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Rosebery'® Government* Said
to Be in a Very Precarious
6uppoded for Some Moments
That the Government Had
Been Defeated.
LONDON, Feb. 20.—There is nttich gos
rip in political circles, owing to the fact
that Lord Roseberry, the prime minis
ter, upou his arrival at the official resi
dence hastily summoned a meeting of
the cabinet. The measures taken to
rammou the ministers were rather ex
traordinary. Messengers were dispatched
,in cabs to the residences of the different
ministers and all came to the meeting,
which lasted fully an hour. The pre
carious condition of the party, as shown
by the recent narrow majority on va
rious questions in the house of commons
and the fact that Lord Rosebery had a
long conference at Buckingham palace
Monday afterncjon with the queen, soon
after her arrival from the Isle of Wight,
and afterward •held a long conference
with the whips of the liberal party, all
serve to increase rumors that a
IHitxol ution of Parliament In Imminent.
For several minutes when the vote
was being taken in the house of com
mons on Sir William Harcourt's motion
to close the address in reply to the
queen's speech, it was confidently be
lieved by the members of the opposition
that it would be found that the govern
ment was defeated when the vote was
announced. In the crowded lobbies of
the house, it was impossible to a&eertaiu
how the voting was going, but when
the division was nearly over, a whisper
that the government was
defeated. The loudness of the cheers
with which the Liberals greeted the an
nouncement of the figures showed the
extent of their anxiety which was ap
parently well justified, as the vote was
27U to 271, giving them but' 8 majority.
Th« Fnniniu Scnlptor and an Indiana
Committee Have DlflVrence*.
NEW YOKK, Feb. 20.—Frederick Mao-
Monnies, the sculptor, a native of
Brooklyn, who has been engaged for
some time in the work of designing a
soldiers and Bailors monument to bo
erect*d by the State of Indiana, has
cancelled his contract, rwing to a differ
ence with the contractors on the work.
The monument, so far as the design is
completed, represents a cost of $00),000.
There remains to be designed
two side groups, and the contract
calls for one representing "War" and
the other representing "Peace." Mr.
MacMonnies wanted to substitute a
group representing naval enactment in
place of the group, in order to secure a
more artistic effect in the monument in
its entirety, but the commissioners re
fused to permit this and Mr.. MaeMon
nies refused to go on.
Hermit Barton of Dubaqwe and Ranker
('lark of Ked Oalu
DUBPQIK, la., Feb. 20—George W,"
Burton, aged 7f, one of the earliest citi
zens of the Northwest was, found dead
in his cabin. In early days he was a
merchant, lawyer and banker, but, be
coming reduced in circumstances, had
\or some years lived the of a hermit in a
-cabin north of town. He had been dead
perhaps 10 days.
RED OAK, la., Feb. 20.—Justice
Clark, aged 66, died Sunday at Los
Angeles, Cal. He was born in Vermont
in 1819, moved to Burlington, la., in
1839, and here in 187l. He was six
years a member of the Iowa legislature
and at his death president of the Red
Oak N4.ti.0ual bunk and a land
Vn. Mamifleld li^JnrHI. v
MILWAUKEE, Feb. 20.—A switch en
gine ran into a passenger car at the
"Union depot, in which sat Mrs. Richard
Mansfield, the actress. She was tlirowu
from her seat and received a slight
bruise 011 her forehead. Mr. Mansfield
cancelled his engagement at the David
oon theatre and says his wife will not be
able to appear on the stage for several
Wa*«* lteOmeO.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Feb, 20.—There
has been a general cut in the wages of
the shopmen in the Great Northern
shops here. They have received from
$1.05 to |2.15 a day. They have all
been red need to $1
.65 a day for 10 hours
work and at the present the shops only
ran eight hours a day.
A Kon KUU His
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.,* Feb. 20. Phil
Dawson, a young drayman, shot and
fatally wounded his father, Alfred Daw
noil. The latter was reprimanding his
daughter ami
about to enforce the
reprimand with a broomstick when the
young man drew a pistol and shot his
'fotUwr twice.
'Opposition to O'Connor.
special to The Dispatch says the nomin
"vV at ion of O'Connor for marshal was not
s*cted upon by the senate committee be
cause of-opposition by Major Baldwin.
