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ft K
i Address to the People bj the
Secretary of the People's Party
Ttae for a Declaration of Independ
ence from the Monopolists of
the Conntry.
tkeraaa Said
Hr Foster
to Be Working Hard
for Senator firw
MILWAUKEE, Wia., July W.—The
address of the national executive com
mittee of the People's party has been
aent oat by Secretary Schilling. It
start* out with the information that the
times which try men's souls are here
once more. The descendants of British
Tories of 1Y76 and other European and
American capitalists hare bound the
country in chains. The Declaration of
Independence from British arrogance
needs to be supplemented by a declara
tion of independence from the powers
of concentrated wealth the political
independence gained by the Revolution
is but a shallow shain unless our coun
try can secure industrial indejendence.
The address enlarges on the subject of
the power of money to oppress the peo
ple and then declares the railroads of the
country are capitalised at $9.000,000,000
and the great m*iority of their stock is
held by people in England and other
foreign countries, who have no more
Interest in the United States
Than the Vampire Has in Its Victim.
At a reasonable estimate, foreign capi
talists have invested $10,000,000 000 in
our country. What value have they
given UK in return? They did not give
gold or silver, because those metals
Have been carried abroad by the ship
load and are mined here, not in Europe.
To MX lire this vast property these lor
eiyt.eis have merely loantAl us thei#
credit in Vank checks, drafts and notes,
ana they are payinir these with the divi
dend they draw" from our people.
Comparing the foreign capital in
vested here with the total wealth of the
country, the address declares that reck
oned at compound interest the former
will reach th« amount represented
by the latter in less than twelve
The statement is made that
he Western Union Telegraph com
pany is capitalized at fyo.OOO.UOO
and makes 5 per cent., but that its plant
could be duplicated with $15,000,009,
•howing that the
Actual Rata of laUrMt la SO P*r C«U,
and that the same applies to other
corporations, thus making a source of
great national danger. The policy of
the government in paying high pre
miums foi years, to take up bonds
not due so as to dispose of the accumu
lations of the treasury is denounced as
idiotic, and references made to tho pro
fessed inability of the treasury depart
ment to redeem the $50,000,000 of 4 per
cents about to fall due.
Th» address makes the remarkable
statement that the treasury retains
$7^0,000,000 of money, but tk*t the
bankers who control the department
fear that the release of $."0,000,000 of
ready money would break down the
money market and ease the grip that
unproductive capital has upon the peo
ple of the country.
Farm Mortgages Dl»c
The burden of debt resting on tho
»ple, as shown by farm mortgage sta
is discussed, and the following
remedy proposed: "If the billions of
dollars of bank and corporation paper,
mortgages and other paper evidences of
debt issusd by individuals are good
enough for the extortioners and the
usurers, paper notes issued by all the
people jointly in the form of govern
ment notes are better." The address
then goes into details concerning the
debts of the country and refutes the
charge that it would be improper for
the government to loan money to Indi
viduals. It calls for the contoi of tele
graph lines by the people the same as
the postal system, and says that the Peo
ple's party doe® not propose to stop at
the reform proposed in its platform, as
it is a progressive organization and can
not stand still. An earnest appeal to
the people to join the ornmiaation
doses the address.
Sherman Trying to Boom Poster.
CHICAGO, July 28.—A Tribune special
fHpm Cincinnati, says: The probable
reason of the continued presence of
Senator John She•-nan in Cincinnati
has leaked out a* t. Mr. Sherman
has come to ti .elusion that he
stands a poor chance for re-election,and
he is trying to start a boom for Charles
Foster, secretary of the treasury. Sher
man has no use for Foraker, and will
do all he can to beat him.
A Nebraska Charaetsr Dssd.
PI.ATSV.ORTH, Neb., July 23.—Jerry
Hutchinson is dead at the ripe old age
of S3. Hutchinson was a somewhat
historical personage, having been a
member of the famous Rock Bluffs
•lection board when Nebraska was ad
mitted as a state. He thoughtlessly
took the ballot box home with him
when lie went to dinner on election day,
Mid that action was the basis of a noted
contest which resulted in the admission
the state.
I?', slas Preparing to Botvra to Work.
"t. .a HARBOR, Me., Jnly 88.—Mr.
B- .iae is gradually preparing to resume
charge of the state department affairs.
He i:uw has lib private hecretary with
bitii and is getting together the loose
«ids of his work. The awakening of
iiiterrtbt in his work has not, it is said,
retarded his recovery but seems to be
^eneficial to him.
