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Buildings at Wheeling^ W. Va.t
Collapsed Without a Mo
ment's Warning.
Twenty-three Dead as the Re
sult of a Washington Mine
WREEUNO, W. Va., April 10.—Short
ly niter 8 o'clock a. m., the 5-story busi
nws bouse of Chapman & Sons, on
Main street, in the wholesale district,
Mid the adjoining 4-story hardware es
tablishment of T. T. Hutchison, fell in
suddenly without warning whatever,
and huri*d seven persons in the »ruing.
Williams, a carpenter, escaped
with serious injuries, but T. T. Hutchi
son. the veteran merchant and four of
his clerks were buried in the ruins.
Mr. Hutchison was removed shortly,
but his injuries will probably prove
The Hutchison building was of light
Construction and wan declared unsafe
years ago. The fire department did ef
fective work in keeping down the
flames while volunteers went to the
rescue of the victims of the disaster.
At 10:25 Michael Ford was taken
from the ruins alive, but fatally hart.
He had been pinned beneath an iron
girder, and the dead body of young
ran lay across him.
It is known that Bev. Father H. F.
Parke, vicar general of the Catholic dio
cese, is under the ruins. He was on his
way to the cathedral from a train when
the walla fell. The fire ha* extended to
a large stock of oil and turpentine in
Chapman & Sons' building, and ad
joining property is in g^eat danger.
At 11 o'clock the body of Benjamin
Pritchard, the Buckhannon, W. Va.,
merchant, was taken out of the rains.
He was badly crushed.
The victims who were caught in the
reins, Horan, Wincher. Burch, the boy
Cotoi and Rev. Father Park,
lieved to be undoubtedly dead. v
Ranlt of the Kxplosion In Bin* CaajfM
SEATTLE, Wash., April 10. A
Whatcom 1 Wash.) special says: A
Post Intelligencer correspondent re
returned at 2 a. m. from the scene of
the terrible disaster at Blue Canyon
mine, 15 miles from this city on Lake
Whatcom, and is in possession of all the
geniculars now obtainable.
In the blacksmith shop near the tun
Bel lie the b.ackened bodies o. 23 dead
miners, while only two of all who were
in the mine when the explosion oc
curred iiv**d to tell the story of tire
frighti'ul catastrophe sind their owu
mira' uioua escape.
This disaster was undoubtedly cauaed
by tiie daiuj), which was exploded by a
blast in the breast of the gangwav.
The faces of the men working in the
fart ast are badly burned, but a majority
of tLio.se who were working in the
rooms off the gangway were only
•lightly disfigured by the fire and many
^of them not at all.
Physicians and miners say that tne
Men working in the breast must have
|gen killed by the shock of the explo
sion, while the others succumbed to the
fire damp as (hey slid down from the
Mxms to the gangway, then filled with
deadly gas.
Explosion of Black Ifnmp.
NANTICOKE, Pa., April 10.—A fright
ful explosion of black damp occurred in
No. 2 shaft of the Susquehanna Coal
company shortly after 10 o'clock, Six
Polish miners were badly burned, and
are not expected to recover from their
terrible injuries. The mine is badly
FEE, Otn'IPM.. Agent, St.
-v *. "J-
Complete throughout, since moving into our new
store. Call and see it. We have also the
which cannot be excelled. We sell (iasoline, Kerosene,
Glass and Paints of all kinds. And then, come and see our choice
Creamery Cans and Refrigerators.
Nothing equal to them on the market for durability and convenience.
A FIRST-CLASS TINNER. Tinware and pump work guaranteed.
Wfatcon*ln Commission *Opeas Httdqur- I
ton at Marithfield.
Wi» Reported Destitute.
Of this number Mr. Chase says pos
sibly 50 are actual fire sufferers, the
others being settlers who, on account
of the drouth of the past two summers,
lost their crops, and the further fact
that on account of the shortness of the
winter season they have been unable to
market their logs, bark and wood. At
Ogema Wednesday $110 was raised for
this class of sufferers, and other places
are contributing in like manner. Mr.
Chase and Mr. Erwin have gone to the
burned district and the work will be
rushed to completion.
No Report Received In the Cane of Ex-Con
•al WMitr at Madagascar.
