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The Madison daily leader. [volume] (Madison, S.D.) 1890-current, December 27, 1890, Image 4

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It la ttu» AMtHMM* (Hat Irr l*tw
IMJ Like That of till IUnftt 14 lh*
Prtlllvti Mon« Ha»«lxmic »ttl Ktfltato
o*l«M«a Kk l»»rrHi«|.
,\ «v i\ f». (iteml "r. I mm.
opine.*' thinker.
a tuui pent his
life try topm\e
that v ,• yer I*
rig!- became
JO iiiewhat rattled
I I iett he
tried to
f. I mini for W.MH
Intense desire
finery. the i
4» If it I
wp'ete tvvnrMl
the datum! or
r. 111ft conch'-
!int£l i that S
.iff woiniu'n power It y In
reaaea man's subjection. Tht« theorv
ii» ingenious, to *ay flu* ieaat. Hut tin
tinny part of It a"
fiay th« «»xfH*n»e'
ukI II^ has fl«r
h**n It affords li»
ih*1 old «t«py of
a ru-'tomttl U»
nail) iiijorwl tin
k as no\ mor»'
jt—at lhl
liat man ha* to
that |olnt
tlo «o. It
i m«
i that i icjf
i. Woman
F'»r. with all due defc r«Miee to
Urd Tenny*ni. It is in autumn and not
ii spring that their pluma«re In moat
'wautiful. That in to m\, aft«T th**y
'm\»' hj»l i Hr otitliiK.
The rry uow. *Adl«»n to tin
ii it i ju*t at this tlm»*. when the
v.1 .Inn* to In a litth- fr«*sh. tL
ur iashlonab)e« make it a (toiiit to 1
l»lay some charwiuK toilet» with
nits of color!II*.
The lady In the initial illustration
wear* one of thew costume*—a HgurMi
-Ilk displaying a whlt»- v«»»t. The
are sonic what of a variation,
double lioiiflant failing over a ln^. tijtht
ntiiiig cuff. Tln-col'a is of th» M««llcl«
(*atteru. but the rage for "Toby ruff*."
"Pierrette ruche*." "PunchincDo frills."
and all w)rtn of feathnr and lace
leis bids fair to Interfere with high
The la no doubt abo it It. The a\cr
v ..nan looks b«tt4r when that "un
'ertau:" portion of her body railed the
eck w.ar* a collar 1 nay "uneertaiii.*'
'or here appear the first traces .,f aire:
.• ere the mechanism of aatu 'st
ome« apparent, and har rord
.•*# spring into view. Ilenc
lination lo n»ver it op. and !..... ....
i raliiiess of the l*rine«»a# of W':il^--who.
alas' ts l^romiiiK a very matron!) jkt
-oil—to adopt the feather lioa. which in- i
^eniotis contrhanec t-nablc- one to wear
lira, no t4 »|H-ak. in midsummer
in the second illustration yott Hud
i the late »uminer toilets to whl
i k
.OttJT or MAT wool.
!,!'- *ireadv alluded. Uic skirt bein«i
icray wool embroider«»d with white *ilk
»hell motives, and the Jacket a white
Haiuuel wjth the ri'vvr-^ the ollar and
th*« txtrder* of the abort #Ie«*\e» trtmnH-ff
wlin cherry*r*d la -nterie :ig/a(js.
The ciieiai)Mtie wltJi uuderj*le»vi
in 1(K»M'1 folded ihei y-r»*«i ailk. i
ompiru* thi- bright and attra« ti\e
let. ci»erry-red st«xtnr,?-. white glove*
»att »traw wh+4*- imnd
/Ig/aKiied with ciierry-red. are nec.-ss*r
Tbi» coittume mav very appropriau-lj In*
!erio«*d not tit *irW bu» fin lr »ii0on.