Mlow His Brains Out.
July 28.—Gilbert Parkes,
•f tho real estate hriu of Blair, Parkes
Co.. shot Ins brains out in front of
American office. Financial troubles
Was the cause. He waa young and quite
AN Ki-GoBtnamtD Diea.
i BOCIIESTEB, N. Y., July 23.—The
JEfon. William M. Lampere' died at
jptmpmiiiigua, aged To years, lie was a
the ortv-aecond and Furty-
Se waa a prominent
Steamer C'lrc* 8trand*d In the Me*
cent Gale—Fire Men Drowned.
QnEBKC, July 2 .—The stranded
ateamer Circe is a complete wreck, hav
ing parted amiushipe during the recent
gale. The worst feature of the wreck
ia the drowning of Captain Jennings,
two engineers, assistant steward and
the storekeeper. The balance of the
crew was taken off by the schooner
Snow Queen nnd landed at Heath
Point. The bodies of the drowned men
have been washed ashore on the island
of Anticoeti. The Circe was the largest
and fastest of the Donaldson line of
Died of fright.
CLEAR LUXE, la., Jnly 23.—A
lady named Alico Cooley, who was
keeping house for her brother, Charles
Cooley, a farmer living near this place,
met death very suddenly and in a
peculiar manner. By some unknown
means the house took fire, and she, be
ing much frightened, started to the
kitchen for water, while her father, who
was just entering the house, was smoth
ering tlie tlaincs. She fell upon the floor,
overcome with fright, and never rallied
again, expiring in her father's arms a
few moments after. She had been In
reasonably good health, and it ia sup
posed she died of fright.
Oai Tank Exploded.
BUTLER, Pa., July 2b.—While work
men were drawing rods at the well of
Collin*, Sheasley, Reeder & Co., on the
Miller farm at Gallery, the gas tank ex
ploded and enveloped the rig in flames.
James Fitch, who was up fifty feet in
the derrick, fell to the ground amid the
flames and was terribly burned, but
may recover. D. T. Reeder, one of the
owners of the well, who was standing
in the derrick, received the full force of
the explosion and was fatally burned,
the flesh hanging in shreds from hia
body. He was removed to the Millet
house. £lis death ia momentarily ex
Letter ef Sympathy from the Qaeen.
OTTAWA, Chit., July 88.— Lady Mao
donald has received an autograph letter
of sympathy from Queen Victoria, a
distinguishing mark of imperial favor,
perhaps never before accorded to a
Canadian lady.
Hang Himself ia a Barn.
CANTON, Minn., July £3.—Andrew
Johnson Boxrud, living six miles north
west of this place in Amherst township,
committed suicide by hanging himself
in a barn. The cause is unknown.
Dined by Webster.
23. The Chtoagt
world's fair commissioners were enter
tained at dinner by Attorney General
Webster in the dining room of the housf
of commons.
Hnppenlogs of the Day
Brief Mnntioa.
Pair Play, Colo., Tuesday,
miners were smother*! to death' in
The crown prince of Roumania has
abandoned his proposed marriage to
Mile. Vacaresco.
The New York board of health has
decided to put Chin Hop, the Chinese
leper, in a hospital.
The leader of the Wuhu riots has beefl
arrested at Shanghai and handed over
to the Chinese authorities.
E. F. Brandon, marshal at the United
States consul general's office in Shang
hai, has committed suicide.
The Prohibition ministers of Topeka,
Kan., nave declared war against the
drug stores and the probate judge who
issues them permits to sell liquors.
Richard S. Newcombe, one of the
leaden of the New York bar, and one
of the best known attorneys in this
county, is dying. He is afflicted with
cancer of the stomach.
Hawaiian reports by the steamship
Zealandia, which has arrived from
Honolulu, state that the United States
steamship Iroquois was to leave Hono
lulu some time lass week from Samoa.
According to returns received at the
fisheries department, at Ottawa, Ont.,
the number of sealskins secured by the
British Columbia sailing fleet ia the
waters of Behringseaup to June 18 was
At a special meeting of the exeoutive
committee of the American Christian
Endeavor society held in Toronto, Rev.
Dr. Sexton, of Dunkirk, N. Y., was
elected general manager and superin
About 600 Jews, most of them in a
destitute condition, are arriving at
Hamburg daily. The English consul
there has published a notice warning
Jews of the futility of going to Great
Britain for work.
ft. Faal Vnlou Stoek Yards.