There have been many protest* filed
against confirmation, most of them com
"".ng from St. Paul.
Brookl/n Mot or man S«r«m»!y Injured
Vlxint the Face.
BROOKLYN, Feb. 20.—As the trolley
car that leaves the Grand street ferry at
11:40 for Maspeth was speeding along
near Malvina it struck a barbed wire
that had been stretched across the road
and securely fastened at either end.
Motorman Scott Radcliffe was caught
by the wire, the sharp barbs of which
tore his face badly, and almost hurled
him from the oar. Fortunately the
wire broke and the car was stopped be
fore any'further damage was done. It
was found, however, that Radcliffe had
been severely injured. He was removed
to the lioapitul.
TIIOM Attending the Toronto University
Boyeott tlawm Becau»e_pf Grievance*.
TORONTO. Feb. 20.—The threat of the
stndents attending the Toronto univer
sity, that if Professor Dale was not re
instated and an investigation into the
management not granted all lectures
would be boycotted, was no idle one.
All but Ave of the 700 students kept
away from the building and the
professors had a holiday. The govern
ment will not yield. It is said the stu
dents will march to the parliament
buildings and demand redress for their
alleged wrongs. Students of all dt^uoru
inational colleges will oo-operate with
the 'vsirsity boys.
Wew Government Rondo (k on the Market
at 91.13 1-Jt.
NFW YORK, Feb. 20.—The Belmont-
Morgan syndicate has issued its pros
pectus of the 4 per cent government
bonds, naming $1.18% as the issue price.
LONDON, Feb. 20.—Messrs. N. M.
Rothschild fc (Jo. have issued a pros
pectus for the sale of the United States
bonds, of* which it is announced that
one-half is to be taken here and the
other half in America. Subscriptions
will close on Thursday. The price will
£227 for every $1,000.
Pood and Clothing.
GRANTSBURO, Wis., Feb. 20.—Senator
C. K. Erwin has arrived with clothing
and provisions for the needy people in
the towns of Rusk and Marshland. Mr.
Erwin is sent hero by Governor Upham
to superintend the distribution of the
state supp.iis. Notice has been given
the destitute and they will meet here.
Clothing has been sent up from Milwau
kee and the state emergency fund used
in purchasing the necessary artiofcMb.,
Killed by Mexican Handlta*
CITY OF MEXICO, Feb. 120.—G. R.
Morrison, an American residing in Dap
troit, MiclL, was killed by Mexican ban
dits about 60 miles south of Cordoba,
two days ago. He was on his way to
inspect coffee lands, with a view to in
vesting in them, when the outlaws made
the attack upon him. He was robbed of
a considerable amount of money. Four
of the bandits have been captured and
will be shot.
Stiver Senators In Conference.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.-—The silver
senators were in conference among
themselves more or less during the day
regarding.the advisability of offering
the one's unrestricted silver coinage
bill as a substitute for the amendment
to the sundiy civil appropriation bill
providing for $100,000,900 of certificate®
of indebtedness, but have 'not yet de
cided whether they will pursue this
course or attempt to get up the Jones
bill as an independent measure.
Where Is Richmond?
DEB MOINES,. Feb. 20.—W. 8.. Rich
mond, secretary of the wrecked Union
Building and Savings association, who
was given 10 (lays by the court to pro
duce the lost books of the concern, is re
ported missiiig from the city. His 10
days were up and he did not appear in
Stole From Sisters.
HUDSON, Wis., Feb. 20.—Sneakthieves
entered the psirochial school building
and stole $50 from the room of the sis
ters who reside there. It was at the
hour of the morning services and two of
the sisters were at church. The third
one was sick in an adjoining room, but
the thieves fastened her room door ®o
she could not give the alarm.
Clay for Pressed Brick.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Feb. 20.—Hess &
Moog, who run a large brick yard near
this city, have just discovered that they
are in the possession of an almost un
limited body of clay which is capable of
being used for pressed brick, and can be
manufactured at a small expense. It is
expected that they will at once add the
machinery for makitog pressed brick.