It Hill list#fi!» to what the v. lld waves are
saying but with one ar it catches the
sound of the wait*, which reached l»er
fr.uiu tome inland rwaort where the giddy
pleasure-meeker* gather u» try e«mlti
iion» with the brilliant autumn foliage
1 saw a charming «»»tiime at the M"i
•»ide last week, very dre»!-\ and very
-tyluh. con»i«ttng of a plain white cloth
-kirt opening on th#- *lde on a panel of
fawn-4'oh.red velvet, embroidered with
line gold braid. The wnist was of white
eloth made with mm* pleat- di«Mfp'ar
ing into a eor«e|«*t of the fawn-oior«d
vel\et. embroidered in the same manner
as lie- panel. The eW? of tlii» coraeiet
was very *t)H»h giving an effect of wil
lowy grace, l^arge bostffant ulievi'g of
white tioth fell over the long cufN,
whl it uiatch«Hl the collar. A eoarae
straw hat ornamented with how* "f^*
fawn velvet and aigrette of white pea
k feather* is worn with thl* t«'c%»m
ing dre»n All in all. ft wa« a very haitd-
Kim' io«tu«mj full of style and effrct.
In the third Illustration yu will tind
an original en« nble. co.iaUtliig of a
w hiu barege dr'.s*. fg.m-d with auall
rtm' l«»tituetii, trimnw-d w.th bla*k laee
and black u-hei br«-t«lb a and e int'tre.
With this imti iin- i«. worn a gra straw
hat. garni lured with |.aU- roae. and
whih gan/i Tie ola k la e trtmtniug
applied wiih a gieat deal of taste and
marked originality, and want* chi
Ktndy. foi is only the n*»«! skillful ii md
that an save originality from b** tttiug
ai« re odditv, w lit" not allow able in
I wa» vej asut'h aaiuiMd tl«e other day
upon reading AM article entitled, "tlreae
for tin- Mi4db-agtid." Ju«t a* if a woman
would ever admit that site wax "mMdh
ag**d She Ui'«!U utuh pfisuure i uu
fe»«t to being an old woman* but "aiMdte
aged never!
However this ifi!u*r f* rorrret in nay
lug that |Htlfd Klines gad .(raight
•kirt* don lMunr every 1 ud. and tba'
'(mvsj ien*'e la or.e i itnt n nxt a
#0**'y sup|4y of •isttb dt*sa»d MutUm"
iin a day wait*.
A »uaie ft'ict.d of an inqt irtni4 turn of
mi ml once aaked im» whether a woman
really thought tiiat Un« tuiiid «H«V««
fuHv disguise. her ag Uy diva-li.g voting.
rki hi HI tlmt
HI *RA» th.IT It
I'm'-'! a fw
dimeit UMI.
out but the
t»l«M«.|i women dres-mi joattg f«*r 11*ts
TAME r*as*MI that old men like to IIHSO
date with vouug oae*. Now It exa't
this term -BIMIIII' age" wbh-h is ao
I diatat-U'fui to a woman. If *h«« could
o ifjr change from youth to old age with
i out any of these invidious gradation* it,
would t*» all right. -But to be expected
to underscore one "middle ag*,M by
wearing a certain atyle of dres*, that i#
asking more than |«iur Weak human n
I turf ran boar.
"Ho* »id do you tali1" Mr*. lie O to
I t*?" I a*U*l of the mail- friend above
"WV.il,» v
tight or** »,f
wu.- i»».
"iuilgiuff hy tljt«'
i k i I s o u s a y
urn In «*n»w t. uiv
abotit 47."
At thf .\«'W|Hirt 'i*!»ino. last k. I
nav a striking and «iytiah costtidm* of
tiifiirivl nJU rorn-rol*. 1 fiountl. «*BI
broidf*ml with hrai of holtyhofk
in r»?«J. yellow and mauve. The nkirt
was straight and 'ntlr»'l) rov.-rtHl with
the Miihroltl^ry. The wai»«t. on the «*on
trarv. was |uit«' plain. Heavily ph'H,t««{
and irlinwd with rorn-eolorel *atii»
rlhl'MI with Pierrette ni« h'\ Th«
wt»r- ir.aih- of alleni*t«* si rip* of
Ml Mi«»:i irid Valenrletin«"Si The My:
hat w
.• than Jii-Ht at
ttw4 atituiuti.
lays—auI In tliif re«p»*ci If lik» I
tnllc. jrarnlfnri»«l
wit*! V.*|f :tr'» iui^h, hiaterffh'o an«'
larar- bnin*h««« of ht»liybocks, "'"h
raffled I orn-«»o!ored jcaui
holly ho
A :%.&
i V S
ha* ing sM*atter»*| ..