WASHINGTON, April 10.—The state de­
partment officials are puzzled at the de
lay in receiving an official report upon
the case of ex-United States Consul
Waller, reported to be languishing in a
French military jail in Madagascar.
It is now nine days since the depart
ment cabled to United States Consul
Campbell at Port Louis, Mauritius, the
nearest cable point for a report. It is
surmised that the delay in the case may
be caused by the difficulty Consul
"Waller is experiencing in getting in
formation from the French officials,
who are not well disposed towards him
on account of some trouble that arose
ewer Ike granting of his exeanatenr.
Kan Into a Washout.
I BRADFORD, Pa., April 10.—A west
tonnd freight train on the Buffalo,
Rochester and Pittsburg railroad^ while
running at a moderate rate of speed,
near Sykes, a small station between
Dubois and Punxsutawney, ran infco a
washout. The entire train was dumped
into the raging torrent. Engineer Tay
lor and Fireman Chase, together with
Brakeman McClelland, are buried un
der the wreck.
The Mankato Extension.
WASHINGTON, April 10.—The bid of
the contractor for the extension of the
federal building at Mankato has been
received and checked up by the clerks
in the supervising architect's office and
found to come within the limit of ap
I propriation. The proposal has not been
officially acted on, but it is stated that
i the contractor will be authorized to be
gin work on the extension in a short
i Mrs. Lease Testifies.
TOWCKA, Kan., April 10. MarrKliim-
beth Lease was a witness before the
legislative committee charged with the
investigation of the stats board of chari
ties during the day. She said the board
was made up of a set of cowards afraid
to sift stories of insubordination to the
bottom. The investigation by the
board of alleged steals, she said* was a
gigantic fraud.
Saw a Ship on Fire.
ASTORIA, Or., April 10.—Captain Cas
son of the Bristish bark Cupica, re
ports that when near Cape Horn the
latter part of December a Norwegian or
Swedish bark was seen a half mile dis
tant on fire. When sighted the masts
were falling. Careful inspection
showed no sign of life and that the ves
sel had been abandoned.
Send me FOUR OBNTS in stamps and let
•end you something valuable on the subject.
P.ul, Minn.
April 10.—The com­
mission recently appointed by Governor
Upham to distribute seed grain and
provisions among the fire sufferers of
Northern Wisconsin in accordance with
the law appropriating f10,000 to the re
lief of these people, opened headquar
ters here and will make this the dis
*tributing point. The commission con
sists of Captain H. A. Chase, C. K.
Irwin and Joseph Warringer. Mr.
£hase spent last week in Price and
Taylor counties, where he savs he
found many destitute settlers who had
lost their homes by forest fires. In the
towns of Ogema and Phillips, 10?
Large Number of Counterfeit
Twos Have Done Duty
on Letters.
Spurious Stamps Manufac
tured in Chicago and Sentto
Various Points.
CHICAGO, April 10.—United States
secret servioe officials in Chicago and
Washington have unearthed probably
the most unique and at the same time
the most important swindle ever perpe
trated upon any government. Its mag
nitude. after two days investigation,
can only be guessed at, botit is believed
thousands upon thousands of dollars
have been secured by a gang of skilled
counterfeiters, who have reproduced
with wonderful skill and accuracy the
prnk two cent stamp of commerce.
It is thought the country is flooded
from New York to San Francisco with
these spurious stamps, and the United
States has been carrying millions of
letters from which not one cent of reve
nue was received.
Chicago, apparently, has been the
headquarters of the gang, and its prod
uct has been shipped to distributing
agents through the express companies.
Just how the information reached the
government officials is not known. But
they evidently got a straight tip, for
last evening Captain Stuart of the
postal inspector's department and Cap
tain Porter of the United States secret
service bureau celled at the Wells
Fargo office. They were taken to the
store room and there found an oblong
package, looking like a roll of music.
It contained 10,000 of the counterfeit
Isvtrsl Other Parts of the Income Tax
Law Will Be Attacked.
WASHINGTON, April 10.—Since the
delivery of the income tax decision, at
torneys and others interested in over
throwing the tax, have been taking
steps to teat various parts of the law in
further proceedings. Attacks will be
made both on those portions that were
sustained by a tie vote and on some
fresh points not passed upon in the par
ticular cases decided. Atttorney J. M.
