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^/£, X.,.
\l( cognition the One Important
Tiling Contained in the
If "solutions.
Ve Owe No Debt of Gratitude
and Should Do Simple
WASHINGTON, April 4.—The galleries
bf the house were iillcd up, in antic*i]a»
lion of a renewal uf the Cuban debate.
In connection with the presentation of
Ihe conference report on the Cuban
(('solution, but the attendance on the
loor was smaller than usual. Some
Uelimin^ry routine business was trans
acted, and then Mr. Hitt of Illinois
oik the floor in advocacy of somi"a'
Lea OB the Cuban resolutions. He
intended that the house and senate
solutions were practically the same
the most vital part—the recognition
Cuban belligerency. Continuing,
Ir. Hitt said:
It is to this hope of recognition of
lligerency that all Cubans and friends
Cuba turn. The reason is plain,
'hey know it would be of importance
iid inestimable assistance to the Cuban
use. It
Would Gir« Thein Fl«|,
would give them a status in the
orld. If they procured, a vessel and
ntered New York harbor tomorrow
ith their lone star flag, they would
e liable to be treated as pirates. The
panish minister would immediately
laim that this should be done. But
rith a recognized flag, they could enter
the ships from all countries do. They
uld buy munition* of war openly
ey could buy supplies of every kind,
en could go openly if not in armed
peditions to join them. They could
gotiate loans, negotiate them as
nly as the Spaniards can do now.
e Spanish government buys muni
ns of war at Hartford and at Phil
el phi a, buys supplies, loads ships, in
ct, the United States is today the
ie of operations in a furious war to
sh those who are struggling for lib
ty, and our government has been
lied for a year in obeying the inti
at ions of the Spanish minister. Is
is fairness? Is this justice? Is this
•serving neutrality in this struggle?
ther in spirit or in fact are we not
Efficient OpprtMon of the Cubans?
ch was not the policy of our govern
ut in earlier days. In 181j, the
anish minister, De Onys, when the
onists in Southern America were
uggling, just as the Cubans are now,
umanded that our ports should be
osed to the revolutionists under the
ags of Buenos Ayres, Carthagena and
lexican congress, and other places
hich hu,¥e, he fraid, "revolted against
ie authority of the king, my master."
[e denounced them as pirates and ban
its and demanded that they should be
treated. President Madison
irded his
at 50 cents on the $1, to close out, for
Fifteen Days.
tiep.ieseiitati\"e Hitt Advocates
the Adoption of the Confer
ence Report.
Cubans is how probable. For a
year they have battled the armies
of Spain. In a recent statement
by the Spanish minister, addressed
to the people of the United States, he
paid Spain had sent 125,000 men into
Cuba. With this k'reut urjny, more
than 4o war vessels have been co
operating to shut the Cubans in and
subdue them. Far from beinp subdued,
they have fought on successfully for v
year, each month and each week press
ing forwapd, bringing province altei
province under their power, until then
authority lias extended over (00 miles
from the eastern to the western end of
the island,.
it is our duty to treat them today
with fairness, to observe a. neutrality
that is real. Americans who are de
scendants of those who struggled
through a contest agamst tyranny ake
that today in Cuba, should not Lie taise
to the memory of their fathers, nor to
the tradition anil sp.nt of their history.
We Iluve No Debt of rat it title.
We have no debt of gratitude and
should le influenced by no sentiments
but those of justice and that enlight
ened self interest *hich is the .rue
guide of nations. When this is veii,
as it will be, overwhe.mingiy, by this
liouse concurring with the senate in
expressing the will of the people,
We cannot doubt that the executive
will act an-.l obey the voice of the
nation, and that we will speedily
hear that the president has recognized
the belligerency of the struggling Cu
bans. The waning cause of Spain ha-«
been apparent from week to week for
two months past. It will not be long
before we shall have an end of all th"
bombastic pretensions and a bom na
tions of Weyler's savage operations,
and the Cubans, having vindicated
their right with their arms, will enjoy
the liberty they have earned.
Kacli Rer*ive» 1.1,00ft I'arketa Vegetable
tnd 1,4000 ackels of Kluwer Veilt.
WASHINGTON, April 4.—The agricul
tural department has forwarded all
senators and representatives notice that
the quota of cadi one in this year's dis
tribution of government seeds will be
15,000 packets of vegetable seeds, in
packages containing 15 assorted va
rieties, and 1,400 packets of flower seed
in 2M) packages of 50 packets each.
The allottmeiits for the Southern sen
ators and members will be distributed
first, owing to the advanced season.
All of these seeds have been purchased
put up ready for mail ng, in property
printed packets, and mail packages,
and w.
11 Le mailed Ly congressional
franks from the place of purchase.
