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Orn«r«l Outlook In I'.a« S o o e i n W
but Wlntt-r «f twTerlty -Striken,
Riotit and Appalling IMMMUTI—What th«
Europran* .May Look Fur.
Takfti all in all, the predictions-which
Astrolopor Raphael has prepared for the
year 1MW art' not very encouraging for
the United States. One hignificant fact
is that he ha* nothing whatever to say
about a foreign war, and we may there
fore assume that the present difference
with England will be amicably settled.
The winter quarter, beginning on
Dec. '22. opened with tho sign Leo ris
ing, and the positions occupied at that
time by Venus, Saturn and Uranus in
dicate a winter of great severity, with
much snow. Earthquake shocks will al
so be felt in s«ine parts of the country.
Although trade will be good and in
creasing during this quarter, strikes
will occur arid appalling accidents in
The spring quarter opens under yet
more inauspicious conditions. The open
ing takes place shortly after 9 p. m. on
March 20. At that time Scorpio will be
rising, with Saturn and Uranus within,
Mars being in the fourth house in square
aspect. This, Raphael says, indicates
great and protracted strikes, rioting and
bloodshed, eclipsing ulmost everything
that has ever occurred. "Collieries will
suffer and the weather be dry and un
favorable for the fruits of the earth.
Violent storms and cyclones will be fre
quent and earthquakes will occur in
the southern states."
The unsettled condition of labor and
the recent decision of the American Fed
eration to demand the eight hour work
day for one of its branches on May 1
next may precipitate the condition of
affairs which the stars indicate.
Mercury will be setting when the in
gre.-s of the summer quarter occurs,
which indicates an increase of com
merce and trade and a busy time for
manufacturers. The unfavorable posi
tion of Mars toward Saturn and Ura
nus, however, denotes many daring rob
U*ries and much crime and violence.
Places of amusement, hotels and pleas
ure parties will meet with frequent and
appalling disasters, principally from
fire and explosion.
The good business enjoyed during the
summer quarter is apparently not to be
of long duration, for the position of
Saturn and Uranus on tho cusp of the
second house, while Venus has just ris
en in Libra, indicates a falling off in
trade and commerce, while the outlook
for money and speculations is also un
favorable. The health of the people will
be good, owing to the unaffected posi
tion of the moon during this quarter,
but there will be many shipwrecks and
other accidents in traveling.
The most notable eclipse of the pres
ent year will be that of Aug. 9, affect
ing principally Europe and Asia. The
central lino of the eclipse will run
through the north of China and Siberia.
This will bring troublous times to Rus
sia. and crime will increase in the czar's
dominions, accompanied by many terri
ble tales of suffering from Siberia.
The indications of the planets point
ttf a year of anxiety and trouble for the
sultan of Turkey, but it do»*s not seem
that the outcry raised over the Arme
nian outrages will have any material
ffect upon the fortunes of the empire.
There will be a good deal of plotting,
and the sultan's health will suffer, but
no serious attempt will be made to dis
turb his possessions.
The positions aud aspects of the plan
ets are, on the whole, not striking for
the present quarter so far as Oreat
Britain is concerned. The elevation of
Jupiter is a favorable sign fur the Tory
government, which will remain strong
and popular. The foreign relations of
the empire will remain "peaceful and
satisfactory" until the close of the year,
when "trouble and annoyance" may be
Trade will be very bad during the
opening months of the year throughout
the British
much distress and
want being experienced. It will gradu
ally improve during the spring, and the
summer will find a great improvement
in things, with xuonev plentiful.
The outlook for Ireland is not at all
promising. Many untoward events will
occur to interfere with her peace and
prosperity. "The year, as a whole, is
likely to be particularly unfortunate for
Russia, Persia and Ireland."
The royal heads of Europe are not
threatened with any grievous calamities.
The chance* are favorable for t^uecn
Victoria, and she may be expected to
add another year to her wonderful
reign. If she does, it will make it the
longest reign in England's history. The
Prince of Wales is threatened with be
reavement and sickness. It is hinted
that the Princess of Wales may fall a
victim to unfavorable planetary indica
tions. The emperors of Germany, Aus
tria and Russia are nor, according to
Raphael, in danger of trouble serious
enough to disturb anything more than
their digestions.