•M-rving as pin- to hold the riblx»n»
I a large nutnlN'r of litth- butterflie?
i in oik gent «»f arton-cftlor-.
In the last illustraiioi
MMited two handsoni" I
characteristic*, the one ,*
ing a conibinati«»n of pale fresh-1
yellow and durk-gr striped
with wiiite guipure cut in the uov»-i
faithion indicated: u pialtt niai/.e -traw
hat, with no other garniture than t"o
white pigeon^ is wom with this co»
IIIRM while on the left you In hoid a
lovely dre*» made of g«*av atri|a««l tlan
nel. with line wh'te *at|ti volant borders
below, and a jacket of tuoow- gray wo«l
with b!ar^ na'itt rever,*. Tlte'eheml^rte
i.* of pab* blue and wldt«« strtiied linr,n.
the iotig cravat heinii of plain white
stir.ili hal "w hi'it a eoni|»a!ti'- this
chai mmg costume i« a I i! Sj
iMilero, ornamented wit It*t*•
feather. The glove- ar t. ami
the sunshade, which constitnl
parcel of this en*en»hle. ottl
black aatin band around tin•
Not c«»ntetit with »iiiotherint
devot+'e beneath a cast ade of
iffs, and ruches. CJnr jishkin
|e. rees tile it**' Of lottll'"
skirt-trimming It wi tp on
s«-» r* i) plain "kin anuctngly. dr tne
|d. uticsM of the skirt may be relieved
by tiuv frills a* I one alane the other.
These fr? 'at fb
to a fou fact.
mal'-Ha la-
There Is atill a visible and outward
sign of the bustle. It make- ftS£.|f f' It i I
i iost ini|nTieptinly h\ llt insidloti- man
its atla To accomplish 'hi-.
iod*te coIIim'')^ the lack fttlln
.... very small com|*-. a«d
To pfofllM-e^au"
no: thore are no at'
Hvai«a»ifa Ttitu
pa ls, but this* ftillnctt^ mark* lie
and 1 can only t^as. (iitrelr
Ihtrt. IM ('hirii
AaMrlwa Colon
hat ml Cain*.
11KUK wereaeoif
•iucrabh" ittiatiii'i
of coina, and tn
i.cu* ita««d aaaioit
ry, el rculat i ng
through the lo
n ks b»'f«mt and
during the revo
lutionary peri"d,
and a(i«-r tii.it
fsi i «, the large e.ule
1^7^ i cut of 17*1. i
"-epting (hat Hie
"""date Is I7WS, stui
on th•• icvere. in pltt'f of the woi«l
One ("ent, then- a eingle star over the
he.td of the eacle. alxnit whirh tw !*c
atars form a curve, re hing from wi tg
to wlug of »h'ca^rb-. It is found in e.
p* and silver %om»'specimen* haveiiie
edge letter»*ti: I oiled Stal*«* of AMMHTI a.
When' the dies for the* |ih«ea *ere
made is t'likuowu.
Tiie token here d^Tlbeil siirnn. -d
to Ih- of American origin: On tlie ob
verse of the pi?re b» & bust of Washing
ton. with hair in «jiieuc, facing rlgM.
I.cgcml: tieoige Washington. Kever-c:
A liU-rty U|t in «*»'nter. wiih ravs r:t'»i
atinjt fr»«n it. every tlilnl n»y la im
lc*ng# than the rvst and w|»»fated from
each other: lift ***n stars arrangiMt in a
cirrle. Iegetid: Smtf** t«i the I'fti
State?. This tok-'n Is tmiiaM) In bru
but rarefy i» U found in copjier. Th'
tre4wo sixeH of it. the otte somew'iit
lars'»* than the #«arly oiled S'ate* quar
tet-d'i!bir, and tbe umailcr :i -bb 1c I
in si/.e ibftti tin- early fulled S.atea if.i .
piece, j'
Tn.'Te an* a few Kugliab tokena, alfn.-k
on tK** other id«» for rlrvalatlon ia this
I 7
lx a an nun o. the rMtiU« of Ui*
f» »wrvation« of 1H«2 lo
1HH4, lr. T. Hann aientiuna tlint the
olmervar at 111* nioulh of the
notiee«1 that (He MEN/. of llw& art?
