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lUlkrn Family Barnei to Death i»
Teieneiit Blaze at Boek-
«t#r. l*a.
Mia^m» fire In the T«lef»1tra« fk
chancre at Albany, N. Y.—Dam aft*
Tfrri'lo Leap to Death Taken By
St. P.ial Man—Case of Cremation
at Washiaftoa.
ROCHESTER. Pa., April 7.— Nine
liv«w were lost in a fire at tills place
«lnring the night. The fire broke out in
a large frame building on New York
street which was used as a residence and
several stores. Seven members of an
Italian family who lived over one of the
stores lost their lives. One daughter,
aged 17, paved herself by jumping. The
building was owned by John F. Smitli.
The stores were occupied by George
Edwards, tea and coffee: Mrs. Hall,
milliner?*: E. J. Keen, shoe shoi.
It is thought that the Italians became
so onfrist-d that they could not tind the
stairway which was a narrow one and
to reach it required the opening of two
doors in the rear of the building, and
they were burned to death. The fire
originated in K "n's kitchen. All the
household goods together with Edwards'
tea store. Hall's millinery store and
Keen's shw shop are destroyed, There
T- insurance on all the stores. The
buiMmgs belonged to John F. Smith
and were not insured.
Lilt of tli* Victim#.
Edward J. Keene. 50 years old hia
son "Walter, 9 years: lJutteito Ceapio, 45
years his wife Annie. :i"i years: son
John. 11 years: daughter Risa, years
Victoria Ceapio, a brother and Joe Ro
mio, ages unknown.
St. Pul Man From tt*
'High Bridge."
Sr. PAUL. April 7.—Shortly after 10
a. m. workmen in the quarry in West
St. Paul, near the Smith avenue bridge,
heard cries for help coming from the
neighborhood of the river. Thev
rushed t'1 the bunk and saw an individ
ual struggling in the water in the center
of the river just under the bridge. They
secured a boat and brought the man
ashore but he died in a few minues.
His name was John Thompson, a sew
ing machine agent. He had evidently
jumped from the
cidal intentions.
with sui­
DAMAGES $100,000.
T«lepho»e Exchange
Destroyed by Fire.
ALBANY, N. Y., April 7.—The tele
phone exchange, located in the block
between 464 and 472 Broadway, was
damaged to the extent of flOo.UOO by
fire caused by crossing of wtree with
the trolley system.
Highwaymen on Street Cur.
CHICAGO, April 7.—Max Roach and
John Smith, two tough characters,
boarded a south bound State street cable
car at Twenty-second street shortly be
fore midnight. Bnt five passengers were
in the car, four of whom were women.
As soon as the men entered the car they
drew revolvers, and goin^ up to Martin
O'Connell, who was sitting in one cor
ner, they ordered him to give up his
money. He hurriedly handed over $1*,
all he had. Before any one could inter
fere the daring robliers jumi»ed through
the front door, and after pushing Jonn
Doyle, the driver, off the car, they started
to run down State street.
Fatally Sasdbtfced.
KANSAS CITY, MO., April 7.—Sunday
niglit as Allen N. Rounoir, 38 years old,
was returning from church in company
with two young ladies, he was assaulted
by a colored man near the corner of
Toost avenue and Twenty-ninth street.
He was struck several heavy blows on
the head by a sandbag and rendered
unconscious. The ruffian seized one of
the young ladies and took her jtocket
book itnd jewelry and made his escape.
Rounioru wonnds &fi»
and probably fatal.
Slept too the Stove.
WASHINGTON. ~il 7.—Frances L.
Weis, an old woman, who was
f-ook in a restaurant, was burned to
death early this morning at her home.
The old woman had made a bed on
wane chairs near the stove, and her
•screams aroused the police, who broke
the door in to find the woman a mass of
flames and charred flesh. She died al
most instantly. It is thought tjiat a
snark from the store set fire to her
One More l*nfortunate.
LI«ONIEU, Ind.. April 7.—Two yonng
boy» were rowing a boat on the "Elkhart
river, just east of the city limits, they
discovered the lifeless remains of a
woman. The body was identified as that
of Miss Sadie Haines, a beautiful young
woman who had resided here for several
vears with her mother. The cause of
her suicide is not known.