Sill Allowing Manuf«ctura of Liquor
Knocked Out by (lie Iowa Semite.
L)KS MDINKS, la., April 4 —The mulct
law won a decisive victory during the
day in the senate, the liquor manufac
turing bill being defeated by a vote of
22 yeas to 27 nays, with one absentee.
Following as this does the defeat of the
question oi resubmission a few weeks
ago the vote practically settles the pro
hibition light in this state. Iowa will,
therefore, still have the curious anom
aly of a law which permits liquor to be
sold in this state, but forbids its manu
facture therein. Tho debate on ilia
bill consumed all day in the senate and,
when it came to a vote, it lacked four
haughty demands,
cognised ihe
a constitutional majority.
belligerency of the
rufgling oolon ista. The raooea of the
Believed to Bo Great Quantity to th)
Vletnlty of bowa.
Sioux CITY, la., April 4.—Since tho
reported discovery of coal in the vicin
ity of Dows a thorough examination of
the locality has been made by experts,
who state that all indications point to
rich deposits all over the region. A
shaft sunk a mile from the point where
the first discovery was made shows a
layer of tine coal five feet thick at a
depth of 200 feet. Intermediate shafts
will bu sunk to learn if tho vein is con
tinuous. If prospects seem to be good
preparations for mining on an exten
rive scale will be commenced at once.
Decline* Krtiger's Assistance.
PRETORIA. Transvaal, April 4.—
President Kruger has received from
Governor Sir Herculcs Robinson of
Cape Colony a reply to his offers of
assistance in quelling the uprising in
Matabeleland. Sir Hercules Robinson
declined the offers of assist
oe and
thanks President Kruger the
bwarhers heartily for their offer.
The French Senate Ag&iit Re
fuses to Endorse the
Inability to Add to Explanations
on the Egyptian Question
the Occasion.
Chamberlain's Ultimatum to
Kruger Demands Introduc
tion of Reforms.
PARIS, April 4.—The senate by a vote
pf 155 to No adopted the following reso
The .senate, noting the declaration of
the government that it cannot add to
its explanations of Tuesday (on the
Egyptian question and considering
these explanations insufficient, refuses
it a vote of confidence."
All the ministers left the senate
chamber after the pavsvge of the vote
of non-conlidence, and tho senate al
most immediately afterwards adjourned
until April 21.
After leaving the senate, these min
isters met *t the Quai d'Or nay to dis
cuss the situation.
o VST.
SpanUtt K.Iitor Will Raise Volunteer*
and Kald the fnltrri State*.
NEW YORK, April 4. A special to
Tlu- World from Madrid, Spain, says:
Popular excitement has been revived.
The Madrid newspapers speak in terms
of angry ridicule of the resolution in
troduced in the United States senate
by that "madman Call," as they style
The enterprising St. Catalan even
goes to the length of seriously offering
to raise a corps of 12,000 volunteers, if
the government will arxh, equip, carry
them across the Atlantic and land
them on any coast of the United States,
where the editor promises to make a
raid into the interior and sustain his
guerrillas, directly Cuban belligerency
is recognized.
Weyler Wants Two Ysiri More.
MADRID, April 4.—In an interview
with Captain General Weyler of Cuba,
published here, he is reported as say
ing that he hoped to end the campaign
in Cuba in two years.
Chamberlain Insists That U.tlander
Grievances Be Redressed.
LONDON, April 4.—A dispatch from
Pretoria to The Times says: An im
portant dispatcH from Mr. Chamber
lain was presented to President Kruger
on Wednesday. In a friendly but firm
tone it insists upon a redress of the
Uitlanders' grievances, requesting also
a reply to the invitation to visit Eng
land, which cannot be allowed to re
main indefinitely unanswered.
Closed tbe Canteen.
OMAHA, April 4.—A special to The
Bee from Fort Robinson says: The
complaint of Crawford citizens that the
government has no right to sell liquor
without state restrictions at the fort,
has resulted in the post canteen being
closed, pending advices from the secre
tary of war. This is considered singu
lar since the government is granted
complete authority on all United States
lands in Nebraska. The question in
volves all United States property in all
Thinks Ho Caa Find Gold.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 4 —A California
gold prospector has written a letter ad
dressed to Mayor Pratt, in which he
advances the claim that gold can be lo
cated in Eastern Minnesota. The
writer spent a number of years in that
section of the Btate 11 years ago, and
from his Western gold mining experi
ence he is led to believe that gold can
be found in the North Star state. He
suggests that the mayor organize a
stock company with large capital and
employ him to locate the yellow nibtal.
Miss Barton Disturbed By Reports.
