "produce of micro-orKanlamS,
whii«r«ta)rthe esse'of many other dlaeaaet
the proof ia all bat complete.
IN the twenty-aix years. 1801 to ISM,
tbe total actual number of female sui
cides tn Vonmark waa a,»03: the calcu
lated uumber was 3,W, a difference of
A\onlyi Tha very mode# Of death are
calculable. For tbe aame period tbe
actual nuttiber of1 auicldes by hanrlng
waa-S,10# for men, 1,500 for women tbe
calculated number w»* (*.107 and 1.S68,
differaaec o! only one on each
fV'ur a )Brigham Young lnvitei M1M.
ltltu Sanganelle to appear at Montana,
he tixed the charge of admission at oae
fowl and^HMipplemcntary pigeon if the
fowl was not as plump as it might be.
Th|J night receipts amounted *o 700
fowls and fifty pigeons and the dftnc
bad no meaorcte complain when she w,
pal0 her equivalent ia Cash at the ra
of -4iUings per'fowi and thilMng^
!^^i^t6^ot Lttiidn in far more
under groand Paris.
Tafif' tU a.OOO mlle of
•ewors, [if -miiea of tsiogrspli
wires. Vts 4.5(H) mue^of water mains its
3.200 mile? of fa» pipes, all definitely
fined. YttJK* even tbase compart* with
tlu vast.(uharaga area beneath the feci
of ,|hc p«tf|t*irlato In Oxford gtid R-
^gont »(r«ak«ae tha capacity u said
e,\Cff L*o acr«a.
i I, i-
A rtrfftdy of 70 ftmtK Hfteg
towo negr Bath, ife.^to wfctoh ahe was
acc i^Uiified1 to row In ft boat whenever
nit*' Had cc*!i,vid tp visit the city, gol
marrtet^ a ^|iorl Ume ago to a man who
t'.eT*ndHS tlat be aoulda't row. Tha
|li4d {fame ttuapiclou? on this point,
and 4o"oue day as tbe* war* about lesv-^
i leg" Bstif for borne she wa*. tak«n «ii k,
taad told hef ipoutte that h» would have
to row them home or they would have to
stay in the Ity all niget Tbe case
looked genttin^ aad tha old man took up
the oars ^Thci tkt5 had 4roce«fid
sboti' hillf.^he di^tauca.and tb*^ oirt ta4f
badhsrteU. tha' Jter
row ss w«l-as a9yoii4t ahe bright
sued i!0 amar.tnglx, ao muc-h-ao that h»
urgrd ftui tfl taka vp«abe ears Hut «b«
decloii*- Kow. nays tiM Hath tune$,
whet tii'-y oiut to the city ah* rows
hetf the iH^aaee and ha the remainder.
7V£ a raw up with tha rountry.
i ag1
""IFirr »!'f^tor ono "of thorn- autmalt
Whlr1i.%^l'0 Oi'- parrot, apd tortoise, live
Nr kn fttJnU.- tarqn! 1* never full
leaf thao twaoty yeara, and
it)sT grn» after thatT It l« not knowa
How iong may Hvr, buuftt fwaifMilF
atta^ fte age of 100 yeara.
attempts have1 been mad te
ti»» tsMr IndtM'try In the aonth,
-bat th^ have failed from dl flic n I lien in
baaeHtfUt He-material Thia branch of
the trtMi trad*? Is tn the~h»nd«of New
A complete line of Ladiea'
We Ire
fjavane lgaf9* by plundering tl« boxes
in transit and subatitutiug «blpn and
shaving.-* for tjie cigars. Car« 4h taken
to rei^aoe tlio original conteuta with
traah exactly the weight of the cigara,
that a teat by acale* would ahow no
dim rfpai.cy.
DI.tvlkit WESDEI.I. HOI.MKS, on his re
-eaHt birthday anniversary, received a
telegram on whieli ho. waf required io
pay '"I am* much obliged to
blrit for'hi* good wlshei.** said the auto
crat aa ho laid th* ineaaagp on hi* de»k,
fewt'I WfMi be had paid for them in ad
ahsfp.ralif rrecenUyaoki at Albn
-b^vW00.pounda of niarlno
th*) tiunai Ujfciur« It was
-o taarkat u*atxty-tbre»* wagons
.rar' '»v four oxen. Before it wa*
wagon* a street parade
'Vla proce««iou waa neatly a
MIHKa- frXMKlMia!»«», Kte
~ZJ sua-d. I
the Very
East We Can Get for
Our Money.
U looking lor tha vary beat line of dn^H goods ia Uie market for
Holiday preaents?
pay n fair prioe and got full rmlue in return?
1' aware that we can worve io thia regard, and guarantee to give you
the beat at the lowest prices?
BEAUTIFUL SHAWLS,- -Lovely Holiday Presents.
and Children's Undenranr at job
"The Sun Do Move"
Waa the startling announcement made by the Rev. Jasper, but It did not create
a surprise than doe* n sight of tne immense atth-k of gooda at aqy
•tore. "You will never sell them," "The stock is altogether too
large for this market," etc., etc., was heard on ever
hand. Bat wa know our bosmaaa.
Bound to
Dress Ooods, Cluaksu Carets, Ladi^h' nnd Gents' Un
derwear black
Black Shirts) Blaok Underwe&i).
Black Hos% Black Handkerohiefjs,
Black Suspenders, Black Sleeveholders,
Black Tiea,
t»m «m /tin JRWKLRV.
Druggists and Jewelers.
|———EBADQ€A8T*ae tona*
Fainta, Oila aud Wa'l Paper. Fine Gold and Silver Watchaa and
f* Jewelry. Watch and Clock Bepairiog proxtpUj
and mechanically executed.
ITAKKBTV, HeirniTieilMIY. Kte.
Bakers, Frmerr s and Confectioners.
Makers of tlie Celebrated CRFAM 1IHKAI),
ICE CHE AM eenred day or evening.
•Aiivtttv. (exricrioitKgv.
D. H. KILFOY, Proprietor.
AlVKIKti. r«M.H TH\S, If.
r. v. £i,
riXt' ssa.
Sffitit, SELOOd
Jwwwe€aw e«td
anl Umiti tWI'fliolH Hf fialty.
fggT A rtiBpflftil rollwUMTfon»l*» li* «»pi|wt
a sifaS to rollr tioa* W» •arronaSitiK ruaniry.
tar Castor
Cbrai.ik Nh' •()•. flat k, Yn?6 hf»| **a
|lia. liaak. Mra Falir Patloaal
SMIS Bikta
The People
all colors). Children's (Ion
Plubliets Full Length (ini menK Fall Jackets. Bluu
ketn. etc., etc.,
as well as
full line of Fine Shoes,
Is theiargeat and dnest ever brought to Madison, and whilo I don't fie* them
away, I am offering great inducements to purohaaars.
One. Oooa
Lunch Counter,
Ice Cream
TTbmIwh fltofi iff i
Vanor Sioves,
{A eomplate ilea of Heety aad IM
Hardware and Build-
MT^n Whop eoamatius with

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