July 23, T«L
HOGS—6c lowtw. Yards cleared at $4,ttA
CATTLE—Slow Good steer*.
tol cows, common to fair rows,
$1.uiXi, bulls, stags and oien, $1.2538.73
stookers, $js.00^2.40 feeders, t3.40&3.u(>, veals,
$2.5 K&3.S0.
SHEEP—Steady. Muttona, $3.75^440 feed
ers. $2.75®3.00 atockers and common, tX.600
3.00 mixed, $3.K£«.(«) lamhs,
Receipt* Hogs 764, cattle 775, calves Mt,
sheep 344. _____
Minneapolis Grain.
MISKKA POLIS. July 553.18M.
WHEAT—No. 1 bard. July, $1.00 ontrark,
$1.00y$: No. 1 Northern, July, S#»c Septem
ber, 85o, October, 84o December,
on track, Wo No.
oa traak.
Northern. July, Bijic
common and medium.
Q(iS~Weak, 5ft 14c lower. Heavy, $5,209
«&>-* mixed and medium, t&10$6.70 Ufht,
G«U* »D4 Previfitai.
CHIOAOO, July •*, lfl*L
CLOBIHO raicu.
WHIA.T—July.Wic September, ffMs
CORN—Ju y,
s*,: v .** -s«\ !.
OATU—Ju:y, it
Skeleton and Corpse Side by Side.
'Mtmde, Ind., is enjoying a sensation
attendant on the opening of a house
which has been cloeed up for years and
the discovery of a freak perhaps as re
markable as ever entered a human mind.
The house in question is a fine old brick
residence, owned in 1876 by William
Mutterhorn, a well to do Overman, i re
tired lumber merchant. In 1878Mutter
horn lost his wife, a very beautiful v. Om
an, whose loss converted him from a
genial, pleasure loving man to a morose,
misanthropical recluse. He dismissed
all of his servants and refused to admit
all visitors, even his most intimate
friends, to his home.
Hia health in a few years became
wretched, and one day the unhappy man
sought a prominent lawyer of Muncie,
and announcing his intention of travel
ing for the restoration of his strength
gave him powers as his agent and in
structions to allow his house to remain
locked and sealed as he left it No one
was to enter it or even the extensive
grounds surrounding it. No limit was
placed to his intended absence, and no
surprise was felt as years slipped by with
out his return.
Recently, however, his heirs, conclud
ing he wits dead, had the house entered,
and found in one of the upper rooms the
embalmed body of Mrs. Mutterhorn, ele
gantly attired and reclining on a sofa,
while at her side lay a skeleton, which
was satisfactorily identified as her hus
Mutterhorn is known to have been a
fine amateur chemist, and it ia supposed
that he privately exhumed his wife's
body, embalmed it and kept it continu
ally in his sight, till, feeling himself
about to die, he resolved to shut himself
up with his treasure and meet death at
its side. The two poor relics were in
terred next day, followed to their final
resting place by an immense crowd.
Philadelphia Times.
A Bashful 5Ian Man-ted.
We point with pride to Joseph Sehman
and Mrs. Joseph Sehman, who, until
Thursday, waa Miss Lizzie Nichols, of
Riverside, N. J. Joseph had persevered
against an overmastering weakness, and
Lizzie had trampled on a very human
pride to an extent that wins our admira
Joseph had loved Lizzie for many days,
so the report runs, and was well beloved
by Lizzie. He proposed in due time,
was accepted and the /lay for the wed
ding arrived. With it came pretty Liz
tie to the altar. But Joseph failed to
Come. There were tears and righteous
execrations and many a pretty pout.
The days passed, and with them catne
explanations from Joseph. It was all
his timidity. At the last moment his
heart failed him, and in that panic which
bashfulness will often precipitate he fled
from the bliss which he longed for.
Lizzie benignantly forgave him. The
sun shone again, and a new day for the
nuptials was set. It came, but again
brought no Joseph. Another explana
tion was as successful as the first, and a
third attempt to execute the fractious
contract waa aa futile as tho other two.
When the young man came for the
fourth time to sue for the lady's hand,
full of humiliation for his foolish terror,
she had made her consent provisional on
their immediate marriage. Before he
had had time to be stricken with hia un
fortunate malady he had been pro
nounced a husband by the nearest atdnia
ter.—Albany Union.
