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PRIDAy, SEFf. 11, 1896.
Local Tim* aeie.
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. PaalBailwajr, which
IOOK effect, Sunday, Sept f, 1886:
THAI If ft «OI»l« BABT.
pMienger, Ho. 4, depart* 11:00 a. n.
Freight, No. #S, dep»rt« 6:45 a. m.
IVel«hl, No. 74, depart# 7 ::10 p. m.
TRAIN* aoiao WBBT,
#ay freight, No. «7, departs 4:15 p. m.
PkMenger, No. 1, arrives 4 -(H) p. m,
1^ei*bt, No. 95, arrives p. m.
Vlraight No. 73, arrives 4:15 a.m.
Freight, No. ¥8, arrives 10:4 a. m.
All the above trains carry pastenrert bnt
freight* only when pattenger* are profiled with
Paeacnzer tralma |Oing eaat make connection
at Bgan for all point* south.
aa*enger trointt north, depart* ll::l) a. n.
from north arrives, 2:45 p. a.
11. K. WOOD. Local Agent.
25 per cent Discount.
Or. «lenks returned from the eta!.
Mrs. Dr. Dean nee Christy MoUilli
•ray, returned to Wausau, Wis.
Pettigrew rally at the opera house to
night. Everybody turn out and hear
South Dakota's senator.
O. E. Jenkins, a railroad official of
Chicago, and wife arrived on a viait to
hia brother, Rev. J. P. Jenkins.
Owen Jones went to Bryant on the
northbouud train. He begins a term of
aohool at Willow Lakes, Monday.
Attorney General Crawford took the
afternoon train to Howard whence he
will drive to Canova and speak this eve
Arrivals on the evening train were
Senator Pettigrew P. L. Super, J. S.
Johnson, E. C. Whalen and C. J. Porter
and family.
Weather report: Showers to-night
with warmer in east i*ortion. Saturday
ahowers with cooler west portion in
creasing southeast winds.
State Supt. Crane paid THE DAILY
LKADEH a friendly call this morning be
fore returning to Pierre on the train for
the north. Mr. Crane has made a most
excellent superintendent of public in
struction and is deserving of reelection.
Brookings Register: Miss Agnes
Skinner has been eleoted to a position in
the public schools of Yankton and left
on Monday for that place. Miss Skinner
graduated from the State Normal school
at Madison, last June. Her numerous
friends will be pleased to know that she
has secured a position aa teacher in one
of the best schools in the state.
Hon. Coe I. Crawford was greeted
with the beat house of the season last
Slight and made the ablest defense of
the republican position given this sea
aon. He got to the real issue at once—
the money question as related to busi
ness depression—and quoted eminent au
thorities to prove that the cause assign
ad was one thing in one country and
another thing in another country ao
cording aa each one looked at their looal
conditions. But his chief argument
Was that falling prices were caused by
Improved methods in production cheap
ening prices, reduced rates in transpor
tation, shorter routes of commerce and
quicker interchange of products by reas
on of rail, canal and steam power. Then
the Wilson bill and repeal of reciprocity
With oar South American neighbors
jfeiirt us. Articles that were not pro
duced by Improved methods had not
fallen in price, and wages in factories
and special lines had increased greatly.
In fact everything but the gold stand
ard had helped to knock down prices.
Bat this could and would be made all
right by McKinley's election and a pro
tective tariff. The republican party had
passed the only anti trust law on tie
Statute books, was in favor of arbitra
tion and was the true bi metallic party,
free ooinage would drive gold out and a
panio ensue. It would cut in two aav-
ings banks deposits, insurance policie
r*"* and pensions. Gold would go to a pre
I r"| I— I—4 j\ I |J miura and it would cost us more to pay
All Kinds of
(jeijta and we would be reduoed to
the level of India and Mexico. Mr.
Crawford's reference to protection and
pensions were heartily applauded.
The cheapest place to buy clothing at
(he Rochester.
Found. K. P. charm. Thiaoffice.
Rooma to rent. Enquire of Mra. J. 8.
Tne Rochester Clothing houae haa a
fine line of underwear.
For rent—six room houae.
lllnnnnta and Hoatnn Capitalist* Will
Reorganise Those at Kpri ii( V all* y.
Hi'DsON.Wis., Sept. 11.—Ex-Governor
W. R. Merriam, C. A. Severance, W.T.
Rickers, H. D. Burglinrrit, George C.
