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by tlnvrrninenfc
Othrm by Individual*.
There is n yul jaw u: h«p in Berlin,
thore arc pawnshop?. ducal pawn
•bops, rouin/ pa»vil' i«s, city or uiani
Oipal pavn•! '].u:nipriv.str-pawnshops.
The inuiiu-ipttl and private pawnshops
may both rxist ill the naino town. Tho
rate of interest v t* fixed by a law
passed in 1881 at not nio/o than 24 per
annum ou loans uutlor 20
marks, and not over 12 per cent on
larger sums.
In Berlin the pawnshop i« a royal in
etitution, aud is not allowed to make a
profit. It* surplus goea to charitable
punos»'8. At Hauau no interest is
charged on loans up to 3 marks if the
articles are redeemed within six days.
At Hof, in Baden, people an1 allowed tc
raise money, giving as security the .re
ceipt of their wages two or three weeks
At Weimar and Hanan anonymous
pawning is the rule. No names are
asked and lio address is given. Provision
is made at Memel for merchants depos
iting goods in time of temjKjrarv embar
At Bautzen raw wool is received in
pledge. At Bromberg military accoutor
ment8 are excluded from the articles
which may be pawned. The pawnshop
at Detniold will nor receive articles in
pawn from servants without the consent
of their masters. At Altenberg and one
or two other places no one is allowed to
pawn articles of more than 100 murks'
value without tho consent of the town
Although private pawnbrokers exist
alongside th1 municipal institutions, in
many towns the latter refuse to do busi
ness with th" former. Secondhand deal
ers and pawnbrokers are especially pro
hibited from resorting to the municipal
A salutary regulation against dealing
with pawn tickets is frequently enforced.
The rate of interest fluctuates a great
ileal iu Germany, alid is highest fe.r
small turns loaned for short periods.
Tin* averages about 12 jx cent and on
loans issued against securities 4 or
per out.—Berlin Letter.
Position and Sleep.
How many people are in the habit of
troubling themselves about the exact
point of the compass to which their
heads happen to be pointed when they
lay themselves down for their nocturnal
rest? One might have gone' on suppos
ing, but for the irrepressible Sir Benja
min Richardson, that it elid not in th"
least matter whether the head of one's
bedstead we/e turned north, south, east
or west. Bat i?ir Benjamin is full of
theories on the subject, and now that hr»
has expounded them we are in a por
tion to know that if we "turn our face
to the west," like Daddy in the sen
timental ballad wo ought to get th
soundest sle p, because in that case "th'.'
earth's motion will tend to send tL^
blwod to the head.''
Here is a suggested cure for insomnia
which is at l-ast worth a trial, and in
future a compass' should be an indis
pensable article of furuituro in ewry
"well regulated bedroom. It may s wlly
disorganize not a few bedchambers to
arrange the adoption of this westward
jKsitiou, which may in some cases caus*
almost as much trouble as the reverse
position has occasioned from time *o
time in the ecclesiastical world. But
Sir Benjamin Richardson has spoken,
and it only remains fe»r those who rc
cept him as an oracle to point their bed
heads due w^st at all costs aud without
delav.—London Letter.
Great Fire Reported at Hneda de
Accepted Women Juror*.
Mr. Bryan Said to Have Coined Choir*
I'hrmM** for IIin New York Speech.
OMAHA, Aug. .*».—A special to the Be©
from Lincoln, Neb., says When W.
J. Bryan leaves for Now York next
Friday evening, will carry with him
a draft of the speech which he intends
to use before the notification committee
in Madison Ssjnnn* garden.
Ikon wood.
Aug. 5.—A special dispatch
from Madrid says that a great fire is
raging at Bueda de Medina, a town of
about 40,000 inhabitants, 2." miles south
of Yaladolid. Hundreds of buildings
are said to have been destroyed and the
inhabitants are reported to be in a state
,of panic.
Lost la the Mountains.
Aug. 5.—Joseph Smith
and Charles Temple, who left Edmon
ton in June for the Kootenay district,
have both been found in an emaciated
condition near Banff. They lost their
way in the mountains and became sep
arated. Searching parties recovered
Temple, while Smith was found un
conscious beside the railway track some
60 miles away.