there Htatiouei. were all more Mia «pt
iblr of ••old in miimuer than i i v.i'.ile,
in winter thev oulil v|» k« heoi cl
e\]«rimetitaiXv for a f»»w njinut*«( to a
teuiparature of al«nt 0* gie« ^«h
i mkaif, with carce'r any clothing
witlumt any .inpleaaant feeliu^ The
explanation U pmliablv to fctMMl te
the complete aiillue •, ol the air.
hoMf eojil. speak a* if »|M tilen
'.t«re f- iitinel to rcligian, I*tif tle-% a«c
evarvwhere j*eopl pre'.eutii: to l»e
wealthy alien tii#y b»ve tMt a m\
feutv. aaauti'iiig 4now!« l^e of viiich
are tj^tuiri! .fkntuminf a rttlliM'e
far ILUOM1 oiy, t^loptiug
w^muma (bay cot hold.
rinio* mi
**jE*rr« «T~ ct.mt.
country, that
are usually
'l'Ue North American Token ha*
female Hgure. ti«Hi, faciuit l« ft. with
hafp. —H 4-b** wlaniw.. I.i'gi'lid
Ann-rican Token Date, 1 TSt. U«:vei
A -hip sailing toward the left. Legend:
The "Auctori Ptebls" b«:ara on the
obve-r^ai a boat. l»ur*»»te«l and draped,
facing left. legend: Aurtori I'h ins.
R. erae .f-Woflolli. Ke»TT-t WlTti trtT
artn resting on an anchor, the right on a
glotte. at her feet a lion. Legend: iHdep.
et LHa-r. Date. 17H7.
Tiie Franklin l*re%* piece obrerae has
an old-fa*hioned priming pre** and for
legend. Sic Oritur Doctrina Surgctpie
IJU rtas. Date. 171M. Heveraw: A le
gend. Payable at the Franklin Fresa.
London, in live lines.
The Kentucky Cent wa*a m«est p«ipu
iar token and is now ofti n -found, but al
wav« showing mark- of continual clrci
lation by it- worn londitloti The
obverae exhibits a hand, holding an open
roll, on which 1# inscribed the words:
-Our Caute Is Juat." and legend: "rna
nimlty Is the Strength of S-wietv." Ke
verse, a radiant pyramid, triangular in
-hape. of fifteen stars unitt'd rings,
cadi alar liaving placed in it the iuitial
of a State. Kentucky being on top.
Jfwti other Kentucky tokena. of beau
tiful esei-iition. which dy not appear to
have been circulated, ire aometlmea
frotight over from KuglSnd. They have
both the »ame obverne, on which the
device |a a woman, personating
Iloja», beudnig before an anchor
and prpnentiiiK two children to
a (oaidesa of Liberty, \taudiiig.
with the capped fade at her side, her
left arm about U, ami her right hand ami
arm oatatreu-bed to welcome ihe little
one*. I^^ciid: llritish Si ilieinent Ken
tncky. !ate. iTiai H'Ver»«e p»f No. li.
Britannia with Itow-cd head, holding an
Inverted *prar: a stares, broken a word,
tn'l #cale* of juatice at her fee» la-fora
the lita rty cap. legend: Payable
by P. P. Myddh'toit. The reverw of No.
ha« "Cop|»er Comjtany of I pja-- ('ana
da." in four st raight
wreath, and this surrounded
end.One Half P«*iin. Itotli^f the*i- pieces
are found In eoppei with the first de
scribed. I No. It reverac. and it is witne
tltuea met with in silver.
The ontlie nl.tl iirn iM Piece has
thirtrs n rings link tog' Ue*r.earli b« ai
lug tiie name of a l\t*Hc. tin the obverse,
legend, A«eri an »ngr»«w, on a la»*
The "Waabiug
|m !1eee.• vith
etars ovfr ihe
agle tkt Oli
ver si- reaeaii 1
All K i
The (ie^irgiv^ Triumpho i'opp*»i pi" e e e in the center, and all of them rav
ha- on the obver*e a liead, laureaUd.
facing right. legend: tieore^s Tri
umpho. Reverse: A *oddesa of IJb
crt). facing b-frf. behind frame of
thirteen bars. w.-.TT a fletir de 11- in each
corner. Ati olive branch la held in her
riglt hand, a staff of lila-rty in her left, h»ui change'' hands. Price-, about, of
I^ KCIMJ. VOX Populi.
