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By mail, 1 jrwu
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Daily, by carrier, per week
1)*ILT I.«A DUE make* a feature of
fumlohinit information concerning the advmntagaa
and re*ooro»« oI the city of Madleon and of the
«Ute at lan?« entitling it to the patronage of »d
-rertiiert of*«verjr claae.
J. V. STAHL, Proprietor.
A Pierre correspondent sizing up the
political situation in South Dakota, after
referring to .Major Piekler'a canvaaa of
the state and (TOV. Sheldon's still hunt
for the senatorehip, save: Besides the
following of these two men, there is a
large faction of the party which will now
pledge support to neither. When that
strength crystallizes, it will undoubtedly
have much to say as to who will be the
next senator. Some politicians even go
far enough as to say that it will be
strong enough.to absolutely name the
man. Many of the leading politicians
refuse absolutely to express even an
opinion as to who vill be the successor
of Kyle. The only point on which they
are agreed is that the successor, whoever
henuiy be, will be a republican, as they
are determined to redeem the state from
The names which have so far been
mentioned as jKjssible candidates include
Judge Campbell, of Brown Hon.
Thomas Sterling, of Spink Hon. Robert
Gamble, of Yankton, and Hon. Win. G.
Rice, of Lawrence. Of these, Gamble is
in the same portion of the 6tate from
which Senator Pettigrew comes, and
lie would, if in the tield, tind that fact a
serious handicap. While the lilack
Hills section will undoubtedly claim a
place, cither on the congressional ticket,
or, failing in that, the senatorial, they
will be met with the assertion that with
the state treasurer, which will, without
question, be Treasurer Phillips again,
they have a roportionate representation
on the state ticket, compared to tlie per
centage of the total republican vote in
the state.
About the o^ly other office receiving
general atteution is that of governor.
WThile this will be hotly contested, it is
as yet conceded that the two strongest
candidates are A. O. Ringsrud, of Union,
and Chas. N. Horned, of AlcPherson.
Besides these two, there are also men
tioned ex-Congressman Lucas, O. S.
Gilford and N. E. Phillips. The other
state officers are as yet attracting but
little discussion, and it is conceded that
the present treasurer, land commissioner
and superintendent of public instruction
will all be reinstated.
Some of our pop contemporaries are
reu^rking joyously that a large per
centage of the commissioners elected in
counties this fall are pops and that this
is au indication of increasing populist
strength. Well, it is nothing of the
kind! The\ have not elected pops
in all the districts they had
before by a good deal and gained
only where republicans were too indiffer
ent to put up candidates. But one
thjug, the result of the partial elections
do indicate and that is that the average
pop ever and always is on the scramble
for an office. No matter how insignifi
cant it is a big plum fot him and is the
extent and ultimate goal of his politics.
Huronite, 15: There are about 200,0'JO
acres of land subject to entry within the
Huron land district under the provis
ions of the homestead laws of the gen
eral government, Much of this land is
near railway stations and good market
towns, and suitable (or agricultural pur
poses and stock raising. During the
mouth ot October U3D410 acres of land
were acquired by settlers in this district.
Of this 2,050.4b acres were covered by 20
homestead entries 610 acre* by four
Sioux iLdian land homestead entries
3,478/JU acres by 22 tinal timber culture
entries 3,19y.G3 acres by 20 tinal home
stead entries.
Clark county will probably present the
Dame of Hon. Carl Sherwood to the next
state convention as a delegate to the
national convention. Carl is properly
qualified to represent the state in any
oapacity, but souie of our contemporaries
oall him down as being an out and out
gold bug.
The Huronite appears to have a
monopoly of advertising the Dakota
Agricultural college Why should not a
little of that patronage be given to the
Brookings papers, other papers probably
do not care for it.
Senator Pettigrew and his brother, F.
Wl Pettigrew, and Delos P. Beech have
filed articles of incorporation for a mill
ing company at Baltic, Minnehha oounty.
They will construct a mill the capital
•tock is $25,000.
The bank clearances of Sioux Falls
last week showed $131,720 as against
f75.019 for the corresponding week a
year ago. Evidently a great revival in
Judging from the Huronote, there is
not a dry goods store, elbthing store,
grocery store, millinery store, real
estate dealer, lawyer or doctor or dentist
in Huron. There is one hotel, F. H.
Kent,proprietor and Chas. E. Bryant
advertising several empty storerooms
•ad office rooms for veal. Time was
when Huron WM one of the brightest
towns in the state. But from the ap
peeranoe of the Huronite it is dead and
gone. Peace to its ashes.
Si* incendiary fires occurred at Hur
ley, Wis., in one day. All the build
ings were unoccupied.
The Lake Pepin Yacht club proposes
to have an ice yacht p-^attu this winter.
A handsome cup will be put up.
Hon. George W. Sohoc of Pringhar,
la., has donated a line United States
flag to every school in O'Bricu county.
The Iowa state fish commissioner
Wants an appropriation of $'30,800 for his
department for the next two years.