Zadkiel prophesies, among other trou
bles for the United States, that a viru
lent epidemic will prevail here during
the month of February.
lie says also: "The rate of mortality
from fever and other diseases of the res
piratory organs will run up to high fig
ures in the northern states. The winter
will be severe, blizzards freoueut and
destructive in their ««tie"ts. Lawyers
will b« uuusually busy, and some ex
traordinary actions at law of a public
nature will cause much popular excite
ment. Suicidal mania and murderous
outrages will be prevalent."
"The president," Zadkiel says, "will
bt in disfavor aud trouble, if irot in ill
health," and later in the year there
Will be tome friction between the pies
ident ai:d the people, and his health
will be indifferent. Some strange loss
Will also happen to the revenue, "prob
through fraud. "—New York Re
Brlgudirr ^n*rHi Ki*lling *f
Hi* loiuuiaad
CHH \IO. AjTril tf.—Edward Fielding,
brigadier general iu command of the
Norih\ve-t division of the Salvation
Army. ami. with the cxivptiouof Cum
mm.oner Booth-Tucker, the most
prominent oJMcer in the fores in
America, has resigned s commission,
ami wilt join the torces of Bulnngtou
Booth's volunteers. Tho major.ty of
his staff officers go w.th him aud the
blow is conceded to le the most severe
winch ha- been sailer-t by the
Salvation -vrmy since the recall
of Commander and Mrs. Ballington
Booth. Br gadier Fielding's wide jer
9o:ial influence wil: now exerted
behalf of the nevv orgaui/^itloii, and it
is predicted that the news of his res.g
uat.on will cause a heavy defection in
the ranks of the army.
As F.elding organ.zed the Salvatiou
Army in the South and wa* one of the
most active in promoting the movement
on the Pacific coast, his influence by
no means stops with his own division,
»v»ends all over the country.
\Vanl* (l.tlf ,i Milll n.
SAX FIIANCISCO, April t. Dr. Marc
Livingstone wants $.-()(.,) )0 for the in
terest which, as one of the executors of
the penciled wills, he and some of his
friends possessed iu the estate of James
(j. Fair. Two of the children of the
dead millionaire and some other lega
tees recognize that the physician has
very va uable rights the matter, but
they have thus far oti. i-*d on.y #80:),
000 to compromise, if is believed there
will be mutual c..n\.sa.oua aud a set
ili link Par Truck.
HAKTFORII. Conn.. Aprl. At noon
Charter Oak Park, kuown the country
over among horsemen as one of the
linest of driving parks, wa-- sold nu'.u
the hammer for the sum of at a
sacrifice of $150,000 from the original
cost. This magnificent trotting park
was rendered useless by the enactment
of the anti-]KX)l selling law by the gen
eral assembly of four years ago.
LoCnUd Hi" Bullet With Itnys.
OMAHA, April »5.—The first case in
Omaha in which a surgical operation
was successfully informed with the
rays occurred during the afternoon
when doctors extracted a bullet which
had been located by means of a Roent
ger photograph, taken by Professor
Turner of the Omaha high school.
Chamberlain Issues a Statement,
LONDON, April ti. —Mr. Chamberlain,
the colonial secretary, has issued a
statement calculated to calm apprehen
sion regarding the situation in South
Africa to the effect that he expects the
force of oiK) men now forming at Miv
feking with the forces now in Mata
belaud to be sufficient to crush the re
Two Thousand Out of Work.
LowKLI., Mass., April ».—No. 5 mill
of the Lawrence Manufacturing com
pany has been shut down, throwing
over 2,0(H) men out of work. The ac
tion is the result of the decision of the
directors to discontinue making cotton
Forger Clark Located.
PIKRRE, S. D., April 6.—George M.
Clark, the Grant county forger, who
fled this state a few months ago, is
now on a ranch near Santa Lucrecla,
Canton Minattan, Vera Cruz, Mexico.
Clark is now under surveillance of a
Piukerton detective and his escape
from arrest is impossible,
Their Engagement to Marry Announced
on Good Authority.
On good authority it is announced
that an engagement 4 marriage has been
made between William Waldorf Astor
and Lady Randolph Churchill. It is said
the wedding will in all probability be a
quiet affair and will bo celebrated iu
London next autumn. A report that
these eminent representatives of Amer
ican society abroad would come to New
York to be mairied is denied by an in
timate friend of the Astor family. This
gentleman said:
"William Waldorf Astor baa given up
all idea of ever again making his home
in America. Ho dislikes this country
and has tew ties to bring him here. Of
his reported engagement with Lady
Churchill I can only say that Mr. Astor
has kept his own counsel, und if he con
templates marriage he has told no 011c
here. Ho doew admire Lady Churchill
very much, aud should they marry it
would increase the popularity of tho
American colony iu London."