word*. We Ate than In three HMHI. Be-1
tweea the l^reud and ring* a
cir of ravs at* wen. Meverstr, a sun
dial with the sun shining upon its
left *l«h\ liegend. Continental Currency
date. 177''. is bwiow. "Mind Your Hu"l
IM-WS" Is IH'IOW the dial, and -Fnglov near
the aun and under the word "i :nti
Theae pie-e* an* a.« large a» tl*e I'. ?}.
allver dollar, a ltd are usually atam|«ed i.t
tin. but a few are known in silver and
brass One variety has "currency *pcU
with one "r." and another, which is vf
ran\ ha« "K. U. Fecit" at lb« baae of tle
ini:er circle.
The Fugio or Franklin Cent* are
among the nust interesting and widely
circulate.! of all the Colonial and Contb
ne ilal coins. The were the Urat metal
pieces of money iaaued by authority of
the I nlteil States. All b»*ar the date
17HT. awl were tr ann fact tired in eon.
fortuity w ith the following resolution of
t'outfii'Ss, dated July »'i, 17S7:
"ll'mnfrctl. That the Hoard of Treaaury
direct tin- contractor for the copper
coinage to stamp on each piece the fol
lowing device*, vii. Thirteen circle*
linked together, a small irele In the
middle, with the wordd 'rnite«1 Stales'
round it, and In th" center the worda
•We Aiv Oner' oil the other side of the
acme piece i' following devires. viz:
A dial with the lour* e?.pr *fed on the
face of it: a meridian sun above, on one
side of which Is to the word •Fnglo,"
and on the other the year in figure*'
below the dial the woqls *Mind
Yottr B.tsines.*.'
(ircat number* of theae piece* were
coined, and yet are plentiful. Several
dies wert- evidently made, and there
aie alight variations in each: in sotin
case* the word "State*" precedes Ui.
A «fua:itlty of tmpremiott* trwm a pur
of tint original dies were struck, aonn
itr-i ago. in allver and lu an alloy of
1 here are aim In existence a few
coin* and tokens of thi* jwrhal that
dlir.T mori- widely fr»»iu thow authorir 1
h\ Congreaa. us |K-r the for going rc-u
iutiou. One of these pieee* ha- stars
within th- riuga. others have the name*
of the States on the tints, with tin*
word* "we are one" omittc i and "Amer-
icaa t.ongn***" taking the place of
"I'ttlted States." Som-of them have an
betwei-n the motto and the rings. Tie
•*TtTT*»* is without any lettering. One
j-peeimen is in lira**, and live, of differ
ent pattern*, in silver. They would ail
command high price*, eifpecfallv thoae in
silver, bill sticii pri/ea. to collector*, sel-
ITH3. coin* and tokena m'tttio«H*»l above
a Coitarto*
a I y»a k.
i 17-.IV
I jTv
I 17U5.
1. »v
I.tnk 'pt*'— ...
Krrn (ttirt :nt, utttwr..
Prltarimn rttfUlrasi, ailVMr...
Kun-ttal tin
Kaatu. kv »rrotl. eopj«»r
Krtituaiv. m-riill oop
i 17tt
Fa Jr.
BrltMi rtilW n, *«tlletu»nta.
hau it«' link* •«•*...
Am r*P'.
I t?' r»l fig*....
JJtxr y r«p
I^tterr*! e4g*
Thii plan. bat...
Tiiin |lmcbat
1'lllat IMW)
Hll#t br*l,
PtlWt b«^.l
MDat 1IM
U 1
i *1
1 .w
i) 5
A. M. lam, Naafmatlit.
n k»l a tgwr DM.
Here a atory that ia not altogether
new. btt* aorne of ton mav find it to
It is toht of a aea captain, who ooui
maniel a hi}) aailing from New York.
Oti one occasion the slap caught fira,
and the pas-.enger* anl crew w eVe coaa
pailed to take hurrimllv to the lioata.
The captain remained perfectly oool
thioughout all the confriaion and fright
of the embarkation, and at laat every
one except himaelf waa got safelv iuto
the lmat*.