Killed by a .Jeaiouit Husband.
COTTONPLANT. Ark.. April 7.—Satur
day William Turner, living seven miles
west of this place shot%nd killed Jobe
Murphy. The shooting was the result
of jealousy on the part of Turner. He
claims Murphy had been making im
proper advances towards Mrs. Turner.
Chicago's Awfnl Death Rate.
IIIICAOO, April 7.—The total number
of deaths for last week was WX. of which
£32 were from pneumonia and 75
directly the result of influenza. The
immber of deaths for the past wevk ex
ceeds that of the previous week by
and so far shows no let up on the dread
ful nnusual mortality.
A G«rman
Squiwli«s Car Chill.
BERLIN, April 7.—Germany has or­
dered^ the whole German Squadron in
Chinese waters to proceed to Chili. This
is dde to protests from Hamburg mer
chants to the chancellor that German
experts from Chili are casing owing to
German vessels being unprotected.
A i -T
Authorities Taking Stepa to
Aay Fartb«r Growth.
LONDON, April 7.—It is stated that
owing to the ferocious utterances of the
Communists at the recent celebration in
London of the twentieth anniversary of
the Paris commune, the police authori
ties have detailed detectives to watch
the more rabid of the foreign Anarchists
who now find refuge in England, and to
ascertain whether there is really any
thing in their talk about starting a
commune in London, going through a
baptism of blood, etc. If there should
prove to be anything in the baptism of
blood business, the foreign Anarchists
will probably be expelled from England
or locked up as suspicious persons. The
is that the Anarchists
are harmless and really have no idea of
killing ti e ''beasts of prey" as they call
the people W1K have profH-rty. London,
however, is infested with them, as thev
flock here from all parts of the conti
nent, and us*1 the city to hatch plots and
conspiracies against continental govern
ments. Hereafter they will be more
closely watched.
Chicago nail Xortliwmtern Appropriates
One of llaclne's Street*.
RACINE, Wis., April 7.—Several
months ago the city council granted the
Chicago and Northwestern railroad the
right to run a spur of track to the
Mitchell & Lewis company works. The
grant included two switches over Ra
cine street, but the company desired
three tracks. They failed to ask the
council for permission to get this third
one, fearisg that the request would be
denied. So they proposed to steal a
march on the citv. Sunday morning
some fifteen tracklayers were set to
work tearing up the street and sidewalk
and laying the track. The chief of po
lice was called and arrested the foreman
of the gang. Mr. King, and his assistant
Mr. Gagan. While the officers were
takipg the two bosses down town the
other men completed the track and fled.
The foreman gave bail for their appear
llngliah Capitalists Intrutlng in Idaho
BOISE CITY. Idaho. April 7.—The sale
of the great Delmar mine in Owyhee
county. Idaho, to a company of English
capitalist:* was completed Saturday by
the deposit at the Boise City National
bank of
to the credit of J. Lw
Delamar. Besides the $47*,000 paid Del
amar he also holds 'J.'i.noo shares of stock
which at fhe present London quotations
are worth .130.000. Delamar is world's
fair commissioner for Idaho, and will
probably pend sf.Vl.000 out of his own
4ocket on the exhibition of the state.
BaJanaeeda's Defeat Certain.
Lwriox, April 6.—Advices from Chili
leave little doubt of Balmaceda's ap
proaching defeat. The whole country
is aroused against the president by the
outrages which his troops have perpe
trated everywhere, in the burning down
of farm houses and the destruction of
crops and vineyards belonging to es
caped opposition le vders. The late so
called election is said to have been the
veriest farce, nobody daring to vote
nut employes of the government. The
narvest is rotting in the fields owing to
the laborers having been impressed, or
tempted away by bounties, to the mili
tary service.
The Kiodas from Ireland.
DUBLIN, April 7.—There is no abate
ment in the tide of Irish immigration.
During the past week six liners took
1.-U0 persons, mostly of the fanning
uMfc but including a few mechanics,
from Connaught and Munster. Fully
two-thirds of the passage money of
these pet)pie was paid by their kinsmen
in America. All the steamers of the
Inman and White Star line announced to
have full lists of passengers, and.every
thing indicates that for the next three
months the number of emigrants will
be fully ejual to that for the corres
ponding period of 1890.