Power, C. H. Harvest of Minnesota,
S. Reid of La Crosse, Steuben Crosby
and William Endicott of boston, were
here to complete the organization of a
new company to own and operate the
Wildwood and Spring Valley manufac
turing interests formerly held by D. M.
Sabin. They elected as officers G. C.
Power, president C. A. Severance, vice
president C. H. Harvest, treasurer
H. D. Burghurdt, secretary and general
manager. The new company is styled
the North Wisconsin Laud company
capital stock, $£'20,000.
Jtmei Kakr of TVniisylv:vnia ("oumiand
er-ln-di rf—At InUianapolM Next.
LOUISKILLE, Sept. 11.—At the after­
noon sessions of the Sons of Veterans
the following officers were elected for
the ensuing year James L. Rake of
Pennsylvania, commander-in-chief L.
P. Kennedy of Colorado, senior vice
commander R. M. Buckley of Lonis
ville, junior vice commander council
in chief, L. Kennedy, ex officio, pres
ident F. W. Heine of Nebraska and
Fred Meyers of Colorado.
Indianapolis was selected as tlfce next
place of meeting.
Celebrated Meteorologist Dead.
ROME, Sept. li.—Prof. Luimieri, the
celebrated Italian meteorologist, is dead.
He was born in 1K07, and in 1K54 took
charge of the meteorelogical observa
tory of Vesuvius. His name has been
Connected with all reports of eruptions
since that time, principally in
when his life was in danger. He is th^
author of a number of interesting works
and was the inventor of several valua
ble instruments designed to insnre rain
falls, to 6tudy atmospheric electricity,
and to record subterranean disturbances.
Twenty-six Attachment*.
ELLSWORTH, Kan., Sept.
six attachments aggregating $70,000
have been served on the Ellsworth Land
and Cattle company, of which W. C.
Wornall of Kansas City is president.
The company owns 6,000 acres of land
in this vicinity, and last year wintered
2.700 eattlo. on which they are said tc
have lost heavily No statement has
yet been made.
Mounted 1 oliceaa u SaicHM
Sept. 11—A Duck Lake
dispatch says C-jnstable Cruikshanks, of
the Northwest mounted police, shot and
killed himself.
The Rochester Clothing house ia open
for business.
For rent, four room honee with good
barn near Normal school.
School Supplies
"*i~ a
~w w w w w W- .w, jr w w w w w r*v—w w—w- v~ w rw—w ~w w w
of the Propositions Advo
cated by the Ui itish Trades
luion Congress*
The Educational System of the
Country Should Be Speedily
On Such a Basis as to Secure the
Democratic Principle of
EDINBURGH, Sept. 11.—In the British
trades union congress the national
union of gas workers and general labor
ers of Great Britain and Ireland pre
sented the following resolution
"That in the opinion of this conjrress,
where grants of public money are given
forveducutional purposes, there should
be public control, and that our present
system of state education, based as it is
on commercialism and being out of
harmony with the economic forces
which are working towards collectiv
ism, does not supply the educational
needs of the nation and therefore it is
imperative that our educational system
should be completely remodeled on such
a bafcis as to secure the democratic
principle of
Equality of Opportunity
nnd by the introduction into our state
schools of the best
of educational
science to make it possible for English
children to obtain such training—physi
cal, intellectual and moral—as may
tend to make them worthy citizens of a
co-operative commonwealth. We there
fore instruct the parliamentary com
mitteo to urge upon the government
the need for introducing an amended
measnre on the lines indicated by this
After the motion had been amended,
so as to leave the parliamentary com
mittee a free hand to deal with future
educational proposals, the motion was
adopted in substance.
Old A|e Penalona.
The national municipal labor union
then submitted the following resolu
tion. which was adopted
"That this body of trades unionists
of the United Kingdom wish their par
liamentary committee to consider the
advisability of at once moving the gov
ernment to at once bring in a bill mak
ing it compulsory for all mnnicipal
bodies to adopt some practical scheme
of old age pensions for their employes."
The operative stone masons society
submitted a motion looking to the for
mation of a fund for the purpose of
contesting seats and supporting bona
fide trade unionist candidates for parlia
nientary honors pledged to neither of
the old political parties. The motion
was defeated. The same organization
submitted a resolution to the effect that
the time for the duration of the con
gress' sessions shall be extended for a
fortnight, but it was also defeated.
1 olitical Prisoner*.