Ii v the time ha waa ready to follow
Ihe }as-engera were almoat wild with
fear and excitement. Instead of hurry
ing (low n the ladder, the captain called
out to the -aiiors to hold on a minute,
and. taking a cigar from hta |*ck«»t,
roollv hghtt it witu a bit of burning
alttoud that itad fallen from the rigging
at his feet. '1 hen he deawtuled wifh
deltbaratiou aud ga\ the order to push
"How cottld yon atop to light a eigar
at am li a moment lift waa aaked after
ward, hen wiuie of the paa^engua
were talking ou their escape
linej. within a "iteea »»e. he auawered *f aaw that
Ib^l bV tile i JL if 1 did not do Mimething to divert the
miti.U Of those »n the laiat thore waa
likelv to lie a panic, and overcrowded
aa it "waa, there was danger of ita leing
iipaet The act tt^ok but a moment,
bujl it *tracte«! the attention of esety
liody You all forgjot youraelvea b#
eati*e you were thinking almut
ewnoiia ltelinvior. and weg toff aafely.
WOIM will kill aa avrolj bolUW.
umiot-r (law
eel to «pend
afteriiiK« with
^n»» den friend,
In a cuij- shaded
read aome new
dear' old book.
And tUen, after
drinking in ita
beauty, diacuas it
with all the free
dom the place in-
over, write ont jfonr tbought-a alanit it,
Juat »a I did mine aome time ago in
the following linea:
MAt-moa raoMrsoy
I're read all
I've peered
la thedeptha
your atraama.
Tour word* and your thought*
Like the tiaart and- iu love la
Tta a fresh, ctiaarjr ode to the auaauer,
A nU« lu the world's Jojou* »Oiif.
A happy,
lew welcome new
While ate^plriz
To Kladden life's care-weary th
Through ruemorx wild wood a ntf,
I waudertxl adown a *'lvau
Lake, i-lear aa the §klea
are tn Mtajr
Wbw wood-l«lrda hchi rt nrly rcuitona.
graceful fernt »wa) Ut
Wb»re eerer a -iy, deathful arrow
Platurbs the comnmntou there
Olh, sweet were the unwritten lueaattrea
In childhood I heard on the breese.
As I played, full of joy, bj ita water*,
In the
*hadc of the old
But if yoti ahould oarry with you ft
copy of ("harle* Kingaiev'a poeuis ian«l
rtni will if vou have one do not real
the "Bad fe^uire No call to arms
waa ever ao vigorons and aoul-atirrioff
Like a bolt from heaven, through cola,
d^rk clouda, it burua through cruata
ol ice aud snow down deep into the hu
man heart, until we hate, oh! how
figftteoualy we hate the ain of "Merry
England." that wrung from the soul
of her sweetest aiuger suoh u w ail of
Perhape it wag tb* "Bad Squire"
lhat Rnskin beheld when he wrote:
The violet-, light the UtnelT blH,
The fruitful furrow*
Man s heart aiono aterlle atlii
For la'k of lowly rharitle
He walk« a weary v»ie wlthlu.
No lamp of lovr heart hath
Hla ate
pa are death, hi* thoughta are ain.
For lack of gentle charltle
If you are goinp to apend the bottrw
alone, awinging in an eaay hammock,
take Shelley with
and with
**Queen Mab" yield youraelf to the
laaciuating influence that cloaca about
you a« the aouth wind doea abmt the
and you will feel a
of the aoul, you will reach
Otit and aoar aloft until you reach
taught serene above Ihe clouda el
«ttnui and lonelineaa.
With the next rustle of Locuat
Leavea you will hear something of an
Ohio poet. J. V. Kf.ss.
Mvvca, Iwd.
On Mattrial luMa.
Said I to my banker friend "State
10 me your notion of the greateat evil
la our industrial life."
"I think it i» the exceaaive profit
everybody in trade expects to have. It
11 above and outside of all legi*latiTe
a*ai"tance. We have had until rwent
ly law a limiting the rate of intereet,
•lid ileclarmg anything alwTe 7 tier
eent or er cent to be uaury but
60 jer cent is the law of the trade*
man in dealing with his customer.
You see it in beef, which costs leaa
than four cents a pound aud la aoIU to
the ultimate ©onatimer at from aixteen
to twenty-five.