A gentleman who met the son of Lady
Churchill in Europe two years ago, and
who entertained tho young man a few
weeks ago upon his return from Cuba,
says young Churchill declared to liim
that there was a probability of his moth
er remarrying, but he did not mention
the name of Mr. Astor in this connec
tion.—St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Cupid breaks his
bow at the sirht of
a face full of pim
ples and blotches.
Hollow cheeks,
sunken eyes, and
sallow complexion
will defy his best
intentions. Beauty
is more than skin
deep The skin is
merely the surface
on which is written
in plain characters
the condition of the
Dr. Pierce's Gold­
en Medic il Inscovery is good for the com
plexion Wcause it makes the whole body
healthy—because it clears and purifies the
blood, makes the rJitjestion strong and clears
out impurities of all kinds. By increasing
the ability to a?timilate nutritious fbod,
and by the infusU«n of its own ingredients
it enriches the bl«od and so' makes solid,
healthy flesh. It cures diseases of the
longs, liver, stomach, bowels, skin and
scalp, simply because all these diseases
spring from the as ae cause a disordered
digestion and consequent import blssd.
S«11 by all mettcine dealers.
Notice of Mortgage Hale.
Default existing in a moriKitie made and exe
cuted M•, IS'.'U, by E. (i. hire, unmarried, of
Lake county, S, I) mortgagor, to Northwestern
i,oan A lHiikiiig Co of Mdisin, H. mort
gagi-v, on the followii.g ilencrthert laud, to wit
Lot* n umbered Ave t.") and fix (til in section
tlii rtv (i|, ai 1 lot* iinmbered ei-vcn (~j. eight
(Hi, ten i Xh un-l eli-yeu (11), in (lection nineteen
(19). all in township one hundred and rix (10*5)
north ot ranye Hfty-fonr (.V4) west of ihe 5th P.
M., coiitaming K7 77 KM acre* more or less, ac
cording to the government survey, together with
all accretion* to raid above described lots, anna
te'! iu said Lake county, *. D., given to secure
theiayinent of a certain installment noteof
even date therewith for with interest
thereon at 12 per cent, per annum from date if
said installment* were not piiid when due. iSald
mortgage having been tiled for record in the of
fice of the register of deeds
and for Lake
county, S. May l.", ISM, at v! 3 o'clock
and recorded in book 17 of mortgages, on
lHil. The said default consisting in the
of the mortgagor to pay the installments on said
hote as the same became duo, and there being
now due on said note and mortgage the sum of
f7.Y3S, principal and interest, and the further
sum of fMi attorney fees stipulated in said mort
age in case of foreclosure, and there having
teen no proceedlt g« at law or otherwise for the
collection of the amount due on aaid note aud
mortgage, therefore, the sheriff of said Lake
oiuntv, S. D., will sell said premises at the
front door ot the court house in the city of Mad
ison, in said Lake county, on the 7th day of May,
1M* at o'clock p. m., to the highest bidder fcr
cash, to pay said debt, attorney tee, and costs of
ti page
Oated Madisor., S. March i'i, lW#i.
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Notice of Mortgage Sa'.e.
Default existing In n mortgage made ard exe
cuteil Novembers, lM^, by Henry II. Jones aud
Margret Joues, husband and w ife, of Lake coun
ty, 1)., mortgagors, to the Northwestern Loan
aijd Banking Company, at Madison, !., mort
gagee, on the northeast quarter of section twen
tv eight cJS), township one hundred and six
(lOtii, north of range titty four west of the
.'tth I*. M,, in Lake county, S. l-, Riven to secure
the payment of a certain installment noteof
even date then with tor Bnd interest
thereon at Iv! per cent, per anuutn from date:
said mortgage having been died for record in the
office ol the register ot deeds in ami for Lake
county, fv I)., November 1!', ls:rj, at 3:1.' o'clock
D- m., and reomied in book 11 of mortgagee, on
page 17'.', the said default consisting of the fail
ure of the mort-'a^ors to pay the instalments
on said note as the same became due, and the
taxes due on said pronerty, aud there being now
due,on said note and mortgage Hie sum of *14,
prmcipal aud interest, and the further sum of
$.•)) attorney fee stipulated in said nmrtguge ill
case of loreciosure, and there having been no
proceedings at law or otherwise for the collec
tion of the amount due on said note aud mort
gage, therefore, the siieritV ol said Lake county.
