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The Bowen-Burke Fight it New ©r
leaas Was the Biggest Fake «f
the Age,
Fer Over a Hundred
A Wisconsin Man Commits Suicide
on Acoovnt of a Crime.
NEW YORK, April 8.—A World
special from Tekonsha. Wis., says:
William Watson and his wife were
divorced in 1886 and soon afterward the
ex-wife married Randoyne Shedd. Wat
son went to Kansas, but afterwtrd re
turned and was here when Shedd and his
wife were found dead. Mrs. Shedd's
throat had been cut with a butcher knife
and her head split with an axe. Mr.
Shedd was found with his throat cut
from ear to ear. It has always been
supposed that Shedd murdered his wife
and then committed suicide. Something
had preyed on Watson's mind and
caused him to seek death in
For Men and Boys.
The very latest styles.
BOUIH the Battle
Raged With Unexampled
Keferee Finally Declared There Had
Been No ontest and the Crowd
Heat Hose.
ORLEANS. April 8.—The Bowen-
Burfce fight at the Olympic club was the
tamest affair ever seen in the ring here.
Tt ww stopped in the 110th round by
the referee, who declared it no contest.
The pnrse will probsblr be divided.
Bo wen wanted to tinian. Bones in
both of Burke's hands were
broken early in the fight, bnt
in breaking them he seemed to
do little harm to his opponent. Up to
the 80th rtfund the sport was what
aporting men would call good. After
that there was no fighting of conse
quence, and from the 49th to the
93d round the men simply walked around
the ring and made few attempts at
fighting. The audience kept up a con
stant tumult of whistling and
catcalls. At the beginning of
the 93d round Bowen showed a
little life and occasionally landed his
right on Burke's body. His blows,
however, lacked force, and at no time
did Burke fear a knockout, ^e Texas
lad's hands were in bad shape and prao*
tically useless for hitting. He only
kept his arms moving in order to keep
Bowen on the alert. In the 94th round
Referee Duffy was obliged to leave the
ring on account of fatigue and Presi
dent Dickson assumed charge for one
round. Duffy returned at the beginning
of the 95th round, and again the
"walk-around" began. The succeeding 10
rounds were tame affairs and both men
showed the effects of the long drawn
out contest. In the 105th round Bowen
fell to the floor from the force of his
own blow, which met no greater resist
ance than the heavy air of the club
house. The men simply jabbed at each
other until the end of the 110th round,
when the audience demanded that the
referee declare it a draw. After a few
minutes consultation with President
Dickson Referee Duffy declared it "no
manner. During the night he cut his
tbipat and died.
Irish Immigration Decreasing.
LONDON, April 8.—The immigration
from Ireland continues to show a de
crease. The number of immigrant*
from Ireland in 1892 is officially stated
to have been 51,009, against 58.436 in
1891. The decrease in the number of
immigrants from the province of
Leiuster was 2.15J8, from Munster 4,628,
and Ulster 1.799. Oonnaught shows an
increase of 20i as compared with the
Manj Fatalitiro Narrowly Averted at
CHICAGO. April 8.—Ravens wood, a
populous suburb of this city, had a nar
row escape from wholesale gas asphyxi
ation. At midnight the gas suddenly
ceased to flow a ad in another moment
was turned on again and rapidly filled
rooms where gas jets had been left
burning. Several citizens detected the
escaping gas after almost simultan
eously and started out to warn tbe
neighbors of their impending danger.
Many persons had left all night lights
and the calls of the relief party were
none too soon. Mrs. Agnes Ross, an
Invalid who lived at 2510 Commercial
avenue, succumbed to the escaping
vapor, but was revived in a few hours.
A servant girl in another house waa
also rendered unconscious, bnt waa
finally resuscitated. As far as can be
learned these were the only victims.
The Prince Gives a Hilariona Sunday
Evening Dinner.
LOXDOX, April 8. —There is a great
outcry among the Sabbath keeping ele
ment over the action of the Prince of
Wales in giving a theatrical dinner at
Marlborough House last Sunday night.