Wilson, of Shellabarger & Wilson, who
represented John G. Moore in the court
of appeals in the recent cases, said that
further proceedings would be taken im
"Several parts of the law will be at
tacked," said he. "the principal one be
ing the exenqit on from taxation of in
comes under f4,000 annually. This will
be attacked as an unjust discrimination.
I cannot say just yet who the complain
ants or the title of the suits will be, but
they will le instituted soon, probably in
in a very few days, and be pushed as
rapidly as oossibln
Klatiooary Engineers.
ST. PAUL, April 10.—The 15th annual
convention of the National Association
of Stationary Engiueers will be held in
St. Paul this year. There wi 1 be about
600 delegates. The association has a
woman's auxiliary, which will have
some hundred delegates. The local as
sociation has charge of the arrange
ments for the convention.
To Settle a Boundary Dispute.
SAN FRANCIHTO, Cal., April 10.—The
United Stages survey steamer Patter
son will sail for Alaska next Saturday.
She will have on Board Edward Dick
ens of the coast and geodetic survey,
and will go to Fort-Wrangle to settle
the boundary question between the
United States and British Columbia
'•i I'ricc s Cream Baking Powdel
Most Perfect Made.
Compilation ftltow n« Condition
American Far in* HIHI Homes.
WASHINGTON, April 10—The com­
pilation of farms, hom^s and mortgage
statistics made by the last census is in
teresting in view of the decision of the
suprttwe court. Thes? statistics do not.
however, give details concerning rents
paul. A summary of the statistics
There are 12,090.152 families in the
United States, and of these families 52
per cent hire their farms or homes and
48 per eent own them, while 2H per cent
of the owning families own subject to
incumbrance and 78 ]er cent own
Kree of Incumbrance.
On the owned farms and homes there
are liens amounting to $2,132,940,563,
which is 3? iK*r cent (if the value of the
incumbered farms and homes, and this
list bears interest at the average rate of
6.65 per cent. Each owned and incum
bered farm or home, on the average, is
worth $3,352, and is subject to a debt of
$1,257. In regard to the families occu
pying farms, the conclusion is that 34
per cent of the families hire and 66 per
cent owned the farms cultivated by
them that 28 per cent of the owning
Own Hnfaject to Incumbrance
and 72 per cent own free of incum
brance. Among 100 farm families on
the average 34 per cent hire the farms,
19 per cent own their farms with in
cumbrance and 47 per cent without in
cumbrance. On the owned farms
there are liens amounting to $1,085,
995,960, which is 35 per cent of the
valte of the incumbered farms, and
this debt bears interest at the average
rate of 7.07 per cent. Each owned and
incumbered farm, on the average, is
worth $3,414, and is subject to a debt
of IS
K 224
Iowa Operators and Miners
Coine Together.
Likely to
ALBIA, la., April 10.—A clasn be
tween mine operators and striking
miners at the Cincinnati mines, in the
southern part of Appanose county,
seems inevitable unless the militia is
ordered out to quell the strikers. It is
reported that another delegation 100
strdlig is on the way to Mendota, Mo.,
just over the state line, to join ferces
with the strikers from Cincinnati, Rath
burn. Mystic, Jerome and Seymour, to
prevent the men whom the operators
have iinportel iroiu entering the mines.
Notice has been served on the leaders of
the strikers that if they did not permit
the miners to open their mines an ap
peal would be made to Governor Jack
son to order mt the militia.^
Severe Htorm on the Jersey Coast.
CAPE MAY, N. J., April 10.—A se
vere Southeast storm prevails along the
South Jersey coast, with driving rain
and hail and high winds and tides on
the meadows. The ocean is wild and a
sharp lookout is being kept for wrecks.
Wanted at Minneapolis.
MADISON, Wis., April 10.—Sheriff
Holmberg of Minneapolis arrested
George Johnson and Hans Onsland,
who aro wanted at Minneapolis on a
charge of grand larceny. Both were
collectors for Knud Asleson, a whole
sale grocer there.
Another Corrosive Sublimate Victim.
JEFKERSON, la.. April 10 Mrs.
Joseph Churdau, an aged lady residing
in the town of^Churdau, took corrosive
sublimate by mistake and will probably
die. She had been sick and took the
poison, suppouuir '-t was medicine.