M. Quad's Dancing Platform,
I wonder if M. Quad took hia dancing
platform with him to New York. He ia
a crank on the subject of physical exer
cise, but he doesn't take any stock in In
dian clubs or dumbbells. He fitted up
a small platform a few years ago in his
residence in Detroit, and whenever he
felt the need of physical exerciae he
would take a turn at jig dancing. After
a hard day's work in the top story of
The Free Press building he would go
home, bring out the little platform and
dance a hoedown to the music of a pi
ano, at which his daughter presided.
After a half hour of this sort of recrea
tion and a half hour of rest supper would
be served and frequently the humorist
would dance for a few minutes later in
the evening just before retiring. "It
beats all the gymnasiums in creation,"
he said to me once, "and I have never
found anything that suits my require
ments so wolL A complete mental rest
is obtained, you see, as well as £hvsi
exercise."—Chicago Mall.
Gold Coin Scattered tn tbe
July ia isai.
food grades, weak for
,\i' .1,
Scattered on the floor of a postal car
on the New York and Pitteburg rail
road, in which were tons of mail matter,
the clerks found, a week or two ago,
$310 in gold pieces of various denomina
tions. Portions of the wrapper were
found, but not enough to identify the
address or serve as a clew to the sender.
The one who mailed the package doubt
less thought he could save the coat of
registering or else he did not know how
to put up a package.
There is no way of identifying lost
coin, and the person in this imtance who
shipped his gold in a flimsy wrapper will
probably never be able to prove hia claim
to the money now held by Uncle Sam.
The postoffice officials here say that it is
a common practice for people to mail
money of large and small amounts in
common envelopes and light
—Rochester Post Express.
Odd Lawialt.
1b involved ia litigation
concerning the meaning of "a reasonable
amount" A year ago, when a gaA plant
waa purchased by this city, one of the
terms of sale waa an agreement to fnr
niah a member of the selling firm "a rea
sonable amount of gas for hia own ascta
sive use, free, during the existence of
the plant." The enterprising fellow
therefore put in a large number of gas
jets and kept them burning night and
day, thus heating art well as lighting Hie
house. Thousands of dollars already
hare beep i-perit in definitely settling the
meaning cf the term "a reaaon&te
amount," and it is probable that tib*
tuatUtf wiiyfetfeft gwyrepa Ofr
oago MaiL
Its Causes aiul Cure,
HHenttflcally treStcd by nn anrist of world-trttfff
pntaioii. Deafness eradicated and entirely cuied
of from 3D to 30 yearn' standing, after nil other
treatments have rai'eil. How the difficulty Is
reached and the cause moved, ftili.v cxputaed
in circular*, with aflld-ivits and ti-xtimouialb of
cures from prominent people, mailed free.
No. 34 West 14th St., N. Y.
Orttinance \o. SO.
An ordlnsnce entitltled "An Ordifittree ReRB
JiitiiiK ami ii\inj the salaries and compensations
of the city off:Curt* of the City ol Madisou."
BE IT OUDAlNSl) by the City Council of the
City of Madison:
SECTION 1. That on and after the pnbllcation
thin ordinance the salaries of the city officer*
of mid city cha)l be as follows:
Src. •£. The salary of the Mayor o! said city
shall be fifty doll.ua per year, payable quarterly.
&rc. 3. The salary of the Treaxnrer of said city
shall be one hundred dollars per lear, payable
.SEC. I. The salary of the Auditor of said city
shall h-two hundred dollars per year, payable
Ssc. 5. The salary of the City Attorney of said
city fhall he one hundred dollar* per year, pay*
ble quarterly.
8*t. «. The salarv of the Aldermen of said city
shall be twenty-five dollars, each, per year, paya
ble quarterly.
SBC. T. The salarT of the Chief of Police of
said city shall be forty-five dollar* per month,
payable monthly.
S. The compensation of the 8treet Com
miesioner of said city shall be one dollar and sev
enty-five cents per dav for each da^ eervico ac
tually rendeied, p»ahle monthly.
The compensation of the Assessor of
said city ehiill be three dollars per day for each
day's service actually rendered, payable monthly.
£rc. 10. The compensation of the City BuRi
neer shall be three dollars per day lor each day's
service aclualiy rendered oa behalf of tbe Mid
citpayable monthly.
11. All ordnances in conflict with this
ordinance are hereby repealed.
This ordinance was read tbe first time at an
adjourned regular meet'ng of the city council
held in the council room on tbe 12th day of May,
City Auditor.
Tfela ordinance was read a second time and
passed at a negator adjourned meeting of the city
council held In the council room on the 5th day
ofJone, 1W1.