"The cheajieat tiling in the whole
•arket is oil. and that is the *ubiect
Ol the moat interference, and in reality
Hie declaimera against the oil intereat
are thoae w ho are not aatiafled to see
it cheap. In order to make oil cheap
etiough for the whole world to use it,
tlio-e who control it have pat down
epp&iatus, atieh as pipes ami »teaui
giiginea, getting rid even of the rail
r©al ta\ ujHn the pnxluct. They leave
out of their purchase
wells the owner* of which demand to
be bought tin, and if au excesaiv© urice
was paid for aupertluotia welfa of
course the tax would hare to le put
«)Mn the producti«n.
"N'na, there Is no article whioli
America produces which atanda the
teat of prices in ail countries tike
American oil. It goes to Egypt, to the
Barbary States, to the Aaiatic Btatea,
to jxjor countries like Ienmark and
Norway, where the American flag ia
the familiar sign for burning oil,
Those people do not exclaim agamat
tba price. Aud when you can buy the
highest refined oil for to a barrel it ia
the cheapest burning flnid in the world.
A barrel will almoat supply a farm
er'* family for one year, and it coata
$5: whereas your gas bills in almoat
in a city will be $•' a month
"I do not take up thi* topic." aaid
the gentlman. "except that it croeaes
my niintl. If the America*! people
knew, however, how mucu thev have to
they would see how
this rich, abundant country continue#
to be the moat etpenaive in the world."
Tfca Pvagreaalee Oawwereetiee raMp.
The progreaaive converaatlon oarty
ia having jtiite a run. Ita popularity
ia largely due to the fact that any
number "may be invited, although not
more than twenty can
easily man
aged. Hay you have that number of
invited gtieats, then the chair a. two in
number must lte arranged behind each
other in a continuous liue A wide
riblion Yokes thg,in together, a different
ahade being used for each pair In
Heading out the invitation the to pica
for the eveuing are included. A blank
card is tied with a narrow ribbon to
the co:v 'tiug ribbons on the chaira.
Tallv cards aa in pr* ^resaive euchre,
hold a tiny libio whieh matches the
card U) on the chair. The*, are placed
upon two plate* one for the ladies
and the otuer for the ge itleraeu. Of
conrae the topica dw td«l
^et of chaira ate entirelv f«»reign to
each other When all of the gueata
iiave drawn a card thev take thair
mata afordiug to the color designated
by the tally card, the ludies sittiug on
the left and tin' gentlemen on the
right of he line. The hoateaa tapa a
lie:1 when the buz/, of con v ernation ba
gtt,a The judge choeeu |»a*B down
the line aud criticise. Ten minutea
having expii'^1 'he Wat
Then all chitug. .suau, the ludioa a4
vancing one seat and the gentlemen
ret seating. W'heu ten changes hav
leeti made the one having the greataai
number of gold stara ia declared the
w inner of th» lithir'j 'iiu In
H«w TtMjr lUea tka nMa
There are enough Biblea in the
King'* County Court House to till a
small bookcase. Each court la attp
plied with a numlter of them, although
the lawyer of average intelligence has
always b»'eu pu/.^iad to know why
there ahould lie any occaaion for ao
manv of the aacred books. It is a fact
well known around the Ic.dlding that
Biblei iliaappear the i-ame aa hata,
Umbrellas, and other inirtable article*.
The Court Houm ia fteely patronised
by young men who take pattern after
the methods of the Artful Dodger in
•"Oliver Twiat." i'h«ae young fellows
do not scruple to steal a book even of
faucii a holy character a» the Bible, ea
U»eciallv if it be new, with nice overa
iaiul gilt edges The Bible which did
Wuch excellent service in the Beeohei
trial disap|eared, and the aoaaipy
tongues or the court bailiffs have it
that it was stolen However, it may
aafely be laid down as an incontrovert
ible fact that the Biblea used in the
temples of justice do not walk away,
'but sotnebodv walk* away with thau.
To guard against not having any
Bible at all, the judgea consider it
j»olicv to order a quantity at a time.
1 hua their superfluous number is eat
lifactorily accounted for
No two peraon.s kia* the book alike.