There was a lively debute
orer the
resolution of the National Sailors and
Firemen's union on the subject of po
litical prisoners. It read:
"That this congress calls upon the
government to grant a complete am
nesty to all politicnl prisoners, and is of
the opinion that the time has arrived
for a lull aud cureful inquiry
[by the home secretary^ into
tne caae of the three ruen—Cailes,
Wanted—A girl to do general house
work. Mits. CHRIS. RENKCH.
Go to the Rochester clothing house
foV bargains.
Miss Barney, at present at Mrs.
Oallinan's, will receive pupils in music.
Harmony, thorough ba«s and musical
anal sis taught.
Poison Ivy, insect bites, bruises, scalds
burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.
FREE—64 page medical reference book
to any person afflicted with any special,
chronic or delicate disease peculiar to
their sex. Address the leading
physicians and surgeons of the United
States, Dr. Hathaway & Co., Corner
Nebraska and Fourth streets, Sio\ix
City, Iowa.
Theories of cure may be discussed at
length by physicians, but the sufferers
want quick relief and One Minute
Cou^h Cure will give it to them. A safe
cure for children. It is "the only harm
les remedy that produces immediate
Baekllai Arnica Halve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Soree, Ulcere, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed te give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Prioe
ten cente per box. For sale by C. H.
Is the name of the Northern Pacific's
new tourist book for I89C. The cover
design will prove a happy surprise to
lovers of the artistic, and its illustrations
will be fully up to the standard of its
predecessors. One of its principal char
acters recounts a hunt after the well
known, yet rare, Rocky Mountain or
White Goat, made by the author in
September, 1895, io the detiles of the
Bitter Root Range. One at all inclined
to big game hunting will want to read
about that bunt. An account of a trip
through Yellowstone Park on horseback
will also prove interesting. Six cents in
stamps sent to Cbaa. Fee, General Pas
senger Agent, St. Paul, Minn., will
secure the book
Wanted-An Idea
Protect TOUT
Vbo can think
of *ome Irs pi*
thing to patent?
bring you wealth.
-.— a OO., Patent Attor
and liJt
D. C.. for their i,8Ut priae offer
oC two

Charles and Eatollo, condemned at
Stafford in lfj'JS, by Justice Hawldns,
to 10 yell's penal servitude for being in
posse^i'. of explosive substances,
with a view to their speedy release."
A iuu :i er of objections were raised
to this soir.tion on the ground that
the matt was outside of the province
of the (ciivress, bnt it was earned by a
vote cf- to o'J.
Kt-Mtly lor Iron.
MANK'-I:VILLE, Minn., Sept. 11.—The
grade for the Mnntorville Railway and
Tronsi' company is completed and the
Great Western has a crew of men lay
ing ties ready for the iron, which will
be pat .Qn next week.
Old people who require medicine to
regulate the bowels and kidneys will
find the true remedy iu Electric Bitters.
This- medicine does not stimulate and
contains no whisky nor other intoxi
cant. but acts as a tonio nnd alterative.
It acts mildly on the stomach and bow
els, adding strength and giving tone to
the organs, thereby aiding Nature in th«
performance of the functions. Electric
Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids
digestion. Old people will tind't just ex
actly what they need. Price fifty cents
and $1.00 per bottle at C. H. W ood's
drug store.
R. NAXSEX failed to discover the North Pole—Per
petual Motion still remains unsolved—No cne lias die-
covered a way to gat rich without usin^ his 1rains and
muscles—But we wish to say that we have made a great discovery,
and that is that we got such a quantity of Goods for our money that
we can almost give tliein awav. .Tust come and look at the beautiful
Dress Goods in
Eskimo, Pennant, Argus,
Lizard, Serpentines, Percales,
Ginghams, Tucca, Silks, Satins,
Elatea, Henriettas, Cashmeres.
Oh! My, we can't begfti to tell you all of the names of the
new styles of goods that are the thing for Late Slimmer and Fall
Wear—Y ou will have to cull and see tlieni. W e also have a nice
line of
Dress Goods
Are Now Opened
and ready for your ^inspection. It
would be useless to undertake enum
erating them as this space would not
contain hall the names of our New
Dress Goods. We have fine
10-4 Double Blankets'
from 50 cents per pair up. A full line of
Boys and Girls
SdhLCol Siloes
at prices that will make you smile.
Old Reliables
dealer in
If you are going to put in Water
Service call and see me. I have a full supply of Lawn Hose and
Lawn Sprinklers on hand and can
supply yoiir wants
at Low Prices.
Yours respectfully,
Tinshop in Connection. CRIST RENSCH

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