Norwegians Rebellions.
LONDON, April 7.—A Stockholm dis
patch says that the Swedish govern
ment is being strongly advised to hunt
down Norwegian disaffection, with a
forcible hand. The government's crit
ics claim that Sweden has been too len
ient and conciliatory in its treatment of
Norway and has thereby encouraged the
spirit of secession among a certain class
who would sooner see Norway under
the protection ot Rtissia or Denmark
than Sweden. Neither of these powers,
it is said, vould dare to help Norway,
should tlie disaffection be dealt with.
Ills Wlte Betrayed Him.
GOSHEN, Ind., April 7.—One of the
tramps arrested here on Sunday,charged
with the murder of Alexander Snyder,
has confessed. He says he knows Sny
der's wife in New York and she told
him the old man kept a large amount of
money about the house. Acting upon
this information he and his partner came
West with the intention ot getting hold
of the cash. They awakened the old
man, and to quiet him gave him a blow
over the head, but did not intend to kill
him. They failed to get the money and
were returning East when arrested.
AH Around.
LONDON, April 7.—The correspondent
of The Times at Rome says: The arrival
of the text of Baron Fava's first note
showed a misunderstanding due to Mr.
Blaine's interpretating a demand for a
trial as a demand for convict.ou. The
ministry is indisposed to push the mat
ter beyond a demand for the rpcngni
tion of the principle of international
justice. The excitement has entirely
Director Hunt la Onion Bail.
NEW YORK. Aj)ril 7. William (i.
Hunt, one of the twelve directors of the
New York, New Haven and Hartford'
railroad, appeared in court and gave
$5,000 bail tor his future appearance.
He was the last one of the indicted mag
nates to furnish bail.
New York Patntar* Mnwli.
NEW YORK. April '7.—-One thousand
journeymen painters went on a strike
Monday morning for the purpose of en
fotciug the demand of eight hours work
p'day at tht rat* of $iS.M per day.
Hitherto the men have received $3 for
eight hours per day.
Events Worthy of Record CilvMl I* a
Brief aad Interesting Form.
Surveyor General Sullivan, of South
Dakota, announces that the plats of all
surveyed reservation lands will be re
turned from Washington this week.
A dispatch from Hnenus Ayies says
President Pelligrini authorizes the state
ment that the government has decided
on a paper currency on a metallic basis.
John H. Buckingham, secretary of
the Chicago Steel company, died of ap
poplexv at the Hudson house. Lansing,
Mich He lived atoir, fullerton avenue,
The Nebraska legislature adjourned
Sunday morning at 4 o'clock without
passing the legislative apportionment
bill. Governor Boyd says he wiH call
an extra sesssiou for that purjiose, bnt
the time is not vet fixed.
The Minnesota naval veterans have
decided to sail under the following offi
cers on this year's cruise: Commander,
James Kavanaugh: executive officer,
John Brady paymaster, H. P. Barber:
secretary, John Ryan surgeon. E. B.
Lord Salisbury has been notified by
Chancellor Von Caprivi that Germany
will abandon Southwest Africa unlets
the Anglo-German syndicate succeeds
in procuring the capital which was
agreed to be necessary. It is extremely
doubtful whether this can be done.
The king of Roumania has refused to
accept the resignation of M. Vacaresco
as minister of Roumania at the court of
Vienna. The minister tendered his
resignation in order that he might lie
enabled to challenge the German am
bassador to Austria, Prince of Reuss,
for an affront recently put upon M.
Varacesco's son by the wife of the Ger
man ambassador.
Cash Met hod tat University• Assured.
BALTIMORE. April G—Bishop Hurst,
of the Methodist Episcopal church, who
is presiding over the East German Epis
coi«il conference in session here, says
that the property purchased for the
Methodist university in WasUiugton,
has be**n pttill in, &i0,ooo more
subscribed, and the entire $100,000 will
be in hand by May 1.
April Snow in Alabama.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 7.—Snow
fell here and all over North Alabama
Sunday. The fall was slight, but it
was the first April snow in this vicinity
in over forty yean*.