City Auditor.
Approved tki 8th
nay of June 18SI1.
Mayor of the City of Mudiaon.
Ordinance Xo. SI.
ordinance, entitled "Aa ordinaacochanging
and fixing the time for the regular monthly meet*
inn of the city council."
SICTION 1. That the regular meeting of the
city council of the citv of Madison, Sonth Dakota,
shall be hold on the first Thursday evening of
each and every mouth.
This ordinance was reaa the first time at an ad
ourned retrnlar meeting of the city conncil, held
n tho conncil room, on the 1-^th day of May, ISttl.
Citv Auditor.
This ordinance was read a second time'and
passed at an adjourned rcsnlar meeting of the city
council held at the conncil room, on the 5th day
ol June, 1SU1.
City Auditor,
iawmd thl* 8th da? of one.lK'.o
Mayor of the City of Madiao*-
B# It resolved by the city council of the ciUr of
That, whereat the city conncil of the city of
Madison deem it necessary to have a crossing
across the Chicago, Milwattkee and St. Paul
railway right of way. on Lee avenue In said city,
therefore it is herehv required that said Chicago,
Milwaukee and Xt. f*nnl railway bve required to
properly plank ther tracks where they eross said
Lee avenue, with plank suitable for such croea
Read and passed this 6th day of July A. D.,
City Auditor.
Land office at Mitchell, Sooth Dakota, Jane
IB, 1W1. Notice is hereby piven thr.t the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to matce final proof in support of his claim,
and that »aid proof will be made before the clcrb
of the circuit court, in and for Lake couuty,
Si.uth Dakota, at MadUon, South Dakota, on
July 30, 1HD1, viz: Spalding Westaby, for the
southwest quarter sec. :JU, twp. JOS, range .VJ. (H.
E.Ho.'MMf).) He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence upon and cul
tivation of said land, viz: Joseph 11. Cole, Mil
tou E. McCalliater, Wui. H. Nuunentaker, br.,
John /. Dabl, all
State of South Dakota, County of Lake: In
Connty Court, before Wm. McQrath, conntv
lndsre. In the matter of the estate of Lewis If.
Keene, deceased
To Anna L. Keene. and all other persons inter
ested in the estate of Lewis H. Keene, deceased.
You, and each of yon. are hereby required to,
be and appear before Hon.Wra. McOrutn, county
judge, at his office, in the city of Madison, Lake
county, South Dakota, on the first day of Sep
tember, IS'l, at the hour of one o'clock, p. m. ofc
that day, and then and there show cause, if any
yoa can, why the letters testiimentory granteci
unto said Anna L. Keene oa the will of Lewis 11,
Keene,deceased, should not be revoked, ana
letters of administration, with the will annexed,
be granted anew in the matter aforesaid or, in
case said lettei* shall not be revoked, then that
yon show cause why the said Anna L. Keems
should not giyc bonds for the lurther and faith
ful perlormance of her duties as executrix of the
will of said deceased, agreeably with the statute
in such case made and provided.
Dated, Madison, Si. D., July t. 1M81.
Att'ysfoc Wm. at.d 3. £. Cob urn, cradltor* atf
Sheriff Bale.
State cf South Dakota, county of Lake—OK. In
circuit court, Second Judicial circuit. George
Snarpe and Susannah Sharpe, plaintltlr, vi*.
Mathew W. Daly, as asuJ^iee for the benefit ol
cri-di'ors of the American Mortgage and Inve«tr
mem Company, S. W. Jacob*, E. H. Jacob# and
Benjamin Wyckoff a« receiver of the Madison
National liuuk, defendants. Hotlce l» hereby
given that bv virtus of a special execution to in#
(directed and delivered and now In my hand*
piled out of the clerk's office of the Second JuilLi
cial circuit, state of South Dnkota, in and for th#
connty of Lake, on the lwth d&y of June, 1H!U,
upon a judgment order rendcreo in said conrt ia
favor ot aaia defendant, Benjamin Wyckoff aa ro
cciverof the Madipon National Bank, of Madison,
Dakota, and against the iaid plaintiff George
Sharpe, I have, by virtue, of the command in *nid
execution recited, levied upon the following de
scribed property of said plaintiff, to-wlt: The
southeast'inarter of section twenty-seven [271, In
township one" hundred and seven [1071, range
fifty-two [5J], situated In said county of Lak«
and ftate of South Dakota, and that I shall ok
Wednesday, the sMth day of July, 1H!}1, at the
hour of four o'clock of said dac, at the front
door of the court house in the city of Madison, ia
said co-jnty and state, sell all the right, title and
interest of the above named plaintift in and to
the above described property to satisfy said
judgment (ind costs amounting to five hundred
sixteen and fiO-lDO dollars, together with all ac
cruing costs ol execution ana sale and interest
on the same from June 1!», 1W1 at tlie rate )f
seven per sent, per annum, at public suction
thu hiahest bidder for cash.