CONSTANTINOPLE, April 4.—Miss Clara
Barton, president of the American Red
Cross society, is much disturbed on ac
count of the reports circulated in the
United States to the effect that the
Red Cross relief is being controlled by
the Turks. This, it appears, is not the
case. The Turkish government allows
the agents of Miss Barton to distribute
the relief funds, the only stipulation
being that it must be done in tho pres
ence of the Turkish officials.
Wreoi ers Derail a Locomotive.
KANSAS CITY, April 4.—An attempt
was made to wreck the Chicago and
Alton Passenger train, which leaves
here shortly after 8 o'clock for St.
Louis and Chicago. Just tint of Grain
Valley, 25 miles east of here, the en
gineer saw a'i obstruction on the track
ahead. He stopped his train quickty,
but not in time to avoid the derailment
of his locomotive.
aptnrrd by Han«urou(ft.
DEVILS LAKE, N. D., April 4.—Sena*
tor Hansbrough will head the 70 del
gates from this judicial district to the
Fargo state convention. The La Moure
Robinson combine, who are supporting
McKinley, laid down their arms just be
fore the caucus opened.
Evidence That the Old West Virginia
Fend 1* Not Yet Knded.
HUNTINUTON, W. Va., April 4.—Rob
ert K. McCoy, a relative of the McCoys
who were some years prominent
throughout the country through the
celebrated McCoy-llatlield feud, moved
to this county lour mouths ago from
up the Big Sandy valley. He was h« re
Wednesday ni_y and ieft at a late
hour on horspfci.e* for •..s home. Thurs
day his horse was found about 15 miles
South of this city, grazing alongside the
road and the saddle b.'anket and the
Aides of tho hor^e were wet with blood.
Squire Swayne .nd others living in the
vicinity ol where the horse was«ouud.
Claim they heard shots after midnight,
and the suppos.t.on is that McCoy w..s
assassinated ami hi bodythrown into
the creek.
Bloodhound-i will be secured to follow
the trail ot the supposed assass ns. The
Hat field-McCoy lead has been quies
cent for nearly two years, and the
murder of McCoy cannot as yet be con
nected with the old-time hostilities in
Logan county, which extended over a
dozen years and cost nioro than a seore
of lives.
Was a Famous Wiwcomln Editor Dur
ing th ICabelllon.
MILWAUKEE, April 4.—A special to
The Wisconsin from New York city
says: "Brick"' Pomeroy, the noted
printer, editor and promoter, is dying
of dropsy at Blythbourn, I* I. His
case is hopeless and death is only a
matter of a few days. Pomeroy made:
himself famous during tho war while
publishing Pomeroy's Democrat at La
Crosse, Wis. His paper had a largo
circulation and was noted for its ex
treme views on financial and other gov
ernmental ailairs. lie afterwards
founded a paper at New York with dis
astrous results.
Thomas WII.*R on of the Philadelphia
Timet Dies From a Kali.
PHILADELPHIA, April 4.—Thomas
Wharton, Sunday editor of the Phila
delphia Times, fell from a fourth story
window of the house in which he lived
and was instantly killed. It is gener
ally believed that he committed suicide.
Mr. Wharton was 87 years old and
was widely known beoause of his liter
ary ability. lie was a frequent con
tributor to magazines. Ho wrote sev
eral novels, the best known of which
are "A Latter Day Saint," Md^SHan
nibal of 5^ew York."
Convinced Kastner Is lonoeeul.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4.—The police
are convinced that Julius Fastner, the
Omaha man, arrested for following a
woman, had nothing to do with the re
cent strangling of two abandoned
women in this city. An investigation
Bhows that Fastner was not in San
Francisco when the crimes took place.
Fastner is at present confined in the
ward set aside for insane patients at
the receiving hospital.
Consolidate Rubber Companies.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4.—The Chron
icle says that within the next four
weeks there will have been consum
mated here and in Portland, a consoli
dation of the Pacific coast branches of
four of the largest rubber boot and shoe
manufacturing concerns of the United
States—the Goodyear Rubber company,
the Boston Rubber Shoe company, the
Woonsocket Rubber company and the
Powers Rubber company, as agents for
the Candee line of rubber footwear.
South Dakota Out 905,000.
PIERRE, S. D.. April 4 —The sale, on
execution, of the property of the Taylor
bondsmen, ill Spink county last week,
brings the total receipts of the state up
to $255,1122.11. Th judgment secured
against Taylor and the bondsmen, in
cluding interest and costs, is for
•351,225.17. This leaves a total yet due
the state of $).",&):{.oi>.
Had Juit Visited Relatives.
DENVER, April 4.—Miss Chfo® Rueh-
len, the Belief) mt a ne (U. heiress,
whose mysterious disappearance from
her lodgings Sunday had been re
ported to the police, has returned safe
and well. She said she had been visit
ing relatives in Leadville.
Guilty of rand Lareeny.