Balded a Hog Pen.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Feb. 20.—Andrew
W. Kraemer, a local butcher, discovered
on going to his slaughterhouse, on the
outskirts of the city, that thieves had
raided his hog pens and after butchering
two of the finest porkers, loaded them
SB a sled and hauled them away.
lias a Mar11 Grai,
DUBUQUE, la., Feb. 20.—The Gov
ernor's Greys military company of this
citv have inaugurated a nutrdi gras fes
tival. It is the first appearance north
of St. Louis.
Electricians. In Convention.
CLKV*LAND, Feb. 20.—The iOthan
nual convention of the National Electric
Light association was called to order in
Army and Navy hall with about oOO
delegates in attendance. Many noted
electricians are present.
V. F, Shaw, a Salesman, W111 Probably Die
Frbm His Wonnrtn.
MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 20.—F. F. Shaw,
traveling salesman for W. L. Perkins &
Sons, wholesale liquor dealers of St.
Paul, lies at the portals of death in a
room at the Windsor hotel, as a result
of injuries sustained Saturday night,
Jan. 26, and the circumstances point to
a murder. The injured man has been
in an unconscious condition for the past
two weeks, and last night Dr. S. M.
Moulton said that Shaw's life was fast
ebbing away. Septic poison had set in,
he said, which would ultimately decay
the bones of the face, and cause death.
Evaded Inquiries.
Before passing into a state of uncon
sciousness Shaw evaded inquiries con
cerning the manner in which he re
ceived his injuries. When found his
face was cut in several places, and the
frontal bone over the left eye was
broken. His retieenca regarding his in
juries led to an investigation. Shaw was
closely pressed with questions, and
finally stated that he had been riding*'
behind one of his trotters and was
thrown from the buggy. It was found,
however, that both of his horses were in
the baru that night, and the nature of
his injuries also threw discredit on his
story. The citv detectives are at work
on the case, and believe they have a
clue to the mystery. They believe he
was assaulted, and it is obvious that
robbery was not the motive, asShaw's
watch and diamonds were found on his
A few years ago Shaw was engaged
to the daughter of a South Minneapolis
saloonkeeper. The engagement was
broken, however, and she married an
other. Husband and wife did not get
along well together, and divorce was
the result. What the trouble was is
unknown. However, Shaw renewed
his acquaintance with the young woman.
The detectives believe that it was the
divorced liusband who assaulted Shaw,
and that the latter's refusal to throw
any light on the case can be attributed
to his affection for the woman.
General Booth In Bortton.
BOSTON, Feb. 18.—General Booth,
commander-in-chief of the Salvation
Army, addressed three big mass meet
ings at the Mechanics' building during
the day. In the evening die- hall was
crowded to its utmost capacity, and it is
estimated that his hearers uumlx-red at
least 25,000 people during the day. The
usual enthusiasm which has followed
his appearance everywhere on his trip
across the oontinent marked the meet
Guilty of Manslaughter.
HKLKNA, Mon., Feb. 20.—Thomas
Cleary was convicted in the district
oourt of manslaughter for killing Frank
Dorrity, a gambler, a few months ago
in this city. Cleary was at one time a
prominent middleweight prize fighter
«uid had a go with Jack Dempsey before
a club in San Francisco. He killed
Dorrity while the latter was going for a
gun with which to do up Cleary.
Afraid They Would Become Paupers.
HALIFAX, N. F., Feb. 20.—Five im-
thigrants, who arrived by the steamer
Laurentian, are detained by the United
States commissioner and will be sent
back, as the entire quintette had not 50
eeuts altogether. The officials feared
that they would become public charges.
After the Chicago Style.
DCTLUTH, Feb. 20.—The site of the old
1 board of trade building, burned a year
ago, is to be cleared at once and a 6
story Chicago fireproof construction
office building is to go up at.once. It
Will cost $100,000.
Cashier and Robber Wounded.
Los AKOELES, Feb. 20.—A bold but
fruitless attempt to rob the bank at
Azusa was made at about midnight.
Cashier Daniels was in the bank when
two men effected an entrance. A lively
exchange of shots followed and Daniels
fell with a bullet in his shoulder. One
robber was captured.
Have Petrified Forests.
WASHINGTON, Feb.-80.—A memorial
from the legislative assembly of Arizona
has been presented to congress request
ing that the lands covered by the petri
fied forest be withdrawn from entry
until the advisability of making a pub
lic park of it can be settled.