S. 1)., will sell ssid premises at the trout door of
tlie court house, In the city of Madiron. in fail!
Lake county, ou the -Jd day of May, lH'.'H, at
o'clock p. m.. to the highest bidder lor cish, to
pay said debt, attori ey tee and costs of sale.
Dated, Madison. S. 1)., March 1!', lH!«i.
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Default existing in a mortgage made and exe
cuted October 13, ISif,', bj William Kennin and
Wilhelmme Kennin, liusoand and wife, of Lake
county, K. !»., mortgagors, to Northwestern
Loan A banking Company of Madison, fj. D,
mortgagee, on the noith one-ha.f
Dated Madison, S. D., March
of the
southeast quarter isc1*]and the south one-hall
of the nouheast,quiirter [ne
of section twenty
[-1I) in township one hundred and tlve
north of range fltty-four
west of fth p. m..
in Lake county, S. D., given to secure the pay
ment of*a certain instailmei note of even date
therewith fir S", and interest on all install
ment" not paid when due at the rate of li per
cent, per annum from date said mortgage hav
ing been tiled for record iu the office of ihe reg
ister ot deeds iu and for Lake county, 8. L., Oc
tolier, 1
:t, at 4 iv.'n o'clock p, m., and record
ed in book 11 of mortgages, on page :iM the
said default consisting of the failure of the
mortgagors to pay the installments on said note
as the same became due, aid there being
now due on said note aud mortgage the sum of
.ID), principal and interest, aud the further
sum of jji) attorney fee stipulated in said mort
wage in case of foreclosure, and there having
been no proceedings at law or otherwise for the
collection of the amount due pn said note ana
mortgage, therefore, the •herift of said Lake
county, ri. D., will sell said premises at the
front door of.the court house, in the city of
Madison, iu said Lake county, on the '.Uh day of
May. IS at 2 o'clock p. to the highest bid
der for cash, to pay said debt, attorney fee. and
costs o' sale
Attorney for Mortgagee,
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, default tas been made in tbc pay
ment of the money secured by a mortgage dated
October 3d, l*t»5, executed by Robert ^tarpand
Lucinda Sharp, his wife, oi Lake county, South
Dakota, to E. II. Jacobs, trustee, of Mudison,
South Dakota, p&rty of the second part, and The
American Mortgage ana inrestment Company
of Madison, Dakota, party of the third
part, and due .July 1st, IS!*), a .d recorded in the
office ol the register of deeds of Lake coanty,
Dakota, on the :id day of October.
at 2 p.
p. in book I. of mortgages, on pages 4."-451,
said mortgage duly assigned to W. A. Mackay,
w hich assignment was filed for record in the of
fice ol the register of deeds of Lake coil nty,
South Dakota, on the Atih day of February, 18f*i,
atl:(0p. mand recorded in book *J6, ou page
H:ri and, whereas, no proceedings at law or
otherwise ha\e -en instituted to recover the
debt secured by said mortgage or any part
thereof whereas, it was stipulated in said mort
gage that if default be made in the payment of the
principal or any art thereof w hen due, then the
whole amount to become due and payable and,
whereas, default has been made in the payment
of the principal sum of said mortgage when due,
to wit, #"011 whereas, the whole amount of
principal and interest has become due by reason
of such default and, whereas, the amount
•laiined to lit due on raid mortgage at tlie date
this i,otice is the sum of seven hui.dred ninty
four and i I«i dollars $TW.' ti) principal and in
terest. besides an attorney's fee of fH») as stip
ulated in said rtgage. Now, therefore, notice
is hereby given that by virtue of the power of
sait contained in said mortgage duly recorded as
aforesaid, stid In pursuance of the statutes in
such cases made and provided, the said mort
gage will lie lorcclosed by a sale of the mort
gaged premises therein described at public auc
tion, by the sheriff of Lake county, South Dako
ta, at the ftont door of the court house, in the
city of Mauison, Lake county, tjonth Dakota, on
the llth day of April, 1W»6, at one o'clock in the
afternoon of that day. The mortgaged premises
are situated In the county of Lake, state of
South Dakota, and are described as follows, to
wit: The northwest quarter of scction twentv
nlne township one hundred and eight (Hifi)
north of range flltv-two t52) west of the ftth
M,. containing lot) acres according to the go*
eminent survey.