The prince had among his guests Henry
Irving, Charles Windom. D'Oyley
Carte, Sir Augustus Harris, Mr.
Toole and Mr. Bancroft, together
with Mr. Hendal and five or Biz
others. Forty sat down at 6 o'clock on
the Sabbath evening, and the festtvi
ties, which are said to have been ex
tremely hilarious, lasted well into Mon
day morning. It is not unlikely that a
respectful but pointed protest or re
monstrance on the subject will be pre
sented to the prince.
A Chippewa Indian Beheaded by
Drunken Whiten.
RUSH CITY, Minn., April 8.—John
Big Foot, a Chippewa Indian, well
known in this vicinity, was beheaded
while he and a number of his tribe were
in the sugar bush. Mark Andrews and
a man named Copos, both white men
residing at Stillwater, Minn., came
down from the lumber camps, filled up
with whisky and took a load with them
and returned to Sand Creek, Minu.,
where the Indians are gathering sugar.
Andrews getting into a quarrel with
Big Foot, Copos picked up an axe lying
near and struck the Indian on the head,
after which he threw down the axe and
ran. Andrews picked up the axe and
severed Big Foot's head from the body.
They then returned to this place and
skipped for parts unknown.
occurred in Pine county.
Situation at Ant lews Still Threaten*
fifing Almost Inevitable.
PARIS, Tex., April 8.—The outlook in
the Nation is growing more threatening
every hour, and nothing but the imme
diate presence of United States troops
can avert bloodshed. The leading spirits
are making every preparation to
attack Locke, The sheriff of Jack
Forks county, in which the town of
Antlers is situated, has reached Qoodland
with warrants for Locke and the five
men with him in his house the day it
was attacked, charging him with as
sault with intent to, murder. These
warrants they say they will serve.
Locks is at his fort and says he will
never surrender to the militia. It is
now claimed that Governor Jones has
2 00 men in the field. Iiocke has abont
Wfll Make Starch.
CAXLIUDQE, Minn., April &R-The
Cambridge Starch company has been
organized here with a capital stock of
Hawthorne to Go to Jamaica.
Nkw YOBK, April 8.— It is stated that
Mr. Julian Hawthorne will leave New
York some ime during April to take
4pather Chicago World's Fair Hotel
Collapses, Making Three la as
Many Days.
The Opinion Expressed That It Would
Be Well for Many More to Go
Before May 1.
Reports Indicate a Storm Almost Ap
proaching a Cyclone at Many
CHICAGO, April 8.—The Plymouth
hotel, a world's fair hostelry at Seventy
second street and Stony Island avenue,
collapsed during the slight windstorm
that prevailed shortly after midnight.
The building was one of the largest of
the worlds fair hotels, and was almost
completed. In its fall the building
crushed another structure which waa to
have been used for a restaurant in
connection with the Plymouth. Both
buildings were owned by William
Searles of Plymouth, Ind.. and were
valued at $25,000. This makes three
world's fair hotels that have been de
stroyed by wind and fire in as many
days, and Building Commissioner
O'Neill says there are many more that
had better be razed by storms before
they are occupied.
A Vinorous Gale Sweeping Over Mis
souri, Iowa and Illinois.
CHICAGO, April 8. —Reports from
points south of here indicate that a
gale almost approaching a cyclone in
severity, is sweeping Southern Dlinois,
Iowa and Missouri, and that much
damage has been done. The wind has
in a great measure prostrated the tele
graph wires and full reports are not ob
tainable. It is feared that in remote
sections there may have been loss of
life, although so far none has been re
ported. The weather has suddenly
turned oppressively hot, and the wind
is blowing from the southwest—the di
rection in which tornadoes and cyclones
generally originate. Along the lakes
and in lower Michigan also there has
beiiii JLuiss of property.
House* Moved From Their Foundar
tlong at Lacota, Mich.