Milwaukee ttrala.
MiLWAt KEK, April 8,1886.
FL )l"R—Steady.
W11KAT—No. 2 spring, 8V){c So. 1
Northern, «5^c May, 57c.
CORN—No. 3, 48)4.
OATS—No. 2 white 82%c No. white,
BARLKY—No. 2, 52c sample, 51
o2 /4 c.
KYK—No. 1, 5AWc.
Minneapolis Grain.
MINNEAPOLIS. April s, I8y:».
WHEAT—Close, April, May,
58!fce July, 59%. On Track—Nu, 1 hard,
d0)4c No. 1 Northern, M^c Ho. 8 North
ern, 58}$c.
Dnluth Grain.
April 8,1895.
WHEAT—Cash, April, No. I hard,
tiQj^c No. 1 Northern, 60c July, No. I
Northern, September, 59%.
St. Paul Union Mtock l'ardu,
SOI TH ST. PALL. April s, 1895.
HOGS—Market weak. Quality only
fak- Prices ranged t4.75fa-4.b0.
CA1 I'LL—-Market *teauy ou good fat
butcher stuff: light stockers dull.
Prime cows, #4.00(0)4.50 «ood steers,
$5.50(0)1.04 prime cows, .75(tf 3.75 good
cows, 2.2."(a2.75 common to fair cows,
9 .50(02.2.) light veal calves, $3.00(tt4.u0,
heavy calves, |B2.00(a:H. stockers, fl.7o(#
2.-0 feeders, *.25g3.00.
SHEEP—Steady oa good sheep com
mon dull.
Muttons, t-i.0.)(£4.25 lambs, &. 73^4,76
common, f^.25(tcj.oO.
Receipts: Hogs, 309 cattle, SU0,
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO, April 8. 1MB.
WHEAT—April. :i4%(a May, fie
July, September,
CORN—Apru, 45^(g46 May, 46^«
July, 40%c September. 47.
OATS—April, 28^c May, Judew
29?/i(£t20^c, .July, *#c.
PORK—April, tll.8j{ Mfcjr, •H.V8U
July, *12.05.
LARD—April, May, t«^7,'^,
July. 17.10(^7 ."«. September, 7.15.
SHORT R'.tiS-April *«.1. May, *0.20
July, «k85/8ep^u»lwv,
is based on merit.
Town M*jr Di»n|p«itr.
IOWA FALLS, la., April 10—With the
discontinuance of th»* po-itoitic at Con
cord, Hancock county, that place claims
the distinction of being the only county
seat in the country without a postoftiee.
No reason is assigned by the depart
ment for closing it. There is some talk
of moving the county stut to Britt or
(iaruer, and in such a case it is likely
that the town will disapjiear from the
map of Iowa.
Popularity is oiten based on sentiment
but the popularity of
Columbia Bicycles
It is a consolation in
these days of shams to
sell a thing that is so
thoroughly good and so
thoroughly appreciated
as the Columbia Bicycle.
C4* $40, $50, $60, $80, $100.
Weight, 21 pounds.
Vanquished an Invader.
HAYWAHD. Wis., April 10,— (rcorge
Lester, a camp cook, while crazy from
drinking, escaped from the hospital
and broke into the residence of John
Krickson, county clerk. Erickson being
unable to lind cartridges .struck liiin
over the head with his gun. Lester
was severely wounded and is now in
jail and not in his right mind. Erick
son was slightly wounded.
Fine Went her in Iceland.
GLOUCESTKK, Mass., April 10
ter from Captain Clausen of the
schooner Marguerite of this port, dattid^
Dyrejord, Iceland, March 14, announces
the vessel's arrival after a passage of 16
days. She is the first to reach there
this sea^ou. Captain Clausen says
there is no leprosy there arid the natives
report that the weather has been the
finest for 2o years.
Highest Honors—World's Fair
K pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fiei
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulteiar*
9 9
The Columbia is that
incomparable Bicycle.
Now as you know, there
are advantages in cer
tain Bicycles and as you
know again the Colum
bia has always had the
advantage over all other
lines/ How they sell—
What satisfaction they
—A let­
A carefully edited,
48-coluimi paper
at ftome,
Sent to any address in
the United States, f#r

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