Aug. 5.—Judge Hortou, sit­
ting in the criminal court, created a
great deal of comment among lawyers
and others by accepting two women as
jurors. Their names had been taken
from the poll lists by the jury clerks
Both of the women said they were will
ing to serve and were told to appear for
Helping the laiurfruU,
HAVANA, Aug. —A wind storm at
San Luis, province of Santiago de Cul i.
has demolished the barracks there, kill
ing two guerrillas outright and buryiug
seven others under the ruins. Five
persons were killed by electricity. An
epidemic of smallpox prevails at Uuana
hacna and is spreading.
Celebrating at Colorado Spring*.
Colorado Spkiw.s,
Colo Aug. 5.—
The celebration on a magnificent scale
of the new quarter century of the
fouudiurr of this cirv in connection with
the annual flower carnival, will con
tinue all the week. Exercises com
memorating 3khe city's 2'itli anniversary
and the settlement of El Paso county
Nurere held iu the evening.
Inll a* Declart'il Not (Inilt/.
WlNNH'Ko. Man.. Aug. 5.—Aimairi*
and Lucky E nr. the Indians who were
brought nek from Mout "ia and placer
ou trial fcr fomp.i ty in the Fit Luk
massacre d.r.n," e relell.nu of is'-'),
have been ac-qnuttu ty tue authentic
has de­
voted considerable time to it already,
but will put a few finishing touches
before it can be declared (omplete. It
will occupy between one hour aud an
hour :ind a half in delivery and will
discuss the Chicago platform in detail,
and give his interpretation thereof. He
is esjx'cially indignant at the charge
that he and those who stand with him
on the Chicago platform are to be
classed as anarchists or that they aim
to break down any tif the laws of the
country. Mr. Brymi has something
to say about the charge in his Cimaha
speech at the time of the reception to
him in that city. In his New York
speech, he will elaborate the idea and
roundly denounce the accusation.
Will A«tuui»h the Conntry.
Those who have been taken into his
confidence, and there is certainly one,
say that this speech will astoijish the
conntry, and that it contains a number
of new and pleasing metaphors never
before used on any stage, and which
have nothing in common with "crowns
of thorns" or "crosses of gold." It is
understood that Hon. Richard P. Bland
w he will be in Lincoln, at the time of
Mr. Bryan's departure, will accompany
him to New York, appear with him in
Madison Square and make a speech. It
is suid that Mr. Bryan will make no set
sjieeches al ng the route, but will in
dulge in informal talks to the people
from the rear platform of coaches.
Tlie Xorrio Mine Cimrd TiK: t.
Mich., Aug. 5.—The Nor-
rie mine 4nw completely closed down
When running full time this mine em
ploys 1,200 men, but it has been shut
down fer weeks. President Curry say*
that the mine will not resume opera
ojeTations until the .00,000 tons of
already on the surface is ^old. H»
aiso ays that the reaKm no sales can b«
made at present is the unstability or the
money market.
Fifty Thontand win
li io.
tons from Ontario, Quebec, the New*
England states aud as far west' as Den
ver will participate.
gold to PresMrnt Winter for the Itrorgan
izMtion for 1, (05,200,
sections ofj patented and an in
definite quantity of unpatented lauds
were sold at public auction by Special
Master Alfred^L. Carey. The sale was
under a decree of the United States
circuit court of the Eastern district of
Wisconsin. The property was bought
in by Edwin W. Winter for the North
ern Pacific railway company, of which
he is president, for £1,705,200. A
private bidder attempted to purchase
one tract of 160 acres, but WTinter bid it
up to $15,000. and took it at that figure.
There was no opposition after this.
Winter purchased the next tract for
$100, with an option to take the rest of
the patented land at the same figure,
which he promptly covered, depositing
$119,010 in Northern Pacific bonds.
The remaining lands of the company
were knocked down to him for a lump
bid of $505,000.
The ret rifled Man A fain.
Aug. 5.—Mr. Hagel,
C., and Mr. McPherriu have returned
from Argyle, Minn., whither they went
to examine a cast which was alleged to
be that of the petrified man, over which
there was litigation here recently. The
measurements of the body and of the
cast do not agree aud there is no re
semblance in feature or form between
the two. Those who were present at
the examination expressed the convic
tion that the cast and the body here
have no relation to each other.
Mepabllean Flattens.