The youth of frivoloua ways, light,
gay and happv, gives the volume a
short, quick klai, whereas, a aober
uauded, slow-going man of business
givea the book a delibcruls, audibie
smack and feels easier in his mind aud
«\m*cience afterward The faatidiou*
swell of swelldom, a member of the
400, don't olier know, kiaaea the aaored
jbook in the most delioate manner pos
sible and usually between the ocrer*,
lor the line must be drawn somewhere
land he cannot afford to take chances
jpf contracting aore lips An Irish
voman always preeses her lips revax
entlv to the* Bible aud grain it with
both hands, as though by that extra
exertion aha would n.Ae the oath more
binding The bailiff* aav they have
diaoov er»d that pi et girls are mora
impulsive in kissing the Bible than
any other class of witneaaea. Thev
invariably try to kia* the iaxik before
the solemn-vis aged clerk has had time
to roll off his legal formula. Of course
the court officer, to prevent any in
fraction of the regular procedure, lays
hi* hand gentlv upon that of the fair
witueaa, and the result is taliamanic.
The officers who help to hold the book
are no mean oritica of female beaut v,
and they may often be observed oaat
ing aly glances at the face of the proa
paeUve witneas llruoklyn Magic,
A He*lln| Ioa-
An acquainta -e of mine, who ti4#ei
with the bulla aud leara down on Wall
street during the davtinie and at night
dfvotes himself to his family in a little
cottage over iu Brookl) u, not lonv ago
inveat«l f.'Mt in a dog it waa a docile
and intelligent annual, playful and
(ituet enougn in Jthe davtime, but from
dark daylight he would moan,
groan, berk and howl. It ia kaid that
city people get uaed to all aorta of dis
turbance* at night, but the dog's
Iieighiara proved the exception to the
rule, for they c.uki not overcome then
attack of iuarirnma. Even the maater
grow led occeaionally but when he re
membered that the dog coat and
that his wife protested against the
purchaee, he made light of the u attar
and said nothing Occasionally liow
ever, when the ltowliug liecamo in
tolerable. my broker friend would mi
lostulate with th» dog through the
medium of a barrel-stave, but without
lasting effect. At laat thp owner tried
to sell him, but the dog's reputation
had become too well known to all who
knew the maater, so he decided to give
him away Soon after thia determina
tion had been arrived at. he encouQt
ered on Beoadwav a friend who lived
over among the marahea aud moeqtii'
tye« of New -'ers^y, and to him the
broker presented the dog in u neat
little apeech. setting forth all the
rharma and virtues, exceptiug it*
vocal jowefa The ftiend w as de
lighted aud took the dog away with
him. A few days later the new owmu
of the dog ran across the broker again.
To the latter'a surprise he graapea hia
hand warmly and exclaimed:
"Old man. I wouldn't take a cool
hundred for that dog vou gave me. and
1 have Wen offered that aum already.
For the ft rat few nig hta I had him I
gueea he rniaaed his old aruroundinga,
or he didn't like Jersey air, for ne
howled unmercifully. But he hat fDt
all over that now.
in thunder
Vptou Yea,
for each
iat recetv ea ujiou het tally card a gold
atar and the vamjuished a ailvtr atar.
you manage?"
exclaimed the broker
"Why, every time he began to howl
would go out and throw a bnekat of
t»ld well water over him. and you
know I havu got the coldest aud aweat
eat well water in N«w Jersey. Well,
when he had licked hiniselif dry, he
would commence it a^ain when I
would repeat the operation WTe kapt
it tip three or four nigbta, but the dog
got tired of the game flrat. or elee he
found out what the matter wat. Vou
conIdn get him to howl now, even if
you walked all over hia ta|L"—Mm*
York Mar
Retired ficnn Hume**.
'a thia, Upton I
heard you had retired from busiiMM,
yet here you are buying gooda. Tha
rei»ort couldn't have t»eon true
UiMi. I've refired
from buaineaa.
Down to
n Than what are thaaa
gfXKla for?
pton —For a store of miu* fai Phil
adelphia New York Weekly,
A Great Latu,
-Ho Miss Sou re jillad fN,
abo iat it, too.
Tomaon Ch^er up, my friend. Mow,
do vou really think you hare loet
Johnson i more sadlyV—Yea, indeed.
WThv Tomaon, shea worth a half a
million, if sfcrt WWlh
Km Blade,

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