William Furlong, the first white
child lorn in Galena, died at his home
near Sinsinnawa Mound, Wis. Ho was
born in 1*3-1, and always lived in t^at
Osage (la.) people are much worked
up over the death of Professor Evans.
They had settled upon the suicide theory
and now a detective claims to have
proof of mualer.
Report of the Condition of
General Trade.
NEW YOKK, Nov. LY.—Bradstreete
says: The condition of general trade
continues irregular and without change.
There is a distinct falling off in demand
for iron and steel with perhaps the
heaviest reaction in the quotations in
those lines reported in any week since
the late loom in those metals reached
the climax. Central Western cities
continue to feel the unfavorable influ
ence of unseasonably mild weather
which is true as well of cities at the
Northwest. Then there is a long list
of decreases in quotations for merchan
dise, wheat, corn, oats, pork,
lard and coffee among food products
cotton and print cloths and lumber, as
well as various grades of iron and steel,
copper, lead and weaker quotations for
tin plates. The converse includes an
unexpected improvement in woollen
goods, increased order for manufac
tures and higher prices for several
qualities of goods.
There were 2).) business failures re
ported throughout the United States
this week, compared with 200 last week,
in the week one year ago,
in the
week two years ago, and as contrasted
with only 205 in the corresponding week
of 181)2.
Killed by a Fellow Workman.
BUKLINOTON, la., Nov. 18.—W. L.
Schuch has had his brains dashed out
by a fellow workman, Henry Martin.
A dispute over money due Martin was
the cause. Martin is still at large.
Sunday HarUtir Law I'oconstitutlonal.
CHICAGO, NOV. 18.—Judge Gibbons of
the superior court has decided that the
law passed at the lost session of the
Illinois legislature, compelling barbers
in this state to close their shops on Sun
day is unconstitutional, because it is
class legislation and directed against the
property of barbers, which is muscle and
professional skill. The case being sim
ply decided on the question of the ar
rast of the men by the police, must be
brought up in different form if the ad
advocates of the law decide to appeal to
the supreme court.
Got Into a Merchandise Car.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 18.—Three des­
perate men made an attempt to rob the
Adams Express money car on the train
leaving the Pennsylvania railroad sta
tion, Jersey City, at 8 o'clock p. m.,
but fortunately for the express company
the men made a mistake and got into
cur No. 5946 which contained only mer
The Texas Speed Trial.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18.—A telegram
received at the navy department from
the New York navy yard announces
that the Texas will be undocked on the
20th mat, and her steam trials at the
dock will begin on the 23d. It will re
quire at least a week to complete these,
so that the vessel will not be ready for
her speed trial under Dec. 1.
Object to Prnulan Companies.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18.—Many life in-
suraupe officials from different states
were at the Fifth Avenue hotel during
the day to discuss the advisability of
taking -measures to exclude Prussian
insurance companies from doing busi
ness in this country.
Minnesota'* New State Printer.
ST. PAUL, Nov. 18.—C. C. Whitney,
editor of the Marshall News-Messenger
and president of the State Editorial as
ociatioa, has been chosen state expert
Pat the II as band Out of the Way,
CHICAGO, Nov. 18.—Henry Shafer
lias been arrested on the complaint of
Hans Peterson, who accuses him of
being the author of the death of Her
man Weise, a son-in-law of Peterson.
It is claimed that Shafer and Mrs.
Weise became infatuated with each
other and they put the woman's hus
band out of the way with morphine.
Member of a Hunting Party Drowned
PARK RAPIDM, Minn. ,Nov. 18.—Won
has just been received here from Lake
Itasca that three members of a hunting
party from Osakis broke through the
ice on Tuesday. Two escaped, after
suffering terribly from exhaustion, but
one, named Mo&k, was drowned.
Noble Lord (looking over his estate)
—Hello! I'm afraid Rogers is falling
into his old bad habits again.
Head Keeper—Drunk as a—as a—a
(bolts it) lord, me lord!—Pall Mall
Mo Great Shakes.
A convulsive sob shook his frame.
Inasmuch as he was tho living skele
ton that was all there was of him for it
to shsk*—Indianapolis Journal.
Hon. Joseph Cliariberlain Asks
British Uuianans What They
Will Do
In Case It Should Come to
Show-Down in the Venez
uelan Matter.
The Colonial Council Is Expected
to Reassure the Colonial
"WASHINGTON, NOV. 18.—Information
reaching here from Denierara, British
(iuina, is to the effect that further dis
patch s of a very pointed character have
been received from Joseph Chamberlain.
British minister for the colonies, con
cerning Yelie/.uela. Their contents were
not disclosed, lmt a meeting of the high
council of the colony was called, at
which it was believed the subject was
fully discussed. The information which
was contained in the Demarara papers
up to Nov. 1, was transmitted to the
state department. The report in circu
lation at Denierara and generally cred
ited, is that Minister Chamberlain has
forwarded dispatches to the British
Guiana government, in which he in
quires, whether fr not, in the event of
measures between that colony and
Venezuela ljeing pushed to extremes
the colonial government is prepared t^
do its utmost in an endeavor to sustain
the prestige of the British flag,to which
it owes allegiance.