The republicans of South Dakota, io
convention represented, affirm their full
faith in and alliegance to the declaration
of principles adopted by the national
repubhenn convention at St. Louis in its
entirety, constituting a platform of a
great and progressive, party, proud of its
past record and achievements, courage
ous in its championship of the right and
unfalteriog in the maintenance of its po
litical tenets.
2. -We recognise in WTilliam McKin
ley, our candidate for president, and
Garret A. llobart, the nominee for vice
president, two typical Americans, tried
in the publio service and found able and
true, pure in their lives, untarnished ia
their honor and close to the people in
their experiences and sympathies, and
we pledge to them our most hearty and
willing effort and support, with the full
vote of South Daketa in the electoral
college. With such a platform and in*
vincible leader we enter the contest with
the inspiration of a sure prophecy of
victory at the polls in November next.
3. We commend the present republi
can administration of governmental af
fairs of this state as honest and econom-
I ical, and especially commend its steady
purpose ana effort in exposing snd
bringing to speedy punishment a former
defaulting state treasurer, and recover
ing back for the state ao large a porpor
tion of the stolen funds and we
demand a
passage of an not by our itgislatun bro»
viding adequate punishment for defalo
lions o.' public officers.
4 The republican party having al
ways leen the friend of labor and labor
ing men, deplores the frequent strikes
and conflicts between emptbyers and
employed, resulting at times in the de
struction of life and property and great
injury to thi
We recommend that each county con
vention of this state, for the nomination
of members for the legislature, take such
action as will lequire all candidates
upon the legislative ticket to commit
themselves upon the 'question of legisla
tion to carry out the meaning and pur
pose of this resoiution.
0. We view with apprebeneion the
growth of corporate power in thtaooun
try, and especially are we opposed to
trusts and combines which during re
cent years have steadily multiplied, seek
ing by unjust and illegal means to stifle
competition, aud thereby, wnile fettering
the producer, to extort extravagant
prices from the consumer. We pledge
the party and its nominees for congress
and the senate to
Resolved, That in bolting the
St. Louis
oonvention Senator Pettigrew has ceased
to be in touch with the republican par
ty of this state, and that he has forfeit
ed its political respect and esteem.
immediately concerned
and the public generally, and favors the
settlement of all questions of dispute
arising between labor and capital by le
gally constituted arbitration by whioh
al! parties interested shall be bound.
5. We believe the transportation cor
porations of tbie^ state are the people's
public servants we oppose any and all
harsh or unjust legislation concerning
them, but we do demand such legislation
as will clothe the board of railway com
missioners of this state with fall power
and authority to correct evils, right
wrongs, and in general to prevent all un
just discriminations, and to provide a
reasonable maximum tariff of passenger
and freight rates.
their destruction.
7. Whereas, complaints are made by
the people concerning the management
of the grain elevators within the state
Therefore, we demand that the coming
legislature make a thorough investiga
tion into the details of such manage
ment within this state, and by proper
legislation provide adequate remedies for
the evil that may be found to exist.
BUFFALO, Aug. —It is expected that I 8. We invite every voter who i« a lov
there will be fully 50,000 swords at the er of good government and who desires
cantonment of the Patriarchs Militant, the return of prosperous and good times
1. O. O. F., which will convene in this
city this week. The parade will take pUblieHn ticket in county, state and na
place Wednesday afternoon, and
Wash., Aug. 5.—All of the
lands of the Northern Pacific railroad,
in the state of Washington, comprising
us in the election of the re-
In addition
"to the platform as above
juoted, the convention adopted also the
following resolutions:
Resolved, That since the assembling of
the last republican convention of South
Dakota the Supreme Ruler of the uni
verse has removed from the active scenes
of earth our honored ex governor. Ar
thur C. Mellette and that ia his death
his family has been deprived of a devot
ed hnsband and father, our state which
he so faithfully served a public benefac
or, the republican party of our state a
champion of masterful ability, fidelity
and courage, and the nation one of the
noblest works of God—an honest man.
has been held that coo-.
sumption is hereditary,
and the fact that one r*
son of a family ha (J
cd with consnmp*
tion was considered
a sure sign that
others of that familjp
)could not escape it
This is partly true
and partly untrue.
A man with weak
lungs is likcljr to transmit that weakness to
his children. But there is no reason in the
world why the weakness should be allowed
o e v e o
Keep the lungs full of rich, red, whole
some tlood. and the weakne?* will disag
Decaying tissues will be- thrown off,
and new mate-rial will be added until the
lungs are well and perfectly i-trong cs?ain.