LACOTA, Mich., April 8.—A most de
structive atormvisited this place during
tbe forenoon. A windmill and several
houses were blown from their founda
tions. The house of Lou Dalrymple was
struck by lightning and split in two,
but the family fortunately escaped. The
damage here is estimated at $10,000.
Storm mt Rock ford.
ROCKFORD, Ills., April 8. —The heavi
est windstorm of the season prevails
here. Small buildings throughout the
city were tipped over and many trees
were leveled to the ground. At Cherry
Valley a 2-story brick building was de
molished and box ears were Mown from
the tracks.
Xhe London ancet'* Representative
Sees the Noted River.
LONDON, April 8.—The Lancet's rep
resentative has jus returned from Chi
cago, where he went to inquire into the
city's sanitary condition. He examined
several samples of the water from the
Chicago river and found out a fact that
everyone in America is acquainted
with, namely, that it is the vilest in the
world. The Chicago people, however,
do not drink river water. The samples
of lake water examined were found free
from ahy substance deleterious to
health. The Lancet representative
thinks, however, that filtering or boil
ing would improve even this. On the
whole the Lancet found out just what
ordinary people have always supposed
to be true. They have now the highest
n^effical authority for their belief.
Tbe Northwestern State Bank of 81b
ley Closes Its Doors.
Siorx CITY, la., April 8.—The North
western Stace bank of Sibley, la., closed
its doors during the morning. Soon
after the doors were closed it was an
nounced that a general assignment was
made for the benefit of creditors with
no preferences and L. S. Thayer was
named as assignee. Liabilities are said
to be fully fl 50,000 and the assets will
not exceed $75,000. Bank officers, how
ever, say they will be able to pay dollar
for dollar in reasonable time.
Mills Begin Work.
WASHBURN, Wis., April 8.—The South
Shore Lumber company has commenced
sawing although the ice is not yet out
of the bay. All lumber camps in this
vicinity have broken and report a cut
largely in excess of last season.
New Crmnty Organized.
AN, S. D., April 8.—Official
notice by publication has been given for
the organization of Lyman county, the
second county to ho organized in the
oeded Sioux lands.
Newman's Majority Growing.
MILWAUKEE, April 8.—Judge New
man's majority continues to climb up.
It looks now as if it would reach 80,000,
though it will be several days before his
gonct majority will bo known^
Flag ol'Vr«HMl«Mn Always to Float OO
th* Highlands of Navenlnk.
WASHINGTON, April 8.—A committee
Of representative members of the dif
ferent patriotic organizations in Amer
ica have erected a lofty liberty pole at
the highlands of the l^pvesink, N. J.,
And the stars and Hiripfi are always t*
float from the flag pole during daylight.
The unfurling ceremonies will take
place on April 85 next. The Paul Jones
flag, the first stars and stripes that ever
went to the masthead of a ship, and
which was borne by the Bon Hoinmi
Richard in the fight with the Beraphis,
Will the first flag to float from the
and will be unfurled by Mrs. Adlai
Stevenson, president general of the
society of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution, who has been invited
to perform that office.
State AtThHmtlon Board fbr Ohio Ap
NEW YORK, April 7.—The World's
special from Oblumbus. O., says Gov
ernor McKinley has appointed ex-Sec
retary oi' the Treasury Foster and John
Bishop, of tjiis city, members of the
state arbitration committee, provided
for by a newly enacted law—Mr. Foster
as a representative of the employing
classes and Mr. Bishop as a laboring
man. Those two are to select a third
member. Bishop's selection has caused
a commotion among labor unions and
they ask the senate not to act upon the
Dominations till his labor record can be
looked up,
Farther Pmticul'ir* of the Turkish
VIENNA, April 8.—A dippatch from
Constantinople states U:at the cause of
the loss of the sultan's palace steamer
by which a large number of lives were
lost, was the result of a collision be
tween the palace steamer and the ad
miralty steamer Teschvie, the palace
Steamer beii irun into and being sunk
by the admiralty steamer. The num
ber drowned was 54 and most of them
were servants. The accident is attrib
uted to a northerly gale which pre
vailed. An inquiry has been ordered
as to the cause of the accident.