Had Anarchistic Tendencies.
OTTUMWA, la., Feb. 2.—George Hit­
man, one of the Americans deported
from Hawaii for making dynamite
bombs for Queen Lil, lived in this city.
He was a machinist here and had an
archistic tendencies.
Waterworks HE lie me Defeat**
PLAINVIKW, Minn., Feb. 20.—At a
special election to bond the village ol
Plainview for $15,000 for a system of
waterworks, the proposition was defeat
ad by a vote of 134 to 4S.
Judge Arthur's Cut,
SPOKANK, Wash., Feb. 29.—'TfcMegis
lative committee investigating the. im
peachment charges against Superior
Judge Arthur expects to complete its
work during the day. It is generally
believed here that they will recouujMsnd
legislative action.
Insurance Swindler
PORTLAND, Or., Feb. 3Q.—Richard
Banker, who swindled the A. O. U. W.
out of $2,000 by feigning death, pleaded
guilty to the charge in the criminal
oourt and was sentenced to five years im
prisonment. Mrs. Banker and Harry
Hunter are held as accomplioes.
Wfceelmen I'rt—rnt From All Sections mt
tlie Country.
NEW YORK. FEB. 2J.—The 14th an­
nual convention ol' the League of Amer
ican Wheelmen opened a tiring the
morning in the Grand Union hotel.
Fyotn mi early hour the lobbies and cor
ridors A the hotel were throne with
enthusiastic delegates, representing
wheelmen in every section of the Union.
The parlors were occu^ried as headquar
ters bv various delegations and were
gaily 1 K-orut with flags and flowers.
The convention was called ©.tier by
President Charles H. Luscumb at 10:45
a. m. The coiumittoo on credentials
presented its report and at 11:0.* a. ui.
Secretary Bassett called the CPU and
the business of the day began. The
most important business transacted dur
ing the day was the election of officers
and the selection of Asbnry Park as the
place where the annual games of the
league shall be held this year.
rancinco l'mnior S»ys He Can Prove
Much Kotteuneas.
Thomas Philben, pastor of the First
Methodist church, has addressed an
open letter to the chief of police, re
counting open and flagrant violations ol
order md cency as witnessed by the
minister during several midnight in
gpectioos.of the tenderloin districts. He
express (lie belief that police officers
have for years been fattening off the
protec ion they have afforded these in
famies. He announces his ability tc
prove ids charges by indisputable evi.
dwnce and states that the chief's con
fessed helplessness proves the need of a
stat,? commission for the work of inves
tigating police management.
®f**re Fighting Between Panama Troop*
and Rebels.
XEW YOSK, Feb. 20.—A dispatch from
Panama says: News has been received
here 01 a battle fought
Saturday be
i tween ih rebels and government forces
Bear Santa Rosa, in the department ot
Boya a. There were more than ~20
killed on both sides. Tiie government
reports that He._el Generals Valderamm
Mid (i iniex were wounded. It is re
ported that the opposing armies will en
gage in another battle so u. G. neral
Camurgo's forco in Bogota have pro
claim, I Santo.i Aeosta president.
llrSiSr.w "Siiiili'*iWnrI«rer
Who Is Willing to
Be Kx«-cit1t*d.'
ALBION, N. Y., Feb. 20.—William
Lake, the convicted murderer of Emma
Hunt, has been taken to Auburn for ex
ecution. During a conversation with
an Associated Press reporter he said that
much of the evidecne sworn, to on the
trial was untrue, but he admitteed that
he killed the girl, and said he could give
no r&ason for his action, and that they
had not quarrelled. During his state
ment, he broke down and wept like a
Hughes and Kirby, Lake's attorneys,
called on their client and broached the
subject of appeal.
'•But," sa:d Lake, "I don't, want an
appeal. I am sntistied with the sentence
Ulii^maald not have it changed."
MliM.(Bui Hon LDM)
Their Liven
in the
MONTOOMKRY. Minn., Feb. 20.—John
Brab.ts and his son James were struck
by a falling limb while felling trees.
James was struck on the headland John
ih the stomach, the latter dying from
internal injuries. James died about
two hours afterward. John was about
50 years of age and leaves a family:
James was single aged 24 years.