This is the thing that Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery does. This is what
makes it cure
per cent, of all cases of
consumption where it is taken according to
directions. It searches out disease germ*,
wherever they may be in the body and
forces them out of the system It supplies
the blood with rich, life-giving properties»
It makes the appetite good, digestion pet*
feci. Sold by all medicinc dealer*.
Office in Syndicate Block.
So. Dak
T« Weekly Leaner
The Best
daper published in Madison for the
farmers of Lake County
It gives the
City and
County Local.News
besides a large amount of impor
carefulj compiled
rom our daily issues
Farm Cream Separators*
A feed cooker will
furnish steam to run
an automatic LiTTZ«S
with capacity of 300
or 600 pounds per
hour. No engine is needed.
It is the cheapest outfit in
first cost that can be obtain
ed. Send for free illus
trated catalogue to P. M.
SHARPLES, Elgin, Kane
county, Illinois.
The intense itching r:•
dent to eev.ema, tetter, sn.t
diseases of the skin in ii*-i
applying Chambcrl::tn*.'
Ointment. Many very
permar cntlv curcd iT i
effieient for itchSns piles r.
•Hv for «ore nipph: cl»:tj
Mains, frost bite?, a:»d el i"
For sale by druggbts at
Try Dr. fady**
©iiditi.• i yC•
w just what a horse need*
tion. Tonic, bkxd pi i Ilier
Frank Smith, llriugii
k Patient Cured who was Afflicted with Rheu
matism, Locomotor Ataxia in the Legs
and Paralysis of the Throat.
It was in Prescott, Mich., the Patient was an Old
Soldier and has Hundreds of Friends.
The Case Reads Like a fliracle.
Prom the Lakeside Monitor, Au Snbte, 3fich.
The publisher of this paper having some
business to transact at Prcscot, Ogemaw Co.,
Michigan, Monday lust, repaired to
that ham
let.. While there he chanced to learn of a
remarkable recovery from an illness of thirty
four years standing, the fortunate person
ugn 1 ______
time I had never been sick a day in iny life
Before this time I hod treated with the
best medical men of detroit, Cleveland, Mil
waukee, Chicago and several other northern
cities, but, as I said, grew gradually wors*
until I would not have given $1 for my
chances of lite last Noveml»er. and, in fact.
would rather have been dea 1 tnan alive. I
only weight 182 pounds. You see me to
day. 1 weigh 175 and am free from pain en
tirely, am slowly but surely gainin.'strensrtli.
You see I get up stairs all right, and 1 coin»
up these stairs a dozen times a day now. You
and weighed 1&> pounds. I continued 111 the 1 pimihirly atleeted as I was. This person bad
aervice during the war, although suffering sought cure evetywhere tor years and given
all the time from rheumatism. At the close
of the war, I was discharged and a few William*' I'ink Pills for Pale People and
months afterwards granted a pension of $9 1
my legs, hands, arms aud tongue again. 1 w.ld iu hulk
The Inter Ocean
practice up again and make up for lost time
and tell every one of my now happy lot.
I want to say now that for ten years pre
vious to last Novemler, 1 hat! !eeu able to
perform but little lalor, and was totally dis
abled for nearly three years. My God I!
I was in an awful shape. Mr. Anthonv
Stone's folks here, with whom I boarded.
being Thomas F. (jalvin. The writer hunted will tell you that tWy did not expect to tint!
that gentleman up, introduced himself, and me alive any morning when they came to
requested Mr. Uulvin to give a brief history
ovelJ tw.°
T*. ..... ,! yet, and can walk six or seven miles any
of hn terrible disease and some history of
fleasant lay
himself. Mr. Galvin's trouble culminated tite is good and I enjoy sleep. If I waxtuken
three or four years since iu three diseases— h'"1 ever »Kiiin to-morrow, I have en
ioyeu life so well for seven months, that it
lias a thousand times paid me for the troublo
Rheumatism, affecting the general system
locomotor ataxia, affecting the legs, render
ing him unable to direct his course in walk
ing. and paralysis, rendering him unable to
we lips, throat or pal »te.
In giving a history of hia trouble, Mr.