Froze in Mississippi*
JACKSON, Miss., April 7.—The
Millionaires and Subscription Lit*.
^Millionaires are as plenty as black
berries in this town," said a gentleman
who has been jictive in pushing the sub
scription for the statue to General Grant.
"You just let the right set of men take
hold of a subscription list for any worthy
purpose and see ho* rapidly it swells.
Look at the Shermar statue fund. It
will be completed in a few days, and we
could have passed the $50,000 mark sev
eral days ago if we had
highest subscription to $1
cipal drawback about go
nary millionaire with a subscn
is his sensitiveness about making his
name too conspicuous on the list.
"For instance, a man worth $2,000,000
or $3,000,000 will run his eye over the
list, and if he sees the names of Vander
bilt, Rockefeller or Huntington he will
ray, 'Well, of course it won't look well
for me to give as much as those men.
People will think that 1 am trying to at
tract attention to myself.' Now, if that
man had been asked to start the subscrip
tion he probably would have put his
name down for $1,000. When he saw
that Vanderbilt had given that sum he
immediately subscribed for $350, with
the assurance, however, 'If you need any
more come and see me.'"—New York
pd the
i ordi
on list
Sapplying Moving Engines wiH Water.
By a new invention which is being
tried on some of the southern railroads
it is thought possible that engines can
be supplied with water when necessary
without stopping. The system is ex
plained as follows: There is to be a
tower over each well or stream that is
to supply water, about forty feet high,
and frora this tower is suspended by a
wire cable a tank or bucket holding
about 2,.100 gallons of water. The same
is raised by passing locomotives, and
the water discharged automatically into
a storage tank. The bucket that con
veys the water to the storage tank, when
emptied, goes back automatically into
the well or stream of supply, and is filled
ready for the next locomotive. This
saves the expense of a stationary engine
and fuel, with engine and such expense
as attends the present system, and gives
equal guarantee of reliable supply.—
New York Telegram.
Landlords and the Measle*.
Amos Bennett, a dashing tenant farm
er, lives in Buckingham, about a furlong
above Pineville. He has lived for about
fifty years of Christian equanimity with
out ever having the m^isles. A week or
so ago they "struck" him and he was
obliged to cancel his business arrange
ments and to go to his bed. He has had
for years contend with exacting land
lords and endure the pains of ophthalmy.
The measles have now settled in his eyes
and he is nearly blind. He now say®
"that of the two great calamities—the
landlords and ophthalmy—ophthalmy is
the most calamitous." It is a sad case.
—Philadelphia Times.
During the recent development of boi
ticnlture in Florida and California many
experiments have been made in the pro
duction if perfume from flowers, and
•any oi' "he*? have resulted successfully.
Mr. Eichberger bought a small hooee
in Cincinnati and engaged a laborer to
tear part of it down in order that altera
might be made. The man got his
directions mixed, and began operations
i on a Luilding across the street, He had
finished taking off the roof when 12»
1 blunder was discoverad.
In Karijr Spring.
Bright daysarc with «•, lengthened andneraM,
The clods grow moll»». nnd tbe forpst hath
Its bmhiiDR pleasures: yet of Winter's nc&th
Some drear memorial* here and there are seen.
For, though t!ie svin 1 *i" more bmithes frosty
Kt»» 1.1,
It often floiWs the old leaves in our lath.
Or sigh* along some unreapetl aftermath.
To mitul
of the ri«or that hath been.
O thou my ,loy. Sjirinf of my \Vondroas Year!
Fnrjrfve, if in thy presence aiitfht of grief
Itemain l'rom Unit dead time ere thou wrote
Now. surely, #uch KMnsayinR shall be brief
For thou wilt set my feet where flower and leaf
And soft new award blot out the stubble aerfe
—Edith M. Thomas in Serlboer'a.
Studeuts' Credit in Paris.
The Parisian tradespeople who have to
do with tridents are not lenient.
The lower French classes, every one
knows, are gra-ping. In Paris they are
spurred on by wh.it Alphonse Daudet
p_o graphically calls "la pour de ne pas
cury here Saturday night went down to
the freezing j»oint. and materially dam
aged tender vejr,»tation of all kin i
Russian emissaries are charged witn
fomenting trouble in Norway.
tVarof not '"getting there."'