Dated Madison, K. D., February 28, IKtti.
Assignee of Mortgages.
Attorneys for Assignee ef Mortgage*.
Notice of Application for Probate of Will.
State of Sonth Dakota, Coanty of Lske—ssi
In County Court. In the matter of the enate of
Ebenezer Bullock, deceased. Notice of day ap
pointed for proving of will. The htate of Sooth
Dakota sends greeting to: Kmma Bollock, wid
ow of dt'ceaxed, aod Emma Bullock, daughter
of deceased, and any other heir* next of kin
of Ebenezer Btill.nck, deceased. Pursuant
to an order of said court made on the 2fith day of
March, A. D. 1H!'6, notice Is hereby given that
Wednesday, th® Kth dav of April, A. D. 18V8, at
4 o'clock p. ID. of raid day, at the office of ihe
coutily judgt, at Madison. In the coanty ot Lake,
S. I., have been appointed a* the time and
place lor proving the will of fnid Itbem *,er Bul
lock, deceased, and for hearing the application
of Mamunl Bullock for the Istnance to htm of
letter* tenUmeutary, when aud where any per
ron interested may appear and contest the
Phme Witness, the lion. J. H. WillinmsoD,
judve of tlie county court, snd the seal of siad
court ttiii .'tith day of March, A. D. lKtW. at his
office in the city of Madison, county of Lake,
staUi of Oakota.
Judge ot the Coanty Court.
[Seal] Clerk of the Coanty Court
Mortgace Sale.
sine of mortgagors, Sarah A. LaBrec and A.
J.LaBrec. Name of morti^ngee, K. I). Kltts.
Dale of mortgage, May 'it, 1H«H. Recorded Jons
2, 1MM, at 11:30 o'clock a. m., in the office ot tbs
register of de«*d« Lake county, S. I)., in book 1?
of mortgages, on page tftt. And. whereas, said
mortgsge was dnly assigned by I). Fitts to O.
MiK'nnon, which ssld assignment was duly
rerorded in the otlceof the rertster of deeds of
said Lske coanty, S. D., on the Sd day of March,
IHW, at 4 ^80 o'clock p.
in book Ai of mort­
gages, on page 401. Default having been Bade
tn the conditions of said mortgage, to wit, in the
payment of the taxes on the premises described
in said mortgage tor the years 1WM and 16U5, and
the same being now due and delinquent, and
having been necessarily paid by the assignee as
aforesaid and. whereas, it was stipulated and
agreed by and between the parlies to said mort
gage, and contained theiem, that if default
shoti be made in any of the conditions con
tained in said mortgage, then the full umount
thereby iecured should become due and collect
ible at once and, whereas, the said asvignee has
declared the full amount ssenred thereby to be
due and collectible, and no procesdings at law
or otherwise having been commenced to collect
said debt, and there being now due by reason of
said default the sum of $8100 priucipal and In
terest, besides the anm of $llii.51 taxes and in
terest thereon necessarily paid by said assignee,
besides the suin of $^5.IKI liquidated damages ana
$10.(10 attorney fee as provided in said mortgage
in case of foreclosure. Now, therefore, notice
is hereby given that under and by virtue of the
power ot sale contained in said mortgage, and
duly recorded therewith, the said mortgage will
be foreclosed by sale at public auction by the
she.'iff of Lake county, S. D., or his deputy, on
tne 18th day of April, 1N'.*5, at one p. ni., at the
front door of the court house, in the city of Mad
ison, in said Lake countv, South Dakota, of the
lands and premises situated in said Lake county,
South Uakota, and described in said mortgage
substantially as follows, to wit Lot No. lour
I), block No. eight (8), Original Plat of the
town (now eity) of Madison, Lake county. South
l'ated Madison, S. D., March 4, istiei.
w. c.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee.
Volume CXXXII begins January 1896
will contain:
Valuable hints about various
branches of industry which are
open to women, by women who
have succeeded in them.
Music in America.
Discussion of musical subjects
or people. Illustrated each month
with portraits, autographs, and
one or more pages of music. This
music alone will make a valuable
This series of articles is a unique
feature among monthly magazines
The papers are interesting to all
readers, and are of positive value
to those who play or sing.