Meed Ite No Doubt About It.
Commenting on these dispatches, the
press of Denierara says there need be no
hesitation in giving an affirmative an
swer to Minister Chamlerlain. Why
such inquiry should come from London
excites conjecture, and the feeling i
that it may be due to irritation because
the high council voted down Mr. Cham
berlain's proposition to buy Maxim
guns, ammunition, etc. In that event,
the next meeting of the high council is
expected to show a purpose to support
Mr. Chamberlain "to the utmost, in au
endeavor to sustain the prestige of the
British flag," which is the language of
Mr. Chamlterlain's inquiry, according
to the accepted reports at Denierara,
German Counsel Favor* England.
Interviews were had with all the for
eign consuls in British Guiana, con
cerning the Venezuelan question. The
French consul, Mr. Clark, and the
Dutch consul, Mr. De Jonge, refused to
commit themselves in their official ca
pacities. The German consul, Mr
Weber, was very outspoken against the
United States and in" favor of the Brit
ish position. England, he says, should
insist on a final settlement on the lines
it has laid down. Mr. Weber thinks
the idea of an effective interference by
the Americans absurd.
Be 1'uand a Mammoth Care.
PALMYRA, Wis., Nov. 18.—What may
have been an effect of the recent earth
quake was discovered by Elmer Piper
while digging a well. At a depth of 45
feet he struck a rocky streak that sud
denly yielded to his pick, precipitating
him into what seemed a vast, rocky dry
river bed or empty gas chamber, extend
ing into all directions, farther than the
boldest dare penetrate. Viper curbed
the four feet space and went on with
his digging.
Anent the PApe'i Health.
CLF.VEI.AND, Nov. 18.—Rev. Joseph
M. Koudetka of this city has just re
turned from a visit to lionie. In re
gard to the ope's health he said: "I
was shocked to find how ho is broken in
health. He had to be carried into th«
room in a chair, for he could not walk
and his form and face are much emaci
It is
A card on the
outside of of
»fice door says:
Gone to lunch
Be back in ten
minutes." And,
the man will be
there on time.
That is, for some
'days, weeks or even months,
he will. Then he will be
at home occasionally for a
day. He'll tell you he had
a headache—a turn of chol
era morbus, or maybe he'll
he had a lump in his stomach and
too miserable to move. The lump
was probably two or three ten-minute
lunches condensed.
The man who bolts his lunches will
£nd Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the
best friend he ever met.
There is no case of biliousness, con
stipation, indigestion, "heart-burn," or
any of the rest of the nijjht-mare breed
brood, that these little "Pellets"
not cure. They cure permanently.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Col. T. 8. Moberly, deceased: No
tlce 1P hereby Riven by the undersigned, admin
istrator ot the estate of Co). T. S. Moberly, de
ceased, to the creditors of and all persons bar
lug claims aealnst the said deceased, to exhibit
thein, with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of thia notice
to the said administrator, at his place of buil
ness, in city of Madison, in the county of
Dated Novembers, 1BG.V
Administrator o the estate of Col. T. 8
Hotioeof Hearing Petition.
Ntate of South Dakota, connty of Lake—ss
Iji county court. Whereas, Conrad Battels has
applied for a druggist's permit to sell intoxlca
ting liquors under the provisions and restric
lions of the laws of this state governing the sal
of intoxicating liquors, at his place of business
on Kgan avenue, In the city of Madison, county
of Lake, and state of South Dakota. Therefore
notice is hereby given, that the :S(»thdayofN
vember, 1H»5, at Id u'clock a. m., at the office of
the county judire, In the city of Madison, in said
county and state, has been set as the time and
place of hearing of said petition, when and
where any person qualified may appear and
show cause if any there be, why said petitio
should not be granted.
Dated at Madisoo, S. D., this 31st day of Oc
tober, 18U5.
a good time now to
make arrangements for your
Winter Coal.
The S. Y. Hyde
vator Co., carry
from the Best Mines. Call on
MEAT 9tARH.ft.T-
ily Meat Market
Keeps constantly on hand a full
line o£
fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish, Fowl and Game, in season.
Collections promptly attended to
Office in Syndicate block over Dan
MoXinnuii's store, Madison, 3. is.
Why, yes, there is money
in it
at present prices.
Lake County Real Estate as good and
better than the lands of Iowa and Illinois
ca,n be bought for half the price per acre.
There is speculation in it for the safe in
vestment of money.
Prices cannot long remain at the pres
ent standard. An immense increase in price
must come at a very early day.
Do you want to make money
by making investments in Lake
County Lands
Do you want to make monev
by making investments in Mad
ison City Lots
All wool ingrain Carpets.
Moquette and Fancy Bugs.
Homeseeker, do you want a
(Mile Til Spreads.
-Uace cnnalDS.
Eaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dress Goods.
best portion
home in the
*of South Dakota
Then call uxxm or correspond with
and Crockery.

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