Att'j for Mortgages.
Madison P. O South Dako­
ta. 11. N. KRATZ, Register.
Sheriff1* Sal,).
State of Booth Dakota, county of Minnehaha—
In rlrcnlt court, ad .fndlcfa! clrcnlt. A. B.
Williams VB. A. J. Uudwlil. Notice ie hereby
tiiven ihat by virtoe of a judgment rendered on
tbe»l(jth da? of June 1HU0 and an exeentlon ienund
thereon, to me directed by the clerk of naid cir
cuit coart and a tranncript thereof dnly docketed
in the office of the clerk of the circuit conrt of
Lake Co., S. I)., on the 17th day ol June 1W. I
have this day levied tioon tbe following describ
ed real estate. Lot* 15 and Hi block 11, and lot
1, block 10, i«itn»ted in the village of Ilermaa*
Lake county, 8. D., and that on the Wd day or
A ugu*t, IB'.u, at the hour of two o'clock p. m., at
the front door of the court bonne in tbe city of
Madison Lake county, 8. D., I will sell the above
de*cribed property, or go mnch thereof as may
bo neretnary to eatiefy aaid execution, amount
ing to one hundred elx and r,5-100 dollars ($l»*i.55)
together with the accruine covls and interest at
ihlle auction to the higbeet bidder for caah.
Dated June 28, lt&l.
Mortgage Sale.
"Names of Mortgagors, Ewdard S. Dol«oii and
Jennie C. Dobeon his wife name of Mort^a^ee,
Charles Westaby Date ol mortgage, January 15,
IHft.V, recorded February 4, 1886, at f',15 o'clock
p. in., in the office of register of deeds of Lake
county, then Dakota Territory, in Book "II'1 of
Mortgages on page 371). Default having been
made in the interest payments which became dtie
January 1st, 1W#, and January 1st, 1891, there Is
now due at the date hereof the sum of $181.10
prioc'pal and interest, besides the sum of 150,00
attorney's fees, stipulated In Mid mortgage.
Notice is hereby given that the Mid mortgage will
be foreclosed by sale at public taction by tlie
sheriff of Lake county, or Ms dsMtjr, cm Satur
day. the if)th day of July, 1891, *C 1 o'clock p. in.,
at tne front door of the coart feooee, in Madison,'
in sa Lake county, South Dakota, of the lands
and premises situated In said L*ke county, and
dcacribed iu said mortgage, substantially as fol
lows, to-wlt: Tbe east half of the northwest
quarter and the west half of the northeast qaaiv
ter of section twenty-three [aij, in township one
hundred and five [105], of range fifty-four [54],
contain mi one hundred and sixty [IWj acres,
more or less. I«ted at Madison, Houth Dakota,
June 5,1891. OUAJtfa** W£STABY,
W. SMITH, Mortgagee.
WM. LKB, Sheriff.
Jo* KIBJBY, Attorney for Plaintiff.
City News
The Daily Leader
Its readers consult ita columns for
v bargains in
•J6„ "X
The New Railroad Question
Settled at Lastl
Grading Contracts To Be Let At Qaft.
Ilight now, within the next Thirty Days, is the time to
invest in Real Estate. The opportunity will not come
your way again during.your life time.
CYCLE of good crops
has arrived. The Lake
oounty crops will aver
age as good at the pres­
ent time as any to be found elsewhere
in the United States.
Worth as much as any to be found in
the TJ. S., can now be bought far
$6.50 to $10 per acre.
"VVkich I will sell for cask ox
on long timtiL
"Correspondence solicited. Send for Circulars, Maps
and Price List for full particulars. First choice is the best
Ctaine at once and see for yourself.
Real Estate Dealer,
A compfete resume of the local
•veofcs of the city aad
Extensively among the farmers,
is nnequaled as an *&»
... vertisingmedium.
job printing
department is complete in every
Retail Orders for work will re
ceive prompt attention, and satis
faction guaranteed in every partio*
A 'Tl

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