The Stage.
Illustrated articles upon the best
and newest plays and the foremost
actors, particularly the best Amer
ican productions. These are much
more than gossip of players. They
are entertaining discussions of the
dramas that are talked about. Such
treatment is not found in any
other magazine.
The Magazine will be well and
thoroughly illustrated from cover
to cover. Competent artists and
improved methods of making and
printing the plates will be employ
The Covers.
The covers are different every
month. They are tit signed by
popular artists, and the covers for a
year will be valuable as an art col
lection iu themselves.
The Fashion Department
which for years has given the
latest fads and fashions, is of par
ticular interest to women.
A Home Magazine.
magazine, of this
country and to-day. It is a family
magazine, with a larger scope than
it had as the '"Lady's Book." It is
a monthly feast of wholesome, in
teresting reading, fit for every
member of the household.
In addition to the features men
tioned above, each number will
contain a liberal amount of fiction,
by the best writers, articles on sub
jects of general interest, book re
views, etc., etc.
Subscriptions, $1.00 a year.
Ten cents a number.
Send ten cents for a sample copy
None free
The Qodey Co.,
(3 Lafayette P*ace,
i'csi J-. ... "-«.v
lying crops.
r. iiot 'ro»a i'' ri..iii«-«». .Vi tti t'
Never Iril tochv.no.' Iilitro.v
lng Kerr* «•••«!«. TVaiemteii
them tvti) wbcit. Write K
1S1WI. Brimful of vi»luat||»j
fcirirm«tiotial»QVtbent*fil in
svetlaw i'rpe toy mm
Pr M. FERRY A Cftl"
Yet Some Suffer In Silence and will not Open the
Matter to their Physician even.
Prom the Nugget, CKeHali*, Wash.
The neighbors called her a walking ••orpw.
For fifteen years she hall suffered from loss
of blood and dropsy. She had not tlie
strength to stand alone. She had spent
thousands of dollars with the doctors and
had been nnable to find relief. Her case
was considered hopeless.
That is the experience of Mrs. C. Reed, a
well-known lady of this city.
A Nugget reporter called upon her at her
home last Tuesday. She was willing to be
interviewed, she said, if she could be the
means of pointing out to other unfortunates
the way to recovery and good health.
It has been over fifteen years 8inoe the
malady asserted itself," said Mrs. Reed.
"Since then, until within the last few
months, I never knew what it was to l»e well
for a single day. I could not sleep. My
appetite went away and I beiran to lose flesh.
This continued for yenri. I became so weak
I could not wait upon myself. I had to have
the help of others to dre.-vs and undress, even
to walk from one room toanother. I lost till
my strength. In addition, 1 bad dropsy of
the blood. My limbj were swollt n, and
nothing I could do seeaied to afford me re
lief. The din-tors said I must take iron to
strengthen and invigorate mv blood. I took
iron—took it by the Itottle nnd by tlie box
took it inornimr. noon and night. Hut it did
no good, and I had finally lost all hope.
At la.st I paw an account of Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills for Pale People. I thought this
fitted my ease- exactly aud I tried to get some
of the pills. They were not kept at th."
drugstores here, and I had to send to Olym
piad They came finally, however. I began
to take them and experienced relief immedi
ately. I sent for two more loxes to the Pr.
Williams' Company at Schenectady. X. Y.,
nnd by the time I had taken them I felt like
a new woman. I have been taking thorn
occasionally since then.
It was two years atro that I be?an to use
Dr. William- 'pink Pills. 1 wns sixty years
of age then, ami had not been able to do my
housework for many years. Now 1 am abb:
to care for mj\«']f, to uo my own Work, and I
can walk long distances without being espe-
rs. Martha L. Reed, being fir-t duly
sworn on her oath, savs that she has read the
foregoing report of an interview with her,
and that the same is as she gave it and is
correct in every particular.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
14th day of May,
J. M. KF.PNEP., Notary Public.
A ease of similar imjHirt and of much in
terest is here given also, the same having
befn originally published by the Afh'itm
of Ogdensburg, N. Y. While it i« from the
far east, the facts can nevertheless be asilv
hcar the story told by Mrs. Frank Murray,
a.5 follows:
Mrs. Frank Murray, who resides near
Ogdensburg, N. Y., says: I am4t vearsof
age, and for a number of years resided in
Preseott, Ont. We moved over here some
time ago and have worked this farm since.