In the Quart ier a student is allowed 150
francs credit i.i other words, thirty dol
lars. If any expenditure is run up above
that limit, or rent ierniitted to stand
beyond that sum, the hussier appears
aud the student ia literally turned out
on the pawmeut. I have recently heard
of several cases where this limit had
within a franc or two, and
where the student, a man or woman,
had leen minced to keeping the vital
spark alive by one or two cups of coffee
a day.
In one instance the person was a New
England girl from a small village, who,
entirely without t^fleut, had come over,
as I have descrfbed, with about out
of which, her passage being deducted,
she had been able to live, after a fashion,
for a time. Tne last cent was now gone
she was friend less, without means to get
home, jind probably too proud to make
her destitute n an I failure known to her
family, against whoso instincts of com
mon sense she had probably undertaken
this venture, lured by all manner of
wild and uufounded hopes. And this
case is really one of many.—Milwaukee
The Speed of That laakss Mrtssr.
Professor H. A. Newton, of Yale,writes
the following letter with regard to the
great and w.ia lerfully brilliant meteor
which wan -a here in Hartford:
The brilliant meteor that you describe
in your issue of Feb. 24, and which was
heard to explode \vjth tremendons noise
in many pl.-ices in Maine, apiears to have
been niovin^ iuigrtliward, nearly over
Portland. Me., ?erhaps from as far south
as Boston, and to have disappeared some
miles above uie surface of the earth over
the middle or northern parts of Franklin
county. Me. So far as known no stones
have been secured from the meteor. If
this is the true path, the body entered
the air with a tremendous velocity.
The earth was at that time moving
eighteen miles a second directly toward
the point from which the meteor was
coming. According to accepted theories,
the meteor was moving faster than the
earth, and the stone entered the air with
the sum of the two velocities. This
makes a velocity of more than forty
miles a second. In mos^ of the cases
where stones have leen secured the ve
locities have been not more than twenty
miles a second. In one instance, how
ever, in Stanhem, Moravia, there were
secured a large number of stones from a
meteor whose velocity was as great as
that of the meteor of Feb. 23.—Hartford
Th« QM Home of Jesse Jaaeee.
The Libby Prison war museum is soon
to have an acquisition of a curious char
acter. It is the identical frame house? in
which Jesse Jame.- lived the last four
months of his liie, and in which he was
killed by Bob Ford. Since 1882 this
house has stood unoccupied on a bluff
back of St. Joseph, Mo. The bullethole
in the wall is still to be seen and the
blood stains on the floor have never been
effaced. The house was sold to the
agent of
Chicago museum for the
sum of $1,900, and it is to be taken down
in sections, removed hence and set up
again in the big building in Wabash
An equally interesting relic would be,
we think, the old James house
still stand
ing n§ar Liberty, Clay county. And if
old Mother James is still living she
should be engaged to come along and
serve as a "guide" or "illustrator."
The old lady, when we last saw her,
nine years ago, waf full of tight and en
erg}', and it would be hard to find a
handsomer woman than aha w«w., -Chi»
cago News.
(.fiM-ral Roukitiger in N'rw York.
Don't be startle I if I tell you a secret.
General Boulanger, the deposed head of
a retrograde movement, is in New York.
So, at least, a Frenchman tells me who
claims to have called upon the general
at his secluded lodgings on the east side.
My informant asserts that Boulanger has
shaved his face clean and is desirous of
remaining unknown in the metropolis
until his country calls him. In this case
his residence here is likely to be a long
There is a atrong probability that my
Gallic friend has given me "a straight
tip" in this matter. Boulanger took a
fancy to New York when he was here at
the time o' 'he Yorktown celebration.
He likes the life of a large city, and has
been bored on the Isle of Jersey. Lon
don did not treat him well and Paris is
denied him. What is more natural than
that he should come to New York—the
refuge of so many soiled foreigners?—
Cor. Chicago Herald.
A farmer residing near Guilderland,
N. Y., has been sent to an insane asylum
because he has a mania for whistling at
all times and in all places. He whistles
from morn to night, and after retiring
he whistle* until he falls asleep. If he
wakens through tho night he immediate*
lj commences to whistle aad coBtiauea
untQ he is exhausted.