ST. PAUL, April 4 H. K. Richard
son, secretary and treasurer of the de
funct Snow-Church company, was
found guilty of grand larceny in tho
first decree, the jury being out ail night.
Highest honors—World'* Fair,
A pure Grape Cream »f Tsrtar Powder. Fred
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
Dmln caticr.
fladison, S. D.
1'lrased With I'reildent Uiti.
EL PASO, Tex., April 4.—The people
of this city and of Juarez, Mex., are
celebrating and thanking President
Diaz of Mexico for his declaration in
favor of the international dam and res
ervoir at this city. It is believed, that
thousands of acres of land below this
city on both ^.des of the Rio Grande,
hitherto al an io. ed, will be reclaimed
by irrigation.
County Tr«a«iirer Cl»b Suicided.
LINCOLN. Neb., April 4. County
Treasurer Maxey Cobb, who lias been
missing several days, has been found
dead near town, lie had taken mor
phine. Financial reverses caused liini
to commit Miic.de. He was serving his
second term and was one of the m»st
popular u»»u in the stsite. He was a
son of Judge Cobb and his family
stands high socially._
Cyclist«-Will 1'arstde.
ST. PALL, April 4.—One of the fea
tures of the (i. A. R. encampment will
be an enormous bicycle parade. A
committee consisting of Dr. C. A. Van
Du/.ee and Captain Ed S. Bean has
been appointed to take the matter in
charge. It is the intention of the com
mittee to make the parade one of the
principal features of the week.
Kmbezaled Society Food*.
Pot'tihKeeI'sie, N. Y., April 4.—-Dr.
O. M. Shede, proprietor of the Pough
keepsie Star and a member of the
board of police commissioners, was ar
rested on a charge of larceny in the
first degree. It is charged that Shedd
defaulted from the Order of United
Ftiends in the amount of $D,022.&>.
Yolnntary Hankrnptrr Ml.I.
WASHINGTON, April 4.—The senate
committee on judiciary dee.ded upon a
favorable leport upon the voluntary
bankruptcy bill.
Wan Oiive hnmpion Sprinter.
ANACONDA, Moil., April 4.—Thomas
Brennau was burned to death while
putting out a lire during the morning.
The blaze was unimportant. Brenuan
was, about 10 years ago, well known in
athletic circles as the champion
sprinter of the world, having an estab
lished record of 19 seconds for 200
yards at Allensdale, Pa.
Kroirn to Death.
BYKON, Wis., April 4.—John Foxon,
a prominent and wealtny farmer, was
fodud under a fence frozen almost
dead. His hands, face and feet were
in a terrible condition and he cannot
live. He was on hip way home intoxi
State Ban
A general banking bus
in ess transacted
rm Loans Lo\A/?si
Ohio Itiver H! inrlnnntl Forty-six Feat
Above L'»w Water.
CINCINNATI, April 4.—The winter
rise of the Ohio river is here about six
weeks later than usual. The river is
now 46 feet above low water and lias
been rising two inches an hour. Rat
Row, near Newport bridge, and Saus
age Row, near Suspension bridge, are
inundated to near the second story.
Both are occupied by squalid tenantry
and these semi-annual washings bene
fit them. Some.conimission house eel
Lars in the bottoms are taking water
and goods have to be removed.
CHATTANOOUA, Tenn.K April 4.—The
river here has reachod the danger line
and it is still rising at the rate of three
inches an hour, but no great trouble is
anticipated, as reports from up river
points rcjjort it stationary.
NASHvtt,I.E. Tenn April 4 The
Cumberland river is 55 feet deep at
J^usid^, Kjr,« qral.ttnt of. its
Ctilxii 'l «.l» 4 rop Very small.
BALTIMORE. Apr.l 4.—Mr. Charles
Dittmar of the wholesale tobacco firm
of Dittmar & N'onejir of this city has
returned lrom a trip to Havana. He
says that the outlook for the tobacco
interest is most discouraging. In the
Quemodos district hardly one-tenth of
the normal crop will be harvested, and
when it will ever be planted again is a
matter of grave conjecture.
Vice President.
Attorneys Counsellors
Madison, South Dak
Over Daly & Mack ay's hank.
Charles A, Baldwin & Co.]
Accounts of llankii und Bankers received I
on favorable terms.
Honda and Investment Securities.
Daily Financial Latttr Mal!«d on ApplUatlo*.
Farm Cream Separators.
A feed cooker wiii
furnish steam to run
an automatic
with capacity of 300
'or 600 pounds per
hour. No engine is needed.
It is the cheapest outfit in
first cost that can be obtain
ed. Send for free illus
trated catalogue to P. M.
SHARPLES, Elgin, Kane
county, Illinois.
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100 pages, pro
fusely illustrated.
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about the new
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