Qalvin said:
"In 1861 I enlitted In the army and was
made captain of Co. H., 40th Illinois In
fantry. I was stationed at I'aducah, Ky.: in
September of that year and wuiie there
caught cold and contracted rheumatism. I
wa« in the hospital there three months when
1 recovered sufficiently to report for du.y,
although far from well. Previous to this
years* B"t here I ara
without «'iwomfort. My appe«
and expense I have been to get relief.
"You ask me how I got relief Well I
had not forgotten that part of it by a trood
deal. But I am so happy when thinking
and talking about my recovery, that I can
not get in everything at once. No one but
myself can appreciate my condition before
aild now I want to say to any
one who may be utl'ected with either rheu
111 ism, locomotor ataxia or paralvsis, thai
if they will write me, I ill make iiltidavit at
to the facts I have stated and t«^ what I owe
my recovery.
"As I st:ited, last November I was at my
worst, could neither enl, sleep, walk, talk, or
use my hands or feet in any way. I read irk
newspaper of some one who had beerl
(0 ,Jie when he commenced taking lJiv
per month for my disabilities. I was never them, but was prevailed.upon to buy a half
free from pain for thirty-three long years un- dozen boxes lor I commenced taking
til late last fall or early in the winter. I tlieni the fir^t of Novc
continued to grow worse all the time during
the entire period until last November. I was
a pitable condition. I had been
with paralysis and locomotor ataxia
in addition to mv rheumatism, hor three {(loa n l*xrs and then a third, of which I
years I was helpless. I could not talk bec:iusc
of paralysis, I could not walk leeause of the
locomotor ataxia, and my hands, arms an-l
legs were all out of shape, withered u-i-l
drawn, from rheumatism. You Bee my
knees now. Just as limber as yours. Last
summer 1 could not move my knees, nur
could I get them together within six inches.
You see my fingers, straight an nearly re
covered from their stiffness. At tiiat tim
if I attempted to walk, I was as liable to gi
backwards or sideways or fall down as I w .s
to go forwards, leeause of the lack of po.\.
of locomotion. My (Jod. how I prayed for
years to die and be relieved of my sufferings.
"Had it not been that our (tovernmnt.
,vr fit to increase my pension from $9 to *17
per month and pay me $3,140 back pension.
1 should have suSered for the necessities of
cured. I did not have any faith in
and in .'to days,
by following directions closely, I could see
mnrkt-d improvement in my condition.
Well, 1 kept right on following instruc
tions to the letter. I bought i.nothcr half
have left nearly two Inixes. It has cost me
in-'jO mid 1 am going to make it an even $10
before I stop. Not that 1 fear that 1 am not
cured, for I never felt better every way in
my life. Hut I don't propose to take any
chances 011 11 it ting too soon.
"Am I sure that Pink Pills cured me?
Why should I not be? Did I not suffer the
agoni s of hell for years without relief? Then
1 took Pink Pills and came out iu the shape
I am, as you see me to-day and then ask me
ifluniMire? Is a man sure he iv jfoinjr to
di« some time? 1 am just assure Pii.k Pills
cured mens you are s-ure that you are going
to a long rest some time. t»ure Pink Pills
cured me Well, I am happy to remark,
yesl A thousand times yes
"I know positively that I was cured by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, midM bclievo
firmly that it is the most wonderful remedy
in existence to-day, and every fact I have
presented to you is known to my neighbors as
well as to myself, aud they will ccrtify to th*
truth of my remarkable cure."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a con
densed form, all the elements necessary to
give new life andYiehness to the blood and
restore shattered nerves. They are au un
failing jx'cifie for such diseases as locomotor
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance,
sehitiea. neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
would not discover that I was ever unnble to ]it::tioii of the heart, pale aud sallow'com
Speak. I shall go to work with my tool" as 1 piexions, all forms
the after' effects of la grippe pal-
carpenter soon, so as to help me increase in male or female, and all diseases resulting
strength. I was 60 long unable to take a
step that I do not feel hardly safe on 'my Piils are sold by all dealers, or will be sent
ins vet, although I have not fallen down post jiaitf 011 receipt of price, (50 cents a boi,
1 several months. I am learning the use of c.r
weakness either in
from vitiated humors in the blood. Pink
52."iO they are never
fuess you will think 1 have recovered the Dr. Williams' Metiiciuo '"inunav ttuhanM
MS of the latter if 1 keep on, but I want to tady, N. Y.
hv the 100) l.y addressing
are built in the largest and
best equipped factory in the world
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in every town wher
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