The olfactometer recently exhibited to
the Academy of Sciences in Paris is a
little apparatus for testing the .smelling
powers of individuals. It determines
the weight of odorous vapor in a cubic
centimeter of air which is perceptible by
I the olfactory sense of a person.
Berlin university faculties will offer to
the 5,000 students enrolled for the sum
mer term 716 courses of lectures to choose
from. Forty-six of these courses are
theological, 77 legal, 237 medical, 356
hilosouhical. Professors Koch aud
will not read.
Senator Manderson, the new president
pro tem. of the United States senate, is
fifty-three years old. He served through
the war in the Union armies, reaching
the rank of brevet brigadier general of
volunteers in 1863.
Land ofHcc at- Mitchell, South Itakot*. March
•.St, 1*M. Netire U hereby thnt the fnilow
iiiy-iianted n'tiler IIH* filed notice uf hie iiit-jrion
to ninke AIIHI proof in support of hU.claim, an.I
that caid proof will be mside lefor'- ilie j),-rk of
the Circuit Conrt in anil for Luke couutv. S«mth
Dakota, at. Madison, South Dakota, on' MHV S,
IStU, viz.: Chirk-* .lohncou. for the
tion :J5, t»wu«hip HI-", and e, section'-1,
town..hit* I'M, sll in inline II. K. No.
He nanx** the following witiienftv to prove hi*
continuous residence upon, mid cnltiv»tiou of,
waid land. vise.: Han# Na*ham and Oliver Lee of
Rxmeey post office, and Airrim Nelcou and Ole
Torgaaon of Manifton powtotttce, nil of Lake
county, S. D. R. N. KRATX, Uejjlner.
Kinte Mouth Dakota, t*i the Couuty Court in
and for Lake county. It. C. McCallieter and A.
M. MrCa )l*ter co partner* a* McCailioter Bros
vs. E. VV. Iline. The State of South Dakota
oeiid* (treetinsr to the abo\e named defendant
Yon are hereby summoned and required to an
swer the complaint o! McCnllioter Hro*.. plain
tiff*, which will bellied in the office of the clerk
of tbe county court within and b.r Mid Lake
county, at ftladifon, South Dakota, and eerve a
copy of vonr nnower ou the nubecribcr at hia of
fice on liciiu avenue, in the city of Mndiaoii, state
of South Dakota, within thirty day* afier the
service oi thl* Mimnione, exclusive of the day of
oervice, or the plaintiff* will take judgment
n-jainct you for forty-*een dollar* and fifty cent?*,
with interest at I j^r cent, from January !. 1^11,
beoide* coot*.
Dated at MadiiMtt,,!!. D., tble 6th day of Janu
ary A. I). 1KM1. K. L. Soi'ER,
Plaintiff*' Attorney.
To the defendcut iit the above entilted action:
You will take notice that the complaint in the
above entitled action wa* filed in the office of the
Clerk of ibt! Couuty Court in and for Lake coun
tv, South Dakota, OB tbe 5th day of March. D.
JrtW. K. L. SOPEK,A.
Plaintiff"* Atty.
State of South Dakota, countv of Lake, in Cir
cuit court. Albert E. Fuller. Plaintiff v*. Chan.
Kennedy, May K. Kennedy hi* wife, The Chl
rwco, Milwaukee A* St. Paul Railway Co.. Vfil
lliun Van Hp*. Inez ('. Van Kp* hi*'wile. J. F.
Van l)io*er, Emma K. Van Doo*cr hi* wife, S.
Lobdeil, The North Star Boot & Shoe Co., a
corporation. I'hillp H. Hnrth, Mary A. Ilarth hia
wife, AiithouT Kelly, John I. Black, lliram W.
Warner, Maurice Aucrbacii, (ieortre K. Finch,
William II. Van Slyck, Almerin II. Winflow.
Klb.m A. Youni!, Eliza Batchelder, P. D. Pitt*,
Ifaiie X. Van Doren, Martha Batchelder. O. E.