It is what is known as the Ferguson Farm
and is about six miles out from the city. My
husband is now working in Ogdensburg at
bis trade, that of a stone mason, while my
children and myself carry on the farm.
I nave been a great sufferer from sick
headache, which would generally come on
about evening, and I would be completely
prostrated, not even ible to lift my hand or
l:elp myself in any way. These spells would
last for altout 24 ncurs, and would leave me
in so weakened a condition that for a few
days 1 could scarcely drag alwut the house.
Periodically the s{h-1Ik would come on me.
I have also had considerable spinal trouble,
the sharp, darting tongues of pain'being
mo.-t severe, following along my spine anu
toahe back of my head.
Have doctored much, but without the
dsind result. I heard of Ir. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and also later
heard of the cures they had effected in a
number of persons personally known to me,
and it was their publishtd stories that de
cided me to try them.
I got some of tlie pills, and after I had
taken the tirst box I had no more headaches
for several months. Last fall the headaches
returned, however, nnd I took another box
of" the pills and am happy to say have not
since l»HI bothered.
"This summer my head began to have a
heavy feeling, and at times I was quite
drowv. but no pains accompanied it.
ciallv fatigued. I I 'M' air uu uiiiaiiiuu I\-I an uio
I think my cure is a marvelous ono nnfl ,»
is due entirely to the ink Pills f..r Pule I
In order to confirm this statement Itoyond
all doubt Mrs. Heed offered to make affidavit
to its truth, and the affidavit is here pre
v neigh!ors, and I know that they have
substHntiated by writing the patient direct. rrie,' of rents a box or six boxes for $2.5(\
livery It-male who i.-i ncuriug tin critical
period of a woman'* life will be o sed to
by :.» Ir.-svirif
i i i
V* \U
now have more pills and though I've taken
only a f.-w I feel well again.
"1 den't think any person could stand it
a gr at while to be troubled as 1 was and
ftand the amount ol pain. I know that
Pink Pills are a good medicine and fully
what tin y are represented to lie. I have
recommended them to some of my friends
with beneficial results. Oh. my, yes! They
have done wonders for me. I do all nr^
own housework on the farm. We have a
dairy of twelve cows, and often when the
boys are wry busy getting in the crops 1
have i.iilki all the cows alone."
lr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple are an unfailing remedy for all dis-
nrisintj from a poor an«l watery eondi-
of t|u, Mlrh as pH],. nnd
People. _\\ ithout them 1 fear I should have jov1- complexion. tieral muscular weakness,
lo.-n of j.ppHite, depression of spirits, lack of
ambition, ana-mia, chlorosis or green sick
°|?t j|
ness, palpitntion of the heart, shortness ol
tor them any |,r,,-ith on slight exertion, coldness of hands
Without them I fear I should have
been dead before now.
"Since my cure has lecome known the
druggists here have always kept tie- pi lis,
and I do not have to send awnv for them any
done much good in more than one case simi
lar to my own."
I uonoi M.nr IOJM-ii.. 1... .or... »..v |, ,..lth on slight exertion, coldness of hands
.have recommended tliem to several
swelling of the feet and limbs, pain
in (|)(l
jli ck, nervous headache, dizziness.
ln-.v of memory, feebleness of w ill, ringing in
the ears, early decay, all forms of female
weakness, leucorrhira, tardy or irregular
periods, suppression of mens-s, hysteria,
pam lysis, locomotor r.taxia, rheumatism,
sciatica, all diseases depending on vitiated
hiiMi'rs in the blood, causing scrofula,
swelled glands, fever sorv, rickets, hip-joint
diseases, hunchback, acquired deformities,
de-iycd bones, chronic erysipelas, catarrh,
consumption of the IKIWCIS and lungs, and
also for invigorating the blrtod and system
when broken down bv overwork, worry, dis.
eases. «-.\ee«ses and indiscretions of living, re
coverv from scute difcas^, such as fevers,
etc.. loss of vital powers, spermutorrhcBa,
early decay, premature old age. They act
directly on the blood, supplying to the blood
it life-giviiiir qualities by assisting it to
abs-J oxygen, that great supporter of all
or.Miiie life. Pink Pills are sold by all deal
ers or will be sent post paid on receipt ol
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