Owe Nothing to Colambna.
BUFFALO. N. Y„ Aprils.—Rev. Perry
Stevens of Iowa preache-l the first of a
series of Columbian sermons at St,
Pauls church. He said we owed noth
ing to Columbus, Spain or Rome, for
the discovery belonged to John Cabot,
who sailed ind»r the patronage of King
Henry VII, and that the discovery was
made in defiance of Pope Alexander
VII. The sermon was strictly an:i
Columbian and anti-Romish and has
created considerable excitement.
Zulus (C Chicago.
Chicago, April 8.—Three Znltts have
arrived at the world's fair grounds and
attracted much attention from visitors
and workmen in the park. Tliey have
been brought here to act as guards for
the diamonds and diamondiferous earth
from South A rica. Each of the trio is
nearly seven feet tall and black as the
ace of spades. They aredre»*$iUa tto
native costume.
Another Mafia MnrrtfT.
LOUISVILLE, Colo., April 8.—Charles
Marchanda, an Italian laborer, was
wounded by an unknown person, who
it is supposed was a member of the
murderous MAfia, and will probably die,
While attending his horses in his stable
he was shot in the back by a man who
suddenly appeared at the door and
shrieked: "I have to kill you, so I may
w«}l do it now as any time."
i Judge Brill Exonerated.
Sr. 1P
AUL, April 8.—The special com
mittee of the house appointed to inquire
into the action of Judge Brill in regard
to Representative Horton has com pie ted
its report. The report sets forth that
Judge Brill did not transcend the judi
cial powers of the constitution, and
that the language he used towards Mr.
Horton did not amount to a threat or
Afternoon Press Association.
RICHMOND, Va., April 8.—A charter
has been granted to the Virginia After
noon Pres association. The object of
the association is to collect and dis
tribute news and to bny and sell or ex
change the name. The principal office
is to be in Richmond.
Tried to Assassinate Each Other,
GALVESTON, Tex., April 8.—Congfess
man J. C. Hucheson, who represents
the First Texas district, and W. O.
Ellis, a wealthy sugar planter and ex
banker, tried to annihilate each other
with pistols. Friends intervened, bttt
it is believed blood will flow yet.
The Shuoker Weakened.
BALTIMORE, April 8.—James Williams
And Arthur Padelt'ord, members of the
swell Baltimore club, made a wager
that one could eat more oysters than the
other. After each had eaten 11 dozen
and 3 the shucker declined to open any
more, and tbe contest was declared a
Keely iCur* or Chain Gwif.
LEICARS, la., April 8.—Lemars has
taken a new departure in the treatment
of habitual drunkeimtss. When con
victed in Mayor Allen's court they are
given their choice of 10 days in the
chain gang on the streets or a course of
Keely treatment. A contract has been
made with the local Keely institute to
cars for all prisoners.
V :.(
Watches and Clocks of every de
Repairing a Specialty.
'In Wood's drag store.
to do many things, but the thing that's most
uphill of all, is to equal our WALL PAPER in
any respect.
For our stock there isn't any such thing
as a rival:
The only Wnd of a rival that can possi
bly be mentioned in connection with these
goods is arrival.
They're arriving until they reach every
house in Macison. If they haven't reached
you yet, you're unlucky.
Make a lightning resolu
tion to buy immediately and
carry it into immediate ef
Hide those dirty, stained
walls behind a mask of
Frank Smith's
212 Phillips At*, B*
All sizes, Hoaizontal, Vertical, Traction, and Portable. Most
economical made. No coal, no fire, no engineer Call and see its or
send for circular containing full description and prices.
Star Restaurant
A full supply of fresh baked
8H. 18.
V.. \Y
V. tF.
Office over J. J. Fitzgerald's store.

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