Batchel*er her iiuoband, William Cohurti, J. t».
smaUey, .lame* W. lavl*on, Wilbur K. Smith a*
Receiver of tbe eotate of Philip 11. Ilarth and
William Lee. I)-fendaut*: The Si»te of South
Dakota *enrt* irreetmi to the above named de
fendunt*—\'ou are hereby summoned and re
quired to unower the complaint of tbi* action
w hiclt will be tiled ou tbe lot day o'f February,
in the office of the clerk of circuit court
within ar.d for the county of Lake, atate of South
Dakota, at the court hnQ*e in tbe citv of Madi
*oi, coimtv of Lake. S. 1)., and to *erve a c,op»
oi your an*wer ou the *uh*crlbei« at their office
in the city of Madi»on, South Dakota, within
thirty day* after the oervice of this ounimoii*.
excu-iv«? of the day of *ervice. If you fall to
amwer the complaint within tbat time, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for tbe relief de
manded in the complaint.
Dated January t* Wftl.
Plaintiff"* Attorney*.
Madison, S. D.
To the above named defendant*—
You will take
notice that the complaint in the above entitled
actio" wa* filed on the 2nd day of February. A.
D. HUM, in the office of tbe clerk of the circuit
court of the cecond judicial circuit of the state of
outh Dakoia, within and for Lake county, at
hi* office in Madison, Lake county. S. D.
Dated Madison, 8. i February 24,1W)1.
Ml llliAY & PoRTSR,
Attorncv* (or Plaintiff.
Mortgage Ssle.
Name of Mortgagor, liwnry W. Allen and Helen
C. Allen (his wife), name of mortgagee, Wiiber
K, Smith: date of mortgage, January 'H,
recorded January "ii, lHW.i, at :i*i o'clock p. m.,
in the office of Register of Deed* of Lake
county, D. T., in book of mortgages on page l"i.
which *a'd mortgasro was afterwards assignee to
Charles Stein. Ouardian. and wblcb »*sigtiment
*a* recorded in Book /, on the ^rtth day of
January. !""•*, on page 212 of *aid book De
fault having been made in the interest pay
mert- which became due January flr*t, 1W*, and
January flrct, 1HU1, there i* now due at the date
hereof the sum of 11 principal and iiiterect,
beside* he *um of $.71.00 attorney'* fee*. *tipu
la'ed in *ald mortgage, aud $iCi 7-Vtaxes paid and
iutere*t claimed. Notice i* hereby given that
the *aid mortgage will be foieclo*cd by sale at
public auction by the sheriff of Lake County, or
His deputy, on Friday, the Ifth day of May,
1*!»1, at I o clock p. in., at the lrout door of the
court honse in Madison n said Lake comity.
SHU tli Dakota, of the land* and premise* situated
in said Lake county, and described in said -mort
gage substantially a* follow*, to wit: The south
east quarter of section twenty-flve in town
chip one handred and eight (M*4) of range fifty
one i 'il l. containing one hundred and sixty (100)
acre* more or lea*.
Dated at Madison, S. I)., March 'Si,
CHAftLKS STEIN, (guardian),
Ah*ignee Mortgagee,
P. HJUXJK, Attorney for
Land Office at Mitchell. S. March 11, l-'.H.
Notice if hereby given that the foilowiug-named
settler ha* Hied notice of hi* intention to make
final proof in support of hi* claim, and that sutd
proof w ill be "iace before tl.e Clerk of the Cir
cuit Court, in and tor Lake county, Madison, S.
D., on April liTS, 1H01, viz.: Charles'.!. Nichols, for
ihe southwestof section 1H, township Klfi S.,
range .54 W.. (H. E. No SW,.VHe name* the
following witne*ses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
Arthur Pttheram, Kinil Lundenberg, Fred Werner
and Lewis J. S KeKlum, all of Madison post
office, South Dakota.
B. N. KKATZ, Register.
State of 8cnth Dakota, Second Judicial Clrcnlt.
In circuit Conrt within and /or Lake County,
The Mc.Cormick Harvesting Machine Company,
plaintiff, v*. (1. E. Conrad, defendant. The State
of Soutn Dakota sends greeting: To O. E. Con
rad, defendant, you are hereby summoned and
required to answer the complaint of the above
n med l*intiff which wilt be filed in the office
of the Cierk of the Circuit Court within and for
*nid Lake County, at the City of Madison, South
Dakota, ai^d serve a copy of yonr answer upon the
*«brcriiiers at then office In the city of Sioux
Falls, S within thirl days after the service of
thi* Mimnions, exclusive of the day of service, or
tho plaintiff will Ukejudgment against yon for
One Hundred seventeen Dollars and twenty five
cents, with interest thereon from thic date, be
side* cost*.