Bullet Proof Ilurglar.
TRINIDAD, Colo., Feb. 20.—Thomas
Cook, a merchant of Elmore, was forced
to open his safe by a masked man who
got the drop
him. As the burglar
was leaving the store Mr. Cook shot at
him with a Winchester. The bullet
struck the jobber on the shoulder and
fell to the floor flattened out showing
that he had some sort of ballet proof
eoverijog for the upper part of his body.
Coal Finds in Iowa.
IOWA FALLS, la., Feb. 20.—The dis
covery of coal on a farm in the central
part of Wright county has attracted
considerable interest, and the comple
tion of the prospecting now in progress
will be watched anxiously by those
owning land in the vicinity of the dis
covery. A fine vein of soft coal several
feat in thickness was discovered in a
well at a depth of 140
Henry Irving the actor, is severely
indisposed. Ilifluouza is the malady.
Dr. Hulke, pres deut of the Royal
College of Surgeons, of England, it
The amount of gold now on the way
to the United States from England i*
The Yale Freshmen Debating union
has been challenged by the Harvarc
IVesluuen union to a debate to
place within three months.
Col J. P. Martin, adjutant general ol
the department of Missouri, d.ed at thi
Chicago Beach hotel. H« had be.^n ill
for some time witii kidney diseases.
Tb© California assembly has nnani i
mously *«Iopied resolut ons favoring the
annexation of the Hawaiiau Islands ,anu
the ei^ctioQ of United States senatun
powaiar vote.
9Vfllsed Men Take to Tobacco
Above the Lower Animals.
ID the opinion of NTWMT four in every
five men the essential difference between
roan and the inferior animals is that
man unokes tobacco. Occasionally a pre
cocious monkey has been taught to
drink beer and smoke a pipe—Old Tom
iu the London
for instance—but
this only emphasizes the exclusive hn
mauness of "poking. The monkey is
nearest kin to man and is in full prog
ress toward the human state. As the
ui,.A temperance lecturers affirm, "A
dog wouldu't smoke lie vile weed."
No other animal than superior man and
the anthropoid ape will suioke. Perhaps
in the civilized white world one man in
five is the \ietiiu of some dofect that
disqualifies him for smoking. The de
fect may be a tendency to a cancoTons
growth, or it mnv he a wife or a mother
in-law. The remaining four are in the
full enjoyment of all their faculties
and the right to pursue happiness
through a clond of tobacco smoke.
Lack of opportunity to H'noko is with
out doubt the most afflictive evil under
which a majority of men suffor. A
largo proportion of men are employed
in offices, stores and shops where rules
against smoking are rigidly enforced.
This is entirely proper. No superioi
smoker ever smokes while working. To
do that is to debase the luxury and to
take off tho keen edge of the pleasure.
It is intemperance an£ dissipation. The
most expert wine tasters never drink tc
excess, but find that iu moderation only
does the palate retain its power to de
toot the delicate flavor. So with smok
ing. At ni:ht, after a few pipes or ci
gars have dulled the edge of appetite, it
is allowable to smoke half a dozen with
some violence to stimulate a jaded pal
ate, but at other times pleasure goc?
With moderation.' To smoke after a meal
is the imperative demand of the whole
system. Not to be able to do this is to
incur endless disorders of the nervous
6ystem, the stomach and the entiro di
gestive apparatus and sometimes toi*i
vit'.t progressive decay of the mental
faculties. There is no better preparation
for a day's work for the smoker than a
pipe or cigar after breakfast. New
York Advertiser.
Japan Ahead ot China.
Japan, in spite of lu mistakes, stands
for light and civilization. Her institu
tions are enlightened. Her luw#, drawn
by European jurists, are equal to the
best we knowv and they are justly ad
ministered: Her pnntetrmcntr are hu
mane. Her scientific and sociological
ideas are our own. China stands for
darkness and savagery. Her science is
ludicrous superstition her law is bar
barous her punishments aro awful her
politics are corruption licr ideals are
isolation and stagnation.
In thousands of Yainens throughout
China men are tortured every day, hung
up by the thumbs, forced to kneel upon
chains, beaten with heavy bamboos,
their ankles cracked, their limbs broken.