Dated at Sioux Falls. South Dakota, this 29th
day of January, A. D. 1891.
K«rrn & BATES, Plaintiff's Att'yi,
Sioux Falls, 8. D.
To the abore named defendant:
Ton are hereby notified tbat the complaint In
the above entitled action was filed in the office of
the Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for Lake
Countv, South Dukota, on February 11,A. D. 1891.
KVITH A BATK*. Plaintlfl a Att'ya.
Sheriff's Sale on Execution.
State of South Dakota, Second Judicial Circuit,
In Circuit Court, Lake County.—.John Wadden
and V. K. W'adden, co partner* nn Wadden Bro*.,
A. D. Welch, W Jones and W E. Jones,
Notice: Notice is hereby given that, by virtue of
a generai execution tonie directed, issued out of
the clerk'* office of the Circuit Court of the State
South Dakota, in and lor Lake county, and
second Judicinl circuit, upon a judgment rendered
In said court, fn favor of the abovp named plain
tiffs and against the defendant, A. D* Welch, I
buve levied upon the following described real es
tate, a* the property of said A. 1) Welch, to-wit*
The northwest quarter (!H) of section seventeen
(17) township on* hind
red and seven (107) range
liftv two (32) containing one hundred and sixty
teres, and that on tbe Iritb day of April, A. D,
1891, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at
the front door of the court house in the city of
Madison. Lake county, South Dakota, I will pro
ceed to sell said described property, or so much
thereof a* mav be necessary to satisfy said exe
cntiou amounting to Two Hundred and Twenty
two Do'lara and Twrnnty five cents ($223.®) to
getbe rwilh accruing costs and interest, at public
auction to the highest and best bidder for cash
WM. LEE, Sheriff Latoe)o.
By PRIRTOH, Deptty.
WiU XoOftiYR, Plftiotiffr Attorney.
of Honth Dukota, County of Lake, ea __
In Jnatlce Conrt, before J. II. Williamao*. gife
lice insvke of th. City
8. D. Chan.
B. Kennedy, *. Louis (ionyo The State of South
Dakotai iends srrcetinj
Lotii* 'ionyo, defend­
ant on ar« hereby funinioned to appear before
.fii\ at my office r. rhe city of Mndi»oo, in *ald
1'ounty, on the !tl. dayof February, A. D. 18!U, at
o clock p. m., answer the complaint of the
Above named pia ntiff, Cha*. B. Kennedy, who
claim* to recover uf you ih» sum of HI aud in
c-m. per annum from October 2M,
if*M, being for the amount dne on one proiuioory
note dated Oct. sri, ls* t, clue Nov. 1, 1KH\ for :i 40,
payable to F. 0. Kitta or order ntid »is»iied by
Ojotiyo, hy hit* mark, and now owned by
tna'ntin. And vc•'! are berebv notified ttint it' you
fail to appear and au«wer iid complaint, a«
jibove reqtieeted, -aid plalntif* will take jiuletnent
ttirain«t you by de
i uilt
for the »aid amount of Three
dollar* and forty ceuta, and lutere-t, at 1J per
cent from Oct.
2ft, together with cost* and
attorney fee.
(ilven under my hand thin !Uh day of Fehnary.
A.D. l.fMt. 11. WILLIAMSON,
Police notice of the City of Madi*ou. S. D.
The above eutit -d action io continued to April
«, t^U. at V o'clock p. in., tu allow
mwns by publication. J. H. WIMJAMHOK,ofantn-service
Vol tec ,J nut ice.
To.tbe above untried defendant: Take notice,
that tbe complaint in tbe a^ove entitled action
w an fllcd in the office of J. II. Williamson, police
jnetlce of Madieon, S. I)., on tbe Mh -of Feb
ruary, 18ftl. On,M. B. KENNEDYday
"-V -7 T-- .--T^ T-
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