Every week men are publicly crucified
and hacked to death by tho "thousand
outs. Ho\v is anybody to desire the ex
tension of tho sway of the latter rather
than that of the former without avow
ing himself a partisan of savagery?—
Contemporary Review.
The Marquis of*~Waterford once show
ed remarkable detective skill. A robber,
Who had broken into the marquis's house
at Curraghmore, Ireland, was pursued
by him'and followed to a public house
four miles off.
There the robber had seated himself
among a number of men, who were
drinking and smoking, and not one of
them would betray him. The marquis,
however, was master of the situation.
He insisted upon feeling all their
hearts, and as he was their landlord and
the great man of the county not one
dared to refuse. The man whose heart
was still beating quickly was the rob
ber who had just ceased running.—
Youth's Companion..
Ayer^ Pills
*rajr husband was subject to severe
fttf&ckS of neuralgia vlii'li caused' Mm
great pain and Buffering. Tho pains 0|
were principally about liia eyes, and he Q
often hud lo remain in a darkened room,
not being able to Mauri tlioll^lit. Ayer'a
rillabuug recommended, ho ti led them,
using one before each meal. They very of
soon afforded relief, followed by pcrma- Of
nent cure. I r- i a strong believer in the ®s
cOlcaey of Ayer's Pills, and would not os
be without them for ten times their O5
cost."—Mrs. M. E. PKHAT, Liberty, Tex.
"I have used Ayer's PilU in my family
for forty years, and regard them as the
very bnst.—T'nclo MABTIX HANCOCK,
Lake Cry, Fla.
Received Highest Awards
wwwm*,m* unfit
Highest Honors—World's
A pure G, ape Cream of Tartar Powder. PM
um Ammonia, Alum or any other adultaanL
Milwaukee Grain.
WHKAT—No. spring, 52J£c No. 1
Northern. ffcJu May,
COKN —No. -i-j'jc.
OATS—No. 2 white, 31c No. white
HARIJKY NO. J, ." sample, '•AI3
Minneapolis (iraln.
-MiNNK.vi'oi.is, Feb. 19,
WHKAT—Februarychised at SSJ^e May
585«(t5a!^e .inly, On Track—No. 1
hard, 51No. I Northern, No. 2
Northmi, .i.v
Ouluth Ural a.
DRIXTH, Feb. IU, IW.».
WHKAT—Cash February, No. 1 h.inl,
BTJfc'c No. I Northern, .'iHgc May, No. I
Northern, iiTJgc July, No. 1 Norihmi,
St. Panl Udlan Stock Yard*.
SOUTH S r. PAUL. Feb. 19. 1S95.
HOGS—Murket wa active and strong at
Saturday's |ricex. The 'quality was good
but the hogs were light. Kange of prices,
$3.80«( 3.W0.
CATTLE—Market was strong and act
ive. Receipts are much below the de
Prime steers, good Meers,
jpa.7iVa3.2r) prime cows. &.49<FR3.X) good
cows, $'2.(*)(«'-•&"> eominon to fair cow*,
81.«MK«'1.7r light veal calves, i oU
heavy calves, ifC2.lK)((/)l.T ».
SHEEP--No receipts
Receipts: Hogs, 434 cattle, 7-'U cal veil,
3 sheep, 0. S
Chicago Union Ntiwk VwtU,
HOGS—Market active, prices steady to
0c higher.
Sales ranged ac |3.80(ii4. lo for light:
@4. W for mixed &t.M5(a4.40 for heav
packing and shipping lots $3.&'>{£4.(JO for
CATTLE—Market Arm tolOc higher.
SHEEP -Market stfcady.
Receipts: Hogs, art,()00 cattle, 3,(KM)
sheep, ia,000.
Chicago Orals tad Provision*.
ClIH AdO. Feb. 19. lSic,.
WHEAT—February, 50)#c .May,
CORN— February, 42J/,c May,
OATS—February, aSc May, June,
S»7*c July.
PORK—February, May. *10.2').
LARD—February, fVtO May. $.'
rice's Cream Baking HowM
Most Perfect Made-
VYHtHh A! 1 I rAllb.
A carefully edited,
48-coIimin paper
at (Home,
Sent to any address in
the United States, for

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